but we don't have forever


- “Have no fear… For I am here now.”

Sometimes Todoroki dreams of the past. 

Midoriya lulls him back to sleep with soft touches and heavy nerdiness.

  • MC: [flirts with Seven in the chatroom]
  • 707: ______!! Do you have like, a crush on me or something?! Is that why you're being all chummy with me?!
  • MC: Saeyoung. We've been married for three years.

saythename_17[17’S 정한] 캐럿들 잘 지내고 있어요~~?!
꽃 보니까 캐럿들 생각이 나더라구여~
다들 저녁 든든하게 먹고 ~ 잘지내고 있어여~ㅎㅎ
#꽃보다_캐럿 #정한이_꽃이_피었습니다

[17’S JEONGHAN] Dear CARATs, how are you doing~~?!
You came into my mind after looking at the flowers~
Have a great dinner~ Hope you are doing well~

there’s like 2 eps left and i’ll admit a very small smart of me is still hoping that they let bamon happen at like, the very end. the build up is there, they just need to follow through. the satisfying thing about it happening in the finale is that the writers can’t fuck it up after that, you know? they can walk off into the sunset together, bickering, and smiling at each other in that way they do, and i can fill in the rest of the blanks without the writers twisting it up unnecessarily


“BIG M” -  Lost my shit when Knockout flirted with Megatron, then used the fanon word for robot sexy times in the span of two minutes. KNOCKOUT, ONLY YOU COULD GET AWAY WITH SOMETHING LIKE THAT IN A KIDS SHOW!

I HATE to be that person but...

I think it’s really, really unlikely that they’re going to make a DVD or release the footage filmed on 3 May of the show. Now, I could be wrong but performances/casts are often filmed for archival purposes. That doesn’t mean they get distributed… sure, it’d be amazing to allow everyone the ability to see the magic that is Cursed Child, but I think that putting it on film (and selling it) would take away some of that magic that comes from it being a stage production. Some of the effects wouldn’t translate well and others would lose their shock-factor because there’s something special about seeing it live, and wondering how the heck that just happened. Not to mention, it’s a play. There’s a reason it wasn’t made into a film in the first place. From the moment you walk into that theatre, you’re in the world of Harry Potter, and that whole experience would be taken away from you with the release of a DVD. That level of immersion would be taken away completely. I know I might get a lot of hate for this, but theatre is meant to be enjoyed live and in the moment. It changes every performance. Those little nuances will be missed with a recording that only shows one performance, on one date. 

This show is bringing people to the theatre for the first time, and introducing a new batch of people, old and young, to the wonders of it. That’s powerful, and watching a recording of a play is SO SO SO different from seeing it in person. This play is going to run for a long time. It’s fueled by so many different things, and that’s beautiful. As amazing as it would be to be able to rewatch the play (or just see it once- I know its location doesn’t make it convenient for everyone), I think it’s best if the secrets are kept within the walls of the Palace Theatre and skirted about on here. Anyway, those are just my midnight ramblings whoops…


You are ugly. I want Hoosier.”

ft. the best Hoosier aka @malarked

Wir sind es wert, geliebt zu werden und dazu zu gehören. Wir haben es verdient.

We are worthy of love and belonging. We deserve it.


Finchel AU: inspired by the movie ‘Never been kissed’ 
↳ Rachel is a journalist who goes undercover as a 17-year old student in her old high school. Unfortunately she didn’t count on falling in love with her teacher, who doesn’t know she’s not actually his student. 



I have compelling evidence you have captured Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, brainwashed them into believing they’re actors who don’t know each other, then forced them to play Steve and Bucky in a movie and you didn’t tell them the story is actually true. But you couldn’t erase muscle memory so you try to keep them apart as much as you can when there are cameras, so the world won’t find out how evil you are.

But I have evidence. E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E.



we’ve all had that otp where one person falls in love way before the other. [insp.]

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📝 + Batman

Send me “📝 + (fandom)” and I’ll reply with a character I would RP from that fandom!

Hm.  It depends on which part of the Batman franchise you’re looking at.

If you’re going Nolanverse, then probably Rachel Dawes or Lucius Fox.  Maybe both because my natural pull is Rachel, but really, Lucius is Morgan Freeman.  And invents the inventions.  Like, c’mon.  That’d be cool.  (Which means I’d end up Rachel.  -shrugs-) 

If you’re going with the original four movies, it’d either be Pfeiffer’s Catwoman (which I won’t do, but if we’re going Burton Batman, then that’d be who) or Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze (WHO I LOVED ONCE THE ANIMATED SERIES GAVE HIM MORE INFORMATION BUT HONESTLY MR. FREEZE).

If we’re going comics, it’d be Poison Ivy.  Hands down.  However, I don’t think I’ve read near enough of the Batman comics to apply that.  (I was more of a New Teen Titans and Impulse person, to be honest.  And then the Teen Titans cartoon happened.  And then I got into the comics at that time and they were okay, but that’s an entire other topic.)

If we’re going with the DC Cinematic Universe Batman, then I have no clue.  Because I honestly haven’t watched Superman vs. Batman, which I suppose is more of a Superman movie, but it’s the only appearance of the new Bats that we have yet?  So.  That one I can’t answer.

okay but yuna.

yuna, who lost her mother and father when she could barely remember their voices and lived knowing she was a tiny necessary part of something far, far bigger than herself

yuna, who hid the parentage of her mother from the world and her guardian because she knew he would object to the al bhed blood in her

yuna, who at the age of 17, willingly agreed to sacrifice herself for her world, just like the high summoners before her - not for the fame or the glory, but because it was the right thing to do

yuna, who admitted that when she was feeling sad, she forced herself to smile because she didn’t want to give the others any grief 

yuna, who tried so hard not to fall in love with him, so hard not to let him fall in love with her, because she knew she her journey would end in her death and 10 years of a diseased calm waiting for the cancer to return

yuna, who agreed with yevon that it was better not to question why or how, because she knew it was for the best, even the parts that ended with blood spilled

yuna, who sent lost souls to the farplane because they were suffering and valued the lives of others so far above her own, she refused to cry when faced with death

yuna, who in all of her innocence and naivete, nearly married a monster just so she could get close enough to kill him

yuna, who was never allowed to have any fun and lived with a burden on her shoulders, a limited lease on her life, a determination to rescue spira even if spira didn’t want her

yuna, who saved the world and could not even touch the man she loved one last time before he disappeared