but we're never ever going to get that

robert's first boy crush
  • robert was 15 and harry was 17 when he began working on the farm, he was slightly taller with brown hair and green eyes. he instantly liked robert cos he clearly didn’t want to be on the farm and didn’t seem to fit in with andy and jack, and harry just wanted to find out more about him
  • robert always got jealous when harry and andy worked on the farm together but he didn’t understand why. he always hated working on the farm but with harry there he found himself wanting to get up and work, and harry would always give him the biggest grin when he saw him which would just make rob try to hold back his lil smile in response
  • rob and harry would play video games for a bit after they’d finish working and one day andy decided to join them, so obvs rob got jealous when they’d start laughing and joking without him. harry caught on and let robert win to make andy annoyed, while rob and harry shared little knowing glances at one another. rob couldn’t understand why he seemed to prefer him to andy but it gave him a feeling he’d never experienced before and he didn’t want it to end <333
  • one day after playing games in rob’s room, they started to play fight and ended up on the floor with harry on top of him. he put his hands on rob’s face and they were about to kiss !!!! when jack came in :(
  • around this time was when rob found out andy set fire to the barn that killed their mum so he left for spain, partly for that but partly to get away from his dad after he beat him up and sacked harry
  • while he was away he tried to forget about what happened, and after he came back he tried to steal katie from andy and eventually slept with nicola when andy taunted him for not having a girlfriend because he was so angry over the barn while also trying to deny his sexuality :(
  • he buried it for years until jack told him to leave after max died when he was 19, and with nowhere to go he eventually decided he’d try and find harry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • harry was the first man he ever slept with, even though he was still trying to deny his bisexuality. the morning after he decided that he couldn’t lose harry and tried to explain how he’s attracted to both men and women until harry’s boyfriend turned up. rob felt like he’d made no progress and felt like he was being treated as second best yet again, so he just left, and from then on just tried even harder to ignore his attraction to men
  • he had one night stands with men but never allowed himself to go any further, trying to pass it off as a bit of fun while just having relationships with women. but then eventually he met aaron and he changed everything
  • Byakuya: no more non-noble marriages. Nope. Not a single thing.
  • Byakuya: just to show how against it I am, gonna risk to get my sister killed
  • Renji: never going to be able to walk by Rukia's side ever again
  • Kubo: *marry Renji and Rukia*
  • Me: MAN HOW
  • Kubo: here, have this novel that conveniently explains how
  • Also Kubo: Rukia looks sad on the cover and the title is a depressing Akai Ito pun, but don't mind it

niallhoran Can’t believe Im saying this as its a life long dream of mine but I had the absolute honour of playing 46 holes over the last two days at Augusta National . An experience I will never ever forget . This is a picture of my second shot into 13 , my favourite hole in golf , which I had par on all 3 times I played it I’d like to add… Now I really can’t wait for @drivechipandputt Sunday . @themasters