but were good friends cause we both have this class with this crazy teacher

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Prompt: eleven is popular And mike feels insecure about it (she gonna chose being popular over him) but she chooses him

HERE U GO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PROMPT (massive thanks to @el-mike-jane for betaing this bc she’s the best)

Word Count: 3.5k 

Pairings: Mike/El, minor Lucas/Max

Rating: T (for language)

Mike Wheeler walks into science class to see everyone chattering, which is massively different from the typical dead-eyed stares of Mr. Sherman’s physics class. It’s the first class of the day, and Mr. Sherman speaks the way gray looks, so it makes sense.

Mike takes his normal spot by Dustin Henderson, their bard and only member of the party he has in this class. “What’s up with everyone today?”

“They’re announcing the nominees for Homecoming Court during class,” Dustin says, looking bored. “It’s all bullshit, but everyone else is excited.”

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Flowers for my sister

A/N: So when I was in Jr/Sr high they had fundraisers where for a dollar someone could buy you a rose & have it sent to on Valentine’s day. Throughout the day people would go into the classroom & pass out the flowers. They had notes on it with who it was from & whatever message they wanted. So I’m sitting here going “what fic should I write for Valentine’s day & this popped into my head.” Reader is Dean’s twin. The ending is kinda rushed but that’s because it’s bedtime but I wanted to post this on actual Valentine’s Day. Enjoy my loves.

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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You nearly collapsed as you set your lunch tray down at the same table that Dean was already sitting at. Dean quirked an eyebrow at you, “What’s up with you?” He questioned. You ignored him by pretending to be very interested in the disgusting lunch that was in front of you. “Aye,” Dean said while kicking your leg under the table.

“What?” You hissed at him.

“What’s going on? Why are you all, moody?” He asked.

“Nothing. Just drop it, okay?” You replied before taking a bite out of the lunch the school provided for you.

“It’s not nothing if you’re acting like a-” Dean began but was interrupted by Sam rushing over to the table.

“Y/N are you okay?” Sam asked, out of breath from running, “I heard what happened and ran ove-”

“I’m fine Sam. Just drop it. Both of you. Okay?” You told them.

“Sam. Spill. Now.” Dean demanded.

“Sam, you open your mouth and you’re gonna regret it.” You replied.

Sam looked between you and Dean; you were both his older siblings, both of you were his heroes, normally he did what you asked, but this time he couldn’t.

“It’s Valentine’s day right? So these guys-” Sam started.

“Seriously Sam. Drop. It.” You hissed at him.

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Dirty thoughts

Pairings: Sirius Black x reader

word count: 3058

warnings: um, implied smut? 

A/N: I hope you like this, it came to my mind some days ago. English is not my first language and i am doing my best, so please whether you like it or not, please let me know. It’s really important because I want to become a better writer. :) ♥ Oh, and if you want a request feel free to ask, just know that it may not be up really fast due to my filled schedule :) 


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He was standing in front of me and was studying my shape. That made me nervous so I was looking at the floor. I felt those familiar rough and at the same time soft fingers slowly moving from the neck to my jaw, titling me head up in order to see him in the eyes. He smirked and got nearer, his skin barely touching mine.

“You have no idea what I am planning to do to you, sweetheart.”, his voice sent shivers down my spine after he whispered those words. Then his lips met my soft skin just below the ear. Moaning I tried to burry my hand in his raven black hair but the boy stopped me. Pushing me lightly I fell on the bed. He hovered above me and then I saw the desire in his eyes. I licked, then bit my lips at the thought what he can do to me.

“I’m all yours. Show me what you are capable of.”, I titillate him. That caused only a devilish grin. His hand ripped my shirt and within seconds his skillful mouth was exploring my curves…

“Come on (Y/N)! We must go!”, somebody shouted so loud in my ear that I fell on the hard floor.

“Are you crazy!? What the hell is your problem? You want me to become deaf or something?”, I screamed back.

“Well, you weren’t waking up so I had to do something.”, Lily, my roommate, said back, “Come on, dress up! We will be late for class.”, in response I groaned, not only my ass was hurting, but because she woke me up from my dream that was just becoming interesting. However, just as I saw the time, my almost wet dream popped out of my head and I started dressing. We had Potions and I didn’t want to get in trouble because of my dirty thoughts.

Somehow we managed to get in class just seconds before the teacher did.

“How is my sweetheart? Did she get enough sleep or she kept thinking ‘bout me?”, the familiar voice I had heard in my dreams asked.

“You are not so important to occupy my dreams.”, I looked at him with a smirk, trying to cover the fact that I was lying.

“You are hurting me, (Y/L/N)!”, placing his hand on his chest, where his heart was supposed to be, he acted as though he had been hurt, “Not caring about your boyfriend?”

“You are such a drama queen.”, I smiled.

“No, no, no! I’m a sexy drama queen.”, his façade as a hurt child continued.

“Well, here I cannot quarrel.”

“Oh, and…”, leaning closer to me he whispered, “You were indeed in my dreams last night.”

Those words immediately made my face turn red. I bit my lips and looked down, hiding my smile.

“You are so sweet when you are blushing.”, he stated as he placed his head on both his hands looking as a child admiring something, ”Oh, here you are blushing even more because of my compliments, which are actually true.”, that boy really didn’t know when to stop, “You are becoming as red as my tie sweetie, is it even possible?”

“Stop it, Sirius!”, he was right, I felt my face burning but at the same time I couldn’t stop smiling because of him.

“Why?”, my boyfriend asked simply while looking at me with an innocent look.

“I-um…I just wanna focus.”

“Yeah, sure.”, and with that our conversation finished. I was doing fine for the first five minutes. Then Sirius put his hand on my bare hip. My body immediately tensed. I was used to it, Sirius was really touchy and liked to show that I was his but this time it was different. I glanced at him but it seemed that he was interested in the boring lecture. I put all my efforts in trying to do the same, but Sirius’ hand was burning my skin. The only thing that was roaming in my mind was me, my boyfriend and some dirty things I’d never thought I would think of. I moved slightly so Sirius’ hand would just fall or something but that didn’t happen, he even moved it upwards. I bit my lip in order to stop the moan that was about to escape my mouth. That was it! I removed his hand, something I didn’t do and looked directly at the teaching trying to look as though everything he had been saying was so freaking intriguing. Yet I managed to catch Sirius’ head turning towards me. Usually I liked him touching me and now I hoped that this didn’t make him see that something was not alright.  

Sirius was staring at me almost the whole lesson and it was a torture, honestly. I didn’t want him to feel bad about that my hormones are ‘activated’. But thankfully the class finished soon.

“Hey, (Y/N), wha-”, as Sirius was about to turn and say something I stormed out of the room heading towards my next lesson – Transfiguration. The good news was that my sexy boyfriend had Herbology and I could focus without a problem. Ha, ha, ha! Guess what?! He was stuck in my mind. His simple movement filled me with desire and it was only 9 o’clock in the morning. That slight touch on my hips and bam I’m head over heels for him. Not that I wasn’t but this feeling was kind of new, it drove me crazy. And on top of this everything I did in class was wrong that I had my house with 15 points down. ‘That stupid bastard! Who gave him the right to affect me that way?! Idiot, fucking sexy idiot!’

We’d been dating for almost 8 months but sex was never a topic. Yeah, we did make sex jokes but only that. Something in me believed that Sirius knew this experience was unfamiliar to me and didn’t push me although he was probably suffering from not training his lil’ friend which made me love him even more. But now, somehow used to all the stress about the exams and homework my body finally decided it was time to get what it wanted. Sirius and I of course had passionate moments but only that.

The whole day I’d been trying to ignore him in order to reduce my feelings but as all my efforts through the day…nothing, I repeat nothing succeed. Again lost in my thoughts, searching for something that will occupy my mind I didn’t notice my boyfriend who was searching for me. He pushed me against the nearest wall and got me out of trance.

“We need to talk. Now.”, he stated slowly with his deep and sexy voice. I gulped nervously and as I tried to get out of that situation he stopped me with putting his hands on the wall so I won’t escape. I observed him remembering each detail. His shirt was enlacing his body so perfectly that his muscles were visible. The sleeves were rolled up just above his elbow. I bit my lips and continue my research. His jaw was clenched, and those soft and pinky lips were just inches away from me. Oh, I was dying to kiss them at that moment but did anything to hold that control over my body. And then, finally, his orbits. There was something in him, something in his eyes. If you ever meet that look, then you would understand what I mean. Those cold grey eyes had so much fire in them, fire that managed to ignite my cells, my body. I was burning from desire for those hands around me, those lips connecting with mine and sucking my soul out of my vessel. He was dangerous. Like a spark in a dry forest. Only one look and I was turning into ash, ash of passion and love.

“There is something.”

“What do you mean that there is something, Sirius?”, I tried to play dumb.

“You cannot lie to me, (Y/L/N) and you know that.”, he came closer and I tried to move backwards but the stupid wall was behind me. ‘Stupid Hogwarts teachers, why making a wall just there?!’

“You are wrong, honey. I’m fine.”, faking a smile had to make him believe me but that naïve dog with super senses could detect all my lies.

“Then why are you running away from me as though I am the devil?”

Those questions and that sexy provoking way of talking were getting me out of my skin.

“Maybe because you are!”, as I told that my eyes got wide.

“Have I done something?”, he asked simply.

“Yes, yes you did!”, crossing my arms I looked away.

“What is it?”

“You are hot and sexy and seductive and, urgh!”

“Wait, what?”, it seemed my statement confused him so I used the opportunity to escape. Just as he realized what I was doing he grabbed my hand and stopped me, “You are ignoring me because you find me attractive. Oh god, what a logic.”, he laughed.

“Don’t you dare laughing you idiot.”, I got out of his grip. Trying to look angry I began walking towards my next class. He tried to stop me but thank goodness the room was like 2 meters away and he didn’t manage to tell anything more. ‘What a bastard! How can he laugh about it? He has no idea how this situation is affecting me. Oh, he will regret this!’

The rest of the day went almost quietly. Sirius was nowhere to be seen. That calmed me down and I was able to concentrate on my homework and essays for tomorrow. As I was studying in the library someone say opposite me on the table. I looked up hoping it wasn’t Sirius. When I saw it was Remus I relaxed.

“Hi, Rem!”, I said with a bright smile.

“Hello (Y/N)! Can I sit?”

“Of course, why are you even asking?”, I took some of my books to make space for his belongings.

“Honestly, I don’t know. Just being polite.”

“Rem, I know you pretty well, no need to act as the good boy.”, I winked at him.

“What are you talking about? I am the most innocent person in the whole school, more innocent even from the virgins.”, he stated while laughing.

“Oh, do not be so sure.”, and here we went again, my desires unlocking again.

“Is there something in common with what Sirius had said?”, the boy asked as he opened his books searching for the needed information.

“What had he said? By the way, where is he?”

“Oh, he said and I quote ‘I am too hot and sexy and seductive for my girlfriend and I will give her some time without distracting her’”

“He what?!”, the anger filled me immediately.

“I, um-shit, shouldn’t have said it.”

“Where is he?”


“Where is that little bastard, Remus?”, I should have looked really scary because the only response I got was a stuttering answer that my boyfriend was in his dormitory.

I collected all my things in fury and stormed out of the library. ‘Sirius! You better hope that I do not find you!’ Reaching the Gryffindor common room I said the password and got in. The only people there were Lily and James who stopped snogging as I entered. But I was too angry to think about how they finally became a thing.

“Where the hell is Black?”, I said though clenched teeth.

“Oh, um…”, they looked at each other confused then Lily answered, “In the boys’ dormitory.”

I threw my bag with the books on the coach and ascended the stairs. Seconds later I was in front of the door and almost ‘kicked’ it down. Sirius was standing in front of his wardrobe and when I showed with such rage his eyes widened. I entered the room without breaking an eye contact and locked the door.


“Sirius! I’m glad we know each other’s names.”

He tried to start a conversation but I stopped him.

“How is my hot and sexy and seductive boyfriend going?”

“Moony told you?”, he then continued doing what he was doing to wit untying his tie.

“Yes, he did!”, the view in front of me was so tempting which made even angrier and horny - a bad combination for a girl with raging hormones.

“I don’t understand why you are angry right now.”, he let his tie untied around his neck and looked at me smirking.

“You are making me insane right now.”

“And what are you gonna do then sweetheart?”, coming closer he sent me that challenging look. I grabbed him by the tie and pushed him against the door. Getting closer I whispered

“You won’t wanna know.” and then I attacked his neck with wet kisses.

“Wha- oh, shit.”, he moaned as I reached his weak spot just behind his year. Burying my hands in his soft dark hair I made him come closer so I can kiss him. It was hard to be dominant with such a giant. When our lips connected I felt that it was different than before. The kiss was rough and passionate. I bit his lower lip and used the opportunity to slide my tongue inside his mouth. Those strong arms I knew so well found their place on my ass. I jumped and wrapped my legs around him. Our tongues were fighting and he wasn’t about to surrender. Changing our position, he slammed me up against the wall and tried to gain control but I stopped immediately although I didn’t wish to. I unwrapped my legs and set foot on the floor. Sirius stood there amazed and maybe…shocked? I licked my lips and that lit the desire in his eyes. I saw my lipstick smudged on his lips which made him even hotter.

“I- woah, what just happened?”

“You saw nothing, Black.”, walking toward him he was backing up - that was the only thing his body could do at that moment. I grabbed his shirt and ripped it off, buttons flying everywhere, “You have no idea how many times I imagined doing this.” After that I pushed him so he landed on the bed. Holding his body weight on his elbow he looked at me puzzled. Honestly I had no clue where that confidence came from, especially knowing what was about to happen but I decided to indulge the feeling. Slowly I unbuttoned my shirt throwing it on the floor. Then I slid my skirt down so slowly that caused my beloved boyfriend to groan at the sight. Removing my shoes I stood there only in my black laced bra and panties. Thanks god I was wearing the sexy set of underwear.

Sirius licked his lips and scanned my body. Believe it or not his friend immediately raised which made me chuckle. I hovered above my poor boy and looked him in the eyes. There was excitement, confusion and desire at the same time. Pushing him slightly so he would lay on the bed I positioned my legs from both sides of his body. Staying inches away from each other was killing us. He did want to do something but there was a thing stopping him.

“You used to be touchy. Is there a problem?”, I asked not even confused. Deep inside I felt everything was quite right.

“Moony and Prongs were right. You’ll be the death of me.”, chuckling he finally placed his hands on my lips moving them up and down, along my back and then back on my tights, “You just took my breath away, darling. I’ve never expected such an innocent girl to hide such a dangerous sex goddess.”

Those words made me do something. I’d never thought I could make him feel this way. Being the fuckboy of the school, well before we got together, always made me insecure about my body and abilities. I’d never felt good enough for that boy, and I kept telling myself I was just a toy. I was filled with fear of being rejected; being left from the boy I truly loved.  When we first met I found him too arrogant and cocky but with time passing I managed to look though that façade and see the poor boy, who was dismissed from his own family. A boy that had been hardly understood. A boy that wanted to hide his soft and vulnerable side. When I was with him he was himself, never hiding, never faking his emotions although he could do it pretty well.

My mouth was moving along his chest, stomach and right above his boxers. Sirius was a mess. Every time we had sex he was the dominant one, I’d never felt confident to do such a thing only because I thought I wouldn’t make him feel good. Apparently, I was wrong. Hearing my boy moaning me name was a pleasure for my ears. I licked a line from the bottom to his neck never breaking eye contact. He bit his lips and then threw his head back laughing.

“Oh, god!”

“What? Don’t have the strength to bear this?” , his grey eyes were looking at me dangerously and yet passionately.

“Is that a challenge?”

“Maybe.”, instantly he put his hand on my head and draw me closer. Connecting our lips for a hundredth time that night, Sirius once again tried to dominant me.

“You won’t give me a chance, huh?”

“I want you so desperately that I cannot control myself, babe.”

As I reached my back to unclasp my bra, somebody opened, no, almost broke the freaking door.

“Sirius, I need to-”, James stopped in the middle of his sentence and in the middle of the room shocked. His eyes were moving from me to Sirius and back.

“(Y/n), what are you doing on top of Sirius?”, I was asked simply.

“What may I be doing on top of my boyfriend half naked, Potter?”

“Oooh”, the reality hit his face “You look sexy on him I can confirm.”

“Go away Prongs!”, I and Sirius both said and threw pillows at him.

“Okay, okay, I am leaving. Those little kids and their hormones… ”, he said while closing the door.

“Remind me to kill him later.”, we both laughed and then looked at each other.

“Now, where were we?”

Do I like Him?

Pairing; jungkook x reader || Dancer kook!au + Jealous kook!au

Summary;  “I’m not your princess.”  You fall in love with your best friend dancer Jungkook, and sexual tensions grow until something happens.

Word count; 3.2k 

 warnings; smut, language, slight bondage, princess and daddy kink

A/N; sorry for not writing anything for the longest. :( THIS HAS A LOT OF FLUFF THO TOO. (and sorry if there are some mistakes lol) i need jesus from this omgg

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You sauntered out the door, being exposed a new day. The bitter cold wind hit you which felt like a thousand needles against your skin since you had to wear a stupid skirt for the uniform. You were on your way to school trying to keep alive and warm in the process. “Ugh winter is going to be the death of me.” You groaned to yourself as you shivered.

You hugged yourself only to notice you forgot your coat. Time was ticking and you were quite far away from home already. Making your way down the icy street with the pure white snow in your hair, you noticed your best friend Jungkook. He was also walking to school. Jungkook lived a few blocks away from you. His face lit up and he ran up to you. He seems so happy to see you, everyday.

“Hey y/n! How are you princess?” He greeted you. You froze up even more at the word ‘princess’
“Hi, but will you stop calling me that? I’m not your princess.”
“Uh, well it’s just because you act like one, that’s all.” he explained to you.
You continued to walk and hug yourself trying to keep the cold away. Suddenly Jungkook slipped off his coat being left in his white button up shirt that seems to be way too small. It contoured his toned body perfectly. You looked away and shook your head.
“That’s wrong, no, stop it”, you told yourself.

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Don’t Deserve Me - Bryce Walker

Bryce Walker x reader

Request: “can you do one where the reader was dating [Bryce] and found out what he did and is horrified that she even dated him and apologizes to Jessica, Hannah’s parents, Hannah at her grave after dumping him in front of the entire school?”


Originally posted by irisgibbins

I woke up to sound of my phone ringing on my bed side table. I groan and grab it sitting up.

“Hello?” I said hoarsely.

“Heyyy sexy, wake your fine ass up!” Bryce screamed in my ear. It was obvious he was with his friends at 7 in the morning. I rolled my eyes, he always act different when he’s with them.

“First stop yelling, and why did you wake me up, I don’t have to be to school till 9:30 babe”

I get up since I’m already wide awake and click on my TV.

“Because I’m going to pick you up so we can come to my place first”

Really sex before school Bryce? Leave it to him to have dumb ideas

“No way babe, and plus I already said Tony can drive me.”

“Tony?” I heard his friends laughing in the background, “why is Tony giving you a ride home, you want to fuck him instead?”

Again I heard his friends laughing and I wanted to hang up the phone and call back when he’s by himself. 

“You sound stupid babe, Tony is gay.”

There was a silence followed by an “Oh.”

“Yeah, oh. But I’ll call you later cause I need to start getting ready since I’m already up.”

“Okay, text me when you get into that creeps car.”

Again I rolled my eyes cause now he’s just being an ass.

“Good-bye by Bryce, see you by your locker”

“Okay sex-”

I hang up and start making up my bed. When I heard the news talking about Hannah on the TV I froze. I turned it up and glued my eyes to the picture of the beautiful girl on the screen. Even after weeks, I still find myself crying. Me and Clay were so close to her. Hell, me and Jeff were the ones to practically throw them together. I didn’t even know she was down that path and I hated myself for it. What kind of friend doesn’t see when another needs help?

I wiped my face, not even realizing I was crying and started getting dressed. I went downstairs and made a quick bowl of cereal while I waited for Tony.

As I scrolled through my news feed seeing things like ‘Hannah Never Forgotten’ and “Always Remembered’ I laughed cause none of them even gave her the time of day. I then got a text from Tony saying he’s outside. I grab my bag and jog down the steps to his bright mustang. I open his door and is welcome by his smile.

“Hey T” I smile

“Hey y/n/n”

He drives off as we start small talking about stuff like his boyfriend and this crazy project Ms.Kirchen is having us doing. In the middle of our conversation, my phone starts blowing up with texts from Bryce. Tony’s face changed, but then again it always changes when I bring up anything about Bryce.

“Okay Tony, stop holding your tongue.”

“I don’t know what your talking about” 

“Your a terrible liar, I know you don’t like him. A lot of people don’t, but they don’t know the real him.”


“I mean come on he’s not that bad…”


“I mean sure he can be an ass sometimes but who isn’t…”


Everyone’s an ass, that’s what led Hannah t-”


I stopped rambling to catch my breath and hold my anger. The anger isn’t even towards Tony not liking Bryce. It’s to everything.

“I have to show you something” he whispers. 

“Show me what”

He doesn’t say anything, he just pulls the car over and goes through his car compartment. 

“Tony show me what?”

Again, total silence as he picks up some tape labeled ‘12′ and put it into his tape player. 

“Tony your worr-” my ears got the best of my mouth as I heard a voice I thought I’d never hear in my life. More importantly who the person was talking about.

It was Hannah….

Talking about Bryce.


I storm into school, my faced painted in tears not even caring that people are staring at me. I need to find Bryce. Now. I push people out my way and look down every hall until I find him by Justin’s locker with his little crew. I storm to his side, anger and disgust in my eyes. He looks at me and smile, obviously not understanding how much I hate him right now.

“Hey baby, what’s up, little Tony touched you?”

His friends started dying, but Zach sensed something else.

“Bro I don’t think sh-”

“How could you!” I screamed.

Now I got people’s attention, including Bryce’s.

“Babe w-what are you talking ab-”

“Don’t call me that you prick!”

“Calm down and let’s go somewhere else to talk about thi-” he tried to grab my arm when he noticed people gathering around looking at the scene.

“Don’t fucking touch me you..you RAPIST!”

People started whispering and Bryce’s faced got red.

“Are you okay? what is wrong with you rela-”

“Don’t tell me to relax! You raped Hannah Baker!” I pushed him with every word I said, tears and anger coming out of me.

“Your acting crazy!”

I kept pushing him into his locker screaming curse words and scratching at him. People recording and being dumbfounded. 

“Your fucking disgusting!” I screamed “I fucking hate you” I kicked at him “fucking RAPIST!”

I kept hitting him as he shielded himself. I kept screaming, yelling, and kicking until I felt a pair of hands pulling me off.


I kept screaming until I was pulled around the corner. I heard teachers yelling “go to class” and “break it up”. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I felt betrayed and disgusted like I needed 1,000 showers. Jessica. Hannah. Bryce. Fucking Bryce. He raped them, both of them. Tony stopped pulling me and started talking to me, but I couldn’t hear him. It’s like his voice was blurred out as I saw Jessica down the hall looking at me. I apologized and ran from Tony towards Jessica and started rambling and crying.

“I’m so sorry! I’m so so sorry! I swear I didn’t know, I didn’t! I would have never even dated hi-”

She cut me off with a tight hug “It’s okay y/n. I didn’t know either.”

We both were crying on each other shoulders and hugging. I needed this hug. I felt so used, so disgusted with him and with myself for even being with him. I heard he was not a person to date but I didn’t listen. I suddenly needed to do something important.



“Can you take me somewhere?”


She didn’t have a headstone yet. Just a piece of paper with her name written perfectly on it. Jessica stood behind me as a knelled beside her grave. My tears fell endlessly as I look down at her, realizing that Bryce, my boy- ex boyfriend was one of the causes of her death. He broke her. I then broke down. 

“I-I’m s-so sorry Hannah” I cry.

“I’m so sorry this happened to you, you will not die for nothing.”

With that I took a necklace out my wallet. It was the other half of the friendship necklaces she gave us. It was on my porch the night she died and I didn’t find it till the day after. I let her down. I let her down by not knowing. But not anymore. I set her necklace down on her grave as I held on to mine.

“I love you Hannah” I whispered.

I got up and brushed the dirt off my pants still looking at her name. 

“Where do you wanna go now?” Jessica asked nicely. I breathed in and turned around towards her. I know exactly where I wanna go.

“The police.”

Zhang Yixing//Oh God

Prompt: You’re a teacher filling in for another class, and having trouble from one of the students. In an attempt to sort it out, you discover that you’re a lot more friendly with his parent than you originally thought.
Scenario: Fluff, smut mention
Word count: 3,837

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being lab partners with peter parker

thank you to @nedslaptop​ for requesting this i love cate sm and i haven’t updated frustrating, i’m such a fake so here are some hcs to keep y'all busy while i try and finish that imagine :)

• so let’s not lie

• you’d have a little crush on peter

• nothing too extreme since you barely know him (because this boy barely talks to anyone he’s not comfortable around) but you know that he’s sweet and cute and seems like an all around good guy

• plus once you overheard him and mj discussing racism and how he wanted to ‘learn more about intersectional feminism and how he can be apart of ‘fighting against all the shit happening in the world’

• and honestly you’ve approved of him ever since

• in science you sneak glances at him from across the room when you really should be paying attention to the lesson

• and you clear your throat when he’s busy looking at stuff on his laptop and not listening

• you guys are DEFINITELY on a first name basis and you’ve had a couple conversations but nothing really serious

you wish it was serious

• then one day you walk into class late (by like a minute, come on mrs. g, don’t give me a detention) and everyone’s already partnered up and you check the list by the board

and you see your last name next to PETER PARKER on the seating charts for your latest project

• and well, shit

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What Am I To You? (P. 4)

Summary: Nayeon was getting on your last nerves.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung (V)/ Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 3.7k

A/N: I had to write this one as soon as possible because I had it all in my head and I didn’t want to forget it.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Masterlist

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Trash-Mouth ~Richie Tozier x Reader~

(You’re like, 16 in this fic btw)

   You were an angel, a precious angel. Somebody who needed to be protected at all cost according to others. You were on the smaller side, you had an adorable innocent look to you, and to say you were weak was an understatement.

   You loved pastels colors, giant over-sized sweatshirts, and overalls. You listened to your parents all of the time and never disobeyed anybody. You showed respect to your elders and never broke the rules in school. You had good grades and acted kind towards everyone.

   So imagine the pure horror you experienced when you caught yourself staring at the tall boy who always sat in the back of the class cracking jokes and partying on the weekends. The guy that wore leather jackets and constantly had his arm wrapped around his friends. The guy who flirted with everybody and was known for his loud mouth and crazy personality.

Imagine the pure horror of catching yourself watching Richie Tozier.

   Richie ‘Trash-mouth’ Tozier was a guy you had been warned about. People warned you how crazy he could be, that you wouldn’t be his type and he wouldn’t be yours, but somehow you still caught yourself staring at him.

   Ironically enough, Richie was actually wearing his leather jacket right this minute. It looked amazing on him, with his sparkling brown eyes and his curly black hair. He was laughing along with his friends during class time, considering the teacher had sent you all to work on homework and said you could do so in groups.

   You sat alone, however, you worked better by yourself. Yet, you found yourself peeking over at Trash-mouth and not being able to get any work done. “What are you doing to me?” you mumbled under your breath looking down quickly before getting one last peek over at Richie.

But this time? He caught you.

   Your face went red as Tozier stared back at you, you quickly averted your gaze and turned back to the homework sheet. You pulled the sleeves of your pastel pink sweatshirt over your hands and used them to slightly cover your face as you pretended to be reading a problem.

   'Please don’t come over to me, please don’t come over to me’ you thought over and over again in your head. Yet, no such luck.

   "Take a picture, babe, it’ll last longer" you heard the familiar slightly deeper voice say from above. You took one last glance up, only to have Richie’s cuteness all up in your face. The sight immediately made your cheeks turn pink.

   You began to get flustered. What would you even say to him? Should you attempt to flirt? Or maybe say hello? Eventually, you gave up trying and began to do the only thing you knew how to do.

Get flustered and apologize.

   "I-I’m so sorry.. I didn’t m-mean to..“ you whispered quietly hoping he wasn’t angry at you for staring. Suddenly, he began to chuckle before grabbing the seat next to you and pulling it over. You were quite surprised when the taller boy sat right next to you, and the roles were suddenly switched. He was now getting an eyeful of you.

   His adorable smile made you feel butterflies inside as you looked back at him. "Chill, cutie. It’s nothing to stress about. I was just kinda surprised to see YOU staring at me, of all people.”

   You cocked an eyebrow as Richie looked down at your homework page. “Oh? And what’s that supposed to mean?” you questioned, causing Richie to snap his gaze back up to your eyes. He couldn’t help but laugh once more. “Just, you’re so innocent. Look at you! You’re wearing pastel colors.”

   You felt yourself shrug as you leaned back in your seat. “Your point?” you replied in a sassy tone, you could tell Richie was amused by your little act you were putting on. “Admit it, we both know you’re super nervous right now” your confident act immediately dropped “shit- you saw right through me-” you mumbled under your breath, biting your lip nervously.

   Just like that, your mind went back to a few minutes prior. He had called you cutie. “Cutie?” you asked watching Richie cross his arms over his chest. His friends were staring at the two of you, making the blush on your face go brighter. Were they really that interested?

   "What are you doing this Saturday?“ he questioned, staring directly into your eyes. "U-Uh.. nothing..” you replied nervously. Was he going to ask you out? Why? “Well then, I’ll pick you up at eight-” he said getting up from the chair.

   "H-Huh?“ he just looked back at you and gave you a small wink before smiling and returning over to his friends.

What the hell just happened?

Fool for love (Sweet pea x reader) part 1

 Can you do a sweet pea imagine where he and the reader broke up but still see each other everyday cause they have classes together and they’re both serpents and one day in English the teacher reads something reader wrote without telling her and its about how she was madly in love w/ sweet pea but he wasn’t all that in love with her. and maybe pea tries to talk to her about it but she already moved on with like Reggie or something.

This might be split into parts so: part 1 of (?)

-Requested?: Yes

-Warnings: swearing. Lots and lots of swearing. 


-A/N: Like,reblog, ask questions,post concerns,Send In submissions.

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Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: can you write a peter parker imagine where you two are enemies in school, you two hate eachother and you see him everyday in and out of school because his parents are best friends with your parents. one day when you get home they call you and peter in and force you to two to go on a date, you just suck it up and go on it. as you went on the date, you two actually had a lot in common and at the end you two liked eachother. thanks! love ur writing ♥

A/N: thanks nonny! ♥

Warning: None

The teacher was blabbering about his usual lesson, it sometimes felt like it was the same lesson over and over everyday. You sat there, scribbling on the desk with your pencil, you were bored out of your mind, there was absolutely nothing to do. You were always bored as usual, mostly in science class, your least favorite place to be. And the subject wasn’t the reason you hated that class, it was your enemy, Peter Parker. As you were scribbling on the desk you suddenly feel something get shot at your head, and it was sticky.

You turn around, soon seeing a smirking Peter with a straw placed in his hand. You got out the thing in your hair, it a spitball. You were absolutely disgusted that you just touched something that came out of Peter’s mouth. Ew.

“Stop it.” you scowled, turning back around.

A few minutes passed, than another spitball came flying into your hair again.

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graduation imagine

@tcobsession : If you could I would looove an after graduation imagine with a math teacher. It would be amazing if you could ❤❤  


You walked out of the school hall with a certificate in your hand and a smile on your face. Today was the day you graduated, the day you were finally free from the pointless rules and the petty drama of high school. You could now live your life to the fullest, and do some traveling around Europe like you’d dreamt of since you were a kid.

“Y/N!” Your best friend cried out from the group of people she was standing around. Their heads slowly turned around; her dad,  your parents, your English teacher, and a face you’d grown very fond of as of the past three years - your Math teacher.

As you walked toward the group, you started to panic. Just seeing his blond hair and athletic build made your heart race, and it killed you that this would be the last time you’d ever see him again.

It was your parents who pulled you into a hug first, both kissing your cheeks at the same time. “I can’t breathe!” You cried, laughing as they pulled away.

“We’re so, so proud of you darling,” your mum breathed, her eyes brimming with tears.

Your dad rolled his eyes. “Oh, stop it,” he told her, before smiling at you. “Well done, honey.”

You grinned, watching as your best friend and your TC talked among each other. You couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy in your chest as you wished that was you right now, but your time would come, it had to.

Your English teacher placed her hands on your forearms, sighing in contentment. “Y/N, you were such a pleasure to teach. I wish you a very happy life, and I know that no matter what you do, you’ll be brilliant at it.”

“Thank you Miss,” you smiled, pulling her into a hug. She smiled warmly at you when you pulled away.

BF/N’s dad was quick to congratulate you after that. “Good job for not letting BF/N distract you too much,” he winked, making you laugh.

Your best friend grabbed her dad’s arm. “Come on, we have to go and see Mr. Callahan,” she whined, before dragging him away. It was no secret that Mr. Callahan was admired by almost every girl in the school. He was the Art teacher who’d only started this year, and he was very, very good-looking. Almost as much as TC/N, but no one had anything on him.

“Would any of you like a coffee?” your English teacher asked you.

TC/N and yourself politely declined whilst your parents both nodded enthusiastically. “Well, follow me,” she said, leading them away to the beverage stall and leaving you two alone.

You looked at TC for a moment. You took in his irresistible scent of cinnamon, his outfit consisting of a fitted grey suit with a white shirt and black tie, the small strands of hair that fell into his ocean blue eyes that you had so deeply fallen in love with. There was no denying that this man had had an immense impact on not only your education but your mind too. There wasn’t a minute where this man didn’t cross your mind, and by the end of the year you found it almost impossible to concentrate in his class when he sent you winks and smirks from across the room. He was almost intoxicating in the way that he drew you in, but you enjoyed it so much.

“So,” TC/N said, interrupting your thoughts. “This is the end.”

You sighed in relief. “Thank God,” you laughed. “I don’t think I could take another year now.”

TC/N clutched his chest in mock horror. “Well, I’m sorry for causing you so much pain!” He exclaimed, sarcasm lacing his voice.

“Shut up,” you laughed. “I just need a new start, that’s all.”

He nodded, looking into your eyes with his bright blue ones which drove you oh-so-crazy every time you saw them. “I think we all do at some point,” he said. “I think you’re great, you know that, right?”

Your heart raced and you felt a heat rush to your cheeks. “Really?”

He smirked, “really. Which is why I’m going to suggest that we keep in touch. I need some greatness in my life, and I don’t think I can take spending a year without you irritating me with your crazy questions every Tuesday and Friday.”

“Hey!” You protested, your cheeks now burning. “I’m not irritating. And they weren’t crazy questions. I just…. wanted to get to know you, that’s all.”

A laugh escaped his full pink lips, and from that moment on you were staring at them, imagining them on yours. He caught your gaze and cleared his throat, the cheeky smirk still apparent on his defined face.

“Well,” he said, a hint of nervousness in his voice. “If you’re not too busy, I think I can handle you irritating me for a while longer.”

He discreetly brushed his hand with yours, and you were positive that there were a million and one butterflies fluttering in your stomach right now. This was happening. The moment you had been dreaming of for three whole years was happening. TC/N, the guy of your dreams, was interested in you.

Confidence, Y/N, confidence, you thought to yourself, as you cocked an eyebrow. “And what do you mean by that, exactly?” you asked.

TC/N laughed, reaching into his pocket and taking out a black iPhone. “I think you know exactly what I mean. Give me your number, and I’ll text you.”

Your hands shook a little but you kept yourself composed as you took his phone, typing your name and number into his contacts. You passed the phone back to him, allowing your eyes to meet and your fingers to linger over each other’s for a while.

“Expect to hear from me very soon,” he told you, before pulling you into a hug. You wrapped your arms around his torso, inhaling his sweet scent and never wanting to let go. To you, he was a dream. A complete and utter dream. He was absolutely unreal, and for him to take an interest in you was impossible in your mind.

You slowly started to pull away, but not before you a placed a soft kiss to his cheek. “I’ll be waiting,” you smiled devilishly, before turning and walking away.

Seconds after, you felt a buzz into your pocket. You took your phone out, and what was written on the screen surprised you completely:

i live in the third house on redgrove lane, you’ll know which one it is by my car outside. you, me, a blanket fort and italian food, tonight at 7. what do you say?

And with a huge smirk plastered onto your face, you replied:

sounds like a plan. x

Cold 2 (Alex Imagine)

Request: Cold Part 2- @standall-foley, @maximoff-pan, @loomy-doomy, @shyoyo

Requests are Open!

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Originally posted by spragnione

Your Pov 

“(Y/n), babe, you coming to the dance tonight?” Hannah slides up next to you with a smile.

“Yeah, why?” You open your locker and get out your chemistry book.

“Are you going with anyone?” Hannah asks with a mischievous look in her eyes.  

“No I wasn’t asked.” You shrug and brush off the look in her eyes.

“You’re not going with Alex?” Hannah frowns as she walks with you to chemistry.

“He never asked me. Plus I’m sure he’s only going to try and get Jessica back.” You walk into the classroom.

“Oh well you can go with me. I’m driving Courtney and a few other people there so if you want I can pick you up.” Hannah takes her seat next to you.

“Yeah that sounds fun actually!” You send her a smile and turn to the teacher who just walked in.

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‘The Hot Girl’ - Scott McCall

Originally posted by thealpha

Summary: Scott has had a crush on (Y/N) for years. He then somehow gets invited to her party… along with Stiles.

Scott and Stiles walked into school side by side. Stiles was rambling to Scott about some weird tv show he had found last night and Scott tried his hardest to pretend that he was listening until he looked up and his eyes met with (Y/N). He inhaled sharply and stopped walking causing Stiles to stop talking and follow his line of view. Seeing (Y/N) Stiles sighed and looked over at Scott. 

“It hurts, doesn’t it buddy?”

“W-what?” Scott snapped out of his daze.

“That you can’t have her.” Stiles murmured as (Y/N) began to walk to class. Scott was silent for a moment.

“We better get to class”.

Scott sat towards the back of the room next to Stiles. He ignored everything around him. Surely it was more important to stare at (Y/N) all class then do maths for an hour or so. He watched the way the sun hit her eyes and they sparkled. How her hair bounced as she mover her head. Her adorable thinking face when she was trying to figure something out. And the w-

“McCall!” Scott snapped his head towards the teacher at the front of the class.

“Yes?” He said uncomfortably.

“I ‘said do you know the answer’. But I’m guessing since you haven’t been doing anything but sitting there with a dumb smile on your face all class that’d be a no.”

“Uh, yeah, I mean no. Sorry.” He mumbled and lowered him head trying to hide himself as he saw (Y/N) staring at him along with the rest of the class.

The bell rang and Scott grabbed his books and stood up. Everyone else cleared out within seconds. Before he had the chance to leave he was pulled back.

“McCall, I’m sorry for calling on you like that in class. But you’re falling behind. Do you need help? I can get you a tutor.”

“No, I’m fine. Just a little on edge at the moment” He said and walked out of the room. 

“That was rough.” Scott’s head snapped towards his right and he saw (Y/N) standing there. “Not every day you get yelled at by a teacher, McCall.” She giggled. Scott stood in awe for a couple seconds before regaining himself.

“Maybe not for you” He laughed although he wasn’t wrong. (Y/N) never got in trouble while Scott seemed to have a sign on his head that says ‘pick on me’. (Y/N) smiled softly at him and then it turned into a smirk.

“You know Scott, you’re really something else. Always so mysterious and running off. I always wonder where you go” She laughs a little as they begin walking towards (Y/N)’s locker. Scott was taken aback to think that she thought about him. 

“Oh, normally to help Stiles. He seems to get into trouble often.”

“Ahh yes. The sheriff’s son” She exaggerates the saying. 

“You know what Scott. I’m having a party tonight if you want to come. And you can bring Stiles too. I wouldn’t want you running off” She winks at him as she walks off.

“Bro you are getting laiiiiiddd” 

“Shut up Stiles” Scott playfully hit him as he went over to the mirror to fix his hair. They were both dressed well with as much gel as their hair could take. 

“Scott, I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again. You’re the hot girl. You can do this” Scott laughed and smiled slightly at what Stiles said.

“I’m pretty sure Lydia’s going” Scott said after he was finally ready.

“I know. Why do you think I smell so nice. Girls love that”

“What do you know about girls?” Scott asked with a smile.

“Um excuse me but I am an expert.” Stiles went on as they made their way to Stiles’ jeep. 

“Scott! You made it!” (Y/N) squealed as she raised her arms in the air for a hug. She was obviously a little tipsy. Her arms wrapped around Scott’s neck and she encased him in a giant hug. He smiled slightly and breathed in her sweet perfume. They pulled away and she ran off to greet other guests.

“Good thing I brought two” Stiles said as he pulled out a small packaging.

“Put that away!″ Scott whispered harshly as he looked around.

“Oh come on Scotty boy. Let’s go dance.”

A couple hours had gone by but Stiles was still in the middle of the room dancing ridiculously with some chick who probably didn’t even go to Beacon Hills. Scott stood with a red solo cup filled with punch at the side of the room.

“Having a good time?” He heard (Y/N) say.

“Yeah, watching Stiles dance is great.” He chuckled. “What about you? You seem a bit more sobered up then when I saw you last” He saw the water bottle in her hand.

“Yeah, well I saw something that sobered me up quite well actually”. She had a sad smile. Scott’s face fell. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“James, he’s an ass.” She chuckled as Scott remembered that she’s had this ‘off on relationship’ with James ever since Scott liked her. “Why do you care so much Scott? People I’ve been friends with for years don’t even care this much” She sarcastically laughed.

“Because I care about you (Y/N). Anyone would be crazy not to see how amazing you are.” She turned to him and looked him deep in the eyes. Then, all of a sudden he felt her lips on his. He had been longing for this for years. Their lips moved so well together it was if they were made for one another. Scott unwillingly pulled back. “Look, (Y/N). You have no idea how bad I’ve wanted that and for how long. But I think what you need right now is to go to sleep. You’ve had a long night and I don’t want you to regret anything tomorrow.” Scott said as he grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs to her room. “I’ll sort out the party. See you tomorrow.”

“Scott?” (Y/N) stopped him before he left.


“Thank you.” She smiled before fluttering her eyes closed. He smiled softly and nodded even though she couldn’t see and gently closed the door.

The New Boy - Wonwoo Fluff (High school!AU)

Originally posted by hosoeks

Request: Can I request a wonwoo high school au? Thanks in advance ^^

Word Count:1390

Genre: Fluff

Member/Group: Wonwoo of SEVENTEEN

Summary: You couldn’t help but be intrigued by the mysterious boy that joined your class. Is there more to him than smirks and headphones?

A/N: Thank you for the requests! I have a few scenarios coming soon, so look forward to those.

 Earbuds dangling from your ears, you swung your arms back and forth as you continued the usual commute to your school. Groups of teenagers ran past, laughing loudly as their uniforms ruffled in the wind. Your gaze strayed from the lively students to look down at the road. You tended to be quiet, so nobody bothered looking your way as you muddled forward.

 Suddenly, you bumped into a solid figure. The pure shock of it caused you to drop your phone, which in turn caused you to hurriedly scramble to check that the screen was not broken. As you looked up to apologize to the person you ran into, your gazes connected and he gave you a shy smile.

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The Missing Piece

|| College! Jihoon AU

|| fluff, angst ???

|| Jihoon x Reader

|| Word Count: 1794

||Chapter One || Chapter Two || Chapter Three

Summary: You are an art major in college and you’ve always gotten along well with others and worked as hard as you could which rewarded you with a streak of Straight A’s. Jihoon is by far the best music major in the school, which unfortunately you attended with him.  You spent your years without ever running into him, but what happens when you finally meet the hot-tempered producer after an unlucky encounter? Even worse, what happens when you get paired up with this irascible person?

Originally posted by mienghao

You haven’t even been awake for that long and your day had already felt ruined. You lingered where that hot-tempered boy had left you for a few seconds longer before dragging yourself to your first class, but not before angrily throwing away the half empty cup of coffee, that you held in your hand, in the nearest trash can.

Your mind was polluted with the thoughts of that guy from earlier that you had completely forgotten that you were in a rush to your class which you were now almost 45 minutes late to.

“If I ever see his face again I swear I’ll,” 

A honey like yet familiar, exasperating voice cut you off.

“You’ll what?” you turned around to see the rude coffee boy with that obnoxious smirk sitting on his face as he looked you straight in the eyes and let out a small chuckle.

You had started thinking of what to say back to him but your anger beat you to it and words started flowing out of your mouth with no permission from you.

“Great! This is just great! You’re following me to class now? Don’t you have a place to get to? Like I don’t know, far away from here?”

“Can’t be that far from here. We’re on the same college campus.” His voice held a sarcastic tone. You couldn’t believe it, he actually seemed to be enjoying this. He had just met you and he already enjoyed making you angry.

“So why are you here? Did you come to pour more coffee on me?” 

“Actually, I came to take you to the classroom.” he pushed open the door of your regular class to reveal a bunch of empty seats. “The music and the art teacher are planning something and sent me to get you.”


“They were calling attendance and were wondering where you were since apparently you had never missed a day of school before. One of the art majors said they saw me with you this morning so they told me to find you and bring you to the correct classroom.”

He didn’t spend any more time standing there after explaining and started walking to class. He may be short but boy can he walk fast. You were practically running to keep up with him.

You filled your thoughts with the information you’ve gathered about coffee guy.

“So, he’s a music major. He seems pretty cocky so he’s probably good at it. Guessing from his looks and the way he dresses he’s around my age. And one thing I know for sure, he’s irritating and obnoxious.”

A hand was being waved in front of you which brought you back to reality. “Hello? Earth to ugly, coffee spilling, phone girl.”

Excuse me? Did you just call me ugly?” He brushed off your question and pushed open the door, “We’re here.”

“Ah, Jihoon, you seemed to have found our lost puppy. Thank you for leading them to class.” he simply nodded his head and moved towards an empty seat in the back of the room.

“So… his name is Jihoon.” you added that to the few things you knew about this boy, and although you already despise him, it added to your curiosity. You wondered what else there was to know about him. However, you would much rather stay curious then have to stick by the vexatious person.

You scanned the room before finding your best friend Areum and making your way to her.

“Oh my god, dude! You were with Jihoon? When did this become a thing? Why didn’t you tell me? Why aren’t you sitting with him? When did you guys meet? How many dates have you gone? You know he’s the hottest of the hot and he’s a great musician, right?” Areum was always a hyper and energetic person and she loved gossip and such so you weren’t surprised that she bombed you with questions as soon as you sat down.

“Woah, woah, Areum. Slow down. We’re not a thing. We met this morning when he spilled coffee all over me,” you stretched out your jacket to show her the stain as proof that you weren’t lying, “He’s a crazy jerk. I rather die before I ever go on a date with him. And please, hot? Definitely not.” You told her everything honestly. Well, almost honestly. You had to admit, he was pretty attractive.

“What do you mean he’s not hot? Have you gone to the eye doctor recently?” You laughed but before you could answer one of the professors started talking.

“So, although it’s an hour late and we only have about half an hour left of class,” Professor Kim looked at you in a teasing manner as you smiled guiltily and mouthed the word sorry to him, “We’d like to explain why both of our classes are here. Don’t stress too much today since we’ll only be explaining and won’t be starting our project until next week.” 

You and Areum both looked at each other and smiled widely. Since you were both art majors your projects were usually very fun and you always anticipated them.

“So, since only half the class knows us we’ll introduce ourselves. I’ll start first since I’m already talking,” Professor Kim and some other students let out a small laugh, “I’m Professor Kim and I’m the professor for the advanced art majors, which tend to be upperclassmen with a few exceptions.”

“And I’m Professor Park. I’m in charge of the music department. More specifically the advanced music production class.”

“So are you gonna tell us why we’re all here or what?” Areum’s abrupt comment gained the class’ laughter including the professors’.

“Yes, Areum. We were getting to that.” Professor Kim answered, still chuckling.

“We took our top classes and decided to do a collab project,” Professor Park started explaining. There were a few “Oooo’s” escaping the mouths of excited students from both classes. 

“The art students will create a painting and the music students will produce their own songs,”

“Isn’t that what we normally do?” Areum blurted out once more which caused a second round of laughter.

“Hold on, Areum. There’s a catch. The painting and the music must be able to flow together and tell some kind of story. However, you cannot draw anything too specific and the music majors cannot put lyrics into the songs.”

Areum had her head buried in her notebook as she wrote the directions down word for word and started writing ideas on the side of her paper. As she started finishing up her writing Professor Kim lifted up his hand, holding up the number three and started counting down with his fingers. Just as his hand became a fist Areum looked back up at the professors and asked another question.

“So how are we picking the partners?” Professor Kim and Professor Park both smiled at each other as a reaction to Professor Kim’s accurate countdown.

“Glad you asked,” Professor Park smiled brightly at Areum, “You’re not. We are.”

The classroom filled with a disappointed “Aw”, as all the students looked at their friends in the opposite class from theirs. By the look in their eyes you would think that they had just broken up with their significant other on their 100th day anniversary.

“Now, pay close attention because we’re only naming the partners once.” The room quieted down as the students eagerly awaited to hear who they were assigned with.

You looked to your side to see Areum with her hands pressed together and her eyes closed tightly. 

You giggled quietly and leaned towards her, “What are you doing, Areum?” you whispered.

Keeping her eyes closed and her hands together she whispered back, “I’m praying to be paired with that gorgeous angel in the back of the room.”

You had almost forgotten that Jihoon was there. You looked back to observe him. He seemed like he couldn’t care less about this project. He was writing something down in the notebook in front of him.

“Maybe he’s writing down ways he could be a better person and not such an a-” Your thoughts were interrupted again by Areum’s teasing as she poked you repeatedly on the arm. 

“I thought you said he was a crazy, unattractive jerk.”

You smiled and rolled your eyes at her, “He is. I was just thinking about how unlucky the person who he’s paired with is gonna be.”

“You’re a terrible liar,” she giggled. You shook your head at her and lightly pushed her.

“Let’s just listen for our names, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah. But lemme tell ya, whoever he gets partnered with is so lucky. He’s a great producer. Probably best this school has ever had. I’ve even heard that he’s helped write and produce songs for idol groups!”

You chortled and returned your attention to the professors.

“Song Areum and Kim Minhyuk,” Professor Park called out.

“Ooooo,” Areum shimmied slightly, “I got a cute boy!”

You loved your best friend but sometimes she was a little too crazy for you. Boy crazy to be precise. 

“Mr. Jeon Wonwoo and Miss Laurel,” Professor Park named another pair.

You looked over to see a group of rowdy boys whistling and cheering on their friend. “Yo, Wonwoo! You got the cute foreign girl!” 

Laurel looked over at the boys, blushing slightly and Wonwoo quickly shut his friends up and even hit a few on the arm and leg. You could see a twinkle in his eyes as he shyly smiled at Laurel.

“Them,” Areum pointed at Laurel and Wonwoo, “their love is blooming. They’re gonna be such a cute couple.”

You didn’t doubt it. Areum was psychic when it came to love and relationships. She could always guess who was going to be a couple and what type of couple they would be and sometimes even how they would break up.

“Kim Soohyun and Park Jaehyun. Lee Bora and Jeon Nari.” you listened to the rest of the partners being listed. The other students started getting up and introducing themselves to one another if necessary and the others were so excited they had already begun planning their projects.

“Last but not least, (L/N)(F/N), and Lee Jihoon.”

You froze in your spot.

“Oh god no, this can’t be happening.” Areum looked at you, her eyes as wide as baseballs. She shook your shoulders excitedly “Oh my god, (Y/N)! You’re so lucky! Oh my gosh!” She was out of her seat jumping up and down squealing now. 

You turned around in your seat to face your newly made nemesis. He had that stupid, undeniably attractive smirk on his face. He got up and walked over towards where you were sitting, neither of you breaking eye contact.

“Hey… partner.”

Badminton Player Mark

Request: I was hoping you can write a badmintonplayer! mark or something where you and him are friends and have p.e together and play badminton but you suck so he teaches you? fluff + maybe a confession ?

A/N: i can relate to this because i can’t play badminton at all and mark loves badminton so-

  • i hope you don’t mind me writing it in this format!!
  • but if you want a scenario regarding this au , then do request again!
  • it’s been long since i actually wrote about mark omg
  • okay let’s go hehe

  • so he was that one really active kid in class who seems to do well in every sport like??

  • and no surprise, he was in the school badminton team
  • how is this even possible
  • it was none other than mark
  • y'all were friends and had talked a few times before, but because of his shining popularity in school and class, you refrained from being too close to him
  • that didn’t stop you from developing a small tiny crush on him though, you couldn’t stop yourself
  • so one day during pe (physical education) lesson, the teacher had suggested playing badminton
  • and everyone in the class had to find a partner
  • your friend wasn’t in school that day and coincidentally, haechan didn’t come too
  • which meant that you and mark had no other choice but to partner up
  • which made you blush like mad
  • but you somehow felt bad because he was the ace in the badminton team while the last time you actually played a badminton game was a few months (or even years) back
  • kind mark helped you get the badminton racket and shuttlecock, offering them to you with a sweet smile
  • which made your heart melt
  • his shirt was tucked out and he was wearing a pair of black shorts, his blonde hair combed messily to the sides
  • this look made your heart melt even more, but you tried to ignore it and concentrate on the game
  • “you serve first!”
  • “o-oh okay sure”
  • but your nervous arms and hands missed the shuttlecock and it just fell infront of you
  • cause mark to laugh and run over to you, patting your head
  • “it’s okay, i was like that too!”
  • and you’re just there with your cheeks flushed like,,, he just touched my head omg??
  • the next thing you know, his arms are around yours, as he shows you to perfect posture to serve and hit the shuttlecock
  • and he also shares some tips and techniques he uses
  • as you just stand there, letting his arms guide you, trying your best not to faint from the closeness between you two
  • and being the clumsy person you are, you accidentally tripped over his leg, which caused the both of you to fall flat onto the ground
  • you’re on top of him with your eyes closed
  • “uhh… Y/N, you can get up now”
  • “oh my god, i’m so so sorry! i didn’t mean to do that i’m-”
  • “it’s okay haha! im glad you’re fine!”
  • and all the other girls saw that happening and gave you a death glare
  • you thought nothing of it and just let the matter pass
  • except that your heart was still beating like crazy
  • and pe lessom finally came to an end
  • and like always, mark had volunteered to help keep all the equipment
  • and while he was gone, you were just meddling with your phone, minding your own business
  • until one of the girls came out to you and became all whiny/unreasonable
  • “what are you trying to do to mark”
  • “nothing?? i just tripped and fell?”
  • “yeah of course, you were this close to kissing him, are you sure you have no other intentions?”
  • “woah- what… i think you misunderstood me-”
  • “y/n let’s go, i don’t think we should carry on this unnecessary arguement”
  • “mark i-”
  • and he pulls you away
  • then gives you the most apologetic and sincere smile ever
  • “i’m so sorry you had to went through that, i don’t know what is with her-”
  • “probably one of your admirers huh?”
  • “… haha i guess so, but you’re fine right?”
  • “of course. you’re literally a celebrity here, how do you even deal with them”
  • “i don’t really get too bothered by them honestly, they probably only like me for my looks and good results sigh”
  • “not me though”
  • “what…?”
  • “oh- i mean, i like and admire you as a person and i know you’re more than all that… this probably sounds weird haha”
  • “oh… no, thank you”
  • “and, i have always been attracted to you and i just get so happy when i talk to you, like now haha”
  • and you see his cheeks turn bright red as he rubs the back of his neck nervously
  • and your heart just softens again
  • “really? okay being honest here since we’re on this topic, but i kind of have a small crush on you?”
  • mark blushes even more and is too shy to even look at you
  • then he laughs awkwardly
  • “not gonna lie, i like you too”
  • and the both of you are just blushing in madness outside the gym room
  • until you spot a teacher approaching y'all
  • “we got too caught up in the conversation we’re 15 minutes late for math class oh my god”
  • “oh shit, i think we better run now”
  • and he grabs your hand and sprints off to the classroom together with you
  • okay sorry this is such a cliche scenario sjsmd,, i tried omg
My Silly Romance

Request for Liam Dunbar (Teen Wolf) #10:Do you ever stop smiling?”

Liam Dunbar x Reader (Female)

For weeks now he had been pining over her. But between werewolf business and other things, he hadn’t found the time to talk to her. (Y/n) (L/n), the wonder that stole his heart without having exchanged words. In all honesty that didn’t matter to him, he was heads over heels for you. There was just something in his gut telling him that he knew her. There was just something about her that he couldn’t shake off.

Her beauty was no match; she was perfect in his eyes. And her laugh, god he melts every time he hears it. He found you beautiful, just plain beautiful. His daydreams manifested themselves as you walked past him, luckily for him, your locker was placed perfectly from him to admire you from a far, yeah far away from emmbaresment.

“Dude go to talk to her” his best friends voice startled him, dropping his stuff. “On second thought maybe not” He glared at the man in question.

“Thanks for the incredible pep talk. I feel real encouraged” His gaze fell back to you.

“In all seriousness dude, talk to her.”

“I can’t. I’ll just mess up. I mean look at her” continuing his favourite pass time.

(Y/N) felt eyes in the boring into her back, she’s noticed it a lot recently but never dared to see who it was. She didn’t want to be disappointed. The young woman had been harbouring a crush and a certain lacrosse player. The handsome number nine. She just continued to converse with her friends, well they continued the conversation she was day dreaming.

“Hey (nickname) snap out of it!”

“Sorry…Stop snapping your fingers!!” she yelled. Before she could start swooning again the bell rang.  She made her way towards her English class, parting ways from her friends. Her day passed by fairly normally. Everything seemed fine, it wasn’t until her final class that she was hit with a blast to her comfort zone.

Biology was the culprit. As usual for this course, a partner research project was coming up, with a twist. The partners were going to be picked by the teacher. She was worried she was going to be put with someone who wasn’t (friends name). The two had worked on every project so far and built a rhythm. She didn’t want to have to work with someone new and figure all that out again. She just wanted to get this project done and not worry too much.

She sat down in her usual spot next to (friends name) and waited for the teacher to join and start the horror show. Names were being called out none hers and slowly people she was willing to work with were called out. Till her name was called out, and the combination was in a way worse than she imagined.

“Liam with (Y/N)” Her heart seemed to stop. Millions of thoughts went through her head, questions fear and more. After a few more names the teacher asked us to move to her partners. I take my leave and sit next to him. We exchange soft hellos. The young woman reached her head trying to think of a way to start this conversation.

“So…Do you want to meet up after school?” finally daring herself to look up, only to see him staring at her. A small smile crept up on her face. “Liam.”

“What sorry?” startled out of his own day dream he looks at her. Finally seeing that smile up close almost falling back into a daze.
“So my place or yours?”

“Sorry what?”

“To work on the project? We can always just work on it during school times.” She rambled. God did I scare him off. Liam let out a small laugh, his cheeks turning red.

“Yeah of course…Um how about yours, only if that works for you” He noticed that her smile had never left her face, it looks even better from up close.

“Perfect. How about you come around at four? That work for you?”

“Yeah sounds good.” He was about to continue the conversation when the bell interrupted them. “I guess I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Guess so.” They departed ways. Both excited for what was to come.

The hour that ticked by seemed to take forever, with the young woman changing outfit for an outfit for outfits. Tidying her room and just wanting everything to be perfect. She kept thinking about ways she could tell him about her crush.

She heard the knock from the door echo through her house. That small smile made its way up her face again. She didn’t know what it was but just the prospect of seeing him caused her to smile. She made her way downstairs.

To both their surprise the two of them seemed to hit off well. Both surrounding the project and their relationship. There was an unspoken rhythm about the two when one finished a part the other read over it and corrected it and then moved on to the next part. Durning the process of writing each research the next part and by the end of the night they project was done. It was crazy. Neither seemed to realize their unspoken rule but what Liam did notice were the never ending smile and (y/n) face. Every time he looked at them it was there, sometimes it grew bigger when he tried to crack a joke but it was always there.

Do you ever stop smiling?” he questioned out of the blue. It came across a lot ruder than he intended it too but the person on the other end didn’t seem to notice. Replying as if on instinct with:

“Only when I am around you.”

A/N: I hope you like it Anon. this isn’t my best work but I tried. Let me know what you think.