but what if you have a crush


What would it look like if your friend Jeongguk had a crush on you [pt.1]

first he would try being funny and act though and look careless. but that wouldn’t work. (he would end up blocked)

guys, i’m trying something new. i enjoyed doing the texts between yoongi and jeongguk and i wanted to do it again. sorry to you anon if this wasn’t really what you wanted but, yeah. i have fun making these so if you guys wanna request some fake texts like those i would be happy to make some more!

if some people really enjoy this and i make more, it would become a part of the blog. ^^

oh also, there will be a pt.2 and pt.3 and pt.4 (a confession) of this. like if you want to see more!

Donald Trump is bringing out the big guns to defend himself in the Russian situation which he assures us doesn’t even exist. Trump’s knight in shining armor is septuagenarian defense attorney John Dowd, who’s like your grandpa if your grandpa was a pissed-off homunculus forged from every Alpha Beta in the 1987 classic Revenge Of The Nerds.

Coming out of the gate running, or at least hobbling in a very determined manner, Dowd is described as an ex-marine who may or may not have served our country at Verdun. The first quote in this Reuters article is “I fight hard,” because that’s what old men in suits in courtrooms do. He goes on to say “this is war, and I will defeat you,” like the villain of late-‘90s RPG that didn’t get translated into English so well. Suffice it to say, he seeks to crush his enemies and to hear the lamentations of their women, the latter of which he will do pro bono.

Dowd is 6'4" tall, a fact we know because the article says so while never explaining why you need to know that about a lawyer. They use words like “no-holds barred” and “attack” when describing how he works. Again, as a lawyer. Have you ever been to court? Even Law & Order could, at its coolest, only give us Sam Waterston. That’s the best fiction can offer. Real-life court is as action-packed as falling asleep on the toilet. Or it was, until Dowd got on the scene with his brutal mix of jurisprudence and courtroom capoeira. Oh, did you have an objection? Well get ready to sustain a broken spine, you crap-shack of a human. You just went Dowd for the count!

Why Trump’s Tough-As-Nails Man Lawyer Is Undefeatable

Good things about ‘World & Time Enough’

Here’s what I loved from ‘World Enough And Time’:

  • Pre-titles: Twelve screaming/regenerating
  • The amazing graphic designs of the black hole and the ship
  • Missy Who!
  • Doctor eating crisps
  • “Finally! It’s like watching plants grow.”
  • Missy-ism: “These are my disposables: Exposition and Comic Relief.”
  • Bill-ism: “Why are you calling yourself, Doctor Who?”
  • Missy dabbing
  • Missy confirms the Doctor’s real name is Doctor Who
  • Nardole-ism: “I should go back to blue.”
  • Bill makes chips for her and the Doctor
  • Nardole eats a jaffa cake
  • Nardole-ism: “Are you having an emotion?”
  • Doctor cries and then admits he had a man-crush.. Twissy
  • Bill and the Doctor eat chips… later he slurps his drink (Steven Moffat must have been really hungry when writing these scenes. Sheesh.)
  • Bill calls him out on calling the most civilised civilisation calling themselves “Time Lords”
  • PCap doing things with his face to inform what a bloody damn brilliant actor he is as Bill hits the floor
  • Missy: Assumption! Doctor: Deduction! Missy: Hope! Doctor: Faith! Missy: Idiot! Doctor: Always!
  • Missy and her umbrella!
  • Missy calls the blue dude a “smurf”
  • Missy calls the Doctor “honey”
  • Missy gets super angry and very Scottish
  • The Patients are scary!!!
  • Mr. Razor is hilarious!!!
  • “Very fast bottom.” (Gay alert?)
  • Doctor does his eyebrow thing whilst saying a joke
  • PCap does Venusian aikido
  • “You are like a mother to me… Or like an aunt.” (TIME LORD ALERT TIME LORD ALERT.. which I admit I did not realize during broadcast =( )
  • “When you hug me.. it hurts my heart.. you chest digs right in….”
  • Unnecessary use of ‘burglar-ing’ mask (TIME LORD ALERT)
  • Missy doesn’t recognize herself, I mean, himself. I mean, you know what I mean.
  • DISGUISES ARE BACK!!! (And yes.. I got fooled because I’m absent-minded.)
  • Locating Bill Potts… I am Bill Potts
  • I. WAITED.
  • Missy: “You’ve met the ex?”

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Because it's so damn good? And addicting and you want more? Like after i finished it i didn't know what to do with myself? I literally mopped for a week then i just read the manga. Twice. Saw all 3 seasons 4 times. My pinterest anime board is 70%(if not more) Haikyuu. I wanna see the stage plays cause more haikyuu? And high key crush on Oikawa's actor like DAMN BOY HOW ARE YOU REAL?!

I think we all have a crush on him tbh……fdshfdsgfjdskfds

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i have a horrible crush on this guy i went to college with and it's disgusting. it's almost like a gross-out feeling? like i definitely do not want to date this guy because he's wayyy not with the feminisms but every time i'm around him my pants are like yEAHHH DO IT :| anyway would you recommend a cold bath or what

honestly, it sounds like you need to sleep with this dude to get him out of your system and then never talk to him again

hit it and forget it

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when you have the time and energy, could you make a list of what you have in the q? Its really cool when you do that as its so much fun to see what other people have asked for!! (but like only when you feel up to it, i know it must be a lot of work)

Bold is in queue and no matchups

Yandere Poly Meiva HC

Reader sketches Orisa

Sombra and Mei undercover with crush as couple, use it as opportunity to be affectionate

Reaper and Soldier 76 with bubbly kindergarten teacher

Roadhog, Tracer, D.va reacting to reader dating junkrat

Ana, Pharah, and Mercy with 15 year old in war-torn city, platonic

Talon Reader survives bomb blast and apologises to Tracer

Mercy and Ana with Australian reader who’s THE junker

Lucio being flirted by a baseball pitcher

Young!Hanzo hiding pirate reader in room

Roadhog with plus sized model reader HC

Reaper starved for attention

Reaper, Hanzo, Zenyatta with reader who’s depression gets better of them

Yandere McCree and Hanzo with reader who punishes themselves for breaking a plate

Soldier 76, Reaper, Reinhardt with reader who’s institutionalised for PTSD

Hanzo, D.va, Pharah, and Lucio with reader who has unknown tattooes

NSFW Dragon Hanzo with transman reader

Junkrat and Roadhog see reader who has tattoos on back of legs

McCree giving piggy back ride to sleeping reader

Reader trying to get Genji to talk to Hanzo after becoming cyborg

Junkrat Morning after HC

Hanzo falls for a servant

Reader punishes Yandere D.va for dragging in blood on clean for

Genji, Hanzo, McCree with reader in sexy swimsuit

ShapeShifter!Reader protects Witch Mercy

Yandere Athena builds herself a body to be with Reader

McCree forgets that the day is day of date

Reader Comforting Yandere Junkrat and Symmetra who has existential crisis

Fear of penetration HC with Reaper, Zenyatta, Junkrat, and Roadhog

Lucio has gay crush on reader, reader has crush on Tracer, Zenyatta resolves it

D.va, Hanzo, and Zenyatta see reader get affairs in order and sell possesions and step in

Poly Anahardt SFW and NSFW hc

Loving and Tender Reaper with reader

Gabriel with reader who needs cuddles

Genji and Gabriel with excited Virgin reader

Zenyatta, Lucio, and D.va with cuddly drunk reader

Poly Pharmercy withSomnophilia

Genj, Hanzo, and D.va first night after being married

D.va, Mei, and Zarya visiting rabbit Island with reader

Widowmaker and pregnant reader HC

Hanzo, Soldier 76, Reaper, and Mccree with reader who’s clueless about their crush

Dragon Hanzo with Human reader

Beauty and the beast with Hanzo and reader

Soldier 76 and Genji with Italian reader

Ana, McCree, Widowmaker, and Reaper teaching reader to shoot

Soldier 76, Hanzo, PHarah, Mercy getting in argument and it escalates

Futa widowmaker doggy style

Ana, Mercy, and Widowmaker with 13-15 yeard old fighting against them

NSFW Hc for Hanzo and McCree, separate and poly

Mermaid Reaper, Soldier 76, Reinhardt

Symmetra, mei, and Sombra finding brand on Reader

McCree, Genji, Hanzo with reader who’s a demigod

NSFW Cat girl hc with McCree, Reaper, Genji, and Hanzo

Talon reacting to reader who’s thirty but looks young

Yakuza Genji and Hanzo discovering flighty teenage reader hiding

Childhood friend seeing Sombra on battlefield

Mercy and Pharah help crush deal with negative feedback

McCree finding abused child

Yandere Blackwatch Genji getting reader to warm up to him

Genji with crush reader who gives him a massage

Hanzo, Genji, and McCree with reader who’s body is inhabited by a demon

Body worship with young/Summer games skin Zarya

Hanzo, Ana, Widowmaker with Reader who plays with their hair

Reader eating something they shouldn’t with Mercy, Sombra, WIdowmaker

Hanzo bottoming to male reader to point where overstimulated

Pirate Junkrat with reader who’s on another crew

Lucio and Kpop reader performing together

Who’s Alpha/Beta/Omega in Overwatch

Hanzo and McCree kissing reader’s self-harm scars

Mercy surprises bf with aphrodisiac drugs

Touch starved Symmetra cuddling turns to groping

Asexual Omega reader with Alpha!Hanzo and Alpha!McCree

Agent 666 embarrassing McCree

Hanzo is kissed suddenly by reader who’s known him for years

Reader discovers Mercy and Widowmaker don’t shave legs

McCree and/or Hanzo with Reader who used to dance and can’t now

NSFW dom Mercy and Reader

Zenyatta oviposition

Genji and Reader bondage kink, reader is bound

Sombra teasing reader NSFW

Reader proposes to Symmetra

Lucio and Soldier 76 with reader who decides to skip meals as they feel bad about appearance (may be moved up queue)

Genji with reader who has impregnation kink

Yandere Junkrat HC

Lucio saving pregnant reader from the Vishkar

Junkrat (it says junkrata so not sure if poly with Zenyatta or just junkrat) with reader who has lots of tattoes

Winston with reader who’s been pregnant for eight months

Reader dies and encourages her to be better and join Overwatch

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Mommy!! What's your opinion on the dreaded Emoji Movie?

MY CHILD! It looks…………. bad. Very bad. And like…. not funny at all. And I can already see the forced romance between Cyber Punk McDyed Hair and Meh so that makes it even worse. (TJ MILLER YOU WERE IN HTTYD AND BH6 YOU DON’T NEED TO DO THIS). It’s basically a giant Wreck-It Ralph ripoff.

Also holy SHIT the product placement in this movie is absolutely SHAMELESS. Like when Candy Crush popped up, I just gave up. The worst part is the team of talented artists and animators that worked on this have to deal with a… less than sub-par looking creation.

I think the best way to describe it is:


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Having Kaneki saying "I guess we too should crush their head" in the latest chap, makes me wonder if he's ganna start killing the investigators from now on! What do you think?

sounds like he’s going to try to kill furuta imo

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prettiest fucking girl i've ever met, but i havent even seen her face. she's very nice and sweet and bombs at drawing. she likes vidya games too but i have yet to play one with her. apparently very tiny. could probably lift her up and take her to zaxby's

“prettiest girl i’ve met / but i haven’t seen her face” do you mind if i steal that for a song bc thats romantic as hell and has a beautiful message

i hope you guys get together wow. lift her and take her to zaxby’s even tho i have no clue what that is

Tell me about your crush/significant other

Seventeen Reacts to: their Bi crush being sad because she found out her crush (a girl) was straight?

He would try very hard to comfort her in every way he could possibly figure out how to. Buy her anything she wants, gives her candy and probably listens to her pour her heart out.

Originally posted by mvpgyu

“Ah~ Well, I’m sure there’s another cute girl waiting for you to show up. Don’t feel bad, my crush doesn’t really like me either.”
Would comfort her in a non-awkward and actually sincere way because he’s had that happen to him before *coughseungcheolcheatedonhimwithminghaocough*

Originally posted by visual-17

He would be a little confused as to what bisexuality was but was too shy to ask questions so he’d give her hug and asked if she was honestly okay.

Originally posted by performanceunit

“So I have a chance?”
Makes it obvious he has a crush on her but wouldn’t be too flirty or try to force himself on her. Just teases and jokes around about it for a little.

Originally posted by jeonheart

He would feel so bad for her. She loved to talk about her crush and when she told him that she asked her out and was turned down, he felt crushed as well.
“She rejected us both, lets cry and watch sad movies.”

Originally posted by hanwooz

He would be a little awkward because she was crying and he didn’t really understand what she was saying through the tears. So he’d kinda just pat her head.
“It’s okay..”

Originally posted by seoten

“Aish, Vernon tried that one on me..”
Would try to cheer her up with random things that came to his mind, like joking about why Vernon said they would never be a couple. 

Originally posted by mingyiu

“Aw, no.. Let’s not be sad, lets be happy that you took a chance, yeah? You tried and she still loves you as a friend. We all go through that, let us not cry.” Hugs and cuddles her tightly

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“Thughao can pimp you out. We’ll find a cute girl for ya, no worries.”
Makes jokes towards her about it, not in a harsh way though.

(c-ing my way out sorry for this) 

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“Ooh, that’s rough. Wanna talk about it or are you just gonna cry and watch movies clung to my leg?”
Watched a  movie or two with her whilst eating food.

Originally posted by visual-17

He wouldn’t know what to say. He’d probably just give her a tight hug.
“I’m sorry that happened to you.”

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Oh you bias wrecker whore slut bag get outta here before i dIE 

Gives her flowers, food and tissues.
“I hope it’s not awkward between you guys after this..”

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He would do anything with her that she wanted to make her feel better.
“She turned you down though? Was she at least nice about it?”

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While Underground the skeles (UT Sans, UF Sans, UF Papyrus, US Papyrus, and SF Papyrus) are expecting their human crush to show up but they're late. They go to search for them only to find them laying in the snow and nearly frozen to death. What do the skeles do?


++ Sans ++

Classic had been waiting and waiting, and he knows that maybe you just got caught up somewhere. Shit happens, you get stuck or you have to take care of something, and it’s something out of your control. Classic waits patiently until the amount of time you’re taking becomes monstrous. Did something that extreme really happen, or are you just blowing him off at this point? He gets up and goes to look for you, since he feels you wouldn’t abandon him like that for no reason, and sure enough, he sees you laying in the snow, helpless. He hears you softly groan his name, watching you trying to move your numb fingers, and he rushes over to you, scooping you up in his arms and teleporting home right away. He starts running a hot bath and holds your hands, trying to get you to feel anything you possibly can. He gets your clothes off of you and lowers you into the bath, and you wince at the sudden heat against your frozen skin, and he knows it hurts, but you’ve gotta tough through it. You’ll be okay. Classic knows what he’s doing.

It’s a little awkward since you guys aren’t dating and, well, he undressed you, but neither of you really care at the moment. All that matters is trying to save you, because that way, he can formally ask you out with a big smile and a big hug, full of happiness.


++ Sans ++

Red suspected you’d blow him off. Of course you would, who wouldn’t? He uses this as an opportunity to really bash himself down more as he starts heading home. He’s already tried contacting you and with no response, he gets it. You found a better man or decided you had better things to do with your time. On his way home, though, hands in pockets because of the cold, he hears something. He doesn’t know what it is at first, until he can make out a familiar voice calling his name, pleading for help. He can’t see you at first because of the heavy snowfall, but he sees you, and his soul breaks. For a few seconds he stands there, paralyzed, looking at your icy body, and then he snaps back into it, running over and picking you up, teleporting you home. He doesn’t know how to help you, but he starts a fire in the fireplace and changes your clothes into something much warmer, and he wraps you in a cocoon of blankets. You’re going to be okay, sweetheart, you can count on it.

As he changes you, he catches himself staring a little, mostly because of the fact that you two aren’t even dating yet, but you don’t seem to care, and he obviously doesn’t either. All that’s important right now is saving you, since humans with frostbite are never happy. By the time you feel better, he mentions something about your perfect body, and you blush, unsure of what to say. You plan on showing him that body again further into your relationship, except for the fact that it would be on purpose this time.

++ Papyrus ++

Fell thinks it’s rude of you to be late. You two had set up an appropriate time at a nice place, yet you bail on him. Even if you haven’t fully bailed, it’s still immature to be late. After a while of waiting, though, something more comes into mind, and he begins to overthink the situation. There’s no way you possibly could’ve bailed on a date with HIM- who would ever refuse to date Fell? - meaning something worth more emergency must have caught your attention. With that in mind, he goes out and looks for you, texting you and calling you, still getting no response. He stumbles across you by complete accident, looking at you writhing in the cold, and he stares with a stoic expression. Carefully, he walks up to you, bends down, and picks you up in complete silence. Holding you with one arm, he unwraps his scarf with the other and puts it around you to keep you remotely warm for the time being, and he carries you home, already knowing how to warm you up the second you two arrive.

He doesn’t undress you, but rather helps you dry off and wraps you in so many blankets that you can’t even wriggle yourself out. Once you can finally move on your own, he gets some clothes for you and gives it to you and allows you to dress yourself however you please. It’s none of his business to do that for you, because you were okay without it. He ends up kissing you when you’re done changing.


++ Papyrus ++

Like Classic, Honey is a reasonable guy, and the last thing he would assume is that you’d ditch him. He’s known you for a long while, and he trusts that you care about him and trusts you that you’d stay loyal, so he considers everything else. Considering all other possibilities makes him nervous, therefore, he goes out looking for you. When Honey finds you in the snow, so cold that you’re not even shaking anymore, your eyelids dropping and your lips purple, he quickly picks you up and teleports you home. He’ll wrap you in blankets and gets the fireplace ready, he even starts a bath too, and he’s constantly squeezing your hands and feet, asking if you can feel anything. He takes good care of you as you regain feeling, and he lets you cling to him when it becomes painful. Honey can take care of you, and he’s not scared anymore. The second he sees that little smile of yours, he already knows everything will be okay.

You two very easily accustom to each other. When he undresses you to get you into the bath in an attempt to amp your nerves again, you feel comfortable with him seeing your body. He handles you gently and admires every curve, and wishes that this wasn’t the first time he’d see your body. Later on, as you cuddle next to him in your cozy pajamas, Honey jokes around, telling you that a lot of people wouldn’t find it morally correct to undress on the first date. You laugh and you end up kissing him, and you two kiss for a long time.


++ Papyrus ++

Rus assumes that you just had better things to do, but manages to convince himself that it’s something else. He’s freaked out that you wouldn’t show up, let alone respond, and the first thoughts that drive knives through his soul are that you lost interest, no matter how long you two have actually been together. He shakes his head, telling himself that it’s not true, and stands up, leaving, looking for you. He actually gets all the way home first, and then finds you when he retraces his steps. Rus sees you and his soul seemingly breaks, he can’t stand seeing you so lifeless and helpless like that, most of your body buried in fresh snow. He digs you out from underneath and you softly smile at him, and he gets tears in his eyes. He leans down and very softly kisses your cold lips, shuddering from how frozen they are, but he doesn’t care, even if this is your first kiss. He teleports the both of you home and is actually very relaxed. He changes your clothes out and gives you nuzzles and kisses the whole time, and starts up a nice fire, wrapping you in blankets and holding onto you so tight you feel the wind crushed out of you- you have to tell him to let go a little bit once you regain your voice. You’re nursed back to health very quickly, and you two start dating from the second he mentions that first kiss he gave you. When you’re able, you give him a bunch more.

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I'm sorry if I sound rude cause you can rly do whatever you want with the au, but how I see John now, how could you ever make Jamilton the end ship???? I mean that's just like saying that irl you, the underdog, have to witness your crush and best friends get with like the hot jock. I'm sorry but like I'm gettin kinda mad I JUST WANNA SEE JOHN HAPPY, but ignore me ignore me I'm just ranting you can do what you want

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I’ll see what I can do (¬ ͜ʖ¬)

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U complain about guys and ur not wrong,,,but,,have u tried being gay (:

uhhhhh im not very sure if people “try” to be gay???? but i get what you mean! i identify as bisexual but ive only experienced being romantically attracted to guys!!! (ya i dont get it either) i think girls are so amazing and beautiful and i definitely know that im capable of having a crush on one…it just hasnt happened yet :// maybe sometime in the future!!!

FAQ: Your questions about me answered!

Hello and happy weekend everyone! So I get a lot of inbox messages asking questions about me and food, so I thought I would publish them here for your perusal :) ~Talviel

Are you the Gourmet?

No I am not, I am just little old Talviel of Riften. From what I’ve heard, the Gourmet is a male orc, whereas I am a female Nord-Imperial. Sorry to let you down!

How many sweetrolls did you steal when you were with the Thieves Guild?

I never really counted to be honest. But a lot? Brynjolf was obsessed with sweetrolls and I had (still do tbh) a massive crush on him so no sweetroll in Riften was safe with me around!

Can you give us a recipe for wine?

I wish I could, but unfortunately I am only trained in the art of brewing mead! I do have a very tasty mulled wine recipe I shared recently though :)

What is your favourite food?

I have a huge weakness for cheese. I would happily walk into an Ayleid ruin without a weapon if someone told me there was a stash of cheese down there. So anything with any kind of cheese gets my vote.

What do you like to do besides cooking?

I like eating food prepared by other people haha! I also like walking in the wilderness (forests are my favourite aside from running into spriggans), and I also like to draw in my free time.

What sign were you born under?

The Warrior, believe it or not. The Thieves Guild always used to tease me and say I should join the Companions or the Fighter’s Guild instead, but I really hate killing or beating up things unless they’re attacking me (namely dragons, I am not a fan of them at all).

When is your birthday?

17th of Sun’s Dusk!

Are you the Dragonborn?

It’s not something I like to advertise, but yes, I am, for better or for worse. Now that it’s been 8 years (can you believe it?!) since Alduin was slain and the plight of dragons is over, I have gone back to my simple life of travelling and cooking. The only thing that has changed is that I can now use Dovah shouts to assist with a number of things in daily life! Though I don’t think the Greybeards would be too impressed to discover I’m using ‘Yol Toor Shul’ to light cooking fires…

What is your favourite ballad?

The Age of Aggression

What are your favourite places in Tamriel?

Daggerfall is a lovely city, and I also like Skingrad, the Imperial City, and Vvardenfell. Stros M'kai is nice to visit for short periods of time as the tropical weather is quite a shock for a Skyrim native. As for my homeland of Skyrim, I’m going to be biased and say Riften as it’s my hometown, but I also love Solitude and Whiterun.

Stormcloaks or Imperials?

As my father is a Nord and my mother an Imperial, we have stayed out of politics since I was a child. As a worshipper of Talos though…the Thalmor can go get fucked.

Magicka or weapons?

Weapons, particularly one handed for extra mobility. I never trained in magic so I am absolutely useless at doing anything besides lighting a campfire.

Any love interests?

I don’t much enjoy talking about my personal life but I was with Aela of the Companions for a time when I was in Whiterun working at the Jarl’s court in the kitchens. Unfortunately things didn’t work out as she refused to leave Skyrim, while my wish was to travel through all of Tamriel. I’ve also been in love with my ex-boss Brynjolf since I was just a wee “lass”, and much to my surprise (and delight) we…shared a moment on my last trip home to Riften. That was nice.

Any other fun facts about you?

I am pretty boring really! I can tuck my legs behind my head which is an absolutely useless skill but is always a hit at taverns when the mead kicks in!

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I usually refer to you as pooky when I'm showing my friends your comics or what have you, for a while I had to remind who you were but now they just know "ah right, the one you have a hella crush on" And I'm just sjnfizieakodjfbeoscbrsb........>~>

But I’m Gross and consist of like 92% McNuggets

why have a crush on me when you can have a crush on Sidon or Mipha

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anti we all know you have a crush and we all know how is your crush, now serious question what is that things you use to attack? its like tentacles?

Anti: sigh “ignoring the first question…”

Anti: “they are like metal arms….but I feel them like my normal arms. That means if those ‘arms’ get damaged I will be in pain….they are more resistant than my ‘normal arms’ tho, so its wired if something managed to hurt them…”

one day madara n sakura r trainin and sakura ISNT FOCUSING and madaras like “what is UP with you today?” and shes getting frustrated, which makes sakura frustrated and she EXPLODES like “ino is so annoying! her face is too pretty! she makes me so mad, i cant get her stupid face out of my head!” and madara’s frustration fades and shes like “lmao kid,” and sakura is like ???? what??? and madara just keeps laughing like “kid you have a CRUSH”

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I really liked those Class 1-B headcanons! This is my first time sending a request, but how would Kuroiro confess to his crush? Thank you!!!

My new son  ❤️


  • He takes his time with it, he would rather wait 6 months and understand your feelings rather than rush in the second he so much as realises he has a crush and end up making things awkward for you.
  • He’s only going to confess after he’s sure that he can’t live with keeping it to himself anymore, his crush is probably going to be a good friend of his so having to see them everyday and not saying anything starts to get torturous. 
  • Makes sure the two of you are 100% alone, he knows half his friends have figured him out and know what he’s planning.
  • So cute tbh, he’ll just take a breath, grab your hand and ask you if you like him. 
  • No matter which way it goes he definitely handles it with grace; at the end of the day a friendship is better than nothing at all. 
  • “I know we haven’t talked about this before, I was waiting for the right time but I need to know now. How do you feel about me, ____? I really like you.”

*me laying in bed with a fuck ton of Vicks tissues over my face*
Mom: What are you doing
Me: Learning to smell again…
Mom: Well you have company squeaky toy
Me: What?
Friend: I’m back hoe!!!!
Mom: Hell she might as well live here for coming over almost every damn day..
Friend: Is that an offer “mom”
Mom: Maybe but right now it’s no…
*I wheeze as my friend climbs onto me*
Me: Get off…
Friend: Why tissue face~
Me: You’re crushing me…
Friend: Am I really that fat?!?!?
Me: Didn’t say that..
*She bites the fuck out of my tits*
Me: …..Doesn’t hurt…
Friend: What how?
Me: Because their numb from you keeping me up last night just to rub them
Friend: Oh then you should be lac-
Me: FUCK YOU!!!! Don’t finish that word!!

God end my suffering….so my tits will survive~~