but we should not wait for our fortune to comes to us

A little update

Well, I’ve been busy, busy, busy with work and fun and neglected the Tumblr community somewhat. So, a quick update on my comings and goings.

My hubby and I have been fortunate to have a series of great meets recently, culminating in meeting a lovely girl the other night. She certainly gave me a run for my money in the kinky/filthy stakes. She’s into being choked, spanked and other bdsm-type shenanigans but in our meet, we started with just my hubby and us at a club. He was more than happy to have us both to himself. After he had cum, she decided that she and I should ‘service’ some of the men in the club - cue her rounding up half-a-dozen guys who she then encouraged to give us a rather naughty bukkake. We were total sluts that night…..! (much like the two sluts in this pic)

Can’t wait to meet her again :)