but we just can't help ourselves

Short Summary of Supergirl seasons right up to cancellation
  • Season One Kara Danvers: Female Empowerment is important! Self confidence and belief in your own capabilities and identity is important! Standing up for things you believe in is important! I Like my life, I love advancing and succeeding in my job! I like Inspiring people! And yes I have complexes and flaws but I am working hard to overcome them and I support my sister and she supports me!
  • Season Two Kara Danvers: Female Empowerment Is Impor...Oh Hi Man Hell! I am so happy you are treating me like shit because I love you so much. Oh? I Lost a job? OH well I have my love of my life who treats me like shit! I am so happy this is everything I ever wanted even if I have nothing else...oh right I also maybe have a sister - have not seen her for last 4 episodes tho, because I just can't help but want to listen to Man Hell belittling me...

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Why do libras pretend they don't want something anymore once they realize they can't get it? Like it really hurts y'all when this happens, but you pretend it's just another joke and it doesn't matter when it DOES.

because if we still want it and can’t have it, it just hurts a lot, and libras really hate being in emotional pain, like it’s worse than physical pain because we don’t know when it’ll end. so the next best thing to do is to rationalize why we don’t want or need it. that way, if it makes logical sense that it wouldn’t have really helped us, we can use that make ourselves feel better. if we joke about it, then other people don’t have to concern themselves with how we feel and try to make us feel better. they’ll forget it and we can work on forgetting it, too. 

i did this with culinary school. i wanted to go really bad and had everything set to try and go… except payment. i tried a few avenues to pay for it and nothing panned out and i immediately got depressed. eventually, i convinced myself that i didn’t need to go, i would be spending money on skills i could gain with enough determination on my own and i didn’t want to be in the restaurant business anyway (I still believe this lol). now i don’t feel so bad about not being able to go to culinary school, even though i was 110% ready to make it my life.

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Hello Saehan, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much. This series changed my life so much. I have some confusion regarding my gender orientation and to tell you, this series has been my escape of reality. I can really relate with the characters and I can't explain the feeling, it feels like lovesick, pain, and heartstrings being torn at the same time. I hope you never get tired translating this. We love you. Of course we love Chai Jidan as well.

I’m glad that this novel has helped you in some ways. Sometimes, we just need something, whatever it is, to help us realize certain things about ourselves. *hugs* But do REST ASSURE! I won’t get tired of translating. Even if no one reads, I’ll still be translating…alone in my room. In the dark corner of the closet. In the library. Secretly at work. Yes, I love translating XD This is an enjoyment that I want to share with everyone ٩(๑•◡-๑)۶ⒽⓤⒼ❤

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ok first up ur Asian ham cast is 😍😍😍 and I love you for it and love how the responses to it are mostly people happy that their race is represented because Asians, esp. south Asians in US media are so far and few (and actual relatable, 3 dimensional ones almost nonexistent) so we just can't help going "!!! it me!!" when we see ourselves reflected in media. 💕💕💕


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I wish all this gatekeeping will just stop. Regardless if you think aces belong in the community or not, there's so much more that could be focused on than discussing who's really LGBT+ or not like, I don't know donating to the various charities for LGBT+ people? Basically gatekeeping isn't helping anyone, so can't we all just stop and do something that WILL help?

They don’t want to stop. They don’t want to stop sitting on their hands and yelling obscenities. You can’t force people to have compassion or be good people. Sure, you can make them act good, but only if you’re sufficiently powerful, and their whole thing is keeping us from having any power or voice at all. There will always be gatekeepers, but something needs to be done to lower their numbers, and in my opinion, that should not have to fall on aspec people. We aren’t the ones trying to shut ourselves up for good.

This got a little bit away from your ask, I’m very sorry about that.

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I recently just got together with my crush/best friend, and we're very soft. I've never met a boy who loves hugs so much, and every time we see each other we're touching because we just can't help ourselves. Hands in hair, traces over skin, kisses on the cheek and constant cuddles. Hands under jumpers and resting together. I <3 so much.

congrats! i hope all goes well
ah ty for that

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Solomon’s Perjury // Episode 3 & 4

“i plan to stop acting so innocent. i won’t pretend to not know anything or i’ve got nothing to do with all this, or hide. we just sat here quietly, listening to the adults. we were hoping that they’d help and resolve all this. we just waited for them to do something. but look what happened! i think we have a right to know now. if no one is going to tell us, we need to find out ourselves. we need to find out what happened and how! so, let’s find out ourselves, the reason lee sowoo died.”

Death of a Bachelor/Take a Vacation comparisons
  • Ryan: All I do is lie by the ocean side, why do the clouds all turn gray just for you? I've never bloomed such a beautiful blues, so step outside your door, and go down to the shore...
  • Brendon: There's no sunshine, this impossible year, just black days and sky gray and clouds full of fear, and storms full of sorrow that won't disappear, just typhoons and monsoons this impossible year, there's no good times, this impossible year, just a beachfront of bad blood, and a coast that's unclear
  • Ryan: is young a word for dumb, a word for fun? We had the time of our lives every night, like its our job to lose our minds
  • Brendon: you were just too kind, and I was too young to know, that's all that really matters, I was a fool
  • Ryan: some people never change they just stay the same way
  • Brendon: and the memories that we make will never change
  • Ryan: if this is settling down, then why aren't you here?
  • Brendon: a lifetime of laughter, at the expense of the death of a bachelor
  • Ryan: we'll leave the waves, at the ocean, and keep them all in a picture
  • Brendon: baby we built this house of memories take my picture now, shake it till you see it
  • Ryan: we'll leave the cold where we came from, our loneliness will keep us warm
  • Brendon: if you're a lover you should know, the lonely moments just get lonelier the longer you're in love, than if you were alone
  • Ryan: it's the same, go the sleep with our blame, and the shame is enough to separate us, but we can't help ourselves, we're in love, and it really hurts when it's wrong
  • Brendon: you've been gone so long, I've forgotten what you feel like, but I'm not gonna think about that right now, I'm gonna keep getting underneath you, all our friends want us to fall in love
  • Ryan: life is not a fairytale, they will send him straight to jail, where he'll die and go to hell, with the other girl
  • Brendon: the death of a bachelor, letting the water fall, the death of a bachelor, seems so fitting for, happily ever after, how could I ask for more? Life time of laughter at the expense of the death of a bachelor
  • Ryan: now she said it was rust and lead, that love could never live again but we found a way to make it stay
  • Brendon: we'll stay drunk, we'll stay tan, let the love remain and I swear that I'll always paint you golden days
  • Ryan: can't we just be friends? This kind of thing always happens, I fell in love again
  • Brendon: there's only two ways these things can go, good or bad and how was I to know?
  • Ryan: when I started out, writing you this song, I was heels over head in love, but you had your doubts, cause it took too long to finally see what I, what I'd been doing wrong
  • Brendon: these thoughts of past lovers, they'll always haunt me, wish I could believe you'd never wrong me
  • Ryan: I tried to be true but, you still love him so, I'll lie in silence and feel like a fool
  • Brendon: that's all that really matters, I was a fool
  • Ryan: I think that I have had enough, I guess that I've had enough of you
  • Ryan: even the truth is wrong sometimes
  • Brendon: truth, is that it was always going to end

my favorite thing about the people shipping ginny and mike right now is that we’re all feeling the same things 

-disbelief that we let ourselves get in this deep after just 4 episodes 

-a general feeling of helplessness as we lose control of our lives

-an admission of defeat as we reblog the same gifset for the 5th time in one day

I suspect many of us have seen our otps go up in flames and yet here we are 

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Neil perhaps you may be able to help me. I can remember a quote from Terry Pratchett that I found particularly wonderful (as they usually are) but through lacking the exact wording can't relocate it. It involved him talking about creativity. Regarding all originality as a giant broth that a new writer initially takes a bowl from, before saying that in the end we get to add a few ingredients ourselves before putting our bowl back in. Do you know of it? I'm near certain I didn't just imagine it.

It’s in http://journal.neilgaiman.com/2008/04/fair-use-and-other-things.html. (I don’t know if Terry ever wrote it down or if it was just something from our conversations,,,)

Can we just stop for a moment and think about the fact that the ONLY other person who knows the hideous, gut-wrenching, look-at-the-flowers action that Carol was compelled to take in that peaceful little Grove is now DEAD!?  Can we just stop for a moment and realize that she is carrying that crushing weight all alone now and she may never, ever tell another living soul? 

Can we just stop for a moment and ask ourselves why it is that we’re all still worrying about Daryl’s apocalypse-midlife crisis?

—  Ultragirl tortures herself by watching The Walking Dead

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can't help but feel inadequate, just want Christ's love.

Our self-worth is too often based on what other people tell us about ourselves. The one, true authority on our self-worth is Jesus Christ, and since He gave His own life up for us by dying on a cross, that should tell us just how valuable we really are.

there is NOTHING you can do to make God love you less. You already have his love <3

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This morning in Nova Scotia I awoke to fog, like almost every other day. Or so I thought it was fog. Turns out it was a haze of smoke carried by the southeasterly winds from Saskatchewan. OVER 4000 KM AWAY. I didn't clue in until I saw it in the local news. If that doesn't tell you just how out of control this has gotten, I don't know what will. At this rate I wonder if we should seek help from outside the country, since it's apparent we can't handle it ourselves.


I have heard we’ve already requested help from US fire fighters.

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Hey I am bi also and I am wondering do you think that there will ever be happiness like such as marriage or due to the fact that we can't help ourselves beaing attracted to both sexes that we can't really be happy

Woah woah hang on there friend this doesn’t make any sense. When a straight guy gets married, he doesn’t just stop being attracted to women. But he’s still happy. He made a choice to be with someone whom he loves, despite the fact that his sexuality still exists and still is a thing. If his marriage is happy and healthy, he doesn’t feel like he’s missing out.

Same for bi people. It’s literally no different. In the same way that the guy up in that previous paragraph, while our sexualities don’t go away and we still are attracted to whomever, when we make a choice and that choice leads to a happy and healthy relationship, we don’t feel like we’re missing out.

We’re just as capable of happy marriage like endings as anyone else.