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hey love your blog but do you know who was taking the pictures during the end credits? bc it wasn't victor or yurio (bc they're in them) or mickey (bc he's not at the dinner and in the bg pf one of the photos), i'm thinking it's chris but???

no Victor did take some pics!!! here let’s go through them

this is definitely Victor’s phone since his wallpaper is Makkachin:

these are the pics he took:

this is Chris’s phone with the photos he took. in one of them we can see Victor in the back taking pics:

This is Yuri’s phone cause the background is piroshki. for some reason he has a ton of pics, some of which he had to have gotten from other people lol. he probably wanted them for blackmail material or something lololol

Historically black men have never been checked for their intraracism towards black women... That’s why we continue to see things like this...

Can someone inform Young Thug that he’s so called “burnt” and nappy headed too? Sure there are ashy negroes in the notes laughing and defending him and sistas being lenient, because he’s their “bae”, standards low as fuck. 

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Here’s the video being talked about:

Yuri bought Victor an expensive ring

I was really curious just how much Yuri spent on the rings so here we go 1080P and full screen.

You can see of the prices of the other items in high-res:613 € for one silver ring321.12 € for the green stone ring 

Then we see Yuri’s receipt:

You can see the prices in one frame, and my screen isn’t that big so it was still hard to see even at full screen.

768.94 € (my best guess).

With today’s (12/7/16) exchange rate that’s $827.84

Yup, you sure are. With the credit card interest they’ll probably be more expensive. Unless Yuri has one of those no interest card offers for the first year, which to be honest I think he does because his card expires in June 2020 (and it has a chip, nice detail). Credit cards are usually issued with expiration dates 2-4 years ahead. So Yuri’s card had to be issued in 2016 or later.


Yuri blushing while buying the rings and Victor in shock.




Why is everybody freaking out about Jinki leaving to enlist? I know Minho said “soon” but soon is not that soon. Remember that Jinki will just turn 27 this month so we still have like 2 years. Don’t make me cry so early! ;;;;

I keep thinking about how Victor must have felt hurt at the very beginning, that Yuuri didn’t remember anything at all. It was such a great declaration and we can see that it had an impact on Victor (HE WAS BLUSHING).

Obviously Victor understands what being wasted does to you, and he doesn’t hold it against Yuuri, but it still must have hurt a little.

Coming all this way to Japan to coach him after Yuuri brought the idea up and wormed his way into Victor’s heart, only to have Yuuri act so skittish around him that first evening. Suddenly the little tear we see when Victor was lying on his futon curled up with Makkachin has a whole new meaning.

It wasn’t just a cute “awww, he cries because Yuuri pushed him out of his room! He just wants a cuddle!”

It was  “He cries because the guy he has a crush on doesn’t remember spending time with him!!”

Talk about a game-changing episode. Everything we’ve seen has a new context now.

All those times Victor got flirty (hand on chin in ep2, asking him about romantic history in ep2, thumb on lips in ep3 with the “i hope you can show me your eros soon” comment) - they were already close with no personal space at the banquet!

The「なんで逃げる?」(Nande nigeru) is perfectly understandable. No wonder Victor was genuinely confused in the spare Yu~topia room when Yuuri scurried back, after Yuuri had already danced and hung all over him at the GPF.

And all this time, Victor didn’t realize that Yuuri had forgotten. So all this time he must have thought that Yuuri was just avoiding that event and naturally shy about getting close to people now that he doesn’t have alcohol in him. He probably wondered why Yuuri thought it was so strange for Victor to come coach him.
…things probably make a LOT more sense for Victor now.

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So I totally think Jake would be amazing with kids but I also see Dirk having huge reservations with being a parent since his prescratch counterpart is, well, his prescratch counterpart. But like I also like to think he secretly takes a bunch of kid care classes to surprise Jake and be like "I think I may be marginally better at raising a tiny human" Just in case jake wants to raise a kid because he doesn't want to take that away from him.

I think I’ve talked about this before and while I believe that jake would make a fantastic uncle/babysitter there is no part of me that will ever believe that either jake or dirk would ever want kids

like ever

Victor’s Promises

I would like to kindly remind everyone that Victor is known to constantly forget promises (as he admitted in Episode 2 to Yuri).

Let’s recount this event from the beginning. Yuri approaches Victor and asks him to choreograph for his senior debut.

Victor responds with:

Now when this is brought up again, Victor in fact acts as if it was no big deal at all. He is almost uncaring (though he does complete this promise by choreographing his short program).

Now, let’s examine his promise to Yuuri. This is in fact the same year as when he made the promise to Yuri. Yuuri approaches him and says:

This is in fact a very similar situation. If this I win this then do something for me. We can see from Victor’s reaction, he regards this promise completely differently.

He is blushing. Is this a sign of love? Highly doubtful, but he is definitely interested. Now I think it necessary to bring up the day that Yuuri left. 

This is where we are greatly mistaken. We are made to assume by Yuuri that Victor only sees him as a fan. The ball however, actually occurred before this event. Therefore, Victor was already aware of who Yuuri was (Yuuri himself being too drunk to remember). However if we look at his face when Yuuri rejects him:

He is completely serious. He is in fact watching him leave. Could this be simply because a fan turned him down? Potentially, but I’m sure many of us want to believe that this is because he was disappointed that Yuuri turned away. 

However, let us now take into account Victor’s face when he sees Yuri performing his free skate program.

His face is once again, completely and utterly serious. At the time, I’m sure we were made to feel like Victor was shocked, perhaps even annoyed. This seriousness doesn’t imply anything good at all, which is later proven false as Victor goes to Japan to coach Yuri himself.

Now, I’m willing to bet that this was a promise that stuck in Victor’s mind. In fact, Yuuri fascinated him and as the series goes on we are shown that their love for each other grows stronger. 

I am willing to say that Victor and Yuuri have been completely enamored with one another from the get go. However, their relationship developed in a completely healthy and supportive fashion, regardless of their sexes or positions. Yuri on Ice has shown us a new way to view the world, not through the eyes of gender but complete love and trust in one another. 

Victor himself evolves as a person, learning to become a better coach and friend from being around Yuuri. Yuuri in turn is aided through his own anxieties by Victor himself. 

This show is so awe inspiring and we owe it to the creator’s for giving us something so beautiful. 

The Unreliable Yuuri

Much has been said about Yuuri being an unreliable narrator, but this episode just tops it all, really. Yuuri has no fucking clue.

Katsuki Yuuri

  • thinks very little of his own skating career, and kinda convinces us to think the same at first - until we realize he’s the top skater in Japan and, even though he was in 6th place at last year’s Grand Prix, that basically means there were only 5 skaters in the world who were better than him that year?? (I mean, there are other championships as well, ofc, but still). We can also see tons of trophies at his home

  • thinks he could never be Victor’s equal - but proceeds to skate Victor’s Stay Close to Me routine perfectly, down to a t. 

  • thinks he has no fans - but there are always people cheering for him with banners, and prodigy skater Minamino has looked up to him all his life. Yuuri is to Minamino what Victor is to Yuuri.

  • thinks he’s weak-minded - but is a cold bitch when skating Eros, is in total command of their relationship after he screams at Victor at the carpark, tells Victor he must go back to Japan to see Maccachin and demands Victor take him sightseeing in Barcelona.

  • thinks he’s an outcast among the other skaters - but was actually the life of the party last year.

  • thinks he has no idea what “eros” is - and then we find out he was oozing eros at last year’s banquet.

  • was afraid that Victor would leave him one day - but was actually the first one to seduce and walk away.

Yuuri, you have zero knowledge of yourself, I love you.