but what if you have a crush

  • Lance: I've never told anyone but... I have a crush on Keith.
  • Coran: crush!? Does this mean you want to crush him!? Must we prepare for a duel!?
  • Keith: *walks into the room*
  • Coran: Keith! Lance wants to crush you! Or how did he word it? Ah yes he said he "has a crush on yo-
  • Coran: but-
  • Lance: AH *leaves*
  • Keith: ?????
NCT (All Members) Reacting To You Having a Crush On An Another Member

mimi-kiti said: Hay Could I have a NCT (all units) reaction what would they do, if you tell them (you are his secret crush and best friend) that you have a crush on another member?^^ I’m sorry for my bad english.

A/N: Hey love I’m sorry this took such a long time


Taeyong would be heartbroken and become really cold and closed off. He would ignore you the whole time and make his jealousy really obvious. He would probably cry himself to sleep and binge eat ice cream and watch studio ghibli movies to get over you.

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Like any other best friend, he would push aside his feelings for you and will help you get it with the member you like. He’ll sometimes want to cry and scream at you but he’ll keep it all inside and smile like he’s having a great time.

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He will also be like Jaehyun and conceal his feelings. Instead of helping you, he would distance himself from you till you guys become strangers.

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Johnny would be annoyed. He would instantly leave and ignore all your calls. He’ll then feel bad for being petty and apologise to you, confessing to you in the process. He will be so heartbroken.

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Doyoung’s face would give away his pain and you’d have to ask him what’s wrong. He’ll say its nothing and just move on. He’d often spend his nights thinking about you and listening to sad songs. It’ll take him a while but he’ll get over it the fastest.

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Winwin will smile at you and listen to you carefully and will break into tears when he comes back home. He’ll seem distant during practice because you’ll occupy his mind most of the time. He’ll feel himself slowly getting over you.

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Yuta will be so annoyed. He will probably say many things to hurt you like “He won’t like you back” or “you aren’t his type”. But that’s all to conceal his burning feelings you. He’ll keep on hurting you on purpose to make you feel the same pain you made him feel. He’ll feel bad about it but it’ll be a satisfaction for him.

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Ten will laugh it off and try to change the subject. He will spend most of his time in the practice room, dancing hard enough to keep you away from his thoughts but you’d always creep into his mind and he’ll find himself breaking down in the room. “Why couldn’t you love me instead Y/N?” He would mumble.

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“Oh,” was all he said and then he smiled at you like it was nothing. He will try to deny his feelings for you. “It was nothing, I felt nothing.” He would say over and over again in his head.

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Haechan would be surprised. He wouldn’t even mind confessing. “Him? Why him? Why not me?” You could clearly see how hurt he is. He will leave and you’ll never hear from him again.

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Jeno, like Jaehyun, will smile and help you through it all. Even if it hurts him.

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Jaemin will help you through it but will judge the other member harshly.

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Chenle will threaten the member not to hurt you because you are his angel and he’ll confess to you accidentally and probably never show you his face again.

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Renjun would help you get it with the member and will conceal his feelings as much as he can.

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He will be heartbroken and will want comfort but will end up staying up several nights trying to get over you.

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What's the weirdest thing about your crush?
  • Ino: His sense of humor, for sure.
  • Karui: The size of his stomach is a mystery to me.
  • Hinata: W-whiskers.
  • Temari: Hair. Looks like a pineapple.
  • Sakura: His left eye. The rinnegan just creeps me out.
  • Karin: The teeth. They're too sharp.
  • Ino: What are you talking about? Sasuke doesn't have-
  • Karin: I wasn't talking about Sasuke.
  • Suigetsu: Hey ladies, what up?

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UT UF SF with a queer platonic relationship/best friends headcanons please



  • Everyone ships you two, but it’s never going to happen
  • You’ve seen each other naked more times that you can count
  • You and him tried to kiss each other before, but it’s too weird
  • Hangouts include going to his house, not talking to each other, playing on your phone and laptop, then leaving. 
  • Basically this vine


  • You two are ultimate workout buddies
  • Need to go to the gym at 2 am for some reason, call up Papyrus and he is there
  • The Positive Motivator Friend™
  • Will make you feel good about yourself no matter what
  • He’s the type of friend that shocks everyone when he cusses
  • Never ask him to be your wingman. Not that he is bad, but he’s such a precious angel that your crush will fall for him instead

Underfell Papyrus

  • Fell is someone you can always bitch to, no matter how irrational
  • Everything’s a competition. You two have a small rivalry going on
  • You can do 5 shots? He can do 10. It’ll keep going until it escalates
  • If someone pisses you off, they will face the wrath of Papyrus. And vice versa
  • Hardcore training sessions that will consist of trying to kill each other

Swapfell Papyrus 

  • Ultimate wingman
  • He’s usually calm, but with enough alcohol, he’s a real party animal
  • Mom Friend
  • If you plan on doing drugs or get really drunk, he’s there to watch over you
  • Sends you memes and cute cat videos
  • Shoulder to cry on

Swapfell and Underfell Sans

Can be found here

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Hello my chum, I really really like this girl and I would do anything for her - she gets bad anxiety and I want to cry when she blames herself when she's too emotionally exhausted to do stuff with me. I want her to be happy all the time but i know that's not possible and i physically ache when she's not with me. I'm only a teenager and I've never felt like this ever before and I've never cared so much, so I don't really know what's going on? Do I have a crush on her? Do I love her? Please help!

hey anon

that could be a sign of a crush

as for the self blame thing, its really, really important to like. be there for her, and to remind her that its not her fault for not being able to chill with you. 

truth is, shes not gonna be happy all the time, but supporting her and helping her will definately help

best of luck to you

dudes gatekeeping videogames is so wild cause they move the goalposts so fucking quick that there barely are any. it always starts with “you say you’re a gamer but you probably just play candy crush on your phone”, if you say you enjoyed AAA games like bioshock or skyrim they go back with “oh that’s just MAINSTREAM bullshit everyone plays, still not a tru gamer” and its like, i mean alright, i have quite a few indie games i’ve played as well and then they come back with “those aren’t REAL games, garbage walking simulators, not a real gamer” and its like fuckin where’s the line then. what do we gotta do to make you happy

(of course the answer is the same as war games - the only winning move is not to play)

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I have a very close male friend who treats me how Sorey treats Alisha. I had a crush on him until he told me he was gay. Before that people thought we were a couple. I'm actually very happy he is gay as we can have a close friendship. My crush I'm over it. I love my close platonic friendship with my friend

Yep!  Which is why it always bothers me so much when people are like, “They can be friends!  You don’t understand friendship!” when it’s two characters of the same gender and “But look!  This is True Love!” when it’s two characters of the opposite gender with not even the same depth of emotional connection what they’re really doing is excusing their heteronormativity, with a bonus side of homophobia when at least one of those characters is stated to be Not Straight.

Although, I mean, really, when it comes to Sorey, it’s like, the game goes out of its way to tell you that he’s just Not Interested In Girls That Way (the victory quote where Zaveid talks about women looking lovely in combat and Mikleo saying “you’re not going to get much out of him on that” comes to mind) but he is Definitely Interested In Mikleo That Way (like Sorey asking if Mikleo qualifies for what Zaveid was talking about when he was talking about “a babe”).  In my eyes, those say plenty as it is on top of his physically and emotionally intimate relationship with Mikleo.  And by physically intimate, I’m talking about the little shoulder touches and bumps, and the tickle fights - last time I did either of those things, that was when I was still with my ex.

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You know, I'm not exactly sure how it would be executed, but I think it would be cool if Janna just casually say how she have a crush on Marco when she is trying to reassure Marco (or Jackie) about what happened with Star and give some kind of wise advice about how you just need to search your feelings or something sappy like that .

It’d be an interesting direction to take with the character, especially since such a scenario would mean I’ve completely misread Janna so far.

Ever since ‘Sleepover,’ I’ve suspected Janna might still be a bit immature in her emotional development (lying about liking pink of all things), and her attitude in ‘Bon Bon the Birthday Clown’ and the revelations from Star and Marco’s Guide have reinforced those suspicions. I’ve been largely interpreting Janna as having feelings for Marco but lacking the emotional maturity to deal with it in a healthy way (which, incidentally, also reinforces my suspicions that Janna and Star are really, really similar in character).

Therefore I can’t really picture Janna giving any sage advice any time soon, though I could see her admitting to crushing on Marco in order to give terrible advice that sounds wise. However, seeing as Janna’s already something of a “big sister” to Star, if Janna got her own character development arc and matured a bit, she really could pull off becoming a giving wise advice sort of character.

So yeah, maybe we’ll get to see something like that in season 4.

( made sum more ocs yay )
Looks like li-mei is in a sticky situation..
Two girls at school have a crush on her and she doesn’t know what to do.
You got doken , a local school girl delinquent who is also the childhood friend of li-mei, she a flirt and can’t stand to see girls from her school get bullied.
The somewhat “evil” student councillor , mochi. Everyone at school fears her because of her demanding rules and is meanest towards the delinquents and popular girls.

This might just become a love triangle lol

Prime Opportunity

Jaime argues with his scarab over asking the reader out.

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Word Count: 516

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A/N This is my first reader insert I hope you enjoy it!

You imbecile! The scarab scolded Jaime.

“What? I didn’t even do anything who are you calling me that?” Asked Jaime as he walked through the halls of Mount Justice.

That was a prime opportunity to ask out the Y/N.

“I am not going to ask her out. She doesn’t even like me that way.”

I have data that states otherwise.

“You have what now?”

Every time you are near the Y/N her dopamine levels rise, her eyes appear to dilate, and her heart rate increases. All of which are connected to what you humans describe as a ‘crush’. Though your window of opportunity may be closing for I fear the Impulse may as you say 'make a move’ though reason is unknown for his body does not give off the same signatures towards her as she does towards you. Which is why you must take the chance and ask her out.

“You are seriously going to give me a headache with all your blabbering. And wait why does this even matter to you? This is the first time you have ever said anything about a girl I like.”

Because this is the first time you have picked a suitable partner.

“Say what now?”

Must I explain everything to you? She is a skilled fighter, she is brace. And has better reasoning than you at times. Also her body scans indicate she will be perfect to create future offspring.

“Whoa okay cálmete I’m still barely working up the courage to ask her out.”

Then go back and ask her!

“No I’m not going to ask her out right now.”

“Well that’s too bad because I was just about to ask you out.”

Jaime jumped and turned around to see you standing there.

“Y- Y/N hey.” Jaime mentally face palmed himself as his voice sounded high pitched.

“Hey.” You both stood awkwardly.

Dopamine levels are risings, eyes slightly dilating. Heart beat increasing. Her plans are perspiring that’s a new one. And despite the humor in her voice at what she said she was speaking the truth.

“Um were you really going to ask me out?” Jaime asked as he rubbed his arm nervously.

“Depends, will you say yes?” You asked hopefully.

Say yes.

“Yes.” Jaime saw your face light up and he felt his heart skip a beat.

Good now take her somewhere and commence the mating ritual, that window of opportunity is also closing soon.

Jaime quickly smacked the scarab on his back but played it off as if he was scratching his neck.

“Okay um I’ll call you but I’m thinking maybe meet up at the zeta tubes around seven tomorrow?” Jaime asked.

“Yeah sounds good I’ll see you then.” You smiled up at him and waved as you walked away.

“I swear if you had a face I’d be punching it right now.” Jaime mumbled.

Please if anything you should be thanking me right now. Now I have some recommendations on what to do tomorrow night that will guarantee the two of you mating.

Yup Jaime definitely wanted to punch his scarab.

You know what I miss? Having a crush. Like the feeling you get when you see someone hot that you like. The whole way flirting makes you feel. Small little crushes are fun and entertaining. I need someone to crush on. Unfortunately, it’s been a long time since someone last tickled my pickle.

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I have a crush on this guy who I don't actually get to see very often, and he's really nice but I feel like I always have to initiate the conversation otherwise he just won't talk to me at all online. irl he's super nice and does cute things like pat my cheeks but online he's very very different :( I feel a bit stupid always starting conversations online and it feels like it's just me asking questions then him answering with a yes. no. okay. thanks. what should I do???

When you have to start the conversation, I think after a while it can make you feel as if you’re the only one trying! If it were me, I’d probably feel like he doesn’t think about me as much as I do him. If he’s super responsive and friendly in person that’s obviously a good sign but if you don’t see him much then you’d have thought he’d maybe try to be a little more responsive when you’re talking online. Maybe try cooling it for a few days. See if he messages you! If you kind of get the impression he’s not too interested, try not to worry too much about him xxx

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I'm 16 and i haven't had my first kiss yet. I have a crush on a guy and i think he likes me back which is absolutely terrifying. I'm getting scared and i feel like i'm pulling away. but i don't want to. I've never had a guy like me back before so this all seems very foreign to me. i'm scared and i don't know what to do next

I think if you have never been in a situation like this before the best thing to do is take things slowly and only do things that you are comfortable with and if you are scared it’s okay for you to pull away. Also don’t let anyone force you into kissing them because that’s the worst and isn’t good at all. I hope this helps a bit :)

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2, haha ,29, 30, 47, 82, 92, 100. ~(˘▾˘~)

2. A picture of me: as far i’m English teacher you can call me sensei

29. One insecurity: being single for 10 years irl

30. What my last text message says: my mother replied ‘ok’

47. Have you ever had a crush on your neighbor? no

82. Have you ever dream that you married someone? no

92. Have you ever been told you’re hot by a complete stranger? no

100. Have you ever give us one thing about you that no one knows. i think my students make me horny


hhh this gon be long guys

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a - age: 14 but in April ill be 15 wahoo

b - birthplace: Los Angeles, California

c - current time: as im typing this it is 6:24pm

d - drink you last had: strawberry lemonade 

e - easiest person to talk to: my fam and friends i trust 

f - favorite song: Crazy my Beat or Go West hhh

g - grossest memory: once i was on the elevator in my apt back in  California it smelled terrible someone  did their business in it (yknow what u do in the restroom)

h - horror yes or horror no: sure i havent seen much horror tho 

i - in love?: not love but i have a massive crush atm and im dying,,,

j - jealous of people?: idk i dont think so

k - killed someone?: nop

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: 2nd

m - middle name: Scarlet

n - number of siblings: 1

o - one wish: Happiness for me and fam

p - person you called last: my mom 

q - question you’re always asked: “Why are you so quiet” Bc i want to ok i dont wanna talk to you weirdos 

r - reason to smile: jjba, fam/friends , ppl that are cute af hhehe

s - song you sang last: not sang but i hummed to Go West

t - time you woke up: 2: somethin

u - underwear color: Classified info yo 

v - vacation destination: Europe or Japan

w - worst habit: biting my nails 

x - x-rays: What about them ??? Never had one , or i dont remember at least 

y - your favourite food: BURRITOS? BURGERS?? PASTA??? HHH I LOVE FOOD

z - zodiac sign: Taurus 

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hello! what's up? I'm in a greenhouse right now and it's great. I love plants. um my crush? he's totally adorable and creative and I think I'm friendzoned rip. I have a cat and she's grey and adorable. I recently discovered I'm agender so that's cool. Have a motivational quote or something? have a cool day ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

omg I love plants as well? cactus and succulents as well as flowers? No I’m sure you’re not, just wait and see, he’ll definitely open his eyes and see how wonderful you are! Congratulation by the way, and keep in mind that every one loves you just the way you are ♥

The quote of the day isssssss *drum roll*:  Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.

*✧・゚:* join us!! it’s sleepover time! *:・゚✧*

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I have a crush on someone and they have a crush on me but they're not ready for a relationship, so we're taking it slow but sometimes I get a little scared they don't like me after all or don't like my flirting with them and idk what to do.

don’t worry dude!! like you said, they’re just not ready for a relationship right now so they need a little time to take it all in. they wouldn’t be willing to take things slow with you if they weren’t interested in you, so please don’t be scared 💕  it’ll all be ok, i promise~

weekly sleepover 🥀  send me an ask about anything - lets get to know each other better!

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im the love scared anon - I just wanted to add that I have had a lot of crushes in my life, one big, serious crush just two years ago. and now... I feel so weird and emotionless, not liking anyone in particular. and that also makes me scared, that maybe i will stay that way forever. boys looks so thoughtless and stupid for me right now. but I am sure that I dont like girls. and... welp.

oh dont worry, i didnt like anyone for pretty much my entire life and it doesnt mean that youll be alone forever, it just means that you know what your looking for (even if u dont realize it)

dont settle for anything less bc u feel afraid, there will always be a right person for u out there!!