but we have pretty much nothing in common

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OK IMPT QUESTION: what are your hcs for Jumin, V and your MC's body types? like just talk abt them plx. i live for ur hcs

Oh gosh, um, I don’t know a lot about body types for men but 

I tend to veer towards Jumin as stockier and generally broader than he is in the CGs. He’s very thin in the Cgs and it doesn’t make much sense for him to be (he spends a lot of time sitting at a desk and doesn’t spend a lot of time at the gym. He has a nutritionist etc so probably wouldn’t be overweight, though). His CG style tbh makes him look really young to me? And Chief Han is pretty broad? Like I know he is young and I guess momma Jumin could have been smol, but we’re talking childlike on occasion and Jumin looks literally nothing like his dad and that’s bizarre like really bizarre like he must have SOMEthing in common and Imma go with body type I don’t know if any of this makes sense so I’ll just link to arts that demonstrate haha (x)(x)(x) ( @vess-hs draws a beautiful Julian Ham btw like I honestly would marry it)

V I also imagine a bit broader than the CGs but a smoller bean than Jumin. They were probably exactly the same height and weight as kids and V had a growth spurt first, only he never quite filled out as much as Jumin did. Anyway, V is more…slender? I can’t think of a better word and I really don’t want to say streamlined because that makes him sound like a fuckin boat. Boaty McBoat V. For some reason, I feel like V doesn’t put on weight very easily and Jumin is the opposite, so Jumin is always telling him off about the garbage he eats. ? Anyway, have some V to demonstrate (x)(x)(x)

tl;dr, Jumin is the one who looks imposing but just wants to talk about his feelings. V is soft boi and probably has knobbly knees

By MC do you mean VAB-verse MC? Well…I hc her as MC1 and pear shaped. She also puts on weight easily and it pretty much always goes to the butt. She probably uses Jumin’s home gym on occasion or plays pokemon go but I don’t see it being a huge concern tbh. I don’t think she is weight conscious and goober boyfriends definitely don’t make it an issue. Maybe at some point she and Jumin snark about how V can eat so much cake and never put on any weight, but they most likely say this as they are feeding him the cake, haha.

Part of the reason I’ve drawn my line harder with the word “lesbian” over the years and no longer personally use it to count women who know for sure that they experience attraction to men but experience discomfort around that is that a lot of those women harbor really nasty attitudes about lesbians and it waters down the word to meaning pretty much nothing. This on top of the fact that bi women and lesbians are literally not the same, have different experiences, have different ways of navigating attraction, have different (though both painful) relationships to heterosexuality as a system, have different ways of relating to men although I know many bi women who literally never date men, etc. We’re two groups with a lot in common but we aren’t the exact same and I’m concerned about that.

Also frankly it’s concerning that this is in any way controversial- not only can we not have butch, femme, anything else, our own groups or clubs, but god forbid we have a word to identify our experiences. We can’t even name ourselves.

The idea that income gaps/wealth gaps in retirement are due to under-preparation or poor people just not wanting to save/not planning ahead is extremely classist.

Most poor people don’t make enough to meet all basic needs, or just barely do.  There’s nothing left to be saved for many poor people.

Not to even mention that disabled young people who get social security and the vast majority of people receiving public assistance cannot engage in that kind of savings without having the programs they rely upon for survival taken.

Or the unwaged labor that is extremely common in low income communities-caretaking labor often done by women.

But, even setting those things aside, it should still be patently obvious that poor people, pretty much by definition, don’t have a lot of extra money.  If we had a lot of extra money we wouldn’t be poor.

Where is this money to be put in retirement savings coming from?  The magical old age fairy?

Ok I’ve just started 91 days, and hit the first half episode I HAVE TO point out how this show is friggin’ hilarious for an italian speaker as I am.
The names, folks.
Why those names.
Starting with the main character Avilio Bruno/Angelo Lagusa:
Ok, Avilio doesn’t exists as a first name, unlike Bruno. Maybe they were reversed? But Angelo is a common name, and Lagusa probably a mispelled “Ragusa”. Allright, nothing much to say, let’s go.
We also meet his brother Luce (Light in italian). Weird name for a boy in the mid 50ies, but I can turn a blind eye to this minor issue.
Then we see an Orco family (Orco is OGRE in italian).
I see, it’s a mafia family, it’s evil, and such a surname is pretty self-explanatory.
(Fun fact: I searched, and we have as many as 22 Orco families in Italy. So ok, 91 days team, point for you.)
Then. We get to the screenshot. 
And I lose my shit.
This guy is named BAND-AID. PLASTER. PATCH.
I hope so much this is a nickname. I hope that his mother has not looked at him, newborn, snivelling in her arms, and she thought, “Oh, my child looks like a small adhesive bandage, I’ll call him that!”
So, I’m at the first half of the first episode, and I’m already crying my eyes out. I’ll keep you up-to-date.

(As usual, sorry for my poor and damaged english)