but what if you have a crush

mml autistic headcanons

am i projecting? absolutely. will i stop? no.

these arent really in any particular order lol

  • milo doesnt really show a wide range of emotion. in desperate times, even, hes usually either cheery or completely straightfaced. (like when his backpack got crushed and he just said “hmm, well maybe you can worry a little bit) if he has a meltdown, usually what triggers it is something small because he bottles up his emotions without realizing it.
  • he also doesnt really get why people would want to know if hes feeling okay or not because like why would they care about his emotions he doesnt even care about his own emotions
  • brigette has a lot of varied special interests and shes very lucky bc theyre all usually something she can make a job out of
  • both milo and sara have a special interest in dr zone and they get irritated sometimes bc infodumping to each other is USELESS they already KNOW all of this stuff
  • milo doesnt really… “get” personal space like hes good with staying away from someone who hes not close with but whenever hes able to move someone from “friend” to “close friend” he starts hanging all over them
  • amanda hates it when her routines are interrupted in any way and changing her routine can easily lead to a meltdown
  • on one hand bradley is like “im autistic and that can mean that im better than others at doing stuff” but on the other hes like “im a burden to the people around me bc im autistic”. he has really black and white thinking when it comes to anything and has a hard time viewing himself as equal to other ppl
  • amanda has a lot of special interests in musicals and operas and likes to rewatch things much more than she likes watching them for the first time
  • amanda and bradley both dont like being touched without giving permission first
  • milo likes to fidget and rock to stim, bradley likes pressure stimming, sara likes to snap repeatedly and sing random songs, amanda scratches herself, rubs her hands against walls when shes walking, and chews on stuff (usually her hair), and brigette flaps
  • when martin and brigette first met, he tried to hint to her that she should stay away from him but she didnt catch on and then he didnt want her to leave him alone anymore

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No Good With Words

A/N: Anon request for a Spencer x Reader, where the reader is almost smarter than him - at least in some respects. She’s ridden with anxiety and panic attacks, but when it comes to work, she’ll do what needs to be done. She also has a crush on the doctor, but she doesn’t know how to explain it to him, despite the fact that she has practically memorized the dictionary and thesaurus.  @coveofmemories


When you first started, Spencer seemed to have something against you. In time, you’d come to realize that he was threatened by your intelligence. Your IQ was two points higher than his. Although you excelled in different areas, your one area of commonality was statistics. 

When you realized he felt threatened by you, your anxiety shot into overdrive. Anxiety had always been an issue for you, but being the new girl made it worse. Since then, you’d become good friends with everyone on the team - Spencer included - but your panic attacks and anxiety hadn’t petered out at all. It didn’t help that you harbored an all-consuming love for the good doctor. Once he’d realized you were no threat to him, his job or his friends, you’d gotten close, trading nerdy statistics nearly every day.

However, the panic attacks were happening on almost every case for one reason or another. The last case was one of the worst. Spencer had put himself in the line of fire. The unsub was very much like him - made fun of a lot, desperate for love and attention and not well taken care of at home. He’d handed you his gun and walked straight towards the unsub, who had a gun of his own.

“Spencer, what are you doing?” you blurted out, watching as one of your best friends walked straight into the path of a loaded rifle. 

“Don’t shoot,” he said, walking towards him in an attempt to talk him down.

Once out of earshot, you had no idea what was happening. First the unsub put his gun down, then he picked it back up again, then it fell slightly down again. You couldn’t keep track and the not knowing was killing you, especially when Spencer knew exactly what he was doing. You knew he felt for the unsub, but dammit, this was dumb. As you watched the gun maneuver in the boy’s hands, your heart began racing. What if he didn’t come out of this? You’d become so close. Plus, you’d never told him how you felt about him. What if you never got to tell him? The tremors in your hands started to increase, the gun shaking uncontrollably. You had to calm yourself. If the unsub picked up his gun again, you needed to be ready to take him out - and your window of opportunity was very narrow. Your line of slight blurred just a bit as the boy picked up his gun once more, training it on Spencer.

Come on, Y/N, you said to yourself, steadying your trembling hands. “Spencer, down!” you screamed, as the unsub put his finger on the trigger. In a quick succession of events, Spencer dropped to the ground, the unsub switched his target to you, and you let loose a hail of bullets, hitting him square in the chest. 

Immediately, you ran toward the unsub, kicking the gun from his hand and checking his pulse. He was dead. “Spencer, are you okay?” you asked. You felt horrible you had to shoot the kid; Spencer really wanted to help him. But he wasn’t going to be talked down - you knew it as soon as he’d put his finger on the trigger.

“Yea, I’m okay,” he said, looking at the slight traces of blood that had splattered onto his clothes. He looked towards the unsub like he wanted to cry.

“I’m sorry, Spence,” you apologized, “but I couldn’t lose you.”

“It’s okay, Y/N,” he said dejected. But he wasn’t okay. He walked away in anger, leaving you to simmer in your anxiety.


Once back at the BAU, Spencer seemed to let things go. He knew what he did was dumb and he knew that you’d only done what you did to save his life. As the two of you finished your paperwork on the case, he turned to you. “Y/N, can I ask you something?” he asked, a look of trepidation on his face.

“Sure, Spencer,” you replied. “What is it?” Whenever you didn’t know what someone wanted to talk about, it made you anxious. How you hadn’t collapsed from fear and anxiety by now was beyond you.

“When you took out the unsub, you said ‘I couldn’t lose you.’ Not, ‘I didn’t want you to get hurt’ or ‘The unsub had his finger on the trigger,’ which he did. You specifically said, ‘I couldn’t lose you.’ Why?”

“I-I don’t know how to explain, Spence,” you sputtered. You knew facts, not feelings. Feelings were difficult to explain and you didn’t have them - romantic ones anyway - for many people, so explaining them was beyond your capabilities.

“You have an IQ of 189, Y/N. There has to be a way to explain,” he insisted.

“I meant what I said, Spence,” you started, the pain in your chest intensifying. He wanted to hear your answer, but you weren’t sure how he’d react. Again, uncertainty was a bitch. “You’re special to me. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” You started shaking slightly, afraid to be so vulnerable. “Over the years, you’ve become one of the few people I can be myself with, one of the few people that enjoys my company, despite how weird and annoying I can be…you’re one of the few people I feel comfortable with and I don’t wanna lose that,” you said, looking up to see that his look had softened. It was too difficult to beat around the bush, so you just said exactly how you felt. “Spence…I’m…I’m in love with you.” You face heated up in embarrassment - you were sure your face was as red as a tomato.

“Why didn’t you say so?” he whispered, reaching out to grab your hand.

“I’m not good with words, Spence. Not unless they’re factual. Feelings aren’t my thing,” you rambled.

“I know how you feel,” he smiled, grasping your hand a little tighter. “I’m not really good with them either, plus I get all nervous taking to people I like.“

“I get that,” you laughed, the tightness in your chest easing away a little bit.

He turned his chair towards you, grabbing your other hand. “Just so you know, your feelings are reciprocated. I-I love you too.”

A warm smile spread across your face, the shakiness in your being dissipating completely. As you leaned into him, you looked around the make sure no one would catch you - that still made you nervous - but once the coast was clear, you pressed your lips to his - feeling the most comfortable and at ease you had ever been.

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Which of the guys would help their best friend get together with one of their brothers, and how would they go about it? (Like, Mikey helping get his best friend together with Raph) thanks so much, i adore your blog! :)

This is so cute <3


He’d tell the to use charm, sway them, maybe even a gift to move things along.  He’s not very good with this kind of thing either, so he thinks of just simple things, things that are comfortable between the two of you.  


Omfg, this guy just friggin’ walks up to whichever brother you have a crush on just….

“Hey (y/n) really likes you.  How ‘bout you start dating?”



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Don is possibly the worst person to be attempting this… like really.  He is so awkward about this he has no clue what he’s doing.  But he’ll try and help if he can.  It will be a slow process, but… he’s trying. Give him credit XD  He cares about you enough that he’s willing to do this.


He… He is actually quite good at this, getting you two together.

“Dontchu worry bruh, I got this covered.  You just sit back and let me work my magic.”

And really, he DOES work his magic.  Within the week he has your crush coming to you first, instead of you going after him instead.  You don’t know what he did, nor do you want to know, but it worked, and you’re thankful for your best friend’s dedication.


Imagine Cal trying to find out if you have a crush on him. 

You took a slight step back as Cal leaned in close. His eyes were on your lips, his mouth so close to yours. You felt heat creep up your cheeks and your mouth went dry. Your heart hammered against your ribs. He was so close to you. You could practically taste his breath on your lips but then he was pulling away.

Cal was grinning, his tongue flicking over his teeth as he stepped back, his eyes fixed on yours. “Dilated pupils, blushing, I bet your little heart is racing, isn’t it?” he chuckled confidently and you felt your cheeks go even darker. “Well, that’s the ticket, Loker really was telling the truth.”

You finally found your voice, barely able to control your stammering, “Truth about what?”

Cal leaned closer again, his eyes flicking ever so briefly between your eyes and your lips, “You have a crush on me, don’t you?”

Gif Credit: Cal

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Do you realize that i have a crush on you? But i'm way too shy to approach ? It is okay with you ? When people say these thing.. If not please say Because i don't want to bother yo7

hm? what are you talking about? I’m completely fine with it ^^

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a headcannon abt yuuri bein ace isnt taking away "canon gay rep" because 1st of all theyve never said he's gay?? and he's shown to have a crush on girls and boys? I'm confused on what you said, can u pls clarify?


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It's been awhile since i've read the Warriors series and I haven't had the chance to read the redux chapters yet. (super excited to though) But I was just wondering if you think the cats would be able to use basic tools. Like if they saw something like a piece of glass focusing the sun which was burning a patch of grass would they realize they could do the same thing somewhere else using that piece or other pieces of glass? Or something similar like leverage with sticks? Love redux btw!


The Redux!Clans are unable to wrap their heads around the idea of tools. There may have been one or two exceptionally intelligent leaders who knew that you could use pebbles to displace water or that something heavy could crush something small, but they were very much outliers. Glass burning things with the power of the sun, to my mind, would be way too advanced for them. 

This is partly what makes crows so mysterious and supernatural to the Clans. Crows can figure all of this out easily and apply simple science to their situations, which the cats can only see as magic. 

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My dear Jen, I have such a woman crush on you! My dreams are full of us drinking lovely wine, one of us laying on the crushed velvet sofa, the other on the deeply piled shag carpet in front of a warmly glowing fire. And you are telling me stories, and more stories, and then more stories. What a gorgeous creature you are, what a wondrous writer! I adore you.

Oh my Gosh! This might be the sweetest message I’ve ever gotten. I adore you too, sweetheart. Also stop being anon, because we should be friends. 

Also, look, it’s our bed in our house!

emoji ask meme bc i'm bored

🎈- what’s a happy moment in your life that has always stuck with you?
🎁 - whaddaya want for christmas/yule/etc? if you don’t celebrate anything what’s a top item on your wishlist?
💝 - do you have a valentine? if ur aro do you like chocolate? (this emoji looks like a box of chocolates tbh)
💻 - laptops or desktops?
📅 - what’s a day you’ve been waiting for?
🎵 - a song that reminds you of someone special?
📚 - do you like reading?
💐 - what would you do to try n charm your crush? if ur aro, what’s your favorite flower?
🐞 - do you like bugs? (i know i don’t)
🌗 - day or night?
⚠ - what do you dislike in people?
😡 - what are some of your most normally ignorable pet peeves that are still really annoying to you?
🌠 - do you believe that if you make a wish on a comet, it’ll really come true?
🔷 - your favorite color?
🙊 - something you used to keep secret?
💩 - your favorite meme?
👂 - do you like minding your own business?
🎩 - cool clothes or comfortable clothes?
🎀 - what clothing style do you like the most?
💌 - write a letter about your crush without directly referring to them. if you’re aro, do the same thing but about your best friend!
👼 - do you ever want kids?
🌎 - what are you doing to help save the earth?
🔪 - what are some of your most unconventional aesthetics?
🐴- what’s your favorite animal?

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Send 💖 for my muse to tell yours who they currently have a crush on. 

Nora giggled wildly at the situation she found herself in as her cheeks flushed red.  Tell Ren who she had a crush on, AKA that she had a crush on him?

Oh dear.

“You… you don’t want to know who I have a crush on!  It’s no big deal, really.  Not that it would be, but you know what I’m saying, right?  Right…”  

Oh no.  

This was going worse than she thought it would.

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See what your followers think of you

GREEN = I think you’re cute.
BLUE = You are my tumblr crush.
SCARLET = You have influenced my decision/thoughts on something.
MAROON = You taught me something new.
CINNAMON = You’re a really cool person and admire you from afar.
PERIWINKLE = You make me laugh
MAUVE = You are really talented
BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better.
INDIGO = I’ve been following you for a long time
COPPER = Your blog content is trash (and I love it)
VERMILION = You make me feel passionate
LAVENDER = You inspire me
RAZZMATAZZ = I would share my favorite food with you
SAFFRON = I love your ideas
PLUM = I’d like to chat with you
SAGE = You make me cry
CHARTREUSE = You’re my homie

thats a lot of screaming and a lot of colors

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Recently i've been questioning a lot about my sexual orientation. I have a crush on a girl, but don't know if i like guys. I'm quite young so i'm afraid that i'll regret this in the future or just cringe about it whenever i think of it. I know that i have to figure this out on my own, but i just really cannot understand what i'm feeling. I know that my family will accept me no matter what, but i'm afraid that my friends will hate me and say homophobic things towards me. If you reply, thank you.

It’s totally okay to be questioning. And it’s okay to not want to label yourself. My best suggestion for you right now is to let yourself like who you like, do some exploring about different sexualities, talk to people of different sexualities, and don’t worry about finding a label that fits you perfectly right away.

Variety | For Television, Golden Globes Voters Value ‘Kingmaker’ Role
By Kristopher Tapley

We find ourselves in an era of peak television, when for every show you keep up with, there are 10 more just slipping through the cracks. Ease of delivery systems and the lure of creative freedom in a long-form space has led to an impenetrable glut. So what does it take for a series to break through and stand out in the fray during awards season?

Industry groups like the Television Academy and the Screen Actors Guild often default to what’s familiar in the on-going content crush. Standbys like “Downton Abbey,” “Modern Family,” “House of Cards” and “Homeland” have stuck around, allowing for precious few breakouts like “True Detective” and “Mr. Robot” along the way.

Members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., meanwhile — which puts on the annual Golden Globe Awards — pride themselves on being “kingmakers,” as one awards consultant put it. They consistently celebrate new series, vacillating between inspired picks and head-scratchers (like major wins for Amazon’s “Mozart in the Jungle” last year).

Regardless, connecting with that group of 88 journalists can sometimes be a first step toward broader recognition in the awards space. But how?

A three-person television committee oversees things like category placement and press conference booking, so they serve as natural gatekeepers. Some even say they outright thin the herd of content for the overall membership, though others refute this.

Certainly a time-tested method is wining and dining. The HFPA has been saddled with a reputation for being easily wooed at least since Pia Zadora’s infamous new-star-of-the-year honor in 1982. For “Outlander” last year, Starz arranged to bring HFPA members out to the Scotland location for a visit. The show received nominations for best drama series, best actress (Caitriona Balfe) and best supporting actor (Tobias Menzies).

There is also the tendency for studios and networks to present gifts to the membership in order to get their attention, which remains an eyebrow-raising tradition for some. “The studios are victims,” another consultant told me, rather melodramatically. “They say, ‘We don’t want to do that,’ but if you don’t do that, you’re not going to get noticed. No one will pay attention to you.”

Unfortunately, much of the alchemy relies on how a show is marketed and publicized initially at launch. Unlike the film world, there isn’t a pendulum that swings back at the end of the year, a circuit packed with countless critics groups and others awarding television series, maybe breathing life into something that has been forgotten […]

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I just found out my crush likes someone else, ughh :((( I still want to tell her that I have a crush on her though, just to put it out in the open, because it's kind of been a significant step for me seeing as it's been my first big(ish) crush on a girl and it's really impacted me in terms of discovering my sexual and romantic orientation. I don't want to make it a big deal, and I don't think she'd take it badly. I guess I feel like I owe it to myself. Any advice on how I should tell her? xxx

If I remember correctly, you sent in a previous ask but you said you haven’t really talked to her. Did you have a chance to start a convo with her yet?? Before you tell her about your crush on her, I think you should build some sort of friendship. Then tell her. Good luck!! Let me know what happens!!

- Nicole

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There's a senior I like&we're best friends who are constantly talking and always hanging out.we always make each other smile, yet I'm a freshman,a nd even though he flirts w me,he would never let anything happen, bc hes too responsible. what do i do?

i think you just have to respect the fact that he doesn’t want anything to happen between you and him even if he may have a crush on you. if you really do like him then you wait until he’s comfortable with something happening between you and him but if you don’t want to do that then i suggest that you try get over your crush on him 

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Forgive me if this is misinformation but I heard from a friend that you liked Ali Project! What's your favorite album? Mine are Queendom and Psychedelic Insanity. Oh! And did you know that they came out with a new album in August? I hope you have a nice time wherever you read this~!

Ah! Yes, I definitely do! 

I have a real weakness for visual kei/darkwave/neoclassical bands (unrelated, but I used to have the biggest crush on Kanon Wakeshima when I was 17.)

I found them because of them singing Another’s OP.

I love Fashion World, and Psychedelic Insanity is a great choice too. I should really get back into listening to them. 

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I had this crush on a girl and didn't know if she was straight or what. Turns out she is gay but has a girlfriend. How do I get over her?

There’s no quick fix for crushes.. It takes time, but accepting you have a crush and knowing it won’t work are good first steps.
Try distracting yourself with something you enjoy, like a hobby ^^ Eventually things fade and go back to normal.. It might just take a while :3
With love,

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My crush is the roommate of my sister's boyfriend, if that isn't a recipe for disaster, I don't know what is. On second thought, I feel like it's one of those risky recipes that you've never tried before, but Thanksgiving is in three hours so you just have to go for it. Chances are it'll be a hot mess, but who knows? Might turn out wonderful. One thing I love about your blog is how effortlessly it balances between beautiful whimsy and applicable practicality. You're the best!

Go for it! Worst thing they can say is no! ;D

and omg that’s the nicest description of my blog content ever :’D i try to have a good mix between the two to keep everyone inspired!~ :D Thank you so much sugar~ <3

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