but what a rebound girl she was

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So, what if Guz has a thing for chubby/over weight girls, but since he lives on a beach island, they're hard to come by, and completely falls head over heels for the new chick on the island. The grunt girls don't get it and think it's a joke so they pick on her and take her Galvantula after a few very difficult attempts. Guzma is furious and there's hell to pay but he's still a nervous faux confident dork when trying to return him to her.

I wanted to make this a little happier. so only one grunt makes fun of you. The other ones including Guzma just wanna smash. (and go out with you)

“Hmmmmooooooooh my god! Baby girl’s got it goin’ on wit that booty eatin’ up them lil’ shorts!”

“Right?! Brah how the shit we gonna talk to baby girl? Gotta think a somethin’ original. Somethin’ that’ll make her all hot ‘n bothered!”

The grunts had Guzma at “booty eatin’ up them lil’ shorts”, which for various reasons got his attention and caused him to lean over the decrepit railing a little further to hear what the two boys at the bottom of the staircase were saying. Guzma was on the rebound. One of the girl grunts with stringy pink hair hadn’t been wifey material. Too high strung for his taste, and so skinny and obsessed with her looks that it had tired him out trying to reassure her after a while. But when she hit him after he disagreed with her that had been the final straw. So despite the tears and text messages begging him to get back together with her, Guzma was on the lookout for another piece of ass.

Shame he couldn’t find anyone to make it worthwhile. He watched with a snarl on his face as the grunts below were gesticulating wildly, talking about a “super cute shorty” that had been at the malasada shop in Malie City. You were supposedly a new face compared to the same old locals they saw day in and day out, had been feeding a dry malasada to your spider pokemon that Guzma assumed was an Ariados until he heard:

“Nah man, that ain’t no weird Ariados like Boss Man got.” Said one. “That’s a Galvantula.”

“Hoooooh boy, God been reading my dreams.” Moaned the other. “The hell I gotta do to get a piece of that thick, strong Pokémon trainer ass? I’d give anything for her to talk to me… Totally fucked it up when she looked at me an’ I threw West side at her!”

“ ‘s one a them reflexes.” Replied the other, patting his friend’s shoulder. “She come up to me wantin’ to know where the library was at ‘n I fuckin’ axed her if she wanted to battle! Wiped the floor with my sorry ass using like two bug Pokémon, but she put my money in her back pocket! Like to think that’s kinda the same thing as touchin’ that juicy booty a hers.”

Now he was extremely interested. In fact Guzma was just about to go downstairs and ask the boys where they’d last seen you when another grunt, couldn’t have been more than thirteen, came running at them with a rather cute little purse in the shape of a watermelon.

“Look guys!” he squeaked. “Got that ugly hoe’s Pokémon for ya! It’s one a them spiders right? Wonder how much its worth. Stupid easy to swipe from that dumb bitch when she went to pick up her napkin from under the table!”

He began laughing. Thinking naively that he’d done good, that he’d probably even be commended for his good work. In the middle of a hearty laugh he was about to ask his brothers if he’d done good, when a large hand swiped the bag from his hands before the two grunts could lay into him.

“Boss man?!” one of your admirers squeaked. Guzma looked harshly at the young one with an expression that indicated he’d get a good beating later for being cruel. He briefly asked the two where you were headed to last, got two very shaky replies that he could find you in the library if he hurried before it closed, and immediately was out the door stomping off into the rain.

Turns out he didn’t have to walk far. He found you immediately in Ula’Ula Meadow, the only one there crying as though your heart was about to break. A kind little girl was rubbing your back, trying to console you by insisting together with her and her partner Oricorio you would all find your companions.

“We’ll find your friends.” She said gently, rubbing your back. “Galvantula aren’t common here. Someone’s bound to, oh! Please sir!”

She flagged Guzma down, running swiftly over to him.

“My friend… She can’t find her Pokemon! Someone took her bag and everything when she was picking some trash off the floor. Have you seen a bag that looks like a yellow and red watermelon? It’s got a Galvantula, Dewpider, and a Fomantis!”

Guzma was so captivated when you looked over at him, eyes widening in realization when you saw the bag that hung limply at his side. He tried to hold it out to the lass in front of him, attempting to speak, but your captivating glance rendered him mute.

“My bag!” you cried joyously, running towards him and taking it gratefully. “You found my bag!”

“That’s your bag?” asked the other girl, stars in her eyes as she looked at Guzma innocently. “Wow! Thank you so much sir! You have no idea how much it means to her!”

Nothing came out of his mouth. His entire being was consumed with the way you smiled, with the way you wrapped your chubby arms around him and cuddled him in a hug. You were vastly tiny compared to him, but he couldn’t help but understand what the grunts were talking about.

Every aspect of you was adorable, from your cute head with a sunhat to your cute feet.

“…Welcome…” he muttered.

“I have to thank you somehow mister!” you insisted, still holding him in a hug and looking up innocently. “Let me treat you to something? You like malasadas? I can get you all the ones you want?”

He might’ve said yes, because the last thing he knew was that he was tripping over his own two feet in his haste to follow you through the meadow and off to town where you were going to treat him to a meal.

This must have been what winning the lottery felt like.

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imagining laura hollis reacting to this dw 13th doctor announcement is giving me life rn. She'd be so excited!!!!

You know exactly what you’re doing putting plot bunnies in my head, don’t you anon? … and it worked too… you sneaky cupcake. 


The front door hadn’t even shut behind her when Carmilla suddenly had an armful of bouncing Laura Hollis. And then no Laura Hollis. And then arms full of Laura again.

“Carm! Did you hear the news?” Laura was practically wiggling with excitement, a flush in her cheeks and her eyes lit up with the sparkle that always made Carmilla’s heart flip over. “It’s like the best news all month!”

She grabbed Carmilla and kissed her full on the mouth. So hard and messy that Carmilla barely had time to respond before Laura was pulling back, arms locked around Carmilla’s neck. 

Carmilla wracked her brain, trying to balance Laura in one arm and hang her motorcycle keys on the hook with the other. She fought to keep her face impassive. She’d clearly forgotten something. Something important. 

Wedding anniversary. No. Birthday. No. Some strange modern holiday. No.

Doctor’s appointment?

She glanced over at the fridge and the tiny ultrasound photo prominently displayed in the center. No. That couldn’t be it. They’d just had one.

She had no idea. 

Still, she couldn’t disappoint the smiling girl in front of her. “Of course I did cutie,” Carmilla purred, her arms wrapping around Laura’s waist “But I’d rather hear it from you.”

Laura rolled her eyes but her smile never died as she kissed Carmilla on the nose and then broke away, grabbing the keys that Carmilla still hadn’t been able to hang successfully on the hook and popping them in place. “You don’t have to pretend for me, Carm. I know you don’t really care one way or the other but I just cannot believe that it’s a girl. I mean, I was hoping but I never thought it would actually happen and I just couldn’t stop smiling when I heard. Like, I think my face is going to split in two because it’s so great for feminism although it would have been nice to see some poc too because-”

Carmilla’s brain crashed to a halt halfway through Laura’s ramble.

“It’s a girl?” Carmilla could barely breath the words. Laura was still talking but Carmilla couldn’t focus on her words.

She stepped forward almost involuntarily, capturing Laura and pressing a hand against her stomach. The smallest curve against her palm where only days before the doctor had taken an ultrasound of the newest member of their family.

“I thought,” Carmilla couldn’t take her eyes off Laura’s stomach, “we were going to make it a surprise.”

Still. A daughter. Taylor. They’d decided. The thought filled her mind, unable to be shaken once the idea was in her head. 

“Did the Doctor call?” Carmilla continued, “or did Laf sneak in and run those tests they’ve been trying to get us to let them do?”

It’s a girl. It’s a girl. It’s a girl. Laura’s words rebounded through her head.

“It’s a girl?” Carmilla repeated. 

She only noticed when Laura stopped talking. Then two hands came up and cupped her face, the wedding band cool against her skin. Laura was still smiling but her smile was tinged with amusement, “Um, Carm? You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?”

Carmilla kept her hands on Laura’s belly, “You said the baby’s a girl.”

Laura looked like she was biting back laughter, “I wasn’t talking about the baby, Carm. We agreed that was going to be a surprise. I wouldn’t do it without you.”

Carmilla frowned, “Then what were you talking about.”

“Um,” Laura blushed but was still practically bouncing on her toes, “The new doctor? Doctor 13 from Doctor Who? It’s going to be played by a girl this time! Jodie Whittaker. I’m so excited.”

Her eyes sparkled, face lighting up at the announcement.

Carmilla groaned, sinking back against the wall with a hand on her face, “You’re killing me, Mrs Karnstein. Absolutely killing me.”

“You love it,” Laura leaned in, pressing against Carmilla.”Although now that you’ve brought it up, how do you feel about the name Jodie?”

Carmilla closed her eyes, shook her head, and smiled. 

Lose Yourself // Jeff Atkins

A/N: I know it’s not in order of the prompt list, but this is the one I had inspiration for, and the only one I’ve felt proud of in a while.

Named After:  There’s literally one line in here that made me think “Mom’s spaghetti”

“Best three out of five!” Clay whined.

The two of you had rock, paper, scissored over who was on bathroom duty for the end of both of your shifts. The alternative and clearly better option was working the concession.

“C’mon Jensen, I won twice…” 

You couldn’t hide the grin on your face. You’d lost this game for about two weeks straight between him and Hannah. 

“Out of five.” 

“Out of three. The mop is in the closet.”

Clay rolled his eyes, sighing as he went into the back room. Hannah, on the other hand, was working the ticket booth. A job, the three of you had already pulled straws for. 

You smiled to yourself watching Clay sulk away when you moved behind the counter. 

Ten minutes left in your shift and it was going pretty well, not as busy as it normally was on a Friday night, no screaming middle schoolers, no crying babies, just you, the popcorn machine, and the elderly couples that pulled at your heart strings.

You’d been dating Jeff Atkins for four years before everything went to shit. Before you’d caught him, tongue down some cheerleader’s throat, hand on her ass, touching her like he’d touched you the night before.

The worst part about losing Jeff was that you not only lost your boyfriend. You lost your best friend. You lost the only person in the world who knew you inside out, who knew that you’d once seen Mamma Mia seven times in one week, who knew that your ultimate dream job was to be second string at the World Cup, who knew that when you were angry you were ruthless. 

He tried. He tried calling, texting, tried to catch you at your shifts at work. But you were just as cold as he expected. You blocked his number and changed your whole schedule just to avoid him. 

Truth be told, seeing him with someone else, it broke you. 

You were in love with him. And he chose someone else. 

So you deleted any and all memories of him. Couple photos, trashed. Best friend photos, in a box in the back of your closet. All of his clothing over the years, returned.

It was hard, to say the least. Hard to be so cold to someone who once gave you so much warmth. You’d given up on love ever since.

The buzz of your phone in your back pocket pulled you out of your vacant stare. You glanced around, making sure your supervisor wasn’t anywhere near before checking your text.

Hannah Banana Baker: Head’s up. He who shall not be named in 30 seconds.

Your head shot up from your phone to see the boy standing across from you. 

“Wow… I’m Voldemort now, huh?” Jeff teased, eyes glancing up from your screen as he tried to lighten the mood between the two of you.

He looked…good. Nowhere near as if he’d been crying for two weeks straight like you did. Say something. He was wearing his letterman jacket. The one you considered keeping because it made you feel just as safe as Jeff did. Say something. You could tell he was getting a haircut in a few days. He always let it flop down, covering his forehead, a few days before. Just so he didn't “waste product on hair that was getting cut”. Say something. You always liked it a little better that way. When he didn’t look so perfect. Say something!

A breathy, “Hey.” falls from your lips before you could think of a witty response to his question.

“Hey.” Jeff offers you a sheepish smile, as though to somehow pull attention away from the fact that you hadn’t seen him outside of school, where you avoided him.


“No yeah, you said that.” he laughs, briefly. His eyes trying to connect with yours.

You glanced over at the girl, the girl, who stole him from you, holding onto his arm, trying to ignore the whole interaction. What did she have that you didn’t? You knew him better than anyone. You were the perfect girlfriend. 


Your eyes snapped back to him and you let out a fake cough.

“Yeah. Hey.”

“I thought we already did that.” 

“Right. Um- what would you like?” you offered, trying to swallow down the golf ball sized lump in your throat. 

You glance away from him, fingernails, nervously, tapping at the glass below.

“I’ll take-”

“Fries and an Arnold Palmer.” you interrupt. “What is she having?” you tilt your head over in her direction.

Jeff’s mouth opens a little bit, and for some stupid reason, he’s surprised you remembered what he liked. He thought you’d deleted everything about him.

“Y/N WHERE ARE THE-” Clay shouts from across the room, only stopping himself when he sees the baseball player. “Jeff. Hey!”

“What’s up man” Jeff replies casually. As if he wasn’t prolonging the most awkward moment of your life. 

“Nothing, I’m good…Y/N you wanna do out of five?”

For once in your life, you were happy to say that Clay Jensen was not oblivious to feelings. 

You shook your head, determined you could get through this, but offered the boy a smile for being so considerate. 

“Okay…um- gloves?” 

“Top shelf, to the right.”

You turned your attention back to the baseball player who had broken your heart, who was now whispering to his…new girlfriend.

“Babe, you wanna grab us some seats. I’ll just meet you inside?” Jeff asked, more of a forced suggestion than a thoughtful question.

She nodded quickly, placing a kiss on his cheek before heading into theater number 3. 

He turned back to you once she was out of sight, hand running through his already messy hair. 

“Can we talk?” he asked.

Jeff was going out on a limb here. He hadn’t heard from you since you left his stuff on his porch and told him to never talk to you again. For fucks sake, he missed you. He missed you so much it hurt. 

He made a mistake, a huge one. And honestly, the girl, whose name was Alyssa or Alexis, he could never remember, was nothing more than a rebound. 

You sighed, gritting your teeth. “What does she want, Jeff.” 

You didn’t want to talk about it. It had been two months since you’d last talked to him, and now he had you near tears with just his presence. 

Jeff’s fingers gripped the surface between the two of you as he tried to break through the walls you had set up.

“Please. Y/N.” 

His voice broke, mid-sentence, and you wanted nothing more than to hold him and never let go. But you knew better than that. So you huffed, blinking back the tears at the brim of your eyes, and asked him the same question once more. 

“What- What does she want.”

“I want you back.”

You swore your heart stopped beating when you heard those words. It wasn’t fair. He didn’t get to come in here, throw his feelings on the table, and leave you to wipe away at the tears now falling down your face.

You turned away from him, moving to get him the fries he always ordered.

“You’re on a date right now, Jeff, are you fucking kidding me.” 

The three packets of ketchup, landed right next to the box, as you threw them onto the counter.

“I- I know- I just, I haven’t been able to talk to you Y/N. I miss you. I miss you so fucking much and-”

You drowned out the sound of his stupid apology as you filled his cup halfway with ice. The soda machine hummed as you focused on filling his drink exactly the way he used to like it. 60% Lemonade. 40% Iced Tea.

Jeff clenched his jaw, waiting for you to finish before attempting to talk to you again. 

“And- and I just want you in my life again. Girlfriend. Best friend. Mortal Enemy. I’ll take anything. I just want you, need you, to come back.”

You bit your lip, hoping it would stop you from crying as hard as you knew you wanted to. You placed his drink on the counter and moved to fill a medium bag of popcorn for his date, Alyssa Callahan. You may or may not have stalked her after the rumor spread around school that they were hooking up.

“I miss my girlfriend who would always play at least one NSYNC song when she had control of the aux cord. I miss the best friend that stayed up with me to help me study. Even though you had a test too. I miss you. I do.” Jeff cried out. 

His palms are sweaty. Jeff never had to beg for a girl’s attention in his entire life. But now? Now he’d do anything to have you even just say ‘hi’ in the hallways. He knows it sounds stupid. He knows he’s an asshole for saying all this while you were at work and he was on a date. But this is his one shot, one opportunity, and he was going to take it.

You slammed the bag down, popcorn tumbling down the sides of the bag as you moved to get her a drink. She seemed like a lemonade type of girl. 

Answer me, Y/N.” Jeff pleaded, ignoring how desperate he felt. 

You placed a cap on her drink and moved it with the rest of the food before looking back up at him.

“You know what I miss, Jeff?” you asked, punching a few buttons at the cash register. 

“I miss. The boy that told me-” you stopped yourself mid-sentence, letting the tears fall freely from your eyes as you pulled a twenty out of your pocket. 

“I miss the boy that told me he loved me…” 

You placed the cash into the register, slamming it shut with a bang. 

“And told me- he would never hurt me.” 

The receipt tore from the machine and crumbled within the fist your hand made. 

“But. Obviously. That’s not you.”

It swished in the trashcan below you, and you shoved everything a few inches closer to Jeff.

Jeff was looking at you, as distressed as you were the day after your break up. His eyes were glazed with tears that had yet to fall, Adam’s apple bobbed as he restrained himself from responding. He picked up everything you’d placed in front of him one at a time. 

“It’s on the house. Enjoy your movie” you emphasize with a forced smile. 

Jeff turns, nodding, knowing that he lost you and enters into the theater. 

It isn’t until you can’t see him, that you walk yourself to the bathroom, lock yourself in a stall, and fall to your knees. Letting out the sobs that were scratching at the back of your throat until your shift ended. 

Another Carter - Chapter 5

Summary : You’re Peggy Carters grand daughter, living as much as a normal life as you can with a giant secret weighing on your shoulders. What happens when you  ripped from your normal life, and thrown into the avengers hands?

Avengers x Reader (so far)

Warnings: Swearing , fluff, semi smut, nsfw gif 

Marvel Master List

Another Carter Master List

                                                    Chapter Five

  Avoiding Steve wasn’t as easy as you hoped  . Its been 2 days since the awkard situation in the gym, and you’ve barely managed to dodge him.

“ Go away !” you grunt as you roll face first into your pillow . Someone’s been incessantly pounding on your door for about 5 straight minutes. You aren’t feeling today , you just want to stay buried in your blankets all day .  The knocking stops, but you hear your door being opened.

“ Go away doesn’t mean come in.” you mumble . Who the hell would have enough balls to wake me up AND come In my room ?

 "Its time to get up Doll, you already missed training.“ Barnes .

You become slightly self conscious when you feel him lift the blanket from your body . You sleep in a baggy tee and cheeky underwear. 

” Dude!“ you scramble to grab the blanket only to see he already tossed it to the floor. He lets out a long whistle while his eyes roam from your ass down your bare legs.

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” Nice PJs dollface. “ he winks , making your blush even worse. Hes going to make me get up . I need to get him to let me stay in my damn bed.  You send him a sly smirk,

” You know Barnes, there’s room in my bed for one more .“ Please Work .

Bucky mirrors your smirk, he crawls his way up your bed, caging you with his hands on either side of your head. Oh God, I think this was the best idea I ever had.

” Ill have to take you up on that offer another time, Clint made blueberry pancakes & I know those are your favorites.  “ Damn it Bucky .

 His body moves away from you quickly, and before you know it your body is being thrown over his shoulder. You let out a squeak  as he leaves your room with you in tow.

” Buck I don’t have pants on ! “

” Youll be fine. I don’t think anyone will mind the view .“ you feel his shoulders shake as he laughs.

 You finally arrive in the kitchen, letting out a grumble as Bucky places you into a chair. He sends you a wink , then goes and grabs two plates of pancakes. He sits next to you , patting your thigh as he does.

” Don’t be grumpy doll, atleast you got out of training today . “

You sigh , you reach for the whipped cream infront of you and start drowning your pancakes in it , then do the same with the syrup  .

” Well goodmorning to you too Dear.“ Tony says from across the table . You were so busy being crabby you didn’t even notice the rest of the team sitting at the table.  

” Yeah , real good morning Tony.“

” Good morning Y/n.“ Steve says , you look up and see him seated directly across from him . Oh shit.

” Morning Steve. “ So much for trying to keep avoiding him .

 Breakfast goes quickly, small talk floats around the table but you mainly keep your focus on your food. Wanda volunteers to do the dishes, and you don’t think its possible to love her more  .  You kiss her and Clint on the cheeks, then go to leave the kitchen with everyone else, but Youre stopped by a hand around your wrist, you whip around , your eyes locking with Steves.

” Can we talk?“ No

” Sure.“   you follow him out to the tv area .  He drops down onto the couch, patting the open spot next to him .

” Id rather not get too comfortable, my beds waiting for me.“ You say with a laugh , he smiles back making the mood a little less weird.  

” Listen , about the other day  -“

” Steve , we don’t have to talk about It. “ you sigh ,  I really don’t want to do this now, or ever. 

” Obviously we do , you’ve been avoiding me . And don’t say you haven’t, I’m not blind Y/n .  I was just - I think I was just trying to deal with the breakup and in the moment I thought maybe you - “

” Maybe I what Steve?  Wanted to kiss my grandmothers, and cousins ex lover? I’m not that kind of girl .“ you scoff, turning to leave.

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” I’m not saying you are ! its just - theres something about you . I-“

” Steve, youre obviously upset about your breakup . But I’m not a rebound, hell, no offense but I will never see you as anything more than a friend  & team mate. It just wouldn’t feel right. My grandmother loved you , I know she loved my grandpa, but you were different for her. Her lost love. Being with you in any way other than friendly is wrong to me , seeing you and Sharon together was so fucking weird. “ you laugh , you sit next to him ,taking his hand in yours and placing them on his leg.

” You are a fantastic person Steve, anyone would be lucky to have you in their life. But just because I’m a Carter doesn’t mean we would be good together. I may be a lot like Peggy , but I’m not her.  I’m not going to be her replacement .“

 Steve sighs and squeezes your hand .

” You’re right , Peggy is just all ive ever known, ya know? She was the first woman to show any interested in me before I was Captain America. I see the same traits in you , the way you speak, your actions, I think I just got a hazed and thought maybe there was a chance  . Its hard , being in this world, in this decade, everything is different. I think being with Sharon, made me feel a little more familiar, and maybe I hoped you would magnify that feeling. “ His shoulders slump as his confession . You can see why Peggy loved him ,  you wish you didn’t feel like it was so wrong because you COULD see yourself with him ; hes just your type.

You lean in, kissing his cheek . ” I know this is different, and I cant imagine how you feel Steve. But I am here for you , growing up hearing all those stories about you; about how great, brave and sweet you are made you one of my heroes my entire life. I want to be close to you , be your friend and be here when you need me . “

” I think id like that.“ he replies with a smile,

” Good, because I wasn’t giving you a choice Rogers. “  The two of you laugh , when you stand you tug his hand so that hes standing infront of you . You throw your arms around his waist , hugging him tightly . He returns the embrace, leaving a quick kiss to your forehead before you part.

” Alright, I’m going back to bed" You send him a mock salute, “ Goodnight Captain.”

 " Y/n , its like noon !“ he shouts, but youre already on your way the elevator.  That wasn’t so bad afterall .

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 Being around Steve is easy , you fall into a quick friendship  and completely push aside the weird day in the gym . You’ve caught yourself thinking about being more than friends with him, but you always stop yourself to remind you that its not an option.  You train with him and Bucky in the mornings now, then after you shower you watch movies to try and help them catch up on what they missed. Some days its just you & Steve  when Bucky opts out to take a nap instead . Its never been just you and Buck  , until today .

 ” Cant you give the mission to someone else!?  We were going to start Boy meets world today!“ you whine . Steve chuckles, placing the last of his gear on .

” No can do , It should be a quick mission though , just watch something else and hopefully ill be back by tomorrow so we can start it  .“  you groan dramatically, making him let out  loud laugh .

” You’ll have fun without me.  " You follow behind him until you arrive at the hangar.

“ Be safe, alright?  ” you say quietly  .

“ And use a fucking parachute Punk.” Buckys voice appears from behind you.

Steve rolls his eyes, but pulls Bucky into a hug. How cute.  

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He pulls you in next, holding you tightly to his body .  You say another goodbye & watch as the jet takes off, then grab onto Buckys hand.  He always looks surprised when you grab his metal hand, like he cant believe you aren’t scared of it.

 " Lets go Sergeant, looks like we are starting Disney movies today .“  He doesn’t protest, just lets you drag him along until you guys reach the  communal Tv room.

 Bucky plops on the couch, watching while you flip over cushions and fling blankets around until you find the remote.

You finally find it , when you turn to sit on the couch though you see that Bucky manages to take up the entire thing.

” Move it or lose it Barnes. “ you warn playfully,

Originally posted by suitelikechocolate

” Doll theres another couch .“

” Yeah but this one is right in the center, best view of the TV!“ you argue back .

He shrugs and doesn’t move, Fine, you want to play it this way ?  You don’t think twice about it , as you move and sit yourself on top of him . He lets out a oompf sound as you adujust yourself on him.

” This is not comfy.“ he pouts.

You send him a ’ tough shit’ smile before scrolling through the movies on the screen . Bucky grabs onto your waist , moving himself so hes no longer laying down , but sitting up with you on his lap .   I win.

You move to sit next to him , but his grip on your waist tightens.

” Where do you think youre going?“ he asks, pulling your back to you back is resting against his chest. 

” To sit next to you?“ you question , trying once again to move off him.

” You started this, you’re staying right here Doll.“  his voice  is firm, but playful .  Why did that just slightly turn me on , is that weird?    You let out a sigh of defeat, letting your body relax against his , separating your legs so they rest on the sides of his. 

  You chose Cinderella to start the marathon, deciding that you don’t really want to watch them all in order . As the movie begins you start to squirm in Buckys lap .  His hands migrated from you hips, to resting on your thighs. Everytime you move even the tiniest bit, you can feel his fingers slightly dig into your bare thighs; and you love it.  You and the boys always want to be comfy during your movies, so you all wear your pajamas . Today you chose light pink shorts, and a baggy black tee ; Bucky went with comfy silver gym shorts and a white tee . No matter how simple the clothes, him and steve always manage to look like God in them and it drives you nuts.

  ” Buck this is so not comfy .“you whine, wiggling around  once again . His hands hold you in place , his fingers digging a little harder into your thighs and pulling a soft , unexpected( & unwanted) moan from you. oh balls, I hope he didn’t hear that.

You feel him shift behind you , then his breath hits your ear, ” That was a cute little moan there Doll. “  For fucks sake.  You look over your shoulder, catching the smirk on his face.   OH so we are playing that kinda game ?

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You send him a wicked grin, before experimentally grinding yourself slowly down on his lap.  You hear his breath hitch ,letting you know you got him.  You repeat your action again, this time placing your hands over his on your thighs, and slightly arching your back .

” Don’t start something you aren’t going to finish Y/n .“ he warns ,his lips back at your ear again . This time though, they graze against it, making you have to bite back a whimper. You can feel yourself getting more and more turned on as you disregard his warning and continue moving yourself against him. The way his hard bulge moves against you feels way to good; for the both of you . His hands go back to your waist, guiding your movement and pulling small groans from him .  You manage to twirl yourself around so youre facing him while you straddle his lap . His eyes are completely lust blown, and his lips are parted.  His hands stay at you hips, still moving you against him . You place your hands on his shoulder to hold you up, the rubberband in your stomach is so tightly wound your positive its going to snap within seconds.

” Do you like this doll, rubbing against me like this?“ his voice was raspy, making you internally groan at how much hotter it made all this.

” Feels like youre enjoying his just as much as me .“ you quip , pushing down a little harder as you grind .

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 Bucky leans in, but just as his lips are about to hit yours , you both hear the elevator ding. The sound of footsteps knocks you out of your horny daze, making you fling yourself onto the couch next to him . You grab the closest blanket and toss it over both of your laps.   You look over to Bucky, hoping your face doesn’t match his ; he is flushes, and you can he his chest rising and falling quickly. If he looks like that, I can only imagine how crazy I must look .

 ” You guys started Disney and didn’t call me !?“ Sam bellows from the doorway . Bucky sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose  when Sam lays on the other couch  . You send Sam a smile, and turn your attention back to the movie. Well, you try to at least, your mind cant seem to stop thinking about the way it felt to be on the super soldiers lap ; and how much you want to just climb back on him.

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The After Party - Part 3

Hey Guys, here is the final part for this fiction. Thanks for the likes and reblogs, it is much appreciated. Now that this is finished I have a few requests to write for so look out for those. :) And thank you to the person who sent me a message for an insult for Jughead from Reggie.

Part One

Part Two

He put a hand on her shoulder wanting to comfort her and she collapsed onto him. Her face nuzzled into his shirt. “You smell nice.” She commented, feeling his body stiffen at the contact.

“Thanks?” he responded unsure. He was in a small enclosed space with Betty Cooper at a house party, it wasn’t exactly where he thought his night was going to end up. Her hands moved to encircle his waist and he went to put some distance between them, his back hitting the wall behind him. He needed to process what was happening. She moved towards him again her hand pressed against his chest. “Betts. Come on.” his tone was light, friendly, trying to break the tension that had suddenly engulfed the small room. But she was having none of it, her eyes had darkened and they carefully examined him in a way he had not seen a member of the opposite sex look at him before.

“Betts I don’t think this is a good idea.” He let out, as her hand moved to his shirt playing with the material. His hands were braced on the wall behind him, he was out of space to move and she was not backing away.

“What did I say about people telling me what to do?” She replied.

“Not telling, advising.”

“I always do what is best Jug. That’s my life’s mission. But sometimes I get sick of being the good girl.” He swallowed thickly, his throat feeling dry. She smiled noticing his reaction. Her hand moved from the opening of his shirt to his neck, playing with the curls of hair that escaped underneath his beanie.

“Betts.” He groaned in warning. She had fully invaded his personal space now. If she was anyone else he would have pushed them away by now.

“Don’t you want to make me feel better.” She pressed her body against his.

“I don’t want to be a rebound.” He choked out.

“This isn’t about that. This is two people who know each other very well, who at one time or another have imagined what it would be like to cross that line.” She said seductively as she trailed a finger down the side of his cheek to lightly ghost across his lips.

“You have thought about that?” He asked searching her eyes for honesty. She took a hold of his hand and placed it on her hip.

“Haven’t you?” She said avoiding the question. He glanced at his watch on the hand not currently attached to her hip holding her tight now without realizing.

“We have 3 minutes left.” He stated struggling to keep his tone even.

“Tick, Tock” She replied.

“Fuck it.” He groaned in defeat, his hand reaching for the back of her head, pulling her closer so that his lips could capture hers. Her lips were pliable under his, returning his kiss with equal enthusiasm. Her hands went to his hair dipping underneath the beanie on his head to feel his wavy locks he kept hidden. She had always wondered what his hair felt like, hidden always under that beanie.

Her tongue swept across his bottom lip, seeking entrance which he gladly gave all too easily. This feeling of being desired overwhelmed her, she wanted more, more of this feeling. Feeling bold she reached under his t-shirt, her fingertips touching bare skin and delighting in his sharp intake of breath at the contact. But he didn’t stop her, didn’t pull away as she had expected. She moved her hands to his bare back scratching lightly. She was reveling in the sounds that he was making, it made her feel powerful that she could create such a reaction in the usually stoic teen.

So far he had been along for the ride, letting her take the lead. But this feeling arising up in him had snowballed into something he couldn’t quite control. He wanted more, he wanted to feel more. Switching their positions he pushed her up against the wall, as his lips went to her neck, he took a testing nip the barest hint of teeth  and then soothed the area immediately with his tongue as she gasped and moaned her appreciation.

Her hands were in his hair again. She wanted that hat gone. She knew it was his security blanket. A barrier against the the world and she wanted him without those. She wanted him laid bare. Those moments when she had thought about what it might be like to kiss him, she had never imagined this. She had expected an awkwardness and hesitation on both sides. But this was nothing like that. This felt almost right. There was a push and pull between them, give and take. This was not the sweet first kiss she had expected to write in her diary, all sunshine and rainbows and Archie Andrews. This was raw and unhinged. Her fingers were now laced in his hair as she directed him to where she needed to feel his touch the most.

She felt his hand moving up her waist, up her ribcage, the underside of her breast just short of touching her where she needed him to. She keened into his touch.

“Please.” She let slip from her lips. She heard him take a deep breath before his hand caressed her breast and his mouth reclaimed hers.

“Right Betty times up.” Veronica said as she opened the closet door, Archie stood next to her and may have needed some help picking his jaw up of the floor. Within the closet were his two best friends tangled up in each other, hair mussed, the crown beanie on the floor left forgotten. It seemed Veronica too was lost for words.

“Whoa looks like Needlenose does know what to do with a girl after all.” Reggie shouted peering over the shoulder of Archie who was still having difficulty getting his mouth to form words. Betty and Jughead broke apart, Betty casually smoothing down her dress, while he picked up his beanie from the floor pulling it quickly onto his head. He looked over to Betty expecting to see embarrassment or a look of guilt at being caught in the act, but he couldn’t read anything from her face. The closest thing he could describe it as was determined.

“Oh looks like Betty Cooper isn’t so innocent after all. More like your sister than we thought. Must be a Cooper thing.” Cheryl commented smugly. Betty’s face didn’t change, didn’t crumble and break like it usually would. Instead she walked over to Cheryl never breaking eye contact. She was in Cheryl’s face now, eye to eye. Cheryl noted the look in her eye and her smile faltered.

“I am done being your little plaything. Cross me again. so much as say Polly’s name and you will regret it.” She stepped past her heading for the exit. She looked back over her shoulder at the devastation in her wake, to the boy still in the closet. “Are you coming?”

How could he say no?

Daddy’s a Baker

Bouncing into the front room, blonde curls rebounding up and down, Grace finds her daddy sitting in his favorite overstuffed chair reading a book. 

“Daddy, I want a treat.” Smiling wide at her father. 

Harry looks up from his book, her big blue eyes sparkling at him. “What kind of treat are ya thinking bug?“ 

"Hmm” Grace slowly taps her finger against her chunky cheek as she thinks of something yummy. “Cookies?" 

"Oooo those do sound good don’t they?” Harry beams at his favorite little girl. “Peanut butter or chocolate chip?" 

"Mummy loves chocolate chip, so do I." 

"Chocolate chip it is! Race ya to the kitchen?” Harry puts his book down on the table and stands up to race his little one into the kitchen. 

“Mark. Set. Banana.” Grace howls as her dad begins to run to the kitchen. “I didn’t say go daddy, I said banana. Come back.” Harry slumps his shoulders and pads back to where Grace was standing. 

“Are ya teasing me?” Grace nods her head and smiles, letting that deep dimple sneak into her cheek. 

“Kay, mark. Set. GOOO!!” Grace bolts to the kitchen with Harry hot on her heels. Giggling down the hall Grace beats her father into the kitchen. "I win!!“  

"You may have won this time.” Harry says as he tickles his little one, who lets out a giggle that echoes though the house. “Ready to make cookies?" 

"Yes!!” She says with excitement. 

“I’ll get the recipe book. You get out aprons.” He says as he walks over to the cupboard where all the recipe books are kept. 

Grace skips to the pantry and opens the door wide. Inside the pantry sat three hooks, each hanging an apron that belonged to a specific member of the family. The aprons have a pale pink top section with the same color as a ruffle at the bottom. (Harry’s apron is the same pink minus the ruffle; just a pink strip lines the bottom) The middle of the apron is a light blue fabric with pink, white, and brown cupcakes randomly placed. Each apron has the name of the family member it belongs to embroidered in a solid white thread. 

Grace grabs her apron along with her daddy’s and she slides into the kitchen ready to help make cookies. “Here ya go daddy.” She says as she hands Harry the apron with his name on it. Both of them slip the apron over their head. Harry turns Gracie around as he ties the back strings into a bow. He lifts Grace up and sets her on a barstool so she was at a good height to reach the mixer. 

“Okay Miss Gracie girl, it says to mix one cup of butter. Then the white and brown sugar along with vanilla in the mixer.” Harry walks to the fridge and pulls out some butter and eggs. “Can ya open the butter and put it in the bowl love?” He says as he hands the two sticks of butter to Grace. 

“Mmmhmm!” Her tongue sticks out of the side of her mouth as she struggles to get the wrapper off the cubes of butter so they can go in the bowl. 

Harry walks to the pantry to bring out the sugars, and the flour. “Good job Gracie! We need a ¾ Cup for the sugar. Can you find the cup with a 3 dash 4?" 

Grace looks through the measuring cups to find one with a 3 dash 4 and waves it high in the air. "Got it daddy! May I pour the sugar?”

“You may sweet pea.” Harry opens the container of white sugar so Grace can scoop up the sugar. “’M gonna teach ya how to be a baker. Ya know I used to be a baker. A pretty good one if I do say so myself!” He says flashing that dimple with a proud smile. 

“Daddy? What’s a baker?” Grace dumps the ¾ cup sugar into the red mixer as she asks her dad. 

Opening up the bag of brown sugar, Harry helps Grace pack the brown sugar into the measuring cup. 

“A baker is a person who makes delicious cakes, pastries, cookies, and pies.” Harry watches as Grace dumps the brown sugar into the bowl. “Hold the spoon love. I’ll pour the vanilla.” He hands Grace the correct measuring spoon to hold over the bowl. 

“Can I be a baker when I grow up daddy?” Grace turns the spoon so the vanilla can be mixed into the dough. 

“You can be whatever you want to be bug.” Leaning down Harry kisses her head. “Time to mix.” Pulling the beater down he helps Grace turn on the motor to mix the ingredients smooth. “Do you want to crack the eggs? Or should dad?" 

Full of sass Grace says "Daddy, I know how to crack eggs.”  She giggles as she has a mischievous glint in her eyes. 

“We both know that ya goose!” Harry taps her nose and then hands her an egg to crack in the bowl. She cracks two eggs into the bowl and starts the mixer with her dad’s help! 

Harry helps Grace add all of the dry ingredients into the bowl to be mixed into the dough. He hands her the opened bag of chocolate chips. 

“Dump ‘em in bug!" 

"The whole bag?” Gracie’s eyes grew wide with excitement. 

“Let’s make them with extra chocolate for mum! She loves chocolate!" 

"Good idea daddy!” Grace dumps the whole bag of chocolate chips into the bowl as the mixer folds the chips into the dough. 

Once the dough was mixed. Harry shows Grace how a “True baker” uses a spoon to place the cookies on the cookie sheet. Harry slides the first set of cookies into the oven and helps Grace place another set on a new cookie sheet. 

“Can I have a taste?” Grace asks, pulling her classic puppy dogface. 

“It’ll make ya sick love. We don’t want that!" 

"Let’s make a deal.” Harry had a love hate relationship with this line because it was cute but he hates how it always made him give her what she wanted. “I get a taste, you get a kiss! That a deal?” Tacking on a smile spanning from ear to ear.

“Okay, one bite and then I need you to go get mum. The cookies are almost done!” Reaching into the bowl and giving Grace a pinch of cookie dough. She pops the cookie dough in her mouth. 

“Mmm daddy, we did a good job!” She says with her mouth full of dough. “I’m gonna get mum!” She jumps off her stool and runs out of the kitchen. Harry can hear her little bare feet thumping on the wood floor as she runs to get her mum. 

Grace brings you by the hand into the kitchen as Harry is pulling the cookies out of the oven. 

“Something smells good!” You say as you sit down at the counter. 

“Someone looks good!” Harry throws a wink your way as you begin to blush. 

“Daddy, can I have a cookie now?” Grace is very eager to have a taste of her creation. 

“The secret to a good cookie is letting it rest outside of the oven for a couple minutes. Should we get some milk?” Harry was determined to teach Grace the correct way of baking cookies. He pulls down three cups from the cupboard and gets the milk from the fridge. Harry helps Grace pour milk into each cup very carefully. Using a spatula, Harry takes the cookies off the sheet and places three on the counter. 

Grace takes a bite of her warm cookie “high five dad! Good job!”

Harry gives Grace a high-five and digs into his cookie. 

“These are delicious!” You say with a smile. 

“Daddy used to be a baker.” Grace repeats what Harry told her earlier. 

You begin to giggle, “I’ve heard!” You smile at Harry. “A very good baker indeed!" 

 As always thank you to the wonderful @whoopsharrystyles without her I wouldn’t be able to keep going! She is amazing! Please let me know what you think!!! I want to know!!! Love you all!!!

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To all the moderators, what are your respective 'go-to' stories at dramione/org that are not included on the top list?

Sure. Here are some fics I have bookmarked as favorites so I can read them over and over again… I don’t think any of these are on the top lists.

Gingerbread Germs by scarlettcat - M, one-shot - Pansy’s plan for revenge couldn’t be sweeter. Too bad she forgot about Draco’s sweet tooth.

Who Trumps Who? by margaritama - MA, one-shot - Draco remembers what it is to be a Malfoy.  He has every intention of destroying Ron Weasley, slowly and methodically.

Sometimes a Loss is Really a Gain by RiddikulusRavenclaw - M, 2 Chapters - When Hermione and Ron have a nasty breakup, she gets drunk and rebounds…with Draco Malfoy?

Curses by maloreiy - MA, 5 Chapters - The Head Boy and the Head Girl have been captured! Stolen right out of Hogwarts and hit with an unknown curse, the two find themselves in a very small cell, very much alone, and with very unusual effects from the curse. Smut, followed by a thin plot, and ending with fluff.

Hallelujah Indeed by naarna - T, one-shot - After a love spell has gone wrong, Draco shows up in Hermione’s bedroom every night for a week. Investigations into this matter lead to revelations both never expected… (This story was part of the 2016 HP Drizzle Fest)

Pride and Prejudice and Leprechauns by Refictionista - MA, 17 Chapters -  By Jane Austen and Refictionista - Miss Hermione Granger and Mr. Draco Malfoy had never gotten along, but now they must work together to end the illegal trade in cursed four leaf clovers. Their investigation together discovers that sometimes the last person on earth you want to be with is the one person you can’t be without. (Written for the 2016 Harry Potter Get Lucky Fest)

Safehouse by Sey - MA, 22 Chapters - Four years post-war, all captured Death Eaters manage to escape Azkaban with one goal in mind: revenge. The Golden Trio is separated to assure their safety, and though the situation is hard for them all, Hermione can’t help but feel she is stuck in the worst safehouse… Or Manor, in this case.

Devil’s Snare by SunshineSundae - M, 11 Chapters - Hermione wants a new job. Will boss Malfoy let her go? “Tell me, Granger, do you often imagine me in bed?” “If you mean death bed,” she said sweetly. “Then every day.”

Waters of the Horned God by ningloreth - MA, 2 Chapters - Auror Hermione Granger finds there’s much more to her new partner, Draco Malfoy, than meets the eye.

❤️ @refictionista

P.S. Yes, one of the fics listed is one of mine, but (even so) it’s one of the ‘go-to’ stories that I’ve read it over and over again… I’m obsessed with Jane Austen.

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Can you do some ZenxMC high school headcanons please? ^-^

Ok, let me be honest and tell how long I’ve been waiting for a high school request. I L-U-V these requests! Seriously, guys, just say the word and I’ll do a whole AU for it! ^^

This request came today and I decided to do it before the others in line since is Zen’s birthday, tomorrow I’ll go back to following the right order, okay? I’ts taking a while for me to respond because there are so many, but I’ll answer everybody eventually, just be patient!

Enough chit chat, here’s more for Zen’s birthday.

ZenxMC high school headcanon

  • He used to be a jock, everybody knew Hyun Ryu, the extremely hot and talented shooting guard at the school basketball team
  • You are a sophomore and just joined the cheerleader team, that was the first time he saw you
  • Your dancing moves are very different from your colleagues, you’re much more expressive and free than all of them, so his eyes follow you around through all your choreography
  • He even got replaced and scolded by the coach for being so distracted. He doesn’t mind, that was even better, now he could look at you without worrying about the match
  • Just… talk to her… why was he so afraid? You seem so out of his league… could he imagine one day he would meet a girl who seems too much for him?
  • One day, he gathered courage enough to talk to you. You are so nice and sweet… then he remembers what his team mates always tell: “She’s a cheerleader, bro, they’re nice to everybody.” Shit…
  • He tells how amazingly you dance, you politely thank him, and explain the dancing moves are very different in the drama club, which you are a part of.
  • “The drama club? The… club with the weirdos?” you stop smiling. “No, the club with very talented and interesting  people, you should join, it would improve your reflexes and you wouldn’t lose so much rebounds.” OH SHIT!
  • He feels like an idiot! He screw up the only chance he had to talk to you, what now? “Just let it go, bro. It’s just another chick” one of his mates tells him, but he knows it’s not true.
  • So there he is, awkwardly sat in the corner watching two guys having a heated argument about who should play Fanny Brice on an eventual revival of Funny Girl. “Lea Michele is the obvious choice, you fool!” “She can’t be compared to Ms. Streisand and you know that, don’t pretend you didn’t listen to me the last time!” Who are those people? Then you come in.
  • “MC, who should play Fanny Brice on a Funny Girl’s revival?” “Me” and you smirk, end of discussion. Hyun can’t hold back a smile when he sees you and awkwardly waves at you. You look shocked.
  • “What are you doing here?” “You told me I should come…” now you can’t help but smile, you can’t believe he actually took you seriously, how… cute.
  • You can’t believe how fast he mingles, everybody ends up liking him, he’s energetic, proactive, and insanely charismatic, which is a very important feature for an actor.
  • And he’s also very intrigued how well he fits here. People here seem so much more authentic and spontaneous. And when he got up at that stage… god, he never felt this rush in any of his basketball matches…
  • After the meeting, he accompanies you to your house, he’s very nervous! “So… cheerleader and drama club? Come on, you know how caste system works at school… are you trying to make a… how do you call? A… social statement being in such different clubs?”  he is trying so hard to sound smart…
  • You giggle “Nah, I just like the drama club, but my mom made me join the cheerleaders, she doesn’t want me hanging out with the weirdos.” Well, now he feels like a prick…
  • “Yeah… parents suck.” That’s all he could think of? He feels so stupid, but then you giggle again. “Oh, really? Mr.Shooting guard has trouble at home too?” “If you only knew…” “So, tell me…”
  • You two sit on a bench halfway to your house and keep talking. He tells about how his mom always called him ugly, how he feels like his brother betrayed him when decided to stop supporting him, and how sometimes all he wants to do is just abandon all this, hop on his bike and run away.
  • You feel bad for him, but yet very fascinated. Who knew the apparently perfect guy was struggling so much? You didn’t like him at first for judging your friends at the drama club, but you also made your own very prejudiced pre assumptions. No… he’s so complex and so sensitive… and remembering him acting make your heart flutter.
  • “If you ever decide to run away, take me with you.” He looks at you. As you thought, he knows you’re not kidding.  So he leans slowly to you and kiss you, it starts a little awkward and timid, but suddenly you two are a panting mess, he breaks it off before it gets out of control, you both giggle, a little embarrassed.
  • “I will, then we’ll be this amazing power couple who get to star at musicals and shit. MC and Hyun… just imagine!” you two are laughing and completely fascinated by each other’s laughs.
  • “Hum… I should get a stage name… and so should you, let me think… how about… Zen?” “Zen?” he scoffs “Yeah! It’s simple, easy to pronounce in almost every language and, I don’t know, it suits you…”
  • “Zen, huh? Yeah… I can get used to this…”

Le Fantôme, a Danny Phantom x Miraculous Ladybug crossover snippet I hope to develop into a full-fledged fic. At some point. Probably under a different title, but if I do ever turn it into a real story, I’ll cross-post it on FF.net and the AO3 under Lynse. I just thought I could take a stab at fleshing out the idea paragraph I’ve had floating around for nearly a year now and see if anyone’s interested in the process.

In short: Danny should never have taken Tucker’s dare. But how was he to know he’d get jumped by two teens in costume and that they’d actually manage to destroy what might be his only way home?

Danny ducked as the lethal yo-yo cut through the air where he’d been a moment before, flicking intangible so he didn’t get caught on the rebound. “I should never have taken Tucker’s dare,” he muttered as he put on a burst of speed, zigzagging his way through the sky and keeping clear of the buildings.

This was bad.

Taking Tucker’s dare had only been his first mistake. He wished he could blame Tucker for making the dare in the first place, but he was the one who had agreed to see if he could sneak unnoticed into the Far Frozen and steal the Infi-Map.

Well, his other option had been allowing Sam to see some primary blackmail material, so Tucker’s so-called incentive was really blackmail itself, but Danny had laughed at him. He’d thought he was up to the challenge. And he had been. Technically.

He’d gotten the map, all right, but when he’d told it to take him where he needed to be, thinking that that was the fastest way to wherever Tucker had been holed up, it had definitely not taken him back to Tucker.

He should have known better, but it was too late now.

Danny risked a glance over his shoulder, eliciting yells in French from his pursuers. The ladybug lady might not actually be trying to kill him, but he didn’t want to take a chance on that. Especially since she and her partner had attacked him first.

Well, in all fairness, he’d dropped out of a portal from the sky and had done his best meteorite impression as he’d clung to the Infi-Map for dear life. And he may have knocked the kid in the cat costume off course as he’d been jumping between rooftops, but that hadn’t been intentional. And the boy was clearly fine, because he’d recovered before even hitting the ground, using his baton to mimic helicopter blades by spinning it over his head to control his descent.

Unlike Danny, who would have been a smear on the pavement if the Infi-Map hadn’t stopped just in the nick of time. The street he’d landed on hadn’t been terribly busy, but that didn’t mean people hadn’t run away screaming even if no one had gotten hurt.

He’d been too busy trying to get his breath back and too mentally preoccupied with the fact that he couldn’t hear any English to notice the girl in the spotted suit until she’d used that yo-yo of hers to tear the Infi-Map out of his hands.

He hadn’t been able to stop her from tearing it in half.

He hadn’t even known it could be torn in half.

He’d always just sort of assumed that the Infi-Map was indestructible, that Frostbite kept it locked up only so it didn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Apparently not.

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I’ll Never Be Her

Originally posted by lilpieceofmyworld

Summary: YN and Clay are dating but Clay would always talk about Hannah and compare Hannah and YN without realizing. One day, YN gets fed up and breaks up with Clay

Warning: Angst

Requested: No


“How was work today?” YN asked her 3 months boyfriend, Clay Jensen, over Skype. It was Monday night, another night of Skyping one another talking about their day or helping one another with homework.

Clay shrugged, taking out his binder to work on his dreaded homework. “Same old, same old, I’m still not used to not having Hannah around.” Clay replied sadly, mentioning Hannah, a girl he had a crush on for the longest time.

Hearing the name Hannah coming out of the boy’s mouth automatically caused YN to frown. She knew about his crush on the girl, she couldn’t blame him for feeling sad, hell, she even felt sad for the sophomore committing suicide, she wished she could have helped Hannah in any way she could.

“I still want you to work there with me, you and Hannah have the same qualities and you could easily do the things she did,” Clay added on, not knowing that his statement had hurt his girlfriend deeply. YN didn’t say anything, she just stared at her math homework with a blank stare. She hated being compared to Hannah, she hated that Clay would think that she IS Hannah.

“YN? Are you okay?” Clay asked, noticing the silence. YN looked up and saw a concerned look on his face, blinking, she shook her head.

“No, I’m fine, just trying to solve this problem.” She lied, giving him a convincing fake smile, but he could see through it, frowning.

“What’s wrong? I know that you’re not okay.”

“It’s just,” YN started, wondering if she should tell her boyfriend what was really bothering her or not. Her heart is telling her that she should but her brain is screaming at her saying don’t. She didn’t know which one she should listen to, but at the end, she decided to listen to her heart before she gets hurt even more. “It’s just I’m tired of being compared to Hannah, you act as if I am Hannah when I’m not, I feel like you don’t like me for me, I feel like you’re only dating me as a rebound.”

Clay was left speechless, he was staring at the girl over his screen, the pain was etched onto her face, he could tell she was trying really hard to contain her tears. He didn’t know that she felt that way. What shocked him more was that he was hurting her without even knowing. He knew she was not Hannah, she’s completely different.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered, not knowing what else to say. He continued to stare at the girl who now has tears running down her face.

“I have to go,” she whispered.

“Wait, Yn-” he tried to keep her on the line but she ended the call. The last thing he saw before seeing a dark screen was the pain on her face. Sighing sadly, he gently closed his laptop and stared at the pile of homework on his desk in front of him. He felt guilty for hurting her in on of the worst ways possible.


The next day at school, he tried to look for his girlfriend, desperately wanting to talk to her, all night and morning, she has been ignoring his calls and texts. He wanted to talk to her face to face and want to clear up the situation, but he couldn’t find her anywhere. He concluded that she is either avoiding him or she’s not at school, but the latter caused him to worry.

“Have you seen YN?” He asked Jessica, one of YN’s best friends. The cheerleader stared at the boy sadly and shook her head.

“She’s either at home or with her dad in Korea,” she replied sadly.

Clay flinched at the mention of her divorced parents. “Korea?” he asked.

“Yeah, she didn’t tell you? Her mom is forcing her to stay in Korea with her dad while she’s getting married to her boyfriend.”

With that simple sentence, his heart shattered even more. He probably has lost his chance of mending her pain, probably the last time he will see or talk to her again.

Sorry / Jeff Atkins & Zach Dempsey

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Warning: Emotional content


Zach’s POV

She was absolutely breathtaking, I couldn’t help but just stare at her- her eyes were bright and filled with kindness, her lips were slightly parted as she concentrated, her hair fell to the side of her neck and scent smelled heavenly, God, I cant help myself - she is beautiful in many ways that I cannot even express; she was my definition of perfect and no one could tell me otherwise. Each day I spent tutoring her was like a day in heaven, she was my muse and the reason my heart was beating everyday but I watched as she fell for my friend, He is a great guy to be honest and I don’t even blame him for falling for her but I just wished I had the chance to make her mine.

“Zach, is this correct?” she snapped me out of my trance as she held her notebook in front of my face.

“Yes, it is actually” I smiled but it was fake, not fake for her but fake at the meaning of smile.

Watching as her expression switched from confused and concerned to being happy and seeing her smile was my greatest achievement, Her mere presence was enough to kick start my day.

“Baby!” she squeaked and kicked back her chair as she stood up and ran into the arms of another, my heart was crushed but I had to play it cool.

“Hey Jeff” another fake smile spread across my lips.

I couldn’t do anything but I simply woke up from the chair and headed towards the exit before my heart crumbled, this life was not meant for me, this thing called love was oblivious to my existence. I walked over to my locker and pressed my head against it to collect my thoughts and push it aside for a while, taking in a deep breath to control myself from feeling this way and then returning back to reality as I opened up my locker to collect my things and shut it lock, I turned around and saw them once more- Her smile was wide and she held his hand that hung loosely around her shoulders as he pulled her closer and pecked a kiss on the side of her forehead, I watched them as they walked by and my heart literally broke down and I felt the tears form but I never let them slip down.

“You love her don’t you?” I heard an unfamiliar voice from beside me and I turned to see Hannah Baker standing there.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I spat

“I know that look more than anyone here, that is the look of love and admiration and it is also the look of secrecy and loneliness” she spoke and each of her word sounded a little too familiar because it was the truth, it was my truth.

“He is a good friend of mine and they make each other happy. Who am I to stand in the way of that?” I sighed and eventually gave in to what she spoke of, I couldn’t hide it anymore and I felt the need to share my loneliness with someone and maybe they might understand.

“Will you go out with me?” I asked

“No Zach, I will not go out with you, just because you cant have the person you want does not mean you can use me to get over her.” her words came out harsh and with the emotions I was harboring, I couldn’t contain myself from feeling absolutely pissed.

“screw you” I walked off in such a hurry after I had punched the locker and probably caused a scene but I wasn’t thinking straight and I regret my words.

In the Present…


My mind has repeatedly gone back to that moment when my whole entire world fell apart, it was around 1AM after I had already headed home from Jessica Davis’ house party, I knew I shouldn’t have left but my parents were strict on curfew, I left Jeff behind and that is my biggest regret.

I can still feel my phone buzzing from under my pillow as I slept, I can still remember waking up and hearing the cracked voice of Clay over the phone as he informed me of the devastating news that Jeff had left us that early morning. I can still feel numbness that shot through me in that split second and then feeling everything crashing down on me all at once. The sound of screams and cries still echo through my rooms and down the hall of the house as I fell to my knees with plenty of tears streaming my down my face- I can still feel the burning of my throat and lungs as I screamed.

For days I couldn’t sleep, I had been brought to the hospital under mental health care because I was consumed to major depression which is the absolute worse- it creeps upon me at night when I least expect it, all those negative thought drown me until 4am when I am able to sleep after crying hours upon hours. I would hyperventilate and rock myself back and forth like a mad person but that’s how I felt, He was the nicest person I had ever had the pleasure of meeting and the world took him from me- he was my person and he deserved better than that. I was on medications and was prescribed to see a counsellor four times a week for Psychotherapy and it actually did help, they weren’t exactly what I imagined but it was aiding my mental health until I seemed normal again and I had a different view of life.

After Jeff’s death I had gotten closer to Zach because I know apart from Clay, he was the next close thing to Jeff and he was having some difficult times to wrap his head around things ever since that night. He was extremely supportive and with the recent passing of another friend- we had each other to be strong with and I cant tell you enough how I appreciated this, it took me about 2 months to seem normal again but with his help it had been such a load off.

“Hey how are you doing?” Zach asked

“I’m doing well enough now, thank you” I smiled

“I know this might seem too soon but I was wondering if you would like to go out sometimes?” he asked but he was too nice to say no to and part of psychotherapy was that I had to accept the past event and let it be the past, I had to move on from what made me suffer and not look back to it.

“yes, I would like that” I felt ready but terrified.

Hi prominent smile caused me to smile as well and I stocked off to first period, I liked to get there before the class even begins but I bumped into a nerve wracking clay Jensen, his scars seemed to be healing but with a lot of time- his breathing was rapid and heavy, he had the look of derange in his eyes and he had bloodshot eyes.

“Are you okay Clay?” I asked concerned

“No, No I’m not- I have been going crazy with all these tapes and wondering when my name will come up” he stated but I had no idea what he was talking about

Furring my eyebrows in confusion I spoke up “What? what tapes?”

“You haven’t heard them yet? your name appeared to be in it but only once, would you want to listen?” he answered

“Of course” I replied concerned but at the same time I didn’t know what to expect and I am not sure of what or how to feel.

You’re going to tell me this one’s no big deal but let me tell you about being lonely. Humans are a social species, We rely on connections to survive Even the most basic social interactions help keep us alive. Statistics prove the subjective feeling of loneliness can increase the likelihood of premature death by 26%.
 If it sounds like I’m quoting from a school textbook I am.
 Too bad nobody bothered to read it.
 And let me tell you
 there’s all kinds of ways to feel lonely

but let me tell you about that one specific lonely eyed boy I am talking about, my friend Kat had told me about me he was so sweet once upon a time, so sweet.

well, Zach Dempsey. Welcome to your tape”

I was so confused of how this was related to me but I kept on listening in hopes to gain more content

“See Zach, you didn’t take rejection all that well now did you? I saw how nice you were to me but I didn’t want to be your rebound after you couldn’t get the girl you wanted and Y/N if you’re listening to this tape then here you are, sorry Zach but she has to find out the truth eventually and here it is- my truth; See Y/N, Zach had always had a crush on you but he never said so to spare his friends feeling and I know you are probably wondering how this is relevant to my death which is what I will explain.

It was once specific afternoon after Zach had tutored you, I saw how he looked at you during your sessions and after you were done- I noticed how he admired you from the hallways but always had to turn away whenever Jeff said hello to him.

See, I confronted Zach on having a crush on you and he admitted to it but then had this wild thought that he should ask me out because he was lonely and I rejected him- he had negative comments to say and his anger couldn’t be controlled and I already had so much going on in my life that his negative words was another sign that lead me to doing what I did, it was because of you that he had his outburst but don’t get me wrong, you are not on this tape for me- you should know the truth just like everyone should, you were genuinely nice to me  and your kindness helped me live for another day but sadly I couldn’t stay anymore but thank you and I am sorry.

As for you Zach, I needed you to be true and you failed me and now we will see how things turn out for you, well others will see”

The tape ended and I was in tears at this point, clay watched my features change and now I understood how he felt and what he had been going through while listening to this heartbreaking message from Hannah.

I had so many mixed emotions but I know that I couldn’t go out with Zach anymore, I feel like I don’t even know him at this point.

I spotted him with his clique as they spoke and laughed with whatever joke one of them made.

“Hey Y/N!” he smiled but then it dropped as soon as he noticed my tears

“I am not going out with you” I spat and earned some ‘ooh’ noises from his so called friends.

He pulled me aside and away from everyone “Why?” he asked shooting me a saddened expression, Hannah was right, he had loneliness hidden behind his eyes.

“I heard your tape and I cant believe all of this happened, I didn’t even know and Jeff was your close friend! Hannah tried to help you and you brought her closer to her death!” I cried and he tried to get me to lower my voice but no one had paid any attention to us.

“Please don’t do this, I didn’t mean to do anything to her but I saw you with jeff that day and something inside of me snapped, I regret the words that left my mouth but I cant change anything” his voice cracked “The only person who would know how to help me right now is Jeff and he isn’t even here anymore, everything in my life always turns to fucking shit and I end up lonely all the time, I am never fucking loved and you cant make me feel any worse then I’m already feeling right now. I’m fucking sorry” he broke down and I felt remorse course throughout my entire body and chills running up and down my spine. I had no idea he felt this strongly about everything.

“I’m sorry you have to go through this right now and I understand what it’s like to lose Jeff, he was my boyfriend and he left me and that night I regret going home and leaving him there but everything happened- I know he is in a good place but I still know he deserved so much better, but Hannah was only trying to help you and she needed helping of her own and she tried to reach out to you because you connected on feeling lonely and she hoped you would at least try to help her back- I think the only way to make up to her about this is to tell the truth and come clean before you suffer further from any of this.” I tried to calm him down

“You’re right and I need to tell the truth about this because it is eating me up alive, I owe this to her and we all received an interrogation slip to talk about her and it was picked at random, I am nervous about it but I know now what to do- thank you” he positively responded and it made me smile.

“I will meet you up tonight for that date and help you prep for your interrogation that’s coming up soon” I smiled back as I engulfed him in a hug, he wasn’t a bad guy to be honest, he just didn’t know how to respond to someone reaching out to him but I’m glad I could have a positive impact and change on him.

Chapter V | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

Main Story page is here.

Song for the Playlist - Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka

Instagrams are here.

Word Count - 4000…ish

“Well, well, well…” he said when she walked into the large room they had to themselves and she looked across to him. “Surprised to see you here.”

“Could say the same for you,” she told him as he threw her a pair of gloves and she strapped them to her hands, rolling her eyes at his comments already.

“Thought you’d be shacked up with another one of my friends,” he wanted to take it back as soon as the first word slipped out but it was too late.

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The Fitting - Part 10.5 / Bonus Chapter -- Jin’s story

(After you turn down Jin’s offer for sex, he finds someone else to occupy his time.)

Warnings:  Side story in the universe of The Fitting.  Meaningless sex with a shallow guy.  Explicit.  Thanks to @amandaxohugnkiss.

Jin figured hitting on you was a long shot, but he had to give it a try.  He had a weak spot for girls with nice tits and he had been thinking about how good it would feel to get his hands on yours since the first day you started working at the company.  If it wasn’t for Jungkook’s stupid crush on you, he would have tried to hook up with you sooner, but the maknae seemed overly attached to you and always got pissy whenever anyone else started talking about how hot you were or speculating what you might be like in bed.  Jungkook wasn’t like that with other girls; in fact, he was happy to play along and talk about how nice it would be to bang this girl from work or that girl from an idol group, but whenever the talk turned to you, Jungkook got protective and insisted that everyone treat you with respect. Jungkook’s protectiveness of you had gotten worse in recent weeks, so everyone agreed that talk of you was off limits until Jungkook got over his crush.  Jin wondered when Jungkook was going to finally grow up a little and start taking advantage of his status as an idol and the ability to have sex with all kinds of women instead of pining away for a woman who would never give him the time of day.

When Jungkook finally showed signs that he was losing interest in you, Jin didn’t waste any time and wanted to make his move on you right away.  He knew all of the guys would try to seduce you eventually and he wanted to be the first to get you into bed.  When you rejected him, Jin assumed he had moved a little too quickly and decided to back off until he could try a new approach later.

In the meantime, Jin was still horny and looking for some action for the night, so he immediately started looking around the club for pretty girls he could work on.  There was a group of three girls dancing together on the dance floor, one of whom was extremely good looking, so Jin just inserted himself into their little dance circle.  Things were going pretty well, until some really tall guy showed up and wrapped his arms around the girl Jin was interested in; apparently, she had a boyfriend who showed up late to the club.

He then moved on to a scantily clad woman at the bar.  He chatted with her in broken English for a while; she pretty quickly asked him if he wanted to party back in his hotel room and then proceeded to hint at what a party might cost.  Jin realized that she was a prostitute and made a mental note to see if she was still available for business later, if he couldn’t find anyone else to take back to his room tonight.

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The Guy

Summary: this is part 1 of my 2 part submission for @bucky-plums-barnes 8k followers writing challenge

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: fluff, a lil angst

Prompt: “I don’t want to be her rebound guy, I want to be the guy”

Bucky’s POV

2 months earlier

The sound of something shattering drew me towards the kitchen. I froze in the doorway when I saw Nat trying to calm a very upset (Y/N).

“He’s not worth this, (Y/n)!” She said firmly grabbing (y/n)’s wrist causing her to freeze and look up at Nat.

“It still hurts, Nat.” I heard her whisper as she let the plate fall from her hand to shatter on the floor. I felt my heart ache for her as I watched Nat pull her into her arms, (y/n) sobs echoing in the large the kitchen on the compound. I stepped inside and Natasha looked up with a glare.

“What do you want, Buck?” She snapped, holding onto (y/n) protectively. She was one of the two people that knew how I felt about her.

“Nothing, Nat. I just-” I said, unable to really form a reason why I was her.

“Oh nevermind, Barnes, I’ve got bigger problems to worry about. Come on, (y/n).” She said, leading her out of the kitchen. I gave (y/n) a small smile as she passed me. Even when she was hurting she still offered me a watery smile in return. There was a part of me that wanted to hunt down the asshole that hurt her and threaten him within an inch of his worthless life, but i knew that wouldn’t unbreak (y/n)’s heart. So instead I settled for cleaning up the shattered porcelain that littered the floor before returning to my room.


“Looking for someone, Bucky?” Steve asked, sauntering up to my side. I glared at him slightly.

“You know exactly who I’m looking for punk.” I replied, tucking a loose strand hair out my face.
“I know, Buck, I know.” He said, patting my back.

“I just hope she comes. I’ve missed seeing her.” I said, gently.

“She’s coming.” Steve said, snagging two beers from the bar and handing me one, before pointing towards the stairwell. I followed his gesture and felt my heart drop into my stomach at the sight.

(y/n) was dressed in Navy head to toe, flanked by Wanda and Nat. Her hair had been curled and her eyes were sparkling despite the slight frown on her face. She looked beautiful.

“So when are you gonna bite the bullet and ask her out, Buck?” Steve asked, looking at me out of the corner of his eye. I cleared my throat and looked away from the girls.

“None of your business, Punk.” I said, taking another sip of the beer.

“I’m just saying that I think you should get in there while you can. A girl like (y/n) doesn’t stay single long.” Steve said with a shrug.

“I know, Steve.” I said, chewing at the inside of my cheek.

“Then what is there to be scared of Buck? You’re in a good place now, you said yourself just last week that your therapist said that it’d be good for you to start building romantic relationships.” Steve said, following my gaze which had yet again fallen on (y/n).

“I just afraid of being a rebound.” I muttered, watching her laugh at something Thor said and feeling jealous pool in my stomach as she touched her arm.

“You know that’s not how (y/n) is.” Steve said, with smirk.

“I know. I just don’t want to be her rebound guy. I want to be the guy.” I said, looking at my feet. Steve nodded.

“I see, Buck. Well think about it this way. You can’t be the guy if you don’t even try to ask her out.” Steve said, patting my back.

“You’re right, Steve. I’m gonna go talk with her.” I said, smiling at him.

“Looks like you won’t have to. She’s coming over here now.” Steve said with a smirk as he watched the panic spread over my face.

“Shit! How do I look, Punk?” I asked, straightening my shirt self-consciously.

“You look good, Buck.” He smiled at me before turning and disappearing into the crowd, I turned to see (y/n) smiling up at me.

“Hey, Bucky.” She said with a bright smile. I felt myself melt a bit.

“Evening, (y/n). you -uh- look real nice tonight.” I said, rubbing a hand over the back of my neck. Even in the dim lighting I could tell that she blushed.

“Thanks, Bucky. You look nice too.” She said, quietly. Things fell quiet for a few minutes.

“So are you enjoying the party?” I asked, trying to start a conversation. She shrugged, taking a sip of her champagne.

“It’s not really my scene. But Tony insisted that i needed to socialize so here I am.” She said, with a chuckle and making a gesture to herself.

“Well, I’m glad you came. It gives me someone to talk to. As you can tell this isn’t really my scene either.” I replied, with a smile. She looked at me her eyes twinkling with something new.

“Do you wanna get out of here, Bucky. Go walk around the city or something?” She asked, setting her empty champagne flute on a tray as the waiter passed. I swallowed the last of beer and set the bottle on a empty table.

“I’d like nothing more, (y/n).” I replied, offering her my arm and smiling as she looped hers through mine.

“Lead the way, Sergeant.” She said with a giggle. I felt my smile widen further as we slipped out of the common room and down the stairs.

Rebound Girl, Pt. 4

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: language, Anti Danneel

A/N: part 4 to my entry for @casbabydontgoineedyou‘s 1k follower challenge.

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Originally posted by darlingcap

Reader’s POV

You sighed and wanted to slam the door in her face but she stopped it last minute with one of her feet.

“What do you want, Danneel?” You asked, opening the door again.

“I need to talk to Jensen not his… bed bunny.”

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Hell of a Ride

[This story takes place around 5 years before the actual events of the story, and is meant to be a character study for Thara more than anything else :) I really got a feel for Thara’s nature in this, even though she’s understandably a bit more immature than when we meet her in Reversed Star properly!]

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Late [Part II] || Jungkook

Pairing - Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre - Angst, Fluff

Summary - After a whole heart breaking month, you finally decide to move on when that variable doesn’t seem to be applicable to as you bump into him again.


The days that led after your very unsuccessful rendezvous with Jungkook, you rejected every and all means of contact with him and the outside world.

You would stay cooped up in your room, wrapped in your blanket, eating tubs and tubs of ice cream, and any other chocolaty things you could get your hands on. Your brother, Namjoon would just sit back and let you do what you wanted, as you were still trying to cope up with Jungkook repeatedly visiting your house but you never let him see you.

You would ask Namjoon to tell any excuse he could, anything that would make Jungkook go back or not bother coming back anymore. He even had to lie to Jungkook that you had gone over seas.

Jungkook caught up, he knew his Hyung was lying, but he didn’t know why. He would pester his other Hyungs, especially Jin since he was the closest to Namjoon.

‘Hyung,’ Jungkook poked Jin’s arm as Jin flipped the pancake in the pan. When he didn’t respond, Jungkook repeated his action, calling his name every now and then.

'What, Jungkook. What do you want?’ He finally turned to him, ignoring the pancake that was cooking.

'Why does Namjoon Hyung lie about Y/N not being at home?’ Jungkook didn’t bother beating about the bush, and waited for an answer. Jin, visibly done with the younger, decided to tell him. He texted Namjoon, saying that he was going to tell Jungkook everything and didn’t bother waiting for a reply.

'Sit down. I’ll tell you.’

Namjoon’s phone vibrated in his pocket, making him take it out. The moment he read the message, he knew Jin had a death wish.

He knocked the door to your room, and entered after hearing a barely audible 'Come in’ from you. He saw you surrounded with empty packets of chocolates, two tubs of empty ice cream tubs overturned and the laptop playing a really bad choice of rom-com.

'Y/N..’ He mumbled as you looked up at him, your eyes puffy and red. It had been a month, and you still were on a full stop from that day. He sat down beside you, you cocooned in your comforter as you sat up. He ran his hand own your hair length, which really soothed you. Reaching out of the comforter, you wrapped your arms around his torso while he returned your hug. You both stayed silent for a while, before he spoke.

'Jin Hyung is going to tell Jungkook everything.’ He spoke slowly, not sure how you would really react.

'Hmm..- wait, what?’ You cringed at your own voice, that came out cracked and hoarse, as you hadn’t talked in a very long time.

'Yeah, he just texted me. Apparently, Jungkook has been asking about you non-stop. He knows about me lying about you, Y/N.’ Namjoon explained, making you pull away from his grip.

'No, but, why would he bother? He already has someone to talk to and worry about!’ You exclaimed.

You were annoyed, pissed beyond the limit, and confused. You knew you and Jungkook had a beautiful friendship once, but that was long ago. You had done this in an attempt to to break off all contact with him, but he clearly wasn’t getting the message.

'It’s alright, Y/N. Maybe, if he knows what really happened, he’ll either just come once to apologize or finally understand why you’ve been staying away from him.’ Namjoon made sense as he said that. You couldn’t help but agree.

A whole month and a half went by, and Namjoon was right. Jungkook had opted the second option - Staying away from you.

You hadn’t seen him around and you hadn’t heard from him nor about him from the others. You didn’t bother asking them. For that whole month and a half you worked on getting rid of all the calories you had gained within those thirty previous days.

You were running, your earphones in your ears with a smile on your face as you enjoyed the song, when you bumped into a hooded figure. 'I’m so sorry- Jungkook?’ Reminiscences of your last meeting came back to you as you looked up into a pale and skinny face, with hollowed cheeks, and dark circles around the what used to be the one of the brightest orbs you had ever seen.

He looked wide eyed at you, before recognition washed across his features, his arms instantly wrapping you into a strong hug. You were pressed flush against his chest, as you heard him sobbing, mumbling incoherent words onto your shoulder, your shoulder becoming wet.

You stood there, neither pushing away nor returning the hug. Your heart which with such great difficulty had been mended, was slowly breaking again.

After excruciatingly long moments, he pulled away, wiping away tears from his cheeks. 'Y-Y/N.. I-I’m so sorry for th-that day. Fuck.. Y/N, if o-only I knew. I s-swear I-I wouldn’t-’ He hiccuped, as you simply stared at him, your heart swelling up with a feeling that was supposed to be alien to you.

He let out a choked sob before wiping his cheeks completely and cupping your cheeks. He stared at you, long and hard, 'I miss y-you, Y/N. Please, come b-back.’ You saw his lips quivering as your head processed the sight.

'But that girl, Jungkook-’

'We didn’t work o-out, Y/N. She used m-me as a rebound and left m-me.’ He said, and another sob left his lips as he got closer to you. His eyes looked so pleading, you thought your aftermath was nothing compared to what he must have been going through.

Your feelings, instead of being that of regret of staying longer with him, or hate towards yourself for not confessing earlier, or the sadness you felt as you thought about how great his relationship must have been going, all got replaced with pity, empathy and love.

'Jungkook..’ You said, as your hand found his cheek, a tear slipping your eye, as he leaned into your touch.

'I should’ve just told you then, huh?’ You forced a laugh, as you wiped away his tears. He nodded his head so frantically that you thought it would’ve fallen off.

'Why didn’t you tell me earlier, Y/N?’ Jungkook whispered as he leaned his forehead on yours.

'I was scared.. Scared that we would lose what we had. But we lost it nevertheless.’ You said, as you looked at him. He shook his head slightly.

'It was my mistake as well, Y/N. I should’ve looked out for you. Your feelings. I didn’t- I’m just so sorry, Y/N. Will you ever forgive me?’ He asked as his thumb grazed your cheek, making your heart feel more alive than ever.

'Don’t be sorry, Jungkook. Let’s just start over, hmm?’ You asked, and you saw him smile. You could already say that it was the most genuine smile he had put on his face since a long time.

Jungkook kissed your cheek, keeping his lips lingering there for more than a second before looking back at you, his eyes shining brighter, as he said, 'Better late than never.’



You guys should thank the anon for the story line and request.

Thank you anon :)

Hope you like this insert as well :)

It was amazing writing for you

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TMZ EXCLUSIVE - A first-time interview with the Harper Sound CEO’s secret lover - Taylor Huck - who is now allegedly pregnant with his child. Over the summer these two had a one-night stand after his NYC bash celebrating the company’s first multi-platinum record. Harper represents stars such as Kevin Garrett, Kimbra, and Ayo & Teo.

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Different for Girls

A/N: Take it easy on me, this is my first time writing Jensen lol

Request:  Can you do a fic where the reader sings it’s different for girls after a break up with Jensen when he shows up at the con with another girl already?!

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none.

Word count: 1,278

It was in between panels at the convention. You had stayed on stage to talk to wandering fans and to avoid the one person you’d give anything not to have to see right now. Jensen. You knew it was coming, hell you even half thought about ending it yourself. But it still hurt. He had broken things off between the two of you a week ago. Something about how you guys fought too much, when wasn’t much. So you weren’t sure what he was talking about; but he had been acting strange. The relationship wasn’t very serious, you two were only together for 6 weeks, not even long enough to go public. A few people on set knew, but that was about it.

As the few fans that were left behind shuffled out of the room, you were left alone. Your panel with Jensen was next, so getting away wasn’t really much of an option. It was your guys’ first convention together since the break up, and he had brought his new girlfriend, rebound, or whatever she was- Angela. After only a week; and he had already went public with the relationship. It was no shock that he told people already, you and Jensen were famous, and fans would have opinions, comments, and complaints.

Since you were alone, you thought it might make you feel better to sing. Singing always helped you feel better. Singing was what you did before acting. You were just, slightly better at acting.

You picked up the guitar that was left on stage and started singing.

She don’t throw any t-shirt on and walk to a bar

She don’t text her friends and say, ‘I gotta get laid tonight.’

She don’t say, ‘It’s okay, I never loved him anyway.’

She don’t scroll through her phone just looking for a Band-Aid

As you were singing you were double checking around the room to make sure that you were alone, and carried on. But what you couldn’t see was Angela hiding around the corner, she knew that you two had just broken up.

It’s different for girls when their hearts get broke

They can’t tape it back together with a whiskey and Coke

They don’t take someone home and act like it’s nothing….

Angela didn’t even know why she was there honestly, she didn’t know why she even agreed to go public with Jensen. She knew that he was only using her as a rebound. Even if he was famous, she knew it wasn’t right. What if fans found out that Jensen was with you first? It was obvious by the way you were singing that you were hurt.

She don’t sleep all day and leave the house a wreck

She don’t have the luxury to let herself go….

Jensen walked up and spotted angela. “What are you doing in here, babe?” he said, he was a bit buzzed. He had been drinking since he broke it off with you.

“I think you need to have a talk with Y/N”, was all she said as she walked away. Jensen didn’t even try to follow her. He knew what she meant. So he turned to walk towards you. Your eyes were closed as you were singing, tears streaming down your face as the song came to an end.

It’s different for girls

Nobody said it was fair

When love disappears, they can’t pretend it was never there….

You opened your eyes and saw Jensen standing just a few feet in front of you. “Your voice is beautiful even when you’re sad baby girl.” he said with deep voice. You could see the hurt in his eyes. Whatever reasons the two of you had to part ways, suddenly felt irrelevant.

“Thanks,” You got out between sobs. You couldn’t help it. This was the first time you had really let your pain come to the surface.

He took the guitar from your lap and set it off to the side. He came back to stand in front of you while you were still sitting on the stool. He wrapped his arms around you, and you sank into his chest and cried. “I’m sorry sweetheart, it was a mistake.” he said, his voice cracking.

“I started to fall in love with you, you know.” You choked out.

“I already loved you Y/N.”

“Then why did you end it?” you started to sound a little angry at this point.

“I..uh, the arguing, all we did was bicker and fight. It’s like our personalities didn’t match up or something.” He was stuttering a bit.

“We didn’t fight that much, Jensen.” you snapped.

“Uhh, I know. Um, I was just afraid of getting hurt.” You just looked at his waiting for him to continue, “Look, I love you. And I’ve loved you since you started working with us on the show,” your face was getting softer now that you could see where this was going. “I was worried that you weren’t going to feel the same way. So I started acting like a jerk and I’m sorry.”

That’s what you were waiting to here. You stood up from the stool and pulled Jensen’s face to yours and kissed him, you’d be stupid to let him go again.

The kiss continues until you heard someone clear their throat behind you. It was one of the volunteers at the convention. She was there to remind you that you needed to go get ready for the panel. 

As you and Jensen walked off of the stage you stopped and turned to him. “Don’t you ever do that to me again Jensen Ackles,” Using his last name for emphasis, obviously, “don’t you ever think that I don’t feel the same way about you. Because I do, and I always will.” He didn’t say anything back to you, he just leaned down to kiss you again; and that’s what he planned on doing all night, well, at least until your panel anyway. Where he would tell the world that you were his, and he was yours.

Madancy Movie Night 2: The Reckoning

Egged on by precisely no one, @avidreadr2004 and I consigned ourselves to the lot of the eternally traumatised and tormented.  On Wednesday night, armed with tea, ginger ale, and what I’m told is quite good vodka, we watched Basic Instinct 2.

We barely escaped with our lives.

As it turns out, if you want to venture into Hell, using the buddy system is a quite good tactic.

Highlight reel below the cut:

(NOTE:  It is long.  Very long.  Because this film is so terrible that the only way I could cope was by continually typing out sarcastic comments of decreasing coherence and increasing capitalisation.  On the other hand, ow, my fingers.)

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