but we understand what happened anyway

jackson puked in front of a fan, fell off a chair and fainted… and, honestly? i am so exhausted. i am so exhausted of waking up with things like “jackson has fever”, “jackson is sick”. he is literally the most important person in my life and it kills me every time something bad happens with him. when will he understand that his health is a priority for us? that we don’t care if he skips an event to take care of himself? that we want him to be okay more than anything? and how this fucking company allowed this to happen to him? regardless of what made him sick, its their job to take care of him and keep him healthy, but, for fuck’s sake, how many times did we complain already about how much they neglect this boy? jackson really needs to fake he’s okay and i wonder if he does this constantly… anyway, it’s heartbreaking the amount of times we use the hashtag “#getwellsoonjackson”, it shouldn’t be like this…

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Ash!! Okay so I just saw the video where Andy says he's cleaner because Michonne licks him clean and I'm just in complete shock at how naughty and dirty he was 😂😂 but I don't understand how come he ships Richonne so much, like is it really because story wise it makes sense or is it because of how good Danai looks! Same thing with Norman, he also has commented how he wants Daryl with Michonne, and I always questioned the WHY!!! Anyways I'm happy we got some Richonne love from our captain!

Someone said this press tour happening after 7x12 airing is like a belated bachelor party for Andy/Rick. And it’s so true. 😂

As far as Andy shipping Richonne, I think he does genuinely want what best serves the story and his character, and any unbiased person could see that Michonne is the absolute best partner for Rick. The writing has been heading that way for so many years, I can’t even imagine how he would be rooting for anything else. That said, I’m sure he does find Danai/Michonne attractive, as evidenced by all those (most likely unscripted) looks he’s been giving her for four years. 👀There’s palpable chemistry between them. And it also probably helps that “his mom” ships it, and they’ve been getting fan questions about Richonne since Michonne stepped into the same frame as Rick, lol. Plus, wouldn’t you want your character to be with the best character? Mama Clutterbuck didn’t raise no fool. 😄

hey so given what’s goin on with henry’s comments and what not it’s understandable to not trust SM at all given their track record of being shitty, but don’t use #JusticeForHenryLau seeing that:

  • it’s a tag used to raise awareness about sj issues, such as BLM (correct me on that but anyway point is that it wasn’t made for this)
  • we literally know nothing at all about what’s happening and from history, there’s like an 80% chance that shit hits the fans because fans react based on speculations

also about the whole reacting thing: it’s ok to be like “lmao i don’t trust SM” but just be wary because it’d be really embarrassing for everyone involved if crap blows up over nothing

alternatively, if you still hate sm’s guts and feel the need to verbalise it on twitter, you can just use #WeLoveYouHenry or something like that

Imagine the dwarves being heartbroken after you tell them that the human life span is shorter than theirs

I was bored and thought I’d try this imagine. Its my first time writing for the hobbit so I hope you understand if it sucks!  Anyway enjoy!

Words: 1,051
Paring: Slight Reader x Thorin

“What happened next?” Kili asked excitedly.
“We had to carry him home. Obviously after he threw up in the streets and allover your mother’s new boots,” Balin explained laughing.
“I hope my 100th birthday is that cool!” Fili sighed longingly.
“It will be. It’ll be the first party thrown in Erebor for a hundred years,”Thorinsaid smiling, his cheeks slightly red from the embarrassment that was his 100th birthday party. 

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You know what’s really sad.

Bum and Sangwoo are opposites but fairly similar however they both are pretty much friendless and lonely when you think. 

Bum has grown up with a pretty shit life from the get go. No parents there is no mention of what happened to them but most of us just presumed they died since his grandparents brought him up. So from there on poor Bum probably felt a bit neglected from a young age, confused and extremely sad. We take it that his grandparents may not have been all that loving either since Bum doesn’t really know love or understand it very well. He is very timid, shy and quiet anyway so that added to the equation already makes him just lack confidence.

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After the mess with Big Mom is over, Sanji won’t be able to get close to Nami, neither to look her in the eyes, because of what happened when he was pretending and her slap…

Nami will understand it: She’ll forgive him, hug him and say “now it’s all right, Sanji-kun, we understand. Let’s go back”.

Sanji, for the first time, will cry like a baby instead of going “mellorine” because of her hug. ♡


Parc fermé, Qatar (3rd place)

“Considering all the troubles in the pre-season, and free practices - would you say this podium is almost as good as a win? You looked pretty happy coming in”

“For sure! If I have to bet on me, on my podium today, I don’t bet for sure!
But we don’t give up, we try at the maximum, we try 3-4 different settings this morning. But anyway, was bad. 

So I start, and I say “Bo, I don’t know what’s happen” - but  I enjoy a lot because I was good, I was good in braking, and I hope with this race we understand enough for us to continue in this way.”

After watching this season of skam I think I’ll be able to be more open/honest about my mental illness??? Like I know it may sound silly to say that a show made you feel more comfortable talking about your mental illness or make you feel better about it but like. Myself and so many others with mental illnesses relate to Even in that we often don’t tell people or talk openly about our mental illnesses. We’re scared of being judged, that people won’t understand us, and we push people away because we feel like we’ll drift apart with them anyways once they know. But skam has shown us a whole new perspective than we are used to seeing, and what can happen when the ones you care about (and that care about you) are fully aware of your illness. You are still capable of being loved. You are not as much of a burden as you think you are. The people in your life will (hopefully) understand what you’re going through, and be there to help and support you. This show and the story this season gives me so much hope for living the rest of my life with a mental illness. This is why representation is so important. This SHOW is so important and I’ve never seen anything like it in the slightest. Yes, Even is a fictional character with a mental illness being loved by another fictional character, but it’s still inspiring and I can only hope to find someone like Isak one day. Thank you thank you thank you skam, and all who are involved in it.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

I don’t even write for TWD so I’m not really sure why I posted this or where it came from but oh well.

Words: 3771

Warnings: Language, of course. This is Negan we’re talking about, after all.

Negan x Reader, Implied future Daryl x Reader (I was totally going to make it a Daryl x Reader and then I realized that hey, this is already way too long and I know what is going to happen next and everything but I’m just going to leave it open-ended anyways.)

Props to you if you understand the very last sentence.

It wasn’t fear that spurred you forward, nor anger or desperation. It was more curiosity than anything. That and the sense of imposing doom looming over you and your group. You’d been watching the Saviors for a while now. You knew what they were capable of and exactly how much of a threat they were to your group. It probably would’ve been better to ignore them altogether and pray that they never find your remote location but in a world like this, nothing should be left to chance.

And, well, you know what they say: “the best defense is a good offense.”

Actually, it was the opposite way around, but your friends suck at pep talks.

You looked on the factory, or as they called it, ‘the Sanctuary’, with trepidation. It was amazing you were able to get this far. Every instinct you had was screaming at you to turn around, but you had people to protect. You had to do this.

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i just


i honestly don’t care about prim’s death

apart from the effect it has on katniss

because that is precisely the kind of death it is, the classic MOTIVATE THE HERO death (with the minor difference that this time the hero is a woman)

prim’s death is classic pure tragedy and has nothing to do with HER

I just want Finnick to have lived

and sure, since this is tumblr, tell me that makes me a misogynist, to care more about the ‘bad boy’ white guy than the young woman (probably of colour)


Finnick’s story?

charming cute pretty-boy dick, used as a sex toy by rich people, decides to be a fucking bamf anyway and use his sex abuse to his own political advantage and cares so much about this one disabled woman whom he understands and loves despite what’s happened to both of them

and dies

HIS is the story that is not often told

that is the unusual story. that is the character that is important to me because we don’t have a socially pre-engineered response pattern for it, like we do to ‘oh dear they young innocent woman died and the hero is sad about it’.

Prim’s death? Tragic. Classically. We all know what it means. We’ve got a few thousand years of tradition telling us what that is.

Finnick’s death? HURTS. Because it belongs to us, personally.

finnick no come back.:(

I don't understand why some people decide to dislike Jung Hoseok aka the sun

This is somewhat similar to the Namjoon post and I made that post on an impulse decision and yeah LOL.
But anyway.
Here we go.
I just don’t?????
What made yourself so bitter and negative to hate on such a loving person such as Jung Hoseok??? Like what happen to you all that made you like this??? Do you do it because you wanna feel better about yourself????? That not a very good and healthy way to do that to make yourself feel better by hating on others???you just like getting shittier and shitter….by doing that, if you wanna feel good about yourself, you can like idk do positive things and live your life instead of trying to ruin others like put yourself before others.
Haters that hate on Jung Hoseok aka the sun the golden hyung…are the people who choose the shitty potato salad at parties and such, and just eat it anyway, cuz they feel just as shitty as the shitty potato salad.
However you are always welcome to change your ways and choose the lovely wonderful homemade potato salad that your grandma makes when she comes over.
Basically what I’m saying is choose the amazing potato salad that your grandma makes and stop hating on Jung Hoseok and telling him to leave BTS and making death threat tags etc.

He is such a loving person and he doesn’t deserve this bullshit.
Love Jung Hoseok.
Also support his next mixtape and keep listening to 1Verse.He is gonna burn us all alive and we shall enjoy.


I know there’s a lot of discourse going on about Lucas and I’m sure LM/RF shippers are going to have a field day about the Lucas/RL stuff getting cut, but I’m throwing my two cents in anyways. This is negative about GMW and pretty anti RF and anti LM, so don’t read if that’s not your thing.

I don’t understand why the writers continuously make Lucas look like a bad guy/boyfriend. When I watched the show before being in the fandom, they made it look like Maya and Lucas were having these intimate moments (Semi-Formal, Creativity) and ignoring the way Riley felt. Then Texas and the almost kiss happened and we never knew what was happening in Lucas’ head. The triangle dragged on forever, and honestly, to casual viewers, he just seemed like a bad person because the writers wanted both LM and RL shippers to have hope for their ship. He got mad at Riley for talking to another person, but we never found out why he was mad (yes, we can make theories, but until we hear something out of his mouth, it’s not canon), and a scene with Zay and Lucas talking outside could have been a great moment for character development and let the audience sympathize with Lucas, but instead the kicking the tree comment was used for comedic relief. 

I’m also rewatching BMW, and Topanga didn’t have that much of a story outside of being a love interest in the first three seasons, but the audience always knew what she was thinking in terms of her relationship with Cory. She made speeches about how she was afraid they weren’t going to be friends anymore, about how she was afraid to say I love you, and if I’m remembering correctly, their relationship was more of the focus for the last couple of seasons. Why can’t Lucas get the same treatment? I’m not sure if it’s because the writers know that RL and Lucas get a lot of hate in the fandom, or if this all is a weird storyline ending in LM and RF endgames, but it’s just not fair, especially considering Lucas was a main character before Farkle (who was only promoted to main during mid-season 1), and has less development and background than him. The only Lucas-centric episode was Secret of Life, Texas doesn’t count because it was more about the ships, and even then, we didn’t really hear what Lucas thought about Riley’s reaction or why he thought he was worth it. 

And please stop comparing Lucas to Jack/Rachel. Lucas has been a main character since the first episode, he’s more important than Jack and Rachel. Also, saying that the only people that deserve more development are Farkle and Maya is wrong considering in BMW, every character got their own storylines, even Jack and Rachel, even background characters like Frankie. If we get a season four and all of this keeps going on (the implication that the only friendship that matters is RM, the favoritism towards Maya, the erasure of Lucas, the use of Lucas, Zay, and Smackle as comedic relief and nothing else, dumbing down Riley, making Shawn and Topanga out of character, etc), I’m considering writing a long letter or something to the writers because they need to stop acting like this show is so great when it’s really a mess. Plus, I’m sorry, but if this is some strange storyline to prove that Riley isn’t important to Lucas and only Maya is like the theorists think, then I’m done watching because that is the definition of fanservice and out of character. Also, RF in general is messy. He’s dating Smackle, he doesn’t like Riley, and would you ever think that the only reason Farkle and Riley spent more time together in season two was because she couldn’t talk to Lucas or Maya because she was stepping back? The writers needed someone to talk to her, and Farkle was the only friend available. And all the “deep conversations” that RF shippers freak out about have been about Lucas and Smackle (Texas 3, New Years, Permanent Record)? I’m just sick of RF shippers acting like it’s so obvious the they’re endgame when we don’t know what’s going to happen, and newsflash, Farkle has been as bad of a friend, arguably more bad of a friend, to Riley than Lucas ever has.

I’m sorry this is so disjointed. I’m just really tired of trying to stay positive about this show when the writers do stuff like this. Lucas deserves to be more than a love interest. And even if he is just a love interest to Riley like Topanga was for Cory in the beginning, he deserves lines that actually let the viewers understand what is going on in his head. His character is very interesting and could have a lot of depth if we focused on his past and how that impacts his relationship with Riley, but the fact that the fandom ignores/bashes him in favor of any other character, and now even writers are doing the same makes me want to give up on the show.

“Christ arrives right on time to make this happen. He didn’t, and doesn’t, wait for us to get ready. He presented himself for this sacrificial death when we were far too weak and rebellious to do anything to get ourselves ready. And even if we hadn’t been so weak, we wouldn’t have known what to do anyway. We can understand someone dying for a person worth dying for, and we can understand how someone good and noble could inspire us to selfless sacrifice. But God put his love on the line for us by offering his Son in sacrificial death while we were of no use whatever to him.”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭5:6-8‬ ‭MSG‬‬

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I have always wondered what would've happened if the booster wouldnt've come off, or if was too dangerous to Chuck for anyone to try to take it off! I always thought keeping the booster on would put all of his systems into overdrive and basically drive him to extreme exhaustion (to which at this point the others would finally take notice that something was very wrong). (Darn it someone who can write make this a fic please! For the good of the fandom!!!)


“We can’t take it off, anyway,” says Julie.  She’s trawling through files, looking incredibly tired and more than a little bit angry.  One nail taps occasionally on the table.  “Not just like that.  You saw what it did when–”

“I know!  Jules, I know.”  Mike spins around for another pacing lap of the room.  Chuck watches him, mouth twisted with a sort of dubious amusement like he’s watching something kind of…incomprehensible and slightly pathetic. “But…it’s gotta come off!”

“Uh, no,” says Chuck.  “It doesn’t.  Are you even listening to me, bro?”

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“i don’t think ao3 should allow stories with sexualized and normalized abuse! and people getting mad when in fandom are wrong bc abuse is never going to go away if you keep getting mad!”

what the actual fuck. it’s just so juvenile and naive to want to ban any kind of story. there’s a distinct lack of understanding about the function of fiction, honestly. and that second part, i’m paraphrasing what they said, but the wording is accurate. they’ve implied that somehow we have a control over abuse happening and that fanfiction is contributing to it. 

that’s. so fucking wild. anyway, everybody should be allowed to write what they want. that’s it, end of story. 

I wanted to take some preview pictures for the recolor I did on the weekend but created a cute vampire instead because I don’t even know. No energy. I spent the afternoon at the library with my classmates. We had a small project with ten years old kids and there were like, I don’t know, twenty of them? It was fun, I love doing such things. Next week we’re in fact having a sleepover at the library and the librarian said it’s gonna be the same group. So yeah, cool, however when these things are over I always realize how exhausted it actually makes me feel :D I guess I ignore it when I’m around those kids and then they leave and it just hits me.

Anyways, then I came home, turned on the TV and saw the first news about what happened in London. I’m still shocked and just…the older I get the more I can’t understand what’s going on in the world. I hope you are alright, guys. Stay safe.

so i saw a post reacting to my rant and it basically said i was saying Sans is an awful person, and shit like that, and ugh that kinda gave me a super bad taste in my mouth, because??? no?? i never said that.

anyway, so here’s another rant on ~Sans~

also, if the person who posted that (you probably know who you are?) see this, i’m in no way calling you out, or angry with you! your feelings are totally valid, and tone is kinda hard to read over text, so, yanno.

(also i’m not linking to their post, bc i don’t want them to get any kind of asks about it. like. no thanks sir.)


so first of, Sans is a flawed character. he’s not perfect, heck, he has a lot more flaws than he has good qualities. (which is very relatable, tbh. like, same Sans. same.)

Sans is lazy; like, this has nothing what so ever to do with his depression, though it most definitely hasn’t helped. Sans is just, in general, a lazy ass person, which, again. #relatable

as we all know, Sans won’t fight you, unless you kill literally everything you can get your hands on. like, that is not something an unlazy-person would do, i’m sorry.

he spends pretty much the whole game asleep; he doesn’t help Frisk in any way, shape, or form, even though he promised Toriel he would. like, you can’t argue with this. Sans doesn’t do anything, and that’s fine?? i love this shitty ass goblin who sleeps constantly, and makes jokes at your expense. it’s a mirror to Papyrus intense desire to help, and it’s really neat characterization.

from what we can gather, Sans rarely does anything- Papyrus has to poke and prod and drag him into stuff, and sure, Sans says that he isn’t lazy, that “it’s the farthest thing from the truth,” but here’s where action speaks a lot louder than words, and damn it Sans, you’re kind of self-centered.

(which Papyrus is too.)

also, because @uselessundertalefacts​ just pointed it out: yes, we know Sans does stuff. read bedtime stories, has that telescope, a lot of things, actually. but: we only hear about them. and, look, here’s the thing: if you like something, you’re more likely to do it.

Sans likes going to Grillby. he likes reading bedtime stories for Papyrus, he likes playing pranks, and look. i’m lazy. i’m so god damn lazy, but i still do those kind of lowkey stuff i like to do. yes, it’s something he does, but it doesn’t negate the fact that he’s lazy.

like, if it doesn’t take too much energy, it’s fine. going to Grillby’s is literally just a teleport away. Papyrus is the center of his universe, so yes, he’s going to do anything and everything for him.

look, some of the reason he doesn’t do a lot is his depression. but some of it, is because he is lazy. and that’s not a bad thing? like, it’s just a character trait.

and okay, passing on from that thread, because we can defo talk a lot about that, let’s just. go onto something else, namely: Sans, and his behavior towards Papyrus.

(also, a little segment i had to delete, but i feel still has a good point: it’s implied that Sans is working on the machine. yes, i agree that he probably have something to do with it, but it’s kind of a forgotten project, wouldn’t you say? it’s covered up, pushed into a corner, and that’s.. not really the sign of someone working day and night on it.)

anyway: Sans and Papyrus.

Sans loves Papyrus. like, this is a fact, it’s so god damn obvious and in your face, there is no disagreeing on this.

but. but.

just because you love someone doesn’t mean you’re doing what’s best for them.

it’s not something you’re aware of. not really. sure, you know you do it- you know that maybe, it’s not the best idea ever, but you don’t get it, because you’re not that person.

Sans lies to Papyrus. Sans lies a lot to Papyrus, and that’s hurting Papyrus. it hurts Papyrus when Sans lies about shit, and that’s not something we can argue about.

Papryus isn’t a kid.

but! just because Sans is hurting Papyrus, it doesn’t mean he’s a bad person.

Sans is lying to Papyrus because he’s trying to protect him. it’s dumb, yes, but Sans just wants to keep Papyrus happy, and that’s… not a dumb thing.

Sans loves Papyrus so much. Papyrus is literally his whole world, and yeah, maybe that’s not such a good thing, but that’s how it is. that doesn’t make Sans an awful person.

hell, that doesn’t even make Sans a burden on Papyrus. he’s just a bit self-centered, a bit too caught up in himself. Papyrus loves Sans too, remember, and that doesn’t go away just because Sans has a bad habit of lying.

hell, none of this has anything to do with his depression. it’s all because of his own character flaws: Sans is, at heart, a tiny bit too easily caught up in himself, which is understandable. you have to put yourself first, always, because you have to take care of yourself first.

in fact, some of it does lie on Papyrus- he should tell Sans, instead of just accepting it with a smile. but Papyrus is just as afraid of burdening Sans, as Sans is afraid of burdening Papyrus, and yeah, they’re kind of both dumb that way.

so yes, Sans is kind of a jerk, but he’s not an awful person, and i feel like i suddenly have to stress that. maybe because i rant so much about Sans, pretty much always negative, but that’s because there’s so many issues in how people see him.

canon!Sans is a good person. he’s a bit of a jerk, yeah, but he’s still a good person, and i don’t know why anyone would ever think otherwise.

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Hi, it seems like we've got a lot of people are giving up on robron. This prison storyline is tough to say the least and this week hardly looks like it's going to be fun but it's so sad to see people losing hope. We've still got the mill to look forward to and we've had a lot of positivity from the likes of Danny, Ryan and Iain. The wedding was incredible and I understand that it's hard to go from that to what we've got now but I've still got hope that we're going to get some good stuff.

Hi nonnie. It’s strange isn’t it, because as robron fans we’ve been through so much worse, yet this seems to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I’m gonna be straight up honest and say that some of the joy sucking right now is happening (for me anyway) because of overreacting fans. Those ones who fear the worst, and are equally as nihilistic about the future.

I do love the fandom, don’t get me wrong, and in the 300+people I follow, i don’t see much negativity at all - it’s all second hand stuff of what I hear others say through them, or through anonymous messages.

I think I’m going to distance myself from Tumblr this week. Even though I said ‘only happy asks’ the only way I’m gonna be able to avoid the storm completely is if I just temporarily cut the aggravator out of my life. It’s got to the point where I don’t think I’ll mind what happens on screen this week, but I fear what the fans will make of it, and I fear (again, I’m going to be honest) the backlash on Robert. Sounds stupid to be this dedicated to a character right? Well, if I wasn’t thinking about him all the time in regards to spoilers and everything, I probably wouldn’t let it get to me. When you see other people on the overreaction train, sometimes you don’t have the wherewithal to fight against getting on the train yourself, and I want to keep fighting that because I’m going to make it worse for myself if I don’t.

This is a soap, and logically I know that. Logically I know that storylines don’t last long in soap world. Yet if the Robert part of the SL had been Adam two years ago, when he slept with Vanessa, people would have already called it and said that he and Vic would never be together again, and that Adam and Vanessa would ride off into the sunset together. I am totally and absurdly aware of how whiny I sound! Which is why I feel that I really do need to take a step back from the fandom. So I’m gonna turn my asks off again today, and I may not be present around Tumblr this week except to post if I have any new updates.

Sorry nonnie, I know this wasn’t even part of your ask, but I guess I needed to say it and it just came out (doesn’t help that I’m on my period, so the hormones are freaking out anyway!). I’m not giving up on robron in any shape or form, but I just need to distance myself again for my own happiness really. I know there’s the whole sentiment about being there through the tough times as well as the good, and I am. I’m here standing by robron, and believing the boys will come through this, and in a month or so they’ll be in the Mill, and the three of them will be trying to work as a proper family. I definitely still think that’ll happen. But there’s dark times now, and some people are making it darker. So I’m gonna avoid those people and all theories and speculation.

I’m still here, and still watching, but I need to keep a distance for a little while :)