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’ If you want to leave, you can. I’ll remember you, though. ’

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“I don’t need your permission”, Ferus said sharply, already on edge and upset enough without Anakin there to get under his skin, the way he was so good at. He’d given word to the Council of his resignation only a few hours ago - they’d said they would discuss this and then make “arrangements”, and in the meantime Ferus was in a limbo that left him feeling like he was falling slowly, continuously.

And then Anakin … what? What was that supposed to mean? 

Ferus studied Anakin’s face for a moment before he tried to strip the heat in his voice into something else, and it just turned cold.

“Don’t worry. I won’t forget you either.”

Growing Up with moonjellicle


“Jemima! Jem! Jemima Jemeeeeemarino! Oi!” Pouncival was shouting at the top of his voice as he clambered over piles of junk to find his friend. He had found, well as far as was concerned, the most amazing thing and he simply had to show her right away. He considered her his best friend so that meant she got to see first.

They were meant to be playing hide and seek, Pounce had been searching for Etcy when something glittery and much more exciting caught his eye so he abandoned the game.

He hadn’t quite grasped that she was going to stay hidden, after all the other kits weren’t so eager to change games as he was. He kept calling for her until his paw got caught in a flower pot and sent him flying.

He tumbled down the junk pile, landing on the ground with an “oof.” He wasn’t really hurt, kittens were like sponges after all, but he lay there, legs in the air and head on the floor, for a moment to give the world a chance to catch up with him.