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The Narnia on Netflix watch party is official!

Okayy so we have an official date set for our LWW watch session! 

It will be held the Friday after Thanksgiving *in the US* so 11/25/16 at 7PM eastern standard time (New York time)- since that seems to work for most people. 

Again, that’s November 25, 2016 Eastern Standard Time in the United States

Keep in mind that the movie is 2 hours and 20 minutes long-so the watch party will last until about 9:20 and will possibly continue until we all finally stop ranting about it and go to sleep :)

Thank you to everyone who spread the word about this! Please continue reblogging the original post if possible, it’d be cool if we got the entire fandom involved. 

Oh, and sidenote: even if you don’t have a Netflix account or any access to one, you can still participate if you own the dvd itself-we’re just celebrating the fact that one of our movies is finally on the website :)

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…And anyone else who reblogged the original post. Sorry if I didn’t get all of you! 

  • Robert: What?
  • Aaron: Just happy. I'm gonna keep this. Might get the dates engraved on it, or something.
  • Robert: Never realised you were so sentimental.
  • Aaron: Go on, then, give us the ticket. I'll get us the suits. Or come with me and we'll get a bit of dinner there?
  • Robert: What, at the dry cleaners?
  • Aaron: No, in town. Come on, we'll celebrate.
  • Robert: I can't. There's still a ton of paperwork on my desk and now I've got Nicola breathing down my neck about the contract.
  • Aaron: You can swerve that for a few hours, can't you? I'll get us some new shirts, then.
  • Robert: Ha.
  • Aaron: What?
  • Robert: Bridezilla.

Witches are perfectly aware that Christmas was actually a pagan holiday before the Christian Church took it over. We know it used to be about celebrating the Winter Solstice and most of us also know that there’s a lot (and I mean A LOT!!) of inconsistencies regarding the whole Christian westernized holiday…. but still the fact remains: a ton of us still can’t help but LOVE Christmas and we want to celebrate it, because we grew up with it and it’s too cherished & special a time of the year and in our memories to give up. And so we mix it up with with our more pagan, natural & spiritual ways and we make a bigger point about it being the Solstice and everything that means… but the fact remains, a lot of western witches love Christmas just as much as the next person… even if they didn’t grow up Christian.✌😊🌠🎄🎅🎁❄️⛄️👼❤🌛🌝🌜

anonymous asked:

So after one year, .hack//New World is finished... Was it poorly received? Are we definitely done with .hack? :(

I’m not sure about its reception, but the fact it never made it outside Japan probably didn’t help.

And it’s hard to say if we’re definitely done; the series will probably still have cameos here and there. But as far as big new console releases go, I think those days are behind us.

Which isn’t to say we still can’t celebrate what the series has been! All good things must come to an end, but .hack will always hold a special place in my heart.



Today, Swiss citizens were able to vote on a national initiative that proposed to ban same-sex marriages (marriage equality) in the Swiss constitution. LGBTI-groups struggled to campaign against this backward proposal. In a never before seen vote, Swiss citizens voted against this retrograde endeavor proposed by conservative circles.

WE CAN CELEBRATE! Although marriage equality still remains a goal to fight for, we can be content that same-sex marriage has not been banned in our constitution.

But the struggle is not over, yet. We still have to fight for the right of same-sex marriage. Today’s tight vote shows us, that we could win this fight. But with only a few differing votes, it will be a strenuous and tight endeavor.

At this point, I would like to thank all people who were actively fighting against this change of constitution. Be it on the social-media channels, or in real life by standing on the streets and talking to people. I would also like to thank @useless-switzerlandfacts, a blog that supports our lgbtkuh-blog and the lgbtq-movement in general!


Happy Birthday to Helen McCrory (born August 17, 1968) 


We know we still have Halloween to celebrate - but we can’t help but feel a bit Sandy Claws, as we prepare our collection for the Holiday season!

Let’s Take the Win.

Third place is really incredibly impressive, especially for a fandom that has had to endure what we did this season. Our ship isn’t even canon. Until recently, it was little more than a hope and prayer. And we have sent a clear message to Fox about what we want - romantic Ichabbie, and honestly that is the most important thing to take a way from all this. 

Save that link. Screenshot that headline. And should we ever hear TPTB murmur about platonic Ichabbie again lets whip it out, tweet it, reblog it, whatever and feel good about what we have accomplished in the worst of times and can accomplish still. 

This is a win and we should celebrate. We are the best.