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Magic Kaito Chapter 36 [English Translation]

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  • The danger divides two destinies
  • And Thief’s choice is…

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  • Me before seeing the final episode: Pff, people are overreacting. Computers are deterministic machines, and everything can be explained as a series of dissectable equations determining what gets displayed.
  • Me after seeing the final episode: What the fu.ck What the fuck. What the fucking fuck. Computers aren't real. Nothing is real. What. The fuck.

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Wait what

rulebreaker au

Tsuna wasn’t quite sure how it started. Perhaps it was gradual, three people slowly gravitating towards one another until one day they were just a thing. A small and exclusive clique made out of people that were incredibly and utterly mismatched; a delinquent, the school idol, and the biggest loser in the school. You’d have to see it to believe it.

(Or, perhaps, Tsuna knew exactly how it started: explosively and with much laughter, like how their interactions normally were. It didn’t mean that Tsuna wanted to remember it, though. The scorch marks were still on the floor.)


One day, something changed.

“Hey Tsuna, ever think of breaking into Nezu-sensei’s house?” Yamamoto asked out of the blue. Tsuna laughed until he realized that Yamamoto was serious.

“You’re joking.”

“No I’m not.” Yamamoto leaned forward, eyes intense in a way Tsuna had only seen when Yamamoto was playing baseball. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand, and a danger alarm blast in his head. “Gokudera and I were talking about how the things he says don’t match up at times, like he’s hiding something. Wouldn’t it be cool if we found out what it was?”

“Is this about that time he humiliated me in front of the entire class?” Tsuna frowned. “Because you already offered to hit his head in with a baseball bat in a dark alley. Honestly, I’m fine. You guys don’t have to do anything!”

“It’s not about that.” Yamamoto very obviously did not make eye contact. “I just thought it’d be interesting, you know? Like solving a mystery! Nothing about that time, honest!”

Tsuna didn’t believe him one bit.

“How do we even get into his house? We don’t have his keys or whatever. And if we steal them, he’ll definitely find out!”

Gokudera chose this moment to walk in, waving a box triumphantly in his hands. “I swiped the bastard’s keys and he didn’t even notice! It was too easy to copy the keys.” He passed the box to Yamamoto who opened it. Tsuna caught sight of the imprints of a key in the box and he immediately knew what was going on.

“Sweet!” Yamamoto shut the box. “We’d be able to carry out the plan in at most two days!” Brimming with excitement, Yamamoto ran off, presumably to get a duplicate of Nezu’s keys.

“Gokudera, where the hell did you even get the mold?” Tsuna asked, somewhat hysterically. Gokudera shrugged.

“Yamamoto gave it to me.”

Tsuna was going to scream.


“Haha, this is exciting!” Yamamoto exclaimed. They were in Nezu’s house. Yamamoto had given all of them black leather gloves so that they wouldn’t leave any fingerprints. He said that very matter-of-factly, and Tsuna was left wondering if he had ever broken into a house before. Tsuna wasn’t sure if he wanted to know the answer.

“Yamamoto, Tsuna, it’s likely that the bastard’s important files are in the cabinet over there,” Gokudera said. He was currently typing away rapidly on the computer. Tsuna hesitantly tiptoed over to the cabinet and tried to open it. It didn’t budge and Tsuna was filled with a wave of relief.

“It’s locked. We can’t get in. If we try to look around for the keys, we risk the chance of waking Nezu-sensei up. So, unless any of you have the ability to pick locks or something, this is a lost cause. Can we please just go home now?” Tsuna was not above getting down on his knees to plead.

“Ooh, good thinking, Tsuna!” Yamamoto rummaged through Nezu’s desk and took out a paperclip. He twisted it a bit until it was a somewhat straight line with a bent end.

“Oh my god,” Tsuna said.

“I’m in!” Gokudera said triumphantly. Tsuna’s head turned so fast that he could have snapped it.

“Oh my god,” he said again.

“Well, that was a simple lock to break,” Yamamoto commented. Tsuna turned again to see the cabinet wide open and Yamamoto looking through the papers.

He suddenly paused and stared at one of the papers for a longer period of time. Tsuna watched as Yamamoto flipped through the papers at a faster pace, stopping every now and then to pick out a few papers and placing it in a pile on an empty shelf. Against his more rational thought, Tsuna moved closer to Yamamoto to see what he was trying to do.

He took a few papers from the pile Yamamoto had singled out and read through them. They were basically just academic results and other school and university related documents. Tsuna could see nothing wrong with them so he voiced his confusion.

“It’s a sloppy forgery,” Yamamoto said and he sounded almost offended. “There’s so many things wrong with it that I don’t even know where to start!”  

“Uh, alright?”

“Gokudera, did you find anything?” Yamamoto asked. Gokudera was grinning widely. It wasn’t a very nice grin.

“It turns out that the bastard didn’t actually go to a high grade university but some crapsack college. I have his documents right here.” Gokudera tapped the computer. Yamamoto smiled too and Tsuna took a few steps away from him.

“Print it out.”


It was early morning and Tsuna was walking to school with Gokudera and Yamamoto. They both seemed especially happy that day. Gokudera was even _whistling_. Tsuna was afraid to ask, but he had to know.

“Did you really send the papers to the principal?” Yamamoto and Gokudera both turned to him, twin looks of incredulity on their faces.

“Of course not!” Yamamoto exclaimed. That was relieving.  

“Merely sending the papers to the principal is too light of a punishment,” Gokudera snorted. Never mind.

“Haha, yeah! That’s why we gave them to Hibari instead!”



So my boyfriend got up and started getting ready for work, around 7:15ish am he gave me a kiss and went off to work. I fell back asleep and had a weird ass dream where my mom and I were sitting at a huge ass ballroom table with all kinds of different actors and actresses. I don’t remember who was there but they were all famous as hell. We were having a feast and I remember someone holding hands. I don’t know who was but I just remember seeing the hands. 

I went back to sleep and got up at 9am, made my coffee, helped mom in the kitchen. I was washing dishes as mom was making breakfast and as I was finishing up the dishes I squeezed off the remaining soap off the sponge and seriously the soap splashed up against the side of the sink and formed five fingerprints, placed perfectly as if fingers purposely placed their hand there making prints. I found that odd. 

I ate my breakfast, finished my coffee, then brushed my teeth. I turned on the water for the shower, shuffled my Beauty Playlist and got in. The first song was Without You by Breaking Benjamin. In the song there are a couple mentions of hands (“Take my hand, drag me down, if you fall then I will too” and “Holding the hand that holds me down”) I actually said out loud to myself, “Huh, that’s weird. What’s with the hands?” Then the next song was I Want to Hold Your Hand by The Beatles. Like, really? Haha. 

Not sure why I keep seeing hand symbols but something I’m going to be looking into for sure, haha.