but well i have a history

It’s so weird. I started watching SPN two years ago, after four years of procrastinating because I knew when I started to watch I’d be lost. I knew about destiel, and I knew I was going to ship it, and I was a johnlock hardcore shipper. All this just to paint the picture. When I reached season 4, I was really taken aback by how gay the real thing was - there’s no other way to put it. I had seen a lot of gifsets and I genuinely thought that they twisted slightly the actual canon scenes, like it was the case for many johnlock famous gifsets, like, leaving out the context, or cutting out a small look that changed the meaning of the scene. I mean, the johnlock scenes were all canon, but there was always that other obvious possible reading. In spn, most of the time, the innuendos and the destiel reading were right in your face. Along the seasons, the accumulation of it made it almost impossible to have another reading.  

Nevertheless, until the end of Sherlock s3, I was sure that johnlock would become canon one day, not destiel. The whole writing, production, diffusion, cultural contexts were so different, and I felt that the BBC was way more likely to deliver a canon lead same-sex couple than the CW. I tried to keep my hopes up during the s3/s4 hiatus of Sherlock, but “His Last Vow” had really crushed me, and my worst premonitions about s4 sadly became true.

At this point, I would still have bet on canon sterek before destiel (but then I don’t watch Teen Wolf). There were also more same-sex ships going canon (hannigram, among others), and I thought that maybe SPN had just missed the opportunity of “making history” (if you know the johnlock fandom, you’ll understand why I don’t really like to use this expression).

But now, I feel that 13x01 reached a point of no return, and in a way, I don’t like having my hopes skyrocket like this - once bitten, twice shy, you know.  But when people who hate the ship start yelling “tag your shippy stuff” about canon gifsets, well, it’s hard not to get optimistic… So we’ll see. I still don’t want to be delusional, I know things can go sideways and nothing is sure yet. But Cas is a symbol for hope, right? :)

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The movie did a disservice to Stan and Mike by taking the town history stuff from Mike for no reason, like Ben has the crush subplot guys, and taking Stan's use of the birds away from him "BUT I DON'T BELIEVE IN YOU!" Is my favorite line from the the book and the most badass thing any of the Losers do, still love the movie but it did Stan, Mike and Ben not as well as it could have

I totally agree with you on this; the movie was absolutely georgous, but in comparaison with the book, the characterization of Ben, Mike and Stan was truly disappointing, and I really hope they would get more screen time on the second movie; these children deserved way more attention and love than That

I forgive all my enemies the harm they have done me, I here bid farewell to my aunts and to all my brothers and sisters. I had friends. The thought of being separated from them forever and their sorrows is among my greatest regrets in dying; may they know, at least, that I thought of them up to the very last. Farewell, my good and loving sister, may this letter reach you! Think of me always. I embrace you with all my heart as well as those poor, dear children. My God! How heartbreaking it is to part with them forever. Farewell! Farewell!

Marie Antoinette

On tonight’s episode of Sergio’s tattoos: A brief history of his back tattoos

At the age of 14 he got his first tattoo on his right shoulder blade. An elf holding a football.

On his lower back are the names of his siblings with the number 4 in between.

The goblin however was eventually replaced by a cover-up tattoo of two wolf heades. 

Shortly after, a dream catcher with his initials in the middle was added, as well as some lines of text just below his neck (more on that later.)

After the 2016 Champions League Final we finally got to see the newest additions to his back piece. Now with the head of a lion on his left shoulder blade and the writing complete.

And here’s the finished piece as of July 2017. On the lower left part of his back is a heart with several swords/daggers through it and the word cicatrices under it which is Spanish for scars.

The writing in it’s entirety reads: 

A lion never loses sleep over the opinion of sheep (neck part) 

Only those who went hungry with me and stood by me will eat at my table.

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after reading that post on the NDs i was just wondering what some of your future!headcanons are, friendship wise? because in canon, brittana don't really have a consistent friend besides mercedes, right? like, quinn, rachel and kurt were all on an off with at least santana, if not both of them, and i guess artie and britt were kinda consistent post s2 but not really yknow? in season 6 tina seemed like she could be an option but as you mentioned in your post, they have kind of a weird history.

Hey, @deleteee​!

So here’s the thing: I don’t see Brittana having a lot of close contact with most members of the New Directions in the future.

It’s not that they purposefully cut them out of their lives or outright hate them or anything.

Well, okay, to be fair, Brittany does hate Rachel.

It’s just that they kind of naturally grow apart from them over time. 

While they will certainly attend what New Directions reunions they can and get together with the glee kids on occasion as logistics allow, things aren’t going to be the way they were during S4, S5, and S6 when they were jetting back and forth from NYC to Lima every other week and dropping in to stage musical interventions on various teammates whenever one of them had a personal crisis. 

There’s going to be some distance and some growing apart. The relationships they have that are already awkward will become more awkward still, and even their closer relationships will (by necessity) evolve and change shape.  

I have two main reasons why I headcanon things this way:

  1. Because, as you mention, Brittana’s relationships with most of the members of the New Directions are already complicated at best, and I suspect that the status quo isn’t much likely to change given that the majority of the glee kids still after so many years fail to understand Brittana at even the most basic level.
  2. Because, while of course experiences vary and I can’t speak for everyone who, like me, has passed the ten-year class reunion mark, I can say that I’ve personally found that adults who keep in close contact with any high school friends other than their bestest besties tend to be an exception rather than a rule.   

Particularly in small towns, as my hometown is and Glee’s Lima purports to be, there may be some groups who continue to socialize long after graduation, but more often than not such groups are comprised of the folks who never leave town, and they’re far and away a minority.

Much more common are the folks who eventually move away, maintaining sporadic contact with a few old friends but otherwise leaving high school in the past, forming new social circles as they attend school, travel, join the military, take work, start families, and/or gain more life experiences.

The closer the high school friendship was, the more likely it is to continue after graduation, while the more casual or complicated the high school friendship was, the more likely it is to peter out once the involved parties are no longer in daily contact and sharing regular mutual bonding experiences. The general rule is that the further out one gets from high school, the less one is willing and able to maintain old high school friendships.

So given that Brittana were never really all that close to the majority of the New Directions to begin with, I tend to think that as the years wear on, they’ll cease to have regular contact with most of them. High school is going to be in their rearview mirror, and while they’ll certainly have some fond memories of those days, they’re also going to be caught up in their new adult life together and glad to be continuing on to bigger and better things.

I kinda fic’d the idea here, if you’re interested.

As for individual headcanons, I put them after the cut.

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ID #97804

Name: Ben
Age: 24
Country: USA

Hello! I’m Ben. I’m very nearly 24, and I live in Connecticut, not far from NYC. Well…I live here most of the time. My significant other lives in Québec, so I spend a lot of time there as well. I’ve just finished my Master’s in French Studies, and I specialize in all things Québec. I am also bilingual - English/French.

I love history, World of Warcraft, music (AFI, Godsmack, Evanescence, Marie-Mai, Éric Lapointe), French, Harry Potter, Charmed, drag queens, Absolutely Fabulous, anything dark, and generally just talking. I like exchanging stories with people, as I have a great many.

My sister and I used to be penpals, but she’s distracted these days as she’s now a parent. Plus, it’s more fun to get to know new people, and I’d love to make some new friends.

I’m looking for anyone over 18 (though my age and older is ideal), English or French is fine. Let me know if we have common interests or if you just want a new friend! Thanks!

Preferences: 18 or older, though 24-60 is the preferred range for me. Any country is fine, and anyone who speaks English, French or is learning those languages is welcome.

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I hope I'm not bothering you, and that you're doing well because I was just wondering would you please write some headcannons for Scotland? Only if it's not bothering you!

//You aren’t bothering me at all! I absolutely love my son/husband Scotland. Please excuse the fact I don’t know much about Scottish history. Also I may or may not have made my aph scotland oc into a regular oc because i adored him so much

  • Alasdair acts like he couldn’t care less about his younger siblings, but deep down they will always hold a place in his heart. 
  • Him and Wales often go out drinking together, sometimes having N. Ireland and England join. Like usual, England is the butt of all the jokes.
  • Out of all his brothers, he has the brightest green eyes.
  • One of his uniform is the pixiv style jacket (navy blue button up with white sashes to resemble his flag) and navy blue dress pants.
  • His other uniform is the traditional kilt outfit (I cant think of the official name rn), which Al much prefers to the other - he finds pants too restricting 
  • He is very talented at bagpipes, and will loudly play them in the middle of the night to piss England off
  • When tourists come up to him asking for directions, Alasdair will heavily exaggerate his accent as a joke.

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Hey I've fired multiple different firearms and have a great knowledge of the varieties of firearms and the inner workings of firearms as well as the history of firearms and I still want to do something to prevent mass shootings like a normal person, does that mean there may be validity to me wanting to increase gun control or is this the part where you create some other reason why you're okay with more mass shootings and offer no alternative to them and just go "uh your way won't work!" lmao

If you have measures that you’d like to posit or suggest, I have no problem with that; as a matter of a fact I’d love for you to posit them, either in an ask or on the #gun control tag.

There seems to be a major misconception regarding my stance on this, and I’ve explicated it more than once, but I’ll do it again. 

You are entirely entitled to an opinion on an issue. 

I would argue that in order to make a reasonably informed opinion, you should seek out information on the subject at hand, in an as unbiased way as possible.

I’d argue that many opinions, including those on gun control, are built up around misconceptions, not only regarding firearms, their laws, and their function, but crime in general. This isn’t merely coming from the anti-gun side but the pro-gun side as well.

I’d argue that when you make an opinion based on misconception, you tend to make an incorrect assumption, and thereby an incorrect assertion. 

Precisely like you just did regarding my stance on the expression of people’s political and social opinions.

That said, merely because you made a misconception doesn’t make you a bad or evil, or even stupid person. It just means that you analyzed a situation, and based on information you had at hand you made an incorrect judgement. I’d be willing to bet everyone has done so, lord knows I do far too often to castigate you for it.

I would argue, though, that maintaining an opinion based on incorrect information or misconception beyond the point where proof or good reason has shown to illustrate the incorrect nature of that information is, in my opinion, foolish.

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What's your favorite gun? Carry gun?

I’ll have to categorize my favorites, I suppose. I have too many for just one.

Starting with my favorite rifle - probably the AR15 with the AR10 as a runner-up. a broad, general question gets a general answer. but there are endless possibilities for both configurations of AR15s and applied uses, so it fits well. 

but going by category, I’d say my favorite semi-auto rifle is the M1 Garand. Other than the history and the fact it’s such a fun gun, I cant see myself using it for anything else, though. 
My favorite non-semi-auto rifle is the Winchester 94. 30-30 is a fun, loud, good round that still has a lot of uses. And who doesn’t love leverguns!

Favorite general, overall handgun goes to the Glock 19. if all you want is a good, solid, reliable, rust-proof, lead-launcher, Glock’s the one. sure, it’s got issues and it’s not the goldilocks, “just right” handgun for everyone, but it sure fits the widest range of roles as simply and efficiently as it can, IMO. 

Favorite handgun - much like the M1, where I don’t currently have a use for it, but it’s just fucking awesome is the HK MK23. 

favorite carry gun is the Glock 26. smallest gun with the greatest capacity that still shoots as accurate as its larger counterparts for me. 


top 10 favorite events or periods in history (in no particular order)

Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully - in Ten Minutes

by Stephen King
(reprinted in Sylvia K. Burack, ed. The Writer’s Handbook. Boston, MA: Writer, Inc., 1988: 3-9)

I. The First Introduction

THAT’S RIGHT. I know it sounds like an ad for some sleazy writers’ school, but I really am going to tell you everything you need to pursue a successful and financially rewarding career writing fiction, and I really am going to do it in ten minutes, which is exactly how long it took me to learn.  It will actually take you twenty minutes or so to read this essay, however, because I have to tell you a story, and then I have to write a second introduction.  But these, I argue, should not count in the ten minutes.

II. The Story, or, How Stephen King Learned to Write

When I was a sophomore in high school, I did a sophomoric thing which got me in a pot of fairly hot water, as sophomoric didoes often do.  I wrote and published a small satiric newspaper called The Village Vomit.  In this little paper I lampooned a number of teachers at Lisbon (Maine) High School, where I was under instruction.  These were not very gentle lampoons; they ranged from the scatological to the downright cruel

Eventually, a copy of this little newspaper found its way into the hands of a faculty member, and since I had been unwise enough to put my name on it (a fault, some critics argue, of which I have still not been entirely cured), I was brought into the office. The sophisticated satirist had by that time reverted to what he really was: a fourteen-year-old kid who was shaking in his boots and wondering if he was going to get a suspension … what we called “a three-day vacation” in those dim days of 1964.

I wasn’t suspended. I was forced to make a number of apologies - they were warranted, but they still tasted like dog-dirt in my mouth - and spent a week in detention hall. And the guidance counselor arranged what he no doubt thought of as a more constructive channel for my talents. This was a job - contingent upon the editor’s approval - writing sports for the Lisbon Enterprise, a twelve-page weekly of the sort with which any small-town resident will be familiar. This editor was the man who taught me everything I know about writing in ten minutes. His name was John Gould - not the famed New England humorist or the novelist who wrote The Greenleaf Fires, but a relative of both, I believe.

He told me he needed a sports writer and we could “try each other out” if I wanted.

I told him I knew more about advanced algebra than I did sports.

Gould nodded and said, “You’ll learn.”

I said I would at least try to learn. Gould gave me a huge roll of yellow paper and promised me a wage of 1/2¢ per word. The first two pieces I wrote had to do with a high school basketball game in which a member of my school team broke the Lisbon High scoring record. One of these pieces was straight reportage. The second was a feature article.

I brought them to Gould the day after the game, so he’d have them for the paper, which came out Fridays. He read the straight piece, made two minor corrections, and spiked it. Then he started in on the feature piece with a large black pen and taught me all I ever needed to know about my craft. I wish I still had the piece - it deserves to be framed, editorial corrections and all - but I can remember pretty well how it looked when he had finished with it. Here’s an example:

(note: this is before the edit marks indicated on King’s original copy)

Last night, in the well-loved gymnasium of Lisbon High School, partisans and Jay Hills fans alike were stunned by an athletic performance unequaled in school history: Bob Ransom, known as “Bullet” Bob for both his size and accuracy, scored thirty-seven points. He did it with grace and speed … and he did it with an odd courtesy as well, committing only two personal fouls in his knight-like quest for a record which has eluded Lisbon thinclads since 1953….

(after edit marks)

Last night, in the Lisbon High School gymnasium, partisans and Jay Hills fans alike were stunned by an athletic performance unequaled in school history: Bob Ransom scored thirty-seven points. He did it with grace and speed … and he did it with an odd courtesy as well, committing only two personal fouls in his quest for a record which has eluded Lisbon’s basketball team since 1953….

When Gould finished marking up my copy in the manner I have indicated above, he looked up and must have seen something on my face. I think he must have thought it was horror, but it was not: it was revelation.

“I only took out the bad parts, you know,” he said. “Most of it’s pretty good.”

“I know,” I said, meaning both things: yes, most of it was good, and yes, he had only taken out the bad parts. “I won’t do it again.”

“If that’s true,” he said, “you’ll never have to work again. You can do this for a living.” Then he threw back his head and laughed.

And he was right; I am doing this for a living, and as long as I can keep on, I don’t expect ever to have to work again.

III. The Second Introduction

All of what follows has been said before. If you are interested enough in writing to be a purchaser of this magazine, you will have either heard or read all (or almost all) of it before. Thousands of writing courses are taught across the United States each year; seminars are convened; guest lecturers talk, then answer questions, then drink as many gin and tonics as their expense-fees will allow, and it all boils down to what follows.

I am going to tell you these things again because often people will only listen - really listen - to someone who makes a lot of money doing the thing he’s talking about. This is sad but true. And I told you the story above not to make myself sound like a character out of a Horatio Alger novel but to make a point: I saw, I listened, and I learned. Until that day in John Gould’s little office, I had been writing first drafts of stories which might run 2,500 words. The second drafts were apt to run 3,300 words. Following that day, my 2,500-word first drafts became 2,200-word second drafts. And two years after that, I sold the first one.

So here it is, with all the bark stripped off. It’ll take ten minutes to read, and you can apply it right away…if you listen.

IV. Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully

This, of course, is the killer.  What is talent?  I can hear someone shouting, and here we are, ready to get into a discussion right up there with “what is the meaning of life?” for weighty pronouncements and total uselessness.  For the purposes of the beginning writer, talent may as well be defined as eventual success - publication and money.  If you wrote something for which someone sent you a check, if you cashed the check and it didn’t bounce, and if you then paid the light bill with the money, I consider you talented.

Now some of you are really hollering.  Some of you are calling me one crass money-fixated creep.  And some of you are calling me bad names.  Are you calling Harold Robbins talented?  someone in one of the Great English Departments of America is screeching.  V.C. Andrews?  Theodore Dreiser?  Or what about you, you dyslexic moron?

Nonsense.  Worse than nonsense, off the subject.  We’re not talking about good or bad here.  I’m interested in telling you how to get your stuff published, not in critical judgments of who’s good or bad.  As a rule the critical judgments come after the check’s been spent, anyway.  I have my own opinions, but most times I keep them to myself.  People who are published steadily and are paid for what they are writing may be either saints or trollops, but they are clearly reaching a great many someones who want what they have.  Ergo, they are communicating.  Ergo, they are talented.  The biggest part of writing successfully is being talented, and in the context of marketing, the only bad writer is one who doesn’t get paid.  If you’re not talented, you won’t succeed.  And if you’re not succeeding, you should know when to quit.

When is that?  I don’t know.  It’s different for each writer.  Not after six rejection slips, certainly, nor after sixty.  But after six hundred?  Maybe.  After six thousand?  My friend, after six thousand pinks, it’s time you tried painting or computer programming.

Further, almost every aspiring writer knows when he is getting warmer - you start getting little jotted notes on your rejection slips, or personal letters…maybe a commiserating phone call.  It’s lonely out there in the cold, but there are encouraging voices…unless there is nothing in your words which warrants encouragement.  I think you owe it to yourself to skip as much of the self-illusion as possible.  If your eyes are open, you’ll know which way to go…or when to turn back.

Type.  Double-space.  Use a nice heavy white paper, never that erasable onion-skin stuff.  If you’ve marked up your manuscript a lot, do another draft.

If you haven’t marked up your manuscript a lot, you did a lazy job.  Only God gets things right the first time.  Don’t be a slob.

You want to get up on a soapbox and preach?  Fine.  Get one and try your local park.  You want to write for money?  Get to the point.  And if you remove all the excess garbage and discover you can’t find the point, tear up what you wrote and start all over again…or try something new.

5.  NEVER LOOK AT A REFERENCE BOOK WHILE DOING A FIRST DRAFT You want to write a story?  Fine.  Put away your dictionary, your encyclopedias, your World Almanac, and your thesaurus.  Better yet, throw your thesaurus into the wastebasket.  The only things creepier than a thesaurus are those little paperbacks college students too lazy to read the assigned novels buy around exam time.  Any word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus is the wrong word.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  You think you might have misspelled a word?  O.K., so here is your choice: either look it up in the dictionary, thereby making sure you have it right - and breaking your train of thought and the writer’s trance in the bargain - or just spell it phonetically and correct it later.  Why not?  Did you think it was going to go somewhere?  And if you need to know the largest city in Brazil and you find you don’t have it in your head, why not write in Miami, or Cleveland?  You can check it…but laterWhen you sit down to write, write.  Don’t do anything else except go to the bathroom, and only do that if it absolutely cannot be put off.

Only a dimwit would send a story about giant vampire bats surrounding a high school to McCall’s.  Only a dimwit would send a tender story about a mother and daughter making up their differences on Christmas Eve to Playboy…but people do it all the time.  I’m not exaggerating; I have seen such stories in the slush piles of the actual magazines.  If you write a good story, why send it out in an ignorant fashion?  Would you send your kid out in a snowstorm dressed in Bermuda shorts and a tank top?  If you like science fiction, read the magazines.  If you want to write confession stories, read the magazines.  And so on.  It isn’t just a matter of knowing what’s right for the present story; you can begin to catch on, after awhile, to overall rhythms, editorial likes and dislikes, a magazine’s entire slant.  Sometimes your reading can influence the next story, and create a sale.

Does this mean you can’t write “serious fiction”?  It does not.  Somewhere along the line pernicious critics have invested the American reading and writing public with the idea that entertaining fiction and serious ideas do not overlap.  This would have surprised Charles Dickens, not to mention Jane Austen, John Steinbeck, William Faulkner, Bernard Malamud, and hundreds of others.  But your serious ideas must always serve your story, not the other way around.  I repeat: if you want to preach, get a soapbox.

The answer needn’t always be yes.  But if it’s always no, it’s time for a new project or a new career.

Show your piece to a number of people - ten, let us say.  Listen carefully to what they tell you.  Smile and nod a lot.  Then review what was said very carefully.  If your critics are all telling you the same thing about some facet of your story - a plot twist that doesn’t work, a character who rings false, stilted narrative, or half a dozen other possibles - change that facet.  It doesn’t matter if you really liked that twist of that character; if a lot of people are telling you something is wrong with you piece, it is.  If seven or eight of them are hitting on that same thing, I’d still suggest changing it.  But if everyone - or even most everyone - is criticizing something different, you can safely disregard what all of them say.

Return postage, self-addressed envelope, all of that.

Agents get 10% of monies earned by their clients.  10% of nothing is nothing.  Agents also have to pay the rent.  Beginning writers do not contribute to that or any other necessity of life.  Flog your stories around yourself.  If you’ve done a novel, send around query letters to publishers, one by one, and follow up with sample chapters and/or the manuscript complete.  And remember Stephen King’s First Rule of Writers and Agents, learned by bitter personal experience: You don’t need one until you’re making enough for someone to steal…and if you’re making that much, you’ll be able to take your pick of good agents.

When it comes to people, mercy killing is against the law.  When it comes to fiction, it is the law.

That’s everything you need to know.  And if you listened, you can write everything and anything you want.  Now I believe I will wish you a pleasant day and sign off.

My ten minutes are up.


 Clapton noted that Sansa’s (Sophie Turner) costumes contained subtle references to her history, as well. After winning back Winterfell from her abusive husband and his army, Sansa’s stiff, black dress-and-cloak combinations have reflected “an idea of being wrapped, a sense of security, laced in, protected,” the costumer explained.“The cut of the costume was very fitted and severe but the fabrics were soft, textured and quilted. I was trying to grasp all that has happened to Sansa, all the hurt and abuse and frustration, and trying to understand how she would express this yet appear strong. She adapts all she has learnt to her look,” Clapton said.  [xxx
(requested by anon)

ok but side note can we not use words like “threw herself on him” or god forbid slut for dot like ??? she got a little boozed up and got carried away; magnus stopped her and she respected that. you all rly do the most when it comes to woc lmao.

TitleManifest Destiny  
Author: casuallyhl
Pairing: Harry/Louis
Where: ao3
Word Count: 15k
Rating: E
Status: Complete
Summary: Harry and Louis had fallen into bed together again that night, mouths greedy and hands needy. And now every time Louis stops at Fort Kearney, even if it’s weeks in between, he and Harry spend the night together. The nights are always filled with heat and passion, and it gives Louis something to think on fondly as he rides across the western territories carrying sacks of mail.

They’ve never talked about it, and they’ve never kissed. Louis doesn’t know if he wants either of those things to change, but he knows that his presence in Harry’s life is sporadic at best. Probably best to leave things b

Or, Louis is a Pony Express rider and Harry runs a station along the trail.


Written for the @hlhistoricalexchange2k17


That’s right, Pan Week is coming.

Not every pan person feels included in the Bi Week festivities, even though the “bi+” umbrella has been sporadically used. And that’s valid. Pan people do not have to force ourselves to feel represented by a label we haven’t chosen for ourselves, and let’s be real, a label we are often invisible under.

So, Pan Week.

December 3rd - 9th, 2017.

Including the already established Pan Pride Day on December 8th.

On December 8th, there will be a Pan Chat, more info on that to come.

Use the hashtag “#PanWeek” on Twitter.

Use the tag “Pan Week” on Tumblr.

The objective of Pan Week is to spread awareness and positivity for the pan identity and show support and acceptance for pan people. During Pan Week, pan people, and hopefully non-pan people as well, will take part to share and learn about pan topics and issues; such as history, media representation, inclusivity in LGBT+ spaces, treatment from fellow queer people, hate, erasure, etc.

Share your stories, selfies, and art.

Celebrate characters, public figures, and each other.

Be proud. Raise your voice. Let everyone know that you’re here and won’t be silenced or forgotten.

Happy Anniversary, Yuri on Ice!!!

Originally posted by nikifoorov

Happy Anniversary to the show that made history!

For breaking down the barriers of LGBT stereotyping in writing and television, as well as showing a realistic depiction of depression and anxiety and a healthy, loving relationship between two people…

We, the fandom, would like to say,

Thank You!

Originally posted by icedancingdaddies

Because of this amazing show, so many of us have found healthy and creative outlets that we’ve been able to utilize and share within the fandom and community!

I know that I speak both for myself and many others when I say that this show has aided in creating so many long lasting friendships and relationships within the fandom. I have gotten to meet so many outstanding people from all over the world, and I am happier now than I ever have been.

Originally posted by vicchan

A huge thank you goes out to the YOI Fandom, too! The content that these writers and artists have made due to the inspiration YOI gives us is utterly amazing. I’ve been able to watch people grow, gain confidence in their work (myself included), and not be afraid to share their art, or their writing, with the world.

I feel as though I’ve found a family again. And for that, I am so very grateful.

So thank you, everyone, for making the Yuri!!! On Ice fandom as amazing as it has become.

And most especially, thank you, Mitsurou Kubo and Sayo Yamamoto, for making history.

See you all next level!

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Hey anon, I’m like. SUPER fond of this crossover ok?? I actually drew it a little already! It’s actually BECAUSE of a Mob Psychonauts crossover that I discovered Psychonauts! If I never reblogged that art way back when, and if Xi didn’t explain it more to me, I would have probably never played this wonderful game! ;v; 

That crossover was a “what if Psychonauts came to Mob’s world”, which I do love, but I wanted to try it in the opposite direction here :’D I tried real hard not to draw stuff for it coz HECK I HAVE ALOT OF AUS BUT here are some short dumb comics and my attempt at Black Velvetopia! Raz and Mob ;7;


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Wait, so now Santa’s dead? Man, 2017 is the worst year.