but what friends

ooc; if anyone has any news on Puerto Rico (mostly Aguadilla, Isabella, and Quebradillas) please let me know…? Thank you.

Kids can be the worst

I just have a thing to say. Kids can be really shitty sometimes. Here are some depreciating comments thrown at me today by one of my students:

“You’re such a bad teacher” “What, so does like everyone hate you as their teacher?” “You don’t have a boyfriend?” “ugh, you are seriously the worst” “What so you’re paying for your own college? Why don’t your parents pay for it?” (well little Susan, not everyone is rich and entitled) *muttered under breath* “I hate you” and of course the typical, “you can’t tell me what to do” plus many many more…

Now while I believe this child is going through some stuff and is just throwing it at me to make herself feel better, I can kiss my self appreciation goodbye. There’s nothing like getting told straight to your face that “nobody likes you”.

i’m someone who has few to no friends and one of my biggest pet peeves is when you’re venting to someone about feeling lonely and their only advice for you is “try to make more friends!!!” like oh thank you barbara as if the whole making friends thing wasn’t the root of all my problems to begin with

Oh my god. Going back to Critical Role after TAZ is a trip. The tone is sooooo different. I never realized how legit Matt is as a DM. Griffin is amazing, obviously, and TAZ took my heart and ripped it from my chest before stitching it back in with rainbow thread and unicorn bandaids, but fuuuuck I never thought I would think Vox Machina was a group made of careful, deliberate individuals. 

On a serious note, though, we are getting to the end of this campaign and I’m really concerned that we’re not going to have any more serious character moments. TAZ by the end was less of a D&D podcast and more of a semi-improvised radio play, but still. I need my children to talk to each other before they all die. 

Also they’re definitely going to die and after TAZ I think that might kill me?

straight ppl r so fucking weird dude

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remember after the trial when taylor literally said that she recognizes how privileged she is and how she wants to help those who are less privileged and everyone just,, ignored it?