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do you ever think about how when even was manic he said 'we're so going to get married' and then when he was depressed he said 'in another universe we're together for all eternity' and cry

I cry more about what that turned into actually??? They started off talking on such a grand scale, “man of my life” and “married” and “eternity”, and while that might be romantic… I feel like that didn’t serve Even particularly well? If you’re living life as a film, you might make the big gesture and let the curtain fall. If you’re living life thinking of all the parallel universes, you can comfort yourself that one of them is getting it ‘right’. What I really loved about season three was that it wasn’t too precious about anything, Isak and Even enjoyed all the talk about the infinite and du er mannen i mitt liv but it wasn’t what ended up actually meaning the most to them. 

What wound up being the most important thing was you and me and this bed and now. And then ‘move in with me because I want you and your dirty socks and your elbow next to mine on the kitchen table’. The everyday, every day. The “now” means more to me than any hypothetical forever and they’re giving everything they could right at this minute. That’s what gets me more than anything with them, seeing them take such good care of each other because they aren’t counting on anything else. Because life is

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The cult ending being a hastily removed scene or upcoming Halloween DLC makes a lot of sense.

So after learning how the code triggers in the game, I looked at the level18 file again and I agree that it seems like the story text can’t be triggered in game.

There’s no event triggers or the “START” command that triggers all of the other scenes.  Though… it definitely threw me off at first that there are sprites that you can rip from the game files so I’m definitely buying into the thought it’s meant to be DLC, or that the devs decided to try to remove the story by deleting chunks of content right before release.

Blond(e): Powerful Lyrics that Stuck Out To Me
  • Nikes: we're not in love but ill still make love to you
  • Ivy: i thought that i was dreamin when you said you loved me, it started from nothing
  • Pink+White: you showed me love/dark skin never saw the shade
  • Be Yourself: be yourself be secure with yourself
  • Solo: think we were better off solo/inhale(in hell) inhale (in hell)theres heaven
  • Skyline To: it begins to blur when we get older
  • Self Control: ill be the boyfriend in your wet dreams tonight/keep a place for me
  • Good Guy: i know you dont need me right now
  • Nights: if i get my money right you know that i dont need you/hope you're doing well bruh/new beginnings wake up the sun is going down/shut the fuck up i dont want to your conversation/been ready for you all my life
  • Solo(Reprise): solo that i can admit when another kid gets shot by the popo it aint an event/no more
  • Pretty Sweet: you cant hurt me now
  • Facebook Story: jealousy pure jealousy for nothing
  • Close To You: ill be honest i wasnt devastated but you couldve held my hand through this pain
  • White Ferrari: left when i forgot to speak/ i care for you still and I will forever
  • Seigfried: im not brave/been livin in an idea from another mans mind/id rather go to jail ive tried hell/maybe have a good cry over you/id do anything for you((in the dark))
  • GodSpeed: i will always love you,how i do/ill let go of my claim on you/always
  • Futura Free: im just guy not a god
Dancing under the rain
  • 1. Shouto and Izuku walk home after going to dinner. It starts raining heavily and neither of them have an umbrella.
  • Shouto: Come on, we need to find shelter.
  • Izuku: *stops catching raindrops with his mouth* why?
  • Shouto: *fights off a smile because Izuku looks like a fish* you're gonna catch a cold.
  • Izuku: *obediently moving towards where Shouto is standing**flashing an evil grin right before pulling Shouto into the rain* Nah ah, we're gonna dance~~!
  • Shouto: *suppressing a yelp before caving in to the childish urge* yeah yeah.
  • It's not much of a dance as they just swing each other round and round.
  • 2. Izuku gets violently sick the morning following.
  • Shouto: I-
  • Izuku: No, you're NOT going to say that-
  • Shouto: -told you so. Now lie still. There are still knots in your hair.
  • Izuku: *taking Shouto's other hand and pecking a light kiss* Love you, too.
X-Files season 1 be like
  • Scully:  Oh, man, Mulder. I'm looking around this military place, and I'm starting to work up some anxiety about this whole thing...
  • Mulder:  All right, all right, calm down. Listen to me, Scully. I know that new situations can be intimidating. You're looking around, and it's all scary and different, but, you know, m-meeting them head on, charging right into them like a bull that's how we grow as people. I'm no stranger to scary situations. I deal with them all the time. Now, if you just stick with me, Scully, we're gonna be-
  • (A gigantic alien monster suddenly appears behind them)
  • Mulder (Terrified):  HOLY CRAP, SCULLAAAY RUN!!!
  • (Mulder and Scully take off, running in complete and total fear as the monster chases them)
  • Mulder:  I never seen that thing before in my life. I don't even know what the hell it is! We got to get out of here, Scully! It's gonna kill us! We're gonna die! We're gonna die, Scullaay!
  • (Screen cuts to black. Having apparently escaped, Mulder and Scully are walking through a space ship, continuing their investigation)
  • Mulder:  Oh, Scully, take a deep breath. Breathe that breathe that fresh air in, Scully. Y-you smell that? That's the smell of the truth, Scully. That's that's the smell of of of of a whole different evolutionary timeline. Aliens, Scully.
  • Scully:  All right, Mulder, look how much longer is this gonna be? Shouldn't I be back in DC at my hearing by now?

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Last summer me and my boyfriend went for a quick hike just outside of town. We're pretty sexual people and idk what it was but I couldn't control myself. I turned around and started making out with him hardcore, and slammed him up against a tree. He turned me around, lifted my summer dress and fucked me right there. We didn't even have time to get off the path and we were so into it we didn't even notice another couple come up behind us on the trail. So awkward but so worth it

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I work at the Co of the pet as a groomer and one of my coworkers all of a sudden started just not doing her job properly. She's late every day, she goes on breaks right before her clients are supposed to show up (not against policy, but its rude since A. Your customers expect you and B. Now we have to drop what we're doing to deal with your dog). Her dogs all look a mess, and seems to think that she's next in line to be manager, so when the current manager talks to her she just shrugs it off.

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So apparently when E and D entered the library, a girl heard one say to the other, "Are you still with me? We're still gonna do this, right?". I've wondered who was the one to say it and i wondered your opinion on who it was? (I love your blog so much btw)

Lisa Kreutz’ (page 62 of the 11k) account: The boys entered the library and started yelling then and one said something about blowing up the library. She heard an explosion inside the library then and she heard one of the gunmen say that they hated the school and that the school had messed them up. Then the shooting began inside the library, setting the fire alarm off. The girls pulled the chairs in closer to the table to hide behind but that didn’t stop the bullets when [Dylan Klebold] began to shoot under their table. Lisa’s right wrist was grazed by a stray bullet. She heard the “Do you believe in God?” exchange between Valeen Schnurr, which occurred about the same time that [Dylan] fired again under the table where Lisa was still hiding. She was hit several times, sustaining multiple gunshot wounds to shoulder, hand and both arms. She lay bleeding in the library for 2 1/2 hours, unable to move due to the severity of her injuries, before she was rescued by officials on scene. She was the last survivor to be pulled from the library.

When the shooters entered the library she heard one say: “Are you still with me? We’re still gonna do this, right?” 

Which time the shooters entered the library- that is, when her mind recalls she heard this -  is key.  

Which boy said this really is hinged on when Lisa Kreutz actually heard the alleged question and whether her recall of precisely when she heard this is correct.  If Lisa had heard one of them say this at the start of the library massacre, while the boys were first approaching the library doors, then I believe that Eric was asking Dylan for reassurance that he was still on board with the ‘make it up as we go along Plan B’ - to continue on with their KMFDM agenda to shoot, kill, maim classmates trapped in the library. This would’ve been before Eric had broke his nose and so he would’ve still been very enthusiastic and pumped up, thirsty for kills and revenge, in addition to the mere taste of it they got outside with some potshots at students on the school grounds.   Upon entering the school, they’d stalled and dicked around in the hallway by shooting and throwing pipe bombs at lockers and walls and randomly shooting at fleeing students in an ineffective free-for-all manner. The two even separated a good bit of time. Dylan killed no one in the hall, Eric killed Dave Sanders.  So, Eric was ready to head into that library and take revenge up close and in a personal way.  Was Dylan ready for this?  Eric had to be sure he was ready for the next level of destruction that was left up to them to accomplish since the bombs hadn’t yet gone off, and might never.

Since, Lisa was heavily wounded and remained in the library somewhere near  an unconscious Patrick Ireland the entire time after all the other students fled, her recall may have been hazy as to when exactly this alleged question was posed. It’s quite possible that it occurred when the boys returned for the very last time to the library.  By then, their mindset had become more distracted and aimless after failing to make the bombs go off in the Commons.  The blood lust against classmates had fizzled and committing suicide was rapidly becoming forefront in their minds since the cops were now closing in.  If the alleged discussion had occurred the second time, the last time, they ventured to the library, I believe Dylan would have asked Eric for reassurance that he too was committed to the act of suicide because this is what Dylan wanted most of all out of that entire day.  Oh sure, the rest was the ‘have fun!’ journey but the end was his destination he so longed for.  

I do believe that Eric may have been hesitant to commit suicide at some point or another, since he was seen to be remorseful on the Basement tape videos made two and a half weeks before the incident, and in their final testament video, Eric was seen to be saying how much he would miss his boss, Bob, at Blackjack, how he would miss some special people, how he wished he could go back to Michigan and see some old friends first, and how he knew his parents would be so hurtful, and his statement of “to everyone I love, I’m sorry about all this” or something to that similar affect. Dylan, on the other hand, was on a suicide mission from the very beginning, and made his suicide a key point in NBK, more than a year prior to the incident. Eric had also wrote that he and Dylan could escape after the incident, and destroy as much as possible, move to Mexico or an island where Americans couldn’t find them, or hijack and crash a plane into New York City afterwards. His alternative exits may have been wildly far fetched fantasy but it equates to a certain amount of disbelief and hesitation that NBK was a revenge mission which could only end unequivocally in suicide - either romantically by cop as he envisioned - or by their own hand.  At the point they made their way back up to the library, Eric would have had to rapidly come to the terms that he would have to do the job for himself in their failed mission.  Even though Eric knew that he wouldn’t live after the incident, and that he eventually would go ahead and commit suicide, he didn’t make his own suicide a key part of the event, something that was absolutely necessary, while Dylan did.  It’s not likely that Dylan would have been the one to have ideas of backing out since it was his utmost goal to complete NBK for the reward of freedom that awaited him.

Anyway, that’s my take! Glad you enjoy E-C. :) 

  • Debbie: Keep shooting!
  • Aaron: Show some mercy!
  • Debbie: No chance.
  • Cain: This is base! This is base!
  • Debbie: Base? What are you, eight? Right, fine, fine. Each team can have one time-out every ten minutes for one minute, and you definitely...
  • Sarah: Mum.
  • Debbie: What? Oh, all right. It's when I do stuff like this, that you don't like, yeah?
  • Cain: Amongst other things.
  • Aaron: This isn't even a challenge for you, we're not moving.
  • Sarah: So, move.
  • Cain: Wait, wait, wait, hang on, hang on, hang on. We're tired. Time out.
  • Sarah: We're not having those.
  • Debbie: Oh, go on, he is quite old.
  • Sarah: We'll give you one minute.
  • Debbie: And then we are coming back, all guns blazing. (Debbie and Sarah leave)
  • Aaron: I'm not tired, though, you know.
  • Cain: I've not been working out.
  • Aaron: Maybe you should start.
  • Cain: Yeah, all right, well, this is better, though, isn't it? Time out?
  • Aaron: Look at you having a bit of fun.
  • Cain: Don't breathe a word to anyone.
  • Aaron: It's a top idea of Debbie's, though, innit? Sarah's buzzing off it.
  • Cain: Shall I let you in on a little secret?
  • Aaron: Are you gonna get weird?
  • Cain: It's not just for Sarah.
  • Aaron: I'm fine, Cain.
  • Cain: Good. Do you want it to stay like that?
  • Aaron: Yeah, obviously.
  • Cain: All right, then, ease up on yourself. I'm not saying don't run, I'm saying you don't have to be Forrest Gump. If you wanna fight, fight, but don't make it everything.
  • Aaron: I wasn't.
  • Cain: And there's plenty of other things to do and you're not short of people to do them with.
  • Antigone: Ohhh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god!
  • Eric: Antigone! Antigone! Snap out of it! Agatha Doyle will be here at any moment. I'm going to check if the coast is clear.
  • Agatha: I hope I'm not too late. The vicar started haggling—
  • Eric: Right, so the coast is NOT clear. We'll have to improvise—
  • Antigone: I KILLED SID MARLOW!
  • Eric: Okay, that's the thing YOU SHOULDN'T SAY TO A POLICE OFFICER!
  • Agatha: I say! Can I come in?
  • Eric: Not yet!
  • Agatha: Why not?
  • Eric: We're... we're... we're all naked!
  • Agatha: WHAT? Oh! I can get my kit off in the—
  • Eric: No no no! That won't be necessary.
  • Agatha: I'm open-minded!
  • Eric: NO!

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sometimes at my store we get alternate shirts to wear, usually for a promotion, and right now we're wearing red shirts for Canada's 150th birthday and customers have absolutely no sense of respect. they've starting poking and prodding us and tugging on our shirts demanding to know where they can buy them. I'm not a goddamn mannequin. you can use your words. do they really think we all just bought a random shirt to wear to work? its our uniform right now fuck off I hate being touched by strangers

Scream loudly when anyone touches you. It works. Trust me.


  • Revan: What exactly do you wanna know?
  • The Exile: Simple: what have you all been doing since the Star Forge?
  • Revan: Everyone adjusted to the peace and quiet different. Some of us were naturals.
  • Jolee: Don't hate the player.
  • Carth: Canderous got hopelessly depressed after not dying heroically on the Star Forge!
  • Canderous: Usen'ye! Baseless slander!
  • Carth: But you said—
  • Canderous: I am hopelessly depressed after not dying heroically on the Star Forge! We need a new enemy! Something to fight...where are you all going?
  • Revan: Canderous wasn't the only one having a hard time adjusting to inaction...
  • Bastila: ...What?
  • Carth: Fortunately, we found a tutor.
  • Bastila: Help me, Jolee. Help me be the best at being lazy.
  • Jolee: You're not ready, padawan.
  • Bastila: I can try!
  • Jolee: No. There is no try.
  • Juhani: The peaceful times did not last too long. Turns out this planet has some native lifeforms.
  • Mission: AAAAHHH, RUUUUN!
  • Zaalbar: <I CAN'T DIE AS FOOD! OH, THE IRONY!>
  • Bastila: While everyone debated if dying as food was technically ironic, T3 went and made friends with the dinosaurs.
  • HK-47: Annoyance: Because of course he did.
  • T3-M4: <Aw, who's a good boy? Aw, you are, good boy!>
  • Revan: T3, get down!
  • Canderous: Tell him to fight me!
  • Mission: Whoopsy-daisy!
  • Carth: Oh-ho, why, oh-why-oh-why?!
  • Mission: I told you! It was a simple mishap with my vanilla-satin scented candles! Sheesh!
  • Canderous: We lost eighty-percent of our rations in the fire, so fuzzy over here started going around and eating native plants!
  • Zaalbar: *walks up to a mushroom* <Oh, hey there, sexy.>
  • Carth: Oh, and as it turns out? The mushrooms are basically glitterstim ON GLITTERSTIM.
  • Zaalbar: *untranslatable, coked-up roaring*
  • Revan: Yeah? Well at least I didn't spend my summer learning Lehonese!
  • Bastila: I thought "Lehonese" was Rakatan for "Rakatan".
  • Revan: And now we're the only two people in the universe who speak a dead language! How appropriate!
  • Bastila: Yehone kuriba. (I'm so alone.)
  • Jolee: That's right around when we tried to raise some money for new bases by selling off our movie rights.
  • Carth: Lucasfilm really screwed the pooch on that one.
  • Mission: Oh, we were rich!
  • Revan: And then we realized water parks were way more awesome than bases!
  • Bastila: So we built the galaxy's greatest...water park.
  • Non-Bastilas: Yay!
  • Bastila: Yay.
  • Canderous: AND THEN MISSION—
  • Mission: Whoopsy-daisy.
  • Mission: I didn't burn down the whole water park! Just the "park" part!
  • T3-M4: <And then we formed the best band ever!>
  • Bastila: Juhani thought it might attract...chicks.
  • Juhani: Which worked.
  • Carth: Godspeed! You Galactic Emperor!
  • Juhani: AeroSith!
  • Carth: How about deadg1zka?
  • Revan: Hey, I heard you're looking for a singer.
  • Juhani: Um, yes! Chick singers are awesome!
  • Carth: Can you sing, though?
  • Revan: Can I sing?
  • Juhani: Revan sings. So good.
  • Revan: Thank you.
  • Carth: Oh, and we're definitely not just saying that because she could kill us.
  • HK-47: Strained: So. Good.
  • Mission: HK decided to make his own enemy, so he built an evil droid army to invade our valley!
  • Jolee: But the droids malfunctioned and attacked the dinosaurs.
  • *offscreen dinosaur-droid battle occurs*
  • Carth: I have seen some amazing things in my life, but this...this takes the cake.
  • Revan: Candy found a new enemy. One that would keep him busy for the rest of our time here.
  • Canderous: For far too long our people have been oppressed, crushed, under the weight of ourselves! If we don't start standing up to our mortal foe gravity, by Mandalore, who will?
  • Bastila: Are we really going to let this play out?
  • Carth: Why not see where it goes?
  • Canderous: Buckle up, Wookiee! It's time we take this fight to the enemy!
  • Zaalbar: <Please no.>
  • Canderous: Chaaaarge! *drives swoop bike off a cliff*
  • Juhani: But that just meant the light side had one more swoop bike than the dark side.
  • Canderous: Gentlemen, we simply cannot let the light side have tactical superiority over the canyon! This means war! Light. VS. Dark!
  • Zaalbar: <Shit.>
  • Revan: That helped us realize just how outdated this whole light side-dark side thing really is.
  • Carth: So we had a meeting to debate a new form of government.
  • Jolee: I vote anarchy.
  • Canderous: You can't vote anarchy, old man!
  • Bastila: Monarchy. Whoever holds the yellow double-bladed saber shall rule.
  • Canderous: Military dictatorship!
  • Revan: Matriarchy.
  • Mission: Oh! How about malarkey?
  • Carth: Mission, that's not a type of government. It just means meaningless talk and nonsense!
  • Everyone: ...
  • Carth: Malarkey won.
  • T3-M4: <Hey, you haven't mentioned the dark place!>
  • Mission: Oh yeah! Somehow T3 got stuck in another dimension!
  • T3-M4: <Hello? Anyone there? THIS IS AWESOME!>
  • *looking at the "Stranger Things" Christmas light wall*
  • Carth: "Beep". He just...keeps saying "Beep".
  • Revan: Oh, and we found Candy dead!
  • Mission: Sweet.
  • Juhani: We decided to bury him in a shallow, unmarked grave.
  • Canderous: Aw, dammit! I can't find my armor!
  • Revan: Turns out he was just...skinny-dipping.
  • Canderous: Guess I'm going au natural! Nice and breezy!
  • Bastila: AAAAAHHHH, RUN!
  • Carth: OH, THE IRONY!
  • Bastila: But that wasn't even the weirdest thing that happened! Canderous. Grew. A beard...
  • Canderous: It's kind of...itchy.
  • Mission: And then this morning Revan spiked Bastila's couscous with her spice-spice shrooms!
  • Revan: You know, for the lulz.
  • Bastila: Ochina wumma conbithki!
  • Canderous: Anyone seen my tanning oil?
  • Revan: Dammit Canderous, we have guests! Put some clothes on!
  • Carth: Oh ho, Cheap Jedi Mind Trick!
  • Juhani: Pink Droid!
  • Canderous: SUCK IT, FORCE!
  • Revan: It's been AWFUL! Instead of a peaceful retirement, it's been the same damn shit, with the same damn idiots!
The kids are doing it
  • Soldier 76: *wraps an arm around Mercy before nuzzling his nose against hers*
  • Mercy: *blushing uncontrollably*
  • 76: So how about it?
  • Mercy: How about what?
  • 76: Us. Being a... you know.
  • Mercy: Elaborate.
  • 76: *rubs neck before turning red in the face* A couple. I never had a chance to start things with you back then and I don't want to pass up on it now so... what do you say?
  • Mercy: Jack, we're at war. We... we can't be in a relationship. It'll compromise things. We can't do that to the team
  • 76: But all the kids are doing it
  • Mercy: Doing what?
  • 76: Having sex these days and hooking up
  • 76: O_o;
  • Mercy: *shakes 76 violently*
  • 76: They are using protection...
  • Mercy: WHO IS THEY?!
  • 76: ...
  • Mercy: *evil, threatening glare* Jack Morrison you tell me right now who is doing who!
  • 76: ._. D.Va and Junkrat
  • 76: She was sinning long before she started playing with his junk
  • Mercy: *hisses and storms off to murder Junkrat*
  • 76: Get it... his junk *laughs*

31 Horrific Days [Day 16]

Prompt: Paranoia

He’d given her free roam over the palace, over the many rooms that were first locked to her prying eyes, save for the chamber housed deep underground, and that was one exception she did not mind. She would rather not relive the burning sensation of her skin peeling underneath the force of Viscardi’s fury.

She saw very little of him now that he’d barred her from her own cage, from the throne room when he held audiences. He no longer enticed her to bed, the passion that had radiated from him when he’d sunk his teeth into her having frozen over. The company she yearned for months on end were swiftly replaced with the boundless stories hidden within crisps pages of the library she hadn’t known existed, or with lazy strolls through the gardens overflowing with bluebells, roses, azaleas, and countless others that each demanded her utmost attention.

At night, she slept in a suite that seemed suited just for her for its gauzy drapery covering the window that served as the perfect reading nook that happened to overlook the gardens and the vast forest past the high walls. She had yet to attempt an escape, for she wouldn’t know where to go and who to flee to. Her family was no doubt out there, yes, but no one had come for her. The palace was not exactly within reach, hidden to the rest of the world as its master ruled by means of marionette strings.

Often times she wondered why she never stole his enchanted dagger to end his tyranny, and always came to the conclusion that she simply couldn’t. As if it were an impossible feat. Perhaps his spell would take hold of her and drive the blade into her own heart, or perhaps she was still under his control.

The idea nearly pushed her over the brink of madness.

So shoving it aside, she busied herself by burying her nose in books and accepting life as it was.

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I stg some of the people following this blog can be so rude. This is where we're supposed to be able to vent and get shit off our chests so we can get through our shift without snapping, right? So why are some of y'all so hostile when you comment on some of these posts? Calling people assholes or saying they must be bad at their job because you don't agree with or like a submission? Grow up.

Give us the post numbers so we can address this. If the comments are bad enough then we will start banning/blocking people. -Abby