but we went to see it

Y’all know what I love so much about the mixtape?

It is now canon that at some point, Dean Winchester sat down and recorded all of that music, thinking very carefully what to put on it for Cas. Then he went and gave it to Cas.

Let me stress this, at some point Dean Winchester gave Castiel a gift and he was probably all grumpy about it and trying not to make a big deal out of it, but he still gave Cas something for his truck, something to remember him by when he is on the road. That is such a sentimental (dare I say romantic) gesture.

This fact is now canon and it opens the door to so many more scene like this.

There is so much more to their relationship than we get to see.

We’ve written before about Vin Diesel’s obsession with Street Sharks, but he really, really loves Dungeons & Dragons. So much so that he wrote the foreword for the 30th anniversary D&D retrospective, and invited Her Royal Highness Judi Dench to his house to play D&D as part of his successful attempt to get her to act in The Chronicles Of Riddick.

You can actually see the name of his D&D character, Melkor, tattooed across his stomach in the movie xXx.

Note that Diesel doesn’t really have any tattoos; these were made for the movie. Meaning that while they were drawing up the art for xXx, Diesel leaned in and said to the makeup director, “Dude, I know a totally badass word we can put on my abs, for no particular reason.”

And then he went and topped that by getting an entire movie written about Melkor. The Last Witch Hunter, released in 2015, was written after Diesel met up with writer Cory Goodman at a party and started nerding out about D&D. Goodman was apparently so moved by the lore of the witch hunter Melkor that he went back home and wrote an entire movie based on it, renaming the character with the equally ‘90s comic-book-esque name “Kaulder.”

7 Secret Jokes You Never Noticed In The Background Of Movies

The Lost Special Reminder: 
We never saw what John’s Note in TST read, what Sherlock’s recurring nightmare was, why Sherlock went to see Ella, why Mary left London for six months, why John was typing a fake blog entry about a baby that hadn’t even been born yet, why the set and line inconsistencies were impossible to miss and why was there a baby that had no relation to the storyline. Remember: “No loose ends, not on my watch.”

sam appreciation in this!

- hunter montage!!

- working so hard to find a way to not kill an innocent person (even tho both he and dean have before lmao anyway)

- at least attempting to be civil towards cas even if he is confused about whats happening to him



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I just catch up with what went around today and I was shocked. Like those blogs who claimed to be great larries are worst than the antis and seeing people using such profanities against others is unacceptable.we all love those boys but do people realise that in the end, they are celebs and as much as I like to think otherwise, they might not give a damn about us. So why so much hate against each other. Its just insane. Anyway all my love to sonja. Sorry for the English.

It’s completely unacceptable. To see people participating in the very behaviour they speak up against when it’s antis doing it but doing it with glee in the name of Louis and Harry… These people are fans of completely different people than I ever was, apparently.

I’m here Cali 😄😄

So I get to the airport car park with my 5 suitcases and see my Yuki Bear standing there lookin like a snack 😍 of course I start screaming drop everything and leap into his arms (he caught me too 😂😂). Y’all don’t understand how excited I am right now lol. So after we took several pics much to the aggravation of the driver lmao we went out to lunch, ya girl was famished.

I hope everyone’s enjoying their day, cuz I sure as hell am 😋.

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my favorite HL moment has got to be lairport (:


So technically I was (sort of?) in the fandom when Lairport happened but only tangentially and I was lurking and hadn’t switched my URL over yet so like when it happened I was like ???? what is gOING ON?!?? 

So when I grasped the full weight of what had happened I went back through and read the ENTIRE tumblr “Lairport” tag and OMG I DIED LAUGHING WE’RE SO FUNNY.


There’s that moment when you see Oli hanging around in the back of the picture which MEANS THEY MADE HIM WAIT JUST SO THEY COULD GET A PAP SHOT OF JUST THE TWO OF THEM. LIKE FUCKING HELL.

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Send me favorite HL moments!

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Do you think we will see Lena genuinely smiles again this season?

So I’m not going to lie, this question made me a little sad. My answer makes me even more sad. With everything Lena just went through and the small details we know about what she’s probably about to go through, along with the chaos of everything that will be unfolding, it is kind of easy to say no. Probably not.

To be honest, before Jack showed up, the only one that Lena genuinely smiled around regularly was Kara which is important to note because Kara does clearly make Lena very happy. She said herself that Kara being around is enough to help her.

We know that emotions will be running high with the next few episodes and a lot of bad is about to unfold. So I am doubtful but I still have hope that something will put a smile on that beautiful face.

so whats been going on is: on wednesday i had some bad, bad abdominal pains, and when i went to the clinic the doc said they dont have the right tests there and also i might be dying, and i was like oh no

but then after the emergency room, and all the tests we did there, we went and found out that it is, in fact, probably just inflammation, as i had no other symptoms besides oof ouch guts hurt

the pills they gave me work real well, but im loopy as all get out. i super dont feel safe driving to work tomorrow if this keeps up. i can barely focus enough to see work as even an option. but dang, i can nap like nobodys business. its great

-David Attenborough voice- 
and here we have the cosplayer. The cosplayer is a proud creature, but shy outside it’s natural environment. Look at it proudly parading it’s carefully build shell. They have an amazing symbiotic relationship with the photographer species. Look here comes one now. We can see the photographer greet the cosplayer and politely enquire if it is interested. And, oh! The cosplayer says yes. It will now pose in a way that is complimentary to it’s shell, having carefully practiced this in their home.

[TRANS] 170426 Yoohyeon’s Fancafe Update -  What should I do for the title??

Hai hai everyone!! hi how are you my lovers !! I’m Yoohyeon !!! What’s up!!
Right now, we’re practicing heuho !!ㅋ.ㅋ Not long ago, it was our 100th day. 
It’s like the lingering imagery won’t go away.
It was touching…💕 It’s spring these days.
Me to, I’m tired too… I’m even sleepy right now.
Sleepy, sleepy~~ 😋 Like this today, we were outside suddenly!!!
If you went on a trip in the park, was it fun!?
Play and have lots of fun instead of us!!
And attach pictures please.ㅋㅋ
Hehe, then, anyhow, I’ll be waiting all day
If you didn’t see us, you might want to..
Everyone, why do you want to see us when you’re already seeing us
I think you already know what I’m going to sayㅋㅋ
Today I miss you a lot and I love you!!
Miss you and love you as always 

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit


Yuki stood with the entrance ticket in his hand in front of the club, a few steps away from what he was always afraid of. He had not noticed how famous the band had become, he only knew from Lucijan his calendar is full of schedule. Here is an event, a concert, a club appearance, interviews, shootings, autograph hours. He sighed deeply. “maybe I should not..” he thought but suddenly he was pushed from behind. “Do not stand in the way, we want to go in.”
“Uhm..” Yuki showed the entrance ticket. to the doorman and went into the club. It was full. At least in front of the stage the fans fumbled, especially girls. Yuki sat down at the bar, because it was empty there. He ordered a beer and looked at the stage. The room was darkened, you could see silouettes on the stage and only a few seconds later, the stage lit up and the band played. Yuki had turned his back to them, he could not look. He did not want to see Noe. The band played one song after another while Yuki was more focused on his beer and had already ordered the second one. Kenji spoke of a last song they would play tonight. Yuki felt it was the last chance to see Noe. To face him.
He turned the barstool slowly to the stage, raised his head. Suddenly he stared into two eyes but they belonged to someone else as Noe. Without a second glance he stood up hastily and left the club.
The band had finished the song and left the stage. Noe looked around but he noticed someone is missing. “Where is Lucijan?”
“He left, just as he left the stage.”
“So it is..” He whispered.

“What?” Kenji asked but Noe had already gone towards the exit.

“What do you want here?” Lucijan asked his best friend.
“I wanted to surprise you to do something, maybe going to a disco.”
“You want me to believe this?”
Yuki nodded. He could not run away, he did not want to run away and so he waited for the band to finish the song outside, around the corner. He had not expected Lucijan followed him. “Yuki..” it was so long ago when he heard this voice, saying his name. “My eyes did not deceive me, you be it.”
Lucijan looked beside him, then looked at Yuki. “I’ll leave you both alone.”
He finally said. Yuki was silent, lowered his head, and jigged nervously with his foot against the wall. “How are you?”
“Good, I think.” The mood between them was tense, there were so many things in Yuki’s head all at once. Words that he would have liked to say, he would have liked to embrace him, kissed him but he was afraid to be turned down “I am sorry.” Yuki whispered, trying to be strong.
“you do not have to apologize.”
“But I have hurt you.”
“That’s five months ago.”
“Eh..” Yuki looked at him for the first time intense. He swallowed but something lay on his heart. Something he wanted to do for so long. “Maybe we could..” he pushed away from the wall and went towards him, he wanted to grab his hand but Noe pulled away. “we should not.” He replied as he shook his head.
He didn’t know if he just felt bad after everyhing happened between them but somehow Noe felt cold and distance towards him “Why not?”
“I can not do this.” He said, “it was painful for me that you just suddenly broke up, but in these five months I’ve been trying to find the reason for it, and the reason it’s me, I can not relate to you, not the way you would like it.”
“I can change, myself the way..”
“I do not want anyone to change for me, look for someone who gets along with you like you are, I’m not the one for you.”
“I understand..”
“I will not tell anyone about Kayne, Renu and what I’ve encountered, but I do not want to have anything to do with it.” Yuki nodded. He could not hear another word, he knew now that there was no going back to Noe, he is only a reminder of his past and will remain there forever. He turned his back on him. He would have wished to feel a hand on his arm that held him, stop him from going like he always felt when he was walking away or he just wanted to hear his name again with the voice of him, He would turn around immediately, but nothing happened. [ x ]

I remember when Thor: The Dark World came out and me and my family went to go see it and when we came out of the theaters my parents and my sisters were all like “omg Thor this” “omg Thor that” and I go “okay but did you see Loki? Like damn son.”

Let’s just say they gave me the “you’re disowned” look.

TalesFromYourServer: Can't wait to see you next time!!

Split a 12, all went peachy beginning to end. It was one of the family’s bday. We joked the whole time. They brought a cake, I lit a candle, we sang. All in all a great group, otherserver and myself enjoyed them. They hand the credit tip to us and it’s 20%. We high five in the back and go back to our other tables. As I’m putting an order in, in the back a lady from the party is stepping in back saying “hey, mrdoqo! where’s otherserver I need to talk to you!” I find other server after we both do loops looking for each other and the lady (still standing in back) presents a $100 and tells us to split it. We both thank them again, happy bday, and can’t wait to see you next time! Today was a good day.

By: mrdoqo

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I went to see P/ower R/angers with a mate (a good film people should see now while its still in theaters) and we saw a Clip of C/hris P/ratt directly appealing to Australians (and i think New Zealanders) to go and see the G/otG on the 25th before the trailer was played. thats ANZAC day here, which is kind of a big deal for a lot of us and it felt a little gross to say we should see a silly space movie on a day when a lot of people mourn

Let’s set fire to Christian prawn. Also so sorry for that,it’s actually awful that they would advertise a movie like that on a day where people mourn

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Tord and Edd start to date right? And Tom and matt don't like that, because they don't trust Tord. And so they go to the neighbors house and are like "guys how can we get them to break up" and no one knows so they all just bet to see how long they'll stay together and next thing you know Edd and Tord have been together for 4 years and they're getting married and Tord has tried his hardest to be nice to Edd but he's still kinda an asshole (the end doesn't happen in this) ~star boy

Yes this is good thank you

[[ funny that this is very close to how one of my rps went one time?? Aha. ]]

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Dude Im live right outside of Toronto and wow I actually got giddy when the sky starting going all grey :DD

Oh my gosh same!! My brother and I went across the street to Shoppers to pick up a few snacks, and we could literally smell the rain in the air and it honestly made my day.

We can see the CN Tower and the other buildings downtown from my balcony, and it has this really eerie feeling because there’s mist everywhere and the edges of everything have gone soft and blurry, and the only sounds outside are the sound of rain and the occasional thunderclap. And honestly, this is my happy place.

Also, maybe it’s kind of random, but I’ve always wanted to be inside an ONRoute during a storm like this. Most (if not all) of them have these huuuuge floor to ceiling windows that often take up an entire wall, and they have a bunch of armchairs situated around tables near the windows. And best of all, they have that surreal, dreamy kind of feeling that you always get from liminal spaces.

Kevin Khatchadourian x Reader

Request: Kevin x Male Reader

I dont know, this kinda sucked, I didn’t have any ideas so I just went with the first thing that came into my head. Idk, it could’ve been worse aye!

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Kevin knew everything about you.

Everything. Even the creepy stuff, like your preferred underwear brand, which he knew by staring at your ass non-stop, only seeing the same brand over and over. Kevin was cocky, that’s just who he was. He wanted you, and he would have you. 

When he would make an approach, it would always come out in a rather… angry way; which wasn’t on purpose, he just couldn’t help it, that’s just how he was. He would always watch you like a hawk, monitoring your every move, if you moved. He moved. 

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