but well look at his face

'Romeo and Juliet of the math and english dept. in school’ AU
  • Lydia is the Math teacher, obviously and Stiles is the english teacher
  • the students adore Stiles and teases him a lot because it’s super obvious he has a major crush on their math teacher
  • everytime she passes in front of his class, he stops talking for a solid minute and looks at her with the softest smile EVER
  • he then looks around and see the smiles faces on his student’s face and just roll his eyes all red and continues his class
  • they’re a bit scared of Lydia
  • She’s a very strict teacher and hates when they mess around during her class
  • but she’s loved as well because she does her best to make sure everyone understand what she’s saying
  • she also has a major crush on Stiles
  • but of course no one notices
  • both of them are aware that the whole school ships them together but neither even mentioned to anyone or each other
  • the other teachers are also in this
  • they usually pair both of them to do teacher things together and that scares Lydia bc what if people know
  • Stiles is more mad about it bc he does a horrible job keeping his shit together
  • they actually work together pretty well
  • but anyways
  • with valentine’s day coming, some students ask Stiles about romeo and juliet
  • so he gives them a class about it bc he likes the play a lot
  • also is valentine’s day and everyone is a sucker for romeo and juliet
  • little does he know that’s a part of their students plan to get mr stilinski and miss martin together
  • like the whole school is into this
  • everyone but the principal
  • because is not allowed for two teachers to date
  • but getting to the point
  • Stiles is teaching it and someone suggest that for them to understand it better, he should do a dramatic reading
  • and Stiles is so up for this shit because dramatic reading is so his thing
  • (i mean one time he performed a very long scene of star wars to his father just for the hell of it)
  • (he was like 15)
  • (Stiles’ dad wonders where did he go wrong)
  • so they get Stiles to be romeo and do the balcony scene from a part of the school
  • and tell him that one of the girls is going to be up there so he doesn’t look stupid doing it to no one
  • but actually they put him under one of Lydia’s classes window without him knowing
  • (everybody tells him that the class is empty bc Ms. Martin is in the lab today)
  • so he starts to read (super loud) under her window and waiting for one of his students to show up
  • but actually Lydia appears in the widow and raises her eyebrows to him
  • and it’s sunny so he doesn’t figure it out it’s Lydia and not one of his students so he keeps going
  • and the student are like LOVING IT and some are filming it and the ones in Lydia’s class are just ‘wtf is happening’
  • Lydia is just amused
  • and his line is over and the student is suppose to read the next line
  • but instead of hearing the students voice, he hears Lydia’s
  • she says the next line
  • Stiles just freeze right there
  • he puts a hand in front of his face and see it’s her and he’s blushing so hard
  • and there’s a silence
  • and Stiles looks around and see those little shits just smirking at him
  • but he’s already embarrassed in front of everyone including Lydia, so what the hell, right?
  • Stiles continues to recite romeo’s line and Lydia now is his juliet
  • everyone stops to watch, even the other teachers
  • because they’re so fucking adorable
  • when it ends everybody is applauding and Stiles is SO EMBARRASSED
  • he nods and takes his students back to his class and just stares at them for like 10 minutes
  • Stiles avoids Lydia for the rest of the day just wanting to go home and spend the weekend hoping she’ll forget everything by monday
  • But as soon as he’s in the parking lot, she bumps into him
  • (totally by accident, i swear)
  • and they do the small talk
  • “your performance was very interesting”
  • “i swear i thought your class was empty, those little shits played a prank on me”
  • “that’s fine. i really enjoyed it”
  • and then Stiles starts apologizing for everything and that he would never ever trust the word of his students and she’s more than welcome to take one of his classes to continue the one he interrupted
  • but he stops talking as soon as Lydia asks him out for Valentine’s day
  • and he just stares
  • and she’s like “we’ll, I can’t kill myself for you without even having a dinner first, so…”
  • this is the worst joke ever but she’s nervous and Stiles is just staring at her
  • Stiles wants to say yes so bad and he’s just trying to contain his excitement but instead of agreeing, he says it’s forbidden
  • Lydia just smiles and winks at him
  • “Of course it is. That’s what makes Romeo and Juliet a great love story”
Creepypasta #1114: Ducky

Length: Short

The first and most important role of a toy, any toy, is to take care of their child.

Little Leslie was enjoying her bath upstairs by herself. The novelty of unsupervised baths had not worn off on her, and she spent every possible moment splashing and playing with her toys. She knew, of course, that many toys did not make good bathtime playmates, but her favorite and oldest bathtime buddy was Ducky. Ducky had been among the first words she could say, and so had been named simply.

Being a simple rubber duck meant Ducky was sturdy. His smiling face easily survived the younger years where “playtime” meant grabbing hold and slamming him over and over into the water, the wall, and the side of the tub. Ducky never minded, and looked forward to bringing her joy however he could. His patience was well-rewarded, and now playtime included deep sea dives for brilliant fish, exploring underwater caves, and being a boat.

Tonight Ducky and Leslie were swimming with the mermaids in the Specific Ocean, when something unexpected interrupted. Ducky, above water that was filled with bubbles, couldn’t see the tentacle slither up from the drain and wrap itself around Leslie’s leg. He could certainly tell though when it yanked her down, her unexpected gasp of surprise followed by her head sinking below water and her hand releasing Ducky.

Ducky, ever the dutiful toy, quickly followed her under, diving beneath the bubbles. Shortly after, Leslie emerged, gasping and quickly jumping out of the tub. Leslie’s screams brought her mother running, who found her daughter dripping water all over the living room as she sprinted away from the bathroom.

“There’s a monster in the tub!”

More puzzled than alarmed, Mom allowed Leslie to drag her into the bathroom where puzzlement quickly gave way to fright. Draped over the edge of the tub was what appeared to be a thin black tentacle, the torn side of it dripping an inky blackness into the now cloudy water. And there, floating in the middle of the carnage, sat a smiling Ducky, pleased to have done his job.

The first and most important role of a toy, any toy, is to take care of their child.

Credits to: Painshifter

GOT7 react to their friend or s/o booping their nose (for Anon)

Mark - He would be a bit confused, but laughed it off in the end because it was cute.

gif © markticseas

Jaebum - would look at you weirdly first before that killer smile of his make an appearance and said “Am I, Nora, now?” Since you’d always do it to his cats, mostly on Nora. 

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Jinyoung - Since he knows that you don’t usually act cute, especially be the one to initiate any kind of skinship. It makes him wonder. “What do you want?” He asked with a knowing look on his face, yet there’s a faint smile playing on the corner of his lips. 

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Jackson - He’d smile goofily at you before winking the life out of you.

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Youngjae - would laugh like the sunshine that he is and booped your nose as well, and along the line, he’d say 

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Bambam - would suddenly react to your boop with a dab xD

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Yugyeom - He wouldn’t know what to do since he was caught off guard, but ended up smiling shyly  

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This is my first time doing this, so I’m sorry if it lacked something or if it’s too short T_T

Well, what happened was past Misty thought it would be funny to make her Commander Shepard look like Commander Cullen. And now, current Misty doesn’t want to change his face because, after two games, it would be all disconnected to play with a Shep who doesn’t look like this. Great.  

Yeah, I’m about 5 years late to this party. You’ll have to forgive me; I just started ME3 today. 

Meeting Barry Allen For The First Time

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Would Include:

-This would  mostly happen at C.C.P.D

- You probably bumped into him as you were about to see your long time friend Julian

-You hugging Julian and Barry noticing how cute you are

-Julian being like, “Oh, Allen, this is my oldest friend y/n
-Him stretching his arm to shake yours and trying to introduce himself but he become all flustered.
-“Nice to meet you, I’m Allen, I mean I’m Barry Allen. ”
-You giggling and saying nice to meet you as well and looking back to Julian while he rolls his eyes.
-Julian saying, “Yeah well we best get going to our dinner reservation, right y/n?”
-You nodding to Julian and on your way out looking back at the handsome man while saying, “I guess I’ll see you around Allen, I mean Barry Allen,” with a huge grin on your face.
-When you’re nowhere in sight Barry whispers to himself, “I like her, she’s maybe the only likable thing about Julian,” as he grins from ear to ear for the rest of the day.

This is obviously super random, but @khakikyrie and I decided that Seung-gil should have a (hella gorgeous) super model boyfriend, so I wrote a short ficlet with Seung-gil and Yuuri talking about it.

I named his boyfriend Min-jun.  He’s just as reserved as Seung-gil, but they open up with each other.  They’ve been dating for years, but are very private about it, and they live in a nice apartment together with their dog.  They both travel a lot for their respective work, but they always make time for each other when they can.

Yuuri hesitated when he saw Seung-gil.  His face was as closed off as ever, but for some reason, Yuuri thought he looked almost depressed.  Yuuri glanced over his shoulder, frowning.  Victor was talking with Chris, so he’d be occupied for a little while.  Resolute, Yuuri settled by Seung-gil’s side.

“Is everything alright?” he asked, voice low.  “You seemed…  Well, you seem a little sad.”

Seung-gil hesitated, toying with his champagne flute.  He frowned at Yuuri, silent for an uncomfortable beat. Yuuri waited patiently.  “I did not plan to attend this party alone.”

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Could you do 11 with Jonathan Byers please?💚

11: Getting each other dressed + Jonathan Byers

Waking up to sunlight filing through the curtains and to Jonathan’s arms tightening around your waist makes your heart skip a beat, the events of the previous night coming back to you in waves. Last night, something special had happened.

You’d given yourself to him.

Sitting up in his bed, you watch as he starts to show signs of waking up, your fingertips grazing his cheek and pushing hair away from his face.

“Good morning.” he mumbles sleepily, kissing your fingers and sitting up as well. You flush lightly as he pulls you into his side, lips meeting yours for a fleeting moment before he looks at the clock.

8:30 AM.

Will would want his breakfast soon.

Jonathan’s eyes follow your figure as you stand, stretching your limbs out and turning to him in all of your glory. He catches himself thinking that he could get used to it; to waking up to you like this.

Opening one of his drawers, you hum under your breath, picking out clothes and walking back to your lover.

You can hear him chuckle as you pucker your lips, raising an expectant eyebrow at him and holding up the shirt. He complies, lifting his arms and allowing you to slide the clothe onto his body, kissing your hands as soon as they’re in his reach and making you smile.

His eyes never leave yours as you dress him for the day, caressing him with affection at the same time.

“It’s my turn, now.” Jonathan murmurs once you’re done, hands grasping your hips and pulling you into his arms once again.

It’s moments like this that make life worth living, he thinks to himself.



Picture this

Board certified surgeon walks dog up to owner in the lobby. Dog goes nuts, jumping all over owner. As surgeon explains to owner that dog is doing well, etc., the dog starts getting into his groove on the owner’s leg… The owner completely ignores this and maintains a straight face directed at the surgeon. The surgeon is looking out the window, trying to avoid looking for a full minute before he just has to say something. Later he tells me what really pushed him over the edge was seeing me, in his peripheral vision, with a subtle look of disapproval on my face. We both admit though we’re in our 30s, there is nothing about this that doesn’t make us giggle.

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why dream drop distance xemnas is a FUCKING KNOCKOFF (a guide)

  • what the fuck happened nomura
  • WHAT????????????? HAPPENED TO HIS FACE
  • look paul st peter youre a great voice actor and stuff and you play xemnas fantastic but what the hell happened in ddd you sound like “well im fucking done with this seeker of darkness shit”
  • am i the only one who sees the face difference
  • AM I
  • why is the chain on his coat paper
  • miss me with that disappearing shit in the end of ddd
  • when he talks it looks like a fuckign puppet HE BARELY MOVES HIS MOUTH THE HELL IT MAKES ME UNCOMFORTABLE
  • his face in ddd. kjust. THE FUCK.
  • why did you change hiM HE WAS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • at least his hair still looks the same

make xemnas great again 2k17

Just The Way You Are - Drabble

Pairing: JiKook

Genre: little bit of angst; a lot of insecurities

Summary:  Jungkook gets stressed about his acne and tries everything in his might to keep it a secret from Jimin. In the end, it doesn’t work out like he expected.

Note: This drabble is part of a series of scenarios, including ‘Sandcastles & Iron Man’ (and basically every fic on my blog except for one). You don’t have to have read them, though, to enjoy this.

Jungkook was a 16 year old boy. Being 16 was great, seriously. He was so mature now. He could only laugh thinking back to 15 year old Jungkook who felt like an adult but was still super immature. No, 16 year old Jungkook – he was so much more mature. He was practically done with puberty. Well….apparently not completely. Because when Jungkook looked into the bathroom mirror he noticed these red spots on his face.

First it were a few spots on his forehead, causing him to stop styling his hair up like he usually did. When people asked him about it, he just said that a fringe was more stylish anyways.

He thought they would just go away after a bit, but no. It got worse. Everyday he would see more and more spots filling the space on his cheeks like red paint stains on a blank canvas.

Jungkook was seriously getting worried. This didn‘t look good. No, not at all. Especially when he looked at other people, waves of insecurity hit him. Everybody seemed to have so much better skin than him.

And he began to wonder, what did Jimin think about his skin? Surely he wouldn‘t like it, would he? Why go out with an ugly face like Jungkook‘s when there were so many pretty ones out there?

So Jungkook decided to do everything in his power to get rid of the horrible mess on his face with the even more horrible name ‚acne‘ - what an ugly word.

Thank God, it‘s the 21st century. He could just surf the interent and search for help there.

After a bit of research Jungkook found out several things:

1) Apparently a lot of people this age suffer from acne.

Although, Jungkook kinda thought that‘s a myth, because where the hell were all these people with bad skin?

2) To get rid of it you have to sell your soul to the devil.

Okay…going to a dermatologist could do damage control and it would also probably get better after puberty. But ‘after puberty‘ was too far away for Jungkook. He needed a solution now.

3) Makeup is magic.

He mainly saw girls use it to cover their acne, but it couldn‘t harm him trying it as well. And didn‘t idols use makeup as well? If G-Dragon could rock the guyliner, Jungkook could at least use a bit of concealer and foundation.

So Jungkook decided to get makeup and try it out on himself. He actually noticed that he was pretty talented at it and it immediately gave him a burst of confidence to see a normal looking face in the mirror.

It went well for a while. Until he noticed that his acne got worse. He had to use more makeup to try and conceal everything.

And then one day it happened during P.E.

Jungkook had the tendency to sweat a little more than regular people. That had never bothered him until he looked into the mirror in the boys‘ restroom in school after class. His makeup was smudging and shining and his acne looked worse than ever. And worst of all, Jimin was waiting for him to go home together after school. The thought of his boyfriend seeing him like this was mortifying and Jungkook began to panic. His breathing started getting irregular and his eyes became watery.


Jimin was confused. Didn‘t Jungkook say they would meet up after class? Where was he? He decided to search for him.

After a while, when he found all the hallways empty, he went into the restroom, only to hear sobbing in one of the stalls. And Jimin would recognize that voice anywhere.

„Jungkook?“ He asked confusedly.

There was a hitch of breath and then a sound like someone bumping into one of the sides of the stall.

„Jungkook, are you crying?“ Jimin spoke up again.

It took a bit but then came a small voice. „N-No“

Jimin sighed and got closer to the stall door. „Kookie, I can hear your sobs. What is it?“ He said worriedly.

„Nothing. Really. It‘s all good.“ The other tried to brush it off.

Jimin pouted a little and scratched his head before he spoke again. „If it‘s all good, then you can come out.“

There was shuffling before the door opened and Jungkook came out. Jimin cooed internally, because Jungkook had this habit of trying to make himself smaller sometimes and it was too adorable to see the tall teenager trying this. But it also meant that he was insecure about something and that worried Jimin deeply. He looked at the other who had his gaze directed at the ground.

„Kookie,“ he started quietly, „Look at me.“

The other raised his head slowly.

The first thing Jimin noticed were the red rimmed eyes and the tear tracks down Jungkook‘s cheeks. He immediately closed the distance between him and his boyfriend and wrapped his arms around him tightly. „Oh Jungkookie. What happened?“

the reply was muffled into his shoulder as Jungkook was burying his face in it.

So he nudged the other slightly, encouraging him to speak up again.

Jungkook slightly raised his head.

„‘M ugly,“ he said timidly.

Jimin frowned. „What?“

„I‘m ugly“ Jungkook repeated.

Jimin pulled back. Stunned, he looked at the other with his mouth slightly agape. „Are you….are…what?“

He shook his head disbelievingly. „You‘re kidding, right?“

Jungkook sniffed and used the sleeve of his sweatshirt to wipe away his tears.

He frowned a little when he looked down on his sleeve. Jimin followed his gaze and immediately grabbed paper towels.

„Use these instead,“ he said and Jungkook bowed his head a little in thanks, „You‘ll just get makeup stains on your shirt.“

Jungkook gasped a little. Jimin just sighed. „Did you think I didn‘t notice?“

The frown was back on Jugkook‘s face .

„Kookie,“ Jimin leaned against the sinks, „I‘m your boyfriend. I look at you every day. We make out and stuff. I notice if my boyfriend suddenly starts using makeup. I just thought you were experimenting a bit but…it‘s because of the acne, isn‘t it?“

Jungkook instinctively held his hands in font of his face. „Don‘t look at me“, he whispered.

The smaller male grabbed his hands and pulled them down. „There‘s nothing to worry about. You‘re still the most beautiful boy to me. You always were and you‘ll always be. Some acne won‘t change that.“

He looked at the slightly taller boy with determination in his eyes.

„I like you just the way you are and you should, too. You’re beautiful inside out and that stupid acne doesn’t change a thing about that. It’ll probably fade anyways.”

Jungkook was trying to hold in the fresh set of tears that were welling up in his eyes at his boyfriend’s small but meaningful speech. Once again he fell into the other’s arms. “It’s okay. You’re okay.”, Jimin whispered and placed a soft kiss onto the other’s neck.

After a while Jungkook felt good enough to finally leave the bathroom again.

“Maybe we should just go home, wipe this mess of your face and then go catch a movie, hmm?” Jimin suggested, “I’ve heard a new superhero movie came out. We can watch that.”

Jungkook nodded and let a small smile appear on his face. He took the other’s hand in his own and made his way to leave.

If the most important person in his life could see him everyday and think he’s the most beautiful being, maybe he could learn to like himself a little more as well.

Angst memes

“Don’t worry, the ambulance is on its way, you fell down the stairs and hit your head. You’ll be alright.”


Hamilton awoke slowly to the sound of blood rushing in his ears. His stomach was rolling, and his head was pounding.

His eyes were half-lidded as he tried to look around. Strangely, his eyes wouldn’t move, no matter how hard he tried. His heart started to beat faster as panic started to well inside of him. He let out a low whimper.

Suddenly, he saw the face of… someone. His vision was too blurry to see who it was. A Southern accent that was so familiar, but he couldn’t place it began to lowly talk to him.

“Hey, baby girl. Don’t try to move or talk, it’ll only make it worse.” Alexander’s stomach started to roll more. His mouth pressed together, trying to keep his stomach calm. He shut his eyes, only to have his face patted until he opened them again. “Darlin’, don’t fall asleep. You may not wake up again.”

Alex’s eyes opened widely, but then squinted again at the bright light. The light dimmed a bit, and the mystery person appeared again in his eyesight. Alexander tried to speak.


“Alex, I told you to not talk.” The mystery person said, then sighed. “Its me, John. Don’t worry, the ambulance is on its way. You hit your head when you fell down the stairs. You’ll be alright.” A pressure was placed onto his hand, and his fuzzy mind realized it was John’s hand on his. He relaxed.

He heard sirens from the outside, and he cringed. Were they always that loud? He heard John start to speak to someone as he rubbed circles around the base of Alexander’s hand.

He registered being picked up, then a breathing mask was placed on his face. He must have fallen asleep, or his brain couldn’t register anything else, because the next time he woke up, he was in a hospital bed.

His head was still aching, but not as much as before. He opened his eyes to see John sleeping next to him. He sighed.

“Well, that was fun.”

The World in Reverse - Chapter 2

I apologise if this chapter causes pain, I was crying as I wrote this chapter for the Mystic Messenger role swap AU-

[On AO3]

“I have to go to V’s apartment soon…” The red-haired hacker stared at his computer screens as scenes from the hacked webcam in the apartment. He had been watching you ever since you had entered the apartment… And this was the worst of the things which he had seen so far.

Sh- Shut up, Saeran! … I’m hanging up now!” He looked at your face turning red, before you hung up the call on your phone and threw it down beside you on the bed. Saeran… At least he had happiness.

Saeyoung rested his head on his desk after shoving his keyboard aside, before he felt tears welling up in his eyes. “Why… Why does Saeran get to have all of the damn happiness?!” His fist slammed down, and that sent the keyboard falling off the desk with a loud clatter. “Why…”

As the hacker then fell asleep, memories which he wanted rid of began to form once more in his dreams.


“Saeran… Don’t cry, you don’t need to cry…” A fifteen year old Saeyoung was sat in front of a fifteen year old Saeran, whose leg was tied up to the kitchen table. “She’ll be gone soon, and we can get you out of here…” He took hold of his brother’s cheeks, and looked directly into his eyes. “I’m going to take you to some friends I made at church, called Rika and V. They’ve promised that they’ll protect us and look after us when we get out of here…”

Saeran looked up at his brother, before he sniffled and wiped his eyes. “O- Okay…” He then hiccupped because of how much he had been crying, but moments later, he was crying once more as a loud thud reverberated around the house as the front door closed. Saeyoung then smirked as that happened, before he jumped up to his feet and started looking around on one of the kitchen surfaces. “S- Saeyoung…”

“Don’t worry… Let me just get a knife and I’ll get your leg free.” Saeyoung muttered, before he eventually found the blade which he was searching for and returned to his brother. “When I’ve cut your leg loose, try to stand up. Tell me if you can’t move, okay?” Saeran then watched with tears in his eyes as Saeyoung carefully cut through the rope around his ankle, and once he was free, Saeran steadily rose to his feet.

Following that, Saeyoung assisted Saeran in getting a pair of shoes on as well as a coat, before wrapping a scarf around his neck. “It’s cold outside, so keep that on, Saeran… You get ill easily so that will help you out.” Saeyoung then zipped up his hoodie, and grinned. “Let’s get our freedom, Saeran- Wait one second.” After that, Saeyoung rushed upstairs, leaving Saeran staring through the kitchen window for a few minutes, before he returned downstairs holding onto a book. “This is Rika and V’s. I used it to help me learn how to hack… I should return it, now that we’re free…”

For a short while, Saeyoung moved slowly just to help Saeran adjust to walking after having been tied to the kitchen table for so long, but he was quite surprised that Saeran was wanting to try and run as soon as the front door was closed behind the two of them. It was when the two of them reached the end of the road which they lived on that they actually started to run as best as they could, and Saeyoung couldn’t help but be happy, because… Saeran was smiling and laughing. He was staring at the sky as he ran, and just the excitement of rebelling against their mother and escaping was enough to make Saeran’s eyes light up in a way that he had never seen before.

However… The excitement wasn’t to last for long. Saeran ended up tripping up on the uneven pavement, and he began to cry as he hurt his leg. Saeyoung went into a panic when he noticed the cuts on his twin’s leg, as well as the blood. He did his best to clean them up with a bit of tissue that he had in his pocket, but it wasn’t enough. “Oh no… Right, Saeran, we’ll walk for now. The church isn’t too far from here, and Rika and V will be there. They can help sort out your leg. Just put your arm over my shoulders, and lean on me…”

It didn’t take too much longer for Saeyoung and Saeran to reach the church, and the twins sat down on a bench. Saeran was now just sniffling over the injuries on his leg, and Saeyoung was looking around frantically to make sure that their mother never walked past, and to keep an eye out for Rika and V. Eventually, Saeyoung sighed as he noticed that the two he was looking for had arrived.

He then got Saeran to stand up, and walked over to the side of the church, where they were waiting. Saeran struggled to walk a bit, because of how his legs hurt, but eventually he was able to get over there too.

“Saeyoung… You’re here… Is this your brother?” Saeran gave a terrified look to the turquoise-haired man as he spoke, before he flinched as the blonde woman rested her hand on his shoulder. “Sorry, I must have scared you… Saeran, is it? I’m V, it’s nice to meet you.”

“And I’m Rika… You’ve hurt yourself, haven’t you?” Saeran looked up at the woman when she smiled at him, before she helped him in sitting down on a brick wall. “I’ll sort that out for you, it’s the least I could do for you after I heard from your brother about what the two of you have been through…”

Saeran sniffled a quick ‘thank you’ out then, whilst Saeyoung spoke to V quietly for a moment. Saeran eventually ended up smiling when Rika had cleaned up his cuts, but the colour drained from his face when a shrill cry echoed through the air.

Saeyoung! What are you doing out here?!”

“R- Rika, that’s mommy… Sh- She’ll kill us-!” Saeran began to panic, so Rika helped him to his feet and pulled him behind her. “S- Saeyoung…”

The younger twin could see Saeyoung shaking as their mother approached him, with a bottle of wine in one of her hands. But then… Saeyoung turned to Rika and V, before he took a deep breath, and started tearing up. “Rika, V… L- Look after Saeran for me… Don’t let our mother see him with you… I- I’ll try to escape another day…”

Saeran tensed up as V joined in the wall keeping Saeran hidden as Saeyoung had his arm grabbed hold of by his mother, and he could just about hear the conversation between them.

“Saeyoung… You should be at home.

“B- But Saeran went missing… I- I was trying to find him b- before you got back…”

“He was weak anyway, he’s probably already dead! I bet your father took him.”

Saeyoung then gave Rika and V a teary glance as the book which he had grabbed previously fell onto the floor with a quiet thud, before he was pulled away from the church by his mother. He just about was able to see Rika and V holding back a sobbing Saeran, before he mouthed a silent goodbye to his twin.

And that was the last time either of the twins seen each other.


Saeyoung sat up with tears in the corner of his eyes, before he looked at his computer screen. You were still asleep… Good. That meant that he had a few minutes to think back on the memories he had dreamed about. “Saeran got to escape… I was stuck with that woman until about two and a half years ago… He got happiness, I got pain and suffering… I bet Saeran’s completely forgot about me…” He then stood up, and pushed his glasses up his face. “Well, I think it’s time to give my little twin a reminder… And she’ll be a good enough way to do that.” He looked at you on his screen once more, and smirked. “Time for Seven Zero Seven to have a little… fun.”

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the sanders-ass prompt list, number twenty-four with Delimoo? thank you, sweetheart!

of course!! its my pleasure!

“Really? For me?” Delirious gushed as he looked up at Moo with joy glowing in his eyes. Moo let a bright smile overtake his features as he nodded.

“Of course it’s for you, who else would it be for?” Delirious giggled and hugged the teddy bear close to his chest. It smelled clean and new, and Delirious buried his face in the soft fur. 

Delirious felt Moo ruffle his hair and he quickly released the teddy bear to give Moo his own well deserved hug. Delirious felt Brock’s arms wrap around him and he sighed, glad he had such an amazing boyfriend. 

“Happy anniversary Jon,” Brock mumbled into Jonathan’s hair and he leaned back so he could press a kiss to Jonathan’s forehead. 

“If this is what I get for our anniversary, then I want it to be our anniversary everyday!” Delirious exclaimed as he spotted the dinner made up behind Brock. Brock could only giggle at Jonathan’s childish expression as he raced towards the food. 

The day ended with lots of cuddles and puns, the perfect anniversary. 

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Cross my heart

As a small thank you for 100 followers here is a quick Bughead one shot. I’m not the best writer but I hope you enjoy!


The day after their second kiss in the street, Jughead had gone to visit Betty. He climbed the ladder that was hidden in the backyard and knocked on the window. 

Betty smiled when she saw him and opened the window smiling “Hey Romeo”, she stood back to let him in “back so soon?”

“Well you know me Bets, I just can’t stay away” Jughead stood in front of Betty staring into her green eyes. He placed his right hand on her face and gently rubbed his thumb against the apple of her cheek. She looked up into his eyes and smiled closing her eyes and leaning in to kiss him. It was gentle but longer than their previous kisses. They pulled apart and were content with the silence.

After the events of the past couple of days, just being in the same room was enough for the pair. Jughead moved to sit at the foot of her bed whilst Betty pulled a chair over from her dressing table. His leg started bouncing up and down in anxiousness. “Jug what is it?” he looked up from the place in her room his eyes were locked on. “Your leg. You always do that when your nervous about something.”

Jughead smiled “You been watching me or something?” 

“No” Betty answered quickly as her cheeks turned a light shade of pink “well yes. I mean I remember small details Jug. The little things people may find irrelevant.”

“Ever the journalist hey Cooper” he grabbed her hand and rubbed his thumb over her knuckles “I was thinking about us.”

“and that makes you nervous?” she replied tilting her head to the side 

“well kinda. It’s just we’ve known each other for what feels like forever and I’m scared I’ll do something to ruin it” Jughead sighed “the last thing I want to do is hurt you or lose you”

Betty looked up from their now intertwined hands “Juggie look at me. That will never happen. It’s been the two of us since day one and no matter what we are in the future, I’ll always be here for you.” Jughead smiled at this and lifted her hand to kiss it. “Do you remember that day? When we first met?” she asked

“Of course”


One evening Alice Cooper had stormed out of the house with her youngest daughter after an argument with Hal. They’ve had fights and disagreements before but this was bigger than normal. Betty had been in the car for what felt like forever for kid “Mommy where’re we going?” she asked.

“To visit a friend of mine” Alice answered. She rarely visited the South Side but she needed to see her best friend Gladys Jones. The two grew up together almost as sisters. After the fight, she had called Gladys asking to meet as it was far enough away that Hal wouldn’t come looking. Pulling into the driveway Gladys walked outside holding her six-month old daughter Forsythia and her five year old son Forsythe at her side. Alice unbuckled Betty out of her seat and they walked toward the entrance to the house. The two adults greeted each other with a hug and they all walked into the living room. 

“Why don’t you take Betty to play with your toys?” Gladys asked her son as she and Alice made their way to the kitchen. 

“This way” the small boy said and walked upstairs to his room. There was a small area that had a table covered with toys and books. He sat down on the floor and patted the area next to him she sat next to him. “I’m Jughead” he offered as they hadn’t been introduced. 

“Jughead” the blond asked making sure she had heard him right. He nodded

“It’s not my real name but it’s better. Dad came up with it”

“I’m Elizabeth but my dad calls me Betty so you can too” she smiled. The duo played for hours until there was a knock at the door and Gladys walked in holding some cookies and two cups of milk 

“Now normally I don’t allow eating in the bedrooms but I’m going to make an exception today. Forsythe, Elizabeth will be staying for the night” she looked from Jughead to Betty “I have a spare set of pajamas for you when you want to change just come and let me know” and with that shut the door and left. The two resumed playing only stopping to change and brush their teeth. 

Later on Both Gladys and Alice had come to tuck them in to Jughead’s bed “we’ll head back tomorrow afternoon Elizabeth after church” Betty nodded and both mothers walked out of the room. 

The room was filled with silence and darkness. “Juggie are you still awake” Betty whispered 

“no i’m fast asleep” Betty giggled “are you okay?”

“I kind of don’t like the dark. My sister normally turns on my night light and I’ve never slept without it”

Jughead turned to face the blond “why”

“why what?” Betty had now turned to face Jughead

“why are you afraid of the dark? You don’t have to tell me but it might help.”

“you can’t really see anything in the dark. anything can happen at any time and you won’t know” Betty explained 

“your safe here Bets. I promise nothing will ever happen to you” with his finger traced over his heart then hers “cross my heart” 


Jughead repeated the same action over her heart first then his “cross my heart Bets” his voice caught in this throat “nothing will ever happen between us that we won’t fix.” 

Betty copied the same action he just did. 

No matter what, it was the two of them against the world.

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HI I have a question, HOW DO YOU DRAW??? I try to draw and I've been doing it for a while but it doesn't look good at all ;-; btw your art is gr8 I love it!

Well first PRACTICE. Then PRACTICE some more. Draw everytime you can! You don’t know how to draw a hand? A leg? A face? Search tutorials for it and use references! They help a lot! Never trace tho! You can do it! I wasn’t born with this. I builded it. Anything you need, tips or advice for something just ask! I’ll be here! I BELIEVE IN YOU! And thank you so much! I’m still improving tho. Artists never stop improving and always learn new things!

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Idk if the box is open but can I ask for some todoroki/momo wanting to hold hands? Sorry if it's kinda vague

Don’t worry, it was open! =) And I very much hope this is what you wanted and that you’re going to like it =)

Their hands are brushing and Todoroki can feel a light blush nipping at his cheeks. He glances at Momo, who keeps walking close to him.

Their hands brush again, lightly and this time, she’s glancing up at him. Their eyes meet and Momo gives him a small, soft smile.

Todoroki swallows and when their hands brush a third time with their next steps, he carefully wraps his around hers. She looks surprised for a second and then her smile widens and grows a little shy, as she grips his hand back gently.

Looking back ahead, Todoroki feels a small smile spreading over his face as well, the warmth in his cheeks still present, though he barely notices it over the way Momo’s fingers wrap around his.

bliss-and-basorexia  asked:

Can I use my stone to look at Sehun's past?

> [Onew] “Oh, hello! Back to use another stone? Alright, let’s give it a go.”

> Onew holds out the stone. Dark mist begins to pour out from the center, and you can faintly make out an image within it.

> A younger looking Sehun and Luhan stand together, Sehun seeking comfort in Luhan’s embrace. Luhan’s words are gentle, but he has a serious, determined expression on his face. The image lasts for a few moments before the mist dissipates along with the stone.
> [Onew] “Interesting. Seraphs may look like they’ve got everything figured out, but even they have troubling pasts as well.”

i have some thoughts about this photo that is apparently from josh’s twitter. these are my thoughts: hunk looks terrified, lance looks overjoyed, and keith just looks bored?? what is going ON in that movie

April Fics!

» All About Us by SeaBreezy

“So let me get this straight,” he said, reaching up to swipe a hand almost absently through his bangs. “You want me to go with you to your brother’s wedding, because you lied and said you were gunna bring a hot date?”

» a truth in the blood by angstinspace

A post “Blade of Marmora” fix-it fic. Mostly broganes & klance bonding.

» Beneath the Corsican Stars by appleschmapple

Star-crossed lovers, they say, are doomed to meet a tragic end. And yet, Keith and Lance continue to cross one another, driven to find the one ending where love triumphs over destiny. Perhaps sometimes, the universe rewards those who persevere.

» can you tell me by aknightley

Keith works in his brother’s coffee shop for the summer, expecting a boring break before college. Lance changes all of that.

» Don’t Put Out The Glow by BleuSarcelle

The one where Lance goes through a beating to save Shiro from having to go back to the Galra arena and once they escape, the team focus themselves on healing their Blue Paladin back to health and to make sure he knows they love him.

» eb and flow (a point of decline and a gradual change) by babitty

It starts out as a regular mission- get in, check out the distress beacon, get out. Except things don’t go as planned. And honestly, when do they ever?

» Erised by RedBluePalatar

It was the smile that really did Lance in. While Lance could deal with hot, older Keith, he was having trouble with the happiness that was so visible on his face, his stature. He was relaxed and bright. Suddenly, Lance couldn’t imagine Keith without it.

» Everything is Blue by TheTailor

Lance wanted—no, he needed to know everything about this person. He needed to know because Keith is the most interesting puzzle set before him, and he only knew their name and that was a goddamn shame.

» Finding Your Place by Ninke_A

When the others are down, Lance always knew how to make it better. But he felt that was the only time they wanted him around, that he was useless otherwise.

» Fools Rush In by redburn

Keith is a struggling musician just needing to pay the rent. Lance is a high-end prostitute with a heart of gold.

» Heaven’s Got a Plan For You by tobytrash

With the absence of their leader, Shiro, the responsibility of leading the team has been thrusted onto Keith’s shoulders, and the reassignments of Lions are in order. However, Lance is not as ready to accept this new change as the rest of the team.

And neither is the Black Lion.

» hypothetically by starsupernova

The first time Keith ever falls in love, it’s with someone practically unobtainable. Typical.

» in stasis by ilgaksu

In which for three months of Lance McClain’s life, he lives as an AI, waiting for his prosthetics to come online. It goes about as well as expected.

» just like that by varelsen

He wishes he could say “I want to caress your cheek as gently as a cherry blossom petal falling upon the face of a beautiful anime man,” but what comes out is usually more along the lines of “What do you know, Mullet?”

» Let The Water Lead Us Home by LynnLarsh

He’d just wanted a glimpse. It was stupid and childish and selfish, but he’d just wanted one more look out on the ocean, one more peek in the window of his family home, just in case they never made it back to Earth. Just in case he never got another chance.

» lungs by Dreamicide

After a near drowning experience as a child in which he doesn’t remember how he survived, Lance avoids the ocean he once loved. He doesn’t realize that’s where his savior lives.

» mirror through your eyes by redburn

Keith and Lance accidentally swap bodies. Indefinitely.

» Orchids and Anemones by Verraglace

They say that the children of Aphrodite love more than any creature, with a strong and unconditional passion.

Briefly, he thinks to himself that it’s quite possibly true.

He coughs up more blossoms.

» Red Carnations by RedJuliet

His heart line was the same deep red color as the carnation he had taped to an envelope with shaking hands. It came as no surprise when the line darkened until it became an inky black. That was when it started to burn.

» Slowly, and Then All At Once by quartetship

He was in love. With Keith.

» ten things i hate about you by nikkiRA

neither of them are particularly good at this, so they each say hate when they both mean love

» This love won’t ever be convenient by Lynn1998

*Complicated by Avril Lavigne plays in the distance*

» travelers by ImotoChan

In which Lance is stuck travelling between Universes, searching for the one he can call home.

» You’re Due for Some Good by PrincexofxFlowers

As far as soulmates go, Keith thinks, he really can’t complain.

And then the bruises start showing up.

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