but we went to see it



Based on the conclusion that since Erebor and the Greenwood have been on good(-ish) terms pre-Dragonsickness/Fall of Erebor there must have been diplomatic relations and delegations between those two, so here’s Frís, mother of Thorin and wife of Thrain, Princess Under the Mountain.(I’m just going with @determamfidd‘s naming here (⌐■‿■) Though seriously she carries herself like a true queen, something we can see at the very least in her eldest son…)

I guess we now know where Thorin got his flair for dramatic entrances :D

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New cryptid story:

I was at cross country practice and out of the corner of my eye I swore I saw a kid named Zane. He was on the team last year but since then graduated and therefore wasn’t on the team anymore. I mention this to the coach, and he tells me that during every practice so far this season (it’s only been like a week) he has seen Zane in the woods. For awhile, he thought he was just seeing things until other kids on the team went up to him and said that they saw Zane. No one was sure why he was doing this, until one day the coach found a message written in the dirt on his car. This message was in Zane’s handwriting, and said, “It is coming”.

As I said, people had seen him in the woods all week, but today we found him. We all saw him walking out towards a lake near the trail we were on, and when someone pointed him out, he sprinted away. For the majority of the practice people would continue spotting him in the woods.

Finally, at the end of practice we all went to the lake and there, seemingly out of nowhere, Zane appeared to us. I look him right in the eyes and simple ask, “Why? Why do you do this?” And his answer was, “I do not exist.”

Eventually he disappeared again. We still do not know what exactly is coming, but we have established that Zane is a new cryptid.

so i said i was leaving hahshdhshs i lied bitch

So when run came out I spoke a bit about the butterfly effect. How the events in Run and INU were all parrallel versions of events we were seeing, and how each different outcome was determined by the boys different actions and responses to what happened. That them around the fire in INU is the perfect ending, if none of them fight, if Taehyung doesn’t kill his dad, if Jungkook doesn’t get hit by the car etc. but now I’ve seen a few Jin theories surrounding this and it seems to make sense.

The reason their are multiple parrellel universes is Jin. These aren’t simply alternative realities we’re seeing but timelines that have actually happened in Jin’s attempt to fix what went wrong. Jin (somehow) is able to relive what happened, and attempts to forge a different path for them all. But if anyone knows anything about the butterfly effect, this seldom goes correct.

I think the Prologue is the original timeline we’re seeing. Tae murders his father, and later gets arrested for it in Stigma. And this is the event jin tries to change. That’s why Jin mentions in his letter punching Taehyung, and why in Japan BST we see him do so. Jin is trying to prevent the group falling apart due to Tae’s crime, but is never successful. In one version he attempts to beat tae up to stop him, which simply results in Tae stabbing him instead, and possibly another where he causes the fight between Yoongi and Jungkook, only to result in Jungkook getting run over. However whichever path he chooses, the result effect is still the group falling apart, and everyone going their respective ways, resulting in the separation we see in the highlight reels. Whatever he does changing things in a way that simply result in a different bad result; one where Jimin drowns, another where Tae does, another where Yoongi burns himself to death. No matter how many times he tries it results in harm. This could also explain the two versions of them in Japan BST, with Jimin meeting an alternate version of himself. 

This could also explain why the girls are now involved, they could either represent figments of their imagination, or their mothers, perhaps with the timeline getting altered too much resulting in a universe where they exist at the same age of their parents.

What we see in the most recent highlight reel is Jin giving up. The title suggests to tie up or conclude, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. The most recent attempt to fix things ends with what we see in the highlight reel, and Jin perhaps tries to ignore the harm he’s caused to the group by messing with the past, hence why he is separate from all of them. But he can’t ignore it. It catches up to him and the ripple effect ends with his new love interest being killed in a car accident. That’s why he doesn’t look heartbroken, but almost dissapointed; he thought he’d escaped all the bad results of him messing with the past, but in her dying realises it will always catch up to him. 

And so when we see him at the end, he doesn’t meet up with the girl. He doesn’t put on the suit, he no longer wants to try and form his own destiny. What happens after that is up for interpretation, he may try and fix things again, or simply live with the reality he’s created.

I could go into more detail about how I personally think each girl represents their idealised life, but i just thought i’d spew this out for now because it’s stuck in my head

The Defenders
  • Just incredible, loved every moment of this series.
  • Started off very nicely introducing us to what everyone’s been doing since we last saw them and took their time to bring them together which I liked because they were each working their own case and it felt like you’d earnt the team up.
  • It just went from strength to strength when we did get the team up as well.
  • That episode 3 fight sequence was one of the best fight sequences I can remember ever seeing (and their previous series had some damn good ones!) although the finale also brought the goods.
  • They really utilised the fight sequences well, using everyone’s specific abilities and they were shot incredibly well, beautiful stuff.
  • Character wise I already loved everyone so there’s no big revelations but my love for Jessica Jones has grown exponentially every episode- what a woman- kicking ass, talking shit to her team mates, getting drunk, what more do you need from a superhero.
  • Jess/Matt the brotp I didn’t know I needed in my life.
  • You just knew Matt couldn’t live very long without putting on the Daredevil suit, his moment with Foggy at the police station had me emotional though and then when he didn’t come back to him and Karen (⊙﹏⊙✿)
  • Danny and Luke are also well on their way to becoming bro’s and I’m thrilled about that.
  • Danny himself had a rough ride through these 8 episodes but I’m excited about where he goes from here.
  • Luke is just the sweetest for the toughest and (maybe) strongest of the team he’s always the last to turn to violence and always just want to help the little guy.
  • The secondary characters of all the series are incredible though and that doesn’t stop with The Defenders; Colleen was kicking ass any chance she got and really shone in the last episode, Claire didn’t have the big role I thought she would in bringing everyone together but she was there the whole time and joined the fight when it mattered and I can’t get enough of that woman, Misty also brought her A-game working the cop side throughout and I’m weirdly thrilled she’s lost her arm now and that she’s gonna be in Iron Fist Season 2 #DaughtersOfTheDragonFeelsIntensify
  • So many incredible character interactions as well, obviously the main four coming together was a big deal but equally important was when they set up the protection service for secondary characters (friends and family/loved ones/whatever they called it) leading to some great cross over moments.
  • I know people love to moan about Marvel villains but I don’t see how they can with The Defenders?!?!?!?!?!
  • Sigourney Weaver as Alexandra was perfection, a wonderful big bad to set up the series although I did kind of love it when Elektra murdered her.
  • Elektra herself is of course always a boss and was putting everyone on their ass from the very first episode.
  • I’m sorry but my MVP always has been and always will be Madame Gao, I don’t know what it is but I love that woman and I’m so glad that after all these years she’s come into the forefront and got to kick some ass herself.
  • The Hand made a lot more sense this time as well, it wasn’t just ninja in the darkness hurting everyone, we got the inner circle, they had a clear history and clear goals to accomplish.
  • Colleen and Danny continue to melt my heart, I love them.
  • Matt and Elektra are also a guilty pleasure of mine and that ending did nothing to extinguish that, a perfect ending for the pair, although I doubt it is and ending for either of them.
  • Whilst I love Claire/Luke so much and their relationship seeing Luke and Jessica together again and exchanging little comments about their time together has me torn.
  • So it had everything, a great plot, great action sequences, great main characters, incredible secondary characters, great villains and was generally done amazingly well all round!

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I need advice, my dog who is a little over a year old gets incredibly destructive due to what seems like separation anxiety in incredibly small time frames. Today she ripped up my sisters shoe while I went upstairs to do something for maybe 15 minutes. We haven't been able to take her on walks because it's just been too hot and the blacktop would probably burn her feet, and we can't use food based toys to keep her busy because she gets into fights with the other dogs over them. Idk what to do

That may also be boredom, if you’re not giving her anything to do. Take her for walks in the middle of the night, separate the dog out from the other dogs to give her food enrichment, and see if it gets better. It’s totally normal for a dog to be destructive if they’re under-exercised and under-stimulated. It’s not easy to work around extreme weather and dog-dog conflict, but it’s doable. 

If after all that the behavior doesn’t decrease, and you still think it’s separation anxiety, get professional help from a behaviorist. 

Craig: as much as japan was fukin awsome there is some homophobia over there despite all the yaoi. 

Tweek:  Yeah… but we diDn’t really haVe any issues too much thougH since we diDn’t really do anything in public.. We diD get - ngh - a bunCh of dirty loOks thoUgh somEtimes but not aS much in America actuaLly.

Craig: yea, the japanese were not very .. direct with it to our faces walking around. we had to hide it though in the onsen and made sure no one could see us when we went into the hotel. pretty lame but we dealt with it. not like we arent used to dirty  looks am i right

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I'm so depressed because I have this gut feeling that Dan was on a date. How aggressively he said 'You don't know them' made me shook Y E S IM DEPRESSED

i’m sure it wasn’t a date. dan goes out with friends who aren’t phil that we dont know, i remember in 2015 when he tweeted about not trusting people who share other peoples secrets, he explained on a younow that he went out for coffee with a school friend. it could have been anyone, but i dont think it was a date. also did you see ow close they were today? how flirtatious they were? how domestic they were? after that there is no doubt in my mind that they are madly in love and will be together forever -Emily

Reasons to cry

we have a canopy outside that my cat likes to use as a hammock

i went to check if he was there just now because it’s heavily raining

after seeing he was still in the hammock in the rain, I went out to see if he was okay






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I know you're into many art forms so I'm curious, do you cosplay? if yes, may we see some? and if no, would you ever try it?

I used to back in the con days. Went as the Earl from d'grey man one year and Integra from Hellsing another (no pictures remain). usually came along as costume fixer for the rest of the group. Doubt I’d do it again, cosplaying is hard, hard work. Eternal Respect for cosplayers 🌺

204.2 last Friday –> 203.4 Monday –> 202.6 Tuesday –> 201.8 Wednesday –> 202.6 yesterday –> 202.4 today

So it turned out to be super easy not to eat the pizza yesterday! I went to look at it after everyone at work was finished with lunch to see if I wanted to take some home, but by that time the cheese wasn’t gooey, and none of the toppings really interested me, so I just went home and ate my saucy, cheesy chicken, and all was right in the world.

EXCEPT that I accidentally told my fiancé we could have Halo Top for dessert, thinking I’d want to console myself over the lack of pizza. But by the time dinner was finished, I neither needed nor wanted the Halo Top!

But I felt guilty! I felt guilty about not social eating with my guy, because he won’t eat it without me. So I gave in, and I didn’t lose much weight today, and I really need to get back to my regular low-carb eating if I want to make the DietBet weigh-in on Monday.

It seems to me like the difference between calorie-counting and calorie-counting plus low-carbing is huge. Look at my weight drops above between Monday and Wednesday when I was also low-carbing versus yesterday and today when I was just counting calories.

My fiancé did remind me how great it is that I got to eat a taco and ice cream yesterday and still lose weight, though.

I have a fancy afternoon tea with tiny sandwiches and scones tomorrow, which was sooooo dumb to agree to two days before the weigh-in, but I figure I can still get there if I hunker down and have nothing but Keto Chow on Sunday.

Please pray to the water retention gods for me, friends.

Y'all I’ve been having some health issues lately so I finally went to a GI doctor and I have to get some testing done in a week to see what’s up and she was talking about the different issues that the testing could rule out and she was like “we just wanna make sure it’s not a stomach ulcer, gastroparesis, etc…” I almost shat. Can u imagine if I got gastroparesis, I would blame it on the curse that is this season.

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Do you hate Dany now?

No Nonny, I don’t hate Dany. I actually really love complex characters, and Dany is about as complex as they come. I sort of lump her into the same category as Jamie (whom I also love due to the complexity of his character).

I put them on opposite sides of my own personal GoT spectrum. On one end, we have Jamie -who was introduced to us as the man involved in an incestuous relationship with his twin sister, and who pushed a 10 year old off of a tower. Doesn’t seem like a very nice guy, huh? Yet, when we peel back the layers, we see that Jamie is actually quite an honorable dude (at least, he tries to be). He abandoned his oath, and killed his king to save lives. He went back to get Brienne -at the risk of his own life, to save her. He got Edmund to get the Tully forces to stand down so that the castle could be taken peacefully and lives wouldn’t be lost. To me it seems, that Jamie would prefer to save lives rather than take them -yet that still doesn’t negate the terrible things he’s done.

But, you asked about Dany, so ….

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Dany -thrust into her circumstances due to no fault of her own. She didn’t ask to be born the Mad Kings daughter, nor to be sold to the Dothraki as she put it “like a prized mare”. I think it goes without saying that Dany truly does have a good heart -her campaign to free the slaves gives credence to that. Yet, she’s done some unspeakable things along the way. In the beginning, the people she hurts/kills are usually jerks that we could probably say “had it coming”, and I believe this was done purposefully to leave their deaths in a more ambiguous light to sort of “trick” the audience -if that makes sense?

Dany believes in absolutes (her way or the highway, basically) regardless of what is just or fair. Take the Masters for instance -when she took Meereen she had 163 Masters crucified in place of the 163 slave children they passed on the way there (and against Ser Barristan’s pleas to show mercy) -later when Hizdahr comes to see her and ask that she allow his father to be taken down and buried, he informs her that his father was one of the Masters who spoke out against crucifying those children. Dany appears to show empathy and allows him to take his father down in the end, but she still sticks to her convictions.

Later, she would execute that young man that was a slave turned her advisor, because he took the law into his own hands and murdered the Harpy before he could stand trial -“the law is the law”, she said, and yet after Ser Barristan’s death, she had several Masters drug down to the crypts and burned one of them alive regardless of knowing whether he was guilty, and without a fair trial. Is that not hypocritical?

You can’t tell me that if she didn’t have Jorah, Ser Barristan and Tyrion around, that she wouldn’t have been reigned in on many more bad decisions. I think so many people have really missed the point both GRRM and D&D were trying to make with the whole Meereen plot. Dany is not a good ruler -she really is a conqueror.

With all that being said, it’s hard to NOT look at her as a hero of sorts -she was an underdog, and she’s suffered so many heartaches and losses, yet she perseveres, and it’s hard not to admire that. But like Jamie is someone who I feel has done good things, but will never actually be fully good -I feel like Dany is his opposite in that she’s someone who has done bad things, but will never really be fully bad. And therein lies GRRMs brilliance, tbh.

Sorry I got so long winded, Nonny. I don’t really hate any of the characters -except maybe LF, and even he is a brilliant character.

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Quote 4 and theme 14 for Chan please??(:

Here’s Coffee Shop Chan with the phrase “it’s always been you.” We don’t have many requests for him, so I made this one a little longer. Sorry about the wildly fluctuating length in all the ask game drabbles!


You only found the coffee shop by chance one day, tucked away out of sight. At the time, you went in for a quick drink, not planning on returning. But as soon as you entered you knew you would frequent the spot. It was very cute, the whole inside filled with plants, with amazing art on the walls. 

None of the baristas were in sight, the counter empty, so you let yourself look around, seeing a couple of other patrons tucked away in corners, typing on laptops. And then loud voices drifted through from the kitchen.

“Just because we’re the maknaes,” someone was complaining. “Does not mean we should get the shift no one else wants. I really wanted to go to the food festival.”

“Trust me, Chan, I wanted to go as well,” another voice assures him. “You know I did. But come on, it’s not so bad. Right? Hansol? You let Cheol hyung put you on this shift even though your parents own the place.”

“Cheol hyung is the manager, so I didn’t have much choice, no matter who my parents are,” the one named Hansol answers. “But yeah, I don’t mind. Besides, the food festival happens every month, Chan. We’ll get to see it later.”

“Now come on,” the second voice encourages. “We need to get back out there.”

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The last episode of The Adventure Zone came out today, just about 3 hours before I learned that my great aunt has suffered a massive stroke and was rushed to the hospital for brain surgery. I got to listen to this joyous, spectacular story and cried happy tears for three hours, just before learning of the high possibility that my great aunt will die or become brain dead in the next few days. I went with my family to visit her in the hospital, even though she is currently in a coma and we cannot speak to her, and may never speak to her again. My great aunt’s daughter is pregnant, she would miss the birth of her grandchild by less than a month. It was a hard thing to see. My Nana, (my great aunt’s sister), was obviously taking this the hardest. She didn’t want to lose her sister and become the last remaining member of the family she grew up with. She was afraid her sister would suffer, or be left in a world of nothing, that the afterlife would be a horrible thing to experience. So I told her a story.

I told her about Magnus. Of course, she doesn’t listen to the podcast, so I explained the context and then told her about the part at the end, Magnus’s epilogue, when Griffin asked Travis that fateful question- How does Magnus die. I told her the story that Travis and Griffin went on to describe, how Magnus grew old and happy, joined by his loved ones in a joyous world that he helped to create and protect. He died peacefully clutching his wife’s wedding ring, surrounded by his found family, and was led into the afterlife by the hand of his good friend. How he found waiting for him there his beloved wife, in a cottage she built herself, accompanied by his two faithful dogs. How he was welcomed home with open arms, and rushed in for the last time to tell her all about the wonderful adventures he’s had and friends he’s made since she was gone, and how much he missed her. I told her how I sobbed when I heard this, not from grief but happiness, seeing this hero reunited with his loved ones after so long, how he made the world a better place to make her proud of him.

I thought it was beautiful, and my Nana did too. She told me it brought her comfort to think that her sister might pass on to a world just as sweet, being welcomed home to her parents and family and filled with light and happiness. And I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you to Griffin, thank you to Travis, Justin, and Clint, for creating a story so beautiful that it can bring happiness and light to anyone even in times of tragedy. Thank you for creating a story that can touch the hearts and lighten the lives of so many people, even those you probably never expected to hear of it. Thank you for creating something truly incredible.

You’re going to be amazing.


Just wanted to share these pictures of my niece. We went to Open By Night and children could have their faces painted. At first, she wanted a cat, but then I mentioned something about how girls always chose butterflies, cats or princesses, whereas boys would choose skulls, Spiderman or vampires. Then she changed her mind and is, as you can see, a fabulous zombie. It was even more fun because people stared at her afterwards, like they couldn’t believe their eyes. I feel so proud of her for not being scared about standing out.

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it was a tapestry,
that’s how thick the sky was
but I can’t tell you
how bright the stars were
Or how they felt as I spun around
I swear there were more shooting stars than you could imagine
(if you stare at the sky long enough you’ll see them)
I wished he would kiss me
he did
I laughed
with his lips on mine
(It’s kinda nice isn’t it?)
an orange moon rose
a painting that nobody had ever painted and I didn’t know how
nobody had painted it
how can I paint it
the the windows were down
and we went flying
flying under stars
and god damn
the sky
that kind of sky means something
—  Comet

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Honestly I just can't. I keep re-reading the chapter and just so disappointed in Seungbae. Like, I don't even like him, but for everyone to constantly say that he'll be the savior and bring justice just seems like a big joke. Sangwoo was just bomb in this chapter honestly.

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

I think when we started reading ks we all hoped Seungbae would catch Sangwoo and help Bum, we all wanted Bum to be happy because we were sympathizing with him, he was the main focus, fragile, kinda pathetic and all he needed was love, on the other hand Sangwoo was this asshole who tormented Bum daily and Seungbae was thought of as the hero/savior like you said.

But when we get to know more about Sangwoo, we started to like him more and more, I think that’s the thing about Sangwoo, that he makes you love him more than the victim who is supposed to be loved more.

That and we get to see sides of Sangwoo we haven’t seen before, so we went from sangwoo x jail to sangwoo x happiness even though we know damn well that he’s a criminal not innocent 

And now Seungbae is kind of fucking everything up, he’s doing the right thing (stupidly) but his intentions are good….still, that doesn’t change how most of the fans feel about him now me included, I used to love him but now I want to punch him in the face (especially when I saw him beating Woo up), and I know I shouldn’t feel this way but I love Sangwoo too much to care

That and Seungbae is kinda fucked anyway so I’m not feeling too bad :D