but we need to know this

say what you will about the loz manga but i think we can all agree that the best adaptation that conveys what the canon scene is like within the whole series is when Link needs a canon for Linebeck’s ship in Phantom Hourglass and Eddo’s acting like “it’s expensive af kid, i don’t wanna cause you a heart attack upon telling you the amount” and then goes on to say “IT’S 50 RUPEES YOU GOT THAT MUCH??” flapping his casted arm like a bird

and then Link’s all “‘50 RUPEES’ ????” because we all know that’s jack shit and a freaking steal but then Linebeck’s like “shit that’s expensive” even tho it’s fucking not and then Eddo’s all “i’ll give it to you for free if you really convince me that you want it”

HOLY SHIT! FOR FREE?? THAT’S EVEN MORE OF A STEAL. IN FACT IT IS A STEAL! And so Link (you, the player) starts declaring in a firm voice that you want that canon but Eddo’s laughing at your lame attempts and so you gradually get louder and louder until you look like a fool screaming into your DS microphone with a mouth big enough for a motherfucking honeycomb

until you’ve caused mass destruction in order to get an item that will only allow you to cause even more mass destruction

just for you to pass out from yelling so loudly but you finally get the damn canon for free

I really wish D had not told me he had written to FritoLay. Not once, but twice. To complain about all dressed potato chips, and how he first felt so happy seeing them after moving to the states but was bitterly disappointed. They should be so flavorful that the first one makes you cough. “This is not ‘Canada’s favourite potato chip,’” he quoted to me, definitely pronouncing favorite with a U, still as incensed as I imagine him the day he wrote. And then on the day when he replied to the reply. We were walking back from the grocery store, bag of Ruffles all dressed chips in hand, newly hopeful about the future.

Why the hell are they having Emma jumping right to “I have to move on”?! As if this story isn’t fucked up enough, we need this nonsense. She better find out Gideon did something to the Nautilus before the end of next week’s ep if Killian isn’t back by the end. After everything they’ve been through she HAS to know he would never abandon her!

WTF, writers?!


I didn’t talk about the Country of Fog here but apparently that was a mistake because GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. 

Sadly this isn’t actually a surprise, because a couple of people accidentally spoiled me on this months and months ago, but I think we can all agree that on the grand scale of things this is a very small and inconsequential spoiler and it could have been much worse. 



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So this guy and I have been seeing each other for a while. My mom doesn't know but she knows him. Anyhoos today we met up with each other to chill. The only thing that chilled were my clothes which we off pretty soon. We grinded on each other and make out a lot. I got pretty hot and heavy. He even ate me out twice even though I didn't want him to at first. And now I'm here just sitting having a play by play of what happened and getting soaked all over again... Sigh... It needs to happen again


Kaia sat in the Boss’s office, the moment Andrea had text her to tell her they needed to meet Kaia knew she wasn’t going to like the discussion. 

Andrea: “So,Kaia as you know, you’re one of my best… and i wouldn’t be asking you if it wasn’t for the fact that the client is really high maintenance and we need to send our best out… so here goes…. 

Rebecca Hayes needs a PR consultant to help her change how she is currently perceived, she’s getting into different things and wants to change her image. Like i said i wouldn’t normally ask you Kai but i need you to be the one to go.”

Kaia listened. Of course she knew who Rebecca Hayes was, Fashion Model and Simstagram famous, who in the PR world didn’t know… 

Kaia: “Andrea… she lives in San Myshuno. You know I can’t just pack up and move to San Myshuno… that’s out of the Question.”

Andrea: “Kaia please. I am begging you, i know your issue and i can tell you that we have an apartment all ready for you… all you need to do is go there, it won’t be forever a year max.” 

Kaia thought about this… could she move to San Myshuno… she needed more time to think.

Clexakru, do you read a story and groan because the writer set up something important in chapter one and never addressed it again? Do you twitch every time a character changes personality every paragraph? Are you a “sees the whole forest rather than each of the trees” kind of reader?

If yes, we need you. Rikleimt is looking for experienced Structural Editors. As a structural editor, you should be able to present constructive criticism in a way that would not discourage or demotivate a writer. You would look at the way the story flows; the character motivations; making sure characters stay in character; logistics of the story; style issues; ensuring information is consistent with Rikleimt canon.  

We are also looking for those amazing peeps that know Web Design to help make an absolutely incredible website so everyone can enjoy our work in all its free glory.

We are looking for artists who primarily work with digital media. If you enjoy creating environments, clothing design, know basic thumbnailing, can work to deadlines, and can handle constructive criticism, concept art is the team for you! Scene design is also looking for helping hands who have experience in line art or digital painting!

However, if instead your thing is creating music, working out technical issues or just want to help make posts like this one, just click those lines and show us what you got.

Because we have an amazing world to work with and can’t possibly fit all of it in our episodes, we have the side stories team.

And if you know French, Dutch, German or Portuguese (BR or PT separately) we can make this a truly global project for all of Clexakru.

If you feel like any of these jobs is for you, fill out those forms and join us as we strive to make things right by all of Clexakru.

Ps: it usually takes two weeks for the application approval and invitation so just hang tight. If after two weeks you don’t hear from us, check your spam folder or send us an email.

art by @jay-jay-jaay

Alfred: Working out is so hard. Like, we need our rest more than even working. It’s like 45% actual work and 65% rest.

*Ludwig and Arthur exchange a look.*

Arthur: That so? 

Alfred *realizing what he just said*: For… uh, ya know… 110% effort… 

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Hey don't you think the "I need to move on" in the 6x15 promo has been edited so that it sounds like she's saying that but in reality it's from two separate sentences? When you listen to it, it looks like it might be that. Because it would be a weird thing for her to say, even after what happened in last night's episode... Well we'll have to wait until next Sunday to know of course, but I was wondering if I was the only one thinking that haha. (I love your Tumblr btw :3)

Yes, I do think it’s two sentences put together. Maybe she’s saying Killian was having a hard time trying to move on from his past? I mean, don’t quote me, because she really could be saying I need to move on. But something tells me that it isn’t really as it sounds. We will see! I’m trying not to worry because I DO know it ends okay. We just gotta get there. Deep breaths. WOO SAHH HELP. OK. I’m okay. lol And thank you so much! xo

welp people be leaving left and right, I hope this is what you wanted??? abusing people doesn’t make them want to be part of your community. I mean even I’ve considered deleting in the last few weeks because tumblr in general is toxic, but every school of feminist thought’s microcosm ends up imploding because people are always so so mean. you KNOW better, but calling people out and feeling righteous feels too good. LISTEN to your better nature telling you to stop. everyone has it in them. and you NEED to do it now. we’re already so hated by wider society and we will never accomplish a goddamn thing if our own community is fractured. people are getting tired of liberal feminism and there is no established alternative community ready to welcome them. it’s pathetic. 

Gosh I’m just watching the scene with Snow and Killian again…and I just want to cry. I wish the show was more consistent and had scenes of this quality throughout every episode because this one was so moving. The way it was shot, Snow hugging Killian and affirming him, Colin’s devastating ability to show every nuance and layer of Killian’s emotions and thought process, and the decision he comes to after hearing one word: home. And in that moment he knows he can’t leave–that being the better man means going back and dealing with his demons with the woman he loves by his side.

I feel like we were gifted Colin when he stepped into this role because his acting never fails to reach right into my heart and tug hard. Cheesy as hell, but it’s true. We were gifted him, and Jen, and this love story, and even though me and the show are touch-and-go, I need to see these two get their happy ending. They’ve more than earned it.

As for the “I need to move on” line Emma says in the promo, guys, she’s fooling herself. We know, and she knows, there’s no getting over the love she has for Hook. She’s trying to convince herself but we can all see how distraught she is in the other shots in the promo. It’s a normal thing to do when you’re going through a hard time to be like “i’ve got this, i’m ok, i’ll be fine”, even though you know you’re not. So don’t worry about it ;)


Oh, Davina Claire. You know, I used to respect them. The Ancestors.
The more and more I watched them, the more I saw them just using people for their own needs.
Then, when they’re done, they just… toss them aside. Like they’re trash.
And if you disobey ‘em? Whoa, right? If we disobey 'em, then they’re gonna shun us. If we disobey them, then they’re gonna cripple us!
They’re gonna kill us!

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Since we're not the boys first kiss, Who exactly were their first kiss?? Like was their first kiss from someone they needed energy from or someone they once saw as a potential love interest?

They didn’t know about love until they came to the human world.

So their first kisses were simply passes of energy from servants or strangers who let them take it.

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I think Lena's canonically the smartes human being in earth 38 BUT she doesn't know, because Lillian never let her believe it. She always put her down and told her how she would never even be close enough to be as smart as lex so we probably haven't seen any of her potential yet

she’s too busy making kara scrapbooks smh…lesbian genius needs to hop on that smart shit amiright

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Honestly I don't know what I would do w/o you bc I do want Shiros entire arm up my ass and NOoNe understands like you do. I want his arm up KeiThs and MY ass it's a NEED

welcome to Hungry for Shiro Anonymous, we meet every day and all throughout the day, bring your own utensils

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HI there! Can we get a Mulan au, please? Where the reader is Mulan and one of the guys is Shang? If you can do this it would be great, but if you can't that's fine! Oh, and I hope that you are getting enough rest. You need it to balance out all your dedicated time and work that you put into this blog! :)

You KNOW I gotta pick Jackson as Shang. It’s just…non-negotiable <3 And thank you for your concerns, but please don’t worry about me! This blog is my main source of relaxation and de-stressing so when I’m NOT active on it when you should be worried ;) <3 

“What kind of man are you?” Jackson shouted, looking at you with disappointment which made your stomach churn with guilt at your inability to be a warrior; “Pull yourself together otherwise we’ll never be able to defeat the Huns,” he said as he shoved a stick into your arms and walked away to help another soldier.

You watched him walk away and you sighed and as you looked at all of the soldiers around you practicing their skills; “I’m not a man at all,” you mumbled to yourself, wondering whether you had made the right decision in joining the army at all.

However, when your gaze drifted back to Jackson, you could see him standing tall and poised, doing everything he could to train the soldiers in order to create the most effective army that he could; this made you clench your fists and remember all of the reasons you had left home, and as you stood up proudly, you vowed that you would not give up until you were able to be the man you needed to be in order to protect the people that you loved. 

Give me a pairing, an AU, and I will write a three-sentence fic~