but we have pretty much nothing in common

I have a glitch in the matrix story for @sixpenceee!

So a couple of years ago my friend and I were taking a small road trip from Tennessee to Ohio, stopping at a few sights on the way, so by the time this story takes place, we were nearing home but still about 2 hours away, and it was really late at this point, about 2 or 3 in the morning.

So, being that we were only a couple of hours away from home, we mostly knew where we were going by following the freeway signs. We had the GPS going but since it was pretty much a straight shot at this point it hadn’t needed to direct us for a while.

All of a sudden, signs start popping up that the road is closed ahead. Now, construction isn’t uncommon in Ohio, and lane closures are super common, but since this is a pretty major freeway it’s weird that it would be closed entirely. But sure enough as we keep going there’s clear signs of road construction: orange barrels, concrete barriers dividing the lanes, men working under bright lamps, all of it. Nothing seems particularly strange about any of this except that the freeway is definitely closed, and the concrete barriers pretty much force you to take the up coming exit.

So we take the exit, a little confused and annoyed, and off the freeway we have no idea where to go from there. It’s not an area we know the back roads of very well, and this exit leads to a stretch of farm road; dark and empty.

Our game plan was to just turn around, get on the freeway going to opposite direction and backtrack until we could figure out a way around the construction. Except we can’t do that, because there is a semi truck parked on the freeway entrance, facing the wrong way with his load slanting across the entire road. There’s a couple of guys standing around the truck talking, but they don’t really acknowledge us or seem to notice that we’re trying to get by. We eventually have to give up and head down the dark road instead.

The GPS isn’t really helping us now, so we turn it off and I pull up the map on my phone, guiding my friend back to the freeway. We’re both a little weirded out right now, and completely lost out here in the middle of no where. We decide our best bet would be to get back on the freeway heading towards home and ask the construction crew if they know of a detour when we get to them.

It takes about 45 minutes to get back to another entrance to the freeway, but we finally do. We get on the same freeway, going the same direction, and we’ve backtracked a bit. We read all the same signs along the way as we did before…

Except there’s no construction signs. There’s no construction equipment, or workers, not even so much as a cone. It was like all the concrete barriers and machines had been packed up and shipped out in the 45 minutes it took us to get back there.

We have no idea to this day what happened. It’s not possible for us to have gotten on a different road, and he had definitely backtracked and not somehow gone around the construction. When we tell people about it it’s met with a lot of skepticism, and maybe it was just a trick our tired brains pulled on us, but honestly that didn’t make it any less freaky at the time.

Hey I just wanna say that veganism isn’t perfect and vegans are inevitably still going to harm animals by accident like all humans do and that there’s no way to really live ‘purely ethical’ in a world like this cause capitalism and consumerism will always be problematic but… at least vegans are actually making an effort?? I see so many people pull the ‘no ethical consumption under capitalism’ card all the time when shitting on vegans and the common ‘you kill animals and harm immigrants just like us’ argument reserved just in case the ‘protein’ or ;ancestors’ card doesn’t work but at least a number of vegans are kind of aware of this??? Like Tumblr is all about boycotting Pepsi or Nestle or what have you but when a vegan is around you pretty much just tell them that their activism is futile ‘because capitalism’  or the typical ‘your activism solves nothing because people still eat meat’ line?? So I guess we should all just give up and not care about what we buy anymore because nothing is perfect?? Like veganism was never really about being ‘pure; or ‘perfect’ to begin with so please enough with that strawman. 

Casual Soulmate AU that I’m just gonna leave here

So what if you were born knowing the time you realised your Soulmate was your Soulmate, like not the time you met but the time you realised it was them? 

  • Bitty was born knowing the time 8:45am
  • It was a pretty common time of day so he always knew the likelihood of him finding them anytime soon was pretty low
  • Come on, 8:45 was train times, the first bell before 9am classes, and so on. Times when you meet people
  • Maybe once he was older and 8:45 would be the time he went to work, that’s when he was going to realise that that coworker he was close to was the love of his life
  • So when he got to Samwell and his orientation for Hockey started at 8:45 he wasn’t surprised. 
  • In fact, it felt a little like a joke to be honest
  • But he couldn’t help but carefully watch his new teammates to see if any of them seemed likely. 
  • He found they all had something he really liked, but all platonic. Besides, they all had their own soulmates already. 
  • Well most of them, the team’s Captain, Jack Zimmerman, seemed to have found his soulmate in hockey. If that was even possible. 
  • In fact, that’s a common chirp amongst the Hockey bros
  • So Bitty resigned himself to the fact that he wouldn’t find his SO anytime soon
  • As time passed every so often Bitty would think that maybe at 8:45, just before a 9am lecture he would realise it was that guy who sat next to him and he’d rush over
  • And as he grows closer to Jack he started to think “What if it were a trip back from Annie’s with coffee I’d realise it was him?” 
  • As much as he tries to suppress his growing feelings for Jack (Because it obviously wasn’t him) he can’t help but hope and fall for him
  • Then in Jack’s final year, one day while they’re making breakfast at 8:40 they somehow end up on the discussion of soulmate times. 
  • It’s rude to ask people who haven’t met their SO’s time but Bitty is chatting with Jack, Shitty and Lardo, Ransom and Holster, who have each other.
  • “So how did you guys know for sure it was them?” 
  • “Well who else are you going to be hanging out with at 4:20am?” Shitty laughs. 
  • “I needed glitter in the next thing I know Shits has three different colours and it was suddenly oh so clear.” Lardo explains at Bitty’s raised eyebrow
  • “Ours was 4:53pm. Pretty random but like, in the middle of the day. It could literally have been anything that made us realised.” Ransom mumbles 
  • “Then how did you know?” Bitty asks
  • “Rans kept almost missing his 5pm lectures because he always napped at 4, so I always woke him up around 10 to 5, and one time he said ‘what would I do without you?’ and we just knew.” Holster grinned at Ransom. 
  • “The eco system would fail” Ransom said soppily. 
  • “Y’all are lucky, 8:45 is pretty much a time when you see people. Nothing spectacular happens then, and it’s just such a common time! - Jack, could you turn off the timer?” 
  • The timer had gone off and instead of turning it off Jack just stared at Bitty. 
  • “Jack?” Bitty asked as he turned to turn the time off on the oven, only to notice the time display on the cooker. 
  • 8:45am flashing at him
  • “Oh.” He looked up at Jack. Who was staring straight back at him. “Oh.” 
  • “Do you, uh, wanna go to Annie’s for a coffee?” Jack asked hesitantly. 
  • “Sure.” Bitty is obviously in shock but also so freaking happy because Jack in love with hockey Zimmerman is his soulmate
  • The other four sit there for a moment and then - 
  • “We just witnessed something beautiful” 
  • Shitty probably cries tbh 
  • Poor zimbits get chirped endlessly for it though

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This is a p long Ed edd n eddy ramble, brace yourself lol: I’ve really tried to like eddy as a character throughout the series. But the more episodes I see the more upset I am at how cruel, uncaring, selfish and greedy eddy is. I’ve noticed he hardly cares about ed or edd unless its extreme (and even then, sometimes he won’t do anything) or he is manipulated into caring via compensation. There are few instances where he gives into legitimate guilt, but they’re rarer than they should be.

Don’t Rain on My Ed really nailed at how terrible eddy really is, especially to Double D. The entire episode builds up tension between edd and eddy, and I was really intrigued to see where it was going. Edd makes it clear more than I’ve seen in the series so far as to how eddy disregards consequences or his friends to impulsively indulge in whatever pleases him at the moment.

  Pt3: This continues as eddy abandons ed and edd to clean up their scam, and once again abandoning edd to the kanker sisters. And (to my frustration which I’ll later explain in more detail) edd aids eddy and still stays by him. 
Then the pivotal moment in the episode-the chicken crossing- highlights where eddy’s priorities stand, and it’s utterly heartbreaking. 

0t4: ’ll give the crew credit, I was honestly unsure as to whether eddy would either rescue edd and risk losing the jaw breakers or leave him. It’s rare for the trope of “will they won’t they x” to actually be convincing, and I believe it tied together the heavier atmosphere of the episode. 

Pt5: Now, It could be argued that eddy at least is concerned for edd’s well being since he takes up a good portion of the final minutes caught between two options, but I think that at this point in the episode, it’s hardly a plausible argument given the evidence for eddy’s behavior. 

6 (I think? I lost count lol) 
So, eddy’s greed wins out, and he makes a break for the jawbreakers (which are rightfully denied to him). 
This episode, I believe, was meant to bring out how eddy is always ready to leave behind his friends or drag them across the mud as he pursues his ambitions, and Im glad that edd more often berates eddy for doing so, but… gah!! I want him to DO something about it rather than just tell him off!

So here’s my question: why the hell does Edd even stay with the eddy? 
Going back to my statement about edd always ready to jump back in and help edd, I really want to know why double d even stays when eddy clearly abandons him. It doesn’t help that the very next episode, eddy straight up says to edd’s concerns, “what’s that?? I think that’s the sound of no one caring!”

Edd is clearly capable of spending his time in a more productive manner and healthier company if he stopped hanging out with eddy. Ed, on the other hand, is a very dear friend to edd, and often stays by edd and shares his sentiment…at least to the best of his abilities given his impaired intellect. Edd is also well aware that the scams eddy likes to pull off are morally wrong, and I become frustrated when double d routinely criticizes eddy’s actions but still goes with him.

. Really, all he does is claim “he’s so stubborn” on jumps in right as the scam backfires to say “I find you so”. n fact, I’ll even go as far as to ask what does Edd even SEE in Eddy? Eddy’s flaws clearly outrank the good, as we see he displays his crueler, greedier nature more often than not. I think also, (besides the love of jawbreakers) they have nothing in common.

Last one!: Polar opposites doesn’t mean a friendship is impossible, but given edd and eddy’s attitudes towards each other most of the time, their clashing personalities strain their relationship rather than compliment each other. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my rant, I know you’re well versed in the show so please correct me if my interpretation is wonky. This has been something I’ve been fighting myself over :p

So this is a pretty common takeaway from the series, and while I rarely feel I’m able to dissuade anyone who feels that way, I’ll give it yet another shot!

Ed, Edd n Eddy has a deceptively consistent continuity. The key timeline it follows is 5 months, beginning when the Eds start being harassed by the Kankers in June and ending with Eddy overpowering the Kankers in October (and then the specials, season 6 and the movie expand the world beyond that timeline, a little less clearly connected to the main series due to the specials being made in a pretty random order). The main story of the series is focused on different types of child abuse, how it creeps up in more ways than kids can notice, the damage it does to developing personalities, and finally the demonization and lack of empathy children receive after the damage has been done.  The Kankers are made the foreground of that abuse, but it is important to take in the background information we get about the Eds’ families and the townspeople, and then to also factor in that each season turns more characters into the Eds’ bullies, until the Eds are completely alone in the world and forced to bicker among themselves.  This eventually leads us to the movie, which doubles down on these themes by literally cutting the Eds off from everyone, taking a long hard look at the ways Eddy fronts to avoid talking about the abuse in his life, and then finally revealing the previously unspoken physical abuse he received from his brother as an infant.

Late season 3-mid season 5 have issues with the show clearly favoring Edd over Eddy. Despite Edd making most of the same mistakes as Eddy in other episodes, the most memorable stories are spent going above and beyond to make Edd’s side perfectly reasonable, while Eddy’s side is insanely unreasonable.  It got frustrating to watch, and the show would also sweep Ed’s bad behavior under the rug in favor of spotlighting Eddy’s, making it hard to understand how Eddy could ever be perceived as moral if even the “nice” characters were low-key jerks. But at the end of season 5, the focus on Eddy’s downhill spiral pays off in two ways: 1. ‘Smile for the Ed’ and other later episodes finally bring it to Ed and Edd’s attention that everyone in the town targets Eddy specifically without provocation, AND 2. ‘A Fistful of Ed’ has Eddy finally reaching the boiling point of his built up rage and he scares away the Kankers, saving his friends. For the episodes leading into the movie, Eddy starts reclaiming his season 1 dignity (back when he was frequently the only Ed shown to have any interest in protecting the other two, and would even be portrayed as the only one with social skills) and Eddy maintains that positive role with his friends as they start turning the tables on their many antagonists, until the movie deems it necessary to show how his season 3-5 behavior was the result of denial over his brotherly abuse.  Late season 5-season 6 makes painstaking efforts to show how Eddy was a good kid at the beginning of the show and still wanted to be that good kid at the end of the show, even though their cruel surroundings had driven him to misbehave.

For me, the history of loving support Eddy showed them prior to his depression arc and the guilt they should feel for treating him with less empathy than each other are reasons enough for Ed and Edd to care about seeing Eddy through.  Not to mention Eddy is openly suicidal.  But as for specifically rationalizing why EDD keeps coming back to the Eds prior to getting the apology he deserves in the movie, I think Edd is smart enough to see the recurring themes of abuse.  Deep down, Edd knows there must be something psychological he isn’t seeing about his friends’ lives, something troubling that explains their behavior.  When Bro exposes the truth at the end of the show, I think Edd’s sudden bravery partially stems from finally having closure in knowing why Eddy needs his help.

Dormmates to Soulmates - 3

Dormmates to Soulmates 


Pairing: Mark Tuan x Reader

Summary: She knew there would be a lot of boys in college. She knew she would experience love and feel it would last. What she didn’t know is, that it was right next door.

Originally posted by markjin

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hi im morty and im growing increasingly frustrated with the idea that doing the “wrong AU” is some indication of a lack of skill or excessive immaturity. not all ideas are going to be 100% groundbreaking originals, and while you should strive to come up with variations and worlds that combine ideas in new and fascinating ways, to quote an old but good adage–there is nothing new under the sun.

as artists and authors, what we do is never wholly unique. we are always inspired and influenced by a multitude of things. what we do is combine and break common genres and rearrange things until they can possibly be passed off as something unique to that artist.

so back to those AUs. I am a big fucking fan of vampire AUs and if you’ve spend even a week following me you’ve probably caught onto this. these AUs are pretty much the benchmark for “unoriginal fanfiction” or what have you and are always associated with poorly written, poorly executed concepts right up there with the dreaded high school AU.

and yet, while i undoubtedly have self esteem issues, i wouldn’t look at my various cliche AUs and call them bad. certainly the feedback I get on these AUs tells me otherwise–that despite the common setting, they are all created with a comprehensiveness and a knowledge of how to tweak common tropes to make the setting more unique to me and more of a novel concept overall.

anyway i just woke up and i have no clue if this makes a lick of sense but tl;dr Fuck people who tell you you “Just can’t make certain concepts appealing” and do it anyway out of spite and just because you can.

Life’s short, enjoy yourself.

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Hi! I was the person who asked about dub vs sub Goku. I meant as in Goku's personality. I only know him as the super saiyan who's so clueless about romance that sometimes he seems really goofy (or "dumb" as I've heard some people used.) So every time I see fanart of Goku more serious in romantic themes, I kind of pause for a moment. So I guess what I am trying to say is that I'm used to goofy Goku and not romantic Goku.

Ah, gotcha! Well, the general consensus among fans is that Goku really isn’t the romantic type, and he isn’t shown to be in any iterations of the material. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t show affection towards his wife “off-screen,” and even within the series we do get moments that show that Goku does care about ChiChi. You don’t need to be romantic in order to express your love. Something like a scene in which your wife is the last person you see in a near-death experience is implication enough.  

Even if Goku does “romantic things” for is wife while “off-screen”, like give her flowers or massage her back or anything else that may be considered romantic gestures, he wouldn’t do those things based on the notion of romance. He’d do those things because he’s sweet and knows they make his wife happy. 

And as far as fanart… Artists often base their work on personal headcanons, what they believe occurs when the audience isn’t looking. Besides the common knowledge that author feels he isn’t good at writing romance and thus does not incorporate it into his work, ChiChi and Goku aren’t the PDA type, and much of the series occurs outside of their married life and with several other characters around. 

So artists are pretty much left to fill in the gaps that are left out, like them kissing or fucking or anything else we saw little to nothing of. That, or they throw out canon and draw characters in AU situations for whatever reasons they have. Honestly it all really comes down to personal headcanons and preferences  I don’t think it matters if you’ve seen the Japanese or English dub, or any other dub for that matter. If you’re a fan of the pairing, then you’re gonna draw them how you want, canon or not. 

Well howdy!
This is my second time doing this and I met some pretty chill people and I’m looking for more chill people 🤙🏼!
My name is Lillian and I live in Wisconsin. I’m 16 years old. I speak English and I can speak at a 3rd grade level in Español.

Some things I’m interested in are: Writing/Making music, Playing music, (honestly anything involved with music), reading pretty much anything, memes (gotta love memes) and making people smile. I’m pretty big on cartoons, I love shows such as Voltron, Adventure Time, Legend of Korra and The Last Airbender. I’m a big pet person, Animals are the best.

Things I’m looking for in a friend: Someone willing to listen to great puns and give music recommendations, also must be willing to stay up late to talk. We could have nothing in common, I just like to talk.

Things I’m not looking for in a friend: Anything involved with being racist, homophobic, or anti-anything is a big no-no for me. I’m a positive person and I’m open to everyone.

Finally, ways to reach me: Feel free to message me here on tumblr or on my Instagram. I don’t bite and I’m always open to new people :) look forward to meet you!
Tumblr: abnormal-orange
Instagram: @guadalupe.stupey (Mention you came from this message if you message me on insta, you know how sliding into ya dm’s goes sometimes 🤷🏻‍♀️)

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is a bad memory part of being schizoid/schizo-typical? i remember like 1% of my life

Well, I can’t speak for schizotypal (I’m guessing that’s what you meant) as that’s quite different and I don’t know much about it personally.

but with szpd I’m pretty sure it is. At least it’s a common thing because I’ve heard it talked about a lot and it’s kinda natural to forget about things we don’t value, szpd or not. So, for a schizoid person where nothing’s really important to them…it makes sense.

I remember very, very little of my own life. I have like a 1-2 year window of working, useful memory, at best. Everything beyond that is just a jumbled mess of “this all happened, but when and in what order?? ?” and “did this happen or did I imagine it??”


a few of my favourite things ☆ (41/50) female characters: summer roberts

i just don’t know why he likes me. i mean he’s way smarter and we have like less than nothing in common. and he’s just going to get bored with me because pretty much all boys do. and everybody knows we’re dating and everyone will know when he breaks up with me. which he will. i mean, dumped by seth cohen? real good for my reputation.

A Hufflepuff And A Slytherin

Summary: Dan gets set up by one of his friends, only to find that the person he gets set up with is someone that he already knows. The only problem is, they’re in different houses. Hufflepuff, and Slytherin.
Genre: Hogwarts AU, Fluf
Word Count: 3,054
Warnings: There is a bit of swearing at the end!
Beta: thank you to the wonderful phancywork <3 She helped me come up with storyline for this and she’s just really nice and awesome.

A/N:  Well, I asked for HP prompts and HP prompts is what I got. I couldn’t come up with a title for this so I’m sorry for that lol. This is my first harry potter crossover so please be nice. And before anyone asks, Dan is a Hufflepuff and Phil is a Slytherin because that’s what someone requested for me to do.

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I really like how they showed that more time that Betty spent with Jughead, the less patience she had when dealing with Archie. Even if he had accepted her love confession in 1x01, they would have had nothing in common and would have quickly broken up. Now, she knows that. She went from hanging on his every monosyllabic word and thinking his crappy songs were masterpieces, to pretty much treating him like an annoying little kid she was occasionally forced to babysit. She was polite, but bored.

Yep….we saw it even before Bughead actually kissed! In episode 6, when Douchie wants to play Scooby, too, Betty’s literally, “lol, no, help me Juggie??”. And merely looks mopey for a nano second over his song. But episode 11, she’s literally, “Douchie, please no….sing…..” and both she and Jughead politely shred his “talent”.

We’re shown she really doesn’t have a whole lot of respect for him……and it’s glorious. I allude to it in my photo crackcaps, a lot, too….there’s no shortage “you can’t sit with us” and “why won’t you let me join in on that new thing you guys are doing?”

Teeth. But this time with miners

Okay, so apparently people are interested in alien teeth. Okay, I’m good with that.

So, it’s been confirmed (at least in IDW) that a mouth was, in fact, a fashion picked up from another species. It’s probably really sought after if Wheeljack giving one to Optimus stands for anything. Probably would break the bank if you wanted to afford one too.

@balloonarcade wondered why miners and other low caste mecha would have mouths if they’re that sought after, doesn’t seem like anything a simple miner could afford.

The thing is, I’m running really dry on idea why they would have teeth/a mouth but practically overflowing with why not, it’s really irritating me. Thanks, Balloon.

Why not:

1)      I refer back to my statement on gnawing on your enemies face. No mouth no nom, one less tool to use in a revolt.

2)      Low castes are yuck, do they still have a faceplate? They can’t afford the snazzy new mouth? Might be low caste! Might wanna start running from them now.

3)      Haha look low caste shunned in the community because they’re walking around without the newest fashion item, also gives off good signs to stay away from them.

4)      They don’t need mouths, why waste metals and time creating them with one or modifying them with one later?

5)      What happens if they just weren’t allowed mouths? Like ‘that sort of thing is only for the high caste who deserve it.’

Blah blah blah, I’ll stop ranting.

Okay, so two ideas as to why low caste mecha like these might have mouths despite all the odds.

1)      Undistilled energon and solidified unpure energon crystals are almost certainly not good for a mech. These parts would likely be the ‘off cuts’ the leftovers from fully purified energon, or crystals in the ground that aren’t up to standard.

Bad for you, yes. Cheap? Also yes.

Buying a mouth with worthwhile teeth may have been better in the long term for low caste mecha. It meant they could break down solid energon crystals and/or offcuts of the same consistency. The money they’d spend on that one upgrade would be saved by the amount they’d shave off now they don’t have to buy normal energon. (it was still extremely bad for you so medical bills might skyrocket if you didn’t have a pump and tank that could handle the unpurified stuff.)

2)      Goodwill gift. Seriously, like a bonus. I’m pretty sure if lower caste mecha got nothing in return for their efforts, riots and revolts would be much more common. Knowing Cybertronian society they would have most likely worked the perfect formula of reward for work, even for low castes. You needed the miners to work hard because everyone needs energon but if they have no reason to work hard then they won’t. Apart from physical force, but we shall not explore that today.

Maybe the reward for work systems worked something like this: Here’s your quota, consistently reach your quota with a good work ethic and attitude we’ll fully pay for your shiny new mouth! Who doesn’t want a shiny new mouth?

Plus like this, it would also make the others want to work harder because damn, ‘I deserve that mouth too! I worked just as well!’

And so: Happy-ish miner, misdirection so they focus more on work, no revolts and lots of profit for the mecha in charge.

(But make sure those mouths have a flat plate, not fangs though!!!)

That was… strangely therapeutic to write.

Can’t Wait

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To say that you were excited would be an understatement. Elated, overjoyed, completely and totally bursting at the seams; those would be more accurate ways to describe your feelings. Honestly, you were so far beyond excited that there wasn’t really any particular word for it.

You were finally going home for a visit.

You’d been living in Korea for several years. You originally moved to Seoul for school but ended up beginning a new life. You found an apartment, a job, and even a boyfriend. But you between all of that, you hadn’t found much time to visit home.

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Guys I just noticed something (not really but, it’s kinda silly tbh,,,)
You guys remember these scenes from episode 1 and 9, right? How Munakata wanted to say something to Chisa( but decided not to) and Juzo wanted to say something to Munakata (but he didn’t let him finish because oh well, godamn you despair)

//Before anything, I want to say that I shipp both couples, ok? This is not made to attack anyone ;v; //

So, I have no clue what they were trying to say to each other, ok, it may be be something not that serious, maybe it was just some words of support ok. I don’t have any idea what they wanted to say, lemme get this straight

But I remember that in episode 1, after it aired, some people were already saying that Munakata and Chisa were in love and that Munakata was going to confess to her or something, but he didn’t.
And everyone was like “omg, I shipp them, just a cute couple. I bet they love each other, I hope to see more of them omg so kyoot~ He was goinf to say that he loved her waah~” (Not judging, I thought this too)

But in this last episode, we say a “similar” scene, where Juzo wanted to say something to Munakata. But I saw people saying like “Oh no, no way he was going to confess or something. Why would that be? Why are you assuming that he is gay(for Munakata)? It was OBVIOUS that he had this thing for Chisa, and he probably was jealous of Munakata.”

Well.. Juzo maybe didn’t wanted to tell him something that big in the first place, maybe it was more words of support or something, maybe some information that he got, we have no idea. For all that we know, maybe it was nothing personal-

But, it made me wonder. Why did people assumed right in that moment that Chisa and Munakata had a thing/crush, but with Juzo and Munakata it isn’t like that? I mean, Danganronpa has a pretty diversity of characters, in all shapes, colours, personalities, why not make a gay character, out of the common “gay anime character”? I mean, we already have Teruteru, who’s pretty much bissexual/panssexual to me, why not make other character with other sexual orientations, right?

Well, in the end, maybe they both have a thing for Chisa, maybe Juzo just has a loyal/strong friend connection with Munakata, maybe there’s no romantic interest at all whatsoever, we may never knoww

I might just be reading too much over this
But, I’d like to read what you think???

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I'm in an age gap relationship myself, I'm 19 (very almost 20) and he's 61, and I know, the gap is pretty big, but we've been together 3 months now. We get along amazingly, we have so much in common and the age difference really means nothing to us. What I hate though is how we can't do anything together in the town where we live. People would judge us so much, and I don't know if I can handle that. I really love him, but is this a healthy relationship to be in? Is the age gap too much?

You said you have so much in common and that the age difference means nothing to you when together. Clearly, then, the age gap is not too much! If you don’t feel that it is, why should the opinion of other people change how you perceive your own relationship? Society will always see what they want to see, what’s important is how you feel.

I know there are many couples on our website that have overcome the fear of being judged when out and about with their loves, as well as those who have still yet to go public. I hope you’ll visit us and share more! You can post anonymously, too!

~ Angela

Good Intentions (Joseph/Stiles)

Anonymous said: Papa Hale/Stiles - “You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?”

Hope you enjoy this, nonnie! Fic #27 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

 Good Intentions. Joseph (Papa) Hale/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Stiles is trying to be mature by avoiding the problem, but Joseph insists on talking about what’s been bothering Stiles lately.

“You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?”

 “Are you really doing this?” Stiles looks up from the menu and stares at the man across the table from him.

“I’m not entirely sure what you mean by ‘this’ because I’m getting the feeling it doesn’t mean communicating with a good friend of mine regarding their recent behavioral change,” Joseph says thoughtfully. He leans back against the booth and gives Stiles a curious look. “What’s wrong, brat?”

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Disney’s Descendants sentence starters, part 3

“Go get ‘em!”

“He’s kinda like my brain.”

“Don’t worry bro, I got your back.”

“Excuse me, can I have your attention please?”

“There’s something I’d like to say.”

“I love you. Did I mention that?”

“I dream of you every day.”

“I never thought that I t could happen to a guy like me.”

“I never knew that it could be like this.”

“I would give my kingdom for just one kiss.”

“I don’t know what I’d do.”

“I don’t need your pity date.”

“She said yes!”

“You are definitely gifted.”

“Looking for something?”

“You’re not helping.”

“Really. Don’t help.”

“I’ll return your property and let the matter drop.”

“For the first time it’s like I’m more than just a pretty face.”

“You were pretty great in there.”

“Let’s get together.”

“There you are! I’ve been looking for you literally everywhere.”

“We can handle this.”

“I don’t want to scare him away.”

“I’ve never had a sister.”

“My mother’s not a barrel of laughs when she doesn’t get her way.”

“I just really want her to be proud of me.”

“Moving on.”

“I look…”

“For the first time I understand the difference between pretty and beautiful.”

“I hope you like bikes.”

“Tell me something about yourself that you’ve never told anyone.”

“How princely.”

“Oh, that’s almost worse.”

“Is this your first time?”

“It’s more like… gang activity.”

“Is it obvious?”

“Can’t take me anywhere, I guess.”

“I really don’t know that much about you.”

“We have so much in common already!”

“A crown doesn’t make you a king.”

“Let’s go for a swim.”

“Don’t eat all of them.”

“Nothing lost, but something missing.”

“Which way should I go?”

“Is this just a dream?”

“Am I crazy?”

“Maybe we can happen.”

“Will you still be with me when the magic’s all run out?”

“You scared me!”

“You can’t swim?”

“And do you thank me? No!”

“I told you that I love you.”

“What about you?”

“Do you love me?”

“I don’t know what love feels like.”

“Maybe I can teach you.”

“We’ve arranged for a special treat.”

“Is this thing on?”

“Look how beautiful.”

“I mi- mi- miss you.”

“You sure I can’t see you before that?”

“Yes, I completely understand.”

“Give it a rest!”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Thanks for the special treat.”

“We are definitely goners.”

“Him still being in love with me just seems a little extra… cruel.”

“I know it’s time to say goodbye.”

“So hard to let go.”

“Ma cher, mademoiselle.”

“That was so lovely!”

“She was kind of self-absorbed. Fake smile, kind of a kiss-up.”

“Do we know her?”

“Because the more the merrier!”

“Have you played before?”

“Have we met?”

“I don’t think you want to be talking to this girl.”

“How are you here?”

“A chance to what? Destroy us?”

“You remember, don’t you?”

“Her first words, her first steps… I missed it all!”

“Stay away from her!”

“You stole another girl’s boyfriend.”

“You enjoy hurting people.”

“You’re nothing but a gold-digger and a cheat.”

“This isn’t their fault!”

“It was nothing, let it go.”

“I have to go.”

“Sorry, I can’t.”

“How long does she think that will last?”

“She’s just a bad-girl infatuation.”

“There’s a lot more where that came from.”

“Excuse me, who do you think you are?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

“I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.”

“Let’s grab that wand and blow this popsicle stand.”

You Won't Hear About this on the News

**Trigger Warning: This story mentions an incident of school violence.**


This is fucked up. This is so fucked up.

I’m writing this in my dorm room. It’s way after lights-out, but I know damned well no one’s going to bother to check, not tonight… not while the walls of our room strobe with blue light from the police cars in the parking lot and the building hums with tense anxiety.

My roommate’s downstairs, talking to the cops. His name was at the top of the list, and they had questions for him. My name’s on the list, too, but not nearly as high; I guess they’ll get around to me.

I’ve got to figure out what I’m going to tell them.

I sure as hell can’t tell them what I’m about to tell you guys.

I go to an all-boys private school in the southeast. It’s about evenly split between day students (who live in town) and boarders (out-of-town students who live in dorms).

I’m a boarder… and this year, I’m in Stewart Hall, the oldest residence on campus. It’s a real dump. They stick Juniors (eleventh graders) in there… I guess they figure that by then, you’re too invested to bail.

To add to my bad luck, I got Kevin for a prefect.

Our prefects aren’t like in Harry Potter: they’re just seniors who volunteer to live in non-senior dorms. There’s one per floor, and they’re in charge of writing you up for rule violations, checking that you’re home by curfew, that kind of stuff.

Kevin’s one of those dudes who doesn’t sneeze without considering how it would look on his application to Harvard. He applied early-decision in October, and ever since, he’s been an even bigger walking panic attack waiting to find out if he was accepted.

Maybe the stress was what did it.
He’s been a real pain in the ass, honestly. Dude looked like he’d chased five Adderall with a gallon of Red Bull and was handing out demerits by the bucketload.

He was paranoid as hell, too. We’re allowed to go down to the vending machines after curfew, but Kevin would grill us anyway, convinced we were sneaking out even when we were holding the freaking Coke we’d gone down for. A guy down the hall had some leftovers go bad in his room, so he’d sprayed a bunch of air freshener… which convinced Kevin that the guy was smoking pot. Kevin kept trying to “bust” him, even though I’m pretty sure Kevin wouldn’t know pot if it tapdanced naked on his dresser.

Point being, when Kevin started spouting all this shit about how someone was bringing a guy into the dorm at night, everyone thought it was just more of his paranoid crap.

I heard about it more than most of the others; my roommate Josh is the only openly gay dude on our floor, so he was Kevin’s first suspect. I’m pretty sure that’s what that list the cops found really is… just Kevin’s theories about who might be sneaking that kid in.

Under the circumstances, though, I can’t blame the cops for thinking something else.

Anyway, yeah… for some reason, one random day, Kevin just quit talking about the guy to anyone. We all thought he’d realized he was wrong and didn’t want to admit it… especially when he started being way less of a tightass about rules than usual. We figured that was his backhanded way of apologizing for accusing everyone.

You could come in half an hour after curfew and he’d barely even look at you, just waving you down the hallway. Kevin really looked like shit, too… like he hadn’t slept in weeks. I actually started to feel sorry for him, wondering what kind of type-A parents he must have to be so wrecked over getting into one particular college.

Then, last week, I was heading down to the vending machines at about midnight. I passed Kevin’s room… and heard him crying.

I mean… guys cry sometimes. A grandparent dies, they get dumped… the rest of us have a pretty rock-solid “pretend it’s not happening, never mention it” policy. I’m sure it’s somewhere in The Bro Code.

Something about this was different, though… and I found myself drifting toward Kevin’s door.

He was talking on the phone… pausing like he was waiting for someone else to speak, sobbing softly.

As I got closer, I realized Kevin was… begging.

He kept asking the person on the phone to leave him alone, that he didn’t want to do whatever they were asking him to do. He was babbling, almost hysterical… I could hear him doing that snort-sniffle you get when your nose is running everywhere.

I backed away, feeling like an eavesdropping jackass… and convinced that my theory about his overbearing parents was correct.
When I got back to my room, I told Josh a sanitized version of the story. I left out the part about Kevin crying and begging, but mentioned the asshole parent phone call. I knew Josh would make sure the whole floor heard it, and I suspected it’d make the other guys feel a little more sympathetic towards Kevin for a while.

The dude could use a break. He’d sounded like he was on the verge of snapping.

And today, he did.

There’s an all-girls school across the river that we exchange some classes with and team up with for crap like choirs and plays… and just after dinner, about twenty-five of them showed up for Christmas choir rehearsal. They were walking right past Stewart Hall from the parking lot when the first shots rang out.
I had practice tonight, so I missed the worst of it… but Josh was here, and he described it.

The blasts of sound overhead… girls screaming, scattering across the courtyard. Prefects pounding through the hallways, bellowing to stay in the rooms as they rushed to the stairwell. The broken lock on the hatch to the roof, the pale terror of the guys who’d decided to try and stop him.

Josh was one of the first to realize that the girls didn’t know campus well enough to realize that Stewart Hall wasn’t another locked academic building; he’d thrown our window open and yelled for the girls to take cover within. With his body half-out the window and gesturing frantically, he’d realized in horror that he was just a few feet beneath Kevin.

Kevin had been tackled from behind by the first-floor prefect, a varsity wrestler who’d pinned him down while another gingerly retrieved the gun.

And this part may be bullshit, but I’ve heard it from several of the guys who claim they heard it straight from that wrestler.

They said Kevin started cackling, like this crazy, loony laugh, at the kid who’d ended up with the gun.
“It’s okay,” he laughed. “Tricked him. It’s okay, I won, I won…”

Practice was canceled as soon as word spread through campus, and I got back to the dorm just as they were putting Kevin in the ambulance. He wasn’t laughing then… he was hissing and spitting, his eyes all bulged out, muttering this crazy-homeless-dude patter of just four words: “bitches, sluts, whores, skanks” over and over and over.

I overheard one of the cops tell the other to check if Kevin had been rejected by a girl lately. I slipped by and headed up the stairs.

I had to stop writing there for a while. Josh came back and sent me down for my turn with the cops.

It was pretty much exactly what I expected, except for one thing: they asked me if Kevin had been friends with Mitchell Barnes. It took me a minute to even remember why that name was kinda familiar; he was two grades ahead of me, and he’d left school the year before. I didn’t know if he’d been friends with Kevin or not.

Josh was asleep when I got back, but I asked him this morning if the cops had asked him about Mitchell too.

He said they had, and added some details I hadn’t known. Mitchell hadn’t left, he’d gotten expelled… and committed suicide afterwards.
“I don’t really see him and Kevin being buddies,” Josh said. “They probably just found some of Mitchell’s crap in Kevin’s room. Mitchell was the prefect on this floor last year… maybe he left some stuff behind.”

“How come I never heard about this?”

“One, you live under a cozy rock with Master Chief. And two… Barnes Hall, Barnes Field? Not to mention Barnes Investments, the Barnes Foundation…”

Right. Maybe it was because I wasn’t local, or maybe I did live under a rock, but I’d always been two steps behind recognizing which kids came from Big Deal Families with Big Deal Last Names. Mitchell’s family had sunk tons of money into both the town and our school in particular.

“How’d a kid like that get kicked out in the first place? What’d he have to do, stab the headmaster?”

Josh set his book aside, voice dropping to a conspiratorial tone.

“Remember last year, when they made us watch all those videos about respecting women, and they suddenly decided it was okay for girls to park in the visitor lot?”

I did remember. There’d been a lot of bitching about how unfair it was… unlike the normal parking areas on the other side of campus, the visitor lot was super-close to class. This year, the girls were back to parking with the rest of us.

My face went pale. “Jesus… rape?”
“I heard that his suicide note was nothing but a bunch of crazy raving about how much he hated women… calling them names and shit.”
Bitches. Sluts. Whores. Skanks.
Class was canceled today, but of course, we boarders had to stay. Exams were supposed to start tomorrow, but we’ve been told they’re postponed. Everyone’s pretty sure they’re actually canceled and we’re going to be sent home early, but the faculty knows if they tell us that, there’ll be chaos.

They’ve been running movies for us in the common lounge… unsurprisingly, nothing violent… and the dorm head ordered us a shitload of pizza. Rumors have been running wild, and I’ve heard a whole bunch of crap that I don’t know whether or not to believe.

Like that Kevin’s fat acceptance envelope from Harvard arrived three days ago.

Like that Kevin didn’t own a cellphone, and his parents were super-chill.

Like that the reason none of the girls were hurt was because Kevin had loaded the gun with blanks. And I keep thinking of how Kevin laughed.

How he said he’d tricked someone.
How he said he’d won.