but we understand what happened anyway

Imagine the dwarves being heartbroken after you tell them that the human life span is shorter than theirs

I was bored and thought I’d try this imagine. Its my first time writing for the hobbit so I hope you understand if it sucks!  Anyway enjoy!

Words: 1,051
Paring: Slight Reader x Thorin

“What happened next?” Kili asked excitedly.
“We had to carry him home. Obviously after he threw up in the streets and allover your mother’s new boots,” Balin explained laughing.
“I hope my 100th birthday is that cool!” Fili sighed longingly.
“It will be. It’ll be the first party thrown in Erebor for a hundred years,”Thorinsaid smiling, his cheeks slightly red from the embarrassment that was his 100th birthday party. 

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Illumi Zoldyck

Okay I promised a three page word doc but this is more like two and a half i’m sorry. Also, this is more a ‘what went wrong and how it happened’ than a full-on pyscho-analysis (even though it technically still is a pyscho-analysis, but quite shallow considering the depth of any character), anyway, hope I don’t disappoint.

First and foremost, in order to understand the entire mindset of the Zoldyck family, you need an age timeline. This is the most crucial evidence for each child’s status and image in this dysfunctional family.

Looking past my bad writing we can see that Illumi was considered as the ‘only heir’ for nearly five years. Based on the fact that both Silva and Zeno was the only child as well, it’s highly likely Kikyo and Silva planned on having just one child, and that child would be the heir. Which means Illumi had been training, and quite possibly killing since he was three, since it was the age Killua had started training. Hence, we can presume Illumi and Killua shared a similar childhood, although Illumi had more parental interaction as the only child for five years.

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Five Nights at Freddy's 2

This is probably going to be a long post, BE WARNED.

I’m trusting everyone has watched the new Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 trailer (If you haven’t, you can view it here) and to be honest, I thought it looked amazing, but slightly scary at the same time. Anyway, here’s some analysis I did of it. 

 First off, the building. 


 The shape of the building has changed, and we can see this without needing to look outside the building. The only thing that remotely looks the same to the first FNAF is the restroom area (CAM 07) but then there is an extra room added onto it. I understand that Fazbear Entertainment tried to change everything to possibly get rid of the past, and what had happened in the place before, but this is a total remodel. Quite literally everything has changed. Then there comes my new theory that maybe it’s a new building. Maybe Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza has moved locations. Do they still own the last location? 

 Secondly, I’d like to bring up the little red warning symbol appearing on the map, and then again in the trailer when Foxy attacks:


 Maybe it’s something to help the security guard. Maybe it detects the movement of Animatronics, and comes up when an Animatronic is moving. For all we know, there could be movement sensors at night. 

 Next, I’m bringing up the use of vents. As seen in the trailer, and on the Steam Greenlight page, the new Bonnie, and old Chica can been seen crawling through the vents. My first question is, surely the vents would be closed up since it is a Childrens Pizza place. We can see one entrance to the vents in Party Room 2: 

 Obviously, there are going to be little kids here in the day who want to explore everything. Why isn’t it sealed or at least covered up to keep the kids from exploring too far? In the first FNAF, one of the rules was ‘stay close to mommy’, does this still apply here?

 As well as that, we also see that one of the possibly many jumpscares and death scenes in the game is old Foxy jumping up at you:

Now, we all know that Foxy was very active in the first FNAF, as most of us screamed at the fact he was running down west hall. But surely years of deactivation has left his endoskeleton rusty, and in need of some oil and re tuning. How come he can jump us at us after all this time, and how come before he just stood in the doorway? 

 Going back to the vents, how in heavens name can a full size animatronic fit inside one of those vents that don’t look that big at all?  It also seems that new Bonnie and old Chica come at you though the same vent (Right). Also, take note on how small the vents look via the map. Tiny. 

 I’d also like to mention how it reminds me of some popular games, and how it might have some inspiration from them. I feel like the vents came as an idea from Alien Isolation, where, of course, the alien comes at you from the vents, making you terrified of vents. Now theres more reason to be terrified of vents! And:

 My opinion here is that Bonnie’s positioning could possibly come from any of the Slender games. Bonnie’s position just reminds me of Slender man, and since Bonnie no longer has a face, it gives more ideas that it could be inspired by Slender. 

 Lastly, but probably the most important piece, is this; This is what is written on the Steam Greenlight page. The 'kid-friendly’ part already makes you think 'aww hell no’ but then if you read on it goes on to say about how they’re updated with the latest facial recognition technology. We all know how that went in The Simpsons:All the robots’ facial recognition software went wrong, and they saw humans and robots. Also, IRL, in some theme parks they use this software in places like free roaming restaurants where the robots roam the restaurant. For example, there used to be one in Disney World, but that was taken away for 'Unknown reasons’. Back to the point, it then mentions about how the facial recognition software is tied into criminal databases, which makes us think they are being used to possibly catch a criminal. I’m sure you all remember the man who lured children into the back room wearing a Freddy Fazbear costume and murdered them. Maybe this happened again, and if it were to happen another time, this time they’d catch it happening, and find the murderer. OR maybe theres a criminal hiding in the pizzeria or something like that. 

 Skipping a little bit, it then says that the previous guard complained about the animatronics trying to get into the office, so he was transferred to work day time shifts. So, to try and make your job easier, they give you your own Freddy Fazbear head, clean of all the wires and animatronic parts. It states that this should fool the animatronic if they were to somehow make their way to your office to kill you.

 And then it says how Fazbear Entertainment isn’t responsible for death or dismemberment. 

 Overall, I’m ready for Freddy,

 and I do not wanna fuck the robot fox. 


The Best Defense is a Good Offense

I don’t even write for TWD so I’m not really sure why I posted this or where it came from but oh well.

Words: 3771

Warnings: Language, of course. This is Negan we’re talking about, after all.

Negan x Reader, Implied future Daryl x Reader (I was totally going to make it a Daryl x Reader and then I realized that hey, this is already way too long and I know what is going to happen next and everything but I’m just going to leave it open-ended anyways.)

Props to you if you understand the very last sentence.

It wasn’t fear that spurred you forward, nor anger or desperation. It was more curiosity than anything. That and the sense of imposing doom looming over you and your group. You’d been watching the Saviors for a while now. You knew what they were capable of and exactly how much of a threat they were to your group. It probably would’ve been better to ignore them altogether and pray that they never find your remote location but in a world like this, nothing should be left to chance.

And, well, you know what they say: “the best defense is a good offense.”

Actually, it was the opposite way around, but your friends suck at pep talks.

You looked on the factory, or as they called it, ‘the Sanctuary’, with trepidation. It was amazing you were able to get this far. Every instinct you had was screaming at you to turn around, but you had people to protect. You had to do this.

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Alison’s redemption

One of the things that bugs me about this show is how they redeemed Alison’s character. It makes no sense because we don’t even know what she went through while she ran away. We have 32432 clues that point in the direction that Alison PLANNED to fake her death. She left diaries for Spencer. WHY?
She was gone for like 4 seasons and we know NOTHING about it. Where was she? What did she do? What did those tapes mean that Mrs Grunwald had of her??
Why was she scared of that painting? I know, we saw a flashback, but it obviously was not real, as this was part of her fake kidnapping story. Also, it’s not a good enough explanation for her to be uncomfortable around the painting. What is the significance of said painting anyway? We’ve seen it more than once…

I am all for her character’s redemption, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t understand what happened. What made her change? I know she was buried alive by her mother and that must have been traumatic, but it’s just not good enough for a really good redemption arc. It doesn’t explain how she went from bitch to angel. I feel like I missed her journey to redemption because like with everything on that show, the writers go from A to C and leave out B. We have a beginning and an ending, but no middle. Everything seems to be left for interpretation.
How come that this bitch forgives so quickly?This is supposed to be the same girl who threatened and blackmailed half of Rosewood at the age of 14/15. Even if Alison changed for the better, I’m having a very hard time to believe that this girl would forgive CeCe so quickly after everything CeCe put her and her friends through. She has no backbone anymore suddenly. She just takes it all. She doesn’t fight back. WHY? What on earth made her change this much? She’s a timid gray little mouse all of a sudden. And flash forward to the time jump, and it seems that she needs her friends to save her from “Him.” When did she become a damsel in distress???
This isn’t a character who changed for the better; this is a character who was completely rewritten without any explanation as far as I’m concerned. I feel betrayed because I wanted to be there for her redemption… through all of it. 


so I met this dude again this evening - after watching his entire WEday rehearsal (which was absolutely amazing) - he kept thanking us for taking our time to always be there for him (i told him I had met him a month ago and 2 years ago) and he was like “seriously, I meant what I said, I really appreciate it” - after he shook all our hands and asked us where we’re from, I asked him when he was going to do another london show and he said he’d love to do one he’s just gotta get the music out (which he said he jokes about with his friends how it’s never gonna happen) and I told him that we wouldn’t care we’d come anyway and he again thanked us for that. He REALLY wanted us to understand how grateful he was for our support (he genuinely thanked us like, 5 times) I am so so happy that I got to see him in my own city, I know how exceptionally lucky I am and I do not take a single moment of what happened today for granted.

anonymous asked:

Hi~ What reason could Mob possibly have had in chap 58 to hurt those clients and what is the thing only he might have been able to understand? Especially the latter question makes me think that the only plausible explanation is, that the accident, which happend to the ghost family must have been caused by those students, (who don't seem very reliable anyway).. I really love this chapter for it's great narration >.<.

chapter 58 is a hell of a chapter. it stands out in my mind as “a chapter in which more than one chapter’s worth of stuff happens.” so let’s see…

ok i just checked the raws and before we dive in, let me just…

don’t just omit that “aah…” in the first speech bubble and then add an exclamation point in the second where it’s actually a period! jeez!! little utterances and punctuation choice are important in establishing tone!!!

anyway, let’s see. i don’t think he actually did hurt those clients, for one thing. in this scene, where the college student clients want mob (or reigen) to exorcise an innocent ghost family, mob is stressing out over a concern he voiced earlier in the chapter: why spirits are treated differently than humans. he asked that question after seeing a human get arrested for creepy out-of-body-experience stalking. now consider that if the culprit had been a spirit instead, he would have exorcised the spirit. why does a human get arrested but a spirit gets erased from existence? it’s a pretty disturbing question when you think about it. and naturally, mob has erased many, many spirits from existence via exorcism.

so that leads us to the panels immediately following the above panel,

which i’ve gone and translated as follows (re-translating without looking at the existing scanlation) : 

“i mean, there’s no way i could rely on my emotions… and certainly not so casually… because if i start thinking that i want to protect this family… then next time, i might end up hurting the client.” 

mob is taking his “how to treat spirits vs how to treat humans” issue to the next level: if he favors the spirits over the client here, how will he know whether to side with the spirits next time? and if he has to decide on his own which side to take, with no one to guide him, he clearly doesn’t trust himself to make the right decision. mob is addressing the possibility that in the future, if he follows his emotions, he might side with the spirits he was assigned to exorcise, such that he fails to exorcise them and even hurts the clients in order to protect the spirits. mob sees himself between two options of equal weight, since (as the chapter goes on to say) humans and spirits are socially the same distance from him. he trusts reigen to guide him, to tell him which side to take. he absolutely does not trust his own emotions.

so as for that thing that only mob could understand… hmm… i think he’s saying that this is something he really needs to figure out, that he needs to be able to make this decision, but without relying on emotions… but honestly it’s still kind of confusing to me. mob’s whole deal so far has been that he’s normal and not unique, except for his psychic power, but he knows plenty of espers now. contrary to his heretofore “commoner” self-image, mob saying that there’s something Only he can understand implies that he sees a uniqueness in himself. but i can’t figure out what he’s seeing. how self-aware is he being in this moment? is it that he trusts both people and spirits over his own emotions? i’ll let you know if i figure this one out…

and now, the third part of your message. i really don’t think those college kids are responsible for the deaths of that ghost family. if they were, don’t you think the ghost family would have reacted to their presence and said something, since they’re clearly able to talk? and it’s not like mob is the only one they could’ve told– dimple is there and talking to them as well. plus the implication of the ghost family being at the haunted site is that they died there, so why would college kids return to the scene of the (presumed) crime to take some silly photos and then be creeped out by the photos? i think the group of students is guilty only of being rude, oblivious assholes. they deserved to get ripped off by reigen, since they refused to pay him the day before. hell, they should reimburse his taxi ride from way the hell out in the middle of nowhere too, since they wouldn’t even give him a ride back. 

star wars: a summary

kylo ren: i know we just met but 

kylo ren: we have such a strong connection

rey: *is tied to a chair* …

kylo ren: you can feel it too right

rey: ……………

kylo ren: cool. anyway you’ve probably never even heard of The Force but i’m pretty strong with it jsyk

kylo ren: oh you can use The Force too

kylo ren: 

kylo ren: it’s cool to meet a chick who’s into using The Force


rey: *is literally in the middle of beating the shit out of kylo ren with a lightsaber*

kylo ren: you’re not very good at this (ow) 

kylo ren:  i could give you some pointers 

kylo ren: like train you and stuff. after this is over obvs

kylo ren: we should hang out

kylo ren: you seem like a cool chick

rey: …………………………… *leaves*

kylo ren:

My brain just keeps coming up with stuff.

Anyway here we go. Like always anyone can add to this if they want.

So I had the idea of what if Lewis was able to manifest as a ghost (alive looking) right after wiping Vivi’s memory of his death? He then goes up to confront Arthur only to see giant 6 tailed fox ripping the possessed arm off and throwing it away. Mystery and Lewis lock eyes and Lewis understands what happened. After cauterizing Arthur’s stump so he doesn’t bleed out Mystery then goes down to collect the fainted Vivi.

Once everyone is in the van Lewis drives them to the hospital. After Vivi wakes up he realized that she doesn’t know he’s dead and not wanting her to remember he doesn’t tell her.

Arthur is bit harder since he nearly had a heart attack at seeing Lewis when he woke up. Lewis was able to calm him down by convincing him it was just a dream and he lost his arm from a wolf attack. 

So now Lewis has to pretend to be alive around his friends to make sure they don’t have a mental break down.

Superman Starter Sentances
  • “These dinosaurs are magical!”
  • “I didn’t know cities had keys…”
  • “Uh, no, I didn’t say that at all.”
  • “Hold it! Everybody to the dance floor!”
  • [Stern Martha Kent Face]
  • “Er…uhh….okay…”
  • [while being thrown out] “I understand!”
  • “I still can’t believe I’m doing this. He’s going to kill me.”
  • “How should we start? ‘I hear you’re feeling like a doofus’ or ‘just say no to panty raids?’”
  • “Thanks for letting me know.” [Leaps over wall anyway]
  • [while being attacked] “Please stop.”
  • [while being attacked] “Seriously? We’re going to do this?”
  • “What just happened?”
  • [punches Father Time in the gut]
  • [leaps out off window] “Oh, forgot, no flying today.”
  • “Give it back! You’re a dog! It doesn’t even fit!”
  • [bursts through floor] “Sorry about that, I’ll repair it later.”
  • “Your compliments are astounding.”
  • “Are you secretly dumb? Because so far it seems like you’re trying to come smart and crazy, but most of the stuff you’re saying is vapid and ridiculous.”
  • [sits up completely naked] “Where am I?”
  • “Get off my planet.” [punches into orbit]
  • “Oh no! It’s a banana peel! I’m somersaulting!”
  • “I incinerated him with heat vision. And then stole his coffee.”
  • [falls naked from the sky]

We’ve gotten a few -pretty many actually- opinions sent in through fanmail about EXO, Kris and SM, yeah, you probably already know what’s going on. Anyways first of all I would just like to say, please do not send in your opinions through fanmail, the askbox and submission are currently closed!
Secondly, I’m not going to post or publish any posts about EXO and what’s happening at the moment until there is a clear picture of what’s going on, because I don’t want to accidently spread rumours through this blog. I hope you all understand!

Love, main admin, simplywookie.

Dark Thoughts

Often times when you are in a creative field like photography, music, art, some people don’t understand what it takes to make it. Patk of making it includes sacrificing and diving into what the field has to offer in order to excel. When we are in these situations we deal with doubters, naysayers, our inner doubts and people whom think that things are suppose to happen overnight. No one sees the blood sweat and tears we spew on our course nor do some care. But we do it anyway. We do it to better ourselves and to put our loved ones in a better position. I realized that those i thought supported me don’t. Yet finding my biggest support come from strangers who owe me nothing was a shocker. I sat back and took a look at things and saw that the people who I thought were on my corner weren’t and as much as it is bothersome it made more sense as to what an old friend said. “ no one cares until you make it, then all of a sudden everyone is by your side”. I just wanna say thanks to those who’ve supported and shown genuine love and to those who haven’t I still thank you. I know many other go through this and in that keep up the great work. Sorry for the long rant. Keep enjoying your day.

I know there’s a lot of discourse going on about Lucas and I’m sure LM/RF shippers are going to have a field day about the Lucas/RL stuff getting cut, but I’m throwing my two cents in anyways. This is negative about GMW and pretty anti RF and anti LM, so don’t read if that’s not your thing.

I don’t understand why the writers continuously make Lucas look like a bad guy/boyfriend. When I watched the show before being in the fandom, they made it look like Maya and Lucas were having these intimate moments (Semi-Formal, Creativity) and ignoring the way Riley felt. Then Texas and the almost kiss happened and we never knew what was happening in Lucas’ head. The triangle dragged on forever, and honestly, to casual viewers, he just seemed like a bad person because the writers wanted both LM and RL shippers to have hope for their ship. He got mad at Riley for talking to another person, but we never found out why he was mad (yes, we can make theories, but until we hear something out of his mouth, it’s not canon), and a scene with Zay and Lucas talking outside could have been a great moment for character development and let the audience sympathize with Lucas, but instead the kicking the tree comment was used for comedic relief. 

I’m also rewatching BMW, and Topanga didn’t have that much of a story outside of being a love interest in the first three seasons, but the audience always knew what she was thinking in terms of her relationship with Cory. She made speeches about how she was afraid they weren’t going to be friends anymore, about how she was afraid to say I love you, and if I’m remembering correctly, their relationship was more of the focus for the last couple of seasons. Why can’t Lucas get the same treatment? I’m not sure if it’s because the writers know that RL and Lucas get a lot of hate in the fandom, or if this all is a weird storyline ending in LM and RF endgames, but it’s just not fair, especially considering Lucas was a main character before Farkle (who was only promoted to main during mid-season 1), and has less development and background than him. The only Lucas-centric episode was Secret of Life, Texas doesn’t count because it was more about the ships, and even then, we didn’t really hear what Lucas thought about Riley’s reaction or why he thought he was worth it. 

And please stop comparing Lucas to Jack/Rachel. Lucas has been a main character since the first episode, he’s more important than Jack and Rachel. Also, saying that the only people that deserve more development are Farkle and Maya is wrong considering in BMW, every character got their own storylines, even Jack and Rachel, even background characters like Frankie. If we get a season four and all of this keeps going on (the implication that the only friendship that matters is RM, the favoritism towards Maya, the erasure of Lucas, the use of Lucas, Zay, and Smackle as comedic relief and nothing else, dumbing down Riley, making Shawn and Topanga out of character, etc), I’m considering writing a long letter or something to the writers because they need to stop acting like this show is so great when it’s really a mess. Plus, I’m sorry, but if this is some strange storyline to prove that Riley isn’t important to Lucas and only Maya is like the theorists think, then I’m done watching because that is the definition of fanservice and out of character. Also, RF in general is messy. He’s dating Smackle, he doesn’t like Riley, and would you ever think that the only reason Farkle and Riley spent more time together in season two was because she couldn’t talk to Lucas or Maya because she was stepping back? The writers needed someone to talk to her, and Farkle was the only friend available. And all the “deep conversations” that RF shippers freak out about have been about Lucas and Smackle (Texas 3, New Years, Permanent Record)? I’m just sick of RF shippers acting like it’s so obvious the they’re endgame when we don’t know what’s going to happen, and newsflash, Farkle has been as bad of a friend, arguably more bad of a friend, to Riley than Lucas ever has.

I’m sorry this is so disjointed. I’m just really tired of trying to stay positive about this show when the writers do stuff like this. Lucas deserves to be more than a love interest. And even if he is just a love interest to Riley like Topanga was for Cory in the beginning, he deserves lines that actually let the viewers understand what is going on in his head. His character is very interesting and could have a lot of depth if we focused on his past and how that impacts his relationship with Riley, but the fact that the fandom ignores/bashes him in favor of any other character, and now even writers are doing the same makes me want to give up on the show.

Feeling forgotten over here

While Swoki’s blessing the world with their love, Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend with the four names is over in LA, trying to make sure you don’t forget him. Yesterday TMZ reported that he fucked up his car by leaving the back door open and going in reverse. I did the exact same thing when I was 16 years old and it’s still one of my most terrifying memories, having to go back inside the house and tell my parents what just happened.

Anyway, afterwards he was, understandably, so frustrated that he yelled at the paps. But then, then!, like a simpering loser, he went on Twitter to apologise. To the paps.

Calvinharris: I got mad as hell at a paparazzi today, I’m sorry, you did make me back into a wall but I know you’re just doing your job and I apologise

Please don’t stop liking me, paps. Please don’t stop paying attention to me, paps. We’re good, are we good, paps? Are we good?

In addition to maintaining his relationship with photographers, Chester Heinz Andy Willow is also maintaining his connection to TMZ, because they posted a story last night about how Taylor meeting Tom’s ma in England is a joke. Because he and Taylor were together for over a year and she never met his ma in Scotland, protesting that it was too far away. Which, I guess, is supposed to mean that Swoki isn’t real.

I took it to mean that that assumption we’ve all made about Taylor wanting to get super serious with Cyrus Hedley – a narrative he tried to peddle initially before Swoki premiered two weeks ago – and push him into marriage is, evidently, bullshit. If she didn’t care to reach out to his ma, how can you support the idea that she wanted to be his wife? And how, exactly, does that make you look good, dumbass?

Hey, Janet!  How’re you feeling?  Pretty good for a woman with a rubber spine?  Yeah, I understand, that’s a tough one.

Seriously.  Artists.  I know you struggle, so hard, with the “do I make this about the boobs, or about the butt?” question.  It’s hard!  Both parts are lovely!  But only Reed Richards could manage this pose and survive, so let’s cut it out with the boob and butt pose.  


ANYWAY.  Other than that, what do we notice about this picture?  Hmmm?  Other than Janet.  What’s…  Happening…  In this picture?


The implication of the speedos on those bulges is that they’re worn by Simon “Wonder Man” Williams and Steve “Stars and Stripes” Rogers, both of whom have been romantically involved with Janet in various verses and both of whom are apparently enjoying the view.

And I don’t know if well packed speedos in the background of a girly pinup is the CREEPIEST THING EVER or the GODDAMN FUNNIEST THING EVER.  That well shaped W bulge is just..


I have made 100 black ribbon pins in memory of Michael Brown (and will hopefully have many more by the end of the week), and I will be giving them out at school when we return from break. They’re attached to bobby pins rather than safety pins so the administration will have absolutely no reason to tell us we can’t wear them. I also encourage everyone to sit through the pledge. I understand some teachers give detention for that, but do it anyways (technically it isn’t legal for teachers to force you to stand). We may not be able to help what is happening in Ferguson, but the least we can do is make a statement

The man on the radio returns to the story about them. He does not know how he knew what he just said, or why he would tell it to you. He is innocent, and kind.

But anyway, this is a story about them. And so you do not care about anyone but them.

They, and their supervisor, are listening with interest to what just happened on the radio. The man who is not tall has taken notes.

“I’ll look into that,” he says. “It is exactly as we suspected,” he does not say. He did not suspect any of that.

“Someone has to be to blame,” the supervisor says again, gesturing this time directly at the blindfolded man.

“I understand completely,” says the man who is not tall.

“Me too,” says the man who is not short, although he does not understand. He usually does not. His partner understands for him, and it all works out OK.

As they leave the warehouse and the supervisor and the piles of wooden crates, the voice on the radio says something about the weather.


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 45 - A Story About Them

“i don’t think ao3 should allow stories with sexualized and normalized abuse! and people getting mad when in fandom are wrong bc abuse is never going to go away if you keep getting mad!”

what the actual fuck. it’s just so juvenile and naive to want to ban any kind of story. there’s a distinct lack of understanding about the function of fiction, honestly. and that second part, i’m paraphrasing what they said, but the wording is accurate. they’ve implied that somehow we have a control over abuse happening and that fanfiction is contributing to it. 

that’s. so fucking wild. anyway, everybody should be allowed to write what they want. that’s it, end of story.