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Anon asked:

‘Hey 👋🏼, can I have a request for Thor where he has crush on the reader and is always trying to impress her with his strength but one day he embarrasses himself in front of her and team’

Pairings: Thor x Reader

A/N: Thank you for the request! My first Thor fic! So, I had to go a little AU for this fluffy little number, so for all you canon sticklers I apologize ahead of time. I hope this is what you were looking for Anon!

She grunted as she shimmied through the open door of the compound, various sharp edges and hard surfaces banging against her already bruised hip bones as the plastic bags that lined her forearms swung with her movements. The feeling in her fingertips had long since faded into the buzz of pins and needles, and finally into nothing as she lost sensation all together.

It was worth it.

She would not, would not, go back for a second trip. She hadn’t ever since she left home for college, and she wasn’t about to start now. Valedictorian of her graduating class at M.I.T, executive technical assistant to Tony Stark himself, and operations manager to Earth’s mightiest heroes, she could handle a few grocery bags.

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The only way to make Mileven and Byler work
  • Will: *walks into basement shyly* hey guys, I'm going to tell you something, and you have to promise not to judge.
  • Dustin: Ok, spit it out.
  • Will: I'm gay
  • Everyone: ...
  • Mike: Well I'm sure any guy will be lucky to have you.
  • Max: And if they don't El and I will kick their sorry ass
  • Will: guys I have a boyfriend.
  • El: Knew it
  • Will: *laughs* yeah now I can stop crushing on Mike
  • Lucas: wait, what?
  • Mike: What
  • Everyone: What
  • El: *clenching her fists* what.
  • Will: *runs for his life*

Donut: so what have you guys been up to?

Sarge: we’re stranded in a jungle with dwindling supplies and limited food!

Donut: [got blown up]

Donut: [got crushed by a ship, pushed through the ground, and fell from the top of an underground cavern]

Donut: [was in a comatose for three days from dehydration]

Donut: [was shot and left for dead]

Donut: [was abandoned in valhalla]

Donut: [is consistently used as a running gag]


Donut: that sucks

inferablossom  asked:

Yeah, I really like have to agree with what you’re saying. I like Marco, but he gas felt completely off this entire season, and I don’t like it. This season didn’t do well developing him at all. And I do ship Starco, but even I can agree that Marco’s crush felt shoe-horned, especially since we really only felt the presence of it after Star and Tom were together, which is just awkward timing.

This has not been Marco’s season so far, it really hasn’t.

I can just make a list of everything he’s done so far that makes him look bad, and far from the down-to-earth character we had for 2 seasons:

  • Boasts about his accomplishments to his friends, without considering he might be making them uncomfortable.
  • Can’t even give up Mewni for his girlfriend despite how much he claims he wants this relationship.
  • Cries about his breakup for one day, then afterwards doesn’t seem to care at all about it. Almost as if this relationship we built up a season for just meant nothing to him.
  • Comes to Mewni, expecting to live here from now on and be a knight, without even telling Star.
  • Abandons school, his friends, and his family for this mewni life, once again before telling Star.
  • Hurts someone and doesn’t care about it (Granted, Star should have told him she didn’t need this stuff but Marco showing no remorse whatsoever to hurting someone is still upsetting).
  • Star told him he needed to trust her, and Marco pretty much disobeyed her trust to continuing to watch her sleep. I know he’s worried, but BMB was about Marco learning to trust Star to handle herself and trust clearly means a lot to Star.
  • Moves onto Star awfully quickly from Jackie, and only does it when Star isn’t his.
  • Insults a royal family, then breaks the Prince’s leg, then doesn’t even feel bad about it. (Rich really should’ve spoke, but Marco was being insensitive this ep)
  • Lies to Heckapoo and makes her job harder, only because he wants to continue to have fun.
  • Coldly ditches Tom, one of his friends.
  • Is just kinda rude in general to his friends dating, look crush or not, you didn’t see Star being rude about him dating Jackie. Marco doesn’t have to like it, but he doesn’t have to be rude about it either.

Some of these can be forgiven, but others really can’t.

I don’t know if there’s some arc they’re doing where Marco recovers from all his bad behavior, but for now he’s so rarely been the same character he was .

It’s just really….sad. I don’t know what’s been up with him, but it’s kinda amazing how much he kinda turned into a jerk towards his friends this season.

I don’t know if there’s a point to this, or if Marco was just not written well this season but something’s wrong.

He’s not being developed very well, at all. He’s had some good moments this season, but it’s just noticeably painful how unlikable some of his actions are making him.

I can’t wait until Gert calls Chase out for having a crush on Karolina and he’s like, “what the FUCK are you talking about that’s my SISTER what the….. what the FUCK I’m just worried about her because shes a precious fucking flower jesus CHRIST,” and all the straighties die

anonymous asked:

omegaverse requests? katsuki and eijiro (seperate) coming across their crush (or s/o whichever you feel) being harassed by another alpha in the school corridor or something? nothing too specific to give so that you can work freely!

Ahh, now here’s some confrontational fun! I hope you enjoy these requests my lil’ sapling! Have yourself a heckin’ amazing day, do let me know what you think about the headcanons!

- Momma Eclipse🌱🌱🌱


💥 When he first sees you being bothered by an alpha, explosions go off in his mind; who the fuck does that alpha think he is?!

💥 Without another thought, he’s by your side, small, warning explosions going off in his hand while an angry and protective scent seeped from his body.

💥Have you got a fucking problem you bastard?” – He’s surprisingly calm considering the situation, he hasn’t even tried to threaten the other alpha yet.

💥 If the alpha doesn’t back down, Katsuki will quite easily grab him by his shirt and lift him up, slamming him into the nearby lockers with you safely behind him, protected.

💥 “Don’t fucking try this again or I’ll fucking kill you shithead! Now fuck off!” – He quite literally throws them backwards, making them land on their back; he even waits for them to run off before he turns to look at you, grunting before walking off.

💥 He’s satisfied that you know he’s interested and that you can tell he would be an alpha to keep you safe from harms way.


🍑 If Eijiro sees you in trouble or in a situation you don’t want to be in, he’s by your side instantly, his arm holding you close to his body, a low growl in his chest as he focuses on the one bothering you.

🍑 He’s even emitting a protective scent, something stronger than what he normally emits while around people he cares about!

🍑 “This guy bothering you (Name)?” – His tone isn’t cheery, but it holds no hostility just yet, his voice is calm but if the guy takes a single breath in your direction, he’s going to get it.

🍑 “Ah…I don’t know…you’d have to ask him Eijiro…” – Even though you’re his crush, you remember his name and that in itself has him dying to beat up the guy that had been bothering you.

🍑 “…Tch, no fucking problem” – The other alpha stalks off angrily and much to Eijiro’s displeasure, there’s no need to eat him to a pulp.

🍑 “Let me know if he bugs y-” – You cut Eijiro off with a kiss to his cheek, a giggle escaping you. – “My hero Eijiro~”

anonymous asked:

Semi-ship question... What do you think of the theory that Pidge has a canon crush on Lance? I've only seen analysis by plance shippers so I'd love to see a more objective take.

Personally, that idea rests very poorly with me?

I think that Pidge and Lance have a solid friendship and care about each other, but for me, I don’t read it as anything but platonic. It’s a little uncomfortable, I think, to put it that way when I think Lance regards Pidge like nothing so much as honorary kid sister and that’s important, especially if you consider that until very recently Pidge was actively missing her older brother, who meant a lot to her.

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anonymous asked:

Not that anon, but I think it's less "too young to know they're gay" and more "it's kinda creepy how people are obsessing constantly over what gender small children would want to date or fuck". I gotta say, after seeing 20+ year old 'progressive' bloggers making 10+ posts in fandom tags about how [8 year old cartoon character] totally wants to make out with another character based on the slightest friendly interaction... Yeah, I kinda agree with that sentiment.

I get that on one hand, but on the other hand kids can have crushes. Kids can know.

It’s dangerously close to the homophobic sentiment that kids don’t know their orientation that has silenced a lot of lgbt+ kids.

Which is why I think you should focus more on the -obsession- with sexualizing kids instead of say, headcanoning a kid as gay or straight.

anonymous asked:

They say I am young. "You have time. I wish I was your age again". What they don't know is that i have an expiration date. A date coming sooner than you think. They day I turn eighteen is the day everything turns dark. Suddenly I'm out in the open, scared and alone. The world's problems are dumped on my shoulders by those much older than I. Their faces look down at me condescendingly. Suddenly I am crushed by the weight they made. It is all up to us. A monster we never made we must tame.

y’all aight bruh’t the fuck 

I deserve a death no less fabulous than having my head crushed between Henry Cavill’s Thighs of Steel™️:

I’d go out Oberyn Martell style for him. (GoT spoiler alert!) ☠️☠️☠️

Oh, won’t you be my Nutcracker, you sweet raven-haired Prince Amongst Men??? 😍🥜


anonymous asked:

Is your omegaverse request thing still open? If it is can please I get something with Kirishima, Mirio and Bakugou with a playing-hard-to-get crush? Like they know they're into them but likes to tease? Preferably sfw but nsfw is fine too if you prefer that since this is mainly an nsfw blog. Thank youuuuu

Oh my lord, sweetie, sfw is just as welcome as nsfw!!! So yes, yes you can get this and yes, it’s still open! Thank you so much for requesting, make sure you have a heckin’ amazing day my lil’ sapling! Let me know what you think!

- Momma Eclipse🌱🌱🌱


💥 You get on his nerves so much, it’s not even funny any more!

💥 Each swing of your hips…your nicknames for him…those hidden looks of lust, even just thinking about you got him hard!

💥 He would often try and tease you back though, his hand slapping against your ass, a growl too low for others to hear in your ear…but it just didn’t seem to affect you like your teasing affected him.

💥 That made him mad! He wanted to see you flustered and trying to lure him away to a private spot!


🥞 This lil’ pancake would be up for this!

🥞 The bad thing for you however, is that Mirio is great at flirting and even better at hiding his reactions when you flirt with him!

🥞 “Is that all you’ve got (Name)? I expected better…”

🥞 He does eventually get frustrated when you won’t let him have you though, he makes plans to work harder for your affections!


🍑 He isn’t all to sure what to do in return if he’s honest with himself!

🍑 Sure he’ll laugh and try to flirt back but honestly, the boy is clueless, all he knows is that he wants you. Badly.

🍑 Your scent is what gets to him most, it makes him want to jump you but since that wouldn’t be manly, he instead gives you a hug, unknowingly growling into your ear.

🍑 Little does he know, that’s exactly why you stir him up, that growl and his hugs are the best things about the game!

Too shy to say goodbye - Part 2

Part 1 

EXO Kyungsoo mini-series (2/3)

Angst/Fluff - University AU

What happens when a shy introverted girl, who loves books and being alone, met a shy guy who also loves books and being alone?

Inspired by a lovely anon plot: can you write a angst/fluff scenario with kyungsoo? like there’s that girl who have a big crush on him, and she visits him everyday with a cup of coffe or candies at the library where he works, even with him being so shy and reserved to do anything but thanks, until the day she was involved in a accident and starts to worry because she desappeared from the library (happy end pleaseeee, sorry if I was too specific)


Let me know if you liked it!

by illi

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Story Time

Destroyed By Rugby Boys

What happens when a J1 freshman got caught having a crush on his senior, who turns out to be homophobic. Will the senior and his rugby teammates let him off or will this gay boy be taught a lesson?


Extra PE Lesson

Chee You need to pass his NAPFA test, but he’s having a bit of a problem controlling his erection. How will his PE teacher help him to get rid of the problem?


Track And Fuck

You got caught taking photos of another guy while he’s jerking off, will he let you off? Or will you end up with an ass full of cum and urine?


Boarding School

Someone has been stealing underwear from the hostel, will the culprit be caught? How will the underwear thief be dealt with?


The Intern 

Seth is late for school again! During his detention, he noticed there’s a new intern in school. Will his detention end off with a bang?


Hey nottiboys, I hope you guys enjoyed my stories so far, which one of them is your favourite? As we look forward to more stories in the future, I would really appreciate if you guys can offer some token of appreciation. Any amount is welcomed. Contact me to find out more. Writing alone is a lonely journey and I don’t know how long will I keep this going, your support will mean a lot to me. Feedbacks and suggestions are welcomed too. Happy Cumming

chervellefryer  asked:

Curious with what made you start rock climbing? I live next door and I want to go but my gosh, it feels like the anxiety of the fat girl going is just crushing. I have no idea how to start with fixing myself (starting to get the bad hand and back issues) but I also don't know how to budget it in either.

one step at a time! it’s a process. no one will have issues with you showing up, and you’ll make friends soon enough :) don’t be afraid to ask people for help, climbers are usually super chill and friendly. 

getting your body to get stronger and change is a process that takes months to years so you have to manage your expectations for any given day and look at it as a long term process, but after a year or two you’ll look back and realize “huh, haven’t had back pain in months, why did i not notice”.

after the same time frame, the beginners you talked to at the start because everyone else was intimidating will be crushing it together with you, and other people will be there for the first time and worry about you giving them looks. it just takes time and you have to be prepared to be patient with the reward of healthy drawing hands a bit further out. small steps, and of course never push your body too much so you don’t get injured, both in drawing and in sports!

Today i complained about not knowing what i should wear on friday (the party i told you about) and he deadass said “I’m sure you’ll look great no matter what.” NSKSKWOWOJNDNDWKSKXJ DUDE

He also reassured me that i’ll be doing great and that i shouldn’t worry about my upcoming tests, liKe how supportive and sweet of him

I’m gonna be working with him again next week and i’m so bloody excited y'all have no idea..he said he looks forward to it because he’ll get to gossip with me about other students lol

Oh and i was talking to my best friend about gay porn (don’t ask) and i asked “top or bottom?” A N D HE STOO D RIGHT BEHIND ME AND SAID “top.” AND I WAS SO SHOOK BC I DIDNT EVEN NOTIXE HIM STANSING TJERE AND BOOOOIIIIIIIIIII

anonymous asked:

1)What do you do in your spare time? 2) You like cappuccino? 3) How you responded to the offer skrill to become your boyfriend? 4) what do you want to become in the future? 5) do you Have any Hobbies besides drawing? 6) Parent the skrill know about you? (I'm sorry) 7) Your friends know about your orientation? 8) Tell me about your biggest mistake from the past. (I'm waiting) (I don't want to offend you, if you want you can skip a few questions)

1)  Stay on my room

2)  No

3)  In the first time no bc he was an hard crush and I was scared to stay with him, but after I accept

4) I hope an animator, but anything with computers is totally fine

5) Uhh photography

6)  Yeah!! I think they see me like a good person, I hope hahah

7) I don’t have friends heyyy

8) No lmao

anonymous asked:

Hey, ya! I'm so in love with Moira and I'm kind of sad because the OW team didn't release her today, so if it's okay I want to request something about her! Reader is really shy and has a crush on Moira. Everyone knows about it, even our evil doctor, who feels the same about reader. So, can I get Moira surprising the reader with a kiss and something more (maybe something nsfw)? thank you!! ♥

continuation of this! (slightly nsfw, the next one will be straight up smut)

okay i have a plan. bc i have so many moira asks, i’m gonna put them together into a mini series?? kinda?? like this specific request fits with the other one, but i have some nsfw requests that are super similar and i dont wanna just write the same thing three times so idk what to do with those

also yeah M O O D, i know moira’s out now but waiting for new heroes kills me. i play on ps4 so i cant even try em on the ptr :/

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anonymous asked:

Scenario. Alan is currently trapped under a pile of rocks. How do you cope and what do you do. You are the only one there currently.

“So Alan’s trapped under a pile of rocks?” Scott hums as he contemplates the scenario, “Well, he’s not a big guy, it wouldn’t have to be a big pile of rocks to trap him.”

“I’m pretty confident I could dig my little brother out by myself, or at least keep him safe from being crushed until Virg could get there to do some heavy lifting.”