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Yeah, Roman baths (and the romans themselves, hell most pagans) were super open to homosexuality. I'm just thinking about Percy, raised in a toxically male Gabe, just going into a Roman bath and being floored that there's just a whole bunch of naked dudes getting rubbed down with oil and perfume and wrestling and working out and soaking in the tub. It's just CULTURE SHOCK

i meant to post the first one publicly too but i guess better to accidentally answer privately than accidentally answer publicly alskdjfk;a


the greeks too?? like u know these cultures all had their own problems (we could rlly go on and on about everything they fucked up) but like yah in terms of same gender attraction…..they were definitely Quite sexually liberated

i think it’s rlly interesting to think about the demigods in general because like their gods are pretty much all either trans or bi…it must be like utopia for demigods who already knew they were lgbt, and i’ll bet there’s a lot of Realizations for kids who didn’t know simply bc it’s just such like a visible and accepted thing

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Regarding Mofftiss lying about Mary or if theyre telling the truth I think one way to pick up when they lie about anything is if they do a complete 180 on things they said before. The Mary BS is too OTT, the shift is too abrupt for them not to be lying. To me, anyway. I kno s4 surprised us but I really doubt s5 would have Mary flashbacks. Well at least of her being good ;)

(referencing this post)

LOL, funnily enough, I actually wrote, pre-S4, how to tell when everyone is lying, as they’ve had a familiar pattern up until recently…. I suppose it wouldn’t have changed in just a few months, heh. 

No, I don’t think Mary’s gone for good… I mean… look at Moriarty, we STILL get him every season and he’s supposedly dead. Irene was in ONE FUCKING EPISODE and she shows up once a season in some form or another. So no, I think Mary will come back some way or another, especially if she’s really not dead like many speculate. Flashbacks / memories for sure if she’s not, if only to “prove a plot point” / “serve a purpose”, like Irene’s constant annoying-but-necessary presence does.

Considering I think Mary is actually the true big bad, I definitely think she’s returning again in S5.

I like to think that Rita Skeeter totally lost whatever renown she had after the war and so Harry and Ginny and the others like to pick up her stories for fun without worrying about the effect it’ll have on their image? Like Harry just idly turns a page every morning and goes, “Oh, we’re getting a divorce.”
And Ginny yawns as she fetches two coffee mugs and says, “Is it because I’m snogging Neville?”
“No,” says Harry, “it’s because I’m snogging Neville.”
And Ginny slams down her mug and says, “Goddamnit, Harry, let me have my affair in peace, would you?”

Chapter 11 Clarifications

I think at this point, everyone understands that when Noctis sees Ardyn on the train and attacks “Ardyn”, he’s actually attacking Prompto. The bait and switch that makes the chapter interesting. Something I think a lot of people didn’t catch is that you don’t save the train with Prompto, you save it with Ardyn.

Here we have Prompto, getting attacked by Noctis after Ardyn’s bait-n-switch.

Shortly after, Noct falls unconscious, but when he wakes up, Prompto is there. Initially I had the assumption that Prompto had just reverted back to his normal appearance, but this isn’t the case. 

We know that this isn’t Prompto, first there’s a few queues in the lines that follow

While I can’t include Audio in this post directly, this is the first line he delivers that is both oddly formal in phrasing and tone. Robbie Daymond does a great job of changing his annunciation for this line, and sounding much more formal. (audio)

Next suspect lines are during the battle… these changes are subtle, but they differ from Prompto’s character in some interesting ways. 

First of all, what an interesting battle to introduce an ENTIRELY NEW Battle banter that we’ve never heard before, and never hear again. If you listen throughout the battle, you won’t notice any of his normal battle banter, at least not nearly as much. All the dialogue that really remain the same are his techniques

Second, we’ve always known Prompto to be a little bit timid in battle, though he’s brave when the time is right. However, Prompto has never been one to be overconfident, and he’s never been one to joke about the prospect of death. If you listen to the way these lines are delivered in english, they’re entirely nonchalant– not delivered in his usual anxious sarcasm. 



Finally as far as damning banter goes... “Prompto” forgetting about guns for a second. (audio)

Finally, the definitive thing, they are switched in this sequence, proving that Ardyn can take Prompto’s form just as he can make Prompto take his. 

So… that battle adds a little weight to this line.


Watch: This video of a woman’s racist rant at a shopping center shows how easy it is to be harassed just about anywhere if you’re not white

In a now-deleted Facebook post, user Renee Buckner shared the video and described the scene. "I had to get back on FB, to expose this racism in America/Louisville,“ she said in the post, which was picked up by local and national media outlets. "If we ignore it, it will never go away." 

Gifs: Renee Buckner


With You

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Genre: fluff

Words: 1313

Summary: Daryl comes home to find you asleep on the couch. He thinks about his future–his future, with you. 

Notes: this takes place around the time Daryl gets the job from Aaron! i didn’t really edit this, but i just found it and thought that it was worth to post. i think we could all use some fluffy Daryl, especially after last week’s episode. enjoy. 

*credit to owner of the gif below*

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The last fanart I reblogged just reminded me.  I used to type up little “fun facts” about W2H and then save them as drafts and never get around to posting them, haha.  But since that jogged my memory, I’ll indulge in one!

So the line “I’d kill my parents too if they named me Sock” was not only written by Neil, but it was also his audition for Mephistopheles.  

Welcome to Hell in it’s current animated form started life as a project in a film class I took in junior year, where we had to put together an animatic.  Most of the class was animation students, and a lot of us used that opportunity to get a head start on the idea we’d eventually work into our graduation film.  

When I presented my animatic to the class, it didn’t have any sound or official dialogue yet, I was basically just pitching the story beats.  After class Neil came up to me and asked if I needed a voice for the devil character, and volunteered himself.  He rattled off that line, “yeahaha, well, I’d kill my parents too if they named me Sock”.  

And I just remember being so excited and baffled.  Like that feeling when someone tells you they like your characters?  Like that, but doubled, because it was someone who really wanted to bring something to the table and help me develop it, without me even asking.  That wasn’t AT ALL what I had in mind for Mephistopheles’ voice, but I just thought it was so funny and fitting, and he was so enthusiastic about doing it, that it was like… okay, yeah, yeah, that’s perfect.  You got the job dude.  The rest is history!

Klance Headcanons

As promised to Anon :)

  • I LIVE for Keith trying to make a move and Lance just Not Getting It 
    • “Lance, what would you do if you had a serious crush on someone?” “Well, I think I’d just be straight up about it. Just say, ‘hey, I have a crush on you. Do you think we could make this work?’” “Hey, I have a crush on you. Do you think we can make this work?” *slapping Keith on the back* “Yeah, exactly like that! So who do you have a crush on, dude?” “I can’t with you right now”
  • Trying to be Lowkey about them dating and failing miserably
    • “Lance, do you know why Keith upset?” “Why would you ask me? It’s not like he’s my boyfriend or anything! We’re not even friends! He’s my rival! He’s-” “I asked you because we’re going around the table and asking everyone if they know why Keith is upset.” “Oh.”
    • *Keith and Lance emerge from Lance’s room, hair and clothes mussed* “What were you two-” “WE WERE BAKING BROWNIES” “…..in Lance’s bedroom” “…….yes”
  • One day they’re doing their whole “we hate each other no really we do” routine and Pidge is Done and just goes “we saw you two kissing. You’re really gay. We get it. We don’t give a shit, but you should know, just for the record, that you aren’t slick and frankly I had bet that you two would make out about a week earlier than you did, so now I owe Hunk twenty bucks and I’m upset about it”
  • Horrible flirting during battle
    • “Keith, use out your sword!” “Oh I’d let Keith use his sword on me any day” *collective groaning and gagging*
  • Teaching each other little bits and phrases in their native language, and them repeating it back to each other over and over again until Lance can say “I love you” perfectly in Korean and Keith can say it perfectly in Spanish
  • “Pidge, let me tell you a thing or two about relationships” “Lance you have been dating Keith for about two weeks and he has threatened to dump you twelve times so literally shut the fuck up”
  • The entire team acts like they hate how lovey dovey they are, but really Hunk and Coran help Keith make cakes for Lance on anniversaries and Allura and Pidge always offer to help Lance make Keith little gifts and Shiro is a full time couples counselor and would do anything to keep the lovebirds relationship thriving
  • Fighting over stupid ass things
    • “You asked me if I was team Instinct, Keith. Instinct.” “So?” “So? So??? CLEARLY I am team VALOR jesus christ I can’t even look at you right now”
  • Lance endlessly comparing them to couples in pop culture
    • “He’s the Jay Z to my Beyonce, the Juliet O’Hara to my Shawn Spencer, the Aang to my Katara, the Miranda Lambert to my Blake Shelton-” “Wait, didn’t they get a divorce?” “Pidge I swear to fucking god”
  • Lance loves making Keith blush. Loves. It. Will do it as much as possible. It is his main source of joy in life.
  • “My type is a man who could kick my ass” -Lance probably

Alright this is getting long so I’m gonna end it here! I hope this is what you were looking for, Anon!

Yes, Love?

I don’t normally do these, but a friend had a bad day and asked for someone to write some fluff, so I took up the challenge. It’s just easier to post it on Tumblr than trying to somehow get it all in Discord, lol.

“Can we have RFA + the minor trio reaction to when calling for MC , and they replied “Yes love?” for the first time . bonus :if it’s in their native (different) language”


  • He was in the kitchen making breakfast because he insisted he would do it all on his own
  • You decided to wait on the couch since Lisa was hogging your lap
  • You heard him call your name, but you didn’t want to disturb the sleeping kitty
  • “Yes, love?” you responded
  • You couldn’t hear anything from the kitchen, so you thought he didn’t hear you
  • “Yoosung?” You called again
  • His red face poked around the corner, and he seemed a little out of breath
  • “Wait, wh-what did you say? The first time?”
  • So he did hear you
  • “I said ‘Yes, love?'” You petted Lisa gently. “I didn’t want to disturb her.”
  • Yoosung finally came out from behind the corner and boy was he fidgeting
  • “I – I just wanted to, uh, ask what you wanted with the omurice…”
  • He came closer to pet Lisa behind her ears, obviously trying to find something to say
  • “Just a kiss, Yoosung. The rest is up to you.”
  • He straightens up a bit and smiles before pecking you on the lips and running back in the kitchen, his face still beet red
  • what a cutie


  • You’d spent the night at his place, and you were still half-asleep while he got up for the day
  • He was in the bathroom and called out something, but you couldn’t hear what
  • “Yes, love?” You rolled over, trying to look over at the bathroom without actually getting up
  • You heard something crash and Zen nearly sprinted out of the bathroom
  • Before you could even squeak you found yourself swept up in his arms
  • “Zen?!” You saw something burning in those lovely red eyes of his
  • “I was going to ask if you wanted to shower, but it looks like I won’t be able to let you out of my sight”
  • “Well, you could put me down -”
  • Zen just silences you with kisses and carries you to the shower
  • You had to convince him not to call in sick to all of his meetings and rehearsals for that day


  • She’s going over business paperwork at 2am and the poor girl is exhausted
  • She leans back and mutters something that you didn’t quite catch
  • “Yes, love?” You happen to be bringing her some coffee at that moment
  • Her eyes snap open and she nearly flails in surprise while trying to sit up
  • She even hits her knee on the desk, but she’s too focused on what you just said to notice
  • “Wh-wh-what?! I was – I was – I was just talking to my-myself!”
  • She’s a stuttering mess and it’s just so adorable
  • You put the coffee on her desk and lean in to give her a kiss on the lips
  • “I wasn’t sure. Here’s some more coffee, but don’t work yourself too late, love.”
  • You grin at her, and the look of shock on her face is just priceless
  • That coffee wasn’t what woke her up ;)


  • He was in his office at home, and you were busy playing with Elizabeth 3rd
  • He called your name, but you were in the middle of a tug-of-war match with Elizabeth 3rd
  • “Yes, love?” You called absentmindedly in English as you gently tugged on the string she had in her mouth and under her paws
  • “Could you come here for a moment?” Jumin’s reply was in clear English
  • That’s when it hit you and you froze
  • Oops, you hadn’t quite realized you did that
  • “One second,” you called and extricated the string from Elizabeth 3rd
  • You entered his office to see him leaning back in his chair with a smirk on his face
  • “What did you need, Jumin?” you ask in Korean
  • “You.” He stood up and walked toward you, taking one of your hands in his and pressing it to his lips
  • “Well, that wasn’t what I intended at first, but now I can only think of how much I want to kiss you.”
  • He slowly pushes you back until you’re against the wall next to the door
  • and oh man, he sure does kiss you


  • He’d told you not to bother him as he was working on an important project
  • Okay, no problem. You just busied yourself and decided to play a few rounds of LOLOL with Yoosung
  • You had headphones on, so you barely heard Seven when he said something
  • You pulled off your headphones, answering in your native tongue, “Yes, love?”
  • pffffffffftt
  • Did he just spit out a mouthful of PhD Pepper?
  • Yes, yes he did
  • He doesn’t even respond, he just jumps up and spins your chair around to kiss you
  • You forgot to respond in Korean but you realize he understood you perfectly because this boy knows a serious amount of languages
  • He’s practically on top of you in your chair and you have to push him away to let you breathe
  • “Saeyoung, I need air!” you gasp
  • “Sorry, I just… couldn’t help myself when you said that”
  • He actually looks a little bit shy for a moment
  • That changes quickly though, and his usual smirk sets in
  • “Well, I was going to tell you I finished the project, but now it looks like I need to take you to the bedroom”
  • He grabs the headset and speaks into the mic “Sorry Yoosung, I gotta steal MC for a while. Have fun!”
  • He tosses the headphones away and freaking rolls you to the bedroom in your chair, the little shit


  • He’s in the other room and he says something you can’t quite catch
  • You just know it was a question of some sort
  • “Yes, love?” You get up and go find him
  • “I was – I was looking for – where are you?” He turns toward your footsteps
  • “I’m right here. What were you looking for?” Your hand brushes his as you walk up to him
  • He smiles and his cheeks are a little pink
  • “I was wondering if you know where I put my shoes, love”
  • Yep he definitely heard you use that term for him
  • How did he just so innocently turn that on you
  • As you try to formulate a response, his other hand finds your jaw and his fingers lift your chin
  • He gives you the most gentle kiss as he brings his other hand up to stroke your cheek
  • You’re sure he doesn’t care so much about the shoes any more


  • You’re out for ice cream, just the two of you
  • You pay for the cones and he’s waiting for them to be made
  • As you’re putting your money away, you hear him say something, but you weren’t really paying attention
  • “Yes, love?” You look up as you finally stow your wallet away
  • His face darkens
  • Oh shit, did you make him mad?
  • He turns away to get his cone without saying anything
  • You get yours, and before you can even lick away the dripping edge, his hand is pulling you away from the crowd
  • “Hey, Saeran! Slow down!”
  • He doesn’t stop until you reach the car
  • “Get in.” He’s curt, but he doesn’t necessarily sound angry either
  • You hastily lick off the ice cream dripping down your hand and slide in the passenger seat
  • “Saeran, what’s going on?”
  • “Don’t call me that unless it’s just the two of us.”
  • Oh so that’s why his face went dark
  • “You didn’t have to run away from the stand, you know”
  • He just stares at you for a few moments before he leans in and gives you a quick kiss
  • “I just wanted to be alone for this.”


  • You hear a growl of frustration and a thud
  • “Goddamnit!”
  • Yup, they’re mad about something, probably something Seven did
  • You get up and poke your head in the room
  • “Yes, love?”
  • They had their forehead against the wall, stewing over something
  • That is, until your question surprised them
  • Their eyes go wide and they pull away from the wall
  • “O-Oh, MC! Sorry, I, uh…” Vanderwood trails off
  • “Are you okay?”
  • “Yeah, yeah, I’m okay”
  • They’re avoiding your gaze
  • You’re better at knowing what they’re feeling than they think you are
  • They might have gotten good at hiding it as a secret agent but you know
  • “Do you need a kiss? Or a hug?” You grin and walk closer
  • “What?!” Vanderwood finally goes red. “N-no, I… I…”
  • They know you got them
  • “Fine. Come here.” They turn toward you and put their hands around your waist when you walk up to them
  • They kiss you and linger a few moments before pulling away
  • “You always like to baffle me somehow… In a good way.”
All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.5

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 4135
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mild language, sexual tension.
A/N: HEY IT’S BEEN MONTHS I KNOW BUT HERE WE ARE!! So remember how I lost the original 2000+ words I had written for Pt.5 before the file got corrupted? Well in this rewrite, I somehow doubled it so get comfy! Also, as a show of gratitude for your patience with me, I’ve been working really hard and I’ll be posting Pt.6 tomorrow and Pt.7 the day after! Three parts in three days, look at you! Just a heads up, Pt.8 will be the final update and then that’s it for this monster of a fic! I love you all so much and thank you for sticking around with me. ❤

P.S. I am such a little shit for extending the slow burn and I’m not even sorry about it…okay I’m really sorry, please don’t lynch me ILYOKAYBYE!

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Prequel | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5Part 6 | Part 7 |

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“I’ll see you tomorrow, James,” you said, blushing at the way he smiled back. Admiring the way his lips still looked full and plump as he grinned, and the way his long lashes fluttered against his cheeks.

Bucky passed his tongue over his fangs as he watched you walk away, just one more day and he would have you again.

“I made a promise, didn’t I?”

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Ok, I’m just going to say that a lot of us saw the writing on the wall with some of C’s behavior post break-up.  Someone that she had let in and trusted completely ended up using her weaknesses against her in a terrible way, to publicly humiliate her. 

But regardless of all of that, this song… she is flat out saying that she is damaged because of how things went down. Damaged. And that breaks my heart.  Because I will be the first to admit that as a fandom, I think we tend to get overly sensitive on behalf of Taylor, but actually hearing this side of the story, in her words, describing herself as broken, is a lot.

so @internationaldibsprotocol and i had an interesting convo last night, which can be best summed up with:


“That’s ‘Cappy to you!”

“We’re all friends now.”


“You just got Sarge’d!”

R76 exists in every universe so…

“I love getting Sarge’d!”

And of course, if Reyes is Sarge then that must mean…

“Howdy, boys~! Officer Hot Pants, reporting for duty!”

Since it's a thing: Lazytown characters as things I've done

Sportacus: Was really high and ate 16 apples, core and stalk included.

Robbie: Slept for three days straight and woke up feeling tired so I had an after sleep nap.

Stephanie: Was the only person who could do a front drop on the trampoline in PE just because everyone else was too skinny to get bounceback.

Trixie: Fooled my sister into believing we were an hour late to school when it was a Saturday and only told her once she was in a blind panic.

Stingy: Made myself sick eating chocolate so nobody else could have any.

Pixel: Blew my friends mind by cleaning a computer mouse that was really dusty when they’d been thinking it was the computer not connecting to it properly.

Ziggy: Bet someone I could fit five digestive biscuits in my mouth. I won.

Milford: Cried because after three hours of constant revising, my teacher wouldn’t let me knit a scarf in my free period because it was supposed to be time spent studying despite that it was all I’d been doing all day.

Bessie: Sharpened my nails into claws just so I could freak out the girl who sat beside me in science class.

Íþró: Fell down the stairs and broke my ankle but still went to a play before getting it looked at because I promised my friend I’d go.

Glanni: Wore a ring that was actually a very well concealed knuckle duster to prom because some girl said I’d spread rumours about her (that she herself had spread) and wanted to fight me. She didn’t have the guts in the end.

Jives: Got high when I was meant to be going out with dad’s friend and her parents, her mother spoke Russian to me and I nearly had a panic attack because I thought I’d forgotten the entire English language.


| Happy Birthday Micah Alek 07.24.16 |

Well it’s taken us ages to get this up with all the moving and house renovations going on. It was definitely about time that we posted something! Anyway, our little cub has officially turned two years old! It seems like yesterday that he was just our little baby. He’s grown out of the baby stage and is now our rambunctious little dude.

Boy was the house a handful with nine little ones running around. With all the smiles on those little faces, we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We had Max and Aiden (@food-and-babies), Sophia and Sarah (@tinymorganmonsters), Milo and Oliver (@friendswithamonster), Kian (@dearlittlekian), and Zephyr (@simplyimaginarypeople). Thank you for making Micah’s day so special!

janellemonae Definitely in my feelings. Just found this pic. I could not believe yuh posted this. Last year, New Year’s Eve and day, was the last time I had the honor of sharing a stage with you. I still remember Paul mccartney’s and Rick Rubin’s faces being in complete shock that they were getting to witness your GREATNESS just two feet away. We sang take me with you. We all partied like it was 1999. You were our experience architect. I remember me you and @chucklightning staying up the whole night afterwards talking about so many things. Music being one. We all were excited about trying to plan your visit to wondaland. To help us finish working on the album. That night you sent me so many songs to inspire my next project and Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you or something I hear or see or think about doing that reminds me of you. THANK YOU FOR BEING A GIVER AND MENTOR to not just me but so many. You will always be my hero and a hero to so many. So tonight I am recording all night in your honor. 👁 hope to make you proud. 👁 know for sure you are watching. Until next time.

Steve in Winter Soldier

Steve: I only want to date someone with shared life experience.

Steve: Even when I had nothing I had Bucky. We SHARED so much together. Our LIFE EXPERIENCE was just so similar as we grew up together and went to war together. And I can’t believe it turns out we also SHARED the EXPERIENCE of being given super soldier serum, getting frozen for years, and living in a time not our own. I mean the way my LIFE EXPERIENCE parallels his is amazing.

Steve: *Winks at the camera* 

Gifted Kids Who Give Up

Sorta realized something about myself. I was “gifted” as a child, always praised for my smarts, never learned how to study or take criticism, everyone else caught up to me and now I’m average and feeling the pain. We’ve all heard about it, read those posts. But I realized why, rather than just fall into being average, I specifically failed everything in high school. See, I know I’m perfectly capable of being a B- student. Absolutely. So why aren’t I? Why did I graduate with a 2.0? Because when faced with a challenge, it was easier to completely shut down and avoid it than deal with it. If I had gotten a B-, when everyone expects me to get an A, then it’s my fault. But if I got am F when I’m expected to get an A, then something clearly must be wrong. It goes from why didn’t I try a little harder, to what’s wrong, what’s happening in my life, am I depressed, am I being bullied, am I sleeping enough. It shifts the blame from myself to some unseen enemy that clearly has tainted me. Makes it easier to deal with. So to any other formerly gifted students who barely graduated, or didn’t, maybe this could help you


Sam’s SXSW Diary  |  Day 3

Today was my last day at SXSW, and I can’t believe it’s over! I had such a great time meeting and hanging out with so many different people. I just cannot get over how much fun I’ve had. Every night, the Vans crew would come back to the house and start editing photos from the day. I would sit outside on the porch and write my diary entries, reflecting on my adventures around SXSW. It’s been so nice to document like this, because I usually just post photos and don’t post words. It’s been so fun interacting with the Vans Girls readers on the daily!

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aimlock  asked:

There is NO way the Sims Team has been working on a new game - Toddlers, Vampires. For the first time EVER (since TS3), they had their act together. Think about it. Game engine, map design, even basic software has not even started. Games are more than just meshes and textures. They've been behind, and they will remain behind. We may also (sadly) never get a TS5, because of TS4's lack of success. The Sims Team is unreliable, and I think relying on them, or even EA as a whole leads to being upset.

At this point, I don’t know any more than you do about the next Sims game. I’m simply going off what I know to be true (the release cycle and the state of TS4), and nothing more. I know how game development works, and I know how hard developers work to create a game we can all enjoy. It’s kind of ignorant to assume I don’t know this just because I create cc lol

The Sims 4 hasn’t been a failure, at least financially, to EA. It certainly had a rocky start, but all Sims games including Sims 4 have been profitable to EA. That’s why they continue to churn one out every couple of years. I used to be pretty pessimistic about a new Sims game but like I mentioned in my reblog, Sims 4′s engine is really preventing the team from fleshing out the game with packs the same way it did for previous games. 

Why do you think they’ve been so quiet about development? Why are we only getting one Expansion Pack a year? Why don’t the Expansion Packs we have add any real gameplay? There’s a lot of unanswered questions and theories like the one I’m trying to get across answer a few of them.

For all we know, EA could be dedicating half of the team to do R&D on the next Sims game, and leaving the other half to salvage what’s left of TS4, which means we’re getting essentially half baked packs because they just don’t have the resources to work on it. It explains why there were tons of rumors going around about how the team is mismanaged and how they lack the time and budget to accomplish certain goals or whatever.

But maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m too optimistic about a new game. But goddammit, I love the Sims and I don’t want it to go to shit. :P