but what a handsome guy

Andromeda defense squad

The animation? Amazing. The facial expressions? They’ve definitely improved! The new dialogue system? So versatile! The character creator? Sounds promising! Sara Ryder? Beautiful. Amazing. Love of my life. Scott? What a handsome guy! Everyone’s custom Ryder? Breath-taking. Your hard work shows! Peebee? Beautiful! Jaal? What a nice outfit! Vetra? Oh, don’t even get me started! Spectacular! Liam? Super cool, love the omni-blades! Cora? She’s powerful and knows what she’s doing for sure. Drack? Super wise, I’m sure. Everyone and everything is amazing.

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Ok so. I always see people describing the male!mc as a cute small guy, but what if he's actually a really handsome man (like super tall and muscular)? What would rfa reactions be?

Ooh! I’ve never done anything regarding male!MC so I’ll give it my best!


  • You meet him in person 7 days after meeting him via the messenger
  • And he is completely caught off-guard
  • “… MC, is that really you?”
  • “Yeah, why?”
  • “I just… imagined you as so different.”
  • He literally can’t stop looking at you
  • Even forgets to invite you in for a hot second
  • From the way you talk in the chatroom he thought you would be cute and tiny like Yoosung
  • He was not prepared for this ABSOLUTE BEEFCAKE
  • He’s still in his cast so you have to help him around a lot
  • But he’s always super flustered when you do
  • He’s finally found someone more beautiful than he is
  • and he’s not sure how to feel about it


  • Is super blushy when you meet him at the party
  • Even though he’s gotten a confidence boost
  • and he was pretty dominant with that kiss
  • he’s still pretty afraid to touch you
  • It doesn’t help that you stand a near half-foot above him
  • and his constant internal dialogue is:
  • “Oh God oh God I look like a kid next to him”
  • that height difference tho


  • She figured you would be pretty masculine, but she had no idea you would be CUT like that
  • When she meets you at the party she can’t stop clearing her throat
  • She can’t look you in the eye
  • Poor girl’s ovaries are exploding
  • Zen’s a little jealous but he won’t admit it
  • Because Jaehee’s giving you those eyes


  • He nearly spit out his Dr. Pepper when he pulled up your SNS profile
  • “HOly shit…..”
  • He couldn’t stop scrolling through the gym pictures, even momentarily forgetting about the chatroom
  • Sits there sweating for a little bit when he sees the height on your profile
  • He thought he was decently tall at 5′9″
  • but OH BOY
  • “Luciel it’s not appropriate to ask someone to bone your brains out when you meet them”
  • oh boy does he want you to wreck him


  • Does Jumin Han is gay?
  • Well he does now, if he didn’t before
  • When he convinces you to stay in his penthouse he’s not sure why he feels the need to insist
  • But he feels something when he’s around you that he’s never felt before
  • He’s never experienced romantic love
  • And he thinks he knows what lust is
  • He’s in such denial but something definitely stirs when he watches the muscles of your back tense while you stretch 
  • He also knows that he’ll never hear the end of it if he says something

hope these were ok! ^^;;

ML Pokemon AU
  • Ladybug: I'm fifteen years old. How has nobody beaten me for League Champion?!
  • Jagged Stone: I love ya LB, but I think you're stagnating. You need to go out and have an adventure.
  • Ladybug: Adventure?
  • Jagged: You're still so young!
  • Ladybug: Young!!
  • Jagged: Go out and have youthful experiences!!
  • Ladybug: Yeah!!
  • Jagged: YEEEEEEEEAH!! *guitar riff*
  • Three Months Later:
  • Adrien: Hey Marinette, what do you think? *shows off his Ditto, transformed into him* Is this guy handsome or what?
  • Marinette: *vacant stare*

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so in the new episode Zoro is wearing…..this and no one has pointed out that zoro seems to have…stuffed his overcoat in his pants?

like. What is that doing there, zoro.

Fashion AND function