but well just putting it up


> Worldwide shoulderㅋㅋㅋ Jin hyung?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the third one from the left shoulderㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m not Jin hyung, so you don’t have suddenly say handsomeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> Just by reading you can tell it’s me hehe
> This is Jimin
> Why are you depressed
> I’m doing well. I haven’t spoken to you guys after coming back from Billboard
> You all probably heard it through the news
> Everyone, thank you. I shouldn’t be the one congratulated, you all need to be the ones congratulated
> Everyone, if you keep putting me up there and say that I’m getting further away, it makes me sad
> Yes, let’s not be far apart from each other and let’s stop saying that
> Don’t cry because I will cry
> Yes it’s good news, but let’s not cry and be happy instead
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m not crying
> I went to the toilet again
> I was reading the comments
> Everytime I come here (chatroom), I have to go to the toiletㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> You guys have questions to ask us? A lot has happened
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I didn’t think we were going to win the award, so I wasn’t that nervous
> Also, there is a lot of talk about FESTA. Is everyone excited?
> I can’t tell you what we’re preparing ㅋㅋ
> I’m looking forward to everything ㅋㅋㅋ You all should look forward to it as well. It’s going to very fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> ㅋㅋㅋ Since I spoke to you guys for a while, I’m going to go rest
> Overseas fans, I’m sorry I can’t speak other languages sorry
> sorry*
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> Okay ㅋㅋㅋ I’ll go. Goodnight everybody
> Goodnight** Good Night😁🌙* 
> Oh, and I love you

* = typed in english
** = typed in japanese

trans: jhope-shi | do not repost without giving credit!

fic recs and writer recs [supercorp]

Kind of for my own reference but also, shoutout to some of my favorite fanfic writers out there (hi!). I’m trying to engage with the writing community on tumblr & ao3 more, so I’m happy to beta for people, take prompts/collabs, or talk writing craft – open invitation, hit me up! & I owe you all ao3 comments, sorry, trying to be better at that… =]

In no particular order:

& a tablespoon of shameless self-promotion:

(obvs this list is not representative at all, so) rec me more fics, writers, or books?

also if anyone has fun prompt memes or prompts in general, send them my way!

Greening Coerthas and Farming Dravania: an interest check!

So now that my (accidental) main character has given up his ambitions of running the heretics out of Ishgard’s government, his attention may fall to his #2 worry that keeps him up at night: climate change and the cost of grain.

To this end, his future RP may take a turn in the direction of:

which… is niche, and maybe not of interest to a lot of players, and we’re not even yet sure how it will work, but. I thought perhaps I should put up an interest check + feedback solicitation before I just assume that.

So: Would you be interested in a… “roleplay plot” involving agricultural research and farming in Coerthas and Dravania?

We’re yet not sure what this will look like. Using rules adapted from tabletop RPGs to simulate off-screen farms and tell investors if they’re doing well or poorly this month? Events to clear out marauding Bandersnatches? I know I would like to host an event along the lines of an “agricultural conference” sometime in early SB, after the immediate rush has died down some, but after that I’m not sure what will happen.

If you’re interested or have any feedback whatsoever, I would love to hear from you. PLEASE! You can contact me here on Tumblr, but we’d especially like it if you joined our planning Discord. Message me or @rose-in-the-stone​ (who is also excited about this) for a link!

More information/babbling under the cut.

Keep reading

black paladin! lance

just putting that out there

anonymous asked:

putting a plug in harry, just to test the waters and he ends up enjoying it a lot. you two are fucking, plug is still in, and you press a button to make it vibrate. he stutters a fuck and stops his moves over you. his knees hit the bed, still in you, and your arms go to his hips and grind him into you as he's a whimpering mess. "come on pretty baby, cum for me? you're doing so well." you'd say, arms wrapping to his plug and pushing it in further as he hisses




- Well? Don’t keep us in suspense. How’d everything go up there on the mountain?
- So you didn’t feel anything? No power at all?
- I’m sorry, no.
- Then let’s move on. You’ve done all you could. Feeling sorry for yourself won’t be of any help. After all, it’s not like your last shot was up there on Mount Lanayru. Anything could finally spark the power to seal Ganon away. We just have to keep looking for that… thing.
- That’s kind of you. Thank you.
- If I may… I thought you, well, I’m not sure how to put this into words… I’m actually quite embarrassed to say it. But I was thinking about what I do when I’m healing. You know, what usually goes through my mind… it helps when I think- when I think about-
[Calamity Ganon awakens]
- It’s here.
- This is it, then.
- Are you sure?
- Positive.
- It’s awake… Ganon!
- Let’s stop wasting time! We’re gonna need everything we got to take that thing down! Now Champions! To your Divine Beasts! Show that swirling swine who’s boss! Link will need to meet Ganon head on when we attack! This needs to be a unified assault! Little guy! You get to Hyrule Castle. You can count on us for support. But it’s up to you to pound Ganon into oblivion!
- Come. We should go. We need to get you someplace safe.
- No. I’m not a child anymore! I may not be much of use on the battlefield… but there must… there must be something I can do to help!

Skeleton sleep headcanons

Well this kind of got out of hand??? Just got a sudden urge to write down how the UT US UF and SF skele bro’s sleep for some fricking reason :D and it pretty much ran away from me so…

Enjoy I guess!

UT Sans:

Belly sleeper, prefers to sleep on his stomach, can sleep anywhere, can easily make himself fall asleep anytime and anywhere, like he can just close his eyes and he’s asleep, except after waking up from a nightmare, habit of falling asleep in the strangest of places, like inside cupboards, sinks, the laundry basket to name a few, whether he does it on purpose or not is anyone’s guess, pretty deep sleeper, usually doesn’t move around much while sleeping, except if he has nightmares, some nights he is unable to sleep at all, when he wakes up after a nightmare it is pretty much impossible for him to fall asleep again, when unable to sleep he usually take a walk through Snowdin/Waterfall, it calms him down, always checks up on Papyrus before he leaves though, or he goes to his hidden lab to try to do science stuff even though he is exhausted, at times after a really bad one he often crawls into his brothers bed, have had night terrors since he was a baby bones, always pretends to still be asleep if trying to wake him just to mess with the person who tries to wake him, especially his brother, is a little spoon, though also a big one it varies, prefers to be the little spoon though as he likes having his sleeping partners chin on his head and his face buried in their chest with his arms fully around them, snores slightly when fully asleep, sleeps for about 7-9 hours a night if he doesn’t have nightmares and depending when he goes to bed, not a morning person like he is still half asleep for at least an hour or two until he finally wakes up fully, coffee usually helps to speed it up, nothing wakes him up quicker than completely black coffee, which he dislikes but needs to wake up.  

UT Paps:

Sleeps on his back most of the time, does not move from the position he falls asleep in at all, his legs and arms moves and flail around like crazy while he sleeps though, like if you sleep next to him he will accidently slap and kick you, he usually wakes up immediately if he do and  apologize, though if he holds something or someone then he doesn’t move an inch, often kick his blanket onto the floor, pretty light sleeper, awakes instantly if trying to wake him, has this inner clock which allows him to wake up at any time he decides, so no need for alarm clocks, needs to have a bedtime story told to him before he falls asleep, can still fall asleep but then he doesn’t get that good of a rest, like he wakes up every once in a while if not read to most of the time, ultimate big spoon, is ok with been a little spoon but prefers to be the big one, as he likes to hold the person he spoons with, he snores sometimes and when he do so do he do it pretty damn loud, his snores sounds like nyeehs, sleeps for 3 rarely 5 hours a night, ultimate morning person, he always wakes up at the most ungodly hour of the morning, no coffee for him he drinks some milk to start of his day.

US Sans/Berry:

Usually sleeps in a fetal position, literally makes a cocoon around himself with his blanket, often end up getting completely tangled up in his blanket, he has to fight his own blanket to get free when he wakes up, rolls around a couple of times but then stays still for the rest of the night, sleeps the best when holding something, super clingy when sleeping with someone, he will latch onto you and never let you go throughout the night, pretty light sleeper, easily wakes up when hearing a weird noise etc, always wakes up with a start when his alarm clock rings, like he literally jumps out of bed startled every time, prefers to be a big spoon but is ok with been a little spoon, does not snore at all, sleeps for 6-8 hours a night depends when he goes to bed, forces himself to be a morning person even though he is truly not, is easily irritated by the slightest things in the morning, do actually drink coffee though not that much of an amount, like a really tiny teacup, lots of milk in it and some sugar though as he just can’t drink it black, sometimes he drinks juice though it at times gives him a bad after taste, though only if he drinks it in the morning weirdly enough.

US Paps/Papy:

He constantly moves while sleeping, is like a cat when he sleeps so he ends up in a bunch of weird ass positions while sleeping which cannot be comfortable or good for his spine, never stays long in one position, if sleeping in the same bed then he will eventually end up on top of you, accidently kick and slap you, even head-butt you, he’s the worst sleeping partner ever, though if someone is holding him or he is holding someone then he can end up sleeping pretty calmly, though if he holds you then you might end up been dragged around all over the bed too, though if cuddling and sleeping on the couch with someone then he usually stays still, alone on the couch though then he will move all over it eventually ending up with his lower body still on the couch and the rest of him on the floor, is a very, very deep sleeper, nothing can wake him unless you jump on top of him, shake him or scream in his ear, even then he might not wake up, suggest a bucket of water, barely sleeps most nights, because of nightmares which is pretty much the only thing which can instantly wake him up, often gasping for air when he do, but he usually fall back asleep after one after staying awake for a couple of hours, usually stays in his room when unable to sleep, sometimes read a book, smoke a cigarette or two looking out his window, usually he just sit leaned against a wall with a blanket draped over him and a cigarette in hand with his thoughts running amok, at times the nightmares does not wake him up, so if someone wakes him up while he has a nightmare he just might lash out though it’s not that common that he do, Berry has some sort of ability to wake up himself when his brother is stuck in a nightmare so he usually go to Papy’s room and crawl under the blanket with him to sooth him, probably have night terrors, Papy also have the ability to sleep anywhere, he often ends up nodding off and doze awhile standing up, though if he does it for too long he usually falls down onto the ground, still asleep, might have a slight case of narcolepsy, big spoon as he is so damn tall though he really likes to be the little spoon, snores very silently, sleeps for 7-10 hours depends when he goes to bed at night or if he stays up due for nightmares, not a morning person at all, often nods off while eating breakfast, happens that he face plants into his breakfast if Berry isn’t fast enough, drinks tea with lots and lots of honey, or a glass of milk mixed with chocolate powder, needs his sugar to wake up.

UF Sans/Red:

Usually on his stomach, extremely light sleeper unless completely exhausted or drunk, wakes up to any noise he hears, positions himself on his stomach with his head towards the door, just in case some monster decide to come and try to dust him, even though it isn’t very likely but still, usually have his blanket over his head with just his face showing, moves around a couple of times during the night, wakes up instantly by his brothers voice, can also sleep anywhere but is always half awake, can sleep with one eye open, when plagued by nightmares he usually stays still in the position he woke up in, his thoughts running amok until he either falls asleep or he stays awake in his bed until his brother comes to wake him, time to time he experiences sleep paralysis which freaks him out, when he feels completely safe and secure he becomes a pretty deep sleeper, prefers to be the big spoon as he does not like to feel trapped, though if he feels completely safe with the person he spoons with then he can go along with it, actually loves been the little spoon even though it still makes him slightly anxious, snores loudly, sleeps for about 4-6 hours a night it varies, so not a morning person, do not talk to him unless he have gotten his coffee or all hell will break out, drinks two cups of coffee to wake him up fully, sometimes 3 if truly exhausted, might mix his coffee with some kind of energy drink if he needs that extra kick, or alcohol.    

UF Paps/Edge:

Sleeps on his back, no matter what, has trained himself to sleep on his back and completely still and stiff by pure willpower, sleeps like a frikking vampire or something, because he did not like how messy his bed became when morning came and that he have a need to be in control even asleep etc, though when completely exhausted his discipline might slip a bit and he ends up kicking and tossing, also a light sleeper, not as light as his brother as he has trained himself to filter out the random sounds that occurs at night, while he instantly awakes at any noise that are different than the usual, wakes up every 2 hours to walk around the house, checking for intruders etc, also have an inner clock though he trained himself to have it, if sleeping with someone he automatically clings to them while sleeping, extreme cuddler, which he will deny to his dying breath that he is, big spoon and that’s final no way he will let himself be the little spoon, though he might try it out sometime if persuaded, which he then finds out he actually like it though there is no way he will admit it, used to snore quiet loudly but have somehow trained himself to not snore at all, don’t question how he is just that disciplined, sleeps for about 5 hours in total with him waking up every two hours to check the house though it varies, morning person, though he is slightly sluggish and a bit easier to irritate until he have had his coffee, usually drinks it before waking his brother up, also wakes up at a ungodly hour of the morning, he also make one of those vegetable mixed drinks because he is healthy.       

SF Sans/Scratch:

Usually sleeps on his side, constantly rolls around while asleep, kicks allot, extremely clingy if sleeping with someone, clings so hard that he might give you bruises, when he have latched onto something or someone he never lets  go, pretty much impossible to pry yourself or anything from him when he have gotten a hold, ultimate blanket stealer, he will take all the blankets and pillows, usually becomes some sort of blanket burrito when he do, will most certainly kick you if not completely covered in blankets and pillows, is a pretty deep sleeper, easily wakes up when he hears something unusual though, if someone tries to wake him up that person will be meet with a punch to the face and even some bone attacks sometimes, have a habit of shooting bone attacks at his alarm clock, it needs to get fixed or replaced at least once every second day, insists to be the big spoon even though he is so damn short, will fight you if you try to insist that it would be better if he was the little spoon, don’t push him, ultimate snorer, his snores are so loud it will be a miracle if anyone who sleeps in the same room as him succeeds in sleeping, I suggest earplugs, sleeps for about 6-9 hours a night it varies,  not a morning person at all, he tries to be but he just can’t wake up properly in the mornings, usually falls asleep again when he have turned off his alarm, unless his brother comes and wakes him up, which he hates because he wants to be able to wake himself up without anyone’s help god damnit, usually have to be carried down for breakfast as he just refuses to get up, because he is a spoiled brat and we all know it, is pretty sluggish and barely awake until he have eaten something, insists on drinking completely black coffee even though he in reality hates coffee, because that is what grownups and “cool” people drink and he is a grownup and super cool, got a complex just because he looks like a damn 12 year old.    

SF Paps/Rus:

Sleeps sitting up, this guy is so damn paranoid that he usually settles himself in the corner of his bed, his back against the wall with his arms around himself and knees up, looking around his room warily until he falls asleep in pure exhaustion, a very restless sleep that barely lasts for more than an hour or two before he wakes up with a start, extreme light sleeper, any sounds can wake him up, constantly plagued by nightmares, have night terrors, he might be kind of an ass but at night when there’s not really anything to distract him from his own mind he becomes pretty vulnerable if he is alone, usually keep the clothes he wore during the day on when going to bed, can’t be bothered to change, after sleeping for barely an hour he usually gets up and starts to walk around his room, then the rest of the house, just walking, thinking, smoking by one of the windows, also checking for intruders, he does not leave the house, after all someone might try to get in and dust his brother, checks up on his brother time to time, often ends up on the couch trying to watch some sort of show while eating some canned ravioli with bbq sauce or any other kind of food he can find to pass the time, he might sit down and tinker with something if he isn’t too restless, have taken apart most of the machines in the kitchen hundreds of times, due for him not sleeping much at all it happens that he ends up fainting due for pure exhaustion, can suddenly nod of at times due for been so damn tired even though he fights it with every fibre of his being, usually wakes up instantly after about 5-10 minutes when it happens, if truly exhausted while sleeping sitting up in his bed he usually starts to slide, which he usually instantly wakes up when his chin hits his chest or shoulder or until he hits the mattress, which he then instantly wakes up, his brother have a habit of drugging him time to time just so that Rus can finally sleep for more than two hours, needs quiet a high dose for it to work on him, when drugged with the right dosage he usually falls asleep in a matter of minutes, he hates taking them and especially dislikes it when his brother sneaks them into his meals, hates to be knocked out for too long, when drugged he usually ends up sleeping for about 10 hours, he srs need to sleep, big spoon, feels way too trapped with been a little spoon, not that big of a cuddler until he feels completely safe and secure and when he do then boy does he love to cuddle, if sleeping with someone he usually ends up watching them throughout the whole night, creepy, likes to hold the persons hand while they sleep, does not snore at all, is actually a morning person, always wakes up his brother and makes breakfast for him, does not eat breakfast himself, instead he gulps down an energy drink or two maybe even five unless he is stopped, literally lives on them, often adds some alcohol.  

And that’s it! this will probably not happen that often, though it was fun to do <: will not make a imagines blog if anyone is wondering, already have too much to do

Here’s some sketches of UT Sans sleeping in weird places

I was totally firm tonight at bedtime and stuck to my threat of “if you don’t get in your bed right now no books” which is something I hate to resort to (immediately those statistics start running through my head, if we miss a story time she won’t learn to read, she won’t go to college, she won’t be a happy successful adult, etc etc etc, and then I remembered we read this morning thank fucking god that lifted some of the guilt), and then when she got out of bed instead of negotiating I just picked her up and put her right back in bed, she was laying in her bed crying and I felt like the biggest jerk in the world sitting there at the gate to the stairs like the bedtime police, but it was totally worth it because she went to bed at 7:30 and will be well rested and ready to learn at school tomorrow.

byun baekhyun as your Boyfriend™

  • is an actual baby
  • needy, wants you to do everything for him
  • “baby can you do my makeup today”
  • “can you wash my hair for me babe”
  • definitely always wants to be with you 24/7
  • insists on doing every thing together
  • but not to the point where he’s suffocating you
  • well
  • maybe he suffocates you a little
  • but you love him so you put up with it
  • real life human koala bear
  • always gotta be touching you no matter what
  • gets whiny and pouty if you leave his side
  • “i was gone for ten minutes, baek”
  • “we could’ve made out during that time”
  • loves making out
  • lowkey enjoys it more than sex
  • has really soft hands, holds your face a lot
  • his smile makes your insides feel all warm and bubbly
  • you two never really fight
  • it’s always over something petty, like practical jokes or pranks
  • or not putting down the toilet seat
  • never anything serious
  • because honestly, baekhyun is a man
  • he knows what he should and shouldn’t do as your Boyfriend™
  • he knows his limits, even though he seems like the exact opposite
  • he’s tryna cuff and he’s not tryna ruin that you feel
  • shows you off whenever he can
  • his camera roll consists of you and various dogs
  • and probably some memes
  • screenshots all of your snapchats
  • if he could, all he would post about is you
  • would more than likely show off his lockscreen at a concert if fans knew about your relationship
  • is an expert on talking candidly about you without mentioning your name is interviews
  • is an expert on being a Boyfriend™
  • calls you every night at the same time
  • is never too tired for his soulmate
  • likes holding hands, even when you’re both sitting
  • in a dressing room or something, he’ll pull you onto his lap and wrap his arms around you and still intertwine y’all’s fingers
  • rests his chin on your shoulder
  • is dead set on having you become best friends with the rest of exo
  • flies you out to him whenever you’re available
  • has money, blows it on extravagant things for you
  • will come home from a day-trip with an inappropriate amount of gifts
  • tried to buy you a car
  • “i already have a car, baekhyun”
  • “what rule says a person can only have one car”
  • “baekhyun, you don’t even have your own car”
  • “then i’ll buy this car for myself and let you use it”
  • you convinced him not to buy the car
  • speaking of cars
  • likes having sex in cars
  • he likes to watch the windows fog up
  • can play piano, naturally good with his fingers
  • you have a habit of watching his hands do things
  • even if it’s nothing sexual
  • is a professional dirty-talker
  • drops sexual pickups lines like it’s nothing
  • laughs when your legs get a little weak
  • sometimes doesn’t even use a pickup line
  • he’s walking back in forth from rooms, doing laundry
  • casually says “hey, remember when you said you’d teach me english? maybe i can practice it between your thighs later”
  • then he laughs seeing the way your face turns red and continues his chores
  • “accidentally” puts some of his clothes with yours
  • hopes you’ll wear them regardless
  • you do and he turns into the heart eyes emoji
  • worships your body
  • worships you
  • knows he’d be lost without you
  • doesn’t want to be lost
  • sometimes he’ll be singing in the shower and it’ll lull you to sleep
  • sings while doing menial tasks
  • watches exo’s performances on tv, is his band’s number one fan
  • suavely puts an arm around you when you’re both just sitting around and watching tv
  • you two watch shows together
  • “i can’t believe you watched the next episode without me”
  • cue a petty argument and an hour of ignoring each other
  • then he kisses you and boom
  • all better
  • “baby”
  • “what”
  • “i love you”
  • it’s disgusting how much y’all are in love
  • but you’re so thankful that you got to be with someone as amazing as him

i went to dollarama to use up the last of my giftcard and like… dollar stores on the mainland are always really shitty? they’re hectic and the people there are assholes but the ones here in newfoundland tend to be really nice. when i was waiting in line something fell out of the basket of the bay nan in front of me so i picked it up an put it back in for her and she was so touched and grateful and then this little, like, 3 year old boy behind me in line dropped his toy egg and it broke so his mom said ‘oh i guess were not getting that today. im sorry buddy’ and the kid didn’t even cry he just goes ‘oh… well i have my [toy] tiger though!’ like

Newfoundland Dollaramas are holy places. i’ve never had a bad experience in one. in fact i always have at least 1 wholesome experience every time i go

Nature Prompt Fic/Drabble Collection.

I had a huge idea. 

Huge ideas come from brilliant minds.


I take that back, brilliance is not my trait. 

So, I’m putting down tons of naturistic photos and you can request one or I’ll prolly just write something I come up with with one of them. Or I might put both my idea and request into one post with one pic. If I write some of these with my own idea, some may have Winter Kirk. Winter Kirk is an oc of mine. You can look at some other Winter Kirk writing in my blog if you like or whatever to have it explained. She’s Jim’s daughter. Or I might just make an OC explanation post or something. 

 So yeah! Go ahead and request away!!!!

Later on, I will link seperate fics from these pics to this page or a separate one. 

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Just wanted to say that what that one anon wrote about your writing being like someone leading you down a familiar road with a promise of something amazing at the ending is exactly how I feel when reading your stories as well!! The put it so eloquently, just no matter what you write there's the impression of such depth, it could be a shorter story however the details and descriptions make you feel like there's so much more under the surface, like your stories are each their own perfect world.

This was so great to wake up to. Thank you anon, so much. The feeling you and that other anon are describing is how I feel about some of my favourite stories as well, so I’m really happy I managed to be that author for other people. It’s the dream, you know? It’s such a great feeling.

I don’t know what else to say, I’m so flattered and happy. Here, have a hug from this thing:


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I think Kishimoto is just bad at writing female characters in general. But he was at his peak with Sakura and Ino during the Chunin exam arc, especially forest of death. And later on with Tsunade during her introduction up until the timeskip. But everything after that was terrible when it comes to female characters. They all either were pushed to the sidelines or their arcs were dropped.

Well many characters were pushed to the sidelines in favour of putting more emphasis on Naruto and Sasuke, female characters weren’t the only victims of this. Following the Sasuke Retrieval arc, pretty much the entire Konoha 11 were pushed to the side apart from maybe Shikamaru.

Music Tag (^_^)

I was tagged by the beautiful @budgie2budgie, thank you this was fun to do.

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I just open my iTunes library and pressed play hehe. Here is my list and is a bit weird LOL ^_^

  1. Any Which Way - Scissor Sisters
  2. Delirium (Akustisch) - Andreas Bourani 
  3. Off to The Races - Lana Del Rey
  4. Special K - Placebo
  5. How - Regina Spektor
  6. The Nightingale - PJ Harvey
  7. Sound & Vision - David Bowie
  8. Genau jetzt - Nena
  9. California - James Blunt
  10. Promise - Tori Amos

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WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: I thought I was funny.


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POKÉMON TEAM: I have no idea

FAVORITE COLORS: yellow and green

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 7-8 hrs on a good night. My brain likes to keep me awake until stupid hours of the morning then wake me up really early. I’m a literal walking zombie most of the time. 

LUCKY NUMBERS: I don’t know why, but I’ve always liked 7. Probably because it was the first times table I learned as a child. Who knows? 

FAVE CHARACTERS: Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, and like, everyone in Supernatural. Then also Cath in fangirl, Simon Snow and Baz in Carry on, what about Sayaka Miki and Mami Tomoe in madoka? I have too many favorites. 

WHAT AM I WEARING NOW? A skirt. I’m not usually like this. You caught me on a “I need to wash my clothes” day. 

HOW MANY BLANKETS DO YOU SLEEP WITH: only 1, do you want me to melt?

DREAM JOB: Some kind of therapist, either a play therapist or a speech and language therapist. Who knows? worst comes to worst, I’ll just become an English teacher in Asia or smth. 

DREAM TRIP : South Korea, Japan, China, Germany, Croatia, Russia… other countries as well. 

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flower cloak.

Day 100

Vento Aureo is not confirmed.

Diamond is Unbreakable began airing one year ago on April 1st 2016.

I had no gag planned for today all this time.

The real joke here is day 100 landing here. We made fools of ourselves.


terrible tiny man/ dinosaur. i hate this. this probably isn’t canon but it is in my heart.