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Try everything that seems interesting to you.  Don’t worry too much, and when you do worry, at least make it fun while you do it. Surround yourself with as much love as you can, and try to put some good into the world while you’re here because life is short.
—  Misha Collins
what the headlines don't tell you

Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin
Rated: T
Author: anyadisee
Length: 14k

People call them Shadow and Hurricane.

Jimin calls them a pair of giant headaches, one a lot more so than the other.


it’s already difficult having a college-student-by-day, crime-fighter-by-night kind of lifestyle. jimin doesn’t really need to be stressing over reckless fellow superheroes and crushing on cute bookshop workers on top of everything going on with his life, but here he is anyway.


Reccer’s Note:
i didnt know superhero aus were my kink but i guess they are 
this was so well written and fiuehfiuhregiure i went on a spree reading anyadisee’s bts stuff and i just finished it off with this one and im actually cryin in the club just a lil thE SUSPENSE!!!!!! THE ACT I O N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE “WHY HE FUCK ARENT YALL TOGETHER”!!!!!!! 
my heart 

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So I was thinking about Marvin’s mask and scars and here’s the whole thought process that somehow turned into a rant no one will read.

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⌚ for our boys in the time of the actual arthurian legend hehe

I assume by our boys you mean merlahad. Are you psychic? Because I’ve had some ideas for an arthurian au kicking around for a while. (also, I know it said drabble, but I like to break rules)

Harry brings his horse to a stop at the base of the tower with a practiced precision, dismounting neatly, his leather boots landing firmly on the forest floor. Cupping his hand to his mouth, he calls up, “I’ve come to rescue you, princess!”

“Fuck off, Harry,” comes the slightly grumpy reply. Then, “Let yourself in.” The locked door clicks and swings open when Harry puts his hand against the wood, and he ascends the winding staircase two steps at a time.

“Hello, Hamish,” he says cheerfully as he pushes open the tower-room door. He ducks neatly under the book that flies over his head and into Hamish’s hand, the wizard not even looking up from where he’s bent over his desk, scrolls pouring out over every edge, hovering above the floor.

“That joke hasn’t been funny in years.” Hamish says without turning around.

“That joke will be funny until the day I die,” Harry retorts. “I should have a scribe write it down and bury it with me.”

“I didn’t teach you your letters so you could have other people do your writing for you, Harry.”

Harry grins and takes another few steps towards Hamish.

“No armour today?”

“Did you divine that through some spell?” Harry asks cheekily.

“You’re not making the usual racket whenever you move.”

Harry reaches for the nearest chair, and it bumps the back of his knees as it slides towards him, forcing him to sit down hard. At this point, Harry isn’t sure whether the tower itself is attuned to him, or if it’s Hamish’s own magic. Given that the tower seems to be an extension of Hamish, possibly both. “Are you busy today?” Harry asks.

“I’m always busy,” Hamish replies, but he sets down his bottle of ink and finally, finally turns to look at Harry, “but never too busy for my favourite knight. What brings the noble Sir Galahad to my tower today?”

“My sword needs enchanting.”

Hamish raises an eyebrow, “If that’s your latest attempt at innuendo-“

Harry laughs and withdraws his sword from its scabbard. He lays it on the stool that has darted from across the room to stand in front of him. “Not an innuendo,” he says. “There’s a very important quest King Arthur wants me to undertake. I would feel a bit more confident knowing I have a wizard’s magic by my side.”

“You only like me for my spells,” Hamish says, but his voice is light.

“No, I like you for your charming personality and biting wit,” Harry tells him, and Hamish laughs.

He picks up the sword, “I’ll enchant it for you. It might take a while, but feel free to stick around while you wait.”

“And maybe when you’re done with that, we could go back to discussing the other sort of sword enchanting…?”

“Sir Galahad the Pure,” Hamish snorts under his breath, drawing another chuckle out of Harry. “What a load of shite.”

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An Au where the TURKS are human/animal experiments?

The first attempts didn’t survive very long. They tried to make the hybrids as children, but most of them didn’t live very long past the first week. It wasn’t a painful end for them, their hearts just weren’t capable of going for very long. Someone else had the idea to try it on adults. Another had the idea to use materia. The two together worked to mesh Vincent Valentine with a demon and a WEAPON and it turned out to be the key to success here too. 

Turks were already trained to handle some of the toughest and most stressful situations out there and hybridization was not much different. If you couldn’t hack it, then you weren’t part of the group. The older Turks, such as Veld were grandfathered in without experimentation. New recruits were rigorously tested. If they passed the usual tests, they were sent to the labs. There was a terse understanding that Turk recruits were not to be messed with. Enough curious scientists had disappeared to ensure that. 

Hybrids worked best if they animal they were being mixed with matched some of their abilities. Tseng, for example, may have looked like a housecat, but being mixed with a mountain loin (or puma, or cougar, whatever you call it) ensured he was silent, with a deadly set of retractable claws. Reno has yet to confirm if Tseng can purr, but he suspects yes. You can believe him, if you decide to trust the fox. Rude is a bit easier to spot with the horns sprouting out of his head, but he can throw pretty much anything with them so it works. 

Elena was tough to figure out for the labs, and she dreaded looking anything like Rude or Reno. In the end, eagle wasn’t too bad. And having wings made for making easy escapes, especially if Reno crashed the helicopter. She even looked pretty human…unless you got close. It took awhile to perfect dive bombing, but Elena find a kill a target from twenty feet in the air. 

Rufus ShinRa considered having the altercations himself, but the others talked him out of it. Geostigma made it an impossibility. He was too weak to survive the treatment. The remaining turks certainly have enough nicknames for Rufus, namely…the White Peacock.