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|| brotp: // mike & benjamin || “all these kids who went to Harvard, they never gave me the time of day. all they cared about was letting me know where they went to school, and I didn’t. you’ve never done that to me. not one time.


Let’s take a time to talk about this part of the movie?

First of all, let’s appreciate how they laugh together. Adorable.

Let’s remember, Gaston was going through a bad time after being rejected by Belle. He was frustrated, and his (stupid) huge self esteem was shaken.
But then comes Lefou and cheers him up until he’s laughing again. We can see how Lefou affects Gaston’s mood (later, on the nose-booping scene, he even tranquilizes Gaston for a moment - which doesn’t last,but still).

What I mean is: no one has THIS power over Gaston. 
Gaston even says “You’re the best” to him (can we even imagine Gaston saying that to anything besides a mirror?).
And I don’t think this was a “you kiss my ass, so I like you” compliment. I mean, Gaston even asked how Lefou wasn’t dating any girl, so I understand he really saw the boy as a good company even when he was not singing about how great Gaston is.

Then I’m here to say
No one makes Gaston love a person (other than himself) like Lefou.


This is me wearing the same outfit, only difference is that the first photo was a year go (Submission) Yeah and as we can see you’re really filling it out these days, particularity around that very generous middle of yours. Guess someone had a busy year and didn’t have time to get new clothes (or keep their weight down). 


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Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: Nope, I’m just mad as hell and also having a bad day so I wrote this

Note: Angstyyyyyyy as hell, and it may have a trigger warning

“You don’t know what its like being alone Shawn!” 

“No, no don’t pull that bullshit of always being alone on me, you’re always out!”

“So you expect me to stay in the apartment waiting for you to come back?!”

You and Shawn thought it would be nice to go have dinner someplace nice, considering he came back from his press tour yesterday, he’s leaving for ANOTHER tour in a week.

“You know what?” he said stopping in front of a ledge.

“You are always nagging, ‘Shawn can we go out?’ ‘Shawn can we do this?’ ‘Shawn when am I gonna see you?’ Give me a break already!” he yelled 

“It’s not my fault my boyfriend isn’t around!” 

“Then maybe you should find a new one.” The car went silent when those words escaped him, his eyes full of anger.

“Y’know what? Let’s just leave.” he said, he forgot to put the car on reverse and he drove forward sending you off the edge and into the river.

The airbags went off knocking you back a little, Shawn’s hand went in front of you protectively, but your hands went around your stomach, hoping it was okay…

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can we see some horrorkiller because I would like to see the parents of abyss flirt or fuck

or trying to kill each other–

Andromeda mlm romances:

Bad End: “We’re listening to your problems everyone and we’re discussing it to see what we can do :-)” - nothing happens.

Good End: Jaal is bi

True End: Jaal is bi and Gil’s and Reyes’ romances have added content because those characters deserve attention too.

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Can we see Sprinkle's reaction to meeting his half brother Bluescreen?

he’ll be confused about it but try to befriend him.

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prompt: two teens are trying to keep their relationship a secret from their friends, but they're failing miserably

“Do they think we can’t see their gross mushy feelings for each other?”

“They are the least subtle about keeping secrets.”

“Should I feel upset that they’re trying to hide this from us?”

“I don’t know why they think they can’t just tell us.”

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Your latest Winter Soldier selfie is simply amazing! I love how you had him look at the camera. I can't wait until we see the Winter Soldier in IW. Your artwork is one of the best things about the Stucky/Marvel fandom. By the way, has Sebastian ever commented on any of your wonderful artwork- either publicly or privately? I'm sure he's aware of the Life of BB instagram, so I was just wondering...

Hi anon ^^

Your artwork is one of the best things about the Stucky/Marvel fandom.

You are SO sweet! Thank you so much for enjoying my Winter Soldier selfie! It’s very kind of you ♥

By the way, has Sebastian ever commented on any of your wonderful artwork- either publicly or privately?

No, Sebastian has never commented on my work. OTOH, I’m doing everything I can to stay under the radar. I’m constantly asking people not to tag him directly in my posts and I delete comments where there’s the mention “@iamsebastianstan”. The LoBB is a shipping account, for me it’s “by the fans, for the fans". I find it embarrassing when people tag the actors even when actors are super nice and have nothing against shippers. It also drives me mad when people ignore it when I ask them not to tag the cast and tell me “But Sebastian/Robert/Jared/Jensen, etc SHOULD definitively see your work”. This is not your call, please! Noooooo T___T

I’m sure he’s aware of the Life of BB instagram,

Oh yes! I’m sure that he knows about my Instagram account for The Life of Bucky Barnes. He loves Instagram, he seems to browse the site a lot so he must have stumbled across the account at least once or twice. l’m sure that it must make him laugh that someone devotes so much time and energy for a project like this one. He must have been rather surprised the first time he saw the account..and also when he realized that his shit was still going on 2.5 years after it started! Ha! Ha! Poor Sebby! xD

Thanks again for your question anon ^^ Goodnight :)

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Took me a while but how about Yugi taking care of a sick Atem? c:

that’s alright, dearie! Glad to see yah! Step into my trash can and let’s see what we can do…

This one is simply titled Sickfic because titles are Strange

There is a reason Atem retained his Ceremonial Duel body. Modern bacteria and his ancient blood would not have mixed well at all. So when he’s told he has bronchitis, he sighs―as much as he can―in relief and says, “Good.”

Yugi face-palms. “Atem. Bronchitis isn’t good.”

“Yugi, I have lived through plague epidemics. To me, this is a blessing.”

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