but we can still celebrate


This sweet little baby bean has touched my life. Born August 29th, 1958 and passed away June 25th, 2009.

Today marks the 8th anniversary of Michael’s passing and like most true fans, we mourn but we can still celebrate how wonderful and inspirational he is and was.

Michael Jackson is and will always be the King of Pop. He literally is a king too, King Sani in a tribal village in Africa! Jackson was always proud of his black heritage.

One of the things I love about him is his personality. He was misunderstood by many people (one thing in particular was his love for childlike things, but he always said that if you want to understand this, listen to his song “Childhood”). His personality people didn’t really understand. Jackson was a kind, gentle soul. His thoughts about music, life, and everything he spoke about or wrote about were expressed in a philosophical way. He was intelligent, humble, soft spoken, and very shy and grateful. He had a rich inner world (like a true introvert) and fans like myself always say: watch interviews to get a sense of who he really was!

Another thing I love about him is that he would show cultural appreciation in the things he did. He was all about embracing culture, individualism, love for each other, and the end of hate and ignorance. The epitome of what he was all about was to change the world for the better.

Michael really was a unique man. His attention to detail and his aesthetic-they contribute to why he’s such a legend. He was a genius and knew what would make people crave for more.
He reached global fame, one reason for his iconic dances. The moonwalk wasn’t invented by him but it definitely became his signature move. The Thriller dance, the “lean”, Billie Jean? He revolutionized dance. Another reason for his globalization is his philanthropy work. He donated $300 million dollars overall to 39 charities and holds the Guinness World Record for donated the most money as an entertainer. Everything he did was about raising global awareness through his music, his concerts, and videos. He created a scholarship, a foundation, and he’s created worldly renowned songs about encouraging people to help and take action to make the world better.

He really was a genuine entertainer. People had never seen anything like him-his outfits, his moves, his dances, and songs: they were all creative and inventive. Jackson’s carried on legacy reached global impact. The statues and memorabilia across the nation, the albums released after his death, and the reoccurring performances by impersonators carry on his spirit.

His albums: iconic. Thriller is known as the greatest album of all time. It went platinum in a week! Each song on it was literally a hit. It was #1 for 39 weeks; in the top 10 for 80 weeks! It was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for this. With his music, he received numerous awards and is known for winning 8 Grammys in 1984, which is also put in the Guinness Book of World Records. He’s actually in there 39 times! He’s won 26 American Music Awards, 13 Grammys, one of the few artists to be in the Rock in Roll Hall of Fame TWICE, 16 World Music Awards, has been honored by TWO Presidents of the United States, and many many more that I can’t name but because of all of the awards he’s won, he’s now dubbed the most awarded recording artist in the history of popular music.

All of his albums resonated with people. Jackson revolutionized the music industry, fashion, and dance with his innovative work and even paved the way for black artists. Say what you want about Michael Jackson but he is one of a kind. There will never be another Michael Jackson and nobody can deny his tremendous impact on the world.

Thank you Michael for blessing us with your creativity. You’ve touched this earth. You’re one of the most beautiful people to walk this planet (also literally because just look at him??).
I love you so much, I wish I could have met you or attended a concert but I’d say that seeing one of my favorite impersonators gave me closure.

Continue to Rest In Peace, angel.
And P.S. you may have been lonely sometimes but you were never truly lonely because you had us. You still do, always and forever.

Casual reminder that even if Algeria did obtain its official independence the 5th of July 1962, France kept its economic advantages, by keeping its control on oil production (read about the “code pétrolier saharien”) and that even if what the french army did was a crime against humanity, no french soldiers or politicians were ever condemned. 

To this day, french crimes are still unpunished. France still has power on its “ex” colonies. France still have actual colonies. We can celebrate the 5th of July, but let’s not forget that the fight for total independence still isn’t over.


Even though Captain Swan as we know it aren’t on the show anymore, that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate the Happy Ending they are living out back in Storybrooke. Captain Swan Secret Santa 2017 is on! 

For those of you who haven’t been part of the CS Secret Santa (Valentine, etc.) before and are wondering what it involves, it’s simple! You get assigned someone and you send them nice anonymous messages on the lead up to Christmas, and then on Christmas you give them a gift - this could be fanfiction, fanart, gifs, etc. It’s a wonderful way of making new friends, especially when you are new to the fandom.

If you would like to participate, please go here to read the rules and then send an ask to indicate you wish to join. If you would be willing to do double Santa duty for those poor individuals who inevitably have Santas who disappear or never appear in the first place, please also indicate that in your ask, THANKS! Check the List of Participants page to make sure you are there, otherwise wait 48 hours and resend your ask. The deadline to join is November 30th, and everyone should have their Secret Santa around December 1st!

Special thank you to Ashley @captainswanouat  for this year’s beautiful graphic!


Request: Hey, my birthday was on Saturday, and i was wondering if I could have a friendly Peter ParkerxReader birthday fic? Just a little fluff please

A/N: I just need someone to call me darling (preferably Peter Parker).  Also I’m sorry this wasn’t good??? i’ve been having some writers block lately so sorry everyone.

Word Count: 1944

Warnings: N/A


You were standing at your locker, grabbing your books when suddenly you were engulfed into a hug from behind.

“Happy birthday!” Peter said.

“Hi, Peter,” you smiled, turning around so you could give him a proper hug.

“Thanks for actually remembering this year,” you said, pulling away.

“Ouch, how could I forget my favourite girl’s/guy’s/person’s birthday?” (WOw I could have totally worded that differently but I like the idea of being someones favourite something)

Your heart flipped when Peter said that. He was your best friend but you had been hiding your feelings towards him for years.

“I mean, I vaguely remember you forgetting it last year,”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Peter lied.

“You can still come over after school right? We have lots of birthday celebrations planned,” Peter asked.


“Well, me, Ned, Michelle, and Aunt May,”

“WOw! I hope you guys didn’t go all out for little old me,”

“Oh please, yes you do,”

“Okay, only a little bit,”

“More like a lot,”

“I feel like you should be more excited for your birthday, I mean, you have been waiting for this day all year,” Peter added.

You rolled your eyes, “C’mon Parker, we have class,”

“Or we could skip class and go and celebrate?”

“Peter, my parents would kill me,”

“Please,Y/N,” Peter begged, pulling out his puppy dog eyes, something he knew you couldn’t resist.


“Please, darling,”

You sighed, “Fine! Fine! Yes, okay,”

You and Peter shoved your backpacks into your locker.

“You’re not going to regret this,” Peter said, grabbing your hand and leading you out of the school.

Peter led you through the streets of Queens, clearly heading in a certain direction.

“Peter where are you taking me?”

Peter tightened his grip on your hand and continued pulling you towards your destination.

“Be patient, Y/N,”

“Peeetteerrrr, you know I hate surprises,”

“Yeah, but I think, I certainly hope, you’ll love this one,”

“Seriously Parker, where are we going,”

“Patience is key, darling,”

You huffed and continued walking down the street holding Peter’s hand.

“And here we are,”

Peter stopped you in front of a little bakery type thing (wow I am the best at describing things).

“Where are we?”

“Okay, so, I found this place one day while I was out being Spiderman and blah blah blah they have the best treats in all of Queens. And since I know you love sweet things, which is why you love me so much, obviously, I figured we could get a bunch of stuff and just pig out,”

“Peter you’re really sweet,”

“I know,” he winked, and led you inside.

You and Peter spent what felt like forever picking out different desserts to bring with you, wherever it was you were going next.

You walked out of the shop, thanking the owner, carrying doughnuts, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and more.

“Where to now Parker?”

“Now you need to hold on tight,”


“Just hold on to the treats, wrap your arms around me,”

“Peter, if you wanted to get this close, you could have asked much sooner,”

Peter laughed, “Just hold on, Y/N,”

You wrapped your arms around Peter’s neck, and held on to the bags of treats. Suddenly you weren’t on the ground anymore.

You tightened your grip on Peter and squeezed your eyes shut as you were swinging through the air.

“Almost there, darling,”

When you landed, you took a minute to adjust and held your grip on Peter. Peter’s hand traveled down your back.

“Open your eyes, Y/N,” Peter said, leaning in to whisper in your ear.

You let your arms drop from around Peter, and you looked around to where you were.

You were standing on the top go a building close to the water.

“We flew all the way over to Brooklyn?”

“It’s not that far,” Peter shrugged.

You walked over to the edge of the building where there was a edge that you and Peter could sit on.

“I can’t believe you brought me all the way out here,”

“I know how much you love the water, I figured this was one of the better views,”

You smiled, and climbed up to the edge. Peter sat down next to you and took the bags of treats from your hand and pulled out a doughnut, handing you back the bag.

“Admit it, Y/N, this is a much better way to be spending your day,”

“I dunno, Parker, if this is your way to make up for the fact that you forgot my birthday last year…”

Peter rolled his eyes, “Fine, I will admit that I maybe kind of forgot your birthday last year, but in my defence it wasn’t long after I had gotten my powers and everything was kind of fuzzy. Especially time,”

“Nuh-uh, don’t think using Spiderman as an excuse will get you forgiven. I’ll never let you live that down. Even when we’re 40 and have little spider kids running around everywhere,”

“Wait what?”

You paused, realizing what you had said.

“You see, Peter, every once and a while I do this thing where I say more than I should and I end up with my head up my ass,”

Peter smiled, “No no, go back to what you said about spider kids,”

“I mean I’d assume by the time you’re 40, you’d probably have kids,” you said, taking a bite into your cupcake.

“Are you asking me to have kids with you?”

“No,” you said, mouth full of cupcake.

“I mean, if you wanted to get started early and spend your birthday that way, we totally could,”

“For fucks sake Parker, that’s not what I meant. I’m not opposed to it, but not what I meant,”

“Then what did you mean?” Peter asked.

“I meant that, I dunno, I always figured there would be a chance we’d get together in the future. I always thought you’d be the Jim to my Pam,”

“You want me to come swooping in and tell you that you’re stupid for dating the wrong guy, and then start dating someone else, and then break up with them because i’m still madly in love with you?”

“Essentially, yes,” you said, taking another bite of cupcake.

“Well, for one, you have icing on your face,” he started, wiping the icing off with his thumb, “and two, Y/N, I think you’re so stupid for dating each of your past boyfriends and girlfriends, except for maybe that thing you and Ned did, sweet guy but, ah you know what I mean. REGARDLESS, I haven’t gone out to date the wrong person but I think I really want to skip that step because i’m madly in love with you,”

You laughed, “Peter, I know it’s my birthday, but you really don’t have to humour me,”

“What if I told you I wasn’t humouring you?”

“Then I’d ask why you haven’t kissed me yet,”

“Then i’d tell you i’m waiting for later,”

You rolled your eyes at Peter, and continued eating your sweets. You and Peter spent most of the rest of the school day up on the roof of the building, slowly making your way through the bag of treats.

“C’mon Y/N, more birthday surprises await,”

“Oh really? Am I finally going to get that kiss?”

“Patience is key, darling,”

“Keep calling me darling like that and I might actually collapse from how hard my heart beats when I hear you say it,”

Peter smiled, “Whatever you say, darling. Now hold on tight, we have places to get to,”

You wrapped your arms around Peter once again, and you were off.

You landed on the ground outside Peter’s apartment building, luckily no one was around.

“I know we were joking about it earlier, but you really didn’t bring me home for the reason I think you did,”

“If you think that MJ, Ned, and Aunt May are waiting upstairs for you, then yes, that’s exactly it,”

“Whatever, Parker,”

When you walked in the door of Peter’s apartment the three people yelled “Surprise!”

“I think Peter kinda ruined the surprise when he told me about this earlier this morning,” you said

“Peter!” May said, “I told you not to tell Y/N,“

“Sorry Aunt May, I forgot,”

“Yeah right, more like you are just madly in love with them,” Ned muttered

“Ned shut up!” Peter said.

“Presents?” Michelle said, interrupting.

“Please,” Peter said, grabbing your hand and bringing you over to where there were four presents sitting on the coffee table.

You squished on to the couch between Ned and May and began opening them.

The first you opened was a present from Ned. It was a lego death star.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you got me this,” you laughed, wrapping your arms around Ned for a quick hug.

“Well, I remember how jealous when Peter and I finished before you could help, I figured sometime you and I could put it together,”

“It’s perfect Ned, thank you,”

After you opened May and Michelle’s gifts there was one left on the table.

“I really hope you like it, Y/N. Open the card first,”

“It’s from you, of course i’ll like it,”

You reached into the bag and pulled out the card and opened it.


You have been my best friend for almost my entire life. I honestly can’t remember a time before you. I know nothing I do or say could ever make up for me forgetting your birthday last year, but truthfully I kinda think you forgave me a long time ago and you just enjoy teasing me. Regardless, I know it can’t be easy (your best friend being Spiderman and all) but I hope this gift shows you how much you really mean to me.

Love you, darling.

xo, Peter

You reached into the bag and pulled out a photo album. In the front slip there was a photo of you and Peter from when you were 5, sitting on a picnic blanket together.

You opened the book and began flipping through the pages. It was filled with photos of you and Peter as kids, some even with the two of you and his uncle Ben.

You closed the book and clutched it against your chest.

You walked over to where Peter was sitting on the floor and dropped down beside him. You placed the book on your lap and placed a light kiss against Peter’s cheek. Peter wrapped you in a hug,

“I love you, Parker,” you said quietly.

“Happy birthday, darling,” Peter whispered.

“Alright! I don’t know about any of you, but I could definitely use some cake!” May said, standing up, and calling you to the table.

Before you got up, you placed another light kiss against Peter’s lips.

“Thank you Peter, I really love my present,”

“C’mon darling, let’s go eat some more sweets,” Peter said, standing up and offering you his hand.

You gladly took it, and let him lead you towards the table where you spent the rest of the evening surrounded by some of your favourite people.

Apparently Peter was right, sometimes patience is key. But sometimes Patience is a pain in the ass because he still hadn’t given you that kiss yet.

Tag list: @tronnoristheotp, @isabellyduh, @spiderrparkerr, @lots-of-liz, @darlin-you-bitch, (I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, please let me know in an ask or private message if you would like to be included in my tag list) 

imagineagreatadventure  asked:

#80 gendrya

“I hate this. Why are we getting married?” Arya asked, abandoning the spread Sansa and Jeyne Poole had helpfully laid out for her. She dropped into Gendry’s lap.

“Because we love each other and want to spend the rest of our lives together or something,” he said, rubbing her back.

“Are you sure? That sounds kinda lame.”

“You know what’s lame? People spend more money on weddings than college tuition.”

They considered the wedding.

“We should just elope,” Arya said.

Gendry snorted. “Yeah, right.”

But Arya turned around to look at him. “No…we should. I mean, think about it. We’re getting married for us. Or we’re supposed to be, anyway. This whole wedding became about our family and friends, not us. We’re pouring thousands into this one day. What if we just eloped? We still get married but without having to argue with Sansa about butterfly lights or what the fuck ever she’s been on about lately.”

Gendry was thoughtful. “It’s…not a bad idea.”

“It’s a good idea.” She got up, pacing up and down the room (and crushing the collage of wedding cakes Hot Pie had prepared). “We can still get married. We can still have a party to celebrate with our friends and family…we can still have an event that’s like, just for them. And we can do the ceremony our way.”

Gendry stood up. “You mean like we have a super tiny, super quiet ceremony, we tell our families, and then we just…have a party where we still get cake and presents and there’s still drinking and dancing?”

Arya nodded, beaming. “It’s the best of both worlds.”

He considered. “Everyone will be pissed.”

“At first they will be,” she agreed. “But if we still have a party, then it seems like a compromise.”

Gendry grabbed his laptop. “I’ll book us a flight.”

“A flight?”

“Come on, Arya, what’s the point in eloping if we don’t run away?”

She kissed his head. “I love you.”

“And I love you.”

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I wish you would write a fic with an inappropriately timed confession

Thanks for the prompt Anon! This probably isn’t what you were thinking though…


rated T

Katniss dabs on a little lip gloss, scrutinizing herself in the mirror before nodding just slightly. He’ll be here any minute, and for once she wants to look her best.

After weeks of waffling, she’s going to tell him. Tonight. Him being Peeta, her best friend and sometimes friend with benefits.

For years they’ve been inseparable. And though he’s hinted from time to time that he wants more, she’s always kept him at arm’s length, afraid of committing herself to the kind of love that can only bring heartbreak. But now she’s ready, and she’s going to tell him tonight.

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<//❤️~Oo°*_( 桜さくや )_*°oO~❤️\<

Tadaaaa !
The other drawing for husbando Sakkuuuun (/❤️u❤️)/~~~~ <3
<*_~ SaKuRaSaKuYa ~_*> ! c:
wuh !
I always wanted to draw him like this since I know about the #桜さくや hype on Twitter :’D NOW - FINALLY.
pink suits him so well, he'sgoddamnhandsomeasalwaysjfc ///^///) I already smell the scent of cherryblossoms…. <3 spring feeeeliiingsss ~❤️~

haaahh..I’m so glad I managed to draw a digi drawing for him too  although I’m still super busy with final exams ._. BUT NO, I’d go through sleepless nights just to finish fanarts for his birthday *^* !!
alright, it's STILL his birthday, so we can still celebrate and talk about what a great person he is…. <3 ALL DAY LOONNGGGG

It’s actually the 4th time celebrating his birthday, which means I almost love him for 4 years, FOUUURRRRRR YEARS ;w;)9 !! <3 ma luv, ma baby <3
Thank you so much StrikeTanaka for making him EXISSSTTTTTT ( 9;////;)9 ! what would be life without Sakuya, seriously :’D! 

Moreover it’s sad I can’t show my love for him like japanese fans can do, like..LOOK AT THAT AMOUNT OF MERCHANDISE THEY HAVE. HOW MUCH MONEY HAS BEEN SPEND ON THIS. IT’S LIKE THEY’RE RICH AF. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN ;////;? Ok they do have the benefit that they don’t have to order that stuff overseas etc v.v)! ahahahah ~ what a great life :‘D at least that’s all I can do for Sakkun now ;//w//;) <3

anyways, hope u like this one too >w>)/ !! <3 <3 <3

I am a trans queer guy and this year I am not just celebrating pride for myself, but for everyone who can’t.

I’m celebrating for the people that live in countries that kill queer people.

I’m celebrating for the people that live in religious homes that criticize and demean queer individuals.

I’m celebrating for the people who’s lives were taken last year by a homophobic racist.

I’m celebrating for the trans women of color that fear for their life every time they walk outside.

I’m celebrating for the bisexual men who are told they can only be gay or straight.

I’m celebrating for the lesbians that are sexualized for straight men and tossed aside by straight women.

I’m celebrating for the gay men that are treated like objects by straight women because they want a “gay best friend” and ridiculed by straight men.

I’m celebrating for the non-binary people who get left out of trans discussions and are invalidated by transphobes.

I’m celebrating for trans men who don’t have a huge place in the media and are fetishized by cis women.

I’m celebrating for the aromantics and the asexuals who ARE a part of this community, even if you are straight and cis.

I’m celebrating for the pansexual people who are told their sexuality isn’t real.

I’m celebrating for the people in and out of the closet.

I’m celebrating for anyone who can’t and everyone who can.

This pride I am celebrating because the queer community is alive.

I’m celebrating because it is 2017, we have a monster in office, and we are still alive.

We are still fighting.

We are still trying our hardest to make this Earth a place we can feel safe on.

I am celebrating because I still have hope.

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Hello amazing humans! I was wondering if you could find some fics where Stiles and Derek are married/long term relationship and get in a domestic dispute? Like something cute and fluffy where they make up in the end? Idk man i just have a craving

At first I was like “wtf is a cute domestic????” then realized you probably just meant an argument.  lol  I watch too many police shows.  Here you go!  Established Sterek fics where they have an argument, but it’s fluffy overall (which was surprisingly hard to fill cause people don’t really tag for that, but I did my best!).  Fill brought to you by this perfect tumblr post highlighting a likely Sterek-style argument -Emmy

Originally posted by superpotterwholockflash

I’ve Been Drinking, I’ve Been Drinking by whyamIalwaysLoislane (Whyamialwaysloislane) 

(819 I Mature I Complete)

Stiles didn’t know how he got himself into these situations. All he’d wanted from his Friday was to sleep off his night shift and maybe get some head. That was it. He didn’t want to go out clubbing with the ladies of his pack, he didn’t expect any of it. He definitely didn’t expect to accidently win a dance competition and be crowned Queen Bee.

That bit was an accident.

A Pretzel and a Pinwheel by Siriusstuff 

(1,734 I General I Complete)  *parents!sterek, married with kids

Stiles isn’t the only one who defends what’s his.

Dog Gates and Domesticity by theinspiredginger 

(2,246 I Not Rated I Complete)

 Prompt:“I want fic where Stiles and Derek get into a really bad domestic spat, something stupid and Derek comes home to find dog gates over all the doorways.”

If Stiles just agreed to fill the ice trays, there wouldn’t have been a problem.

Under Water by foxtricks (knightofbows) 

(4,111 I Mature I Complete)  *parents!sterek, married with kids

The Stilinski-Hales finally get a vacation together, but everything goes wrong.

Swim Until You Can’t See Land by Sylvesterelle 

(24,500 I Mature I Complete)  *road trips

In which Stiles and Derek work out their issues through the power of love (+ milkshakes, museums, and homemade meals pinch-hitting as romantic declarations).

Sequel to Float Until You Learn to Swim.

How Dare You March Into My Heart by tearsandholdme 

(39,588 I Mature I WIP)  *celebrity!derek, student!stiles, mpreg, au

Stiles is a broke university student and Derek is a world famous celebrity. So of course they have a one night stand and of course his whole world is turned upside down.

The Planners Become the Planees by Mickeyhale 

(50.446 I Mature I Complete)  *parents!sterek, married with kids,

Stiles and Derek are simply trying to navigate their way through raising a home full of teenagers. They rely on each other through their crazy, fun filled domestic lives. What they are unawares of, is what their children have planned for them.

Home by TheTypewriterGirl 

(167,178 I Teen I Complete)   *dead!Sheriff, happy ending

January seventh. Seven days since the start of 2015, and seven days since his father’s death.

The bastard, he thinks bitterly. The past year Derek Hale had made it blatantly obvious that he hated his scrawny guts, taking every given opportunity to shove him up against a wall, growl threats in his ears and roll his eyes whenever he stepped into the room, muttering some snide comment about how spastic or idiotic he was.

So why did he fucking volunteer to take him in?


@joanc24 let us know about their fic as well!

Oh for the love of Cheesecake! by joanc24

(1/1 I 2,479 I General)

“Look, let me clean all this shit up. Take an aspirin or two and I’ll make it up to you, I swear. We can still celebrate.” Stiles manages to grab onto Derek’s hands, but Derek pushes them away.

“Celebrate what? Your betrayal? You have no idea of all the things my head came up with, but I thought to myself ‘there’s no way Stiles would ever do this to me’. And even if you did I thought we could maybe work on it or something because I love you, but now after seeing you being like this. Like is no big deal, I don’t think I want to do this anymore.” Derek’s voice breaks at the end, but he refuses to cry again. Not right now, at least.

“Betrayal? I’d hardly call this a betrayal, Derek!” Stiles’ shockingly scoffs and looks at him like he’s the one who’s crazy.

“Excuse me?” Derek is seriously considering punching him now.


It has been 15 years since Hasbro started making Marvel Legends!

Tiny Bucky recruited as many as he could for some quick snaps.

Miss America

She had been pouting all week, missing her home. She was upset, her friends were all renting out a boat, drinks, food, family and friends, all gathering to sail and watch the fireworks, it was a tradition for her, every forth of July she would dress up and relax with them. 

But this year she promised Harry she would fly out to him, she promised to hang out with him and his family. She hadn’t realized it meant she would miss on of her favorite days of the year. 

“It’s just like a cookout right?” Harry asked, sitting across from her on the bed. 

Y/N sighed, “no, it’s more than that. Anything before July 4th of 1776 is irrelevant,” she stated. 

“Okay Ron Swanson,” Harry rolled his eyes, leaning back, “I’m sorry you’re missing it.”

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Safe With You

#2: Sleep with you? Like sleep sleep or SLEEP with you?”

#26:  ‘I didn’t mean it..well I did but not how it sounded’

#25: get out of my underwear drawer’

A/N: I got a request to do 26 and 2 and then I got another one to do 25 and 2 for Shawn. I combined the two requests and well this is what we got. I know these things are short and I’m sorry. I am gonna try to work on that soon. I have a few other ideas in my head for imagines once the requests are done. Also, I am going to slowly get back into this. My Nana would never want me to quit writing and so I am doing this for her. 

For as long as I could remember, my family had been close to the Mendes family. We celebrated every holiday and birthday together. I can still picture the countless Christmases where I’d be sharing a bed with Aaliyah and trying my best to stay awake. I can’t really tell you exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the line, I had developed a crush on Shawn. His eyes were hypnotizing. His voice as smooth as butter. Let’s not forget, he’s gone from “Yes, sir. I’ll have her home by 10” to “I’m her daddy now”.  I have to say though, I have gotten really good at hiding it..or well I thought so.

I was laying on the couch at the Mendes house when I got the alert for a thunderstorm warning on my phone. I can’t lie and say I’m not afraid of storms. They’re loud and dangerous and it feels like the whole world might explode. Aaliyah groaned and started looking for the candles and flashlights. Me? I went upstairs to try lay down. I wanted to be asleep before the storm could come.  

I walked into Shawn’s room and grinned. It still smells like him. Manly, but not gross. I went to his dresser to find something to sleep in. Normally I would have my own clothes, but this was an impromptu visit and I certainly wasn’t going to try to go home in a storm.  I didn’t hear the front door, nor did I hear anyone come up the stairs.

“Get out of my underwear drawer,” Shawn said with a laugh. I blushed and shut it quickly. My eyes got really big and without a word, I went to the guest room. I didn’t want to say or do anything else to embarrass myself.

The storm started and I was trying not to freak out. Aaliyah had gone to her room to watch a movie, which left me to my own devices. Up until the thunder seemed to get louder, I was doing okay. I saw a bright flash and immediately knew what was coming. I yelled for Shawn and tried to hide myself under the covers.

“You called?” He questioned with a confused expression. “Yeah..sleep with me?” He smirked, replying, “Sleep with you? Like sleep sleep or SLEEP with you?” I blushed and covered my face. I really need to learn to think before I speak. “I didn’t mean it..well I did but not how it sounded!” He smiled and nodded. “I know, I was just teasin’. Scoot over, buttercup.” I gave him a shy smile and moved over so he had room. He opened his arms and winked, “come here, you.” I snuggled up close with my head on his chest. The storm continued to rage on, but I felt safe. He booped my nose and laughed. “You know, you’re really cute. Maybe one day I will SLEEP with you. But I gotta make you mine first.” Wait… does that he’s liked me too?


A/N: Sad to say there’s little to none of pervy Ben in this chapter but we do get a rather fluffy Ben who’s too cute for his own good along with a third wheel Hux….which sounds funny but whatever, here’s the new CB! Enjoy and thank you for reading! Feed back is welcomed :)

Warning: None

Word Count: 4K+

“Thanks for joining me today.” Taking a sip of your drink from the straw, you gave Ben a smile. “I mean, I don’t mind going alone but since I went a little wild on shopping I at least had you to hold my bags.” Shrugging, Ben’s eyebrows raised as he let out a small gasp.

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Self Made

I had no clue on how to make one so I had to look it up. So if you have done it and I didn’t do it correctly. SORRY!

Hope everyone enjoys!

Yours and Y/N anniversary was coming up so you wanted to do something for her, but didnt know what to get her. So you went to the guys.
“I need some gift ideas for Y/N for our anniversary”. Happy said taking a swig of his beer.
“How long you been together”. Jax asked
“Going on five years, longest relationship I’ve ever been in”.
“Then you should go all out, make her a dildo of you dick”. Tig said
“What the hell are you talking about”? Asked Juice.
“You know, you take plaster and put your dick in it and let it sit and then when its done you pour silcone or latex in the mode and wait then you have a self made dildo”.
“You know way to much about how to make one”. Juice said shaking his head
“I give them out for christmas presents to the ladies”. Tig winked
“That might be a good gift”. Happy thought about it.
“Your really not going to take advice from Trager are ya”?
“Yeah, maybe”. “Y/N’s always saying she misses my dick when I’m away, so it will be like having me home when I’m not”. Happy said getting up
“If you need any help, I’m your man”. Tig said raising his beer
Happy just looked at him and walked off. “Really”? Juice asked
“He might need some help, I was just trying to be nice”. Tig rolled his eyes.
Happy went to a sex shop that was recommended by Tig. He bought the kit and drove to the clubhouse. He couldnt let Y/N know what he was doing.
“Trager, get in here”. Happy yelled down the hall
“What’s up brother”?
“I read the instructions but I’m not getting it”. Happy let out a huff.
“You mix this with water and mold it to you”. “Then you let it set and pour the silcone and wala you have two of the same dicks”. Tig laughed.
“Okay thanks”. “Now get out”. Happy nodded to the door
Tig closed the door. Happy done what Tig told him to door. It felt like hours for the mold to get hard. He had to keep his erection at his best, so he thought of Y/N. He pictured her on her knees and how she looked squirming at his touch. Finally it was finished. Happy was so proud of himself.
Two  Days Later.
You walked in seeing Happy on the couch with a box with ribbons.
“Hey sexy Daddy”. You kissed his rough lips.
“Damn little Girl, you get more gorgeous every time I see you”. Happy pulled you into his lap
“You pantie dropper you”. You said laughing “So whatcha got in the box”?
“Its for you”. “I was going to give it to you on our anniversary but I’m going to be on a run”. He looked down at his feet.
“What, why does Jax always have to miss shit up”. You got up crossing your arms
“You know the club comes first”.
“Yeah I know that but I thought maybe one time I could come first”. You walked away
Happy followed with the box in hand.
“I’m sorry, we can still celebrate when I get back”. “Here”. He gave you the box.
“I know this is not going to make up for it but its a start”.
You open the box pulling  back the tissue paper, you pulled out the dilido
“What in the world have you done”?
“I made it”.
“You made me this, from what”? You eyed him
“From my dick, you always begging me to come home and fuck you when I’m on a run so I thought you could use this”.
“Umm who helped you”?
“Trager helped with the instructions, no one else is seeing my dick”. “Its your and only yours”.
“Thank god”. You grabbed his shirt and kissed him roughly.
“So you going to try it out”? Happy asked excitedly
“Maybe, only if you watch then come join”. A devilish grin came across yous and Happys face.
Happy couldnt stand him self as he saw you pleasing yourself. He lasted about five mintues and then jumped you. It was a very satisfying part one of your anniversary

The Wolf Queen (Part 3)

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader 

A/N: Click the links for Part One & Two ! Other stories can be found here!! I really need to just give this reader a name and write a whole book about them because this is the most fun I’ve ever had writing about two people in my life. 

Warnings: Sexual Content. Language. 

Prompt: Jon’s head over heels in love with his new wife and they can’t keep their hands off each other. The Wolf Queen clashes with the Dragon Queen. War has finally come. 

Under the glow of the moon, Jon’s fingers trace the curve of her bare back and draws aimlessly on her skin until he can hear her muffled giggles erupt from the pillow her head is buried in. It won’t be long until the sun is set to rise which means it is way too late for the two of them to still be awake but, Jon doesn’t want to shut his eyes. He’s afraid when he opens them again, Y/N won’t be lying next to him and she’s just been a dream of his this whole time. 

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