but we will take mastercard and visa

anonymous asked:

"We take VISA, debit, and cash." *swipe* *swipe* *swipe* "Why won't it work?" "What card is it?" "MasterCard." ...Every day, all the time. Pay attention guys it's not that hard. Visa only means Visa only.

Our Revenue Results!

We’ve made an incredible and astounding $2,441.60 and sold 627 copies on this project. Now that is a lot of trees and we’re certain that’s going to be a forest and it’s all thanks to you guys.

We finally, finally got our revenue payment from Lulu (the publisher we used for the printing of our book) tonight! We just wanted to let you know why it’s taken a bit to receive this, Lulu takes about a month from the date we closed the project (in this case, September 30th) and we just received it this afternoon (October 30th) 

The following post is very image heavy and we decided to put it under a cut.

Thank you, everyone, artists, moderators and contributors to this amazing success to this project. May we meet again under the stars Varda hung!

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