but we understand what happened anyway

jackson puked in front of a fan, fell off a chair and fainted… and, honestly? i am so exhausted. i am so exhausted of waking up with things like “jackson has fever”, “jackson is sick”. he is literally the most important person in my life and it kills me every time something bad happens with him. when will he understand that his health is a priority for us? that we don’t care if he skips an event to take care of himself? that we want him to be okay more than anything? and how this fucking company allowed this to happen to him? regardless of what made him sick, its their job to take care of him and keep him healthy, but, for fuck’s sake, how many times did we complain already about how much they neglect this boy? jackson really needs to fake he’s okay and i wonder if he does this constantly… anyway, it’s heartbreaking the amount of times we use the hashtag “#getwellsoonjackson”, it shouldn’t be like this…

Kagerou Daze Manga - Chapter 48: RED I


Comic GENE 3月 issue (read right to left)
Manga by: Satou Mahiro
Original by: Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)
Character Designs by: Shidu, Wannyanpuu

Disclaimer: Only the scanning of the pages belong to me.

Momo: Hibiya-kun!

Ene: Didn’t you leave with the Fox Eyes-san!?

Hibiya: That…After that something horrible happened…
Please help me, Onee-chan.

Momo: …’kay!

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Seriously thought there was nothing news worthy on this month’s chapter while I was overseas since I heard nothing. Came back and realise Jin still have no chill.

So back in the present after Ayano’s reason on why she and the siblings don’t live together anymore! But after their talk, they realise Momo had snuck out to continue her search for her friend, Hiyori. Soon the remaining Children will realise there was a lie in what they thought they knew and they were tricked. 

Going to try some translation again. Shout out to @fuyuyuu for talking to me with this and explained some parts on what happened. Oh! And I try to scan it in a new way, thinking this way the quality of the scan is better

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bones | 04 (m)

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• pairing: jung hoseok x reader // min yoongi x reader, college! hoseok, college! yoongi
• genre/warnings: angst, smut, friends with benefits
• words: 9,074
→ summary: you were broken from a past relationship, and Hoseok wanted to fix you, but what price was he willing to pay? Would he end up worse off, or would you realise in time, that your best friend was the one…?
• note. inspired by this song here.

  » playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

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Summary: Sam and you went onto a normal hunt, thinking you would nail it without a scratch. Only you ended up with a big gash on your stomach up to your breast. A discussion emerged, leaving a lot of tension between the two of you. A tension that lead to things you might regret in the morning.
Requested by: @charliebradbury1104 and Anonymous

Words: 1774

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader 

Originally posted by spn-mostly

Warnings: bit of dry humping, Smut, Unprotected sex, kind of angry!sex I guess, patching up a wound, angst, pretty much fighting I guess

A/N: Written for Smut Appreciation Day!


“I told you to stay back and wait! Why didn’t you listen?!” Sam asked rather upset as the two of you were on the way back to the motel.

“Gosh Sam, will you stop? I’m fucking fine,” you groaned as you held the wound on your stomach, which was still bleeding but didn’t seem too bad. At least not to you.

But of course, Sam had to make a big deal out of this. He always did and it sure bothered you a lot.

“I won’t stop! You could have died or who knows what!” Sam tried to stay as calm as possible.

“So what? That’s what the life brings! Death is on every corner for us!” you stated before unlocking the door to your motel room and walked in.

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anonymous asked:

Have you seen what the fandom is complaining about recently? I'm talking about Lea and how he "shouldn't be forgiven by Kairi because he doesn't deserve it". What do you think? Honestly, the whole thing is making me sad if not completely upset...

Yes, I’ve been holding my tongue because it really is leaning into the discourse ™ but it’s so gosh dang annoying so I will comment.

1) Lea deserves redemption, and forgiveness. Yes absolutely.

Did Axel do bad shit? Yes. He did. So did most of the other nobodies. But he also attempted to do good shit.

He took a hit from Saix so Kairi could run (Manga). In game helped Sora and apologised thru Sora for hurting Kairi. He has shown already he feels regret for what he’s done.

Lea meanwhile, sought out Isa, his best friend who he essentially disowned as a nobody right away, went and helped mickey while also pledging to use a keyblade. And saved Sora.

He may not be broody like Riku, but Lea is trying his best. The story doesn’t necessarily have to have him fall into a pit of despair to prove it. If anything, that would be even worse.

What I want Lea to show us is he isn’t Axel anymore, and to see him apologize to Kairi just like Sora told him too. Please. (I’ll be furious if it isn’t in game because it’s a big frikkin part of his development. Anyway.)

2) Kairi deserves the right to dislike Lea.

Knowing they’ll end up friends doesn’t mean that won’t happen, but it will be ridiculous if we don’t see it, because it’s another aspect of her character we’ve only seen in tiny bursts. Distrust, anger, forgiveness, understanding. And really, it will be detrimental to the development for both their characters if we don’t see it.


All that being said, I do think them being friends and KNOWING they will be is pretty much the greatest thing since the ffvii remake was announced.

It meanS we get a fucking awesome kickass red heads from radiant garden. And with Lea “too much fucking screen time” memorized around, we’re basically assured to get a hell of alot more Kairi in 3.

I think it’s a good thing for both their characters. Lea will be around someone that knows his shitty past and isn’t going to stand for bs, while Kairi will not only be off the island but with someone that isn’t going to let her get left behind.

The fact their not exactly the closest means we’ll have RIPE OPPORTUNITY FOR CHARQCTER DEVELOPMENT from both of them while they hang out. What class type is kairi? What eyeliner does Lea use? How did he end up a nobody? Does Kairi remember radiant garden? Are they going to get to do their own thing while Sora saves the world’s and Riku goes on a date with mickey??

The possibilities are not only endless, but exciting, and I’m not about to let fandom wank ruin my fun, and neither should you, anon. Take it for what it is and worry about the issues when 3 comes out. Have fun with their possible friendship. It’s what kh is all about.

Just rewatched Room for Ruby and it got me thinking. What the fuck is Navy’s problem?

Like, no, think about it. What she does goes counter to anything else we’ve witnessed in homeworld gems. Seeing Topaz in Stuck Together just proves my point. I’m gonna skim over all the homeworld gems we’ve met to this point, hopefully in order.

Lapis Lazuli- Arguably to first “homeworld” gem we meet, the one that shows Steven the universe is much larger than he first imagined. She’s a remnant of a bygone age, completely unaware of what homeworld has become. She has a strong heart and learns to appreciate Earth and its inhabitants, but it takes a long time for her to reach the point, a lot of starting and stopping, as she laments about in Room for Ruby.

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Too Right To Be Wrong [Chapter 1]

New Series!!! Request by an awesome anon that inspired me to turn it into a series :) hope you guys enjoy!

Series Genre: Angst/Smut/Fluff

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219 or the episode that makes you feel Alive.

Finally I can write about this fantastic, intense, emotional episode which is by far with 215, the best episode of the season. An episode focus on the women of the show, and that’s what Supergirl is. It’s about women. The title is “Alex” but it could have been “Kara”, “Maggie”, “Danvers” or “The Fantastic Four”, 219 was all about them. We finally have Kara/Maggie connection, Maggie as an amazing detective, Sanvers L word’s scene and Lena. It’s the episode I was waiting for.

Now, recap (sorry it’s a long post):

Kara: “She’s my Sister”. Our precious little Danvers. Kara could move every mountain, could cross every galaxy for Alex. 

It’s a fact, this season, we kind of lost Kara, The Danvers Sisters have been sidelined, but 219 is here to remind us that Kara is the Soul, Alex is the Heart, Kara’s Heart. And it feels good, it’s beautiful. Kara and Jonn scene outside the DEO is a tresor… Kara loves Alex so much, Alex is Kara’s world. 

Also, Kara has more development in one episode than during this whole fucking season. Kara learnt that sometimes, having super powers is useless… or if I can say, not enough. Kara Danvers, is the strongest, the most beautiful and inspiring Hero when she is a Super Human Girl (remind me of episode 7 in season 1). I love her.

Alex: “You’re a badass Danvers”. She is. But she’s more than that. Well, she can’t cook but Alex believes in others, she trust the ones she loves, she is sensitive. She loves Kara, she loves Maggie. “I knew you were coming”, she never gave up, she held on, she held on love. The scene at the end when she’s surrounded by Kara and Maggie is everything.

Since season 1 and by what she represents, Alex Danvers is one of the best tv character ever created. Thanks to the Gods, Chyler Leigh is Alex Danvers.

Winn: Winn the little brother. How can you not love him? Winn is family.

James: Ok. James saved Alex twice in 215. 219: Alex is in a fucking water tank and James is on holidays. Why not… Good to know, he’s back in 220.

Jonn: Space Dad. Don’t mess with his girls, Kara, Alex and now Maggie or he’ll be there waiting for you. Jonn for what he represents: the father, the mentor, the safe home, is important. CW don’t mess up.

MonPrince: Ok. Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous and I feel bad for Chris Wood. I watched him recently on V.D and Chris Wood can fucking act. Bonus, as the villain, he’s really good. So, if in season 3, the writers could give him an interesting storyline, something deeper and complex, I would probably stop rolling my eyes when Mon-El is on screen.

Rhea: Rhea is here since 3 episodes and I’m more interested in her development and what she is up to than her son. By the way, Teri as a villain, you are FABULOUS.

Lena: In a record time Lena knew that Rhea is an Alien, but they want us to believe that she still doesn’t know about Kara… What kind of joke is that? 

I hope the writers didn’t decide to turn Lena as a villain by being brainwashed. But, I would love to see her fighting for not falling into the dark side. Anyway, as always, Lena was great in 219.

Karamel: I still dont understand, what kind of relationship is that?

Supercorp: “Brunch next saturday”. Even through the phone they shine together. I’m looking forward for what’s gonna happen next. The connection between Melissa and Katie is amazing.

Sanvers: “A Lifetime of Firsts”. The L word’s scene is just beautiful. Sanvers is love, Sanvers is real. I’m not saying this because Alex survived, we knew she’s gonna survive, it’s more than that. It’s the whole development of their story. It makes you feel and believe that it’s possible to find someone, one day, that will stand by you no matter what happen. “Hold on until I get to you”, in these dark times, hold on to Sanvers. They’re hope.

The Danvers Sisters: “Alex”“Kara”. This episode is full of the Danvers Sisters HeartBeat. Kara can loses control on everything when Alex is in danger, she doesn’t even think, she goes. From “Supergirl is bigger than me” showing us how much Alex believes in her sister to “I’m listenning for her”, which is an important, emotional line because it shows how Kara tries to relax, to find some peace for Alex, because Alex is Kara’s world. Alex held on, Kara held on, They held on.

The Danvers Sisters are the most important relationship of the show.

Kara and Maggie: “We made a pretty good team, didn’t we”. I loved them. I was waiting for an episode with them since 204. Even if it’s late in the season, it was worth to wait.

Kara and Maggie are different, they work in a different way, they don’t share the same opinion, they don’t listen to each other but they have one common point: Their love for Alex.  The scene between Kara and Maggie in the DEO when Maggie tells Kara I have just as much to lose as you”, is the moment where it hit Kara (she’s almost in tears): Love is not a question of how long, love is not a competition, love is love. It’s about what you’re living now, what you feel. Kara didn’t realize that another woman could love Alex as much as her and could fight and give up everything for her until this moment. Kara and Maggie learnt from each other, they learnt to work together, to listen, to share. Maggie was ready to lose her job and Kara understood that with words you can change the day and save the love. The moment she broke the glass is powerful. 

Kara and Maggie teach us that with our differences we should complete each other instead of fighting because Together, We Are Stronger. So yes, Kara and Maggie made a pretty good team and their hug, their smile, at the end are precious and important. Melissa and Floriana were fantastic. I hope we’ll see more of them in the future.

Maggie: “I love you Alex Danvers”. Maggie Sawyer is not just the best character right now in season 2, she’s also the one with the best development. She went from being that tough cop and “See you around Danvers” to that woman who is ready to lose everything to save the person she’s in love with. Maggie Sawyer went through a difficult past, outed and family issues, she had to fight, she had to be strong, she had to hold on to keep going in the life. And one day, on a crime scene, here comes the light in the night. She met Alex, and her world changed again but this time for the best. Maggie Sawyer is life.

The laptop speech’s scene is iconic and the “I got her to be herself” is as important as “We should be who we are” or “You’re real”. Maggie Sawyer is important and iconic. Maggie Sawyer is ready to be happy with Alex Danvers. Let her live a real full, happy life.

Oh and I almost forgot: Gertrude the dog, really Sanvers?


Bts reaction when their s/o parents don’t support her being and idol and treat her bad?

These are probably not that great haha but enjoy!!

[Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to rightful owners]


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(Ignore his crown lol)

It would bother him if anything. It shouldn’t matter if you are an idol or if you were something else your parents should support you. He does understand where your parents are coming from but what matters is that your happy, healthy, and doing what you love and being absolutely great at it. He’s heard the way they speak to, the way they look down at you for being something that they didn’t want but he’s going to let you know that it’s going to be ok and that he’s for. “They hate me,” you mumbled hanging up the phone, but he still heard you. “They don’t hate you y/n,” “yes they do namjoon, did you not just hear what they said to me!” you threw your phone on the bed and you followed after landing on it with a puff. “Why can’t they just be proud of me.” You sounded like you were on the verge of tears and namjoon was quick to come to your aid and hold you in his arms. “Don’t cry baby, it’s ok.” You shook your head and sniffled a bit. “It’s not ok, I’m not ok,” you cried. “I know but it will be, they’ll come around.” He wipes the tear that rolls down your cheek “what if they don’t?” “Then that’s their mistake and I’ll be here for your supporting you like I’ve always been.”


Originally posted by jiminahhh

Knowing that your parents don’t support you because of your choice being an idol would bug him, but when telling him that they treated you badly because of it would really upset him. How does one treat their own child that way and all because the choice you made? It would bug him that you act like you are ok with what they think of you. Jin knows you’re not, ands he’s going to show you that if they won’t support you he will and always had. “Y/n,” he holds your face gently in his hands wiping away the almost dry tear tracks from your cheeks. “What did I do wrong?” “Nothing, you did nothing wrong,” He smiles softly and kisses your head. “But jin,-” “but nothing y/ they need to see that this is what you wanted and that they should be proud of you.” You forced a soft smile that quickly faltered. “I’m here, even if they won’t be.” “What if they never support me?” Jin wouldn’t know what to tell you at first but would hold you close to comfort you more. “Then they’re not very good parents are they?” he half jokes. “Jin,” “I’m sorry I know but its kinda true.” You couldn’t argue with that really, but you didn’t like bad mouthing them, even if they treated you the way they did. “I don’t mean to be mean y/n but you don’t need them if they’re going to be like this towards you.” His head falls on yours and you could feel his arms around you tighten a bit. “You have everyone else to love and support you, you have me.”


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Yoongi understands the feeling. Not having the support you needed, wanted, it really sucks. At this time you would say that your family wasn’t on good terms with, like he was before. Yoongi knows what that’s like to. Despite being treated badly and having your parents support, you tried hard for them. To be happy. To have them be proud. He’s been through it all and understands. He’s grateful for all that he has now, but seeing you struggle little by little because the lack of support from your parents would hurt him. Yoongi sees how hard you work, even for them and he’s going to let you know that they’re lucky to have such a talented child such as you. “I don’t understand yoongi,” a small sigh escaped your lips. ‘‘I know this isn’t what they wanted for me but-” you paused dragging your lower lip between your teeth. “Why can’t they just be there for me?” You let your head fall onto his shoulder and he soon has his arm around you. “Because they don’t understand y/n” You look up at yoongi, “Parents think they know what’s best for you, what makes you happy and a lot of the time they’re right I’ll admit that but there are times you have to prove them wrong.” He look up from his lap and at you with a slanted smile. “You got the talent and the passion for this, show them that even if they don’t come around you can do this without em’ because you us, you have me, and your fans.” You smile fondly at him and peck is lips, “Most importantly me,” he says making you giggle a bit. “Thank you yoongi.”


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Baffled. He’d be absolutely baffled of the fact the you treated like that because of your dreams becoming and idol. Who does that? Are they crazy? Granted he didn’t have support either in the beginning but he was never treated like they didn’t care. They just needed to give it time. Not getting support is something he still doesn’t really understand but being treated badly? Hoseok wouldn’t eve be able to wrap his mind around that. He sees how much this would bug you yet you sometimes put on an act. If anything thing he’s gonna be you’re biggest supporter. He’s already claimed the spot for number one fan so why not. “Y/n I know it sucks but I’m here!” He has that cute grin on his face doing some  odd dance to make you smile. “You know that right?” “I do hobi,” his grin falters to a kinder smile. “Good, I’ll make sure you get the support that you deserve and love to, but not just from me, my family loves you to.” Hoseok sits by you and bring you in close to kiss your cheek. “They’re going to be proud of you I promise, just give it some time.”


Originally posted by park-jimizzle

Jimin would probably be a bit angered knowing that your parents treated you badly. He wouldn’t like the fact that they didn’t give you their support either. That’s something he’ll never understand. Aren’t parents supposed to encourage their young ones and step all over their dreams? What happened to “I love you no matter what?” Or “I believe in you,” stuff like that. Jimin would let it get to him a bit because he cares so much bout yo and would ramble on about how you deserve better. “Who needs them anyway?” he huffs. “Jimin that’s not nice I do.” “Ok I didn’t mean that but still, aren’t you upset about this?” You shrugged a bit “I am but they’re still my parents and I love them. Even if we don’t quite get along at the moment.” You could feel his eyes on you, you knew what he was thinking. “they still shouldn’t have done that to you,” he says quietly. “I know, but I think they’re just scared of what could happen to me, I know they still care.” “So you forgive them?” You shrugged again. You weren’t even sure if this is something to be forgiven or to just be left alone. “Oh well no matter, I’ll love and support you like never before.”


Originally posted by ladymaysworld

Taehyung would be surprised. How can anybody treat you so? Having knowledge of them not supporting you as well would make him sad. Parents are supposed to love you and cheer you on so why don’t they? He knows you care about them but whenever you bring them  up you have this sad look to your face. Taehyung doesn’t to see you upset at the thought of them so he would do anything to have you smile. “Babe, can you look at me please?” His deep voice calls sweetly to as his thumb caresses the top of your hand. “Don’t be so upset, I know it must not be a great feeling but they still love you,” You chew at the inside of your cheek looking down again. “I just want them to be proud,” you pulled yourself up and hugged him. “I know you do, but they still don’t change I’m still going to be your biggest supporter, ok?” you nodded and nuzzled you head in the cook of his neck. “I love you,” “I love you to.”


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This boy here would be utterly lost when you told him about your parents. He’d probably have a hard time believing or understanding the way you’ve been treated. Until he experienced it that is. Let’s just say the video call wasn’t all smiles and laughs. Hearing the way they spoke so harshly at you would have him in shock. Why do you put up with this? How? “I hope you know what they said isn’t true,” Jungkook would sit by you and hold your hand in his. “They don’t mean anything, their words I mean.” You knew he was trying to cheer you up but you couldn’t stop yourself from crying. “But I’m just a disappointment to them.” Jungkook’s eyes widen from your word and tears and hold your face in his hands so you could look at him. “No, no, no you’re not y/n you are not a disappointment.” He tries to calm you but isn’t sure what else to do. “Then why?” “I don’t now,” he says. He really doesn’t, there should be no reason for you to be treated that way. “It’s ok, I’m here.”

Hope you liked it ☺
Much love~💖

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au where everything is the same except nico has his titan's curse personality

so im assuming u mean like the super happy kid ok

  • so instead of getting super angry and running away when bianca dies nico just gets kind of sad for a little while but does actually accept bianca’s death instead of spending a few years trying to get her back
    • except the one problem with that is that nico would probably not go to the underworld to save hazel but we’re gonna ignore that hazel comes back anyway
  • nico also turns out to not be as good of a sword fighter??? like he’s still p great but he never ended up with that great of a teacher, but he learns what he can and ends up teaching some of his own sword classes and basically just learns to enjoy himself
    • my boy actually gets claimed?? like that never happened in the books but he’s claimed and people don’t understand it bc this happy kid is a child of hades??? and people start to treat him differently and then he starts to get a little sad
  • will never treats him differently though and after the titan war they bond over having lost their siblings and they keep each other happy tbh
    • they’re friends, like, super close friends, but then nico leaves for the events of the heroes of olympus and the whole ‘admitting his crush on percy’ thing never happens, but he does admit his crush on will solace instead
  • basically the whole book of blood of olympus where nico just dreams about will the whole time still happens but like he misses will and he’s coming to terms with this crush and thinking about how he’s gonna hide it bc he doesn’t want will to think different of him now bc of some crush
  • so when he and reyna get the parthenos to camp and when nico sees will and friends sneaking around the hill nico and will still bicker with each other but like also,,,, they hug it out?? bc they missed each other and will was worried for nico and nico’s just really happy to see his best friend again???

so basically everything’s the same except nico’s happy with will earlier

thanks for the suggestion, i hope this is what you were looking for!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons!

The Return: Landing


Anyway, I am absolutely dying to see how they’re gonna continue on from this, and I’m gonna fic it, because I don’t have enough WIPs already. This one’s gonna be in little vignettes when I get inspiration, and it’s gonna be focused on Lars and Sadie. 

Over the course of the series, expect angst, fluff, hurt/comfort, larsadie, and HECKA SPOILERS FOR STEVEN UNIVERSE’S ‘WANTED’ SPECIAL EVENT

This fic is mostly the first of those.

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Ash!! Okay so I just saw the video where Andy says he's cleaner because Michonne licks him clean and I'm just in complete shock at how naughty and dirty he was 😂😂 but I don't understand how come he ships Richonne so much, like is it really because story wise it makes sense or is it because of how good Danai looks! Same thing with Norman, he also has commented how he wants Daryl with Michonne, and I always questioned the WHY!!! Anyways I'm happy we got some Richonne love from our captain!

Someone said this press tour happening after 7x12 airing is like a belated bachelor party for Andy/Rick. And it’s so true. 😂

As far as Andy shipping Richonne, I think he does genuinely want what best serves the story and his character, and any unbiased person could see that Michonne is the absolute best partner for Rick. The writing has been heading that way for so many years, I can’t even imagine how he would be rooting for anything else. That said, I’m sure he does find Danai/Michonne attractive, as evidenced by all those (most likely unscripted) looks he’s been giving her for four years. 👀There’s palpable chemistry between them. And it also probably helps that “his mom” ships it, and they’ve been getting fan questions about Richonne since Michonne stepped into the same frame as Rick, lol. Plus, wouldn’t you want your character to be with the best character? Mama Clutterbuck didn’t raise no fool. 😄

Movie idea: two women are stressing over coming out to their family.

One is a woman pushing 50. She’s never been out, scared everyone will be mad and hate her, but tired of living in the closet. Her children are grown, her father (and judgment he would have had) is gone, it’s time. She currently doesn’t have anyone, and her ex-husband is the only person that knows, but she reaches out to her friend group first for support and they set her up on a series of awkward blind dates. There’s a nice moment where she comes out to her mother and her moms like “wow I thought I’d be in a coffin before you were out of that closet.”

The other is a girl in her twenties who went away for college. She grew away from her family (two sisters, one brother - all gone to a state school) and her whole world looks different than what she grew up in. She’s got a pretty good text-message relationship with her dad. But her girlfriend of several years just dumped her. She’s devastated and looking for a change. She goes home, but it’s clear she’s going to have to commit to coming out to them if she’s gonna make this town her home again.

Her sisters and brother find out first (or they already knew, maybe a mix of the two, or maybe baby brother couldn’t keep his mouth shut and our heroine gets to smack him a little.) They are cool with it, of course, because this is a happy movie, and at some point she runs into a high school friend and she has that Adult Gay Realization that “oh those feelings weren’t friendship feelings oh that explains some things” thing. Her sister’s are LIVING. High school crush probably has a brother that dates one of the sisters. Maybe that het couple are getting married. Idk.

Anyway, about this time we learn they are mother and daughter. And we learn they’ve never really connected. Love each other, sure, but never really had a deep relationship. Of course they haven’t, they haven’t opened up to each other, they’ve kept something back.

Of course the ex-husband/father know the ex-wife/daughter are not straight. And he can’t say anything to the other. Or to his other kids who don’t know yet. Basically it’s killing him. His new wife thinks it’s adorable. She’s got kids of her own too. They are that late in life second relationship kind of couple.

I just made a decision that mom has a sister who is stereotypical Wine/Weed Aunt. Never married. Her life is her sisters kids and traveling. Straight, but eh she wouldn’t say no to new things kinda lady in her 50s. She and the daughter always got together before this whole movie started. They bros.

So when mom comes out to Wine Aunt, Wine Aunts like “SWEET” and is the rock it takes for mom to go to pride (where she meets one of her blind dates again and it becomes a thing.

By this point though, okay, by the time the pride parade happens, Everyone Knows about Everyone except mom doesn’t know about daughter and daughter doesn’t know about mom so this whole family is running around trying to keep mom and daughter from running into each other at the parade but simultaneously being supportive of the other family member without them knowing. Of everyone in their family, each other was their biggest worry in coming out to, so they want to do it ~right~ and there are ~plans~ and everyone knows this and is trying to help. It’s a wild good time.

There’s a subplot where dad’s step-son comes out as gay and kinda blows daughter’s thunder for half a scene and the new wife takes a minute to adjust and Dad is like. Listen if this is a problem we need to deal with it right now because if it’s a problem then we’ve got a problem. But it’s only a minute and all is good.


Mom and daughter come out to each other at the same time, but they are so caught up in what’s happening to themselves to realize what happened. They both come out, understand that the other is happy for them, while somehow missing that the other came out to them. One of those “two different conversations” shticks.

Family groans again. The journey is not over.

But at this point all I know is the dad is named “Harold” and mom is played by Jodi Foster and daughter is played by Kristen Stewart. Everyone has a happy ending, there’s two love stories in there: one with the mom having the life for the first time, the other with the daughter rediscovering a high school relationship. But ultimately the real relationship focus would be the mother/daughter relationship that has been struggling but then finds footing in that they are both into ladies. And the absolute fear in the realization you have the same taste in women. Feel free to cast everyone else as you see fit.

I used to work at a pizza place, and we sold cheese sticks, as most pizza places do. But we call the fried mozzarella cheese sticks AND our breadsticks with cheese on top cheese sticks. And both of them are on our menu under appetizers. I bet you can guess where this is going?

A guy came in and ordered cheese sticks with his order. Normally I remembered to ask if they want fried mozzarella or breadsticks with cheese, but I just forgot this time. The guy leaves and comes back because I put down breadsticks with cheese cheese sticks and he wanted mozzarella cheese sticks. I apologize profusely and explained that we call both cheese sticks and I offered to make the fried cheese sticks immediately.

He wants to talk to a manager. He literally spent another 2 or 3 minutes telling her the story, and she said and did exactly what I said and did; apologize, explain the confusion, offer the right thing. He said that he pointed to the picture on the menu, but I was typing on the screen I wasn’t looking at him. I have no idea what the dude wanted because he just kept complaining? All we can do is make the right thing or refund you or give you a credit. As soon as he started talking to my manager, I went and made the fried cheese sticks anyway, so I went and plopped them on the counter in the middle of his rant and went back to folding boxes.

Why don’t customers understand that mistakes happen and it’s not the end of the world if your cheese sticks weren’t the right kind? You’ll live, unfortunately.

Chlonath Week 2017 Day 1: Bickering/Flirting  “Just Maybe”

Look who’s late to the party… :’)

This wasn’t going to be uploaded until my last exam ended, but I found some time and uploaded it today. Hope you’ll like it!

She’s a horrible human being, and as far as he was concerned, they shared nothing but bad memories together. Nothing good ever came from her presence, so why did this happen? How did it happen?

What could’ve possibly caused this? They barely spent anytime together, and any time spent together was mostly spent fighting.


You’re in my way. Move, Red.”

“Chloé, the hall is huge. You can walk on the other side.”

“You’re still in my way, Red.”

“Stop calling me that.”


He ended up moving after a second. There was no reason to waste time having pointless fights with Chloé.

Maybe all the time spent with her wasn’t that bad.They had their moments.


It had been a long weekend and Nathanaël was thankful to be bad at school. Not that he enjoyed it, but it was better to be at school than at home with a fever. Hell, what’s the point of being away from school if he still couldn’t draw? He’d rather argue with Chloé.

He thought too soon. She started walking towards him with a determined look on her face.

“Hey Red, it’s not like I care or anything, cause I don’t, but you weren’t here yesterday or on Friday. So I had Sabrina copy these notes for you. But like I said, it’s not like I even care or something, I really don’t.”

Nathanaël couldn’t help but smile a bit at how flustered the blonde had looked while she handed him the notes. This was a new look for Chloé and he was enjoying it, perhaps a little too much. “Thank you, Chloé.”

“Don’t expect this to happen often. I only did this cause you’re cute- I meant because you don’t have an acute understanding of what we did in class since you weren’t here and all. That’s why I brought the notes for you, so you can have an acute understanding of what we did in class.”

He thanked his lucky stars he was still slightly flushed from being sick all weekend. Well, maybe he was still sick. He wasn’t really feeling that well this morning. He couldn’t have heard that right, could he?

“Anyways, I have to go somewhere, but don’t make me- I meant… Whatever, just be here. It’s no fun to argue with Maricrap anymore.”


She could be kind of sweet, in her own way, when she wasn’t being shallow and insensitive. She was actually kind of nice, kind of. She’s not really as bad as she makes herself look.


Look Chloé, I already told you; the hallway is wide enough for hundreds of people. It’s empty now, there’s definitely space enough for the both of us.”

“What’s the problem? Maybe I just like your space, Red.”

Nathanaël thanked his hair that day. It was his shield so Chloé couldn’t see exactly what his face was, red. “Stop calling me that.”


She was a little-or a lot sassy. She says the first thing that comes to mind. She has zero filter and zero chill. She had more pride than a peacock and an ego twice the size of the sun. And she may not act like it, but maybe she had a heart of gold.


Nathanaël? Nathanaël! Are you okay? What happened?” Concern laced her voice as she ran towards him.

“It’s nothing Chloé, I’m fine.”

“Fine? Are you kidding me? Then why are you holding your hand like that? Let me see that?” He held out his hand for her to see. Chloé Bourgeois was not one to take ‘no’ in any fashion or form for an answer. “Right, you’re fine. Fine my ass! That’s a lot of blood for someone who’s "fine.” What happened?“ She used her hand kerchief to temporarily bandage the wound.

"It’s nothing Ladybug can’t fix, really. The akuma had my sketchbook. I had some important sketches in there. I had to try to get it back…”

“Ugh! Stupid Red! I told you not to do that again, didn’t I?”

“You never told me anything Chlo.”

“Yes I did! I told you not make me worry.”


Maybe she wouldn’t have been his first choice, and maybe a little hard around the edges. Maybe they were complete opposites, maybe they were always at it with each other and maybe he thought she was kind of cute. But maybe he had a thing for her.

Just maybe, Nathanaël Kurtzburg had a crush on Chloé Bourgeois.

I Am An Alpha Ch 5: She Comes With Directions

Sehun’s POV

I stare down at my mate, my mate, as she wraps herself around that mutt I captured. Anger and jealousy boil in my chest, why is she holding him? We are her mates! She should be running into my arms so I can finally breath in that delicious scent I know is from her. There is traces of it in the air but it’s coming from the mutt and that makes me even more angry. She marked him, how could she mark another with that sweet vanilla scent of hers? That is meant for us and our pups. I can’t hold in the growl rumbling in my chest and neither can any of my hyungs.

She looks up at us with her fangs bared and I stop. My heart clenches before my wolf rears it’s stubborn head and I return the action. How dare she growl at us because of that mutt. I want to rip that disgusting mutt to pieces, I should have killed him in the forest and went after her than and there. I’m still mad at myself for grabbing him instead of her, we could have avoided this whole thing. My blood boils at the sight of him grabbing her face and forcing her to look at him and only him. He is whispering stuff to her and I see her body slowly relaxing into his embrace. That should be me.

Her pack comes running out of the forest toward her and soon my hyungs and I are racing to them ready to tear them a part but one of her pack members beat us there. It’s the one she is always hiding behind, he blocks us from our mate, teeth bared, claws out, ready to attack.

“Out of the way!” Kris commands but the man doesn’t budge.

“You cannot separate them right now,” He advises us.

“Why the hell not?” Baekhyun snaps this time.

“She will not go to anyone until she wakes up. This always happens after a panic attack, she will only go to me or Jungkook.”

Kris scoffs, “Move, I will get my mate and you will leave before I stop being nice and slaughter you all.” He pushes the tall man out of the way to reach her. I watch as my hyung places a hand on her back only to receive a fierce growl from our sleeping mate. He pauses for a moment before trying again, this time quicker, he slides his hands on to her stomach and pulls at her gently and gets the same response this time with a few little whimpers when he pulled harder.

“Get your hands off her,” One of her members barks pushing Kris away. “If you want her to be okay, you will leave her alone until she wakes up.”

“You can not tell me how to take care of my mate!” Tao snarls.

“Everyone please calm down,” Their leader says calmly but sternly mostly to his own men. “We can’t just expect them to understand how big of a deal this is for her, they don’t know anything about her.”

“She is our mate,” Kai reminds them harshly.

“And what do you know about her beyond that? Do you even know what happened to her just now? Or anything that has happened in her life?” Hoseok questions.

“We haven’t even had the chance to have a conversation with her yet, we shouldn’t be expected to know everything about her right away,” Lay reasons in a soft but strong tone.

Their leader nods in understanding, “There are some things you should know before you try to just dive into this with her, is there anyway we can explain some things to you?”

Kai shakes his head, “We can take care of her ourselves.”

“We will take what ever advise you can give us,” Lay answers flashing Kai a terrifying glare that has me backing down.

“Hyung, are you really going to listen to these guys when they are just trying to run off with her?” Baekhyun scoffs.

“Baekhyun hyung is right, they may trick us,” Tao agrees.

The leader shakes his head, “This is no trick, Insoo has had an interesting life and so she has to be handled with a certain amount of care. She isn’t like any normal omega incase you can’t tell.”

Kris nods, “She with stood the force of all of our dominance for a long time, many can barely handle one of us for more than a few seconds.” We watch him struggle with a internal debate before running his hand threw his hair and letting out a sigh, “You can come in, but only to explain.”

“Of course, we just want to make sure we are leaving her some place safe.”

None of us say anything as they help their pup stand up with our sleeping mate his arms. It was a bit satisfying though when one of them touched her and she has the same reaction that she had to Kris. We lead the way past the glass double doors into one of our sitting rooms. There is a massive couch that was made to fit all of us but it is not big enough for me to be far enough away from those mutts, which leaves me standing against the wall along with Kai and Tao. Lay is sitting on the far edge of the couch away from where the strangers sit with Baekhyun next to him. Kris is standing in the middle of the room looming over the strangers as the pup settles deep into the couch while the others are sitting on the edge. We are going to have to clean the whole thing to get their scent out of here.

“Now please explain what happened to our mate,” Lay says politely.

“She had a panic attack,” The leader, Namjoon responds. “She has them every once a while but this is her second one in two days and that has never happened before.”

“Why does she have them?” Baek wonders.

The second in command answers this one, “Usually it’s because of something that reminds her of something brutal that happened in our past. But these ones are most likely from the stress of meeting you guys.”

“I’m very curious what kind of past she has,” Kris sighs as he begins to pace, never taking his eyes off our mate. “What were you doing in that village that night? The blood red army was there, were you residence of that village who happened to escape?”

The group shares a look before letting the second continue to answer, “We were actually scouts for the blood red army.”

“What?” We all basically yell.

“They were the most brutal army in history, they have slaughtered thousands of innocent people and those they didn’t were forced to be sex slaves or soldiers,” Kris tells us.

Namjoon nods, “That was us.”

“What about our mate?” I choke out. It is a hard question to get out when I’m horrified of the answer. We are all on edge as we wait for one of them to say something.

“She was with us, that is why we call her hyung, she has spent her whole life as a boy,” One of the younger ones say.

I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding, “For how long?”

“About seventy years with the army before you guys wiped them out but she was so used to it that she didn’t want to go back to being a normal girl. That is one of the things I really want you explain to you,” The second glances at our mate with a soft gaze. “She is not a normal omega you are going to have to realize that you can not treat her like one.”

“What do you mean? You want us to act as if she is an alpha?” Kai scoffs.

“Yes I do. Because in her mind she is an alpha and if you want her not to run away within the first two days you can’t treat her like a fragile omega. She has been through wars and dealt with some horrible things, she is a warrior. If you are affectionate with her you should know that she will not respond properly right away. She hasn’t received kindness from anyone but us so having it come from someone else is going to be different.”

“How many of there are you?” Another asks.

“Twelve,” Kris answers.

The man’s eyes go wide, “And all of you are her mates?”

We nod but Kris responds, “We are assuming so. The little whiffs we are getting from the pup confirm that the six of us are.”

“If I can suggest something,” The second interjects.

“Might as well, I’m not really sure how to handle something like this,” Kris admits. He’s right, none of us are built to deal with stuff like this. We had always assumed our mate would appear and be a sweet, normal little omega that would be the perfect little mate but now I’m not so sure what fate has in store for us anymore. The more we learn about her the more frightened I become, what if I can’t take care of her? She has been through so much for an omega, and from what I’ve noticed she needs a lot of care.

“When are the others coming back?”


“When they come back, introduce her to them one by one, all of them at once will be way too much for her and without us here I don’t know how she will react. For tonight, after we leave have her spend time with just one of you so she can have a solid connection with at least one of you.”

Kris cocks a brow at him, “Why just one of us?”

“It gives her someone to lean on, someone solid for her to go to if she feels overwhelmed. When she feels that way or scared she likes to hide her face in your neck so she can get better access to your scent. That is what usually calms her down.”

Baekhyun snickers, “Who should it be?”

“Obviously me, as head alpha I can protect her the best,” Kris snaps.

The second quickly shakes his head, “Anyone but you.”


“Because she associates your scent right now with the day you tackled her and bit me and she gets really scared when the memory pops us, if I had to pick someone it would probably be this new one,” He points to Lay.

“Why him?” Baekhyun, Tao, Kai and I all demand together.

He rolls his eyes at us, “Because when she thinks of the first time she caught your scent she will think of you threatening to slaughter us and kidnapping her favorite pup. This guy so far has no bad connection to his scent. He is probably our safest bet.”

Kris sighs and runs his hand threw his hair once again, “Any thing else you need to tell us or any other suggestions?”

“Actually yes,” Namjoon buts in, “I would like to suggest visitation, cutting off all connection with her will be stressful for her and my pack.”

Kai is quick to shut that idea down, “You’ve got to be kidding me, absolutely not.”

“Kai,” Kris warns.

“You can’t seriously be considering this, they are just going to take her away. What in the world would make you think this is a good idea?”

“The fact that our mate basically needs directions to take care of her. She is not a stable person, she will need all the stability she can get to get used to living with us. I do not want her hating us for cutting off her pack. As head alpha I’m okaying this. You will have one hour with her every day until I know she is used to all of us. There is a cabin you guys can stay at in the southern corner of our property until then, after that you are gone, got it?”

“Got it.”