but what is armin wearing

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Since Armin and Historia look alike, has Historia ever used Armin to wear her dress for reason? Or if theyre in modern world au, would historia bring armin too to try her dress she wanna buy but she too lazy to go to change room so she just put the dress over armin's body to see whether it suits or not? Would armin evern against it?

Armin has to try on Historia’s outfits in the morning when she’s not sure what to wear. Armin thinks it’s weird, but he can’t say no. 

God asking me personal questions (meeM)

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Nickname: Cristice, i made this internet name all by myself in 2 seconds

Zodiac:  I’m a scorpio  but that that’s fucking lame so I checked my chinese sign and i’m an Ox, so i identify as an ox, not an insect, thank u.

Height: tall midget 

Last thing googled: symptoms of depression at age 19… not really, like, what are you, the NSA? dont need to know what i googled shut the fuck

Favorite artists: me, myself and i. Gorillaz, too

Song stuck in my head: saturnz barz, it’s the irish one… all my loife

Last movie I watched: I watched attack on titan, the movie, and it was quite ugly what they did with armin, he doesn’t have blond hair

Wearing right now: my skin, keeps me warm

Why I chose my URL:  aight, check it, so some cunt ass bitch took the URL “Cristice” and i had no choice but to add an extra letter to my url, some people are actually gonna call me “Cristiice”, awful. And the dude that has Cristice is an inactive cunt, die

What my last relationship taught me: why are we so alone in this universe, why does nobody love us. That means I never had one, what a sad life when nobody loves you, but when you don’t love anybody in the first place there’s nobody to love you back, so that’s fair i guess

Any other blogs?: yes, thanks for asking.

Spiritual?: 🎵  i ain’t afraid of no ghost  🎵

Favorite colour: purple, peach, tomato………………… get it?

Hours of sleep: at least a number

Lucky number: yo, my chinese zodiac sign says it’s 1 and 4, siiiiiick

Favorite character:   I changed my mind, its jerma

Dream job: sure!

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Jearmin Winter Headcanons


❄️They spend so much money on each other it’s kinda ridiculous
❄️Jean hangs mistletoe above every door way and Armin tries to ignore it but then one day Jean hears “TENTH TIME THIS WEEK WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME” and Jean just laughs as payback for all the insects still stuck inside his house
❄️"Gimme a candy cane Jean,“
“What’re you on about, Armin?”
“I literally just saw you shove an entire plate of candy canes from the buffet into your bag, gimme one,”
Jean sighs and hands one over, grumbling.
❄️Armin is cold 24/7 so you know what that means??? ARmiN WeARinG jEaNs CoATs
❄️Jean is definitely the one who spends the whole day cooking the roast dinner
❄️Jean’s the kind of guy that plays Christmas music all year round
❄️Armin sits on Jean’s shoulders to put the star at the top of the tree, but one year they almost fell over and the tree almost crushed them and it was terrifying but hilarious at the same time
❄️Armin writes ‘From Santa’ on some of his gifts to Jean and even though he acts like it’s a joke, Jean’s eyes definitely light up when he reads it and it makes Armin’s holiday ngl


The signs as things Anti-Eremika™s have said to me

Aries: “Ummmmm you guys realize that Eren would be an abusive father and husband, right? :/ ”

Taurus: Chapter fifty was an Eren/Armin moment idk what crack your shipping-goggle-wearing-ass is smoking.”

Gemini: “Eremika is incest! They aren’t blood related, but they were raised together for YEARS AND EREN SEES HER AS A SISTER!”

Cancer: “Eremika is heteronormative because you were all were geeking out about Eren being taller than Mikasa.”

Leo: “Oh my god Eren and Armin are more important to each other than Mikasa is to either of them… She’s the third wheel in their relationship. Armin only likes her because she won’t get off Eren’s ass and Eren hates her.”

Virgo: “Ya’ll are disgusting homophobes with Straight Ship™.”

Libra: “No, I wouldn't ship Eremika if Mikasa was a guy!”

Scorpio: “Mikasa hitting Eren when they were kids is abusive to the point where it’s 100% comparable to the court scene, and it is inherently worse!”

Sagittarius: “Isayama’s canon interviews that conform their relationship isn’t sibling-like is irrelevant because you are all biased.”

Capricorn: “MiKaSa iS TOooooOOO CLingY!!!!!!!11111!!!!”

Aquarius: “Eremika is just implied, sweetie :) ”

Pisces: “Plz shut the fuck up about chapter fifty it’s the ONLY Eremika moment in the entire series!”

Pre-Dinner Panic [Armin]

Some people asked why the boys were not wearing any suits in Episode 28 and at least for Armin I had a small idea <3   

   “So…what do you wear when you go into a fancy restaurant?”

Alexy looked up from his table while his brother tried to do anything but establish eye contact. Never before had Alexy seen someone force himself to look so relaxed.

    “If you want to look casual, you should probably stop biting your lips so hard.”

    “So you dress casual?”, Armin asked, “Is that your answer?” With a swift motion he got to his feet and approached the mirror, inspecting the vest and his jeans for a moment before running his hands through this hair.

    “I mean, if you want to appear calm in front of me, you’re terrible.”, Alexy placed the tablet on the table and stretched his legs out while glancing at Armin’s attempts of fixing his hair,
    “It’s just a date, Armin.”

    “Who’s having a date? I’m not having a date. No one is dating anyone, we’re just…out. With friends.”, he laughed, “You know, Rosa and Leigh-”

    “And Sha-wow-n.”, Alexy grinned and tried to avoid the vest that his brother was throwing at him. It hit him right in the face and was enough to let the last resistance break. Laughing, he threw it back at his twin,
    “Come on, you’ve been spending so much time with her already. And it’s just dinner.”

    “With another couple!”, Armin insisted, “And you know how this Leigh dresses. Do you think I should get my suit out? You can iron, right?”

    “Now, now…don’t panic.”, he laughed, “Or we won’t get done at all.”, getting up as well, he came closer and placed his hand on his brother’s shoulder,
    “You know, Shavaughn’s never putting much pressure in choosing her outfits.”

    “She’s literally dressing up before every important moment we’re about to have.”, Armin sighed, “And then she’s just there, her eyes bright and she’s laughing and so happy and..and I’m just…geeky.”

    “Now, look. Who asked you to go there with her?”

    “She did.”, Armin whispered, “So, I want to dress up, too.”

   “Well..she always laughed when you looked like this. Do you really need a suit to make sure, she’ll be happy? Or isn’t this better? This”, gesturing at has outfit one last time, Alexy gave his brother a suggestive wink, “This is what she likes. From your wonderful haircut to your good choice of clothing. And humour.”

   “My humour?”

   “Definetly. Just smile and make sure she smiles, too. These are the most important outfits for any date.”

6 months with a Scare

Armin had everything ready to go. Having prepared this very in advance, he was more than pleased to know it was all happening. Their dinner reservations were at 5pm, and everything else was all set up and waiting for them. He was eager and dancing on the toes and heels in his shoes.

He wrung his hands again and again as he waited for his lovely date, his fiancé, the love of his life; Annie. Armin promised he wouldn’t peak into what she was wearing or doing, but the sound of a perfume bottle spritz echoed in the bedroom. He immediately began to giggle. Armin knew was getting laid tonight.

He fiddled around with his wallet, and waited. Chewing on his lower lip, he lifted his head once he heard the bathroom door open. “Oh wow–”