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What do you think is in Star's diary about Marco ;)

Eheheh, sooo many things :D expecially for the buried crush that Star have for Marco (now is confirmed by the new episode but I had already thought it). I’ll put all I’m think about it, in my comic, so you’ll see, very very soon! 

Fic author rec: cywscross

@cywscross is amazing and I love her??? Also, coincidentally, I think it’s her birthday??? Happy birthday cross!!!

First of all, as an author, cross is a really wonderful person who interacts with her readers and her fandom and recs other people’s work and gives gifts of fic and handles drama (like plagiarism wtf why) like a boss and I might have a littttle bit of a crush on her brain

SECOND OF ALL, holy shit, cross is talented. If you’re a sinner like me and ship Stiles and Peter from Teen Wolf, then you’ve probably already read her stuff, but if you haven’t, or if you’re morbidly curious about this dubious ship, here are some recs:

Steter Drabbles – what it says on the tin. 100-5000 words each. They’re all great. In particular I like the one where the ghost of Laura Hale haunts Stiles because Laura’s hilarious. The 7-part Venom Ridge ficlet-series is also wonderful. In that one Stiles is so powerful but terribly lonely it hurts, and then of course it becomes hurt/comfort.

 Love in Post-Its – rated T, 4.5k, complete – it was a gift for me (!!!) and it’s so fluffy it hurts <3333 omg

1001 Reasons Why I Love You – By Stiles Stilinski

on_the_stiles_watch – WIP but oh my god it’s so funny and great! It’s a social media fic

In which the first thing Stiles did back when the supernatural first invaded his life was – subtly – tweet about it. It becomes a thing. Months later, Peter stumbles across the feed and quickly comes to realize something most people haven’t quite picked up on – Stiles has grown his very own ever-expanding international supernatural spy network.

i am addicted to death (so remind me what it’s like to live) – rated T, 18k, ½ chapters posted so it’s still a WIP, but there’s still a satisfying sense of completion at the end of chapter 1 – stiles feels so unbearably old in this fic and you really need to heed the warnings, but stiles’ pov is written beautifully and even though you ache for him, the ending gives you so much hope

Stiles is sixteen years old. He has already died seventy-eight times.

Love Thy Neighbour – rated T, 22k, complete – super sweet and has a nice down to earth feeling about it; appropriately tagged “domestic fluff”

In which Stiles is an emancipated minor, and – after Peter Hale comes back from the dead – gains a zombie werewolf for a neighbour.

ALSO, bonus Harry Potter fic rec!

Dead Man Walking – rated T, 57k, WIP – Regulus is such a cool character and his kinda second-godfather-relationship with Harry is so great and I really hope inspiration strikes soon because this is soooo gooood. Love Kreacher in it, too!

Kreacher goes back to save his master, and Regulus survives but his near-death-by-Inferi puts him into a coma for the next sixteen years. When he wakes, well, the world is not so different. Voldemort is still at large, and the Ministry is still inept. His brother’s got a godson now though, so it’s only natural for Regulus to keep an eye on young Harry as well.

I think the worst thing about being in love is being so damn vulnerable to their actions. It’s when things go wrong and they use your weaknesses to bring you down. It’s the control they have over your feelings. It’s when they crush you piece by piece, agonise you not in the blink of an eye but for as long as the tears flow. Its when you’re sitting in bed all alone drenched in tears and wondering where you went wrong. What’s just a little joke to them shakes your whole damn world. In the end all they do is say a meaningless sorry and there you are running back to them. Thats the worst part; the vulnerability of love.
—  Lamiya Waheed
Cyber Crush Wednesday... On a Monday...


I used to do something called Cyber Crush Wednesday. Due to work and well life in general just being completely hectic I fell out of the habit. Lately I’ve just been overwhelmed by an immense amount of love from just so many different people that it truly makes me take a look at what being apart of this fandom has given me. 

I first have to say that meeting you amazing people in person is truly just an amazing experience. @sabahuniverse was one of my first friends and ladies and gent’s she the real deal. She’s honest, funny, and completely willing to tell you if you’re being an idiot. She’s a wonderful friend who’s always got your back. The other amazing soul is the wondefully witty @fangirlfromthenorthcountry who truly makes me smile almost daily with her off the wall sense of humor. She can take a bad day and turn it into something truly remarkable. She’s patient, kind, and willing to let you cry on her cyber shoulder. These two people are a part of my day to day life because I’m apart of this fandom. We also geek out over CaptainSwan…

The next person who again has been a friend from the start is a woman’s whose handle truly describes her to a t. @sweetzcupcake you are like my long sister. Your love of the 80s matches and then mirrors my own. If you watch the Goldbergs then we truly were separated at birth. Without you this fandom would be a little more gray. You’re a light of complete sunshine and positivity.

Now this next person is someone who’ve I’ve known for almost a year and the changes that I’ve seen in that year are truly remarkable. @captainolicitysbedroom is not only an artist but she’s an amazing writer as well. She is someone who has a love of so many fandoms but she also wants to share her love with others. My friend you have grown so much as a person but also as a writer since we first started chatting. I couldn’t be prouder of you if I tried. 

@supersillyanddorky06 who has recently returned from the virtual grave, you were missed. This entire fandom I think mourned you not sharing your amazing insights with the rest of us. I could write an entire post about how wonderful you are and it still wouldnt’ suffice. I don’t have the words to express how talented or truly gifted you are. I’ve met many people in my life who have talent but none who so freely share their gift with others. I’m lucky to be even a small part of your Tumblr family and for that I’m forever grateful. 

Now I’m moving to some more recent friends who have never been apart of my cyber crush tradition. @miriam1779 you are a gem. Truly I don’t think I’ve ever talked to someone with this much energy for life in general. You are truly such a ray of sunshine, you have the ability with your kindness to turn a bad day into a good one. I’m so honored that you became my friend. You help make my Tumblr bubble a much better one. 

@pleasantfanandstudent you truly live up to your handle. You’re so sweet, kind, and considerate. You simply radiate warmth and generosity. Many people in this fandom have talent but few choose to not only share their talents but so few truly reach out and appreciate the talent of others. I sadly tend to be one of them. You’re teaching me to become a better person and for that I’m forever in your debt. 

@mel-loves-all I love talking to you. Plain and simple I love sharing stories with you and learning about your other interests. Your my fellow x-files fan and an amazing writer to boot. Your talent makes me want to be better and I’m glad that I have a person like you in my fandom family. 

@emmaamelia95 I haven’t known you long but I can tell that you have a generous heart with a soul to match. You’re such a sweet person and it’s been my honor to be included in your Tumblr posts. 

@memcjo you’re a hoot! I love reading those reblogs on my fics. You are just so invested and that turly makes me smile like an idiot. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve smiled and laughed when reading one of those wonderful reblogs. You’re such an awesome person and I hope you never change. 

@vaelisamaza could you be any more talented! Seriously I know I haven’t reblogged your story and that’s so my bad. It’s such an amazing story that deserves to be read by everyone in this fandom. Thank you for your never ending kindess and support! I’m so glad that I have both an Arrow friend but then a Blindspot one as well. 

@diggo26 I don’t have the words to express how important you are to me. You’re talented which I’ve told you but you’re also such a sweet soul. You’re the first to comfort a firend in need and the first one to lend a hand when someone needs help. Again I could write for days about how special you are and even then it wouldn’t be enough. 

@oliverfel4 you are another bright spot in my day! I’ve just met you so I don’t know much about you but what I do know makes me smile daily. Thanks for the support on this latest fic it means a lot. 

Now @almondblossomme you are like me in the sense of humor department. We also seem to like the same books….aka “Jane Eyre”. I love that you challenge me when you don’t understand something. You’re the reason that I’m always biting my nails when I post a new chapter because I know you’ll tell me when something doesn’t work. Thanks for the positive feedback, I appreciate you so much for it. 

I also have to send out a message of endless love to @coal000. You surprise me with how giving you are. I’ve never seen someone who celebrates so many and does so, so that they all feel loved and unique. You’re like a rare flower who I hope always remains in bloom. 

@stygian-omada-fan I’ve told you many times before and I’ll tell you again your faith in my edits truly left me stunned. I’ve made edits for others yes but I’ve never had anyone ask for edits for their other blog. I’m honored to know you and I’m honored that you chose my edits to represent your fics and blog. You’re the person who makes others feel pride in what they do, you’re the silent hero and this is me giving you an standing ovation. 

@hope-for-olicity you’re also a new friend and one that I’m looking forward to getting to know. From what I’ve seen you are someone who’s always got their friends back. 

I have others to celebrate such as @independent-fics, @cjjingram and @blondiegrl00 who all in some way have encouraged me to continue writing. @independent-fics has always been there to make me see that one bad comment doesn’t mean you should simply give up. She’s see’s the bright side when all I can see the downside. 

@blondiegrl00 is my beta and a true friend. She’s always seen the potential in my work and has always encouraged me to keep trying. 

@cjjingram you’re a writing goddess. You know why and you know what you’re words mean to me. 

@marniforolicity I’m so glad that you asked to be tagged. I made a friend because of it. 

@kathrynelizabeth89 again words don’t express how similar we are. Keep dreaming and sharing those with the world. We need people like you to make us all better. 

I know I’m forgetting names and people and for that I’m so sorry but to every person that I talk to you mean the world to me. Being apart of this fandom has made me a better person and I know I keep saying this but I’m only saying it because it’s true. 

Goodnight my friends, thank you for everything you do. 

So guys I’ve watched Sleepover and I totally freaked out! Don’t get me wrong, I love Starco I really do! But have you guys seen Star’s face before she shouted Marco’s name when he was on a daydream state because of Jackie? I always thought he was the one that would have a crush on her.

But… I think our little Star is gonna be “friendzoned” for at least some episodes (or the entire season, who knows) and I know exactly how it feels and I just didn’t want our magical girl to go through it.

I hope she at least gets a date with Oskar before she’s completely sure she’s in love with her best friend.

VIXX Your Blind Date

When their crush gets set up on a blind date with someone else.

N – Activate best friend Hakyeon who’s going to throw constant shade about your blind date. It’s true N had been crushing on you but this news isn’t going to deter him. Switching gears to slide into that friend role he’d subtly sabotage any potential interest you may have in this other person. N would constantly be pointing out the other guy’s shortcomings while talking up his own good points. Hakyeon knows what he wants and knows he’d be a great partner. If he’s really into you he’s not above fighting for a place in your heart nor would he be ashamed to use a few tricks to do it.

Leo – Despite what you may want to hear, he’s not going to chase you. Taekwoon knows you can’t force affection nor would he try. He’d feel like he’d expressed his intentions even though his signals may not have been as clear as he thought. A reserved individual, what he may view as obvious interest on his part may not even register as an overture on yours. So if your interest lies in another he’s not going to fight for you. Either choose him on your own or he’ll walk away. But don’t think it wouldn’t hurt him to do so. Leo feels things deeply and doesn’t let just anyone in. It’d take him a while to get over you if you didn’t do anything to pursue him.

Ken – You’d have to be blind and/or stupid not to notice this man had a crush on you. He’d be so blatant about his intentions he’d feel insulted once he heard about your date. Ken would make one final attempt to lay it out for you. Bluntly he’d ask you to give him a chance or just tell him directly you’re not interested and he’ll back off. Ken may be persistent but he’s not going to keep bothering you if you aren’t into him. The last thing he would want to do is make you uncomfortable. If there was some kind of reason you weren’t aware of his feelings he’d really make an effort for you to consider him too.

Ravi – He’s ambitious and forceful in his work but not on a personal level. In private matters Wonsik is shy and if you hadn’t picked up on his little signs, would figure you just weren’t into him. Certainly he’d be down because it would take a lot to catch his eye on more than a surface level. If you had accomplished that feat but didn’t seem to return his interest it’d be hard for him to move on, so he’d pine for you from a distance. He might seem a little mopey or even somewhat cold to you in an attempt to protect his heart. If you confronted him he wouldn’t say anything about his own feelings unless you confessed first.

Hongbin – Basically he’s going to be Hakyeon except not pretend that he’s being your friend about it. Hongbin would be salty and passive aggressive. He’s another one that may think he’d broadcasted his feelings loud and clear but probably didn’t. So he’s going to be hurt, and a hurt Binnie can be a spiteful Binnie. His venom would be directed toward your date and the situation but you may take a hit once in a while yourself. You’d get so frustrated by his snide and bitter attitude you’d eventually straight up ask who pissed in his cornflakes. Once you opened that door he’d spill everything out, irritated that you didn’t know why he was mad.

Hyuk – Hesitant in unfamiliar situations yet confident enough to fumble his way through, he’d have been pretty open about his interest in you. So he’d be stunned at the news. Were you not interested in him? Did he come on too strong, not strong enough? What didn’t work? Confused he’d go to one of the members and tell them everything he did plus your reactions and then ask what the problem was, like it was some sort of math equation. Before he gave up he’d pull you aside and put his heart on the line one last time. After that he’d be able to let you go without looking back because he’d done everything he could.


I don't care what happens, but an imagine about a college professor?? (:

The trees outside were nearly barren, orange leaves cascaded to the ground in swift motion with the howling winds outside. Fall was creeping in quicker then your soon-approaching deadline for your thesis paper. Yet, you couldn’t help but let your mind wander and your gaze fixate on the trees in the courtyard. You could have sworn you had typed and re-typed the same five sentences to the intro of your twenty page paper that you had yet to begin. It was impossible to find a starting point because your mind remained so distracted, so fixated on anywhere but here.

As much as you wanted to graduate college and leave all the late nights, homework assignments and loud parties behind, you didn’t quite feel ready to venture out into the real world on your own yet. Anxiety tugged at you like an anchor, tempting you to believe you would never succeed on your own- in your career, with your finances or with your relationships. With the mere thought of future budding romance, you nearly choked on your lukewarm tea as you saw the object of your desire walk into the entrance of the courtyard, his flannel scarf blowing wildly in the wind and steam rising from a hot cup of coffee in his hand. TC/N looked downright handsome. Adorned in dark jeans, a navy blazer and a white button-down shirt, he looked like the spitting imagine of a GQ model, but more stunning. Maybe because he was tangible, so close you could smell his ginger cologne and the french vanilla aroma of his coffee.

You straightened up quickly in your seat at the outdoor patio table as he approached.

“Y/N, aren’t you cold?” He asked tenderly, smiling down at you as you shivered slightly beneath your thin blouse.

You smiled back, hoping he couldn’t see the goosebumps scattered across your arms. “Oh, I am okay. Feels refreshing, actually.”

TC/N motioned to the empty chair across from you, “Do you mind if I sit?”

You were caught a little off guard, “No, no of course not.”

He sat like a big kid in the chair, swinging his legs around and resting his feet on the edge of the table. You raised a quick eyebrow in surprise.

He laughed, “I am sorry, was that rude? I’ve had a long day. Just wanted to relax!”

“It’s fine!” You replied, “I am glad you find hanging out with me to be relaxing.”

TC/N smirked, “Its funny but for some strange reason, you have this calm manner about you. It’s like nothing ever seems to bother you and that’s rare to find in college kids these days.”

Your heart sank little. He thought of you as nothing more than just “a kid.”

You tapped impatiently on your laptop. “What makes you think I don’t get frustrated? Or anxious?”

TC/N took a long sip of his coffee, “I’m not sure. You just appear self-assured, confident, I guess.”

It was hard to hide the snicker that erupted from your throat. “TC/N, how could you possibly look at me and see confidence? That is one attribute I will never, ever possess.” You were slightly surprised by the tone of your voice, a mixture of defensiveness and sadness you presumed by the look in TC/N’s eyes as he started back at you, confused.

“How could you NOT be confident? You’re pulling all A’s in my class, you’re by far the best creative writer in the student body, you’re charming, kind, beau-… He suddenly stopped, cleared his through then began again. ‘Y/N, you’re beautiful. You know that, right?”

What? Was he being facetious?

“I am not beautiful.” 

It was TC/N’s turn to scoff. “Stop being ridiculous, Y/N.” He stared at you deeply. He then turned to the trees. “What do you think of when you see foliage in the leaves?”

“Uhh, I mean, it’s gorgeous.” You replied. What was he trying to get at?

TC/N pointed to the sky, shockingly blue without a cloud in its vastness. 

“Okay, now what do you see?” He asked, excitedly.


He shook his head. “Try again, Y/N. How does the sky look today?”

You tipped your head back and found yourself amazed by the pretty blue hue hovering above you. “It’s pretty. The sky is pretty.”

He smiled. “And the sun? What about the sun?”

It shone brightly, you shielded your eyes as you gazed up at it. “It’s bright, but more importantly, it’s stunning.” 

He turned back to face you. “Do you get it, Y/N? That’s what I see when I look at you.”

A jolt of electricity shot through your heart. “It’s funny,” you replied softly, “When I look at the sky, at the trees or the sun, I always think of you.”

You both sat in silence, holding your coffee mugs gazing dreamingly at one another. Finally TC/N spoke up, “That makes two of us then.” With a swift motion, he kissed you tenderly on your cheek, patted your shoulder and got up. “See you in class, Y/N.” He started to walk away then turned around to face you. “Remember, to me, you are the sky,” his arms shot out to his sides, “the sun,” he pointed to the beaming ray of light up above “and the trees.” He was standing beneath the most beautiful orange patterned Oak.

“Isn’t falling…I mean, fall, a beautiful thing?” He shouted over his shoulder as he sauntered away.


Ok but that post literally just said ‘Um but Marco!! You are supposed to have THESE feelings for STAR!!!’

there was no analyzing of the ep and also complete ignorance to what Star had said about feelings
It’s like ppl want to ignore what she said

People are treating Star n Marco’s relationship as black and white COMPLETELY against what Star said was the truth. There is a spectrum of feelings.
Ya’ll are acting as if that one time you looked at your own friend and thought 'what would it be like to date them/have a relationship with them’ you completely thought you had/wanted to date them. It’s a normal thing between friends. Like literally no one can lie about that, it happens to everyone.

Normalize what Star had claimed, because she’s right. I’m pretty sure almost anyone can say they’ve had surges of love and affection for a friend without an implication of wanting to be involved romantically.

I’m not a morning person but me and my son’s headcanon chats before he goes to school has been really amusing and making me hate mornings a bit less. (He is just so lively!)

Yesterday he mentioned Lysandre and I nearly spat out my tea from laughing at how he opened up the comment.

“And you know Lysandre, the guy who supposedly got crushed my rocks…” (It should be noted that he did quotations with his fingers saying that as well, I about lost it.) “I think he could have been a champion with his mega pokemon if he just stopped!”  My son made a very wide eyed expression that I couldn’t quite discern.

“Stop what?” I asked.

He scratched at the back of his head and bounced onto his feet, “Stop everything! He should have left the weapon alone and did better!”

If there was ever a well done redemption arc for Lysandre I think my son (me included) would lose our minds.

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hey. im bi and I recently got asked out by my crush who is a dude and now we're dating (yay), but now these girls who form this kind of lgbtq group in my school are kind of shunning me and idk what to do. Please help. Im a girl btw.

Hello ^^
Confront them (not in a violent, aggressive way..) ask them why they seem to be shunning you when you’ve done nothing wrong, perhaps they have the view that bisexuality isn’t worthy of being in the same class as their LGBT group, in which case you should let them know what the B stands for.. But politely, of course.
Sometimes all people need is to be educated slightly, and the problem of ignorance goes away :3
With love,

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Ok ok but having a girls night with the squad and talkin bout crushes n shit and saying you like Peter (what a dork) and all the girls are like "For real? He's kind of a fuckboy...." "Yeah, that's kinda the point. I wanna fuck that boy." "Oh my gosh."


  • Interviewer:so, who's your favourite artist at the moment?
  • Yoongi:hm don't know if you've heard of them but there's this group called BTS....they have great songs
  • Interviewer:..okay and Jimin, who is your celebrity crush?
  • Jimin:um I -
  • Yoongi:I can actually answer this one for him. Its Yoongi, from that group I mentioned, BTS.
  • Interviewer:..okay and finally, what song are you listening to the most at the moment?
  • Yoongi:there's this song, absolutely great, called "Autumn Leaves" by that group, BTS. I heard the person who produced is actually a pretty great guy as well

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How would the yandere 2ps react when their crush is really shy/afraid of them? Thank you! ^^

(Hi! I’ve recently done this ask with the Allies so I’m just going to copy and paste their part. :))

2p America / Allen Jones: “You don’t have to be afraid of me, doll. I will always make sure you’re safe.” They’ve hurt him. Don’t they know that it’s everybody else that is trying to hurt them. He’s their to make sure they are safe and sound.

2p China / Xiao Wang:  “What have I ever done to make you think so little of me.” He has been nothing, but kind to them and this is how they repay him? They are wrong and need to be taught the truth.

2p Russia / Viktor Braginski: “I’m not the bad guy.” How did they get such a ludicrous thought stuck in their pretty little head. Someone must of planted it there. Who would do that though? It must be someone else vying for their attention. Whoever it is will regret meeting either one of them.

2p England / Oliver Kirkland: “I must make them see the light.” They just don’t know him well enough. Yes, that must be it. They will learn to love him once they know him. The first start is to make them his special cupcakes.

2p France / Francois Bonnefoy: “I’ve done bad things in my life, but they make all of that melt away when I’m with them.” He knows he isn’t the most upstanding guy around, but he wouldn’t hurt them. He lives to make them happy. They need to know that he will do anything for them. He will live or die for them.

2p Germany / Lutz Beilschmidt: “Hasi you’ve hurt me. I love you and would never hurt you, but you just hurt me.” Why would they do that to him? Why? It just doesn’t make sense. It’s just a practical joke, isn’t it? Yeah it must all be one big joke.

2p Italy / Luciano Vargas: “That’s a fucking lie and you know it.” It isn’t true, that part is obvious, but why would they lie to him? Who would want him and his love to be miserable? He must find them and he must play with them.

2p Japan / Kuro Honda: “How dare you? I am not the one to be afraid of, for there are much worse things than someone like me.” There is so much to be afraid of, but they won’t ever have to worry about him. He’s there guardian angel after all. They’d be lost without him.

You lack judgment. You have no perception of what’s best to do in any given situation, and even if you do, you have little control over yourself. You do whatever alleviates your intense pain most in any given moment, and sometimes those things are self-punishments because you despise yourself so very much. You honestly do not give a shit if your skull is crushed in in a ditch in two minutes because you were driving too fast. Well, fuck your fucking skull! It was shitty anyway, and it didn’t make you happy, did it? 
—  “anonymous” on having bpd, 2013

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I have the biggest crush on you. Like you're so nice and funny and show so much care like??????? what???? You're super sweet and stuff and ur art is so nice I wanna protect and date you. Sorry if this freaked you out I'll stop now

WHATTTTT WHO ARE YOUUU FUCKKKINGGG/// I AM PAN AND POLY YES PLEASE TALK TO ME HELLO,,, okay but seriously please don’t be shy!! and this didn’t freak me out at all ahhhh you’re too kind and sweet ahhh/// ;o;;;

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Hi, what are your lolirock headcanons?. I am just curious.... If you do not mind telling me...

hey anon :) i have quite a few but here’s some i really like/kinda use (or plan to) in fics


  • Morgane is way older than she looks and by that think centuries
  • she’s originally Voltan
  • she’s taken many apprentices during the centuries - it’s always been regarded as a privilege
  • Gramorr was actually one of her apprentices
  • he kinda had a puppy crush on her (everybody found it adorable while he thought he was being subtle)
  • he was a hero of the realm (defeated some great evil) but lost his powers as consequence
  • he also lost someone important to him
  • Gramorr’s glove/current power had been given to him by a demon/real powerful supernatural creature - he needs the crown’s power not to rule but to overwrite some law of nature (time travel, resurrecting the dead, etc. the usual)


  • this is kinda confirmed, but QUEENDOMs
  • pretty peaceful the Ephedians are war-wise, though every few centuries they stir up some shit - the Aracia war, when Ydinora split into Xeris and Zaterra (yep, totally going with @kireiscorner​‘s hc), Gramorr, etc.

Spell/Magic related

  • singing was the original form of magic (ancient spells still sometimes use it) and crystal spells’ only been created a few centuries ago
  • a many of Talia’s ghost-related spells are actually songs - bc people with the ability to see ghosts are rare, let alone ones that can do magic, not many spells had been ‘improved’ to crystal version
  • the twins’ magic is kinda co-dependent that’s why spells where they hold hands turn out so strong
  • no one can willingly enter into Shanilla mode, however it can be forced, though only once - in best case scenario they lose all magical power, worst case scenario caster loses his/her life - but requires a pretty hardcore spell to unleash it so there are only a few known/documented cases of anyone ever doing it


  • Izira is Shiro - i mean the later-on resistance leader is previously taken prisoner by the antagonist but escapes to help the people is pretty much the same and i headcanon that Izzy had taken an overwhelming amount of emotional baggage and mental problems along for the ride like Shiro did