but we can see it

When I look at you, all I can see is what we were supposed to be. I think of all the things you told me, all the promises you made, and I wonder what it was about me that made you decide I wasn’t worth it. Some morning I wake up and look in mirrors and think my body will never beautiful, it can’t be holy, not since you touched it with the intention of leaving. I don’t think I’m worth loving. You stole me from myself, and I don’t know how to get myself back.
—  laceerainspoetry, I Love You Now And Always Was A Lie And The Bruises Are Proof

The weird thing about BLM is they claim #alllivesmatter was created as a white supremacist response to BLM when…

1) “All” implies every human regardless of their birth circumstances

2) It was invented by a Latino group who’s issues were being ignored by BLM

3) People have been saying the phrase “All Lives Matter” since before BLM existed. At least, I have, and my friends and the people I know have.

So, taking those things into account… I think we can truly see which one is a supremacist movement.

“You know what? Fuck them. Just fuck them. Everyone can see that we’re the better team.” Erik set down the bottle of firewhiskey rather aggressively. “If it weren’t for the fucking snitch we would have won. So yes. We won. Almost. We should have.”

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YO can we please please see your original characters?!?!?!??! Ahhh now that you said you have em I really wanna see them ;3;

haha I’ll try to dig some up but they are all really old pictures so beware they suck really badly XD like some of these were drawn back from 2010. haha and I made the characters years before that.  The first three are traditional by the ay. The first one is pencil, and the second two are ink. 

This is only 4 out of my a million, but here’s a small few XD haha

earlier i was playing genji on ilios against a team with not one but TWO widowmakers and i clear 2 people off the point with my ult. most everyone else is occupied so im chilling in the corner. widowmaker hops in. we’re alone on the point. she scopes in on me. i hit deflect. it’s eeriely peaceful. she takes aim at my head, and i at hers. she can DEFINITELY see me using deflect because 1. we are both standing completely still and 2. we had our mutual lock-on-to-each-other’s-head moment.

she fires

before my deflect is complete

i lose my fucking shit in the call because i just got a deflect headshot elim on a widowmaker while we were both standing still and staring at each other and im laughing in the chat and she’s like ‘apparently i can’t count to two’

god fucking bless her

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What's wrong with Hanbin's eye???

All we know for sure is that he can barely see but many people assume that it’s an eye infection. Nothing is confirmed yet and nobody made an official statement but it’s so bad that he can’t open his eyes for too long and has to wear an eye patch on one of his eyes. His face is also a bit swollen and he couldn’t take part in some songs (due to the hard choreo) and he won’t take part in shootings and the high five events either. A fan asked bobby at the high five event today if Hanbin was alright and he said yes. I hope he is okay. I don’t think it’s THAT serious and I’m sure it will get better but he shouldn’t be allowed to perform tbh. He can barely open his eyes so it’s just too dangerous plus it could get worse because of sweat, heat, the bright stage lights and makeup. I seriously wished he wouldn’t perform and rest in bed for the next two weeks. But it seems like the organizer won’t accept returns so what I think is that Hanbin probably blamed himself (reason why he apologized yesterday) and doesn’t want to create issues for YG and the concert promoter. I just hope he gets well soon 🙏🏼💕

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Louis' band ? As you said Syco owns 50% of TS, it's not his decision only. But i think we'll have to agree to disagree. As you can probably see i hate Syco and Simon and everyone who put Louis in the situation he's in right now with a burning passion, so the girl band being associated with Syco even if it's 50-50 is just not something i can get behind and trust..

Heaven knows I’m not a fan either, but Louis literally owns 50% of the company. This is one of the big problems I have with Modest Golf, Niall isn’t an owner, nor is he a director, so I don’t trust that it’s what they say it is.

With Triple Strings, Louis owns 50% and his attorney is one of the directors (Louis isn’t, but neither is Simon).  So if Louis convinces me that this is his project and something he stands behind, then I’ll give them a chance and hope they do well (while continuing to hope that Simon’s pecs spontaneously combust).

It is actually possible that Louis went into this thing with Triple Strings with his eyes wide open and he sees an opportunity to do what he wants. I would never suggest he do it, and I want him as far away from Simon as humanly possible. But it is not my call. Nor is it yours.

Like I said, it all depends on what happens, how Louis acts, and if this truly appears to be something he, not @Louis_Tomlinson, really wants. If it is, then it is.

I’m hoping it’s not. I’m hoping that Louis is a figurehead and a marketing ploy for them and that he will sell his shares of Triple Strings back to Sony or Syco and walk away. But I’m trying to be pragmatic and look at what is in front of me and see it for what it is.

And that’s all we can do.


becky lynch, nikki bella & naomi vs alexa bliss, carmella & natalya - 9/24/16 


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Tyrell wanted to join the hack motivated only by his love for Elliot at first..
“I believe in fate, there’s a reason we met, there’s something between us, I can see it.”
Elliot tho, was motivated by something else entirely.
“You only see what’s in front of you”
And after realizing their bond, proceeded to make Tyrell uderstand his motives.
“You’re not seeing what’s above you”
And then Tyrell understood everything and started to believe in the revolution as well.
“We’re supposed to be Gods together”.
He was so invested in the revolution, but he wanted to do it with Elliot.
At the end he found himself obeying Elliot’s orders and suffering because he had to shoot the man he loves, just to accomplish something so important for… the man he loves.
Just think about what it must feel like..
He was thinking “in order to make him happy I have to do this without him, I have to sacrifice this relationship, this person who filled me in and made me feel alive, I have to do this for him and sacrifice myself in the process, I’m losing the only person I’ve ever truly loved just because he asked me to”.
Aaaaand hello there, tears!


This is so beautiful, sob……………….THIS is what I’d love to see. Well of course we can’t, but IF it’s true, I just really want Morpheus (even privately) to show how much he loves his mama and his papa………..

okay so I know a lot of people have been talking about being proud of bitty for finally speaking up about how he’s been feeling, and I would like to add that he’s grown so much in the last year??

parallels time!

if we look back at graduation:

bitty decides not to speak up about how upset he is that jack’s leaving and that he never said anything, instead deflecting and not wanting to freak out/upset jack right before he leaves. but now in 3.9:

we can see how much he’s grown. he and jack are in a healthy relationship and can actually talk about things, which jack has invited bitty to do. bitty’s finally taking initiative and talking about how he feels and i am just. so incredibly proud of him. he’s grown so much. <33