but what can one person do

‘“For the sake of law and order I suggest you avoid all future attempts at a relationship, Molly.“’

‘”You can see me.”’

‘”You’re wrong, you know. You do count. You’ve always counted and I’ve always trusted you. But you were right. I’m not okay.”‘

‘“What do you need?’“

‘”Moriarty slipped up, he made a mistake. Because the one person he thought didn’t matter at all to me was the one person who mattered most.”‘

‘“You look…well.”‘

‘”I hope you’ll be very happy, Molly Hooper.”‘

‘“Fancy some chips?”’

“‘Sorry your engagements over. Though I’m fairly grateful for the lack of a ring.”’

‘”Sherlock? What is it, what do you want?”‘

“I Love You.”’

‘“I Love You.”’

here’s another one of my favorite playlists (yellow flowers):

aretha franklin: respect, chain of fools
the beatles: come together, something, oh! darling, she came in through the bathroom window, i want to hold your hand, all my loving, eight days a week, don’t let me down 
billie holiday: what a little moonlight can do
bo diddley: you bo diddley, crackin’ up, pretty thing, who do you love
chuck berry: johnny b. goode, run around, oh louisiana, thirty days
the coasters: poison ivy, young blood
elmore james: dust my broom
elvis presely: can’t help falling in love, love me, milkcow blues boogie, fever, reconsider baby, hound dog, all shook up, heartbreak hotel, jailhouse rock, don’t be cruel, (let me be your) teddy bear, love me tender, stuck on you, i gotta know, good luck charm, that’s all right, lawdy miss clawdy, playing for keeps
etta james: i just want to make love to you, hawg for ya, something’s got a hold on me, i’d rather go blind
fats domino: ain’t that a shame, goin’ home, something’s wrong, all by myself, my blue heaven
fleetwood mac: rhiannon, love that burns
four tops: i can’t help myself (sugar pie, honey bunch)
gene vincent: be-bop-a-lula
gino washington: like my baby
howlin’ wolf: smokestack lightnin’, how many more years, shake for me, killing floor, down in the bottom, the wolf is at your door, howlin’ wolf boogie, back door man
james brown: try me
jimmy reed: baby what you want me to do
john lee hooker: boom boom
johnny & santo: sleepwalk
the kinks: long tall shorty, i’m a hog for you baby
kokomo arnold: milk cow blues
little richard: true fine mama
little walter: my babe
little willie john: you hurt me, need your love so bad, i’m shakin’, my love is
marvin gaye: let’s get it on, hope i don’t get my heart broke, sexual healing
mickley & sylvia: love is strange
the mighty hannibal: the right to love you
muddy waters: got my mojo working
otis redding: (sittin’ on) the dick of the bay, i’ve been loving you too long, stand by me, these arms of mine, pain in my heart
patsy cline: crazy, i love you so much it hurts, leavin’ on your mind, walkin’ after midnight, sweet dreams (of you), so wrong, back in baby’s arms, she’s got you, blue moon of kentucky, three cigarettes - in an ashtray, i fall to pieces, heartaches, why can’t he be you
percy sledge: you really got a hold on me, when a man loves a woman, my adorable one
ray charles: georgia on my mind, a fool for you, i’ve got a woman, ring of fire, what’d i say
robert johnson: me and the devil blues
ronnie dyson: i don’t wanna cry
sam cooke: (ain’t that) good news, you send me, chain gang, bring it on home to me
screamin’ jay hawkins: i put a spell on you
the shirelles: mama said, will you love me tomorrow
solomon burke: can’t nobody love you
sonny boy williamson: help me 
stevie wonder: superstition
taj mahal: chainey do, shady grove, johnny too bad, statesboro blues
the temptations: just my imagination (running away with me)
timothy wilson: got to find a new love

I genuinely don’t believe Moffat and Gatiss would be this needlessly cruel. I really don’t.

I can imagine, however, that they for some reason really really wanted to do Operation Secret Episode. And I think that they purposely gave us hints so that we would know this isn’t the real deal, so that it wouldn’t hurt us as much.

Remember all the tjlc references in the other two episodes? Remember all the absurdities of this one? Remember what a farce Garridebs was? They want us to be reasonably certain that this isn’t real, without giving the game away to the public.

(Of course, as @kinklock pointed out, it still makes sense to file complaints while we wait. Whether that’s part of their plan or not, it’s good to let the BBC see how people feel about queerbaiting.)

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I love how every single person in the fandom has their faith in Martin.. But I just don't get why? How do we know he supported johnlock? Jhdhdjsja help me

i think once you’re attached to a project of this scale you really don’t have a say in the matter, no matter what he thought he signed up for in the first place. and you can tell in interviews he’s been a bit fed up, there was one where he was like ‘so they go on solving crimes together, as friends, which is a lovely thing…’ but he looks like he thinks it’s the exact opposite.

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for the unpopular opinions thing: the number of albums sold doesn't matter when you're discussing the quality of the album

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

psssttt…lean in real close so the other fandoms can’t hear us. 

everyone comfy?  ok.  there dozens of reasons a person does or does not buy the album while still stanning the group including economics, peer pressure, knowledge that the album exists, etc.  also, physical album sales are just one way music is sold with digital albums, singles, & digital singles other methods.  beyond all of that, what resonates with “now” might not resonate with “then” & the reverse is also true.

also, a lot of people buy albums because they have no opinion on the matter but their friends do & it’s easier to follow the crowd & be part of the conversation than to sit on the sidelines waiting for the topic to change.  crowds seem bigger than they really are because of how many people show up solely because they have nowhere else to be.

so in a discussion that focuses exclusively on the cohesiveness of the album, of the composition of the lyrics & music, of the strength & stability of the voices, then whether the album sold one or one million is irrelevant.  the idea that popularity & album sales are important measurements of album quality is so at odds with the point of art itself that it’s almost offensive how often it’s brought up.

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not a lot of my tattoos have a deep emotional meaning, mostly aesthetic/work of art deal, & the ones that do are deeply personal. I don't like being questioned about my tattoos but it happens a lot and the first thing people ask is what does it mean? Even though I know I'm not required to justify myself, I can't just leave it hanging. any advice/similar experience? i try to brush it off, but end up getting a lot of judgment for having "meaningless" pieces

fire back. Judge them for judging you!
“Why do *my* tattoos need to mean something in order for you to find them VALID?!”

i’m kidding, but really. I guess as I get more and more tattoos I am approached less often about WHAT THEY MEAN, but then again it’s winter here, and my tattoos have been covered for the last blissful six months. 
However, occupy people as little or as much as you want. If people are demanding of a bigger reasoning behind your tattoos, engage them. Ask them why.
“Yeah, that’s weird, people always ask me what my tattoos mean; why is that?” 
Or hit them with a matter of fact reasoning. 
“Oh this tattoo? An artist I really like was traveling through a nearby city, and I wanted to get a little keep sake. I had a lot of fun, and made a new friend.”
blah blha.
Practice a dialogue where you’re not even talking about individual tattoos anymore, but more of less, why you’re even tattooed to begin with. I know that sounds like it could be *very* personal, but in my experience people are CURIOUS but also impatient (looking for that short answer, “THIS ROSE IS FOR MY GRANDMOM”) 
“What’s that tattoo MEAN?”
“Oh, this is just apart of my collection of tattoos, I’m working towards getting my entire arm done before next summer blah blah”
“So why the flowers?”
“I think flowers are beautiful and timeless; something I could never get sick of.”

and idk, maybe you could change someone’s perspective, and relieve yourself of that judgment by normalizing your thought process. 

or keep your headphones in, i do both. 

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Do you think going to the gym twice a day is smart? I saw Aubrey do it and is that how I can get a nice body?

I’ve written and rewritten and deleted a response to this, but here is my opinion:

Personally, I would not go to the gym twice a day. It would not be healthy for me, in my current mental state, to push my body to that point. I also, as a second semester senior with one job and aiming for another job, don’t have the time. It’s just not realistic for me. It’s not something I would do. What you choose to do is ultimately up to you.

Here’s another opinion:

There’s no such thing as one type of “nice” body. Everyone has a nice body. There’s no such thing as a “good” body and a “bad” body. You can get a fit body by working out different muscle groups, doing cardio, eating healthy, drinking water, and taking care of yourself. But you have a nice body now and will continue to have a nice body. Demonizing and sorting bodies into “nice” and “not nice” categories isn’t effective for anyone, especially you.

Work out because it makes you happy, not because you think you need to change your body. Work out because you want to be healthy and happy, please.

Heart Shaped Box. (Tom Holland.)

Requested – Yes. Here you go, Aaliyah! I’m sorry if this took a while, I had a lot of requests! @multihxe, hope you enjoy.

Prompt – Tom goes away for a while but he has a huge surprise in store for Aaliyah.

Warning – Nope, just cuteness. I think is one of my favorite imagines.

Words – 1,181.


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Rules: Answer the questions then tag people

1. Are you named after someone? Well, my name is technically from the Bible, but I think that’s just because my parents are religious and like the name.

2. When was the last time you cried? I can’t remember.

3. Do you like your handwriting? It’s been awhile since I wrote something by hand, but the last time I looked…my handwriting’s not bad it’s just a lot of times I think faster than I write so it’s kinda messy.

4. What is your favorite lunch meat? Turkey

5. Do you have kids? Not right now, I’m 19 I don’t want children now. One day definitely…

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Well, I guess that depends on my other personality, but probably not. My personality is an acquired taste to say the least.

7. Do you use sarcasm? Are you serious? It’s my first language…

8. Do you still have your tonsils? Nope. Not for over 10 years now.

9. Would you bungee jump? Yes, but someone might have to (literally) push me.

10. What is your favorite kind of cereal? Cinnamon Toast Crunch at the moment (but that often changes)

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Nope

12. Do you think you’re a strong person? Definitely

13. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? I once had this banana split ice cream, it was delicious. (It wasn’t a banana split, it was actual ice cream that tasted like a banana split)

14. What is the first thing you notice about people? I don’t spend enough time around people to really have an answer to this question.

15. What is your least favorite physical trait you have? Well, a few things but probably my lips. They’re so small and thin.

16. What color pants and shoes are you wearing right now? My pants are black, but I’m not wearing shoes, just socks.

17. What are you listening to right now? Thousand Eyes by Of Monsters and Men

18. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Rainbow

19. Favorite smell? Peaches

20. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? My dad…like a week ago because who talks on the phone anymore?

21. Favorite sport to watch? Quidditch…I don’t fucking watch sports, I think they’re stupid

22. Hair color? Medium brown

23. Eye color? Emerald green

24. Do you wear contacts? I have them, but I prefer my glasses.

25. Favorite food to eat? Barbecue (the food of the gods)

26. Scary movies or comedy? Comedy for sure. I’m a huge wimp.

27. Last movie you watched? Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

28. What color is your shirt right now? I was wearing a pink shirt, but then I spilled on it. Now, I’m wearing a light blue shirt.

29. Summer or winter? Neither. Where I live both seasons are terrible.

30. Hugs or kisses? Neither. I don’t really like being touched.

31. What book are you currently reading? Fan fiction…

32. Who do you miss right now? No one in my life to miss

33. What is on your mouse pad? I don’t have a computer also…how old is this dafuq?!

34. What is the last TV show you watched? Arrow

35. What is the best sound? Cats purring

36. Rolling Stones or The Beatles? I do love TRS, but I’m gonna have to go with The Beatles.

37. What is the furthest you have ever travelled? Well, I’ve been to both California and New York which are pretty much equally distant from Kansas (where I live). I also went to Ireland once, but I wasn’t old enough to appreciate it so it doesn’t count.

38. Do you have a special talent? Yes, of course! Everyone has special talents.

39. Where were you born? Kansas

I tag: Everyone

enneagram as people from kitchen nightmares

1: person who is dead set on changing nothing because that’s how their great grandfather ran the restaurant. gets offended when anyone implies anything they do is wrong

2: overly helpful spouse of the restaurant manager/owner who keeps getting yelled at by everyone and is always crying, or that one person that went to the hospital because of an incorrectly prepared lobster

3: person with REALLY ostentatious restaurant where everything is over complicated and Gordon Ramsey has to spend an entire day simplifying the menu

4: having a complete and utter meltdown when Gordon Ramsey insults their weird unheard of family recipes, or Amy from Amy’s Baking Company

5: know it all chef who is convinced they can do no wrong and everyone high key hates, or the one waitress that knows what she’s doing and seems to know more than everyone else combined

6 (p): manager/owner sitting panicking while Gordon Ramsey tastes their food

6 (cp): person that gets mad at Gordon Ramsey for pointing out something obvious, like the fact that food shouldn’t have mold on it

7: happy go lucky but slacking kitchen staff that inevitably ends up fired

8: Gordon Ramsey. Alternatively, restaurant owners that invite him to help and then get mad whenever he tries to change anything, or even simply exists in their restaurant

9: restaurant/owner that acts like he agrees with Gordon Ramsey to his face, then does nothing as soon as his back is turned

in another fandom i’m in, it was revelead that one of the fans was essentially a pedophile and preying on minors and making them extremely uncomfortable in their own spaces.

i know i’ve made a post previously about adults in typically younger fandoms, but i’m making it again because reading about that one person really disgusted me. i’ve decided to do it in a list.

  1. if you’re a minor, never be afraid to call out an adult who’s making you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, ever.
  2. if you ever feel as if you’re being threatened in any way, please know you can always @ me and i’ll definitely defend you.
  3. if you just plain out do not want to talk to someone bc of how old they are, that is totally fine and up to you. do what makes you feel comfortable.
    1. this includes me as well. i list my age on my bio, but for those unaware i was born in 1996, making me 21 this year. so if knowing this makes you not want to talk to me - that is 100% okay with me.
  4. minors, know that not everyone on here is out to be your friend. they may seem cool, but ulterior motives can definitely be present. be careful of what information you give out and never reveal too much.
  5. age is not just a number.
  6. @ adults: never take advantage of minors. don’t make them uncomfortable in their own spaces. they are kids. don’t taint the things they enjoy with your very presence.

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duo pls help i really wanna get involved in figuring out elr but i have no idea where to begin in solving the clues and i dont really understand how the haywood files work or where people are working it out together what do i do

In my personal experience, the best way to learn how to solve the clues is working with your community. There is the ELR Discord that @cockbiteproductions created,  there is the group that RT created with a built in chat room, and there is the subreddit that people have been working on since the episode went live for First members. Each of these links lead you to groups and community members who discuss and help each other out in figuring out the clues. So if you ever run into one and you can’t figure it out, give any of those a shot. Good luck!

Let’s do some major reaching for a laff/cry: as we can see nick was netflix n chill n currying on his laptop, not his tv, which suggests it was probably just one other person watching with him. He also mentions he and Harry being upstairs at some point last night bc the dog poo incident of 2017.

The only reasonable conclusion: nick and harry ate a curry and then lounged in bed after all snuggled up with pig and stinky bye 

[Update] To-Do List:

Originally posted by be-holder-com

So I got through what messages I was able. Whatever is left in there (as of right now) is just RP comments.

If your question didn’t get answered, all I can suggest is this:

  • Be simple. A long ask will result in me deleting it as it feels too intimidating to answer. I prefer to do just one or two character reactions than a whole list, because of my ADD.

  • Be understanding. I am one person, and I know I can get to some things when I so desire, but I do like to try and get to your comment/question/ect as quickly as possible so you’re not waiting a week for it.

I wish I had more than one person running this blog, but it sadly didn’t happen that way. D:

But please—understand even if I did delete anything you sent, I have nothing against you or your question. This is always my fear in deleting things. x~x; I don’t want people getting discouraged all because I deleted something. ♥

And I am sorry, @maddieautobot273 that your birthday gift will be late. Because of my illness and even going to bed super early last night because of some medicine I took, I didn’t get through what I meant to for your gift. Xx; I am usually punctual and very early with gifts, but seems my sickness wouldn’t let me be this time. xC It will be her birthday tomorrow. C: So be sure to wish her a happy one~

[Chosen by you]

Jacob Frye [40]/ Emmett Frye x Reader: Father verses Son – Continuation of Daddy Dearest where Emmett moves in with his father and the reader (his former lover), causing chaos. [NSFW] [Kinks: daddy kink/ masturbation/ voyeurism.]

Jacob Frye [40 y/o] x Reader: The Wet Nurse – an imagine where Jacob is left with his newborn daughter from a prostitute he had a tryst with. Hiring a wet nurse to aid in tending to his child so he can remain with the Creed, she is left trying to care for his child and be attentive to his needs. [NSFW]

Ezio Auditore da Firenze [Brotherhood] x Reader: Property of Roma – Finale of the prostitute series where the reader is the Courtesan being beat on by Santino with Ezio saving her. [Mando, mega big thanks, kawaiiassassino for giving me this thought and idea for his part months ago~!]

[Chosen by me]

[RQ] Haytham Kenway x (Assassin) Reader: Wrapped up in a Bind – Part of the interrogation series that will begin when the prostitute series ends. All will be sexually themed and probably have a BDSM/ bondage/ forcible vibe to them, so be warned of that. A request where Haytham is searching for information in regards to a precursor site, tracking down and tailing the reader to get her to speak of it…no matter what it takes. [Bondage/ BDSM/ NSFW] {Will be written to once Prostitute series is over}

*{RQ} Evie Frye x (female) Reader: Her Adventurous Lover – A story of Evie and her secret romance with another woman she rescued in the City of London. {NSFW} {kinks: toys, masturbation}

{RQ} Emmett Frye x Reader: Runaway – The reader ends up pregnant with Emmett’s child, causing her to run away as she fears the Assassin and Templar war her child may get caught up within.

{RQ}Jacob Frye x Reader: Out of One’s Skin – An experiment gone awry at Abstergo causes Jacob Frye to fall into present day. With the help of a woman who stumbles upon him outside of the corporation’s building, they try to find a way to get him back to where he was. {NSFW}

I will try to get to the Evie story before Friday this week, but we’ll see what happens!

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All of my love, dears, for your kindness, love, support, and your divine likes/ kudos/ comments/ reblogs. They all mean a lot~

~Oreana Galena

We Bring The Boys Out! (Ch.5)

Pairing(s): Will be revealed in time
Genre: College AU, Roommate AU, Comedy, Romance, SMUT (in the future), Fluff, & Angst
Words: 3,519
POV: 3rd Person

Previously: ch.1 | ch.2 | ch.3 | ch.4

What?! You Can’t Like Him?!


“It’s okay Kook. I know you didn’t do it on purpose. Honest mistake. It will be okay.” Taehyung told him, hoping his words would reassure his close friend.

Jungkook raised an eyebrow at Taehyung’s sudden maturity. Normally, he’s the one that usually acts childish with him, so this was pretty interesting to witness right this second.

Jungkook let out a long-defeated sigh, “I hope so man,” He began to head to boys’ showers and then stopped, “Also, I thought you should know that I saw Jey’s boobs,” He then gave him a thumb’s up, “You are pretty luck dude.” Jungkook finished, sending him a playful wink as he entered the showers.  

Taehyung stared absentmindedly at Jungkook’s back as it disappeared from his line of sight.

           “Wait… Pardon??”

Once the whole morning ordeal has subsided, and the girls have finally come out of their rooms, it was time to tackle their first set of classes. They quickly grabbed either a piece of fruit or a granola bar, something that was easy for them to eat while walking or in some of the girl’s cases, running to class. They all bid their farewells and went their separate ways.

Kim and Seokjin

Kim plugged in her earbuds and played her playlist that consisted of upbeat songs that always puts a smile on her face. Nearing close to the science building, Seokjin caught side of a familiar backpack and jogged right up to the person. He slowed down his pace as he neared the person. He lightened his steps so that the person doesn’t hear him stalking her from behind. As Seokjin closed the gap between them more and more with each step, he snuck up behind the person and lightly tapped the person’s shoulder.

Kim, easily startled, had a miniature panic attack. She quickly took out her earbuds, ready to swing a punch at the person who dared. She swiftly turned her heels, fury blazing from her eyes, but soon dropped her fist when she realized it was the one person she clearly did not want to see at that moment. She rolled her eyes and let out a small groan as she opened the classroom door.

           “Why are you following me?” She annoyingly asked as she observed Seokjin walk into the classroom as well.

Seokjin lightly chuckled as he set down his backpack on the table where Kim was going to be sitting for the rest of the semester.

           “Well, my dear princess, I happened to be in the same biology-chemistry class this semester as you. In case you forgotten, but our majors have certain classes that will eventually allow us to run into each other and take the same class. So, you’re in luck baby girl, you get to see my handsome face outside of the house.” Seokjin stated, smiling smugly and even shooting her a couple of winks that can make any girl swoon.

Kim angrily slammed her binder on the desk, “What did I do to deserve this torture? Like, was my past self an evil bitch and this is payback?” She angrily yet depressingly questioned as she continued to take out more of her school materials.

Seokjin pulled out the chair and sat down then began to take out his school materials and setting them neatly and gently on his side of the desk, compared to his desk mate.

           “You know you love me, princess. Why else would you snuggle me in the middle of the night,” He then leaned closer to her ear, “Even lightly caressing my chest. Your fingers gliding over my muscles and even a nipple.” He finished quietly, whispering seductively in her ear.

Kim felt chills down her spine. Even the tiny hairs on her neck were standing up from the lightness in his voice. She wasn’t going to admit this to him, but hearing his whispers made her slightly aroused. She closed the gap between her legs, as if they weren’t already closed enough, and cleared her throat.

Noticing her sudden shyness, Seokjin happily smirked to himself and leaned in his chair and began to surf on his phone until class began.

Alison and Hoseok

For this semester, Hoseok became an SI leader and T.A to an old dance professor of his that he took during his freshman year. He happily jammed to the newest song by Pharrell as he walked to the art building with a little bit of pep in his step. As he was merrily walking to the building, he noticed his roommate, Alison, on her phone and standing underneath a tree as if she was waiting for someone. Hoseok’s eyes slightly lit up at the sight of her. She looked like an angel as the rays from the sun hit her just perfectly, creating his holy aura around her. As he was about to change his direction from the art building to her, a guy walked up to her and lightly leaned over her shoulder. Alison let out a tiny scream as she felt a presence beside her. Hoseok stood at his current position as he watched the exchange between the two. Alison lightly smacked the man’s upper arm and began to jokingly yet annoyingly shout at him for scaring her.

           “I’m sorry Ali girl. You just look so peaceful, so I saw that as the perfect opportunity to scare you,” He lowered his head and mustered the cutest yet most pitiful expression he could, “Do you forgive me?” He asked cutely, even batting his eyes at her.

Alison grimaced playfully from the sight of her boyfriend being overly cute.  She decided to take a little revenge on him.

           “Hmm… I don’t know Will. I mean I can easily replace you with my roommate. You know Jung Hoseok, right? He’s part of the fraternity that is “brothers” with my sorority and since he has to live with us and—” Before Alison could continue her revenge, which was make her boyfriend jealous because it always amused her to see him go from this happy-go-lucky person to a jealous puppy, her boyfriend captured her face in his hands and firmly placed his lips onto hers. Pouring every ounce of love, he had for her into it. Alison giggled into the kiss, even lightly sweeping her tongue across his bottom lip. Will’s eyebrow slightly raised as he instantly knew what his babe was thinking. He sighed into her assault on his bottom lip. Lightly nibbling and grazing it with her teeth. Not wanting to deal with her cute little assault any longer, he darted his tongue into her precious mouth. Exploring every crevice inside, not giving a damn if he was still able to taste that apple she ate earlier. Alison let out a tiny moan as his tongue massaged hers as she felt something stir within the pit of her stomach. Will pulled her even closer to his body as if he was scared that she was going to disappear from his touch. Finally needing a breath of fresh air, Alison broke their contact, letting out a tiny giggle as she sees her lip gloss smeared on his lips and the skin around it. She raised her hand to lightly rub it off before they headed off to dance class. Will intertwined their fingers with one another and happily escorted his lady to their class.

           “Oh Hoseok! I didn’t know you were taking this too! Isn’t this more for the intermediate level students though? What are you doing here?” Alison questioned after catching sight of him standing near the entrance into the practice room. Hoseok silently cursed at himself. He hurriedly plastered his signature 100-watt smile before turning to the happy couple and answering.

Madelyn and Yoongi

For Yoongi, after what had occurred earlier in the house, he was more than happy to get a little bit of peace and quiet while walking to the class he will be an SI leader for. It’s essentially tutoring, but he earns way more than the average tutor. He wasn’t complaining. While walking to the music hall, Yoongi’s eyes honed onto a familiar set of hair. His eyebrows slightly perked up at the sight of his roommate. He questioned whether he should approach the girl or not, but as he was about to make a firm decision, another boy joined her side. Yoongi let out an annoyed scoff once he registered who it was. Park Chanyeol. The person who he considers his equal when it comes to music. In every music showcase, those two would always try to one up each other. Continuing their tiny quest on who’s the better musician between them.

           “Yoongi!” Madelyn happily greeted, smiling sweetly at the boy.

Yoongi smiled slightly at the sound of her voice, even noticing that her voice sounded a bit perky. He took a mental note of that as he gave her a tiny head nod, acknowledging that he heard her greeting.

Madelyn smiled at Chanyeol and bid him a farewell. Chanyeol returned the sweet smile and told her that he will see her around the music hall.

           “So, what are you doing here? I thought you fulfilled your requirement for your arts and humanities class?” Yoongi questioned, trying to make some small talk between the two as they coincidentally walked in the same direction.

Madelyn turned her head slightly to give him her semi-full attention.

           “Well, I just fell in love with music after that introductory class, so I thought to myself, why not minor in it?” She replied, explaining why she was back in the music hall.

Yoongi hummed in response and nodded his head.

           “You picked a good subject to minor in, Mads. Music is a good department, and I’m not just saying that because I am music major myself and happened to work for this department.” He said as they drew closer to the classroom where she would be a student in and he would be helping the professor with tutoring.

Madelyn noticed him opening the door and raised an eyebrow.

           “I didn’t know that you were in this class. Wait, why? Aren’t you of senior standing? What are you doing taking music theory II?” Madelyn questioned, finding it rather odd that with his intelligence and talents, Yoongi is taking a basically a beginners’ course.

Yoongi chuckled lowly, finding Madelyn kind of amusing and a little cute with her constant questions. He also found it rather amusing that she didn’t catch his little nickname.

           “Well, to kill all the birds with one stone, Mads. I’m going to be an SI for this class.” Yoongi stated lowly, sending slight shivers down Madelyn’s spine.

Madelyn stared blankly at Yoongi as he patted her head lightly and headed inside the classroom.

           “Wait what?” She questioned, registering his words in her mind.

Maddie and Jaebum

Maddie glanced at her watch every other minute to see gauge how much time she has left before she has to break into a sprint in order to make it to her Japanese class on time. Seeing that she only had ten minutes left to make it to class before her professor arrived, Maddie quickened her pace and basically ran up the staircase that led to the floor where her classroom resided in. As she reached the top of the stairs, she noticed a familiar back walk in front of her classroom door, open it, and enter inside. Wondering if it is indeed the person she was thinking of, Maddie practically ran the rest of the way. Her feet skidded a little on the tile floor as she finally reached the door with a few minutes to spare before her professor arrived. She opened the classroom door and casually walked inside. Trying to calm her beating heart and rapid breathing as Maddie tried to find an empty seat. First day of class is the day everyone magically shows up. Seeing an open seat in the front, she hurriedly walked to that seat before anyone else can magically show up and claim it as their own.

           “Oh, hey Maddie.” A familiar deep voice greeted beside her.

She turned to see who it was and low and behold, it was her roommate back at the sorority house, Jaebum.        

           “Jaebum? I didn’t know you’re taking Japanese this year. I thought you fulfilled your language requirement already?” She questioned the boy, pondering what a boy who is already of junior standing is taking a Japanese 101 class.

Jaebum let out a long sigh as he looked away from his phone to answer his roommate, that he’s currently feeling emotions for. What type of emotions? He wasn’t sure, yet.

           “I put off fulfilling my language requirement because I wanted to focus on becoming a business major and getting my feet wet with my business centered classes. Now that I have, here I am fulfilling that stupid language requirement.” Jaebum explained, still finding the school’s language requirement stupid in his opinion.

Maddie giggled at the clear annoyed tone of voice that was coming from Jaebum’s vocal chords. She playfully poked his cheek and when he expressed no negative or positive emotion on his face, she took that as a sign to continue her silly antics.

Jaebum feeling his ears turn slightly red at the sudden physical contact, he quickly cleared his throat and glanced at Maddie.

           “Can you please stop touching me?” Jaebum politely requested but secretly liking it.

Maddie smiled smugly yet playfully, “Why? Does it bug you, Jaebum?” She teased, continuing with her light poking of his semi-squishy cheeks.

Jaebum let out a low growl but before he could answer, the door opened and a cheerful voice echoed throughout the walls of the room.

           “Good morning class!! Welcome to Japanese 101!” the loud voice greeted excitingly in Japanese. The professor set his messenger bag on the chair as he quickly surveyed the many blank stares from his students.

           “Oh Maddie? Nice to see you again!” the professor stated happily, flashing the girl a 100-watt smile that caused all the girls in the classroom, including Maddie herself, to sigh dreamily.

Jaebum noticed the smitten expression that Maddie was displaying and raised an eyebrow at her. One thing was certain in his mind now, he did not like Maddie looking at their professor like that.

Back with Kim and Seokjin

Seokjin was currently glaring daggers at the professor. When it was revealed that the professor was the one and only heartthrob of the science majors, Cho Kyuhyun, Seokjin did not like it at all. It also didn’t help that Kyuhyun seemed to have a little crush on Kim and didn’t make it a priority to hide it from everyone else.

           “Can he please act like he’s a professor? All those pick-up lines are clearly unprofessional,” Seokjin quickly turned Kim around, “And I don’t like how he’s eyeing your body up and down as if he was imagining what you look like naked and lying underneath him.” He ranted, gradually angering himself even more at the mere thought of Kim and Kyuhyun sleeping together.

Kim stared blankly at the overly protective and paranoid boy, blinking her eyes here and there.

           “Uh…what?” She questioned, wondering why Seokjin is acting like a mad man.

Seokjin angrily ran his hand through his hair, trying his hardest to not blow up on the woman of his dreams. He let out a long and angry sigh before banging his head on the counter where their work station is located at. Kim began to look around the room, hoping their fellow colleagues weren’t paying attention to the drama that occurring. Seokjin continued to lightly bang his head on the counter, hoping that the small twinges of pain would erase the anger that was bubbling inside of him. Kim continued to look confused and a little helpless, feeling unsure on how to calm her lab partner and roommate.

           “Everything alright here?” Kim heard their professor, Kyuhyun, ask from behind them. Kim flinched a little bit, not liking to be snuck up from behind. She calmed her rapidly beating heart before turning around to answer him.

           “Everything is okay, professor,” She then gestured to Seokjin, who was sending glares at him, “I think my lab partner, Seokjin, isn’t feeling well. Maybe I should take him to the health center.” She politely and kindly suggested, shocking both Kyuhyun and Seokjin at the warmness that was lingering in her tone of voice.

Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow, “Well, this isn’t high school anymore Miss Kim. You guys are free to leave this class and lab anytime. Just know the consequences of missing out on any class session, especially since it is the first day back in the semester.” He advised, smiling warmly at Kim only and not really caring for Seokjin.

Kim smiled politely and looked back at Seokjin, “I know professor. I honestly do not want my lab partner to be ill, and I need him to be in the best shape if I want to pass your class.” She explained, revealing her true reasons for wanting to take care of Seokjin but also masking some of the romantic feelings that are threatening to come out.

Seokjin smirked at her explanation, feeling that there is even a deeper meaning behind her reasons. He then lifted his head up from the counter and smiled smugly at their professor.

           “It’s okay, professor Cho. I am miraculously feeling much better and willing to work on this lab exercise,” Seokjin then forcibly pulled Kim closer to her, causing her to slightly tense up from the sudden skin contact, “Plus, I want don’t want to be the reason that she fails this class.” He finished, feeling suddenly possessive over her as Kyuhyun continued to eye her with pure interest.

Kyuhyun smiled professionally at the two, “Well, I’ll leave it to you then.” He said, bidding the pair farewell as he went off to help a student that was patiently waiting for him.

Kim stood frozen, unsure what to do about being Seokjin’s embrace.

           “I don’t like him.” He blurted out before getting back to work, leaving a complete confused Kim trying to make heads or tails of what just happened.

Back with Alison and Hoseok

Hoseok sat on the stage that in the practice room, watching the dance students go over the dance moves that they had just learned from the instructor. He kept his eyes glued on two specific students. Alison and her boyfriend, Will Jay. For some reason, he couldn’t erase the image of them two making out from his mind. He continuously had a mental battle between what the logical side of him was telling him and then what the emotional side of him was saying as well. Logical side was telling him that he shouldn’t feel any forms of jealousy for a girl he barely even knows. Emotional side was telling that side to shut the hell up and let him feel jealous and other crazy emotions. Yeah, today was not a good day to be Jung Hoseok.

           “Oh Hoseok? Can you please go around the practice room and see if any of the students need help or advise? I need to pop in my office for a quick second and pick up something from my wife. Apparently, she left me something that I absolutely need right this second.” The dance instructor, Jay Park, amusingly announced to the class before running out of the room. Hoseok nodded at his instructions and hopped down from his “seat”. He casually walked between the rows of students, who were busy working on their isolations and popping, observing their movements. He would even help the ones that were struggling a bit one-on-one. Unfortunately, when he got to the row where Alison and Will happened to be, he tried his hardest to contain the green-eyed monster that was threatening to come out.

           “You’re doing it wrong.” Hoseok said cockily, tilted his slightly as he eyed the lover boy with pure jealously.

Will looked confused and at the same time, slightly offended since he’s been dancing way before taking classes at the university. Will tilted his head as well, eyeing the clearly jealous Hoseok up and down as he wondered why he was even questioning Alison’s loyalty. Hoseok doesn’t seem too much of a threat to him so there was no need to worry about this man taking Alison away from him.

           “How am I doing it wrong?” Will asked nicely yet rudely at the same.

Alison instantly felt the tension rise between the two and swiftly placed herself in between them before anything bad happens.

           “How’s everything going kiddos? Everyone getting the hang of popping and isolations? It’s fairly not that difficult once you get the hang of it.” Everyone heard their dance instructor said as he entered the room again.

Hoseok and Will stared intensely at one another, trying to intimidate the other, before looking away.

Alison stared at the two men, feeling both confused and a bit helpless in this situation. In a situation where perhaps two men will be fighting over one woman.

           “What should I do?”

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I came out to my friend today and she didn't really know what bisexuality was but after I explained it she said 'why can't you hurt pick one' and that kinda stung. She's really nice though and I don't know what to do?

since she’s just learning about it then hopefully you can teach her that it doesn’t work like that and she’ll understand, but if she doesn’t learn and is just biphobic then it’s up to you. personally, i wouldn’t be friends with somebody who didn’t accept my sexuality, but some people are friends and just choose not to talk about it. so it’s kind of your decision.

3rd Story’s key visual.

their new costume looks cool. is it for their new song? i can’t wait


why is no one laughing? everyone looks so serious. and yamato. stop that look pls im scared. even nagi doesn’t smile at all. they said the 3rd story will reveal more about nagi. NAGII…

ALSO why is it only tamaki who turns his back here? what are going to do in the 3rd story, tamaki. like usual im overthinking but im worried. WHYY TAMAKIIII

AND. and, why is it raining? whyy is it raining?? what is going on? idolish7 staff always pay attention to details. and they give us this picture as the 3rd story’s key visual, but this pic kinda gives me bad vibes. omg. i hope im overthinking this

here’s a neat trick you can do if you’re really into gaslighting abuse survivors: claim you have proof that they said something they never said, link to a post where the demonstratably do not say this thing for a hot second, and then before anyone has the chance to go through all the links you’ve cited as proof and point out that they don’t prove what you say they prove, delete the links and claim that the person deleted the posts you were referencing, even if she actually did not delete anything! Now no one can say you’re lying, because even though you are openly, shamelessly lying through your fucking teeth, you’ve claimed that you proved you weren’t lying, and in order for her to prove that the posts are still there she’d have to like, know which posts of hers you linked to, and there’s no way for her to tell because you deleted the links, and anyway you’ve blocked her claiming that she was “harassing” you despite the fact that she has had contact with you once in the past like, three months. 

Honestly, I haven’t been this psyched for an ep since the Malec ep in season 1. I can’t rn. So emotional already. In fact, I don’t know what to do with myself.

And if there is not one working livestream tonight I am seriously going to punch something. Really hard, I swear.