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Reasons to donate to MaxFunDrive : these guys

this is the only post I’m gonna ever tag Karamel and this is not hate I promise

I just want to say to the younger Karamel fans who may have been effectived by all the hate that 99% of it is not personal attacks

for a lot of us we are tired of seeing Mon-El’s taking up most spaces in media and in our lives and this website is one of the few places where when can get with people who are like us and let out our frustrations

now I hate Mon-El you won’t see any love for him from me anytime soon but that doesn’t mean I hate every single person who likes him and any negatives I post about him don’t automatically apply to you

I feel that I am right in my reasons for hating him but I realize the world is not black and white and I just want you to know that this the case for most of us

I say most cause of course there are nasty people in EVERY fandom who make it personal

I just hate the thought of anyone letting the few nasties effect their mental health

please remember that the gross people are very few and far between so they try and make up for it by being the loudest

Goodnight my sons i hope you have a wonderful day at work or school tomorrow you guys make me so so so happy and I appreciate every single one of you. i want you to draw a heart on your hand (or on your arm or leg or wherever) and whenever you get sad I want you to look at the heart and think of loaf mom, okay? Because I do really love you guys and I want you guys to know that I’m always here for you if you need to talk to somebody about your day or if you need somebody to vent to. Okay I love you goodnight my sons.

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40 days until ACOWAR😱

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^Legit me every time I think about how close we are.

And how many fics I want to pump out between then and now.

Quick Question...

Alrighty guys… I’m stumped.

Do you want Dean x Reader angst, Cas x Reader angst, or some Soulless!Sam angst? 

I cannot decide for the life of me…

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Honestly nissi no offence but i just saw the jeonlous compilation u made and we need to talk about how much u do for us like putting in the time to compile it all, finding the links and even giving the exact time i hope u know that we rlly appreciate it ur so sweet 😭😭 same with the fanfics 💖💖😭

SCREAMS i just wiped away a single perfect tear its rly no big deal i like doing this kind of thing but it means a lot that u said this !! ur the sweet one here 


@omgaflyingpig sorry it’s a bit sketchy, didn’t have time to properly lineart it =w=;

Since their monster form wouldn’t really work in a high school (door sizes if nothing else! XD) I’ve made them a human one! Their personality is of course exactly the same (sarky troublemaking little shit with few redeeming qualities).

They used to be a part of the jocks crowd (part of the female rugby team), but gave it up when it took too much of their time and made their grades suffer, prefering to draw instead. Because of this they don’t have a set friendship group, but they don’t particularly mind either way so long as they have someone to copy homework from.

Can often be found loitering around in the catering department, attempting to pinch snacks from Muffet’s cooking classes or up a tree sketching!

To @yurarat and @skydog64

Thank you two for helping me feel a little bit better

I still have no hecking idea why I feel so meh or bleeeh, maybe it’s a mixture of things, but either way, thank you two both for your support and for making me smile a little bit more today <333

(Also sorry if I got your skelesona wrong bro, I was looking at your icon for a ref ppfttTT–)