but what are you doing to that poor kitty ):

More kittens!


When he saw you enter your shared room with a box, he knew something was going on. “Darlin’, what’s in that box?” he followed you into the kitchen where you put the box on the kitchen island. “Nothing!” you turned around and attempted to hide the box behind your back.

“That doesn’t look like nothin’“ he furrowed his eyebrows. “Well, it is. Just an empty box, that’s all” you lied. Jesse moved closer as he kept his eyes on you, “Darlin’… What’s in the box?”.

You looked away defeatedly as he pulled the box from behind you and opened it. “Cats?” he looked at you. “I found them on the streets and they were abandoned by someone!” you defended the poor creatures.

Jesse sighed, “We’ll get them to a vet tomorrow, ‘kay? Then we’ll see what we’re gonna do with these little creatures”.


He was asleep by the time you got home so you figured you could sneak the box back out before he woke up.

If only the kittens weren’t old enough to climb.

But they needed a source of warmth and they eventually found Reinhardt

Needless to say, he was pretty confused. Until he saw the box and you laying next to him.

Of course he could expect you to do this. He didn’t mind, the kitties were adorable and they clearly loved him too.

He was afraid of petting them, though. After all, his hands were huge! At least they loved to rub against his beard.

These kittens would have to stay here for a while, clearly.

✦ ————– Oliver & Company Sentence Starters.

’ Where’s the kid? ’
’ Oh, that poor little kid. ’
’ He/she must still be in the car, man! ’
’ You were supposed to keep an eye on him/her, _____! ’
’ Well, it’s hard to watch anything when you’re getting barbecued, man! ’
’ Hey, man, if this is torture, chain me to the wall. ’
’ Girl/boy, we’ve got work to do. ’
’ So when are we gonna eat? ’
’ I hate to break it to ya, but the dynamic duo is now the dynamic uno. ’
’ What I mean is, our partnership is herewith dissolved. ’
’ But, wait! Wait. You’re not being fair! ’
’ Fares are for tourists, kid. ’
’ Consider it a free lesson in street savoir faire from New York’s coolest quadruped. ’
’ I know you’re growing attached to the little fellow, but do try to understand. ’
’ Your parents left me responsible for you. ’
’ They won’t mind. Really. Don’t worry, kitty. I’ll take care of you. ’
’ Rise and shine, ______. Your public awaits. ’
’ You wanna leave? Fine! There’s the door. ’
’ And do you have any idea whose home this is? ’
’ Hey, man, you’re ugly! And you’re uglier than him! ’
’ My days are numbered, and the number is three. ’
’ What kind of work do we do anyway? ’
’ Didn’t you read about us in the Wall Street Journal? ’
’ Three sunrises. Three sunsets. Three days. ’
’ Three? Oh, you mean, just three days? ’
’ Oh, my goodness! Oh, I’m having a bad day! ’
’ Whoa! Chill out, man. I don’t eat cats. It’s too much fur. ’
’ What you talkin’ about, man? That’s a primo wallet, man. ’
’ You insulted my pride, and this means death! ’
’ I have your hearts and you have my pity. ’
’ The crowd’s hustling. The traffic’s roaring. The hot dogs are sizzling. ’
’ I love a story with food in it. ’
’ Now, I lent you some money, and I don’t see it. ’
’ Do you know what happens when I don’t see my money? ’
’ People get hurt. People like you get hurt. ’
’ People get hurt. People like you get hurt. Do I make myself clear? ’
’ Good show. Now all we need is a net and a tennis court. ’
’ Do you think this place is big enough? ’
’ Get away from me, you little bug-eyed creep! ’
’ And what kind of person would steal an innocent little kitty? ’
’ He might be up against a stone wall, at the end of his rope. ’
’ He must have been a poor, desperate man. ’
’ It’s still wrong. I’m scared. I don’t know what to do. ’
’ It’s newspaper burritos for breakfast again, man. ’
’ All right! That does it! You yo-yos clear out and I mean now! ’
’ I just wanted some of the hot dogs I helped him get. ’
’ He’s a spy, man! Come on, let’s eat him! ’
’ Is this us losing our sense of humor? ’
’ Don’t you come any closer! I knew this would happen someday. ’
’ Oh, you’ve barking up the wrong tree, sister. It’s not you we’re after. ’
’ It’s not? Well why not? What’s the problem, Spot? ’
’ Not good enough for you? I mean, do you even know who I am? ’
’ Oh, and we’re all very impressed. Right, guys? ’
’ I don’t have time for long goodbyes, but here’s something to remember me by, baby. ’
’ Did we bring something green and wrinkly to make ______ happy? ’
’ It’s sweet and simple, the plan… Let me start over again. ’
’ If you don’t have my money… ’
’ Please, stop! Your money’s coming tonight! ’
’ Well, looks like you’re doing all right for yourself. ’
’ We’ll keep a spot open in the gang for ya. ’
’ Hey, keep it down, guys. The game’s on. ’
’ Isn’t it rather dangerous to use ones entire vocabulary in a single sentence? ’
’ I don’t think you grasp the severity of the situation. ’
’ Oh, no, I grasp it. See? This is how I grasp. ’
’ This city’s got a beat, and you gotta hook into it. ’
’ Well, it’s nice to see that one of you has some manners. ’
’ Hey, no way, man! I’ve been barbecued too many times! ’
’ Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to work we go… ’
’ Well, there were a few smudges on it, okay! ’
’ Why should I worry? Why should I care? ’
’ I may not have a dime, but I’ve got street savoir-faire. ’
’ It’s just be-bopulation, but I’ve got street savoir-faire. ’
’ You can own this town and you can wear the crown! ’
’ But I’m warning you, kid.. ’
’ One minute I’m in central park, then on down the street. ’
’ I drew a perfectly good map. ’
’ I went outside the line with a green crayon, but not much. ’
’ Good luck, _______. I’ll be waiting. ’
’ Hey, get off my back woman. I’m driving. ’
’ And once you get the beat, you can do anything. ’
’ Come on, let’s see this big, bad kitty fight in action! ’
’ Yeah, you’re starting to think big. ’
’ They’re coming with the money I owe you to get their cat back! ’
’ And why would a cat follow a dog? ’
’ Pretty is nice, but still it’s just pretty. ’
’ I want you to keep one thing in mind. Dead men do not buy dog food! ’
’ Everything from the doorknobs down is mine! ’

Well, you know… After the final episode, I always wanted to put this beautiful music for Samurai Jack, for good reasons… But… I don’t know…

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

I don’t know what to say, maybe… I’m sad, happy, concerned, well, very, very awful for Jack… Really, my poor cute cinnamon roll T-T (Bitch, shut the fuck up! Oh, hell no!)

Ok, ok, people calm down, calm down!!

I made a list of all good things about each episode of SJ

  1. Episode I - A super badass intro with a samurai driving a metal horse of hell (Holy shit, The Ultimate Samurai)
  2. Episode II - The Ecstasy of Gold (yes dude, best part!)
  3. Episode III - “The decisions you make and the actions that follow are a reflection of who you really are”
  4. Episode IV - Pffff… “I like the back fur!” Oh, and the bug scene (Daughter Ashi loves Ladybug LOL)
  5. Episode V - Tiny Ashi, the Creepy Guy and more Stylish Jack
  6. Episode VI - “Never Forget Samurai Jack” and Ashi’s Beautiful Transformation (TinkerBell or some Sailor Moon costume)
  7. Episode VII - Tea Time or Cha-no-you… Oh, right… R.I.P Jack’beard (Dammit whyyyy???)
  8. Episode VIII - Uhhh… Damnit… Well, Jack’s fish-shaped head and he still is a cute cinnamon role? (Huh? Well yeah, I think)
  9. Episode IX - Ahhh… WTF?! So Aku it’s the REAL father of Ashi?!! Well, I did not see that coming… ¡Ah, yeah, turu-tututuru! R.I.P Scaramouch
  10. Episode X - OMFG, THE BEST FUCKING BATTLE OF THE FUCKING YEAR, YUUUUSSSSS!! (Oh, wait, If Aku dies… then that means Ashi never existed… oh, ok) (Oh, shit)

Huh, I really feel awful for Jack, cuz at the end, he lost the only person who mattered to him, and who he knew as for… ten episodes (weeks maybe? Ugh, I don’t fucking now). Wow, it was really an unexpected twist, but… That does not change MY perspective. I mean, I feel very, very, VERY bad for him… But I did not shed a tear at the last moment, yes, poor Jack, poor Ashi, Jesus, somehow I already knew it… 

I hate to be right.

I’m sorry for all people who likes Jashi, but… whoops, all we knew (or maybe not) from the first episode that once Jack defeated Aku, the future would change. And actually I don’t know how others are feeling this morning… dissapointing? angry? sad? happy? HOLY FUCKING JESUS, STOP.

Yes, I might have hoped for a better ending, with a super battle that really impressed me (Fucking seriously dude???) (No bitch, no, you just don’t understand but watching all the people that Jack gave them hope made me scream of happiness).

I personally would have seriously preferred that the final battle be commanded by King Jack and his first-chapter clothes (yes honey, like The Ultimate Samurai), along with the Scotsman and his daughters, along with Ashi wearing his white kimono and her own weapons (as well as having her onion-shaped hair) and along with everyone Jack has met against Aku… Just like the final comic… NOT A VERY FAST ENDING OR A FUCKING WEDDING… OMG, seriously?! Just one minute and everything went to hell… Are you kidding me?? 

Originally posted by y0ur-makeup-is-terrible

The other thing is that I feel very bad for Ashi, because I think she deserved more opportunities, she is a very lovely character, and although most of the fandom is crying because she “died”, I still think she was a great help for Jack, romantically (uggghh) or as a daughter (yup, that’s me). 

At the end Jack was able to achieve his goal, and that should matter.


Well, even if this is over, I will still ship Samurai Bravo, I will still see Ashi as a daughter for Jack, I WILL still love gay couples, the world it’s gonna kill me, but hey… Even if we do not match between… kind of ships (if I dare to say), I feel great because Samurai Jack has had the best and sad end deserved after so long. (If you don’t like that, you can kiss my ugly ass)


xxluluelix replied to your post “have you thought about cat!tony and panther!t'challa? tony…”

Aw! And cats really do organize themselves by color at times. Mine do it plenty. That is just precious! They all just want to cuddle Tony! And the fact that they knew he was so touch starved was like “what the hell are the Americans doing!? It takes a village and we would never let one of ours get like this”

Little do they know that Tony was fucked up even before he met the Rhodey.

(”Lemme tell you about the time he ate a tuna fish sandwich with moldy bread,” Rhodey starts one day, and Tony shouts “Are you ever going to let that go?!” “No,” Rhodey says, and the damage has been done, the Wakandans are horrified. This poor little kitty. So neglected he ate moldy bread. “…He wasn’t neglected, he was unobservant,” Rhodey growls, because he was there and had actually kept Tony from doing a lot of stupid things, thank you very much.)

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Can I request reader convinsing Junkrat, Lúcio, Zenyatta and Roadhog(if it isn't too much) to keep a basket of kittens, please?



Junkrat doesn’t really like animals, so when you kept trying to convince him to keep the kittens, he kept denying.

“But look at how cute they are!” you pouted, holding one close to his face. “No, sheila. I don’t like those little rats” he crossed his arms, looking away from the cute little creature. Gasping, you cuddled the kitten close, “How dare you?! These little cute kittens are not rats! They are the cutest little things in the world!”.

Jamison rolled his eyes. “Please?” you childishly pouted, “They really like you!”. He kept trying to ignore the little kitties but eventually he gave in, “Fine!”.

“Thank you!” you cheered, hugging him.


Lùcio held one of the kittens close, “Hey there, fella”. “Wow, I thought this would take longer” you muttered. “Why? Look at ‘em… They’re so adorable” your boyfriend cooed as he looked at a kitten.

“So… We’re gonna keep them?” you bit your lip. “Duh! As long as I can name half of them” he petted the kitty who’d later be known as ‘Fro’ (Lúcio almost called the poor kitten Frog but you stopped him… Maybe made it worse)


As he held up one of the kittens, he turned his head. He caught them trying to play with his orbs and he had never seen creatures like them before.

“And what are you trying to do?” he calmly asked as he held a black kitten close to his face.

At that moment, you entered the room. “Oh… Surprise?” you muttered. “Hello. I found these playing with my orbs” he announced.

And suddenly you couldn’t help but laugh. “What’s wrong?” he asked in concern, still holding the kitten close. “They…. They were playing with your balls” you breathed out



“What’s in that box?” he asked. With wide eyes, you shook your head, “Nothing!”. Without hesitation, he pulled the box towards him and opened it. “What the…?” he frowned.

You nervously laughed, “Erm… Happy first of July?”. “Where did they come from?” he asked as he picked three up and held them in one hand.

“I found them… They were abandoned by someone” you sighed to which he replied, “Do you want to keep them?”. You nodded and he sighed, “Fine. They’re close to little pigs anyway”.

falloutdreamer  asked:

akuatsu + kitten [drabble ideas]

thank you so much for the request! hope you enjoy. c:

akuatsu - kitten - 443 words

Akutagawa almost couldn’t believe this was happening.

Well, he could. This was the man-tiger after all. He was ridiculous in most things and even on a stake-out, this was no exception. More the facial expressions and sounds he was making towards the tiny creature was what had him dumbfounded. 

He kept having to cover his mouth from pure second-hand embarrassment. How one could make such a fool of himself at the expense of a simple kitten was beyond his understanding. 

“Look at that precious little face,” Atsushi cooed to the tiny silver thing. He cupped his hand around its head and rubbed gently at it’s ear, “How could anyone say ‘no’ to that pretty face?”

He fed it tiny scraps of their dinner while Akutagawa continued to look on in either horror or enchantment. Even he was unsure which emotion it was. “What are you doing?” his voice was laced with disgust.

Atushsi looks up with, a dazed look in his eyes like he’s still lost in the cuteness of the little kitten. “You’re keeping an eye right? And this poor little kitty is out all by himself… There’s no problem in keeping him company.” A smile plays on Atsushi’s lips for a moment and an emotion rather like pity flashes in his eyes. He goes back to entertaining the cat.

‘Alone’… ‘Keep him company’… Akutagawa understood for a moment why Atsushi was so entertained. Lonely and abandoned. Did he truly identify with a cat?

“Yeah, you like the tuna, don’t you?” Atushsi says in a childish voice, eyes sparkling as he watches the kitten take the food from him.

Akutagawa has to cover his mouth again and avert his eyes as a flurry of feeling hits him square in the chest. I… want to protect that face… he thought before he could get that feeling in check. 

He flushed completely and had to turn away to scan the horizon. He’s embarrassed by his own line of thinking. ‘Protect him’? What is he thinking. The man-tiger was his enemy, someone he needed to kill…

But still, the thought lingered as he turned to look at Atsushi once more. He wanted to protect that smile and that gleam in his eyes. He wanted to protect Atsushi and the joy in him right there in that moment. 

Akutagawa had to grab at the ruffles on his chest and tug at them, trying to calm the warm feelings in his heart. But they didn’t leave, in fact they only got worse as Atsushi turns to look at him.

“Is something wrong?” Atsushi asks, looking more perplexed or angered than concerned. 

Akutagawa looked down so he didn’t have to match his gaze. “No.” 


Sobs, this Meowmeow knows how to comfort my poor soggy heart. This lil’ kitty cat always drop by my place before I go to work and after I come home from work. BTW! Comic in colour now! What do you think? Huehuehue

PS: Yes I’m calling it Meow Meow now

Chapter 5 - Acceptance To The Akuma

Adrien was extremely concerned for his kwami, especially since he didn’t know where the black cat had gone! Of course he knew that he had gone to Ladybug’s home, but who she was was a mystery. He crinkled his brow in worry. Maybe Plagg ran into trouble…

Whatever was happening, it was not good. He finished his homework, chewing on the rubber end of his pencil, and now and then glancing out the window, waiting patiently for his kwami to arrive.

Once done, the pressure got to him and he slammed his textbook shut. He slid on his chair to his giant three screen computer. With his eyebrows knitted together, he typed in the word:

L a d y b l o g

He knew that Alya would know anything about Ladybug. He sometimes thought that Alya knows even more than him, and tried to talk about Ladybug to her all the time. He talked about Ladybug to Marinette, and even tried to fish compliments for himself as his alter ego to Marinette who he saved from the villlian Evillustrator.

The Ladyblog was filled with chats about how mean Ladybug was acting. He saw Alya defending her idol in many of the chats, usually trashing about how bad the villians were. But then one chat caught Adrien’s attention.

It was Marinette’s account on the Ladybug. She sent something to ChatNoir’s account. He was surprised, because everyone thought that his ChatNoir account was fake. The only one who knew it was real was Ladybug.

He was a bit worried to click the message, especially considering how mean Marinette had been lately. Knowing her now, she’d probably send her a virus that would harm his computer. Uneasily, he dragged the arrow toward the icon.

“A video?” he thought aloud. His eyes widened when he saw the thumbnail. Ladybug in Marinette’s home, her hand wrapped around his kwami, strangling the poor black cat.

He clicked play immediately.

“You know ChatNoir, you’re quite pathetic! Sending this little pip-squeak to me!” Ladybug cackled. “Lucky I’m transformed, but soon, you won’t be, face me in your civilian form, and I’ll crush you!”

She squeezed the kwami, you choked and coughed violentely.

“Plagg!” Adrien cried. He felt like a part of him was ripped off. He stared at his ring in surprise. The ring must have caused whatever pain Plagg was feeling. With a trembling hand, he took off his ring, clutching a fistful of his shirt. “Sorry Plagg…at least it won’t hurt anymore…”

The pain immediately disappeared and jumped onto his computer, typing up an angry message to Ladybug.

Marinette and ChatNoir Are In A Conversation.

ChatNoir: I don’t know what you are doing on poor Marinette’s account, or what you’ve done with my kwami, but leave Marinette alone! What have you done to her?

Marinette: What a quick answer ChatNoir, you must truly love stalking me.

ChatNoir: Cut the crap, Ladybug. What have you done with Marinette? Why is she acting so different?

Marinette: Ah, what an angry kitty I have in my hands. A very oblivious kitty as well, how funny!

ChatNoir: I’m here straight to the point.

Marinette: Very well, I’ll tell you what I have done with Marinette, while you tell me where Plagg has gone.

ChatNoir: I took my ring off. For a good reason as well, Plagg doesn’t need to survive you’re torture anymore.

Marinette: Ah, torture? What an arrogant way to put it, ChatNoir. Not torture, as you say, but I say ‘Getting Information’ is better.

ChatNoir: I don’t care what you think about. Tell me what you did with Marinette.

Marinette: Hmm…Marinette? Never heard of her…

ChatNoir: Don’t play innocent, or I will become furious. Absolutely furious.

Marinette: Ooh, how exciting that sounds! Well, furious kitty, tell me why Marinette is acting so different?

ChatNoir: She’s…not the bubbly girl she was before. It’s as if something’s taken over her…

Marinette: We have a winner! It’s ChatNoir! And what’s his prize?


Marinette has left the conversation.

Adrien looked down at the ring, which was not next to his keyboard, on it’s side. He grabbed the ring and placed it on his finger again, his kwami appearing by his side once again.

“Plagg! Oh my goodness! I never imagined how happy I am to see you again!” Adrien cried, tears pricking his eyes.

Plagg responded with a weak smile.

“Adrien…Ladybug’s after you.” Plagg said. “In the only way she knows how to defeat you.”

Adrien’s eyes widened. “What…are you talking about?”

“The only way she can defeat you is by knowing your civilian identity. Your civilian form is your weakest, so she’s out to get you.”

“But…why?” Adrien asked, his shoulders slumping in defeat.

“Power.” Plagg replied. “What every villian wants.”

“Ladybug isn’t a villian! She didn’t kill anyone…”

“Adrien, she wanted me to find you to kill you.” Plagg said. “She threatened me with needles in Marinette’s room.”

Adrien placed his hands in his face, hiding his tears that kept spilling out. He cried and cried. He had never cried so much. The last time he did that…

Was when his mother left.


Plagg knew that though Tikki is akumatized, he still respected her, and knew that saying Ladybug’s identity to Adrien would give him guilt. He stayed inside Adrien’s blue satchel, his green eyes spying the courtyard for Marinette.

“Plagg, are you searching for something?” Adrien asked.

Plagg sighed before looking up at his owner. “No…it’s nothing Adrien…just look for Marinette…or something.”

Adrien frowned, knowing it wasn’t Plagg’s nature for saying things like that, but ignored it and continued to walk into the school.


“You were so right Tikki! He was totally pathetic!” Marinette laughed.

Tikki laughed along, then stopping for a second to remember Plagg’s green eyes, pleading for help. She shook her head, her eyes snapping a dark purple.

Marinette yawned, throwing her arms in the air.

“I think I’ll go to school today, people need to give me attention after all!” Marinette grinned.

“Definitely!” Tikki agreed. “That’s a great idea!”


Hawkmoth’s lair was crawling with butterflies, and he felt the power of Marinette’s emtions within him. He grinned malisciously, enjoying how slowly, the girl beneath the akumas was slowly fading away.

“Another akuma would make it even more painful!” He laughed. “How lovely this simple plan is turning out to be! With all the akumas possessing her, ChatNoir would not bear her company and desert her!”

He clenched the butterfly in his hand, the emotions of Antibug possessing it. He released his hand, before letting the dark butterfly flying to the Dupain-Cheng bakery.


“Marinette!” Tikki cried. “There’s another akuma flying toward you!”

“Oh great, Hawky sure loves me in pain, well, at least it’s worth it!” Marinette said, as the little butterfly went through her body, causing her collapse in pain. She was on the ground, her chest gripping her stomach, the akuma and overflow of Antibug’s emotions causing her to shake violentely.

“Whoever this akuma belonged to, they sure had a lot of emotion…” Marinette choked.

After a good five minutes, she was released of the pain and Marinette exhaled deeply, getting back on her feet, her eyes radiating a glowing purple.

“It’s…this akuma is Antibug’s…” Marinette said with a soft stutter. “Woah, she must have hated Ladybug for not listening to her…”

Tikki glared at her, anger sprouting from her eyes.

“Marinette! Remember what you have to do!” Tikki asked angrily.

“Right!” Marinette said, the danger returning to her voice again. “I’m going to kill all the students! Cause they don’t care for me, or listen to me at all!”

“That’s the spirit Marinette!” Tikki encouraged. “Let’s go!”

Marinette nodded before putting the bag around her shoulder and running down the stairs, not bothering to glance at her parents, or having breakfast. She hurried into the school and up the stairs, into her classroom.

“You are late, Marinette,” Ms Bustier said coldly. “Please sit down.”

“There’s nothing I’d rather do!” Marinette said with an apathetic shrug.

She walked up to Alya, but found her seat full. And seeing Lila sitting next to her ex-best friend. Marinette scoffed in an annoyed grunt before walking down a desk and looking at Nino and Adrien.

“Yo black boy, get of my seat.” Marinette said, thumbing to a seat next to Nathaniel.

Adrien was immediately angry and triggered by this. He slammed this desk and pointed a finger at Marinette, who looked calmed, and really bored.

“Marinette! Don’t say that! It’s racist!”

Marinette laughed lightly. “I’m not racist, all I did was point out the fact that he was black.”

“But Marinette, that’s still racist!” Alya said, defending Nino.

Ms Bustier realised all was getting out of hand and walked out of hand and walked up to Marinette and firmly grabbed her hand.

“Marinette, go sit in the back next to Nathaniel!” Ms Bustier said sternly. “I can’t have this misbehaviour in my class!”

“Oh can’t you?” Marinette said innocently. “Well, in case you don’t know, Ms Bustier, but I make the rules, and I obey them!”

Ms Bustier was a hot-headed lady that morning. Her purse was almost stolen and Principal Damocles said he was disappointed that she didn’t put enough initiative into her work. She immediately blew her fuse.

“Marinette, listen to me and go sit next to Nathaniel!” Ms Bustier said, her eyes glowing in anger.

“What about black boy?” Marinette asked frowning. “Why can’t I sit here?”

“Because, I say so!” Ms Bustier snapped.

Marinette was tired of this teacher, and she took out of her hand, which was in her pockets before, and a flame of purple fire was on her palm.

“This may not hurt me, but it WILL hurt you,” Marinette said grinning at the teacher.

She slammed the fire through the teacher’s chest. Ms Bustier’s eyes widened and she fell backward, choking and coughing violently on the ground. She flopped around the ground and soon blood seeped out. Cuts that weren’t there before, suddenly appeared all over the lady’s body.

The class stood in absolute horror as their teacher laid on the cold floor motionless.

She was dead.


Word Count: 1696

Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 (Coming Soon)

anonymous asked:

Reactions for reader bringing home a kitten: Hanzo, Genji, Reaper, McCree, Zarya, and Junkrat? (If that's too much then they're in order of preference)

It took awhile but I did it. This was a fun prompt  :)


You had meant to lock the kitten in the bathroom before Hanzo got home, so you would have a chance to tell him about it before he saw it, but one thing led to another and you didn’t remember until it was too late. He walked in the door and the friendly kitty had walked right up to him and started nuzzling his shoes, seeking attention. He stared down at it in confusion.

“(Name)? Why is the a kitten?”

“The poor thing was abandoned and starving, I couldn’t leave it to die, so I brought it home. Do you mind if we keep it?”

You had no idea what Hanzo might say; the two of you had never talked about getting a pet before, but the kitten was so cute, you hadn’t been able to help yourself. For a second you thought he was going to refuse, but his face softened and he bent down to scratch the kitten behind the ears.

“I see no reason why we can’t,” he said. Looking back up at you, he told you, “But we are not naming it ‘Fluffy’.”

“You laughed. “Okay, okay, no naming it ‘Fluffy’.”


You fed the hungry looking cat one time, and now it acted like it belonged to you, or rather, like you belonged to it. It now hung around your yard all time, seeking more scraps. You thought Genji would be okay with the cat, but you weren’t sure you actually wanted to deal with looking after a cat. You’d have to figure out what kind of food would be best, take it to the vet, and change its litter box. Would it shed? Would it tear up the curtains? You’d never had a cat before, you had no idea how to actually care for one. But the cat had been hanging around for two weeks and it showed no signs of leaving. You finally decided to talk to Genji about, maybe he knew more than you.

You searched the house for him, finally finding him meditating in the bedroom. His mask was off and there was a calm expression on his face. You watched him for a moment before you noticed a familiar fur ball sitting in his lap, one hand idly petting it while he meditated.

“How did that cat get in the house?” You wondered to yourself.

As you watched the two of them, Genji opened his eyes. “Looks like we’ve got a new roommate,” he said winking at you. You laughed and sat down next to him, one arm around your boyfriend and the other hand petting your new cat.


Why had you brought a kitten home? You could only think that you had had a momentary lapse in sanity, it was the only explanation. You were dating a man who wasn’t alive and who wasn’t dead, he wasn’t exactly the kind of guy to want a kitten. But it was to late, you had gotten it, and it looked so cute and happy that you could bare the idea of getting rid of it. Your boyfriend would just have to put up with it, you wanted something to cuddle when he wasn’t around.

You almost regretted the decision when he came through the door and stopped in his tracks when he saw the ball of fluff on the floor.

(Name), what is that?”

“It’s our new pet,” you told him, giving him a peck on his mask where he cheek would be. “It’s too lonely around here when you’re gone.”

“I’m not helping care for it,” he said.

“I’m not asking you too,” you said with a smile.

Three days later you saw him curled up with kitten on the couch, scratching it behind the ears. He denied it when you brought it up, but you knew that he liked your pet more than he let on.


“Hey, darlin’, I’m home,” your boyfriend announced as he closed the door behind him.

“Hey, Jesse,” you said as you came over to kiss him.  The two of you walked into the kitchen where he promptly sneezed loudly three times, scaring you. You had never heard him sneeze so loudly. “Gesundheit.”

“Thanks, dear,” he said before sneezing again. “Oh man, I don’t what’s come over me. Anyways, how’s the love of my life?” he asked leaning towards you.

“Pretty good. I got a kitten today.”

“A kitten? Really?” he said smiling. You smiled back; you’d known he’d like the idea of having a cat. “So where is this kitten then?” he asked.

The kitten was in the bathroom where you had left it, and Jesse picked up the tiny ball of fur to pet it. And then he sneezed.

And sneezed again.

And again.

And again.

He put the kitten down and tried to hold back his sneezes, but you could see it wasn’t working and that his eyes were watering. He sneezed for five minutes straight before finally getting a hold of himself. “Sorry, darlin’, I don’t know what’s going on,” he said.

“I do,” you said. He looked at you, obviously confused. “Jesse, you’re allergic to our new cat,” you told him.



When you had seen the box that had ‘free to a good home’ written on the side and a small kitten huddled in one corner, you hadn’t hesitated to pick it up and take it home. After you had set up food, water, and a litter box you texted your girlfriend to let her know about your new, tiny roommate. She hadn’t responded yet and you were starting to wonder if she didn’t want the kitten for some reason, despite the fact that she loved animals of every shape and size.

It wasn’t long before you heard the door open and in she came, holding a large plastic bag. The kitten jumped off your lap and went over at her feet, meowing desperately to get her attention.

“Hello, little one,” she said, picking up the small animal. “I see you know that I brought treats for you.”

“Treats?” you asked.

“Every cat owner should have treats for their cat,” she told you as she opened the bag she carried and gave the small cat a treat. She set the bag on the counter and told you she’d be right back, that she had to get something out of the car. Curious you walked to the door and watched as she carried in what could only be described as a small castle. A cat sized castle. A castle for your cat.

“Zarya, does the cat really need a structure this… big?” you asked.

“”Of course,” she said, setting it in a corner. You smiled. You couldn’t believe that you had been worried about her not liking the cat.


It’s just temporary, you told yourself, we’ll just keep it until we can find a better home for it. You couldn’t leave it to starve, even if your home was a terrible place for a cat, what with the garage being a bomb makers paradise. You put the kitten in the bathroom with some food, water, and a litter box you’d picked up, and closed the door. You didn’t want it wandering around the house where it could get hurt.

You kept going about your day, forgetting about the small animal you’d brought home, until you walked by the bathroom and saw the door open and the kitten gone. You searched every corner the house, panic starting to rise in you as your search failed to locate the missing animal. Walking past the door to the garage, you could hear Jamison talking to someone. Curious, you opened the door and walked in. Well, there was the cat.

Jamison was sitting at his workbench with the kitten laying over the back of his neck. He was explaining what he was doing to tell cat, telling it about different kinds of bombs and explosions. It was a ridiculously cute picture.

After a few minutes he caught sight of you, “ Oi, luv, this was a great idea to get this hairball. We needed another person around here.”

“I’m glad you think so,” you said smiling. You guessed you’d found a home for the kitten after all.

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Hello again~! So I think one of you writes for MTMTE based on the rules and some requests I've seen? But if I'm wrong feel free to ignore this, I'm sorry! >.< And I know I've already asked this (im trying to think up some more creative asks lol) but I really enjoyed that cute asf response you wrote to my cat ask. So if you're up for it could I get MTMTE Rung, Rodimus, Tailgate, Swerve, and Drift reacting to their s/o being able to turn into a cat whenever they want?

Rung~ Is actually not too surprised at the fact you can change into a cat. To be honest he’s found your secondary form to be very therapeutic and soothing after a trying appointment or just a long day. He loves holding you in his lap and lazily petting your back as the two of you either watch a holovid or he reads and you nap.

Rodimus~ Loves this because if he thought you were cute before (and actually teased and told you about it) now he does it twice as often because- Babe! You turn into a ball of fluff! He loves going about his daily tasks with you curled up close to his neck or sitting on his shoulders and giving certain Bots the infamous cat stare of doom.

Tailgate~ IS A MESS! A CAT??? WHAT’S THAT??? YOU’RE SO C U T E!!! The poor dear has absolutely lost his mind and doesn’t know what to do with himself now that his beloved human is smaller and cuter than before. He loves bringing you with him everywhere as a kitty, he’ll even give you a ton of rides on his hoverboard. After a few accidents (there was nothing broken thank goodness) he took his board to Brainstorm and asked for a little kitty seat to be put in for you. Now you two speed demons tear up and down the halls together.

Swerve~ Really feels like you’re soothing to his sometimes frazzled nerves. Often times he’ll let you sit on his bar, even though you’re not a customer, while he opens or closes shop. He likes hanging out with you as a kitty, but his favorite time is when the two of you are back in his habsuit and you curl up on his chest and purr. You really relax him and often times he’ll slowly slip away into recharge peacefully.

Drift~ Despite living on the Lost Light, he’s a little surprised that you’re able to do this. He does enjoy it though and has found that while obviously you’re not a pet, your presence during his meditation is a wonderful sensation. While he’s meditating you’re often found in his lap with his hand on your head giving rhythmic rubs as he sits there. He is very good at giving back skritches and you always pester him and make cat noises when he trys (and fails) to ignore your pestering for his skritches. It’s very peaceful between the two of you. Unless you sleep in the habsuit with him as a cat. Then he get’s upset in a harmless, cute way because you always end up crawling onto his faceplate in the middle of the night.


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  • this fucking noodle I can’t
  • he’s so sweet and nice like this dude is the embodiment of fluff
  • I mean yeah we all know about how he can be well thughao but I mean you can’t convince me he isn’t 100% fluff
  • okay so first of he will def try to learn you chinese
  • and if you already know it he’ll be so glad because he’ll be able to say exactly what he wanted to
  • even if you’re just a beginner he’ll love it
  • the first words he’d learn you were swear works no denying that
  • so guys we all know he’s feeling a little underappreciated and ofc you noticed
  • he needs reassurance and if you frequently give it to him like not only that he’s an amazing dancer but like looks and personality wise
  • also if you’re bad with words hugs and kisses make him feel better
  • he basically loves any attention you give him
  • making you laugh or smile is his daily goal he’s honestly addicted to your smile
  • and because he knows how nice it feels he’ll give you so many compliments
  • making him blush rather than you
  • I feel like he’d be a very jealous boyfriend but like he wouldn’t let it notice until later
  • I’m a firm believer that he loves being the small spoon when hugging
  • just having you hold his real close and comfy is what he lives for
  • nuzzeling his face in your neck
  • also when you hug he’d be one to softly kiss your neck but like not in a real way just slightly brushing his lips
  • and feeling his breath on your neck goosebumps alert
  • when you do this to him he’ll giggle because it tickles to him
  • one of his hobbies is whispering I love you’s when you’re hugging/cuddling 
  • it’s not that he’s exactly a romantic guy it’s more that he just has loads of feelings he wants to express
  • Minghao would be one that likes lazy dates don’t convince me otherwise
  • like going watch a movie or just idk chilling in the dorm getting some takeout
  • he loves it when you watch him practice because he gains confidence but on the other side if he fucks up a move he’ll feel twice as bad
  • which then makes him more motivated to get it right the next time
  • Hoshi noticed and almost begs you to watch him practice every day
  • you don’t have unlimited free time but you’ll try to come as much as you can
  • also everyone adores you because you’ll bring everyone food and they love that of course
  • I know the hugging part wasn’t sinning really and I know y’all love it a lil spicy so let’s start the sinning (I take back the 100% fluff part)
  • so let me start off with stating that when you’re making out Minghao is a big fan of using his tongue
  • like you might have thought he’s shy and I’ll give you that he keeps his thoughts to himself in public but when you’re alone whoa
  • he tries real hard being sexy kinky one might say and sometimes he succeeds but sometimes it seems so unlike him you’ll start giggling
  • like when you’re in a heated makeout session he will try grabbing your ass to make it a lil more heated maybe slip his hand under your shirt
  • but let me tell you it’s very rare for him to be like this
  • but it does happen when he’s like frustrated or just downright horny
  • most of the time kisses are just sweet and can barely be counted as making out
  • that was longer than I expected for it to my my bad
  • a lot of stupid small arguments will occur because this dude has the emotional range of a teaspoon
  • saw that hp reference there?
  • but seriously have you seen him with Mingyu I mean yes he’ll love you but rage make no exceptions
  • also if he hears you sing or dance to a svt song be sure as hell he won’t tell you he saw or heard you
  • he doesn’t want you to get embarrassed but he’d be so proud 
  • I think he’d also be this dorky dude that doesn’t know when to stop
  • like you pass a pet store and you’re like “omfg that doggy/kitty is so cute!”
  • and he’s like “when we live together we’ll get one exactly like that! but if you make them sleep outside I will sneak it in because poor doggy/kitty”
  • ”live together…?”
  • ”yeah but not an apartment I want a garden because the pet has to be able to run around without us constantly watching them”
  • ”ah you do really think of everything don’t you”
  • ”and close to the hyungs and their partners, wouldn’t that be nice? I can already imagine it”
  • like dude chill you got the whole future already figured out
  • he loves that tho, fantasising about the future thinking about small practical stuff
  • crynights are also definitely a thing
  • just both letting everything out because talking about what makes you feel insecure or bad is nessecary, reliefing all the stress, having a nice cry and afterwards you’ll both feel way way better
  • like these nights are almost always planned, you have ice cream ready and stuff and if either of you doesn’t feel like crying they’re just there for the other one
  • and if neither of you feels like it it’ll just be a fun date watching a movie or something
  • fluff would easily describe your relationship


Others in the Boyfriend!Series:

Request: BTS Reaction when you have to cat sit and they get all jealous of the attention the cats getting.

THANK U ANON FOR THIs post LMAO IM SO EXTRA WITH THE WRITING BUT YOURE MY FIRST ASK AND I LOVE U. remember!!! My ask box is so empty guys send some shit. But here u go hope u like it. K(◕‿◕✿)


Reaching on your tip toes, you searched inside the cabinet to fetch the cat treats your neighbor had said she’d just boughten for the cat, smiling, you pulled the bag out as you turned to toss a few to the cat, before coming face to face with a pouty jimin. Blinking from his closeness, you stepped back and looked around him, 

“Where’s the kitten?” You asked, eyebrows furrowing. Suddenly he grabbed your arm softly. 

 "Yah! Enough about that dumb cat..“ He mumbled, his head positioning yourself on your shoulder, your body slowly vibrating with laughter as the realization came to you. 

 "Jimin, are you jealous of the cat?” You questioned humorously, feeling his head sink deeper into the crook of your neck.

 "No…“ He garbled through your skin, his fingers prying the cat treats from your hand, he mouthed his way up to your cheek before slapping a strong loss against it. 

 "Can I have a treat first, though?” He smirked at you. Pushing him away, you grinned lopsidedly at his reappearing pout,

 "Jimin, you’re not getting anything if you can’t even handle yourself around a cat.“ You waltzed out the kitchen, treats still in hand, feeling jimins shadow chase you out. You’d give him a treat, just not yet 


 "leave her alone.” You warned yoongi, your eyes slitting at him as his hand hovered a few feet above the sleeping ball of fluff, his eyes squinting at you. 

“No, I wanna sit there.” You rolled your eyes harshly, looking him back in the eyes when you finished. 

 "You were just sitting next to me, you can sit back where you were.“ 

"I wanna sit over here now.” He mumbled back, his hand sinking lower towards the cat. Shooting your arm out, you grabbed his pale hand, wrapping your hand around his wrist. His eyes flicked up to yours, watching as you opened your mouth to scold him again, before he began to sit down. 

 "Yoongi-ah, stop it!“ You whined, your eyes bulging as he took his place on top of the cat, your grip loosening as you tried, with no avail, to push him up before he sat down. With a plop, and a smirk, he relaxed in his seat, looking lazily at you as you struggled to lift him up.

 "Calm down, y/n, she ran out before I even touched her.” Yoongi yawned, his arms coming around your body to pull your heated face close to him.

 "Let me go min yoongi.“ You warned, pushing against his grip. 

 "So you can go cuddle with that cat instead of me? Nah, tough luck.” And his grip tightened on you, as legs wound across your lap, a giggle finally echoing through your throat. Giving into his embrace. 

 "Hey y/n?“ "Mmm?" 

"Will you scratch behind my ear?" 

 "Get off me, dummy.”


“Why does she smell?” You heard taehyung question from his seat next to you, his wide eyes staring intently at the kitten wound like a coil in your lap. 

 "She doesn’t smell.“ You voiced back, subconsciously tracing patterns along the soft fur.

 "Why does she have a weird shaped face?” He questioned again, his stare burning into the cat even harsher. 

 "Her face is fine, taehyung.“ You mumbled at him, your voice getting more strained as you tried to keep your calm. You felt him shift closer to you, getting on his knees to the side of you and putting his face directly in front of the cats. 

“Why does sh-" 

"Taehyung, oh my god, leave the cat alone, please.” You rolled your eyes as you flipped to look at him, his gaze still focused on the cat, before he finally flicked his eyes up to meet yours. 

 "It’s just a weird looking cat, all I’m saying.“ He shrugged, getting up from his seat, and walking towards the kitchen. You sank deeper into your seat as you sighed deeply, grateful for taehyungs constant questioning to be over. You felt yourself drifting off before you jolted up at a sudden noise in your ear. 

"Why do you love the cat more than me?” He loudly blew the words into your ear, causing you to jump and in turn kick the cat from your lap. You turned to scold him after your yelp left your lips, before you felt his press against yours as you turned. Taehyung thoroughly quieting any complaints to come out your mouth for the rest of the night. 


 "But she BIT me y/n!“ 

 "Well, you shouldn’t have grabbed her and tossed her between your hands, should you have?” You calmly replied to Namjoon, his hand held limply in yours as you examined the ‘wound’ in his hand. 

 "It’s not even that bad, namjoon, just run it under cold water and leave the damn cat alone.“ You shot at him, letting his hand go as you turned to go find your neighbors cat. Namjoons screech had caused the kitten to flee in a flurry, it’s fur on end as it ran, thinking it was in trouble. You wanted to find the cat and quell its fears. Turning into your neighbors bathroom, you frowned softly as you saw the poor kitten wound around the toilet, it’s dilated eyes softening as you began to coo at it. 

 "Hey kitty, don’t be scared, it’s okay, come h-" 

 "Y/n! It’s bleeding again! It opened oh my god it opened what do I do.” His bellows caused the kitten to tense against the toilet, your irritation rising as you turned to loudly whisper towards namjoon who had been walking towards you. 

“Can you please be quiet? You’re scaring the poor cat.” You tried reasoning with him, desperately trying not to laugh as namjoon clutched at his hand, a single drop of blood protruding from his cut.

 "And why are you being so extra about one little cut?“ You furrowed your brows at him, the kitten relaxing as you turned to rub it’s fur. You heard namjoon mumble something. You turned around at him, urging him to say it again. He looked at the floor, letting go of his hand and pushing his hair back inside of hat. 

 "Because you haven’t paid any attention to me since we started catsitting yesterday.” He told you, his eyes still casted downwards. You coked your head to the side and suppressed a laugh, letting go of the kitten as she scurried out the bathroom, and walked up to namjoon. You planted a kiss at the side of his head, feeling heat emanate from his skin.

 "Does my namjoonie want my attention?“

 "Yah, stop teasing me!”  


Jin was calling you, for dinner, for the 7th time. His voice getting increasingly angry as you ignored him, in favor of staring at the cute kitten curled up in front of you. 

 "Y/n! Come eat! Now. Your noodles are getting cold.“ Jin warned, his mouth filled with food, and his plate already half empty as he stared at your bent form, hovering above the small ball wrapped up in a bed on the floor. 

 "In a minute Jin.” You reasoned with him again, your eyes being almost impossible to tear away from the small creature in front of you. 

 "You’ve said that 7 times already, y/n.“ You didn’t answer him, instead reaching your hand down to curl around the soft face of the kitten, your eyes widening in delight as she yawned into your palm, a small giggle bubbling through your throat. 

 "Jin-ah, she’s just so-" 

 "Cute? I guess.” You jumped at the sudden proximity of Jin, his head hovering next to yours as he squatted and stared at the kitten, his eyes squinted. 

 "You guess?“ You scoffed at him, landing on your butt as you wobbled backwards on accident.

 "Ow.” You mumbled, glaring at Jin as he laughed lopsidedly at you. 

 "Yeah I guess-“ he mumbled, sliding up next to your seated form. "But not as cute as you.” He whispered into your ear, his mouth coming to kiss softly down the shell of it to your collarbone, your eyes slipping closed as you enjoyed his touch. He lightly began to suck, his teeth, so softly you could’ve been imagining it, grazed your neck as you leaned into him.. And almost face planted his chest as he pulled away. You pulled your head up and looked at him a bit wildly. His face lit up as he began to get up, and walk towards the kitchen again, your neck straining to follow him.

“What was that? Yah! Jin! Answer me.“ You pouted, trying to calm your easily excited core. 

"A partial reward.” He spoke calmly, sitting back down at his place at the dinner table.

 "Partial?“ You spat back at him, beginning to get back up off the floor. He smirked 

 "You’ll get the full award later, if you abandon that dumb cat and come eat your dinner.” He shrugged, picking his chopsticks back up as you scrambled to the kitchen, surprising Jin as you pulled the chair back and began to slurp up your noodles.

 "Eager.“ He grinned at you, sinking into his chair as you rolled your eyes at him, that 'dumb cat’ being the furthest thing from your mind. 


"But why do we have to watch it?” Jungkook questioned, his soft eyes switching between you and the kitten.

 "Because it’s my best friends kitten, jungkook, I can’t just tell her no.“ You rolled your eyes, toting in the small cat carrier and bag of necessities your best friend had given you. She’d be away with her husband on a honeymoon vacation for about a week and a half, and you offered to take up the couples newest 'baby’. You had told jungkook this. And he had been initially excited about the thought of a kitten, so you didn’t get what his deal was now.

 "Why are you acting like a baby?” You asked him, sitting down on the couch as the kitten explored your living room, your eyes turning up in joy as you smiled softly at the tiny thing. 

 "I’m not.“ He crossed his arms and turned his head, looking back at you crossly when he heard you laugh.

 "Do you not see yourself? You’re acting like a child.” You teased him, his face growing redder with every second. 

 "No…I’m n-not.“ He grumbled, getting up to go get some water from the kitchen. You rolled your eyes and plopped on the floor with the kitten, getting out a few toys your friend hand loaned you, and began to play along with the kitty, your small laughs and giggles and meows mixing through the otherwise quiet room. 

 "What’s that?” Jungkook questioned, coming to sit down next to you with his glass of water, his eyes looking down at the kitten.

 "The… Cat?“ You asked him, your eyebrows turning up and a small hum coming from your throat in amusement. He rolled his eyes at you. 

 "No not the cat, that.” He pointed directly at the bottle of catnip that had rolled out the bag. You picked it up.

 "It’s catnip,-“ you began, before continuing after glancing at his face, he looked confused. 

"It’s like….weed for cats? But I don’t know why she has it for the kitten, they usually don’t like it until they’re much older.” You shrugged, chucking the bottle back inside the bag. Jungkook was silent next to you, his eyes opening after your statement. 

 "Can-can we give her some?“ He asked. His bright eyes staring at the little ball of fur. You slapped at his arm. 

 "Jeon Jungkook, no.” You shoved at him, a small giggle bubbling through your throat as Jungkook pointedly tried not to laugh along with you. He leaned against your shoulder after a few minutes of silence. Watching as the cat weaved between spaces and clawed at the smallest movements. 

 "Sorry.“ He mumbled, you leaned deeper into him, nosing up his jawline. 

"Mmm, for what kookie?” You questioned him, watching his jaw relax under you. 

 "Being a baby about the cat,-“ he began, picking up a string and smiling at the pouncing fur ball. You smiled up at him, nudging his chin again with your nose. 

"It’s okay, you’ll always be my baby.” You softly said, enjoying the tint that found its way to his full cheeks.


 "Hoseok, give me the cats toys.“ You pressured him, watching his face fall as he realized you had found him out, but that wasn’t going to stop him. 

 "Hmm? What toys?” He mumbled, eyes not leaving the TV screen as he felt for the remote next to his body.

 "You know what I’m talking about.“ You crossed your arms, honestly fed up with hoseok’s reactions to a damn cat. Earlier on in the day, you’re friend had dropped off the kitten for a few days, since she was in the middle of moving, you had gladly accepted her into your arms, but hoseoks arms hadn’t been so welcoming with all the newfound attention you had for the kitten he wasn’t getting. 

 "Why is she in our bed, y/n?” He asked you, watching as the small ball curled around your chest, all you attention divulging to it. 

 "Because? I want her to be?“ You looked at him funny, before rolling your eyes and turning your back on him, your arms wrapped around the kitten- 

"And not me.” Hoseok mumbled, turning away roughly. The morning after that, Hoseok had gone back to his usual demeanor, but that was until he saw you cuddled around the kitten, eyes squinting from the bright smile you were giving it. 

“Yah! Y/n!” He poked at your shoulder, causing you to ignore him even more. 

“Y/n! Y/n! Y/n!” He poked you even harder, your gaze never wavering from the kitten, he pouted, ignoring your coos to the kitten and stalked off, looking akin to a grumpy toddler. That night, as you snuggled into bed again, you felt a soft hand touch the side of your stomach, and a soft kiss pepper your shoulder as you turned your head in the darkness to see the outline of Hoseok’s face looking at you directly. 

 "Y/n.“ He began, his head falling back into the pillow. 

"I’m sorry for overracting.” He said, a large sigh escaping his pink lips. You shook your head, carefully as to not wake the kitten. 

 "You should be, baby, you’re mad about a kitten.“ You chuckled, one of your arms finding a way to his chest, rubbing soft smooth circles against his warm skin. 

 "A kitten you love more than me.” He said in a deep voice, a faux sob leaving his mouth as he clutched your hand to his heart.

 "You broke me.“ Jutting out his bottom lip, you snatched your hand away as you lightly flipped over, the kitten remaining at your feet, as your head rested against his chest. 

 "Shutup Hoseok.” Was all that left your lips, a breathy chuckle sneaking out Hoseoks mouth as he watched you in the dimly lit room pepper kisses across his right shoulder. 

“Yeah, okay.” He agreed, leaning into your embrace. 

 "Goodnight y/n.“ He finally spoke, a small hum from you the only notification you were still awake. 

"Goodnight kitty.” He whispered even softer, after he was convinced you were asleep. He closed his eyes, and began to drift himself. 

 "Hoseok loves kittens!“ 

"Yah! Go to bed, y/n.”

(SPOILERS!!) Two New Super Heroines

So it’s been confirmed that Alya and Chloe are our upcoming super heroines! I screamed into a pillow, I’m so excited. I feel bad for my poor neighbor. She probably thinks I’m psychotic by now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Anyways. Do you know what that means now that we have two more female superheroes? 


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I always remember this ONE kid from Sunday School.

I was an assistant teacher in a classroom, and this one lil kiddo, dressed in his dirty pajamas, and carrying a giant, well-loved Hello Kitty plush toy, was having problems with his step-brother. 
It was like he had a giant “Tease Me” sign on his back.
At some point he couldn’t take it, and ran outside, into the lobby. (90% sure he had sensory overload) There were two, or three teachers standing in front of him, all trying to find out what was wrong, and all doing it in the worst way possible. “We can’t help you if you won’t tell us what’s wrong!!” “You need to talk to us!!”

*weary sigh*
This poor kid’s curled around his Hello Kitty stuffed animal CRYING, and these ladies literally have their arms crossed at him.

I went over, sat down next to him, and within ten seconds, he was laying across my lap not crying as much. Hair pats seemed to be good too.

Moral of the story: you DON’T NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS IN ORDER TO COMFORT SOMEONE, sometimes you just need to BE there.

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💎 "am I a pretty kitty?"

“But of course, silly. One of the prettiest ladies I know. I still think you’re doing your poor garden a disservice by always hacking away at your bush.”

Rosie was a warrior woman in her own right, even if she did not suit the expected appearance of one. Kia did not encounter many of Rosie’s particularly distinctive silhouette, but she was intrigued. Indeed, she embodied the spirit of the moon which the dragons observed and venerated, although Kia always expected a dragon from the the moon. What Kia loved about Rosie was her humble sense of grace and beauty.

“Quite a solid nine, I’d say. Anyone who thinks less is crazy.”

Some Things You Can’t Fix

Inspired by @the-devils-rep‘s submission on @imagine-miraculousladybug

Warning: Major Character Death

Relationship: Ladynoir, Platonic Marichat, Adrienette if you squint.

Characters: Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir, Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Additional tags: Major character death, angst, spoons writes a thing and has no idea what to do with it, please forgive me

Word count: 2033

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