but what if you are one


giorno “glamour” giovanna 

For being someone who’s always sleeping or talking about sleeping or wishing he were asleep Aizawa sure likes being up late at night, doesn’t he

who would have thought I’d have found yet another reason for finding this man relatable

My gross old man Gaster and I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!! Sorry I haven’t talked to ya in a while tho;;… I hope a drawing of this guy being adorable will suffice!


To Spot a Friend

Request: Hello, dear Author. Can You do the following request. Hope it will interest You. Reader is a famous singer, whose voice gets is a voice of a angel, but she hides her face behind a mask. Newt running after niffler is in concert hall and heard her. He sees her singing and fell in love with voice. But she had an abusive boyfriend, who is heating her… and here can be any variation of action…

Word Count: 5,703

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but tagging @caseoffics @red-roses-and-stories @dont-give-a-bother

WARNING: Allusions to an Abusive Relationship

The silver lights cast the room in a sultry glow that drapes over the red plush seats and diamond-and-pearl covered guests like a silken shawl. Their conversations, soft under the intimidation of the glow, drift languidly toward the high ceiling of the theater and mingle together as they wander through the room.

A soft jazz tune weaves through the crowd, no more than a lazy cat no one pays much attention to as it sneaks over their heels and between the legs of their black slacks. The song wafts from the open orchestra pit, a moat between the seats and the massive wooden stage that juts out, looming in front of the crowd, a stage with such a history of grandeur that few agree to step onto it.

Some women shift in their seats in an attempt to peer around the velvet curtains that guard the back of the stage, separating audience and artist for now. They murmur to one another, wondering if the brave artist is back there, hidden in the folds of the shadows, listening to the conversations swirling around. Their chairs squeak as they move, trying to earn the first glimpse of the acclaimed performer with the voice of a cherubim.

They never see her, though, never notice you as you lean against the cool stone wall and try to understand the bits of muffled conversation that amble past you. Your eyes are shut, arms wrapped around your stomach, while you take slow breaths in through your nose, let them out through your mouth. The terror you’d known your first time on stage still haunts you, a ghost you can never rid yourself of no matter the amount of glowing reviews in newspapers or number of sold out concert halls. Terror is a constant in your life, one of the only constants you’ve known for the past four years.

Two hands wrap around your waist, covering your own hands, a wave of thick cologne that ruins your slow breathing and causes you to cough accompanying them.

Theo’s hot breath, smelling of cigarettes and whiskey, scrapes across the side of your face. “You know you’re not supposed to hang out side stage before the show, darling.”

“I needed a break.” You murmur as his stubble scratches your cheek and his chin digs into your shoulder.

“Your wardrobe team tore backstage apart looking for you. They want to get you ready.” He tugs you against his chest.

“They have plenty of time.”

“They need to start soon or you won’t look radiant tonight.”

The insult doesn’t upset you, not anymore. “What does it matter how I look if they’re here for my voice?”

His fingertips dig lightly into your stomach. “No one wants to listen to an ugly person sing. You need to shine, darling. We’ve been over this.”

The bile in your stomach simmers and you feel sick, but you nod at his words. “I’ll meet with wardrobe soon.”

He presses a rough kiss against your exposed neck. “Don’t be long. They need to get to work or we’re paying them for nothing.”

“I know, love.” You whisper as his arms unwrap from around you with one final squeeze.

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itsnotsammy  asked:

sam winchester is a cute nerd and he loves to play pokemon when he thinks dean isn't watching B)

Dean wondered if Sam could tell he was peeking in through the door, watching as Sam concentrated on the small screen of the blue gameboy that Dean stole for his 12th birthday.

“Dammit” Sam muttered, a few weird noises came from the small gameboy.

Dean held his hand over his mouth, trying to keep in a long, most likely going to be loud, laugh. 

Not only was Sam Winchester, a grown man, but he was getting upset over a game! There were so many things that Sam could get mad over, like how Castiel was missing, Lucifer’s baby was on the way, and they didn’t have a lead.

“You useless Rattata” Sam huffed, pressing down hard on the buttons.

Dean pressed his hand even harder against his mouth, closing his eyes, and took deep breaths to try and stop himself from laughing out loud. It was times like these that he enjoyed; Sam being happy, taking a break from the life of a hunter.

“For crying out loud you stupid Rattata!” Sam screamed, throwing the gameboy down on the bed, closing his eyes as he clenched his jaw.

Dean was so close to losing it, he could feel the laughter running throughout his body, trying to find a way out. 

As he opened his eyes, he backed away from the door, making sure to slowly close it so Sam didn’t notice he was watching him play.

1D Hiatus: Day 531

* Exclusive ‘Strip That Down’ video premiere events will take place in New York and London on June 2 and you can now enter a competition to win tickets

* The boys win Best International Band at the Italian MTV Awards

* Previously unseen picture of Harry and Kendall Jenner from her birthday party last year is released

* Louis leaves a comment on Steve Aoki’s Instagram livestream

* More quotes from Harry’s interview for the Little White Lies Magazine are released

It’s May 27th, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #166

Punta: Gonna pack my things for Korea trip~!!

After I finish I’m thinking about
having a Twitcast for the first time in a while🌟

Around 21:30 😘

Tomitake: wait, I was thinking about doing the same thing 😆

Punta: wanna do it together?? 😚

Tomitake: I wanna try collaboration Twitcast!

Punta: OK!! Meet you at 21:30

Tomitake: should we go to Kimapuri’s house?!

Punta: it’s okay if you wanna come to my house and it’s okay to have either, a single or a collab Twitcast 🙆

Tomitake: got it, I’m heading home!!!!!

Punta: okie