but what if they werent joking huh

technowolfie  asked:

Okay, but you know how there's that option at the first chat to say 'but I'm not a girl'? What if the RFA met MC and she actually did turn out to be a he?? (Lol, 707 probably knew the whole time, tho.)

im so sorry this took so long!!!!!!! can u imagine their faces omf :’) this was a hard one to do so im sorry if its not my best rip

• the first time he sees you he realises how stupid the entire rfa had been to just randomly brush off your gender ????
tf were we doing guys wha t
• hes a little confused but tries to not let it get in the way of anything
• seven wtf why didnt u tell us

• hes actually pretty delighted !!
• i mean like he wouldnt mind if you were either gender! its canon hes bi after all!
• cool!!!!!!
• is like !!!THATS MC!!!! THE PRETTY BOY OVER THERE!!!! OMG!!!!
• v v embarrassed for assuming you were a girl and apologises literally years later
• probably yells at V for not telling anyone

• ho o l y s h i t
• excited bc she has a cute boy to love !!
• gets v flustered for assuming ur gender and apologises profusely

• Humin Jan:
• doesnt care
• what
• okay youre a boy…and??
• youre still MC sooo *shrug*
• barely even apologises for misgendering you, just a quick ‘oh, so you werent joking. im sorry.’

• was probably dropping hints at the rest the entire time
• when he does the background check hes like “….????”

(im sorry if you also wanted V/Saeran, just send another ask and I’ll happily add them in!!!