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If I choose one of you, then I’ll lose the other.

‘getting his shit together’

his own label has been purposely holding him back and fucking him over for the past year. his mother was terminally ill for the majority of 2016 and just passed away 6 months ago.  every single card he’s been dealt since the break started in late 2015 has been horrible and his own team has been sabotaging him and purposefully trying to devalue his image, his brand, and his fans’ loyalty to him.

he’s been reacting and surviving as best he can. what a slap in the face to use language like ‘getting his shit together’ to put the burden for everything he’s been forced to deal with on him rather than on the people responsible for holding him back.

lol a few days ago in English I was listening to someone else’s conversation in class because I have no friends and this guy was like ‘yo xxxx is probably queer’ and i replied that i was the real queer in the class mind you i’ve been cracking ace jokes all year but apparently this kid and my entire class thought i’d been joking the whole time and they were like ‘???? you’re ace?’ and i was like ‘???? you didn’t know?’

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I can see the image they're going for and it might work but the worst part is really how one dimensional it is. I know all celebs get a very one dimensional image. Harry has one as well. Niall is the happy fun kid who enjoys life, beer and sports. I get it. Everyone has an image. And it's never very multifaced. But with Louis we are literally seeing it being made yk? It's so obvious. And when you like an artist so much and "know" them it's sad to see just this one dimensional version

It is frustrating to watch when you feel like you know/have seen so much more. Like you want to jump up and down and be like “but he’s also this and this and this!!!” so that people reading articles like this or the one in The Sun get a better idea of how much more he is, but we can’t really do that. The people with the power create the images the GP see. And I respect that many artists would prefer to present a less dimensional image to protect their own privacy and whatnot, but when certain aspects of the image presented by a team are actually negative or contradictory to the positive things you think/know about the person, it just makes you want to angrily shake your fist and change it. Alas.

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I like how you're a rigger and Q is a rope bunny. Do you practice on him? (lennyface)

(( HOO BOI OKAY heads up guys, @jolie-in-the-underground and i are sisters, so shipping Q and Grim with one another in any way is a no-go for us.  ))

(( they’re too close to our relationship as siblings with how they interact, so we’re both of the ‘NOPE’ mindset here & in regards to any non-platonic shippyness between them. they’re best bros through and through. and yes i do know that many people tend to like taking that kind of close relationship and pushing it further, but since they’re our own creations and linked deeply to us as people we’ve got that firm line on this. i’ll just go ahead and make this PSA now since we haven’t talked about it before. ))


Secondly, he kind of thinks i’m your butler, so if you’d all play along with that, i’d be mightily grateful. Ok?

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So... What's the difference between being best friends with someone and having a relationship with someone? Does anything change really? Just wondering cause my best friend of three years, which started out with me liking him, eventually built up to now where we're in a relationship.

Well, I’d say the difference is you change from having platonic feelings to romantic feelings for each other. You exchange affections like kissing that you wouldn’t do with your other friends. You trust them, share things with each other, and are open with each other in ways you’re not with other people. I guess you share a different kind of closeness. It probably feels different to the relationships you have with your friends.
I hope this helps 💟

Horoscope signs as Link
  • Aries - Twilight Princess Link: *lowers brightness all the way* sorry if u can't see...but u should be able to...after all, u are the darkest Link...so edgy man...
  • Taurus - OoT Link: as a child, u were kind of a douche. As u matured into adulthood, it got worse
  • Gemini - Wind Waker Link: "k just gotta get this treasure...oops too far just gotta back up a bit-wait no that's too much just let me-DAMN IT"
  • Cancer - Majora's Mask Link: that one kid who was always saying creepy stuff in class. You know, "the void is infinite, submit" and "we're all dead, really".
  • Leo - a Link to the Past Link: can't pronounce people's names, has a deathly fear of bunnies. Ur just trying ur best but 7 is such a big number. That's, like, 3 x 2 + 1
  • Virgo - Hyrule Warriors Link: "guys have u seen my new scarf? Haha it's so coo-"*tries to run and trips over ur incredibly long scarf*
  • Libra - Skyward Sword Link: you have a wide array of three possible emotions for each conversation.
  • Scorpio - Four Swords Link: are you okay?? There are a lot of aspects to ur personality then it seems...one of them is trying to burn down my house maybe u should take a short nap
  • Sagittarius - Phantom Hourglass Link: look at those hands...those hands let a man drown...those hands killed a giant bird...u try to move on but u have done terrible things. Also Linkbeck isn't helping u should probably make sure he isn't stealing anything u own
  • Capricorn - Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons Link: many of ur friends are more talented then u are, but u are the cool one. probably.
  • Aquarius - Spirit Tracks Link: *whispering* trains trains trains *gets louder* Trains Trains Trains *screaming* TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS
  • Pisces - Mario Kart 8 Link: no one was expecting u, which is why it's so easy for u to "swiggity swirl, kartin' in to steal yo girl"

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I'm a Ravenclaw girl and my Best Friend is a Slytherin girl. People always joke that we're a couple, we even have like wedding rings (mine has her name on it and hers has mine)😂. We have been through a lot and we didn't talk for almost half a year because we fought but we just resently made up and now our bond is even stronger. I really love her and I'm sure she does too. She's my fav person in the whole world💙 yikes I sound so cheesy

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! 💕💕

You *sound* like a couple! 😊😊

That’s super cute!! It does sound kind of cheesy, but if you’ve ever heard me talk about my boyfriend… Well, you know I have no room to talk so… 😅

You’re fine love. Its cute.

-Mel (the Slytherin)

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Twitter SH stans are so greedy. We got a ton of content yesterday and this weekend, and not only do they have the audacity to say we're in a drought and that they want more, they also continue to doubt whether Cole and Lili are dating. I remember the days when we wouldn't get fed for weeks and had to rely on videos of Debby's cats. We've been absolutely blessed since the Canada Day picture and ComicCon.

exactly! It’s probably the best to ignore these people. We’ve recently gotten so many cute moments and pictures like never before and I can’t believe there are people complaining. I also hate how some people are kind of “expecting” them to do something cute almost every single day. They don’t owe us anything. Let them do what they want to jesus christ, if we get a cute picture, that’s great, but if not that’s obviously perfectly fine too and definitely not a reason to start doubting their relationship, just because we haven’t gotten anything in the last 24 hours, that’s insane. 

Jon&Dany's conversation for dummies
  • Dany: Bend the knee.
  • Jon: Nope.
  • Dany: Your ancestors swore faith to the Targaryens forever.
  • Jon: Yeah, that's Not Happening. Your dad burned my family alive.
  • Dany: Yeah well he WAS a bit of a nutcase. Sorry for that. I'm not my father's daughter. But for the sake of peace, please bend the knee. I'll even make you Warden of the North.
  • Dany: We will unite against Cersei.
  • Jon: It's not CERSEI you need to worry about. And I'm not bound by my ancestors' promises.
  • Dany: Then what are you doing here even like what the hell
  • Jon: I??? kind of??? need your help??? And you need mine.
  • Dany: I have THREE DRAGONS. I have the DOTHRAKI. And the UNSULLIED. And I need YOUR help?
  • Davos: Not with Cersei. You can best her any day.
  • Jon: But you haven't stormed King's Landing. You don't want to kill a lot of people. That already makes you better than Cersei. Kudos for that, btw.
  • Dany: Why do I need your help again.
  • Jon: Because the living need to unite against the dead.
  • Dany: The whaaaaaa.
  • Jon: We're all squabbling here like small kids.
  • Dany: Tyrion, he's insulting me.
  • Tyrion: … If it helps, I believe he's insulting EVERYBODY.
  • Jon: Dany listen everyone will die if we don't defeat these motherfucking zombies.
  • Dany: Lalalalala not listening
  • Jon: Listen there are zombies marching this way. Tyrion, I'm not a liar. The army of the dead is very real. If they get past the wall and we're squabbling amongst ourselves
  • Jon: *dramatic pause*
  • Jon: We're finished.
  • Dany: Your father's best friend sent assassins after me. Did your father know and approve of babies being killed in their cribs? [The irony is strong with this family I know]
  • Dany: I've been sold, I've been betrayed and raped and violated in more ways than you can possibly imagine. A lot of people have tried to kill me.
  • Dany: *more dramatic speech about having faith in herself*
  • Dany: The Iron Throne is my birthright.
  • Jon: You'll be ruling over a graveyard if we don't defeat the crazy zombies.
  • Tyrion: We're ALREADY in a war with CERSEI.
  • Davos: You don't believe us. That's fair. But also, FATE.
  • Davos: Listen, you have to believe us. Jon has no birthright. At all. [This sounds weirder the more you rewatch this scene.]
  • Davos: You say people have tried to kill you. Well Jon WAS actually ki–
  • Jon: *frantic stare to shut up his Hand* SHHH what happens in the North stays in the North
  • Davos: If we don't unite, it doesn't matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.
  • Tyrion: If it doesn't matter, why won't you kneel? If we unite against Cersei, we will defend the North later together.
  • Jon: *losing patience* There's NO TIME to fight Cersei. There's no time for any of this.
  • Tyrion: It takes no time to bend the knee.
  • Jon: And why would I do that?! I mean no offense, Your Grace, but I don't know you. Your claim to the throne rests entirely on your father's name, and my own father fought to overthrow the Mad King. [Probably one of the few accurate things Jon actually says about his father.]
  • Jon: And really, the lords elected me and I will lead them. I won't break their faith in me by kneeling to you.
  • Dany: Fair point. Also a fair point: I'm the rightful queen of the SEVEN Kingdoms. The North happens to be a part of that. In declaring yourself king, you're rebelling against me.
  • Varys: *comes in to save Jon from his aunt's wrath*
how i see each sign (cancer 🌙)
  • aries: you're always laughing, or talking to someone. you're usually pretty popular, but i know you and me don't mix well together. trust me, i've had some experiences. you're able to stand up and defend yourself so easily, and i admire that. you can get really moody though. try to control your emotions as much as possible.
  • taurus: you're super easy to talk to. i always click with you guys because we're able to understand each other so easily. you guys always have the best advice too. my best friend is a taurus, and i love her so much. you can get super stubborn though. try to let things go, and not hold a grudge.
  • gemini: you're super popular, and i always see you involved in some kind of drama. everyone likes hanging out with you, but i feel like nobody has really seen the real you deep inside. open up to people you trust, and don't be so scared that they'll judge you. you're so beautiful, and everyone should know that.
  • cancer: you're so sweet and people love you because of your kind personality. children are magically attracted to you, and you're just so generous. you're super likable, but i feel like someone always has to be there for you. try being independent and just appreciate who you are.
  • leo: well what can i say. you dream of having the spotlight shine on you, and most of the times, it is. you're super social and you're all so funny. you're pretty much the only sign that's made me laugh so hard, but you and i, like aries, don't mix well together. but please don't start any drama whether you think it's fun or not.
  • virgo: you're so sweet, and even if times are hard, you stick with me. even though people treat you wrong, you still stay with them and that makes me sad because you deserve so much better. i promise you'll meet better people along the way.
  • libra: you're super giving, and you're so loyal to your friends. you laugh really easily at my crappy jokes, and that makes me feel special lmao. but a lot of people try to take advantage of you. defend yourself when you need to.
  • scorpio: you're so misunderstood because you're actually really sweet to your friends and people you care about in general. you're super nice, but you have a tendency to admire from afar when you should really just talk to the person you want to be friends with.
  • sagittarius: you're so funny, and i love your bubbly personality. you're honesty is so refreshing, but it can also hurt a lot of people's feelings because you don't know when to stop. you get irritated a lot, but you get over it quickly. you can be annoying too at times, but everything about you makes it up.
  • capricorn: you're so smart and logical! you always have a plan b, c, or even d. you're always ready to strike, and people look up to you. you're super nice too. but your bluntness can be a bit hurtful, and you tend to be super closed off. express your feelings whenever you need to.
  • aquarius: god, all of you are just so good looking. you're really funny, and you can spark a conversation with anyone. you're personality is just so charming. i've had so many crushes on aquarius's. but you can super stubborn, and your god complex is really a turn off. let it go once in a while.
  • pisces: you're all so nice to me, and you make me feel as though we're already best friends. you're able to make everyone feel so special, but you have a tendency to get hurt easily. brush it off and just ignore it because the other person probably didn't mean to hurt you.

i love platonic love though i love it to death it’s always pushed aside in favor of romantic but platonic love is so simple and straightforward and easy… to have a bestfriend is the best feeling? to know that they also think of you as their bestfriend is the? best? feeling? to know that someone will always have your back? that they’re genuinely interested in your life and in your thoughts for no other reason than they just like you as a person? as you are? that they’re not distracted by your physical allure but are just there for YOU as an individual? that’s the best feeling. knowing you have a group of people who’ll stand by you through thick and thin. thats a good feeling. i think i’d take it over candlelit dinners any day. maybe that’s a bit naive to say. but that kind of support system isn’t something that should be taken for granted. it’s everything.

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Dessa - Good Grief (from Isthmus Live Session)

text as best as I can tell it under the cut

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The Signs as things I have Learned So Far~
  • Aries: Life isn't all about the money, the popularity, the looks, and the possessions.
  • Cancer: Sometimes you just have to chin up, spit the blood, and move on.
  • Taurus: Sometimes ranting or complaining doesn't work.
  • Gemini: You can't hide your other side forever.
  • Leo: Sometimes we need to sit down and prioritize our lives
  • Virgo: Some people weigh you down even though you don't want them to.
  • Libra: You can't do someone else's best or else you wouldn't be yourself.
  • Sagittarius: Don't be selfless or else you'll be self-less.
  • Scorpio: Sometimes you have to fight for yourself and it will get ugly if it has to.
  • Capricorn: You may be one person to the world but you are the world to one person.
  • Aquarius: We're all perfect because we're not.
  • Pisces: Kindness can kill.
The Signs From A Libra's Perspective
  • Aries: You guys are hilarious for starters. Always find a way to cheer me up, and even though we clash sometimes you always understand me at the end of the day. Love to explore, and I am so down to follow you anywhere. Killer sense of style, surprisingly amazing/ecclectic music taste. HARD WORKERS. When you guys zero in on something BOY DO YOU ZERO IN.
  • Taurus: My partners in crime. You guys are so deep, and I am so honored I've seen that side of you. You're two steps ahead of everyone at all times, but nobody knows except for me. Total boss ass bitches--unstoppable. When you care about someone you really care about them, but when you don't its hilarious and I live for all the shade you throw! Also the biggest underdogs who I champion 24/7.
  • Gemini: My roof in the pouring rain. Complex individuals who are so misunderstood it breaks my heart. They build up walls but boy when they tear them down for you they are AMAZING. Great listeners, always there for me, HILARIOUS. Always someone I can have fun with, so special to me. I can 1000% let my hair down with them and they can do the same with me. Has no issue telling the truth, so analytical. They have huge hearts but are so lowkey about it. Great sense of style, the greatest taste in music. They are their own worst enemies though, nobody can criticize a Gemini more than they do themselves. LOVEABLE ASSHOLES.
  • Cancer: Though they are stereotyped to be very sensitive, nurturing and that weird "uwu" type of person--I beg to differ. Every Cancer I know is a badass and very practical. Ultra snarky and sarcastic little shits AND I LIVE FOR IT. They always have something rad going on with their hair too, very rebellious. They do have a sensitive though, and they try hard to conceal it by rebelling--but I see you guys it's okay to feel that way!!
  • Leo: IS THERE ANYTHING A LEO CAN'T DO?? When I think of you guys, the quote "Anything you can do I can do better" reverberates in my mind. Leo's are the closest thing I get to a physical version of a reality check. They are the ones who bring me down when my head is in the clouds and I get too idealisitc. Confident in various aspect of life but lack that same confidence in others. Bright minds, extremely intelligent. Sometimes can be very unsympathetic, often overlook emotions. Funloving, they are the center of attention and rightfully so. Charming, know how to get what they want out of anyone. Great taste in cinema, my favorite person to debate with. ALWAYS check in on me even when I don't have the time for them, always make time for me no matter how busy and I appreciate them for it so much. Cunning, excellent orators--such cadence in their speech it blows me away.
  • Virgo: I either love you guys or I....don't. To those that I love dearly you are everywhere at once, you are more than what you fear at night in bed. Brave souls with creative minds--always thinking outside the box! Such Casanovas though like how do you guys get all the bitches??? Teach me your ways! Always listen to my advice. SO.FREAKING.ORGANIZED. Great with money, channel their emotions into their creative outlets. One with nature, really at peace when they are content with their surroundings. Very logical and objective..but not the best with understanding why they may feel a certain way.
  • Libra: Oh hey...you're me?? Awkward. What's up? Every Libra I know is a huge people pleaser. Has a hard time saying no..like a really hard time saying no. Lowkey assholes. (especially Libra guys) We're kind of on another planet sometimes, the worst texters I know but yet we're always on our phones?? Hands down THE STYLISH OF THE ZODIAC OK?? Such nerds though..take their academic careers so seriously. Either super shy--that type of kid who doesn't talk and then says something really real/ funny and everyone is like ?!!!?!?!?!? or THE LIFE OF THE FREAKING PARTY. Passive aggressive little fucks and I live for it when it isn't directed towards me. Great listeners, give you the best advice. Hate when we feel taken advanatage of...usually know when we are being taken advantage of. Fiercely loyal, flirty (WE THINK WERE BEING FRIENDLY OK) Lowkey really sad we can't save the world with our idealistic visions.
  • Scorpio: Like virgos..I love you or I...don't. Your quiet nature reassures me, but I know your emotions are like a volcano. Very hands on, dark, hilarious. Some of you come for advice and listen to me...others not so much. Introverted Scorpios are my favorites, and I live for your insight. Your passion astounds me! As for extroverted types: BE YOURSELF. I PROMISE YOU PEOPLE LIKE YOU MORE IF YOU STOP FAKING IT. Either extemely selfless or extremely selfish--a lot of extremes with you guys. Very vocal, have an issue with being wrong though. (it's ok I do too)
  • Sagittarius: SO.FREAKING.FUNNY. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. You know how to party and how to throw one even better. Amazing at whatever profession they choose to go into. Have an eye for colors, more so than anyone else. Excellent cooks, killer makeup artists. Like Geminis, they too have big hearts it just is under alot of snarkiness. Would go to the end of the earth for someone they care about. SO.FIERCE. IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. However, do NOT wrong them--you will either be dead to them or they will make your life a living hell. They are my driving force, they ask me to jump and I say "How high?"
  • Capricorn: Yes, they are hard workers, yes, they are everything the astrology stereotypes say about them. Capricorns are sweethearts but you have to go on a journey to discover this. They will only show you this side if they deem you good enough, and that is because they don't want you to hurt them. Loyal, oddly incredibly athletic??? SUCH DORKS. Deep down, they need you though, so be there for your Capricorn. When they are certain about who they are they are a delight, when they are uncertain of who they are it is a living nightmare.
  • Aquarius: Oh Aquarius....what can I say about Aquarius. Some of you are my detached weirdo alien bffs...others well damn. The only one of the zodiac who is fully capable of making me the happiest person alive or the most miserable person alive. Your attention shifts a lot, you're never forward, one minute you chase me the next I'm chasing you. We are like cat and mouse. There is a side to you only few have seen, some days I am grateful I have seen it and other days I wish you never showed me it because it makes judging every thing you do even harder. The smartest people I know, walking Wikipedias--super cool, so goofy. Someone who I would sadly go to the ends of the earth for no matter what. You bring out the best in me and the very worst in me. I wish we loved each other in the same way, I wish you loved me like I love you but I'm okay with that at this point.
  • Pisces: Misunderstood souls. Old souls who deserve the world. You inspire me to strive to help everyone all the time and to love everyone all the time. It breaks my heart to see you mistreated because you deserve to be SO HAPPY. Never lose sight of your humanity because one day you will be in a better place and you will need it. Deeply sensitive but not in the critical whiny baby way--they are extremely intuitive and are often overlooked. Brilliant writers, their pieces will move you and bring tears to your eyes. Simultaneously a cutie pie and a freaking BOMBSHELL VIXEN. LOVES SPACE SO MUCH. Empowering. I wish you loved yourself as much as I love you.

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Oh yeah! I forgot to ask this: how does it feel to be such an inspiration to a lot of people? I don't know if you realize this or not but you're more than just the creator of probably the best Manga series ever. To a lot of us (myself included) you're the only person who gives us confidence and treats us like we're human. Some of us aren't from a place were people are as kind as you. And that means a lot to the kids who never had friends or a family to count on... so thank you Hajimama! (╹◡╹)♡

Oh you, stop it! I’m just trying to be a bit nice in the wild jungle that is this goddamn website. also I’m a huge fan of being nice to each other.