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The Language of Thorns

Rating: ★★★★★

Short blurb: Love speaks in flowers. Truth requires thorns. Travel to a world of dark bargains struck by moonlight, of haunted towns and hungry woods, of talking beasts and gingerbread golems, where a young mermaid’s voice can summon deadly storms and where a river might do a lovestruck boy’s bidding but only for a terrible price. A lavishly illustrated collection of six tales.

This is highly debatable because of my love for Six of Crows, but this may be my favorite thing that Leigh Bardugo has ever written. It’s dark and gorgeous and completely unexpected, and so beautifully written. By weaving in references to (or even whole chunks of) the fairytales we know, she uses our expectations against us to give stories with the aura of classic fairytales new twists.

Bardugo describes in the author’s note her inspiration for the collection (her dissatisfaction with the ending of many fairytales), and it’s very evident in these stories, in more ways than one. There is Ayama and the Thorn Wood’s in-text rejection of traditional endings, which sets the tone for the whole anthology, and there are stories such as The Witch of Duva and The Soldier Prince that reject the original stories’ status quo more subtly. Basically, I have nicknamed the collection Fairytales For Fuck The Patriarchy, because that’s what it is — bold and new and unrelentingly rewriting our stories.

Why should beautiful princesses be passive objects of quests and challenges? Why should these stories only include men who love women, and vice versa? The Language of Thorns answers its own questions: they shouldn’t.

We say we’re simply friends but when we hold each other under the falling light of late summer the warmth in my chest tells the truth my thoughts tremble to. The truth is this. My mind is a highway leading back to the earth that is the color of your skin, my lips are drunk men hooked on the taste of you. And goodness, I wish I could tell you. I wish I could tell you how worth it you are to me. I wish I could look you in the eyes and say that yes, I know it’d be hard to make this work but I swear to the gaps in your heartbeat that I’d do everything I could to have you in my arms and my fingers intertwined with yours like satin thread that is impossible to untie. The emotional barriers we place between our eager bodies are simply shielding hearts that are so irrevocably frightened of the way they beat for each other. I feel the heat of your skin and the pressure of your chest in the bottom of my fucking lungs as if you are a breath I cannot, and would not want to exhale out into the world of those who do not know what loving you feels like. Maybe it’s only the fleeting sense that everything I love will one day slip away from fingers that are too human to hold them but I want to take your face in both of my hands, lean close enough to you to smell your skin again, and know we are the only kiss our lips will ever be satisfied with. I never expected to feel this strongly for you but I don’t think anyone could feel your body that is as soft and warm and strong as August sunlight, hear your laugh that is so unexpected and feral, feel your arms around them that are as powerful as they are tender, like rain that never floods, and come away unscathed by the very sight of you. You always say I’ll make someone lucky one day, but goodness, I’m willing to dive headfirst into that complicated, messy, magnificent soul of yours for that someone to be you.

-ap (9.5.17) friends don’t hold each other like this

Cooking With Cas

gif is not mine

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 975

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

When Dean sent Cas to your house, he felt nervous.  Being a human was new to him.  He wasn’t sure who he could trust besides the Winchesters.  Even though Dean said he trusted you with his life, Castiel wasn’t sure it would be the same for him.  What if you didn’t want him in your home either?

Castiel was greeted with a hug when you opened the door.  He was reminded of your caring and gentle manner when you quickly brought him inside.  He almost didn’t know how to react to your kindness.

“I was told to expect you Castiel,” you smiled, leading him down the hall.  “The bathroom is down here, and your room is right next to the bathroom.”  You turned around to face the angel.  “There should be a fresh change of clothes in your room.  I’ll get out of your way so you can get settled in.  I don’t want to overwhelm you.”

“[Y/N] you don’t have to do this,” Castiel mumbled, looking into your eyes.  “Everywhere I go…”  Castiel’s words trailed off as he let out a long sigh.

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Carmilla Fanfiction Favorites of Mine


Music To My Ears by Latchingontoyou

Sum: A highschool AU where the whole cast are all in band and orchestra and have their own secrets. The music unites them all in the end where they all become friends that help each other through the trials of growing up. Carmilla and Laura teach each other that love can help anyone survive even through the worst. A lot of angst and fluff. Not smuf. But there is a sequel with smuf. This series has made me cry and laugh spontaneously. It’s beautifully written and I would reread it again.

Find Me Through The Radio is the sequel to this, and it’s a lot of angst and it’s oh so wonderful. Warning: Both of these with kill you with fluff. Make sure to have kleenexs on hand.

Well That Was Unexpected by HollisteinFF

Sum: I really like this author, they have more works that I will mention because they are so good. This story is alot of smuff with some fluff and a plot that creeps up on you and turns into a mystery. It all starts out when Carmilla gets dragged into a strip club with her brother and she spots a small innocent looking honey haired woman that, ironically, goes by the name Honey, who she finds out is actually Laura. They start going on different escapades as they make their way through each other lists of fantasies, until Carmilla finds out that Laura may not be who either of them thought she was. There is also a sequel to this that I have yet to read, Unexpected Consequences by BloodandPaper, HollisteinFF

Good Enough by HollisteinFF

Sum: (This is a fanfic version of the movie Cruel Intentions. It’s beautifully done.) Like I said before, this author is amazing! This about Laura being a music prodigy and she gets accepted into a prestigious school, but before she goes her father decides that she needs to go out and do something besides just music. So he gets her to go to cheerleading camp where she ends up meeting a certain broody girl that has the whole camp of girls in the palm of her hands. (Literally. There’s lots of smuff) This certain brood also happens to be Laura’s new roommate. Which for the entirely too tightly wound blonde, may be the worst or best possible thing to happen to her. In the end they realize they may not be so different after all and that they both have issues. They show each other that love is possible and they can get through anything. Btw you’re in for a huge shocker in the end, and you’ll never expect it. So please grab some kleenexs.

Finding Real Love by KarnsteinRosenberg

Sum: Carmilla is royalty that forced into a life of obligations when at a very young age of 12 she was snatched away from the life she had grown to love. She learns that she must become true to her new self and accept it as the new heir to the throne.

Laura is a princess, who cares for her sickly father who just wants his little girl to be safe and in desperate times decides she needs to marry her off. The two girls lifes collide and they realize that they will need to work together in order to survive what has become their duties and responsibility for their kingdom. A really great story!! The only thing that I could complain is that english isn’t the author’s first language, but they do a good job otherwise. I read so much of this story in just one sitting. There’s 69(teehee) chapters full of angst, smuff, and fluff.

Where Your Treasure Is, There Will Be Your Heart There Also by churchofyourcurves

Sum: If you didn’t realize it from the title and the hint at Lily’s grave, this is a Harry Potter AU in which Laura and Carmilla and the rest of the cast are all wizards and witches that have grown into powers that require them to go to Hogwarts to learn about their abilities. Along the way Laura’s journalism desires get them all digging into things they probably shouldn’t until they all slowly unravel the secrets the school has to offer. This is a really nice twist for those that fell in love with the Harry Potter series and also enjoy reading about the Carmilla characters. Enjoy! Also when you’ve made it through (you’ll need lots of kleenexs with this one as well) all of the teenage angst, and fluff, (no smuff) then please buckleup creampuffs for the sequeal that it also has to provide. Somewhere I Have Never Travelled, Gladly Beyond.

Under Cover of Darkness by Heligena

Sum: Laura tries to sneak into the dorm that she shares with her broody vampire roommate. She comes home with injuries that she’s sporting from a long night and she doesn’t want to have to explain any of it to Carmilla. Her plan backfires when her roommate hears her shuffling around, and she ends up having to explain everything that eventually leads up to them unraveling the mysteries of the happenings that are taking place at the Silas University. All while they try and pretend they aren’t using it as an excuse to spend more time with each other.

This fanfiction is incredibly well written and has alot of mystery written into it that is nice to see along with hollistein. I feel like it really stays true to the actual show and what it had brought forth to all of us, but this is much darker and will not be easy on you. It has everything you could want in the story. Expect more good things from this author. This was beautiful.

Kept by Bodylikeabattleaxe

Sum: A zookeeper AU in which Carmilla is a Big Cat keeper and Laura works with the cute and fuzzy animals. They end up having to work together despite their differences in their job titles, and begin to see that you shouldn’t judge someone by their covers. This is a cute story that shows you the life of a zookeeper, but also shows you that love can be simple. It also can sneak up on you unexpectedly. Being a zookeeper can tug your heart in many different ways, so please creampuffs be prepared. But don’t worry, Hollstein will get us through it in the end. This has angst, fluff and smuff.

Fool’s Gold by whatsthedamage

Sum: I don’t think there is a creampuff left that hasn’t read this Highschool AU, but it’s always a honorary mention in my books. But this is about Carmilla and Laura going through highschool trying to figure out what they want, and come on people we all know that they are going to end up together, so why is it always so difficult for them to figure that out. Watch as these teenagers do everything in their power to avoid what everyone wants! Erjgh! Also this has to be one of my favorites for the simple implications of The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink. Yes, thank you so much for that!!! :D

Absolution by lordvoldyfarts

Sum: This has alot of smuff and makes me so happy they way they supplied it in context to plot and angst. Carmilla has to witness her roommate with her girlfriend, Danny Lawrence, everyday and all she can think about it how she so doesn’t care. Nope. It doesn’t bother her at all. She just can’t stop thinking about the little ball of sunshine, but it still doesn’t mean anything. That is until she realizes it means everything. Carmilla decides that she’s going to wait for the right moment and swoop in to get the girl of her dreams.

The Kind of People You Meet On Airplanes by alterocentrist

Sum: More of a short story, but not really. Carmilla and Laura end up sitting next to each other on an airplane. They are complete strangers that are in for a huge surprise. Inspired by David Levithan’s “The Number of People You Meet on Airplanes”. But please don’t go and read that short story before you read this fanfic. This fanfic is more of a short novella, but please read it so your little gay heart’s can get the well deserved break from all of the angst I had thus supplied. This one is an imagining of what might happen when you sit next to a stranger on a airplane. You never know who you might meet. Expect the unexpected.

Also there is a sequel to this one as well!  "Now We’re There, and We’ve Only Just Begun" Oh how I love sequels! It’s also so hard to give up on such a good story. Isn’t that why we are all here reading fanfics? ;)

Pandemic by Puntrest

Sum: An apocalyptic story where a virus breaks out and the whole cast have to stay in a facility, Silas, to survive the plague of the outbreak. They are the survivors and their sole purpose is to help find the cure for the others that exist outside of the walls. Laura and Carmilla have become roommates that know nothing about the other and Carmilla is determined to keep it that way even as determined as her roommate can be about trying to find out what really is going on within the walls of the Silas facility.

This is a really cute story that feels like I am also reading a zombie outbreak twist, but it’s not at all. It just has alot of mystery and plot twists that I solely enjoy. The love story between the two is really a nice break for all of the angst that builds up as well.

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose by peerieweirdo

Sum: Carmilla and Laura both own stores across from one of each other. One day Carmilla hears the store next to her making an obnoxious amount of noise while in preparation for them opening up, which prevents her from sleeping at night. Running out of patience, she decides to take matters into her own hands and find out what all the ruckus is. Little did she know that such a small woman could make so much noise and turn her world upside down.

One is a floral shop and the other is a tattoo parlor. You’ll never guess who owns which.

Emancipation by ceceash

Sum: In a world where slavery is lawful, Carmilla’s mother owns her own business that puts them in the upper class in which requires them to have slaves of their own to keep their image. On Carmilla’s 17th birthday, she is finally old enough to own one of her own. She goes to the auction house with her mother, who has allowed her to pick out one of her own. Little did she know she would find one that she would like so much. In order to save the little honey haired girl from the greedy hands of the other auctioneers, she convinces her Mom to buy Laura to be Carmilla’s very own slave.

As much as this story seems like it’s pretty fucked, it really isn’t. It’s a good story, that has a lot of beautiful moments. It has it’s unnerving moments with the whole slavery ordeal, but it’s oh so oh so good.

On Your Ground by kaitlynsgonnakait  (tumblr prompt which is really cool)

Sum: Did you know that being intimate with your patient as a doctor is considered unlawful and a violation of hospital policies of the United States and is a justification for imprisonment? So did I, I mean Grey’s Anatomy, obvi, but it still makes for a damn good story. Carmilla and Laura knew that too, but the was the last thing on Carmilla’s mind when she got injured. It was ok, she had a really hot doctor to take care of her though.

Ohhhh soooo much angst. Ughh so good. And smuff with fluff of course. Pfft duh.

Secret Craving by catmilla

Sum: Carmilla is the new history teacher at the Silas highschool. The same school she went to herself. She never really liked school, so she surpised a lot of people when she decided she would teach, but it was her dream. College was finally over and she could finally pursue that dream. She’s nervous, but luckily there’s a little blonde girl that is determined to make her feel welcome to her new class and even more excited to “get to know her”.

Also, did you know that teacher-student relations considered sexual, whether consensual or not, is also illegal in public schools and immediate action of termination is required? Doesn’t this sound alot like that bloomington movie? Anyone else? No? Ok, well carry on.

The Trade We Choose by carmillasleatherpants

Sum: Laura needs a new job and she needs it stat. Luckily her friend LaF decided to put in a request for Laura to become the new personal assistant of the famous Carmilla Karnstein at Karnstein Industries until she becomes the new chairman in November when Carmilla turns 25. Or is she so lucky? When she looks at the reviews of how her possible new boss may act, maybe she isn’t as lucky as she thought she would be. At least that’s what the trail of previous personal assistants have said. Laura refuses to believe that anyone could possibly be that terrible.

This is reminds me of a better version of 50 Shade of Grey, but without the weird abuse. And it’s actually really good. Plus I’d watch this movie over and over again without feeling awkward, even while watching it by myself. *cringe* ok so not 50 Shades of Grey

The Black Cat by marissalyn14

Sum: Laura gets dragged to the Black Cat by her friends in order to get the birthday present of her dreams. Little did she know if would be a Kitty cat in a pretty black robe.

Little does Laura know her world would be turned upside down after she met the girl of her dreams. Maybe the Kitty isn’t as innocent as her name suggests.

This story a nice alternate twist to ‘That Was Unexpected’ that I mentioned before and it doesn’t disappoint. There’s smuff and fluff.

Veni, Vidi, Vici by standoutinacrowd

Sum: A HSAU, but what makes it great is that it has a nice twist of also being a stepsister AU. o.o. Hmm so the gothic broody useless lesbian and the bright and sunny popular girl’s parents decide to get married forcing the two to have to live together. Whats wrong with that? Everything! Carmilla has had a crush on the tiny blonde for 3 years. This can’t be happening! Now her crush is her stepsister. Ughh. (insert broody eyerolling).

On top of that Carmilla has a bad rep of rumors floating in the halls, no thanks to the beanstalk, so the ball of sunshine already has a bad image of her. It can’t get worse, right? Ha! The blonde is straight and her twin brother refuses to give up on his chances of getting in the cupcake’s pants.

This is going to be interesting. Smut and fluff.


A Human, A Vampire, And A Werewolf Walk Into A Cliché by WaterBendin

Sum: A short story in which Danny, Laura and Carmilla all decide that they should get to know each other better by playing ‘Truth or Dare’. We all know the cliche of this one, but it turned out completely different than I thought it would. It’s really good.  

Coffee Sophistication by Muse92

Sum: Carmilla works at a coffee shop and she has become an expert at guessing what someone’s order will be. No one has ever surprised her with an order, until now when she meets a tiny journalist. Lots of fluff.

Shameless Smut Tropes by novaprospekt

Sum: I have never felt like a story has ever needed a warning in it’s summary, because well in my opinion I think it gives away the simplicity of the element of surprise. That can always make a story that much better. I have especially haven’t ever felt it necessary to add a warning to a story with a title such as this one, but there’s a first for everything. This story/stories has offended quite a few creampuffs, just because it pushes the boundaries, but if you think you can handle it I highly recommend it. I think it brings a refreshing change to the playground of the Hollistein AUs. I thought it was really good, and you get ample warning before each story provided. So far there are 31 or more stories listen and I think the author plans on adding more in the near future. Enjoy you dirty bastards! Shamelessly.

Anatomy Lessons with Professor Hollis by Fox_is_Fandumb

Sum: Smut with Fluff. Carmilla almost loses her job as the TA for her instructor, Professor Hollis, until Professor Hollis decides to sweep in and offer to tutor her student. The lessons go much better than planned. Maybe Carmilla actually knew a lot more than Professor Hollis had expected.

Special Delivery by bodylikeabattleaxe

Sum: Carmilla gets an interesting package in the mail. With all of the impending doom of Silas, Laura is interested in some change. Maybe this mystery package is exactly what she was looking for. Smut with Fluff.

Break Up to Make Up by littlemonster

Sum: Smut with some fluff. The title says it all.Could easily take place right after their breakup in season 2, but the author wrote it before it actually had taken place. It still reads as such.

In-Flight Distractions by Muse92

Sum: I want to say that the title says it all again, but I won’t be cruel. This is really good smut, about Carmilla having a fear of flying. Luckily she has a really cute distraction.

I plan on adding to this list as I go along. Please if anyone has more to add, tell me so I can make it grow. Ill probably read the stories or put them under as suggestions and add the name(if thats ok) of the person who suggested it for credit.
BTS reaction to their S/O having a dance related injury

Since I’m injured (permanently), why not do something based on what happened to me before :)

I fucking hate my teacher for making do something we both know I couldn’t do.

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The Recipe for a GREAT Story Idea




The World’s Most Famous Detective Stories plus Modern-Day London.

What makes these story concepts so intriguing, and so repeatable? 

 Yes, they’re genius ideas. But there’s a recipe you can glean from those genius ideas, one which anyone can follow.  And if we can follow it, we can create our own genius ideas. It has, unsurprisingly, two ingredients.

I thought of cooking, then I thought of Stitch baking a cake. 


Something timeless. Familiar. Well-known already. Your reader already has imagery and expectations attached to this thing. Take Cinderella for example. When I hear it, images pop in my head instantly: a glass slipper, a clock striking midnight, a pumpkin coach, a ball at a castle, a servant girl. Or how about boarding school? A huge ancient building, classrooms, kids in uniforms, dormitories, living at school with a ton of kids your own age. Mental images abound. And they’re most likely the same images for everybody. 

(I want that dress. I’ll wear it when I go to Barnes and Noble and I’ll throw books at anyone that gives me odd looks.)


Something new. Unexpected. Contrasting with that timeless imagery. Creating something one-of-a-kind, uniquely yours. Something surprising. We all have a lot of traditional expectations when we hear “Cinderella”, so when we add “Cyborg” to it, our brains start applying sci-fi to those expectations. Same with Sherlock and boarding school and all other examples. Our imaginations instantly start having fun, creating possibilities of what could happen in the story. Which makes us want to read and find out how those expectations are met. The ideas shouldn’t go together, but that’s what makes them work so well. 

It’s like this Remy gif:

Apart, the ideas, or “flavors”, are excellent. But when you combine them, things get infinitely more interesting. Downright magical in some cases. 


More than the delight and imagination sparking properties of these concepts make them work so wonderfully. Each ingredient is serving a distinct function. 

– One ingredient is suggesting STRUCTURE.

– One ingredient is suggesting AESTHETIC, WORLD, or TELLING METHOD.


Ask anyone to tell you the story of Cinderella, and they probably can. Everyone knows it. There are versions of it throughout the world. With boarding school, almost everyone knows the outline of a school year. Most people have a rough idea of how the revolution (or any revolution) played out. We instantly have a linear outline of events in our heads, no matter how rough or foggy. 


Witchcraft and wizardry. Modern-day London. Hip-hop. Cyborgs. When you hear these, they evoke possibilities of what the world of the story is going to be like. What it’s going to look like, feel like, how that story is going to be conveyed. And the “world” of the story is one of the most intoxicating parts of a story, that we really love. It’s one of the reasons we can read the same book over and over again; you’re in another world, a fascinating world, a world that can feel a lot more like home than your own. Give readers a concept of a setting they can easily imagine, and when it’s applied to that narrative, easily want to take up residence within.  

With “boarding school” you imagine school sports like badminton or soccer or that one where people slide rocks on ice. 

But when you add “wizardry” to “school”, you can imagine sports where children hurtle through the air on cleaning tools, while cannonballs try to smash into their heads.

Besides making your story timeless and unique, and far stronger for it, this also makes the concept of it highly repeatable. Because what happens if you surprise your reader, spark their own creativity, and delight them because of it? 

You’ve created something they actively want to share. 

The cycle of finding something you love isn’t complete until you’ve shared that thing with other people. It’s just how humans work. Just ask every person I have systematically infected with Hamilton. You’re not bribing, or bullying, or cajoling people to spread your story: they’re doing it of their own volition. Viral marketing is what you’re going for. The best kind of businesses are ones that “don’t require you’re time or presence” right? It’s the same with selling books. If you create something contagious, all you have to do is tell a few people. Then those people will tell other people, who will tell others, until you’ve spread a delightful bookish plague everyone is happy when they catch. You little plague rat you. Or plague flea, I suppose, would be more accurate. 

Oh, one more thing! This element of your premise can usually be summed up with a pithy little one-line of genius: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or “America then, told by America now.”

Yup, squishing it down into one sentence makes it even more wildly contagious. 

So get that one sentence, sit back, and watch your story take over the world. 

NCT 127 Discuss the Group's Unique Concept, Breaking Into U.S. & More

In January 2016, SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo-Man announced the formation of Neo Culture Technology (NCT), the globalized band with an unlimited number of members divided into units, tasked with bringing K-pop beyond Korea’s borders. Months later came NCT U, the foundational alpha unit to which members from any of NCT’s local units can be added. Later in 2016, two more units made their debut: NCT Dream, the delightfully poppy unit featuring the bright-faced youngest members of NCT and KCON NY 2017 performers NCT 127. The nine members of NCT 127 sat down with Billboard before their Saturday night performance to discuss the possibility of smaller units, the boundary-defying nature of their concept and the potential for more shows in America.

Though NCT 127’s base is Seoul – the 127 represents Seoul’s longitudinal coordinate – the unit has enraptured American K-pop fans without so much as a concert in the States thanks to their Western-leaning sounds. They take direct cues from trap, drum ‘n bass and the latest chart-topping hip-hop, and have worked alongside producers The Stereotypes (Bruno Mars) and Dem Jointz (Janet Jackson, Anderson .Paak). They’ve even garnered support from Apple Music as the first K-Pop act featured on Ebro’s Beats 1 show with their debut song “Firetruck.”

The unit made their debut last year with Haechan, Taeil, Mark, Yuta, Taeyong, Jaehyun and Winwin; this year, they made two additions with Johnny and NCT U’s Doyoung. With the nine current members of NCT 127, each member possesses different talents, from traditional Chinese dance to DJing. As such, the possibilities for duos and subunits are endless, as the members explained. “There’s a limitless amount of units that could come out just with nine people,” Johnny says. “One day, maybe if I DJ and some people come out to sing, some people come out to rap – there’s a lot of things we could try out.”

“I don’t think you can expect which unit will come out next in the NCT team, it’s so unexpected,” Mark adds. “It’s just something we all have to look forward to.”

As part of the global initiative at the heart of NCT, NCT 127’s members are a mini United Nations, where Japan (Yuta), China (Winwin), Canada (Mark), South Korea (Doyoung, Jaehyun, Taeil, Haechan, Taeyong) and the U.S. (Johnny) are represented. NCT 127 stars alongside other unit members in NCT Life, a reality show where they travel and explore various cities, from NCT U member Ten’s hometown of Bangkok to Yuta’s hometown of Osaka. “We do come from various cultures, so we do have some times where we conflict with each other,” Yuta says. “But I feel like we go in with the mindset of trying to understand each [member] and respect each other.”

“The more we don’t understand each other, the more we try to understand each other and try to help each other out in navigating different things,” 127 unit leader Taeyong adds.

The language barriers and cultural differences have led to some sitcom-worthy situations in the dorms. “This guy here, Winwin, the way we talk to him, he picks [it] up really quickly,” Johnny says. “In Korean, there’s a way to raise your formality [based on age]. What happens is if we talk to him with formality, which the younger kids usually do, he’ll speak back to them with formality, because that’s what he hears. When the older guys [use informal speech, or banmal], he’ll speak back to us like that.”

One thing that manages to transcend linguistic barriers is their complex and powerful performances. They’ve worked with noted choreographers Kevin Maher and Tony Testa on “Limitless” and “Cherry Bomb,” respectively. The members have gone on record to note how exhausting their choreography is and how much effort the moves require – six members ripped their pants while doing the memorable split leg choreography from “Cherry Bomb.” “Because we’re singing in Korean, our fans abroad may not understand what we’re saying, but our strength is in performance,” Doyoung says. “I feel the way we see a performance is universal. If fans worldwide would see our performance, they would immediately catch what the essence of NCT is.”

NCT 127 flew in late Friday and had an Apple Store performance in Williamsburg the next morning at 10 a.m., giving them little time to explore New York City. Beyond their short and simple to-do list (Times Square, pizza and hot dogs – the members seem to love fast food), Johnny wanted his bandmates to get something more important out of the experience. “What I really want everyone to experience is the energy that New Yorkers can give us,” the Chicago native says. “We already can feel everyone looking at us with bright eyes. I wish everyone could get that energy and go back to Korea like, 'Whoa, we just came back from New York with good vibes.’”

When asked if there will be more American shows in the unit’s future, they didn’t hesitate to keep the possibility open. “If there’s an opportunity, yes!” Johnny says. “We really think this is the beginning.”

And if the lines of fans camped outside the Apple Store at 1 a.m. post-KCON were any indication, this is only the beginning of something huge.

Unexpected Savagery

My band teacher thinks he is hilarious and makes the cringiest jokes and or attempts to roast students, we all have learned to laugh out of pity at this point and never expect anything good. Well the other day this one known trouble maker was screwing off and playing wrong notes intentionally. So the teacher tells us he thinks someone is out of tune. When it gets to the troublemakers turn he says “[insert name here], play a D flat” and of course, thinking the teacher didn’t know it was him, he plays the correct note. The teacher then says “Thats the grade you’ll have in this class if you don’t shape up” needless to say, the teacher gained some respect after that.

anonymous asked:

Love your compilations of certain themes throughout the books! Have you done one regarding Claire's jealousy yet or interested in doing one?

Hi anon - we actually don’t see Claire jealous very often throughout the Books. But when she *does* feel jealousy, it *always* has to do with Jamie, and the other people in his life.

On the one hand you can say that this is a bit ridiculous - because she knows just how deeply he loves her, how he always puts her first, how he is always faithful to her.

But on the other hand you can completely understand - because they did spend those 20 long years apart. Many people came into his life at that time. And clearly she struggles with the consequences of that, fearing that perhaps those relationships could diminish his love for her.

But of course we know it doesn’t - in fact, I think it makes their love even stronger.

Dragonfly In Amber

“Well,” I said, “when one’s husband comes home covered with bites and scratches and reeking with perfume, admits he’s spent the night in a bawdy house, and…”

“And tells ye flat-out he’s spent the night watching, not doing?”

“You didn’t get those marks on your leg from watching!” I snapped suddenly, then clamped my lips together. I felt like a jealous biddy, and I didn’t care for it.


The Governor was quiet for a moment. Then he looked up with a bleak smile.

“That was the first time that he ever touched me willingly,” he said quietly. “And the last — until this evening, when I gave him the other copy of that miniature.”

I sat completely motionless, the brandy glass unregarded in my hands. I wasn’t sure what I felt; shock, fury, horror, jealousy, and pity all washed through me in successive waves, mingling in eddies of confused emotion.

Drums of Autumn

I lay still, wondering exactly what was the matter with me. Or rather, not what, but why. I knew by now what it was, all right; it was jealousy.

I was indeed jealous; an emotion I hadn’t felt for some years, and was appalled to feel now.

I rolled onto my back and closed my eyes, trying to shut out the murmur of conversation. Lord John had been nothing but courtesy itself to me. More than that, he had been intelligent, thoughtful—thoroughly charming, in fact. And listening to him making intelligent, thoughtful, charming conversation with Jamie knotted my insides and made me clench my hands under cover of the quilt.

You are an idiot, I told myself savagely. What is the matter with you? I tried to relax, breathing deeply through my nose, eyes closed.

Part of it was Willie, of course. Jamie was very careful, but I had seen his expression when he looked at the boy in unguarded moments. His whole body was suffused with shy joy, pride mingled with diffidence; and it smote me to the heart to see it. He would never look at Brianna, his firstborn, that way. Would never see her at all. That was hardly his fault—and yet it seemed so unfair. At the same time, I could scarcely begrudge him his joy in his son—and didn’t, I told myself firmly. The fact that it gave me a terrible pang of longing to look at the boy, with that bold, handsome face that mirrored his sister’s, was simply my problem. Nothing to do with Jamie, or with Willie. Or with John Grey, who'd  brought the boy here.

The Fiery Cross

I had not met many of Frank’s women—he was discreet. But now and then, I would catch a glance exchanged at a faculty party or the local supermarket—and a feeling of black rage would well up in me, only to be followed by bafflement as to what, precisely, I was to do with it.

Jealousy had nothing to do with logic.

Laoghaire MacKenzie was four thousand miles away; likely neither of us would ever see her again. Frank was even farther away, and it was certain neither of us would ever see him again, this side the grave.

No, jealousy had nothing at all to do with logic.

An Echo In The Bone

“How‘d you like it if I were jealous?” I asked the crown of his head.

“I‘d like that fine,: he replied, breath warm on my exposed flesh. “And ye were. Of Laoghaire.” He looked up, grinning, eyebrow raised. “Maybe ye still are?”

I slapped him again, and this time I meant it. He could have stopped me but didn‘t.

“Aye, that‘s what I thought,” he said, wiping a watering eye. “Will ye come to bed wi‘ me, then? It‘ll be just us,” he added.

Written In My Own Heart’s Blood

“It was just the once. It didna last very long; I—it had been a long time,” he said, and a faint flush showed across his cheekbones. “But … I needed it, verra much. She held me after, and … I needed that more. I fell asleep in her arms; she was gone when I woke. But I carried the warmth of her with me. For a long time,” he said very softly.

That gave me a quite unexpected stab of jealousy, and I straightened a little, fighting it back with clenched hands. He sensed it and turned his head toward me. He’d felt that flame ignite—and had one to match it.

“And you?” he said, giving me a hard, direct look.

“It wasn’t tender,” I said with an edge. “And it wasn’t sad. It should have been. When he came into my room and said he wouldn’t mourn you alone, and we talked, then I got up and went to him, expecting—if I had so much as an expectation; I don’t think I had any conscious thoughts… .”

What Happens Now Part 6

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: pregnancy

Word Count: 552

Summary: It was just one night, something that happened in the midst of too much alcohol. But what happens now?

A/N: It’s gonna start getting to the good bits soon guys!! Sorry for dragging it out on you 


You look up from the book your reading when there’s a knock on your trailer door, the breath catching in your throat as you doggy ear the page. You’d spent the last three days hoping that it was going to be Sebastian on the other side of that door, but each time it had just been Chris, checking up on you like he’d taken to doing ever since finding out you were pregnant. Each time you’d gotten your hopes up and each time you’d been let down.

You knew he needed time to think, who wouldn’t after finding out they were going to become a Father sooner than they thought they would; but you had hoped that he’d want to talk to you about it.

Placing your book down on your bed you wrapped your cardigan further around your body, taking a long, deep breath before opening the door. Your eyes widening when you saw Sebastian on the other side.
“Can we talk?” He asked, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.
You nodded your head, stepping back so he could follow you inside, closing the door behind him.
“Did you want anything to drink?” You ask, gesturing for him to take a seat on the small lounge. He shook his head as he licked his lips, motioning for you to sit down next to him.
“Sorry it’s taken me a little while to come round here,” He started, wringing his hands together in his lap. “I wanted to make sure I was clear on what I thought was best before I talked to you.”
“Have you figured that out?”
“Mostly, I guess…as much as one can I suppose.”

You nodded your head, giving Sebastian a soft smile as he looked up at you.
“So, what did you decide?” You murmur, half afraid of what his answer might be and half curious. “Because you know I - I don’t expect anything Seb, you can be as involved as you want -”
“I want to be involved y/n,” Sebastian cut you off, lacing his fingers through yours, “Look, we’re not a couple and I get that but…we are friends and if there was ever anyone I’d want to be unexpected parents with it would probably be you.” 

You burst into tears the minute he stops talking, your head cradled in your hands as Sebastian’s arms wraps around your body, bringing you into his side. You weren’t sure exactly what caused it, a combination of everything probably but you suddenly felt a whole lot more relieved than you’d been since you’d found out. 

Sebastian soothed you quietly as he rubbed one of his hands over your back.
“I’m sorry,” you sniffed after a few minutes, wiping your eyes with the back of your hand.
“It’s alright,” He shrugged, using his thumb to brush away a tear you’d clearly missed. “Hormones can be a real pain in the ass.”
You pushed his shoulder lightly at the joke, feeling the laughter bubble in the back of your throat. Sebastian had always been great at making you feel better.
“Well you have another eight months or so to get used to them.”
“We’ll be right,” He chuckled, placing a kiss to the top of your head. “I’m the Winter Soldier after all babe.”
“You’re a dork.”

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Frost Memorial: In memory of our fallen Icejin

(Cover credit to @friku8706, @mirurko and @zamisriza-the-resurrection. Thank you.)

They say no man is truly ever dead if his name continues to be spoken. That will be our wish for our dearly departed who we honor here today, Frost the Icejin, who’s race’s name was dubbed ever so lovingly as such by its creative followers.

When we were first treated to Frost, we were met with confused yet intrigued responses. To our surprise, we were presented with someone very different than what we expected, one who’s individuality and concept on his own won the hearts of many, an admiration that lasted far longer than anyone would have thought. We fell in love with the villainous space pirate who’s calm, charismatic personality and graceful form made him an icon for us.

But, after everything, our hopes were against us. One week ago from today, our hearts were crushed as we witness the unexpected and demeaning death of our beloved Icejin that left an empty hole in our souls, not only from the sudden and disrespecting decision to do so, but the reasoning behind it that to this day remains unknown.

There was sadness. There was anger. There were tears, and even mournings. There were questions, there were heavy ponders of ‘Why’. Nobody expected this, and no one was prepared. The community was shaken, and there was nothing we could have done about it, except continue to remember him, as we do tonight.

Frost was an intelligent, charming, dedicated, cunning and graceful being. We admired him for his wits, and loved him for his eccentric yet sly self. He gave us hope, gave up high expectations, possibilities; he gave us excitement, fear, and even heart aches. And even so, we only wished for his happiness. And though we never had the chance to truly see him as such, he will remain with us, in our hearts where we dream of his smile, followed by his genuine happiness.

Tonight we are gathered here to remember our beloved Icejin, to continue his legacy, to give him the justice he was so painfully denied, to remember why he admired him so, flaws and all, and hope for a better ending.

If anyone wishes to come forth and offer some words of tribute, you are more than welcomed to do so now.

A Second Chance

Originally posted by specialagent-dalecooper

Pairing: Jeff Hardy x Reader

Word Count: 700+

Warnings: Some swearing

A/N: Ah, my first tumblr fic. I used to write fanfiction a long time ago but I’ve recently been inspired to start up again. I hope you all like it.

You stood next to Mickie as Luke and Karl’s music hit and they made their way down the ramp to defend their Raw Tag Team Championships.

“So who do you think should win?” Mickie asked.

“I’m really feeling like Enzo and Cass are gonna get it done this time. I mean, they are some of the most popular guys on the roster and their win would create such an amazing WrestleMania moment.” Mickie hummed in agreement. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as The New Day’s music hit and they made their way out onto the stage.

“Oh, are they gonna insert themselves into the match?” Mickie wondered aloud and you shrugged. You both watched with interest as the continued on with their promo and began walking very slowly to the ring. And then, the music of Matt and Jeff Hardy hit. Your breath hitched in your throat and you felt like your heart had suddenly stopped.

“Holy shit,” you whispered.

“Did you know about this?” Mickie asked.

“No, I didn’t know,” You hadn’t seen Jeff in years, not since your breakup in late 2009. You guys ended on good terms, breaking up simply because you were at two completely different places in your lives and the timing for the two of you simply wasn’t right. The two of you still talked from time to time and despite the fact that you hadn’t seen him in person for over seven years, you still wondered about what could have been. You’d been in one other relationship since you and Jeff broke up and it ended because you felt that you weren’t ready to commit, at least not to him. You wanted Jeff. He was everything that you needed and more.

“Have you guys talked lately?” Mickie knew all about your past with Jeff and your continued friendship over the years, she’d been there for you through it all.

“Yeah, actually, we just talked on Friday before the Hall of Fame ceremony.” Mickie nodded and turned her attention back to the screen, where the match was just getting underway.

“Here are you winners and the new Raw Tag Team Champions, The Hardy Boys!”

“Whoa, they actually won,” Mickie muttered and you nodded.

“I’ll catch up with you later,” you said, quickly grabbing your newly won Raw Women’s Championship and making your way towards gorilla. You smiled slightly as you saw Matt and Jeff walking in your direction with the belts in hand and broke into a grin when you realized they saw you too.

“Well, funny seeing you here,” you exclaimed and they laughed.

“Ah, it’s great to see you, Y/N,” Matt said, pulling you into a hug. You quickly turned to Jeff after pulling away from Matt and waited for him to say something. Matt noticed the awkwardness fairly quickly and excused himself to go and talk to Chris Jericho.

“You looked great out there,” Jeff said and you smiled.

“I could say the same about you,” you replied and pulled him into a hug. He quickly hugged you back and it was then that you realized how much you actually missed him.

“I’ve missed you,” Jeff said quickly and you pulled away to look at him. “Letting you go was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made.”

You were taken aback. You didn’t expect to be having this conversation with him so soon after his match. In fact, not even ten minutes ago he was jumping off of a fifteen foot ladder and now here he was confessing his feelings for you.


“Look, I know this is unexpected but I’ve wanted to tell you this for so long and I figured doing it in person would make you remember what we had.”

“Jeff, I could never forget what we had.  I’ve missed you too, more than you could ever know. And I am so happy that you’re back and I want nothing more than to pick up right where we left off all those years ago but things have changed, we’ve both changed for the better.”

“I know, but Y/N, we don’t have to pick up where we left off. We could start on a clean slate. It’d be like a second chance at us.”

“That sounds amazing, Jeff,” you grinned and pulled him into a sweet kiss. “Here’s to second chances.”

He grinned back and wrapped his arm around you, making his was back towards Matt. “Here’s to second chances.”

A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed my first fic! I have plenty more planned in my head! Requests are open!

We're the Ones Who Live: Richonne One Shots Chapter 24: Coma 2, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
A/N: I had a little more of this story left in me, and some of you asked for a part two. Without further ado... Enjoy!

Originally posted by scandamonium


It was the only word that could come to her mind right now, racing through her head on a loop. Sheriff Grimes, Rick, was unexpected. She hadn’t expected to operate on him seven months ago, hadn’t expected to be so drawn to him while he laid in a coma, hadn’t expected him to come looking for her months later.

And she definitely did not expect to be here, naked, panting and still underneath him.

“You ok?” his question rumbled against her bare slick skin, his lips sending goosebumps racing across her body.

She opened her mouth, but could only manage to sigh contently. Rick took the invitation, kissing her again. Michonne reached for him, halfway torn between pushing him away and pulling him closer. His scar, still jagged and raised, pressed against the palm of her hand. She succumbed to the pleasure of the feeling of his mouth on hers, parting her lips for him.

His hands made their way to her waist, gripping at her, wandering lower. She pressed herself wantonly into his calloused palms, her legs falling open almost on their own accord. He was inside of her again before either of them knew what was happening. She dug her nails into his shoulders, arching her back and groaning against his mouth.

“God, Michonne,” that accent again, deep and enticing.

“How did this happen?” she asked the question, even as her body thrilled at the feel of him.

“I don’t know,” he sounded just as confused as she was. He paused in his movement, sitting up just slightly, his arms braced on either side of her head. “Do you want to stop?”

“No,” she didn’t consider the option at all, instead rolling her hips back into his. His moan, low and rough was her reward.

“Thank you,” he lowered his face to hers again and she was ready this time, catching his lips with her own. On and on it went, neither quite able to release their hold on the other, until Michonne was sure her body would simply give out, unable to take anymore. Then he would kiss her again, or touch her, or look at her, those blue eyes almost glowing in the low light. Suddenly her exhaustion would evaporate and they’d be right back where they began, wrapped tightly around each other.

It was hours before they finished. Peeling herself away from her new lover, Michonne retreated to the bathroom. Under the florescent light, she studied herself in the mirror, wondering what she was supposed to do now. She was out of practice with this, years removed from the intimacy of having a partner. She’d felt comfortable with her self-imposed celibacy. Now, she was not sure what to do.

She emerged from his modest bathroom to find him standing, still naked and at his dresser.

“I should go,” Michonne began, unsure. She was sore in places she’d learned to ignore, drunk off the taste of a man she barely knew.

“You don’t have to,” he spun around, a dark t-shirt in his hands. He looked as though the thought of her leaving had never occurred to him.

“I don’t want to… intrude,” it felt absurd to say it out loud. Dinner at a modest Italian restaurant had ended in a sweaty tangle of sheets. Now she couldn’t quite meet his eyes.

“Michonne, I want you to stay,” she liked the sound of her name on his lips immensely. Too much.

“All right,” She bit her lip, heart pounding, wondering what all of this meant.

He smiled, handing her a the shirt while he pulled on a pair of briefs. “What side do you want?” he asked her, gesturing to the mattress.

“I’m good with whatever,” she rarely shared a bed these days.

“Ok,” he looked at the queen-sized for a moment, seemingly contemplating something important. At once, he moved to the right side, sliding the covers back for her to join him on the left. She pulled on the warm cotton shirt, breathing in his scent, then climbed in bed.

They faced one another, silently appraising. Rick reached for her, gingerly inching her closer to him until he could wrap his arms around her.

“You know,” he started, choosing his words carefully, “this isn’t something I do a lot. In fact, I’ve never done it before.”

She smiled at that, his admission relieving her. “Neither do I.”

“I really did mean to just buy you dinner,” he continued, his lips tilted in just the hint of a grin.

“I really meant to just eat dinner,” she told him. She hadn’t counted on what his smiles would do to her, hadn’t counted on what good company he was when he could talk back. He’d reached for her hand outside the restaurant and she’d lost the battle to stay objective. She still wasn’t sure who initiated the kiss that led them here, a few blocks away in his new apartment.

“I’m not sure what this means… and maybe it sounds crazy, but…” Rick broke off. “I feel like I really know you.”

Michonne felt a thrill race through her. “I mean, I did talk to you a lot, while you were—” she broke off.

“I know,” he kissed her hand. “The nurses told me. Can I ask why you did it?”

She had no real answer so she settled on shrugging. “I didn’t want you to be alone,” she said simply.

He nodded, looking thoughtful. “My wife—ex-wife,” he corrected himself. “She started sleeping with my best friend when I was there.”

Michonne worried her bottom lip between her teeth. Rick noticed.

“I think everyone knew but me,” he said, the hint of sadness flickering over his face.

“I’m sorry, Rick,” she knew that pain intimately, knew what betrayal felt like. “My husband, he left too. Took our son.” She missed Andre every day, eagerly counted down the moments until their weekends together.

“Does it get better?” he asked, his voice heavy with sleep.

“I hope so,” she whispered back.

She did not remember succumbing to her exhaustion, but the next thing she knew, she was waking up, pressed face down on Rick’s bare chest. His hand was laying over her backside, protectively, almost as though he had always done it. It took her a moment for the events of their night together to come rushing back. She realized with a start that her own hand was covering his scar.

“Good morning,” he yawned sleepily. If Rick was uncomfortable, he showed no signs of it. “Did you sleep well?”

“I did,” she found herself smiling at his familiarity.

“Good,” he kissed her forehead, adjusting his grip on her. “I’m starving.”

“Me too,” she stretched against him.

“All right then,” he sat up, his hair comically disheveled. “Let’s go.”

Breakfast (or brunch, rather) was just an unexpected as the night before, but no less pleasant, even outfitted in Rick’s t-shirt and too-large basketball shorts. He held her hand on the short walk around the corner and slid into the booth beside her, his fingers still laced with hers.

“We should do this again,” he announced ceremoniously around a mouthful of Belgian waffles.

“Ok,” she agreed readily.

“Tomorrow?” he asked, just as eagerly.

“Ok,” she agreed, helping herself to a bite from his plate. Smiling, he offered her the rest of his bacon.

“Tomorrow,” he repeated happily, kissing her hand.

30 Day OTP Challenge (Bucky Barnes) Day Twenty: Dancing

Note: Panic attack, FLUFFFFFFFF

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1010

Bucky’s heart was thumping loudly inside his ears as his hands slightly trembled on her waist afraid to move. His entire body was stiff as (Y/N) wrapped her arms around his neck when she noticed how he glanced around the room. “Bucky?” She asked as frowned softly. ‘Kill them.’ Voices chanted loudly in his head as he tried to calm down. “Babe?” She asked in worry as his eyes dialed. She hissed softly at the harsh grip on her hips, but she knew something was wrong by the dark look in his eyes. She frozen when she heard him murmur in Russian before he let out a shaky breath before he stepped back. ‘Kill them All. They mean nothing to you.’ The voices were getting so loud that he couldn’t even hear the hard pulse of his own heart anymore.

“(Y-Y/N)..” He stuttered softly as his breath caught in his throat before everything started going fuzzy, hearing the laughter of people or their quiet mumbles to another. Everyone was a threat, but he refused to hurt them, his body and mind were in two different places at the moment. Suddenly (Y/N) was pushed away from him, not too hard, but enough so that he couldn’t harm her. “Buck–” She was cut off as he started towards the exit. He was feeling claustrophobic as he bumped into people as his mind roared with voices for him to end each life that was littering the room. He was out of the room, panting heavily before he stormed off towards the bathroom as he shut the door. He sunk to the floor trying to regulate his breathing, but everything was burning, everything felt alive.

“Shit.” (Y/N) cursed watching as he left when Steve, Natasha, Sam, and Tony went over to her. “What happened?” Steve asked in worry. “I think Bucky was trying not to lose himself.” She sighed before she looked to them. “I’ll be back.” She said before running for the door when Steve and Natasha came with her. “Tony, stay here and keep the guests busy. Be prepared to evacuate in case something happens.” Steve called as Tony nods. “Please be careful.” Tony called back as they walked out of the dance hall. “Alright, where would he have gone?” Natasha asked. “Not far, whenever Bucky has an attack his body is very numb. He struggles to stay on his feet.” (Y/N) explained when she looked to the bathroom. “There.” She said running over.

“Buck?” Steve asked knocking on the door as everyone heard him murmuring in Russian. “What’s he saying?” Steve looked to Natasha. “Kill.” She whispered as (Y/N) bit her lip softly. “Bucky..” Her soft voice whispered through the door when he went quiet. “Bucky, I’m gonna open the door slowly okay?” She asked as her fingers wrapped around the knob before the door slowly creaked open and in the darkness sat Bucky. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry–I don’t–I don’t know what happened.” He whispered with his head on his arms that were resting on his knees. “It’s okay Babe. There was a lot of people there.” She said as she walked in carefully, knowing the dance by heart that she had to move slowly so he could see her coming. “It’s okay. She repeated.

“B-But you wanted to dance… I did too… I just… Everyone was talking so loud and then these voices were telling me to kill them. I couldn’t breathe… I had to… to get out of there.” His voice was trembling as he spoke. “It’s okay. It’s okay.” She said bending down beside him. “We can still dance. Steve, go ask Tony to turn up the music.” She smiles. “We’ll dance here.” She said as he frowns looking at her. “In the bathroom?” He asked when she shrugs. “I don’t care where we dance my love. I just want to dance with you.” She kissed his forehead as Steve and Natasha left when she stood up offering out her hands. She closed the door and locked it before slowly flipping off the light as she helped him stand up from the ground when he looked down.

A few minutes later the music grew louder and a slow song’s melody played into the bathroom as she wrapped his arms around her waist before placing her own onto his neck. “Thank you.” He mumbled softly laying his forehead against her own as she smiles to him. “Anything for you. We wanted to dance, we got to dance.” She whispered while they swayed in the fluorescent lighting as he pulled her flushed against his body, causing her to giggle happily. “This is not how I expected our dance to go.” He mumbled against her neck as she smiles. “Expect the unexpected.” She grins as he rolls his eyes chuckling when he looks at her. “How about when everyone leaves, or whatever we ask Tony for one more dance? Just so we could dance in the ballroom.” He whispered when she nods to him.

“I’d like the sounds of that.” She whispered back while they swayed to the gentle music playing as she pulled back to look at him. “But any dance with you is my favorite dance.” She smiles softly. “Ugh stop being adorable ya butt.” He said when she starts to laugh. “I’ll stop when you stop.” She counters smirking at him when he sticks his tongue out at her, causing her to return with her own tongue. “Rude.” He comments as she giggles softly before too long the song ended as she looked to him. “Are you doing better?” She asked when he nods taking her hand. “Much.” He murmured softly. “Good.” She smiles before unlocking the door, seeing the others standing there waiting for them as Bucky froze for a moment. They cared about him, they were worried for him. He wasn’t the man he use to be, but no one cared about that which caused him to smile. “Hey Tony, I had a question.” He said looking up to him.

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The tittle: I don't see it as a mistake. For Sherlolly

“I don’t see it as a mistake, per se,” Sherlock began, trying desperately to regain Molly’s good opinion of him. The one she’d had before he’d so thoroughly shoved his size 10 feet - both of them - into his mouth.

“No?” she asked, her voice dangerously calm. “Then what DO you see it as? A joke? A tragedy? An error in judgement?”

“No, of course not!” he exclaimed, reaching out to touch her arm. She jerked away from him…but didn’t turn her back and stomp out of the room. Which meant he stood a chance, however miniscule, of fixing this. “I meant…what I meant was…it was just unexpected, that’s all. You know I’m not good with change,” he added coaxingly, putting on his best puppy-dog eyes. Sincere puppy-dog eyes, since he really was sorry he’d reacted as he had. “And this is a huge change, you have to admit that. And not one we planned for or talked about.”

Molly nodded slowly, her expression turning from anger to rueful agreement. “Yeah, but even though we weren’t expecting this…you’re all right with it? For real?”

“For real,” he assured her as he was finally allowed to pull her close for a warm embrace. “So it won’t just be the two of us anymore, Mrs. Holmes,” he said as he pressed a soft kiss to her temple. “It’ll be the three of us instead. You, me, and…”

“Charlie,” she supplied when he paused. As if in response to hearing his name, the sleeping kitten she was cuddling to her chest cracked open one eye and let out an inqusitive mew.

“Charlie,” Sherlock repeated, reaching down to scratch the little ball of fluff between its downy black ears. “Welcome to Baker Street.”

The Walking Dead 7x09: About Richonne

Some people reading this may roll your eyes in disgust and some of you may rejoice when I say that I am, in fact, a Richonne shipper. And for the people who dislike Richonne reading this rant: well, for one, why are you reading this? and two, the great thing about this ship is how perfect it is; so much so that there is literally no reason to hate on it (at least not one you could find unless you are desperately trying to connect loose ends together in hopes of forming an argument - but at that point, why would you even bother?)

The reason I am posting this is because after this weeks return of TWD, I began to notice the hate (or just general distaste) it received from people online, and subtly racist things from people I know (who aren’t even aware that it’s offensive) because of the highlights of richonne prominent in the episode; more specifically, the walker close line - which is something I wouldn’t consider anything less than completely AWESOME! (A/N: I love Greg Nicotero and his directing style to bits).

But back to what I was saying, Richonne is a perfect ship (and I don’t use that word lightly) and I’ve listed the reasons why below the cut:

Keep reading

New Role (Harrison Osterfield x Reader)

A/n thank you @theonlyonelives for requesting this! I really enjoyed writing it so I hope you like it! I’m sorry if it took my awhile to write it. 😁😁

The day Harrison Osterfield received the role of Harry Osborn was one of the best days of his life. He didn’t think it could actually happen, I did of course. Every time someone brought up the role I would mention Harrison. The day that the director asked who I think would be good for the role I had to say Harrison. When I found out they had given him the role I was ecstatic. Harrison still doesn’t know that I helped him, I don’t want him to think I did it for another reason, which I did. If Harrison was in the movie then I would get to spend a lot of time with him. Like I am right now

“ This is the coolest thing ever!” Harrison beamed as he walked out of his dressing room, he had his Green Goblin suit on. “ dude thats sick” Tom exclaimed, standing up from the couch he walked over to Harrison and began inspecting the suit. “ Y/n can I make a few upgrades to the spidey suit?” I laughed and shook my head, “ I think we have that taken care of.” I shook my head at the two boys as they looked over the entire suit. “ Can you even do that Y/n? You know make changes to the movie?” Harrison’s question caught me off guard but I still answered. “ I can do a lot more than you think.” Tom shot me a wink and a quick smirk because he knows what I’m referring to. “ What was that for? What can you do?” Harrison interjected. “ Y/n may or may not have had a big part in you getting your role.” The look on Harrison’s face was pure shock, mine too. I didn’t think Tom would tell him. “ Tom may I speak to Y/n alone for a second?” Without protest Tom walked away.

“ What does he mean?” He sat down on the couch next to me and turned his body to face me. “ Wellll I might have given in a few good words for you, it’s no big deal.” I laughed trying to ease my awkwardness. I’m not sure how I was expecting him to react but surprisingly he seemed happy, “ No big deal? You’ve made one of my biggest dreams come true! That’s amazing!” Next thing I know Harrison is pulling me into the tightest hug, it took me a second to register what was happening but when I did I hugged back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hid my face in the crook of his neck. I knew Harrison smells good but I wasn’t expecting to love it so much. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and reluctantly began to pull away but I was stopped.
“No, not yet. Just one more minute” his voice is soft and vibrates against my shoulder. I pulled him close again, praying that we could stay like this forever.

“ Can I tell you something?” Harrison still had his head against my shoulder so I giggled at the unexpected sensation. I unwrapped my arms from around him and moved back, “ you can tell me anything Harrison.” He waited a minute to continue and when he did he stared into my eyes, “ It really means a lot that you did that for me, especially because I have feelings for you.” A blush crept onto his cheeks, which just made the butterflies in my stomach one hundred times worse. I don’t know what to say, I never thought that he would say those words to me. My silence must have given him the wrong idea because Harrison began to stand up. Without thinking I pulled him back down and whispered “ No, not yet,” then I kissed him. He instantly kissed me back, the kiss was magical. I didn’t think you could actually feel fireworks but I sure as hell felt them. It felt like the kiss went on forever but I still wanted more when Harrison pulled away. “ So you feel the same way?”

Harrison and I walked into set holding hands. I was hoping that no one would make a big deal about it but obviously once Tom saw he flipped out. “ Oh My Gosh! You told her? FINALLY!” He jumped up out of his seat and walked over to us. Harrison stood behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist, I leaned into his chest and put my hands over his. “ Yea I told her man, and I’m so glad I did.” Harrison looked down at me as he said the last part and kissed the top of my head. A blush rose to my cheeks and I couldn’t help but think of how this boy makes me feel.

What if Samuel Holt died?

It seems episode one and two are going to make everyone cry. I was wondering what unexpected thing could happen that would make people sad. We already suspect some stuff that could be emotional such as Keith leaving, Shiro leaving or Project Kuron being explained, Lance getting hurt etc…but what could happen that was totally unexpected? the death of a character? which one?

Then I remembered that this season is the so expected Holt family reunion. What if Samuel Holt is already dead and Pidge just finds her brother? I might be wrong, but I don’t recall seeing any image of Samuel Holt in the trailers?

It would be very emotional, I would cry nonstop if that is true.

But it kind of would help develop the story and Pidge´s character. So far Pidge doesn´t seem to be in Voltron because she wants to save the universe, she is there because she wants to be with her family and having Voltron´s help benefits her. 

That doesn’t mean she is bad, she just wants to be with her family. Like any other character. The difference is that most of the team have reasons to stay in Voltron. Hunk for example, being the empathic person he is learnt with Balmera episode that Voltron is needed and he wants to help others who are suffering, he understands the pain other creatures are going through and wants to make a difference. Shiro, well, we all know, even if he had the option of going to earth he wouldn´t. Keith understands already but this season will probably make him have a clearer mind and the willing to lead. I hope Lance get´s more attention and we get to see his reasons other than “I´d go home but I don’t know how”; I’m sure he’ll be explained sometime in the future.

Pidge needs a reason to stay at Voltron. What if she finds her brother and father? maybe she´d want to go home and keep them safe. So far she doesn’t seem like the kind of character that would risk her own life or the life of family to save the universe. And if her father is still prisoner somewhere else, which is also probable, she´d want to stay with Matt and fight together to rescue their father.

If Samuel Holt is dead, Pidge will finally feel all the pain Galra are causing. She´d have a reason to stay and fight this war.

Secrets- Charlie Weasley

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Pairing: Charlie Weasley x Reader

Characters: Charlie Weasley, Molly Weasley, George Weasley, Fred Weasley, Fleur Delacour, Victoire Weasley

Warnings: N/A

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Word Count: 769

Author: Charlotte

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