but what can you do when this show only shows drogon

GoT S07E05 Thoughts

Fuck me. 

This might have been my least favourite episode to date and we had Gendry!!! Okay, in all fairness, it wasn’t a bad episode. There was just one particular conflict that I am not looking forward to seeing continue. 

And no, it’s not Jon3rys. I couldn’t give two shits about that right now. 

But let’s begin, shall we? 

For anyone who still believes Dany to be a good person, I honestly suggest going to an optometrist or retaking high school English because how much more obvious can this show get? I didn’t get to write down her full speech, but following this:

“I’m not here to murder…”

With this: 

“Bend the knee and join me or refuse and die”

You’re kind of a hypocrite and a really obvious one at that. War is horrible, I get it, and good people do atrocious things in war, but that’s why we, as modern somewhat enlightened (although questionable) human beings, have war trials. People may die in war, as that is inevitable, but there are certain acts that no decent human should perform even in the midst of war. 

I know I’m quoting Wikipedia here, but whatever: 

Examples of war crimes include intentionally killing civilians or prisoners, torture, destroying civilian property, taking hostages, perfidy, rape, using child soldiers, pillaging, declaring that no quarter will be given, and serious violations of the principles of distinction and proportionality, such as strategic bombing of civilian populations.

Do you think a man as concerned with portraying war as a clusterfuck of morally grey characters would place an entitled figure with weapons of mass destruction which she uses indiscriminately, who commits war crimes, as the main protagonist? Do you think that is a good conclusion? And this is simply going by this episode and not the mess Dany made in previous seasons. 

She had Randyll and Dickon Tarly as her prisoners. There was no need to execute them, or at least no need to execute both of them. If she wanted to make an example, she could do so with Randyll, but fine, let’s concede the fact it had to be done. She burned them. A slow, horrible, agonising death. She could have beheaded them, as was customary in Westeros, but no, she chose to burn them because you know why? She likes it. She’s done it before. Burning her enemies gives her great satisfaction of her power, but also it spreads fear into the hearts of everyone there because she knows it’s the only way to get them to submit. 

If she allowed them the third option of becoming a prisoner of war, she knows they’d choose that over her. She even says so to Tyrion, because guess what? The people of Westeros doesn’t like or want Dany as their queen. Cersei may be a Grade A Bitch, but she’s the bitch they know. She doesn’t have dragons to burn those who defy her at her will. Yes, she’s powerful and could still easily execute people at a moment’s notice, but they’ve seen her humiliated and frightfully human when she was made to walk naked in shame through the streets of King’s Landing. She is human and she can fall. To them, Dany wields her power like a god and not the kind they worship out of love but out of fear. What kind of ruler is that?

And let’s talk about execution in general here. We’ve seen a lot of it over the seasons, and what we always come back to as a code of honour and true morality in this grey world is this quote from Mr Honour himself, Ned Stark: 

“The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die.”

Mr Honour Jr aka Jon Snow lives by this rule like a life motto. If he must sentence a man to die, he will swing the sword himself, and throughout the show, we’ve seen Jon do this and we’ve seen how this weighs upon him, though the culprits may be deserving. Yes, people die in war and Jon has killed on the battlefield for survival, but executing someone is a deliberate act. It’s taking the life of a human while they are powerless to stop you. Jon doesn’t take any pleasure in it. 

But Dany… She’s executed people left, right and center. Burning them in the most unnecessarily cruel way because she can and because it instills fear. Feeding them to her dragons which is even worse. That’s not at her hand. That’s cowardly and sadistic. 

You know who else rules through fear? 

“The only way to keep your people loyal is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy.” 

Cersei bloody Lannister. 

Yeah, let that sink in. And let’s move on. 

Jon meeting Drogon. I hated this scene, although I see how it’s important in establishing Jon as a Targaryen. I didn’t like it mostly because I was still reeling Drogon burning the Tarly’s alive, and yet right after, they have Jon bonding with Drogon like some special moment. But do you think Jon would even touch that dragon if he knew the horrors Dany had made Drogon do? Or the fact that she just executed Jon’s best friend’s family in the worst way possible? Yeah, Sam hated his father, but he didn’t hate his brother. And no matter what animosity there was between them, Sam is a good person and he would still be devastated by this. Not to mention we weren’t given all those Dickon scenes where the man acted with honour, kindness and bravery, just to dismiss him as another faceless enemy of Dany’s. He was Sam’s brother and so much like Sam in a way. I think that’s what made his death in spite only knowing him for 2 episodes so heartbreaking. Also, why this meeting between Jon and Drogon made me angry and disgusted. 

Of course, it also establishes some Jon3rys bonding, although more so on Dany’s side. Let’s face it, the Dragon Queen wants familial Dragon D. Her heart eyes for Jon throughout this episode was at least 100x more convincing than previous episodes between them. Jon, on the other hand, has moments where he does seem to think Dany is alright, but I still don’t see the same level of affection on his end at all. As always, he has a one-track mind and that’s the war up North. 

And I’m sorry but Dany’s attraction towards Jon seems to predicate on her notion that he’s as heroic and powerful as her. I get that he is and that’s a wonderful reason to fall in love with him, but it’s still falling in love with the idea of him and not who he is, because who Jon is, isn’t that person. He doesn’t want to be a hero or to be powerful. I know Show Jon doesn’t go into this, but Book Jon wants a family, to settle in Winterfell and live peacefully and honourably like his pseudo father. But Dany will never know that about him because she doesn’t know him. Take her asking Jon about whether he got a knife to the heart, the wonder and awe in her eyes as she asks him. She wants him to be just like her (or her delusional perception of herself as some kind of prophesised princess that was promised). Jon is who she thinks she is and she’s attracted to that, which is basically some Game of Thrones version of Narcissus. When she realises he’s a Targaryen, she’ll feel threatened more than relieved she’s not alone, because if she thinks he’s her then she’ll think he wants the Iron Throne and he’s a threat to her ambitions. 

There’s a reason why after all that Gilly discovers the Rhaegar and Elia annulment (which btw is such bullshit but whatever). Jon has more right to the Iron Throne than she does. 

What’s funny about this episode that even Dany’s Second Biggest Fan struggles to support her. Yes, he still will, but that entire conversation he has with Varys just sounds a lot like he’s trying to convince himself that ‘yes, all rulers burn their prisoners like a sadistic pyroqueen, and yes, Dany is so not like her father’. And the fact that her own loyal subjects are questioning her? Yeah, tell me again how she’s a hero. 

Now onto the main reason why I hate this episode: StarkBowl. But oh ho, not Jon and Sansa StarkBowl but Sansa and Arya. 

I’ve always loved Arya. She was my favourite character for so many seasons, until I fell madly in love with Sansa, although Arya remains in my Number 2 spot. But this episode, I felt such a burning anger towards her. After all they’ve been through, everything Sansa’s endured, Arya would still hold her accountable for the beliefs Sansa held as a young child. She’s changed and grown so much on account of her experiences yet she will not lend her own sister the same courtesy. It pisses me off because what Arya is doing (judging and accusing Sansa of things she didn’t do or for who she was when she was a child) is exactly what Anti-Sansa’s have been doing for years. And her own short-sighted, ignorant inability to grasp that this woman before her is not the same Sansa she once knew has now led her to being manipulated and conned by Littlefinger. 

What I can only hope is that Sansa is smarter than Littlefinger. Bran wouldn’t give Arya the dagger if he foresaw Arya using it on Sansa. And I feel like it is so uncharacteristic of Arya, who has longed for so long to be reunited with her pack, to suddenly break down by childish prejudice at the first miscommunication. Sansa is far more cunning than anyone gives her credit for and I feel that this could all be a long orchestrated con on Littlefinger himself. Arya’s not that stupid. I refuse to believe she’s stupid enough to underestimate LF that way and let herself be manipulated so easily. I feel like perhaps that fight between Sansa and Arya was for LF’s benefit because it felt so contrived, so out of nowhere. I know this speculation is also heavily biased by my refusal to believe that the Starks would fight amongst themselves after all they went through, but I do believe that LF will die this season. It won’t be at Sansa’s hand but it will be because of Sansa’s machinations. 

Now, onto Gendry!!!!!

The happiest part about this hell episode because fuck, he’s so hot still. That cropped hair, those muscles, that smile… Yeah, swoon. He’s also hilariously bullheaded (very like a Baratheon) when he ignores Davos, hits those soldiers with his hammer and immediately tells Jon who he is. 

In fact, there was this instant spark of chemistry between Gendry and Jon in their first meeting. 

“You’re a lot leaner.”

“You’re a lot shorter.”

The gentle ribbing of two strangers is adorable, but it also reminds me of Ned and Robert’s first scene together:

“Your Grace.”

"You’ve got fat.”

Now the parallels of Jon as Ned is nothing we haven’t seen before. Gendry as Robert is newer, and Jon and Gendry together as Ned and Robert is so satisfying to watch. It also makes me, a trash shipper, so happy because you know if Jon is being paralleled as Ned in this episode, you know who is being paralleled as Cat? 

Yes, that’s right. Strong, confident Sansa, who was called only Lady Stark in the Great Hall meeting. 

I know I’m crazy but I’m still not worried about Jonsa. That scene in the Great Hall just kept making me think of Sansa as Penelope. She’s there holding onto Winterfell for Jon’s return as he gallivants off on his many missions and overcomes his many trials. She’s there, always loyal and true to him, and maintains his kingdom for him

Boatbang may happen (likely), but Odysseus also slept with Calypso, before ultimately returning to his lady love. I believe the same will happen for Jonsa. 

Also, who thinks Cersei’s not actually pregnant? I think she’s beginning to question Jaime’s loyalty and needs to firmly hold him in place. And I think when he finds out she’s not after all he’s done for, all the sinful things he did, it might make him plunge that sword into her heart prophecy-style. Or not a sword. I don’t know. 

But that’s it for me. My head hurts. My heart hurts. And I maintain that I hate this episode because fuck StarkBowl. And fuck disrespecting Sansa like that


So this episode still upsets me somehow. Everyone around me is just like wow this was an amazing episode and I’m here trying to pinpoint why I still have concerns. And then I think I finally pinpointed what’s wrong. It’s Dany’s storyline. This episode really made me realize how problematic her character is no matter how much I love her.

At the beginning of the show she was introduced as this fragile young woman who awakened and seized her chance at living life on her own terms and she instantly became this symbol of feminism and girl power. All the while she retained her greatest quality: compassion. By season 3 she had become the badass Mother of Dragons everybody rooted for. At this point, I was cheering every time she accomplished something without really thinking about the other side of said something. When she torched Astapor and took the Unsullied I was like YEAH. Like everybody else. When she was celebrated as Mhysa I was like YEAH. Like everybody else. When she freed Meereen I was like YEAH. Like everybody else. Etc etc.

Until the Field of Fire where I should have been like YEAH. Like everybody else. Except I wasn’t. The scene itself was impressive but for the first time it was constructed differently. Instead of an epic and victorious variation of the Dracarys theme - as was used during every single one of her battle scenes (yes I pay much attention to the score) - we got a sad rendition of the Rains of Castamere. And so I realized what was wrong. The show had just gone on the other side for the first time. Apart from Jaime and Bronn who we naturally root for and so don’t wish to see dead, we met Ed Sheeran and his friends three episodes ago and it was a nice scene of humanizing what we still perceived as the enemy because they were Lannisters.

This got me questioning everything backwards. And I realized the show made us root for Dany by never showing us the other side of things. It always painted her storyline as her vs evil men. Plain and simple. Sure the guy in Astapor was a douchebag. He deserved to be torched. And yes the dynamic between masters and slaves is problematic and needs to be changed. But when you think about it the rest of the masters were just guilty of respecting centuries-old traditions. Nothing more. Same in Meereen. When she crucified them as retaliation for the slaves that were crucified I did not think twice about it because the show just identified the masters to bad men. That’s why the Sons of the Harpy storyline never properly worked to me. They were just depicted as rebellious terrorists who didn’t accept Dany’s reign. It would have been more interesting if we could actually go into their reasons. Reasons being they do not accept this foreign ruler who would come and change the way things had been in forever because nobody likes change. And so I did not even notice when she said or did problematic things because I was only seeing her side. She fed masters to her dragons just because they were masters and on the assumption they were guilty of helping the Sons of the Harpy. Those men were potentially innocent… but I only saw the badassery in it.

Now seeing the Field of Fire and how the show established that not all Lannisters are bad I noticed how big of a contrast there is between then and now. What helped during past seasons is that we could still see a soft side to Dany. She genuinely seemed to care for the small folk. When she had to execute one of them we could see she didn’t like it. But Westeros seems like a curse to her because she seems to have lost the last of her humanity since she stepped foot on it. Where is the girl who gave her followers the choice to walk freely and unharmed if they did not wish to go with her ? Compare this to her upcoming ‘Bend the knee or die’ speech. (Although we already got a taste of it before: ‘They can live in my new world or they can die in their old one’.) Some choice she’s giving here…

Where is the wit and the clever strategy we saw during past seasons ? When she conquered all those cities, when she killed the Dothraki chiefs, that was always through a smart plan with a twist. That was part of why we loved her so much. But now she’s reduced to traditional war ? Granted Westeros is not a city. It’s seven kingdoms. Still… And I get that this is war and that she is still a better person than Cersei because she comes with good intentions (at the very bottom of her heart she’s not bad. She just goes the wrong way). Yes war means soldiers will be lost. Innocent soldiers with lives and children and families. So I’m not saying that she did a bad thing in waging war. It is what it is. Dany has always been a conqueror more than she is a ruler. And she’s a beginner. That’s why she surrounds herself with people who are more skilled in that matter yet she does not always listen to them. Sure when she takes matters in her own hands we’re in for spectacular stuff. Most viewers stop at that. But what has she accomplished here on the Field of Fire? Besides weakening the Lannister armies, she’s also weakened her own - albeit significantly less - she’s harmed her most powerful dragon and she flambeed food reserves that would have been very useful. And she didn’t listen to every single one of her advisors. Tyrion was utterly devastated in seeing this massacre. (No matter his allegiance, he cares about Westeros and its people. And he still cares about at least his brother and Bronn). He chose her and he thought that with clever plans he could have her win the throne without too much bloodshed. She didn’t listen to Barristan in the past who once told her to be merciful. She didn’t listen to Tyrion when he told her to be patient in her war. War is not a matter of days, Dany. She didn’t listen to his strategy despite it being smarter than go upfront with the enemy. Or Jon for that matter. Who told her not to do it either. Jon who seems lately to think more about the small folk that she does. Both Varys and Tyrion said they chose her because she is the one who thinks about the people first. But since she’s arrived at Dragonstone all I could see from Dany is teenage-ish behavior of someone who throws a tantrum when they don’t get what they want. ‘Call me by my rightful title’ and ‘bend the knee’ seem to be her new favorite sentences. Bend the knee and I will help you save your people, she says to Jon. Uh you know you said the North is one of YOUR kingdoms so that’s your people as well who are going to be attacked. Where is Tyrion to give her a good wake-up slap ? A good ruler thinks about their subjects first, not about their crown. Wouldn’t it be better if you’d go save everyone in an unselfish way and then maybe perhaps they would be more willing to accept you..? Because so far, again let us go on the other side. The Westerosi just see this foreign queen, the last remaining of a dynasty they consider cursed because of its last ruler… of course they are weary. Of course I can understand Jaime and Bronn going against her and Drogon.

She made Varys swear to tell her to her face when she’s failing her people. Your first failure to do your duty, Varys. Varys? Varys where are you ? Oh over here with Tyrion discussing about maybe you chose wrong again. She used to genuinely care about the well being of the small folk and I believe she still does. She still refuses (for now) to attack King’s Landing and kill innocent people. But it’s not her priority anymore. Her priority is getting people to bend the knee. Meanwhile we have Jon whose new favorite sentences are ‘Help me fight the White Walkers and save the lives of everybody’ and ‘Do not touch my sister’. Jon who was thrust into the role of being King when that was clearly not his wish. Jon who united Wildings with Northmen to save them from the White Walkers. Jon who’s trying to rally everybody to save the lives of small folk and highborn alike. Jon who initially decided to take up the fight again because he could not fathom the idea of harm coming to his sister whether it be from Ramsey or the White Walkers. Jon who left his Kingdom in the care of his sister who’s trying her best to follow in his steps in her own ways - starting food reserves, making sure that the soldiers who will defend them are warm enough against winter, preparing Winterfell as a rallying location. Just Jon and Sansa caring more for the people than the power they were given.

And so here I am. Still liking Dany as much as before but not blind anymore to her faults. I still like her better on the throne than Cersei but really who are the better rulers here I ask you Tyrion and Varys?

The ultimate Jonsa theory

 So, I was home being sad for all these leaks, the boatsex thing and for all this beautiful shoots of Jon and Daenerys together at 7x3 and then I had an inception, and I NEED TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL BECAUSE I’M FREAKING. OUT.

This boatsex thing was tormenting me because I saw no single sense about it. I mean, Jon met Daenerys at episode 3 and they will bang at episode 7? This makes no sense, it’s too hush to develop some kind of beautiful and true relationship. Look at Missandei and Grey Worm, they were exchanges glances and beautiful lines since season 4~5 and only now they actually kissed and everything *I loved it btw*
So here’s the thing: why would they make Jon and Sansa have all those lovely moments together since season 6 if Jon was meant to be with Daenerys in season 8? I mean Jonsa is clearly happening in the show, slowly like Missandei and Grey Worm were. So why destroy it now with this sexboat nonsense?

I was thinking to myself “this would never happen in the books” and then I realized something very very important: what if this is meant to happen in the books? In a different context of course, but what if?
The show is heading to its end, so things NEED to happen now in order to makes sense in the last season. The show have cut a lot of things from the books, but somethings were there, some prophecies and stuff that are really clear in the novels but the show doesn’t have time to explain so they just did it and that’s it.
Like the prophecy that Sansa will defeat Littlefinger at Winterfell for example, the show never said anything about it but it’s going to happen anyway this season.

So here’s the thing: In the books Daenerys has a very important moment at the House of the Undying, she is told prophecies about her life and her storyline in the show is following these prophecies.

So let’s talk about Daenerys and how she’s going to lead to Jonsa. Yes, You read it right. Let’s go.

One of the more disturbing things about her visions to me, is that she sees things that lead me to believe she is going to love Jon at some point of the novels.

A blue flower growing from a chink in a wall of ice, filling the air with sweetness”.

  We know blue flowers were related to Lyanna Stark so seeing a blue flower in a wall of ice is clearly about Jon. Seeing this means he’s going to be very important to her. So I believe she’s going to fall in love for him in the future books. That’s very like her in the novels, actually.

While she has these visions, the Undying say:

“three fires must you light… one for life and one for death and one to love…” 

 In the show she already lighted two fires: the first one to bring her dragons to life, the second one to kill the Khals and there’s a last one to came: a fire for love. I mean if she’s going to love Jon she has a fire to light for him, a fire to save his life, maybe? 

“…three mounts must you ride… one to bed and one to dread and one to love… “ 

Again, she already rode two mounts, the first one is Khal Drogo, when she rides him for the first time looking at his face, in the books they make love under the stars, which is meaningful in the Dothraki culture. The second mount is her dragon Drogon, a mount to dread the enemies. So the last one is a mount to love. That’s why the boatsex is there. Jon is her last mount, like Drogo was her first. Jon is her mount to love.

“three treasons will you know… once for blood and once for gold and once for love…”

And here we go to the point I wanted. She’s going to face three treasons. One for blood which is Mirri Maz Duur crazy shit when Daenerys lost her baby, the second one didn’t happen yet in the books and I don’t think is going to happen in the show, cuz ain’t nobody got time for that, but the last one is for love. For. Fucking. Love. She’s not gonna face a treason because someone loves her, she’s gonna face a treason because someone loves something or someone more than loves her

That’s when Jon comes in. 

Jon has already “betrayed” a woman for duty. He did that to Ygritte, he left her because he had a duty, he left her for the Watch, to warn them about Mance’s plan. He liked her, but he left her and never looked back. Jon’s lines this season are pretty clear: he loves the North, the North is his home, a part of him and he will never stop fighting for it. He loves Winterfell and its people. Jon loves his family, he loves Sansa. That scene at Winterfell crypts exists to show us that. So if a time comes when he feels that he needs to leave or act against Daenerys for the sake of things he loves he’ll do it. He is going to be Daenerys’s last treason. A treason for love. 

That’s why the sexboat nonsense is happening in such a hurry. Jon will betray her for the North. For the people he loves. We’re all waiting for a Starkbow when there’s actually a Targaryenbow coming next season.
I can see it happening in the show.  Jon letting go of Daenerys and going home for the sake of his people, because he loves them more than he cares for Daenerys, meeting Sansa again and realizing she is the one he truly loves and that they’ve been falling for each other since season 6. They will probably have a sweet scene like Missandei and Grey Worm had in 7x2, not some banging on a boat thing, cuz they both deserve a sweet moment. The show is developing them for this.

I was kinda pissed about this Jonerys thing but now I kinda feel sorry for Daenerys.  Jon’s treason will probably trigger the beggining of her fall. She’s such a tragic character. She tries to do things right and nicely but the world is always hurting her, so she embraces her family words to keep going. She’ll probably be dead in the season finale. That would fit the “bittersweet ending” George Martin promised: you will have a good ending but it’s not gonna be a complete happy one, you will have that bitter taste in your mouth because is going to be kinda tragic. Daenerys wasn’t meant to sit on the Iron Throne, her role is to conquer, once she’s done with that her role will end. That’s why she sucks at rulling in the novels, that’s why she is not able have babies anymore. She is doomed since book one. Will be sad for the readers and viewers to watch her fall so we will never truly be happy about Jon being happy. Jonsa will happen because Jonerys is going to be tragic for Daenerys. We will receive what we want but it’ll have a bitter taste in the end. 

Facing things like this I can watch the Jonerys scenes without vomiting. I hope it helps you all too.

Peace on Jonerys cuz it’s not gonna last. 
Jonsa is Coming.

Edit: If you think about it Doreah, Daenerys’s handmaid, “betrayed her for gold” in season 2 in Qarth. So there’s only a treason for love left in the show. Like I said, Daenerys’s storyline IS driven by those prophecies from the novels. So yeah, the last treason is coming.

We’re finally four episodes down, with only the final three remaining and there’s heavy foreshadowing for both targbowl and targcest. *Spoilers plenty*

 It seems pretty obvious that they’re headed the targcest way for it’s after a conversation about Missandei and Grey worm that Jon and D enter the cave that contains the dragon glass alone, without anyone else. They look way too much into each other’s eyes and all the fire that’s glowing in their faces, like burning passions and really we know where this is heading. But unlike the jonsa hand-grab, when Jon holds D’s wrist, the camera doesn’t pan on it, nor does D look at it. Again, in contrast with Jonsa, Jon initiates the physical touch while in his scenes with Sansa, except for the forehead kiss, Jon almost never initiates physical contact. (like he is scared of touching her??) Yet when he issues a threat to LF and promises to protect her from Ramsey, it’s always “TOUCH”.

D and Jon come out of the cave after almost looking like they are going to walk off together, hand in hand into the sunset. I’d like to point out here, that when D asks Jon if he is going to let his pride get in the way of saving thousands of lives I almost asked myself, but if she really wants to be queen of the seven kingdoms, and considers the north as one of them, shouldn’t she prove herself worthy by saving thousands first and then asking Jon to bend the knee. Isn’t she letting her pride come in the way of ruling over people’s hearts too?

Anyway they come out together and bad news hits D and here came my first favourite moment in the show,


Of course I felt bad for Tyrion. The hurt is reflected on his face. Here’s a man who planned the destruction of his own birthplace, his own family because he was loyal to his queen and his loyalty gets questioned in front of people who won’t even bend the knee. I get it. She’s angry that his plan did not go down as well. But shouldn’t a leader take responsibility for all the good and bad that happens? Plus, one plan fails and she’s already questioning Tyrion’s loyalty?? I found that a little extreme. Next came another moment that I loved.


They’re contrasting Dany’s urges and Jon’s urges for the viewer’s benefit, maybe even for Tyrion and Varys’s. At least that’s how I read it.


It was a small scene, YES. But it did it’s job. Jon would’ve killed Theon if not for his part in Sansa’s escape. No- you betrayed Robb, you betrayed House stark, nothing. It’s implied obviously but we know that the only thing that stop’s Jon from driving longclaw into Theon’s gut is his role in Sansa’s escape. I wonder if that is the exact reason why Theon brings up Sansa when he first sees Jon. Maybe he knows, that Sansa is his life boat when it comes to Jon.

Jon as usual, lets his instincts get the better of him. Goes straight for Theon’s collar. Again, we get a glimpse of how Jon forgets himself whenever Sansa’s name is mentioned. He side eyes Ser Davos observing this exchange and remembers quite what he’s doing. He lets go of Theon and we get a close up of Ser Davos viewing this whole exchange (with suspicion?? Curiosity??) Before we can ascertain if we imagined this, Davos asks Theon about Euron and that thought is lost.


Bran effectively manages to get LF’s balls up his throat with this single line. I whistled and screamed! I am not kidding.


So the winterfell plot is increasingly becoming my favourite storyline. (Dragonstone is becoming boring with the “we already know who’s the rightful heir and who’s going to bang who” plot. Citadel-“Please show us something other than BARF” plot ) So After that highly emotional scene with Meera where we do get to understand that Bran is the stark who has changed the most and probably will never be the same again, we see him look outside towards the window because he knows who’s coming home dearies. YES, it’s Arya fucking Stark!!


What a moment that was? Sansa, beautiful Sansa, knows exactly where to find her little sister.

Should I call you Lady Stark now?

Yes. You Should

I wish Jon comes back soon. (AWWW Sansa, so do we! SO DO WE!!!) He was so happy to see me. I think if he were to see you his heart would stop.

See what Sansa did here people? She realises and recognises the fact that Jon and Arya shared a closer relationship that she ever did with him. She’s telling Arya how much Jon loves her and it’s graceful, unselfish and totally kind of her to do that. Again, we as an audience are probably being told that Jon and Arya shared a closer relationship as siblings than Jonsa. And once again we have Sansa wishing Jon were here. (My Jonsa heart is very happy)


Arya wheeling Bran in and Sansa walking by their side entering the gates of Winterfell, a proud Brienne looking at them SIGH, I could watch that scene everyday and yet never tire of it. It was beautiful, emotional and Brienne and Pod’s exchange was just perfect!! PERFECT


So this “I’m Arya Stark of winterfell” music is stuck to my head forever and won’t come off. Hats off to Maise Williams for so beautifully executing that duel scene with Brienne. It was priceless. And in the end when Brienne asks her, “Who taught you that trick?” (or something like that) and she says “NO ONE!” YES, I whistled and I wolfed and I’d do it again. I don’t know why LF looks so happy in the scene because looks like at this point everyone else other than him must know that Arya is going to chop off his B@lls! Some wise guy he is!!


Love her or hate her, but it’s impossible to not love this scene. Dany riding Drogon into battle with a look of pure intent to roast and that kickass music playing in the background is so spell-binding, that you can’t help but say “DRACARYS” with her at the exact same time that she says it. It gives you goosebumps. You know very well the minute she flies in that the Lannister army is fucked, so do they, actually. And the show runners have made a brilliant point of showing it by focusing on that Lannister soldier cowering and shivering with fear the exact second before Dany goes into full on destruction mode. She burns everything and everyone. You can feel it in your bones, that in spite of this looking like an  impressive sight, you are not meant to root for it to happen.

Burnt soldiers are shown, their bodies turned to dust, the dothraki massacre the ones who saved themselves from being burnt. It’s not a fair fight. It was never meant to be. We as the audience, reflect the sentiments playing so clearly on Tyrion’s face when he sees the barbecue party. You feel bad for him. You begin to wonder who the real enemy is. And then when Jamie rides with a lance in his hand, you echo Tyrion’s thoughts “NO, you fucking idiot”

But you know what, this was such a call back to the battle of the bastards. Jamie lance in hand riding fearlessly towards Dany and Drogon , Jon Long Claw in hand facing the entire cavalry. We knew it was a suicide mission then and now, yet we were rooting for both of them to survive in spite of the odds. And miraculously they did.

It left me with numerous thoughts, that battle did. Is Dany’s quest for the IT really different from Cersei’s? Is Dany even a good ruler? She burnt tonnes and tonnes of good food which she could have very well used wisely. Is Jamie going to be captured? What’s going to happen to Dickon Tarly, who seemed so reluctant to kill? Anyway, this was a thoroughly entertaining episode and I really hope the next one will not disappoint either.


Daenerys Targaryen &Sansa Stark - Evil Queens & Good Queens and The Power of Narrative

In a media studies class, a professor of mine told me – The audience should look for what they are NOT showing. That would tell the audience what the creators are manipulating you to think.

This is the power of narrative.

The Loot Train Attack:

So, the moment I knew Ed Sheeran was going to cameo as a Lannister soldier, I knew that it was to portray the “dark side of Daenerys Targaryen”. It was a deliberate choice of D&D and showrunners – a humanising of Lannister soldiers was set up throughout the season, which will culminate in The Loot Train Attack.

If you observe the Loot Train Attack scene carefully, you can literally hear a Lannister soldier breath out in fear, right before Daenerys says “Dracarys” and Drogon burns the soldiers of the army. There is a slow-motion montage of Lannister soldiers burning as Jaime looks on in fear. If you listen carefully, there is also a slower sadder version of ‘Rains of Castamere’ (a Lannister song) playing in the background as you see these images. The use of Daenerys’s themes – either Mhysa or Dracarys or Fire and Blood – is very rare (only when Drogon is breathing fire the first time, the spiralling tune of Dracarys is heard). This downplays the feeling of “glory” that the music made you feel whenever Dany was fighting earlier (in Astapor, the Dragon Pit or Battle of Mereen).

So, I understand why the fans are feeling this way – they were manipulated into feeling so.

What we are not shown:

Let’s heed my professor and try to figure out – what isn’t the creators showing you?

The creators didn’t show the aspirations of the Dothraki or their interpersonal relationships and what they are putting at stake while fighting the war for Daenerys (a sharp contrast to season 1 & 2, when we could name her bloodriders by name). The creators didn’t show the personal relationships of the Unsullied and their lives, how dearly they want to fight for Daenerys because they think she is a good ruler. (instead we get a slight lip service from Tyrion about how Unsullied fight for freedom, and we are shown the personal life of Grey Worm only, who isn’t in any danger so far). The creators didn’t show Frey bannermen who detested the Red Wedding, but don’t want to be traitors and were serving the Freys, when Arya Stark killed the Freys. The creators didn’t show Lannister men being savaged by Grey Wind (Robb Stark’s Direwolf) when he went for battle. But maybe brutality isn’t the sin but rather burning people is.

Battle of Blackwater and its parallels to Loot Train Attack:

I find it curious that fans who are upset by soldiers burning seem to gloss over or forget the Battle of Blackwater Bay. We see a sudden explosion of wildfire, and some images of Baratheon soldiers burning, but they are generally cut with Tyrion’s slightly regretful yet triumphant face. There is no slow-motion montage while some sad music plays in the background, instead you have silence aas the explosions go on. The Baratheon soldiers weren’t humanised or given backstories three episodes prior. While Stannis does look at his men burning, he is shown as resolute rather than devastated and when someone remarks that hundreds of men will die, Stannis replies “thousands will die”. None of this makes us sympathise with Stannis or his soldiers. Furthermore, during the battle the Lannister theme is playing triumphantly in the background (helping us feel Lannister glory and subtly making us root for them). Cersei Lannister is shown with Tommen – fearful and with poison in her hand, telling him stories (deeply humanising Cersei and the Lannisters). Finally, the battle ends with the triumphant march of Tywin Lannister into Kings Landing with an upbeat glorious ‘Rains of Castamere’ playing in the background. Hence, the Lannisters are the one we subconsciously start rooting for. Because you do not see the fear, horror and aspirations of Baratheon men who were fighting for the rightful King, Stannis Baratheon (who is not only the true successor of Robert Baratheon but who is also regarded as a dutiful and just ruler) and fighting against Joffrey Baratheon (who is not the rightful successor and is in fact a psychopathic monster, a fact which Tyrion knows).

In both terms of birthright and who will be good for the overall kingdom – Stannis Baratheon rings true (as opposed to Joffrey Baratheon). Tyrion, who knows these facts, burns men alive without warning using wildfire. Yet the audience just thinks that Tyrion is a clever strategist and root for him (because of the way it was shot and shown). There are no discussions on how Tyrion is evil for burning innocent men.

So? What is wrong with this? The show’s creators want to support certain characters, it is not a crime.

Narrative and its power:

However, when the show’s narrative actively tries to metaphorically “whitewash” male characters (who have unquestionably made some very grey decisions) and “blackwash (?)” female characters it seems a bit shoddy. For example, Jorah Mormont is metaphorically whitewashed so much in the show he might as well be Ser Arthur Dayne or Ser Barristan Selmy; and it is often done at the cost of Daenerys. Similarly, Tyrion is portrayed in the best possible light and many of his vices are ignored and not portrayed. It seems that the narrative power seems to work for many of the good male characters and the same is used to work against the good female characters.

It is not just Daenerys that this is foisted upon. EvenSansa Stark was made into a Dark and Gritty™ character who may or may not be plotting against Jon Snow. Many of my friends argued that it is to empower her character or make her into a complex character, without realising that Sansa Stark is already a complex, flawed and good character – there isn’t a need to make her into one. Sansa Stark doesn’t need to be forged into the Strong Female Character™ narrative, she already is one. Others argue that it is to create a sense of suspense and narrative tension that this was done – “Will Sansa Stark betray Jon Snow and take power for herself? Will Daenerys Targaryen turn into an evil queen?” The show would later clarify that the answer is “NO”, that both Dany & Sansa were Good Girls After All™, and it will keep viewers interested.

What we are not shown : The Narrative of Suspicion for Male Characters

To these people, I ask – why isn’t there a similar ‘Will the character turn bad/evil narrative tension for any of the main male characters’? Why isn’t there a narrative tension making viewers wonder whether Jon Snow will turn against the Starks and claim Winterfell for himself? Or Tyrion? (Jon Snow and Tyrion are two of the “good male characters” loved by fans.) In fact, it would make more sense to add narrative tension in Tyrion’s storyline. Tyrion who is a cunning character, has been loyal to Daenerys for only 2 seasons, and Targaryens are his family’s enemies. Furthermore, he has the cunning, ambition and knows enough about the lords of Westeros that he can even claim the Iron Throne if he tries hard enough and is ruthless enough. Or what about Tyrion’s deep-seated ambition and fascination with dragons? He is already able to talk to and interact with the dragons to an extent. Why not have narrative tension by Tyrion bonding with one of the dragons and even riding it (further giving him opportunity and power to oppose Daenerys?) They could to make viewers guess – will Tyrion betray Dany? (which I think gives it more narrative tension). Later the show can clarify that the answer is “NO” and ensure the fans that he is a Good Guy After All™.

Why doesn’t this happen? Because it would be out of character? It is equally out of character for Sansa Stark (and Dany) to do so.

It is only a female character, who is generally considered ‘good’ (and if unchecked, a character who may become a fan-favourite), who has the ambition (Dany always wanted to be a queen, Sansa always wanted to be a princess/lady) and has the power (either by birthright or by military power) to depose a main male character (Jon or Tyrion) who will be “blackwashed”.

Hence, this is the reason narrative tension is not present for Cersei Lannister (there is a sudden explosion, but NO slow-motion montage of people burning and crying out when she burns the sept, all the while sad music plays in the background). There is no need as the fandom has already decided that Cersei is Categorically Evil and she doesn’t have the birthright or military to hold onto power for long. The show can save the montage to sully another female character who has a high chance of acquiring power.

Neither is it present for Arya Stark (there is no humanising of the Freys and all those she has killed are shown as evil or mean people). Mostly because Arya Stark never wanted to be a lady/princess and would sooner be a solitary knight than be in a position of commanding power.

I find it very interesting that the “grey decisions” of female characters who are good, have power and have ambition is portrayed in the worst possible light in the show; whereas the “grey decisions” of anyone who doesn’t fit that description (especially male characters) is portrayed in the best possible light (with glorious music playing in the background).

The power of narrative – if it can turn Rhaegar Targaryen into a loathsome villain – it will do far worse to the heroines of A Song of Ice and Fire.

PS: This is not a criticism of any of the characters rather an insight into how situations are portrayed so that the general audience will always support the male characters while fighting over which female character is evil.

PPS: Part 2:They did it again with Stark sisters and it is AWFUL!!

Drogon is Lightbringer.

Here are some clues I found showing Drogon being described as Lightbringer.  I think it’s also possible that a important sword (maybe made out of dragonglass or even the sword Dawn) can play a role in killing the Night’s King, however, Drogon is probably what the prophecy was referring to.

First, let’s look at the Qarthian origin story of dragons From AGOT:

“He told me the moon was an egg, Khaleesi,” the Lysene girl said. “Once there were two moons in the sky, but one wandered too close to the sun and cracked from the heat. A thousand thousand dragons poured forth, and drank the fire of the sun. That is why dragons breathe flame. One day the other moon will kiss the sun too, and then it will crack and the dragons will return.“

Compare that to the story of how AAR forged Lightbringer:

“The third time, with a heavy heart, for he knew before hand what he must do to finish the blade, he worked for a hundred days and nights until it was finished. This time, he called for his wife, Nissa Nissa, and asked her to bare her breast. He drove his sword into her breast, her soul combining with the steel of the sword, creating Lightbringer, while her cry of anguish and ecstasy left a crack across the face of the moon.”

And now let’s compare that to the birth of Dany’s dragons:

She heard a crack, the sound of shattering stone. The platform of wood and brush and grass began to shift and collapse in upon itself. Bits of burning wood slid down at her, and Dany was showered with ash and cinders. And something else came crashing down, bouncing and rolling, to land at her feet; a chunk of curved rock, pale and veined with gold, broken and smoking. The roaring filled the world, yet dimly through the firefall Dany heard women shriek and children cry out in wonder.

Only death can pay for life.

And there came a second crack, loud and sharp as thunder, and the smoke stirred and whirled around her and the pyre shifted, the logs exploding as the fire touched their secret hearts. She heard the screams of frightened horses, and the voices of the Dothraki raised in shouts of fear and terror, and Ser Jorah calling her name and cursing. No, she wanted to shout to him, no, my good knight, do not fear for me. The fire is mine. I am Daenerys Stormborn, daughter of dragons, bride of dragons, mother of dragons, don’t you see? Don’t you SEE? With a belch of flame and smoke that reached thirty feet into the sky, the pyre collapsed and came down around her. Unafraid, Dany stepped forward into the firestorm, calling to her children.

The third crack was as loud and sharp as the breaking of the world.

This is very specific wording used by GRRM. The cracking of the moon or the eggs is what ties in the birth of the dragons with the creation of Lightbringer. Also note the smoke is whirling around Dany, i.e. born among smoke and salt (Dothraki sea).


Here are some interesting quotes regarding the comet:

“The Dothraki named the comet shierak qiya, the Bleeding Star. The old men muttered that it omened ill, but Daenerys Targaryen had seen it first on the night she had burned Khal Drogo, the night her dragons had awakened. It is the herald of my coming, she told herself as she gazed up into the night sky with wonder in her heart. The gods have sent it to show me the way. “

“As the handmaids toweled her dry and wrapped her in a sandsilk robe, Dany’s thoughts went to the three who had sought her out in the City of Bones. The Bleeding Star led me to Qarth for a purpose. Here I will find what I need, if I have the strength to take what is offered, and the wisdom to avoid the traps and snares. If the gods mean for me to conquer, they will provide, they will send me a sign, and if not … if not … “

From Dany’s fevered dream as she miscarries Rhaego, we see the imagery of the burning heart, but instead of her husband, it is her child:

“…She could feel the heat inside her, a terrible burning in her womb. Her son was tall and proud, with Drogo’s copper skin and her own silver-gold hair, violet eyes shaped like almonds. And he smiled for her and began to lift his hand toward hers, but when he opened his mouth the fire poured out. She saw his heart burning through his chest, and in an instant he was gone, consumed like a moth by a candle, turned to ash. She wept for her child, the promise of a sweet mouth on her breast, but her tears turned to steam as they touched her skin….”

Melissandre when reciting the prophecy of Azor Ahai refers to Lightbringer as a burning sword:

“In ancient books of Asshai it is written that there will come a day after a long summer when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world. In this dread hour a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him.”

Now let’s look at how Xaro Xhoan Daxos refers to the dragons in ADWD:

“When your dragons were small they were a wonder. Grown, they are death and devastation,  a flaming sword above the world.

Finally, we have this very interesting passage from one of Jon’s ADWD chapter, he’s reading a passage Maester Aemon marked for him in the Jade Compendium:

“I looked at that book Maester Aemon left me. The Jade Compendium. The pages that told of Azor Ahai. Lightbringer was his sword. Tempered with his wife’s blood if Votar can be believed. Thereafter Lightbringer was never cold to the touch, but warm as Nissa Nissa had been warm. In battle the blade burned fiery hot. Once Azor Ahai fought a monster. When he thrust the sword through the belly of the beast, its blood began to boil. Smoke and steam poured from its mouth, its eyes melted and dribbled down its cheeks, and its body burst into flame.” Clydas blinked. “A sword that makes its own heat …” “… would be a fine thing on the Wall.”

Now compare that to Dany’s description of what happened to Kraznys mo Nakloz during the sack of Astapor:

“There is a reason. A dragon is no slave.” And Dany swept the lash down as hard as she could across the slaver’s face. Kraznys screamed and staggered back, the blood running red down his cheeks into his perfumed beard. The harpy’s fingers had torn his features half to pieces with one slash, but she did not pause to contemplate the ruin. “Drogon,” she sang out loudly, sweetly, all her fear forgotten. “Dracarys.” The black dragon spread his wings and roared. A lance of swirling dark flame took Kraznys full in the face. His eyes melted and ran down his cheeks, and the oil in his hair and beard burst so fiercely into fire that for an instant the slaver wore a burning crown twice as tall as his head.”

These quotes from the books show a connection to not only what Lightbringer is but what it can do. All these quotes have been left for us the reader throughout the series, All the way at the beginning of AGOT to almost the end of ADWD.

Dany herself is referred to as light, a few times throughout the series.

From Daenerys III ACOK, Xaro says this to Dany:

“Marry me, bright light and sail the ships of my heart”

Daenerys IV, The House of the Undying:

“ They were reaching for her, touching her, tugging at her cloak, the hem of her skirt, her foot, her leg, her breast. They wanted her, needed her, the fire, the life, and Dany gasped and opened her arms to give herself to them …”

An interesting note to the Light and Life describe within Dany. In Spanish when we say a woman has given birth we say “dar a luz” which literally translate “to give light” or “to bring light  [into the world]”. The opposite of what the death the Others bring with them is LIFE. Who better to bring life to give life than a Mother.

Daenerys ignored Jon Snow's advice, and it could mean a popular fan theory is about to come true
The "Mother of Dragons," Daenerys Targaryen, might be your favorite character, but she may not be a force of good on the HBO series.
By Megan Willet & Kim Renfro, INSIDER

Here is a really well written article about both Daenerys good and bad qualities.  The authors of the article make a lot of great points about Daenerys as well as Jon.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for “Game of Thrones.”

Daenerys Targaryen is, in many ways, one of the most appealing characters in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” She’s powerful and determined, and she inspires people to follow her again and again.

Now she’s close to forming an alliance with Jon Snow, the other main hero of our tale. Together, they’ll be a dragon-riding, direwolf-wielding duo who will slaughter the White Walkers and save Westeros. They could both perhaps be “The Prince That Was Promised,” Azor Ahai reborn.

But would a writer like George R.R. Martin really let his series end so simply?

Some fans don’t think so and point to a few troubling characteristics of Daenerys both on the show and in the books that could lead to her eventual turn toward a darker path.

Let’s explore just why some people think Daenerys could become a villain.

Daenerys is a vengeance-seeker.

Throughout the series, Daenerys is convinced of her own moral compass. If she ever witnesses something she views as wrong — such as rape or slavery — she immediately attempts to put a stop to it and punish the wrongdoer.

This a noble trait, but seeing the world in black and white and believing she is the sole bringer of justice is one of Daenerys’ downfalls.

We saw this early in the series when she saved a healer and maegi named Mirri Maz Duur, one of the Lhazareen women raped by the Dothraki, who had conquered their village. To Daenerys, saving Duur was an honorable thing to do, and she enlisted Duur to help heal Khal Drogo after he was injured.

Instead, Duur made Drogo’s condition worse and killed Daenerys’ son, Rhaego, when he was still in the womb using blood magic.

Daenerys doesn’t understand why the woman turned on her when Daenerys had saved her. But Duur viewed it quite differently:

“Saved me? Three of those riders had already raped me before you saved me, girl. I saw my god’s house burn, there where I had healed men and women beyond counting. In the streets I saw piles of heads: the head of the baker who makes my bread, the head a young boy that I had cured of fever just three moons past. So tell me again: Exactly what it was that you saved?”

Duur herself was seeking vengeance for the death of her people. In retaliation, Daenerys murdered Duur in Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre and emerged with her three dragons.

Was the scene epic? Of course. But this wouldn’t be the last time Daenerys murdered or harmed people who disagreed with her perception of what is right and wrong.

Another moment of Daenerys’ vengeance gone awry is when the Great Masters crucify 163 slave children as mile markers on her way to Meereen as a way to intimidate her. When she sacks the city, Daenerys crucifies 163 Great Masters as a punishment.

In “A Storm of Swords,” however, Daenerys begins to regret her actions, despite her initial sense of righteousness:

“She had them nailed to wooden posts around the plaza, each man pointing at the next. The anger was fierce and hot inside her when she gave the command; it made her feel like an avenging dragon. But later, when she passed the men dying on the posts, when she heard their moans and smelled their bowels and blood …

"It was just. It was. I did it for the children.”

Daenerys, though she suppresses the thought, realizes some of the masters may not have been guilty of the death of these children. She tries to convince herself that she was right to take their lives.

And in season six, episode five, show watchers saw Daenerys murder the powerful khals in their straw hut. These weren’t nice men — they spent a significant chunk of time insulting Daenerys and talking about how they intended to rape and kill her — but watching her burn them alive was still an unnerving moment for some viewers, especially because it looked like she took pleasure in watching them die.

Daenerys’ rationalizations for all these events should give her fans pause. Murdering evil people may seem like the right thing to do, but what would happen if Daenerys’ moral compass were ever skewed?

It wouldn’t be the first time she burned people who disagreed with her, after all.

Dragons as nuclear weapons.

In “A Dance With Dragons,” Daenerys compares her dragons to monsters:

“Mother of dragons, Daenerys thought. Mother of monsters. What have I unleashed upon the world? A queen I am, but my throne is made of burned bones, and it rests on quicksand. Without dragons, how could she hope to hold Meereen, much less win back Westeros? I am the blood of the dragon, she thought. If they are monsters, so am I.”

This wild and changeable nature of dragons is directly tied to Daenerys. When she equates herself to a dragon, she means it: She can be just as destructive and changeable as her dragon children.

What’s more, Martin has talked about ties between the dragons and nuclear weapons. Both are powerful to have but can easily lead to utter destruction.

“Dragons are the nuclear deterrent, and only Dany has them, which in some ways makes her the most powerful person in the world,” Martin told Vulture in a 2014 interview. “But is that sufficient? These are the kind of issues I’m trying to explore. The United States right now has the ability to destroy the world with our nuclear arsenal, but that doesn’t mean we can achieve specific geopolitical goals. Power is more subtle than that. You can have the power to destroy, but it doesn’t give you the power to reform, or improve, or build.”

We saw the full force of this when Daenerys attacked the Lannister army with Drogon. Director Matt Shakman chose to show the battle from Jaime and Bronn’s perspective to bring the horrors of dragonfire into sharp relief.

“I wanted to tell the story of what it was like … when war changes forever and a truly horrific weapon like napalm or an atom bomb is suddenly unleashed and what that does to the men on the ground,” Shakman told Insider.

Daenerys is sitting with her finger on a red button that could take out all of Westeros. She may not want to destroy the kingdom, especially before she ever has the chance to rule there. But by virtue of wanting to conquer Westeros, she could be bringing more death and destruction into a country still ravaged by war.

There’s a chance Daenerys could be viewed as a villain instead of the returning hero of House Targaryen.

Daenerys and the Mad King.

While Daenerys has remained fairly sane so far, the Targaryen dynasty has a history of mental illness, mainly because of intermarriage. Daenerys’ father, King Aerys II, was called the Mad King because he became paranoid and started killing people and hiding wildfire around King’s Landing.

Daenerys starts to worry about this possible “taint” in her blood, as do many other characters throughout the series. But it’s not so much that Daenerys could go crazy — though that’s certainly a possibility — as that she could follow in her father’s footsteps by punishing those who disagree with her or whom she views as her enemies.

Tyrion warned her against this tactic at the end of season six, and the two reached a compromise where Daenerys instead burned just one of the slaver’s ships and had Grey Worm execute two of the three slave masters.

Once she arrived in Westeros, Tyrion once again counseled Daenerys against immediately using the dragons to burn King’s Landing or other cities, telling her she didn’t want to be the “queen of the ashes.”

But their alternate plans failed because of Tyrion’s miscalculations of what Jaime and Cersei would do, and Daenerys got tired of sitting around and doing nothing. She rode Drogon into battle against the Lannister army and laid waste to their soldiers and loot. She didn’t choose a select few leaders to punish — she went for everything in sight.

Granted, it was better than her flying to the Red Keep and attacking civilians, but it was still hard to 100% root for her in this moment.

Daenerys also had a tense conversation with Varys earlier in the seventh season. She made him promise to be straightforward with her about her potential failings as a leader, but she then vowed to burn him alive if he ever betrayed her.

If Daenerys goes too far in the “fire and blood” direction, she could end up repeating her father’s mistakes — something that would end up costing her the throne, just like it ended up costing King Aerys both his kingdom and his life.

Jon Snow is the true hero.

A penchant for vengeance, a crazy father, and dragons do not together make Daenerys a villain. But let’s compare Daenerys with another heroic character in the “Song of Ice and Fire” series: Jon Snow.

In the books and show, Jon is similar to Ned Stark. He’s honorable, justice-minded, and takes no pleasure in killing. When he’s forced to take a life, Jon makes sure he’s the one to swing the sword, and he views it as a burden, not a pleasure.

For example, when he punished the brothers of the Night’s Watch who stabbed him in season six, Jon took no joy in it. He listened to every man’s last words before cutting the rope and watching them die. He did not look pleased by their deaths — unlike Daenerys, who smiled right before she watched the khals burn.

Jon also never asks for the responsibility heaped on his shoulders time and time again. Jon is forced to become the lord commander after Samwell Tarly submitted his name. He doesn’t want to be the one to take care of the Wildlings, but he feels morally obligated to help them and therefore becomes their savior. He doesn’t want to be the one to punish his brothers, even though they betrayed and murdered him, and yet he knows the responsibility falls to him.

And now, he’s king in the north after rallying the Northern houses around him. But he didn’t even want to do that — not until Sansa Stark convinced him it was the right thing to do.

Jon follows the traditional “reluctant hero” journey in many ways. He questions himself, he sometimes falls, and he picks himself back up.

It’s not unlike what Dumbledore tells Harry in the “Harry Potter” film series: “It is a curious thing, Harry, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.”

Jon never asks to be a leader; he’s just the best man for the job. It’s something Daenerys — with her Targaryen dynasty and ambitions — would never understand. When Jon and Daenerys meet for the first time, Daenerys tells him that all people enjoy what they’re good at.

“I don’t,” Jon said.

He was likely referring to leading and killing, the two things he’s been forced into since leaving Winterfell as a young man. Jon never sought out a royal title, but he’s good at owning it. That factor might make him the one person best suited for the job.

What does this mean for the series?

There’s also substantial evidence throughout the series that Daenerys will be a good ruler. She’s intelligent, she tries to listen to her advisers, and she genuinely wants the people she rules to be happy. People like Missandei and Grey Worm follow Daenerys because they believe in her ability to change lives for the better.

And even with her possible flaws, Daenerys would ultimately be a much better ruler than Cersei or Joffrey Lannister, or even King Robert.

Still, there could be a complicated friction as Daenerys tries to claim the Iron Throne. Instead of being the hero she assumes she will be, Daenerys is likely to face opposition and bring destruction and death to the kingdom.

On the other hand, she possesses weapons that, while volatile, could be the key to defeating the White Walkers (at least on the show). We know that Valyrian steel and dragonglass — two things believed to be made with dragon fire — can kill the White Walkers, so it stands to reason that actua fire from actual dragons would do the trick, too.

So while she may not be greeted in Westeros as a hero, she and her dragons could fast become their only hope. Plus, a Jon and Daenerys romance might be brewing — even though their shared bloodline grosses some fans out. Perhaps his “ice” will temper her “fire,” if you catch our drift.

In the end, only Martin knows what will happen, but Daenerys fans should buckle up. It could be a bumpy ride on her way to the Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 and 5

Okay, I didn’t see the previous episode due to work so I saw both episodes back to back. I really liked The Spoils of War but episode 5 was a more than a little frustrating.

First off, let’s start with Dany. The people around her keep saying that she has a good heart and that she’s not her father but there are things that she does that are quite problematic. The scene where she burnt all those men was downright horrible. The way that scene plays out clearly demonstrates her as the villain. Listen to the music that plays and the way the Dothraki are shot, they were not being portrayed as the heroes. the camera and therefore the audience , stayed with the Lannister and Tyrell army. We saw Tyrion’s horror at what was happening. In that moment, Dany was every bit the villain that Cersie described. She may not have enjoyed it, but she didn’t regret her actions/decisions either. She burnt people alive and didn’t even blink. Dany does have a dark side and there’s not getting away from that. Even the aftermath is not shot like a heroic victory. Randall Tarly was a horrible man and yet in his last moments, the show makes us sympathize with him and Dickon. Dany also burnt the food and supplies, supplies that would have fed the common folk, people that she claims to be fighting for. And yet she never stopped to think about it.

Tyrion and Varys: Tyrion has started repeating the same old line and it’s getting old. Saying that he’s her hand and not her head is not enough. Varys’ line about what he told himself when the Mad King “punished” people was very telling. I think Varys is definitely wondering if he made the right decision when he joined Dany. *psssst, Varys, you can always join Sansa*

Jon: Okay, the past 2 episodes were really trying to push the Jon x Dany ship but it was very overt, in the sense, it had to be stated by other characters because it wasn’t as apparent, the way it is with Jon and Sansa. Also, I loved the scene where Jon and Drogon interacted. And I liked that he finally told Dany off and told her that he’s a king himself and she can’t hold him at Dragonstone. But I can’t help but think that Dany won’t be happy to learn that not only do her dragons like him but also that he’s a Targaryen himself and he’s not a bastard as we found out this episode. Rhaegar married Lyanna after annulling his marriage to Ellaria. She won’t share her power, she believes that the Iron Thrones is her birthright. Once she finds out that not only is Jon a Targ but that he’s Rhaegar’s legitimate son, she will be far from happy. Let me repeat, Dany will not share power. He’s a contender and has a strong claim to the Iron Throne. For those who think that Dany won’t mind, they don’t really know her. She’s not as cruel as Cersie but she’s just as ambitious and driven and won’t tolerate any competition.

Cersie and Jamie: these are so messed up together. I think Jamie has the potential to be truly decent and honourable, but that can’t happen as long as he’s with Cersie. He also genuinely loves her, but I don’t think she loves him anymore, at least not as she once did. Now, she only has one goal, defeat her enemies and rule the seven kingdoms. That’s her sole mission and Jamie is just a convenience. Someone she knows she can mould because she knows that he’s truly in love with her. I also don’t think she’s actually pregnant, I think that’s a ploy to keep Jamie loyal to her and what better way of doing that than making him think that he’s about to become a father again. And now, he won’t have to hide that he’s the father.

Arya and Sansa: I was thrilled to see that Arya was finally back at Winterfell and the reunion between the sisters was absolutely heartwarming. But sadly it didn’t last. They weren’t close to begin with and they’ve both gone through so much that they’re not who they were. You can see that Sansa is disturbed by the mention of Arya’s list. Her skill with the blade is also something that concerns her because it makes her wonder where and who she learnt from. While she and LF stand at the battlement, she casts LF a quick look before moving on. She doesn’t want him to see that she’s worried. She hides that from him. Sansa knows LF and knows how he works. But Arya doesn’t. LF lays out an elaborate trap that Arya just walks into. He shows her precisely what she wants to see. She doesn’t trust Sansa, she verbally attacks Sansa before LF lays out the breadcrumbs. And these supposed “clues” are just adding more fuel to her fire. He’s pitting the two sisters against each other and Arya is falling for it. For those Sansa haters saying that Sansa is trying to overthrow Jon, there is no evidence to support your claim. Arya berates her for not standing up for Jon and implies that those who question them can be beheaded. Well, Arya honey, that’s how Robb lost the war that he was actually winning, when he cut off a bannerman’s head off, he lost the entire house and all the people who came with them. Also, need I remind you, that Jon didn’t want to behead people either, did not even want to punish the houses that stood against them. I can’t imagine that Jon would be happy with Arya’s plan. Arya is smart, I just hope that the sisters find a way back to each other.

Also, watch the “behind the episode” for episode 5, D & D clearly say that LF is pitting the sisters against each other.

I think Sansa will realise what LF is trying to do and will try to get through to Arya. We hear Arya saying something like “what are you afraid of?” in the promo for episode 6, I think she’s saying that to Sansa and confronting her about conspiring with LF. The thing is that Sansa is trying to communicate with her, she’s trying, but Arya isn’t. There is so much aggression in Arya’s voice when she lays into Sansa in their parents’ bedroom. The problem is that when it comes to plotting, she is vastly outclassed by LF, she has no idea just how insidious he is. Arya is so sure of her skill that she hasn’t stopped to think that everything that she saw and heard might be a trap.

We only have 2 more episode to go, I need LF to die and I need Sansa to do it. Arya can help but the driving force has to be Sansa. She’s the one he’s tormented the most and she deserves this kill. Arya needs to get her head out of her ass and actually see how much good her sister is doing. When Lord Glover said that they perhaps made a mistake in choosing Jon, he was right, Jon is a military man, like Jamie, he’s not made to rule. He’s a man of action who has no patience for politics.

I feel like so far, the plot hasn’t really moved anywhere. We have 8 episodes to go, and so far the only thing the show has done is thin the herd and move the characters so that they align neatly in groups. But in terms of actual plot progression, precious little has happened. I don’t think that we’ll see either the Cercie plot or the White Walkers plot line resolved. It looks like both of these problems will come up simultaneously in season 8. Jon, Sansa and Arya will have to deal with Cersie and the White Walkers. And Dany, once she finds out that Jon is Rhaegar’s son. I think this season will see the death of LF and making the Starks one unified front. These individual splinters will become a pack and stick together, against all odds. I am so done with characters falling for LF’s schemes, it’s gotten old. I want Varys to switch sides and come work for Sansa. She needs someone as smart as him and someone who will also stay loyal to her.

Close Call

Requested by @reddoorandthelemontree ! Enjoy! A ‘prequel’ to my fic Heal: Jon and Dany are fighting wights together when Dany gets attacked. 

Season 8 timeline. 

“Are you sure you want to come?”

 She nods, pulling on her winter coat (it’s borrowed from Sansa; almost all of her winter things are because her clothes from King’s Landing are ill suited for the winter cold). It’s too big on her but she doesn’t complain; they have other things to worry about. “We have to do something, Jon.” She won’t look at him. “I’m coming, Lord Snow. And that’s a promise. I’m not afraid of the wights. And besides, you might need Drogon.”

 You should be frightened, he thinks. He is, even after all this time. But then again she doesn’t know them like he does-she’s never seen a corpse reanimated, or stared into the Night King’s dead eyes and realized she’s facing an enemy more powerful than she could ever hope to become. “Just…be careful. Stay with us. Don’t wander off.”

 She gives him a look. “Do I look like a child to you, Lord Snow?" 

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I would like to get your opinion on a matter that I have been contemplating in my head so, next episode *spoilers* Dany burns the Tarlys for not BENDING the knee and everyone calls her the Mad Queen. But the Tarlys who were sworn to House Tyrell were okay with Cersei killing House Tyrell and many others. So, I understand two wrong don't make a right but I believe Cersei has done alot worse than Daenerys. Is this Daenerys haters trying to bring us down?

Yes, my friend, that is absolutely just Daenerys haters trying to bring us down.

What you mention about the Tyrells is really key here. At the end of 7.03 we see the Lannister forces marching into a fallen Highgarden amidst countless dead bodies. They completely sacked Highgarden and to our knowledge killed every living person there. What makes this worse is that the Tarlys and their men joined forces with the Lannisters to do this when the Tyrells had been their liege lords before that. 

Randyll Tarly never even bothered confronting Olenna Tyrell about her alliance with Daenerys, he just turned to Cersei’s side immediately and without any real convincing. This is even more shameful when you consider how season 6 ended. I get the idea from Cersei’s conversation with Tycho Nestoris that everyone KNOWS Cersei is responsible for blowing up the sept with wildfire even if they pretend to acknowledge it as an accident. 

So the Tarlys not only abandoned their liege, they turned cloaks for a queen who murdered her own people and blew up the religious center of the South, and then they murdered their former allies and countrymen on the battlefield. In doing so they enabled Jaime to murder their liege lady, Olenna, in cold blood. And bear in mind that when Jaime did this he wasn’t even yet aware of Olenna’s role in Joffrey’s death. These are not innocent people. Even Jaime himself acknowledges to Dickon Tarly in 7.04 that the men they killed sacking Highgarden “didn’t deserve to die.”

So while 7.04 was a complex episode in that it showed us the goodness that still resides in Jaime, and also showed us Dickon Tarly’s conflict about being his father’s son vs being a good man, the main theme of this episode seems to be that no one in war is innocent. There are atrocities all around. 

So in light of this information, Dany’s decision to burn the loot train, the Lannister army, and the Tarlys afterward when they refuse to join her and bend the knee shouldn’t be that controversial to anyone. 

Cersei’s forces have already killed thousands of Dany’s allies. THOUSANDS. So Dany makes the choice to retaliate in a battle that gets the Reach back under her control to some extent and can enable her to take back Highgarden. This was not a random or simply vengeful decision.

Yes, some supplies were burned in the loot train but 

1. We learn from a conversation with Jaime and Bronn that the food the Lannisters had in the loot train was stolen from the Reach farmers through intimidation anyway. 

2. Highgarden land is the main producer of food in the realm. With this region back under Dany’s control she can now feed her remaining army. 

3. While some supplies did make it back to KL according to Randyll Tarly, Dany doing this prevents a lot of that loot from getting there which will press Cersei and make it difficult for her to feed her own people without considering a possible truce or negotiation with Dany in the future. This is SMART. And it echoes Tyrion’s suggestion to blockade KL.

So what Dany did was smart, not mad. 

And what she will do to the Tarlys in 7.05 should not be shocking either. She will give them a chance to swear to her even though they are ALREADY proven traitors. The penalty for treason is death. Direct quote from Jon Snow himself. But Dany will give them a second chance. Only when they refuse to join her does she kill them, and the idea of being burned by Drogon is so horrific to the remaining survivors of the battle that they all join her immediately, and in this way she probably saves those lives down the line.

I’ve seen some people suggest that she should have sent them to the Night’s Watch instead. I find this hilarious. Randyll and Dickon are not trustworthy. They are traitors and they hate and have no respect for Dany. What makes anyone think that they would respect her command to go to The Wall, or that Dany can spare the time and resources to escort them there in the middle of a war, is beyond me. Killing them is really the only assurance that they won’t turn around and betray her further. 

And in any case, on the topic of their execution–a direct blast from dragon fire would be an almost instant death anyway. We saw men who simply got in the way of some of the fire screaming in flailing in 7.04, suffering. But the people who Drogon directly burned were incinerated immediately, turned to ash instantly. This isn’t some sort of uber-painful, torturous death. This is quicker than hanging and probably less terrifying than kneeling for a headsman. 

Dany isn’t cruel. Dany isn’t mad. And you just have to ignore the people who are going to be arguing otherwise after tomorrow night. 

Thanks my dear!

Burn them all

Guys, here’s what I was thinking while I was watching the scene. She could have just used Drogon as a show of power. Once Dany did burn some of the men, she could have stopped. She could have gone away. Her Dothraki could have fought the Lannister men, easily, with no need for her to interfere. The soldiers would have fled, leaving Jaime as a high value hostage. She could have joined Tyrion on the hill to watch the horror unfold.

That’s not what she did. Instead of using her head and only teasing at the might of the dragons, she annihilated her enemies, giving them an excruciating death. Does anyone remember the visual of men turning into ashes and blowing away in the wind? She burned all the grain of the Reach, even when she specifically mentioned her army and the need for food just moments before.

Also, does anyone else remember when we saw the dragon destroy the Masters’ fleet in Meeeen. Grey Worm gave the Unsullied slaves of the masters an option to flee, knowing this was not their fight. He was merciful, because he had the upper hand.

At the Field of Fire 2.0, Dany wasn’t.

I repeat, guys. She burned all the food. She is a spoiled child with a better toy than others, and she wanted to show off. “You are all beneath me and my dragons,” she seemed to say. “Look at what I can do, so you never dare fuck with me again.” She wanted to end everything and everyone in her path, and that is dangerous.

In Hindu Mythology, we have a weapon that Gods use, which is close in description to some sort of a nuclear weapon. In one of the stories, our lead protagonist, Lord Ram, in his quest of winning back his kidnapped wife Sita, had to cross the ocean with his army. For this, they wanted to made a bridge which could lead them to Lanka. But the problem was that the sea was not calm to allow such as endeavour. The sea God, called Sagar (Hindu Poseidon), was relentless. Ram requested Sagar for three days and when it did not relent, Rama decided to dry the sea with the mega-weapon Brahmastra. As he nocked his bow, the Sea god trembled in fear, then pleaded for mercy. Ram agreed to let him go. Do you know why? Because, he said, only the powerful can show mercy. They have the power to be good.

For Dany, it would have been easy to be merciful, since  she has the upper hand. But she didn’t care enough about the men she wishes to rule over.

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Since we had top 5 favorite Snape moments, how about top 5 favorite Daenerys moments? Also, I laughed when I saw your banner xD

I love my banner :D

1. Daenerys freeing the Unsullied. An iconic moment. It was and still is my favorite show scene (I saw the show before reading the books), and it is even more amazing in the novels. I was so proud of her, I was like “yes girl, yes!”. It is written in a way to surprise you too, because Daenerys’ plan is not revealed in her thoughts, so it was really impressive.

2. Daenerys going by to feed and care for those who fled Yunkai and Astapor at the camp in front of the gates of Meereen. Everyone told her not to go, that it was dangerous, from Ser Barristan to the Unsullied to her bloodriders, but she ignored them all, and went anyway. She made pyres to burn the dead, attempted to ease the fever of those who were ill. It was a beautiful moment, and it shows Daenerys’ caring, kindness and protectiveness.

“You should not linger here overlong, Your Grace. The Astapori are being fed, as you commanded. There’s no more we can do for the poor wretches. We should repair back to the city.”

“Go if you wish, ser. I will not detain you. I will not detain any of you.” Dany vaulted down from the horse. “I cannot heal them, but I can show them that their Mother cares.”

Jhogo sucked in his breath. “Khaleesi, no.” The bell in his braid rang softly as he dismounted. “You must not get any closer. Do not let them touch you! Do not!”

Dany walked right past him.

3. Taming Drogon in the Daznak’s Pit. I loved how Drogon appeared the exact moment Daenerys decided she couldn’t tolerate the combats any longer and stood to go. It was very symbolic. Then she jumped in the Pit and ran to defend Drogon from the spearmen. The taming passage and the flight passage was amazing. It was a very exciting chapter, and very important for Daenerys as a character.

4. In A Game of Thrones, after being carried to the tent with the shadows of Mirri Maz Duur, Daenerys had fever dreams (Daenerys, IX). And they were not simple dreams, they were prophetic dreams, and they were so meaningful. Almost nobody talks about this chapter, but it is one of my favorite parts. It was during these dreams that Daenerys understood how to hatch her eggs, and there were many other foreshadowings. I don’t know if people realise that she also saw her family and ancestors in this vision? 

Ghosts lined the hallway, dressed in the faded raiment of kings. In their hands were swords of pale fire. They had hair of silver and hair of gold and hair of platinum white, and their eyes were opal and amethyst, tourmaline and jade. “Faster,” they cried, “faster, faster.” She raced, her feet melting the stone wherever they touched. “Faster!” the ghosts cried as one, and she screamed and threw herself forward. A great knife of pain ripped down her back, and she felt her skin tear open and smelled the stench of burning blood and saw the shadow of wings. And Daenerys Targaryen flew.

 The feeling that Daenerys has to carry on the legacy of House Targaryen is strongly present in these dreams, where she is told repeatedly that she is the last dragon. She also sees Rhaegar in his armor, but when she lifts his visor, the face within is her own. 

5. Not really a single moment, but I love Daenerys’ interactions with Missandei. Their friendship is endearing, but also sad because these are two young girls, who are still children, but they live in circumstances that no child should be put into. They are both very intelligent and brave, and deserve so much better than what the world gave them. I love that they feel very protective over each other, and that Daenerys feels she could be a child in her presence.

Dany stroked the girl’s hair. “Say the word, my sweet, and I will send you from this awful place. I will find a ship somehow and send you home. To Naath.”

“I would sooner stay with you. On Naath I’d be afraid. What if the slavers came again? I feel safe when I’m with you.”

Safe. The word made Dany’s eyes fill up with tears. “I want to keep you safe.” Missandei was only a child. With her, she felt as if she could be a child too. “No one ever kept me safe when I was little. Well, Ser Willem did, but then he died, and Viserys … I want to protect you but … it is so hard. To be strong. I don’t always know what I should do. I must know, though. I am all they have.”

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I don't know how anyone could watch 7.04 and not even slightly question whether what D/any did was okay on that battlefield or not. They purposefully showed Lannister men screaming in agony as they helplessly ran to the lake, their skin melting, the sky filled with black smoke and the ground on fire. Then they showed her riding her Dragon looking almost thrilled by it. Regardless of your opinions regarding this kind of warfare, that was not meant to be brushed off as a badass victory.

I don’t get it either, Anon. Say what you want, but what D@ny did was far from okay. It was utterly horrifying to watch. 

At this point there is no denying it anymore. 7x04 showed us the dark!D@ny that was promised.

And I’m convinced we are supposed to see it that way. The show already started laying out the groundwork for it in episode 1.

The rest of my answer is under the cut, because it’s quite long.

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Game of Thrones shipping war (or like I have said before: Twilight 2.0 lmao)

First of all sorry if there are grammar mistakes in this, english is not my native language so…. yeah. I have never posted something like this before, I always reblog pictures or gifs about stuff I like or funny things but I have read a lot of stuff about Game of Thrones lately that I wanted to give my opinion because I see that a lot of people is almost calling Daenerys the mad queen and mostly because almost everything I have read is written by certain fans that I will mention at the end of this post.

SPOILER ALERT! Some leaks about 7x04.

Daenerys was really angry and desperate because even though she had everything at the beginning to win the war she is losing right now. She wanted to use her dragons but instead she asked Jon his opinion and did what he recommended. She didn’t use them against Cersei because there would be a lot of innocent people dying and she knew that. Instead, she used just one of her dragons, the biggest one, against the army of the house that is her enemy and is winning. A house leaded by a woman almost known as a mad queen that blew up the Great Sept of Baelor with wildfire killing innocent people inside and outside of the building burning them all and at the same time provoking the suicide of her son but still saying that it was his fault because he betrayed her. A woman that sent her army to slaughter the Tyrells, Daenerys allies, has Euron as her ally and he attacked part of her armada and has cornered the Unsullied at Casterly Rock. A woman of a house that, in her eyes, betrayed her family and caused their doom and her exile since she was a baby. Yes, I know Aerys was mad and Jaime did what was best for the people and his family and that Rhaegar made mistakes too, but still it was her family and they even killed two babies, Rhaenys and Aegon. Adding to all of these is a house that arranged the Red Wedding, killed Ned Stark and the list could go on, so they aren’t saints, right? Although I like Jaime now he almost killed Bran at Winterfell at the very beggining. At this point almost everyone has made mistakes one way or another. But still people is saying that Daenerys is the crazy one and that she went full Targaryen because she was defending herself after two defeats. Lmao, Tyrion told her that she was in the great game and if she doesn’t play she will be dead, just like Cersei told Ned and where is Ned right now? Dead. Tyrion used wildfire against Stannis and burned his navy, killing a lot of people in the process, including Davos son, and he was a hero at the time for some us because his strategy was great but we know how he was treated after that by his own family. Then we had Stannis letting Melisandre burn his own daughter alive! But if Daenerys is the one using fire in her strategy against her enemy she is Aerys 2.0, a crazy bitch burning people here and there (ALSO: just like @espaciocompartido​ and @forevertheanimekid​  mentioned in the comments, I will add that Dany attacked the soldiers just at the beggining in order to break their lines, then she went just for the wagons and the dothraki did the work in the field. Why? Because that was the strategy Tyrion said in episode 2 remember? But since the Tyrells and Ellaria were defeated they made a different move but still following the initial plan: Cersei would have the Iron Throne but not food for her army). Guys, this is war. Soldiers will die in the battlefield one way or another, with dragons or swords or arrows or any other weapon, but they will die and Daenerys has dragons just like the Lannisters have a big army. GRRM introduced dragons for a reason, they are not just for decoration and they will be used to win the war against Cersei and the Night King. Dragons = fire. Give Cersei one single dragon and she would be burning everything in her way and terrorizing everyone since the very beginning, including innocent people just like Aerys did before and at this point I believe even Jaime if he tries to stop her. I mean, she doesn’t even need dragons to do that, she has wildfire and already did it. Daenerys never did that, she even locked her dragons in Meereen (but Drogon is the rebel one so we know he was flying around Valyria lmao), she only used them as her ultimate weapon after she listened to Tyrion and this time Jon, first in Essos and now in Westeros. She did it just like Aegon and his two sister-wives did it when they unleashed their three dragons at the Field of Fire when he thought they were losing the battle because guess what? IT’S WAR! (And also I would like to add that not every Targaryen reign was full of terror, yes, they had dragons but read a little bit about Jaehaerys I reign for example or even the Aegon’s reign after his conquest). Everyone will use their advantages and in Daenerys case she has a big one with three dragons and quoting our lovely Queen of Thorns: she’s a dragon, she must be a dragon if she wants to win. And even with them we have already seen they are not invincible (Meraxes anyone?) and it’s not like Daenerys is flying around with Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion burning everything just because she wants to. In my opinion she uses them when is necessary and that scene was super badass. I was tired of seeing them just flying around and scaring people (I’m looking at you Jon lmao).

I have read a lot of posts written by people who don’t like Daenerys but they have good arguments in order to have an interesting discussion and I totally respect that. It’s great to read different opinions and discussing different scenarios with other people, I do that every sunday with my family after the episodes. I wrote this post because the funny thing here is that since episode 4 got leaked (or maybe since Daenerys and Jon met or even before) almost every anti-Daenerys post I’ve read it’s not about her character development, it’s because people ship Jon with Sansa and Daenerys is a threat for them and don’t you dare say something against their ship because then you are stupid! The so called Jonsa vs Jonearys ship war. I’m not saying that all the fans that ship Jon with Sansa or Daenerys are like this but the ones who does well… I don’t know which series you think you are watching guys! Lmao! This is not Twilight or The Vampire Diaries in which everything revolves around a love triangle. This is not about which woman will marry Jon to have a happy ending, this is Game of Thrones and quoting Ramsay: “if you think this has a happy ending you haven’t been paying attention”. This is about war, loyalty, family, treasons, politics, dragons, white walkers, the damn winter, strategies, struggle for power, death. This is not about a love triangle or a series about deciding which incest is better than the other. I don’t ship Daenerys with Jon, but I love both of them separately, I love both characters because they are not perfect, both are complex. Daenerys has flaws and did mistakes. Jon on the other hand has to be more intelligent than Ned and Robb just like Sansa told him, but I love how far they have come since season one. I think that almost all the characters have flaws, no one is perfect and everyone is complex. Even Cersei, I mean, I felt bad for her when Ellaria killed Myrcella and it was impossible to not root for her a little bit in the last episode. She really loved her three children. I could say a lot about Ellaria and the Sand Snakes in the show because for me D&D destroyed those characters but that’s not the point here lmao!

I have always love dragons and I think that’s the main reason why I love house Targaryen since the very beginning. I love Daenerys but I didn’t like Viserys. I also love the Starks, I love Arya but I don’t like Sansa but I don’t hate her neither and I’m not writing posts about her and spreading hate. I would love to see more about the direwolves just like they show us the dragons (WHERE THE FUCK IS GHOST?! WHERE IS MY BABY?!). I also love the Sand Snakes in the books but like I’ve said before, I hate them in the show… and I could continue with this.

I’m not saying that shipping characters is wrong, it’s fine, do whatever you want but I think everyone should respect other opinions and not insult other people just because they think different and this applies in everything. I’m not going to start calling stupid to the people who don’t like Daenerys, it’s their opinion and it’s fine and I respect that but again, when they are talking and discussing like adults with good arguments, not like children fighting over who is better and then proceed to insult people and blocking them (because I already have anons calling me stupid because I don’t ship Jon with Sansa or Daenerys since I said that the GoT tag was like Twilight 2.0 with the whole fight about team Edward or team Jocob that little girls used to have lmao). I hate that in every single fandom there are always people like this, but well, what can we do, right? I just wanted to express my opinion and I hope that the Game of Thrones tag gets better. In the meantime let’s enjoy the show!

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Spoils of War - what I liked and what I didn't like

Again this is not a recap, but I want to give some of my impressions.
All in all the visuals were stunning as always. The battle of the Dothraki and Dragons vs. The Lannisters army was great to watch even if it evoked some very uncomfortable feelings. In this department GoT is really top notch. Again NO GHOST and NO GENDRY. You can see where the CGI went, but wouldn’t there be some left to show Ghost sleeping in a corner all content to be in Winterfell?

The North: Another Stark reunion, and I think it was so beautifully done. A nod to season 1 and Arya trying to get to see her family, and the two guards who are somewhat afraid to trouble Lady Sansa (no reason to be afraid, she was nice to them, even though they lost Arya), Arya at Ned’s statue in the crypts (I hope this is not foreshadowing but just Stark family custom to go to the crypts first thing and last thing) and the sisters reunited. To me It was a very organic and moving scene, totally in character and they hugged twice. Sansa didn’t know how to tell Arya about Bran’s vision, and she clearly at that time was not certain about the kill list. But she did know how Jon would react to seeing Arya and just the thought made her smile, and Arya’s face also lit up, this was superb acting.
And Arya was right : Sansa needs new guards. First they lost Arya then they both leave their post to alert Lady Sansa!
Bran gives Littlefinger a taste of ‘Big brother is watching you’ and I loved it. I could watch Starks sassing LF for a long time without getting bored. The dagger is brought up again and the secret of the assassin addressed again later at the weirwood tree, when we have all three Starks united. It’s a nice nod to season 1 again, but Bran says it’s not important, and it isn’t because Joffrey who ordered the assassination is dead. But I see a future use for the dagger. It will end in Littlefinger’s heart.
Bran is the three eyed Raven now, and the show rubs it in with a goodbye scene between Bran and Meera which is heartbreaking. I low key ship the two, and I was devastated. Couldn’t Bran at least have told his sister to give her something as a reward. I guess Bran is so preoccupied with the ominous future, but it really hurts.
Later we see Arya and Brienne spar and it’s great to watch, Pod likes it as well and is clearly very infatuated with Arya (get your ass to Winterfell, Gendry) and Sansa and Littlefinger watch as well. Arya is good, and we can see it finally dawns on Sansa that the kill list is no joke and she looks as worried as Ned in season 1 (there is already a gif set floating around that clearly shows it’s the same reaction - I see no jealousy there).
Littlefinger gets the Stark treatment again when Arya just looks at him. My, he really is getting whipped every episode and still stays on. He must want to bone Sansa so very badly, but I’m sure it won’t happen. Sansa’s distrust for him was as obvious as her missing Jon.
As an aside I loved that Brienne finally just allowed Pod to call her My lady. She’s accepted now that she can be both, a knight and a lady.

At Dragonstone : Considering that I have lived with the probability of unwittingly committed incest for a long time (since reading book 2), I shouldn’t dread these scenes so much. And in fact after reading some recaps I thought that the awkwardness of the pacing and the simultaneous teasing of Targbowl and Targcest might be too much. But I think I’ve worked out, what happened here. It still means that I’m not entirely sure which path the show will go.
So Dany and Missandei discuss the pleasant experience Missandei had with Greyworm when Jon Snow enters. This of course sets up Danielle for a romantic interest, and the music and the lighting in the cave are set up to this as well. Jon even touches Danielle’s elbow as he guides her along, but the camera does not zoom in on that - @marydri and @heathergee25 pointed that out - and Jon, I think is all earnestness and intent on persuading Danielle to believe him. I didn’t really see romantic interest, but only silent pleading - together with the fact that D&D mentioned in the 'inside the episode’ that Jon and Danielle are falling for each other (the guys who told us that Jon was dead and wanted us to believe in Starkbowl) - I think Targcest might happen, but it is not an epic love story. Right at the end of the cave scene, when Danielle tells Jon she will help, his face lits up, but when she says, 'if you bend the knee’. And then he is all resigned - @occupyvenus mentioned that as well. Jon€nerys shippers have already compared this to Jon and Mance (omitting the detail that it was Stannis not Jon who ordered Mance to bend the Knee), but in this they are right, if in another way than they want. Jon understood that Mance would not and could not kneel. In this moment Jon understands that Danielle will not budge and that she won’t understand that he can’t just order his people to accept her. I say kudos to Kit’s underrated acting here.
At Dragonstone you also have Davos playing Cupid by pointing out, that Danielle looks good. If you look at the dialogue it is interesting that Jon does not immediately know whom Davos talks about. And then he says what Tyrion told him, that Danielle has a good heart. Davos makes a joke that Jon must have glued his eyes to D’s boobs. I watched the scene on the Throne room at Dragonstone Davos witnessed and Jon did not look at D’s 'heart’. He might have on the scene he had alone with D, but Davos wouldn’t know about that (if Jon did it there I didn’t see it).
I first thought this was totally out of character, and just a plot device to bring Targcest on and to make it believable but as last episodes RomCom trope set up a Romantic pairing and showed us how different Jon and D are, there might be more to Davos here than meets the eye. It is Davos’ duty as a councillor to point out political alliances and Davos might be just desperate to find a way out of the situation - They are still stuck at Dragonstone after all, their ship is nowhere in sight and they still are not allowed weapons, highly privileged prisoners. Jon further stresses the point that they need an army.
Then there is the dialogue with Missandei. Davos asks her about her loyalties and why she is not at home in Naath. Missandei says because she loves her Queen. Davos again acts seemingly ooc and makes a joke about switching sides, and I think this was interesting as well, because Davos has it right. Jon wouldn’t mind if he switched sides and then Jon asks Missandei if Danielle would let her go. Missandei says of course, and Jon asks if she has asked her yet. I think this shows us that he has indeed a very good understanding of the way Danielle rules. He doesn’t point out that he is not allowed to leave or don his weapons or that he is not given a choice. But you see it in his face.

Then the Theon/ Jon scene. Our dear Jon is more intense than the whole episode, and even without shipper googles it is our weakly reminder where Jon’s loyalties lie, with the North and with the Starks! The camera zooms on Davos who looks worried. Is he worried about Jon’s emotions towards his sister? That might drive him to insist on an alliance even more.

Now Field of fire 2.0. The show prepared us for an intense conflict here, by zooming in on the humanity of the Lannister side. We have an adorable younger brother of Sam, Randyll Tarly as the toxic male of every episode he is in, and Jaime and Bronn. The show wants us to understand that choosing side is not easy anymore! It’s even more pronounced than in the Battle of the Blackwater where we routed for Tyrion and yet saw Davos suffer or in the confrontations with the Free Folk at the wall where we were sad to see Ygritte die. We choose side and it hurts. Danielle and her Dragon are majestic to behold and yet the visual is on the Lannisters’ side. Bronn and Jaime are the ones who are shown as heroes. Bronn tries to reenact Bard vs. Smaug from the Hobbit and Jaime tries to do a St George on Drogon - thanks @trinuviel. Both fail - no surprise. As for the brutality of the Battle I just quote a casual viewer who watched the show with me: 'O no, D@ny just burned Ed Sheeran’. 'O no, don’t burn the whole train, this is food, can’t you see the barells?’ And then last not least, 'Stop, just stop, they are already running like rabbits. You’re fucking mad!’. - Nothing to add there…
Since this is already too long I just add one more point: Danielle asked for Jon’s advice and then adhered to it by the letter by not burning keeps and the people inside it, but she totally went against the spirit of Jon’s advice. People know now that they get the same shit they had before if they accept her as Queen.
I am waiting with bated breath, what Jon will do. I think he will kneel, but it will be a trick. He abdicates for Bran or Sansa, kneels, gets his alliance against the WW and D doesn’t get the North. Next episode he might learn that Bran is back (I mean this is what ravens are for!) and that might be our weakly Stark-Sansa reminder.
There is much more to say, I loved the allusions to earlier seasons, but as usual some plotlines are left dangling (Randyll Tarly totally cool about his sword gone missing last season?).

Okay so, the new Game of Thrones trailer came out (which I’m super psyched about!)…and so did more Dany hate.

People can think whatever they want to. They’re entitled to different opinions and I know lots of people probably think very differently than I do. I’m not here to call those people out. I’m also hopelessly biased. But there’s so much hate going around, and it has to be balanced out.

I could talk about each of these arguments individually but I won’t because then this post would be way too long. I’m mainly focusing on anti hate right now. I’m focusing on the reasons why Daenerys Targaryen is my favorite Game of Thrones character and why I’m unashamed of it.

So I’ve popped in and out of fandoms and I can honestly say that no fictional character has made as much of an impression on me as Dany has. I started watching Game of Thrones and reading ASOIAF because of her and I’ve said (sometimes jokingly and sometimes not) that I’ll bow out of the fandom when she dies. I love most of the characters for different reasons, but Dany always has been and always will be my favorite. She’s such a strong character and determined in her moral convictions. She’s the one that no one took seriously, but she was determined to reach her goals-and she did. She’s had to fight for every inch of ground she has. She learns from her mistakes and she moves on. She really does care about the people she rules, even those in the lowest classes.

Because she’s not perfect. Sometimes she makes mistakes or she trusts the wrong people. She’s a little entitled (although that makes sense because it’s what she’s been brought up to believe). She can be ruthless. She’s naive. She’s flawed. And I’m glad of it. I think a lot of people expect too much out of her, even though she’s never been a politician in her life (and in the books, she’s still a teenager). She’s not supposed to have all the answers, and sometimes she makes bad decisions. All rulers do. The point is, she has the drive to do better and the drive to change.

I don’t have many problems with the way she’s handled in the show, but I do wish she had more screen time. One of the problems with having so many plot lines and short seasons is that we only ever get to see her when she has to make a decision or advance the plot forward-we don’t ever get to see her as herself, behind the masks and the roles she plays. And in the later seasons, we see her empire grow but not so much her as a person (which is why I would advertise reading the books if you haven’t already; POV chapters can be extremely useful). Hopefully in the last two seasons, when there are fewer major characters…

It’s obvious why fandom and fiction are so addictive; for some of us, they can be an escape along with a means of entertainment. They can teach us about ourselves, even through characters and fantasy. That’s certainly been the case for me. I’m not afraid to admit that the last few years have been rough (high school, combined with mental illness), and when things have gotten bad I’ve turned to books and movies. And I keep continually coming back to Dany for strength, for advice, for understanding. Especially her book counterpart; yes, I know it takes place the Middle Ages, but still she was a teenager and managed to get three dragons and some armies and conquer a few cities, which means that I can get through my bad days. You can say I’m immature, but this is my reality. I’ve learned so much from Dany about how to be brave even when I’m frightened (because she does get frightened), try new things, and not get discouraged. And she’s always there for me to come back to, whether through books or the show or my own writing. I might not have started posting my writing online again if I wasn’t thinking about how Dany was nervous when she tricked Kraznys mo Nakloz with Drogon so she could get the Unsullied but went through with it anyway. Sometimes she gives me an extra boost of…courage, I guess, when I need it.

Yes, it would have been nice to pick a character in a show that has twenty seasons and doesn’t kill off characters every episode, but I believe that the fandom chooses you and not the other way around. And it’s also too late to back out now. I know she won’t get her happy ending and honestly, with the premise of the books and show I wouldn’t expect her to. And eventually I’ll move on too. But I can still learn from her successes and mistakes now (and look forward to the next couple of seasons).

I’m so proud that she’s going back to Westeros because it symbolizes her growth as a character and how she’s really come full circle. She wasn’t afraid to change her own destiny, even though it sometimes seemed impossible. She taught me that life isn’t about not being scared, but it’s about working through the fear and letting the experiences you have make you stronger.

I’ll wrap this up because it’s getting long. Again, people are entitled to think whatever they want, but I know I wouldn’t be the same person if I hadn’t discovered Game of Thrones and my other fandoms when I did. I don’t know if this even makes sense anyway, but oh well. I wasn’t here from the beginning, but I’ll be here until the end.

anonymous asked:

Season 7 apparently ends on a cliffhanger - what do you think that would be? And also, what do you HOPE it will be? (go as tinfoil-y as you like on that one) :-)

Ooooooh! My first anon! Hiiiii nonnie! Thanks for stopping by :)

Well, while I’m not too inclined to trust the leaks, it’s not much of a stretch to assume that the season will, indeed, end on a cliff-hanger, as most seasons do. I gotta say, though, 6x10 was possibly the most satisfying hour of television I have seen in my short life. 

What do I think it will be? Since I haven’t really thought about this until now, bear with me while I break down my thoughts:

Of actual, conclusive information, we only know that which we have been shown in the trailers and leaked pics from set. There will definitely be a meeting between Jon and Dany, along with their respective entourages. But that looks like it will be happening earlier on in the season. There will also be a battle, likely north of the Wall. Also, a highly emotional scene for Sansa in the godswood with a mystery someone (three guess who!), and my favorite, Jon choking LF almost to death somewhere in the crypts of Winterfell. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THAT SCENE!

Bran, and possibly Arya, will be making it back home and our Stark babies will finally (hopefully) be back together again. 

But, what’s a season of GoT without an EPIC battle, right? There have been reports of a battle being filmed. Following the format of previous seasons, I think said epic battle is likely to take place in 7x06. Which leaves us with 7x07.

I kind of want to say it will have something to do with Jon finding out from Bran who his parents really are, but another part of me says that that will likely happen sometime during the course of the season.

It would, admittedly, be cool if they did a version of “is Jon Snow really dead” but this time with Dany, and when we open on S8, she’s ACTUALLY DEAD. Possibly torched by her own baby Drogon. What a tragic turn of events. Yea, I don’t like her much. That way, when Emilia does interviews saying that her character is really dead, no one will believe her and will expect to see Dany return, but little do they know, she ain’t comin’ back!

What do I HOPE will happen? Anon, you said I can be as tinfoil-y as I want, so here goes!

My Jonsa brain is showing me blurred images of a dragon cloak and direwolf cloak side by side in a lantern-lit forest, while gentle snow falls on the bystanders, and strains of the Stark theme echo through our stereos. The camera pans to show that the gathering is presided over a young man sitting in a wheelchair before a heartree, with white orbs where his pupils should be, as a figure in black boiled leather with a needle-like sword strapped to his (her?) side gazes upon the scene with a resolute look in his (her?) eyes.

The boy in the wheelchair is intoning “Sansa of House Stark comes here to be wed. A woman grown and flowered, trueborn and noble, she comes to beg the blessings of the gods. Who comes to claim her?”

He is answered by the dragon-cloaked man who speaks in a voice rough with emotion and the cold, “I, Jon of the Houses Stark and Targaryen, King in the North, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. I claim her. Who gives her?”

The boy in the wheelchair himself, answers this query. “I, Brandon, of the House Stark, heir to Winterfell”. He turns to the white cloaked figure. “Sansa, will you take this man?”

Sansa looks up to gaze lovingly into her betrothed’s eyes and begins to say “I take this man”, but before the words can leave her mouth, a shiver of cold passes through the crowd and the last thing the audience sees is the angry blue gleam of eyes in the darkness and a puff of ice on the air. Then the screen goes dark and the credits roll.

Dammit, now I want to write fanfiction!

Sorry for getting carried away over there. Come back anytime!