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You know what I hate more than my art style?

I tell you.

I hate nothing more than my art style.

But my mom came to me yesterday and told me the story of the archer who was so focused on the target that he could never hit it.
Until that one day he learned to enjoy his practice and finally understood that the more you like doing what you do, the better you improve.

Did he hit his target in the end?


And I hope to be like him and finally accept my mistakes just to get better without even realising.

anonymous asked:

excuse me could you direct me to the gayest productions of hamlet? please & thank you

I am delighted by this message, bless you.

Hands down, it’s Hamlet at Elsinore (starring Christopher Plummer & Michael Caine as wee 20-somethings). You wouldn’t expect a 1964 production to be the gayest one ever, but it goes beyond plausible deniability to a true, actor-confirmed queer interpretation of Hamlet and Horatio. And just to sweeten the deal, it’s an amazing production that flows super well, has a GREAT Ophelia and Laertes, and has no gross Oedipus interpretations. By far my favorite filmed version of Hamlet.

[It’s *cough* totally not right here on Youtube]

Second place for level of gay is even older (1921) and German: the first filmed production of Hamlet, with Asta Nielsen playing the leading role. As it takes the premise that Hamlet’s birth sex was female but he was raised as male so the kingdom would have a prince, his clear attraction to and flirtation with his male companions was acceptable to its contemporary audience. But like. It’s a dude. Who’s clearly not into Ophelia and way into his guy friends. It’s pretty gay.

It’s really really great too, with gorgeous cinematography but is a German silent film so fair warning.

[It’s also totally not right here.]

(There are other very gay Hamlets I could have included. Maxine Peake’s is fab, and the RSC’s has some vibes. But these are the two that are also actual amazing performances, so they are always my #1 recs for queer Hamlet.)

There’s this little boy in another classroom who is obsessed with tractors.

I don’t know when it started (more like I can’t remember) but every day when he’s in my room, he’ll sit by me and just talk my ear off about his tractors. Occasionally, he’ll bring over a toy car and pretend it’s a tractor. It’s like clockwork.

Yesterday, we were outside because it was so nice. He grabbed a push mower (you know, those mowers with the balls that would pop when you ran with them) and told me it was his new tractor. It was muddy, so he had to wash it. He said how the grass was still brown, so he didn’t need to mow it very much. And he’d walk away to mow his grass, then he’d come back to sit next to me, and we’d start the whole thing over.

Today, we went outside again. I decided to play with a few other kids, chasing them around like I was a zombie, and if I caught them, they’d have to do the same. This little boy held onto his push mower and watched. I kept asking him if he wanted to play too, but he kept running away every time I asked.

Eventually, I got tired, and I sat down in my spot. About five minutes later, he came to sit by me again. He didn’t say anything, but he sat next to me. It lasted for about five minutes. The other kids asked me to come play again, but I told them I was still on break, and they could play without me.

So I asked him, “Do you want to play with us?”

And he sat there for a few minutes, before he answered, “I want to push my tractor.”

It took me a moment before I thought about it. He wanted to play all along, but he wanted to keep pushing his mower at the same time. I didn’t catch on. I felt rather guilty at first, but I wondered if he would play if I asked again.

“You can push your tractor too. I’ll still play with you.”

He thought for a few moments before standing up and running with his push mower. I chased after him, and soon the other kids were playing with us as well. 

I have to remember kids don’t always express what they want in words, but they will always express what they want through action.

Ridiculously early tomorrow morning, I’ll be flying to Paris for the weekend so I’m just letting you know why there won’t be any new comic pages or anything until Monday at the earliest. I have no idea what time I’ll get back on Sunday so I might have time to draw something to tell you I’ve returned. I’m quite excited to go back to France again (I’ve been there three times before and loved it). Hopefully I’ll be able to take a lot of reference photos for cheesy, romantic FrUK fan art. 

Catch you later.

- Alex

AFTG Youtuber AU
  • Allison is the first of the Foxes to have a Youtube. Like she made a channel a year or two after youtube first launched
  • Renee and Dan are her roommates and get roped into doing videos with her a lot. Her videos are a mix of random things, like them playing stupid video games and their misadventures around LA
  • To begin with it’s stupid thing, but once she does a cover video and all of her subscribers love it and she does more of those and some more mainstream tags and such
  • Her channel is one of the most popular on YouTube and when Dan and Renee start their own, most of Allison’s subscribers watch Dan’s and Renee’s videos

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okay follow me here for a second: princess diaries philinda au

Phil as the Genovian King and May as his bodyguard and these two crazy kids have grown up together and May has spent her entire life watching over him, protecting him, loving him. But the timing is never right and he’s bound by Genovian law and cannot marry a non-royal.

Then Daisy Johnson, who has outgrown the orphanage and was a previously unknown Genovian, arrives as the princess of Genovia and aside from the close relationship she forms with Phil, she bonds with May and doesn’t understand why she and Phil can’t get it together so she can finally–finally–have the family she always dreamed of.