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I’ll tell you something. Alec has always been the protector, the one who make sure that everyone else is fine. Alec is worrying all the time about a lot of people, specially being a big brother and one of the best shadowhunters out there. You can say Alec is pretty much used to be the one protecting others by now. When everybody is going crazy, he’s the one who stops to think, who remains calm.

And then, what did we see in Shadowhunters 2x10, in that second hug after Alec’s and Magnus’ love confession?

Alec was just there, hugging Magnus tightly, not wanting to let go. Not thinking about anything or anyone else, not caring about who was watching or around them, not caring about anything in the world but Magnus. Alec was just there, doing what he wanted to do, because he wanted to do it. Because he needed to do it —to feel Magnus there, safe and alive, close to him.

And Magnus? Magnus was hugging Alec just as tightly. Running soothing circles with his thumb in Alec’s shoulder, trying to calm him, to assure him that yes, he’s there, he’s okay and he’s not going anywhere. Trying to ease Alec’s pain, even when Magnus was just as desperate.

In that hug, in Magnus’ embrace, Alec was not the protector. Alec was just himself, letting everything go in Magnus’ arms, being his real self —the self who loves Magnus, deeply and desesperately. And Magnus was there to calm Alec, to protect him  —protect him from his darkest thoughts, from his fears.

Alec and Magnus just complement each other so well. They’re just so good for each other.

happy birthday to the lovely @pure-magnus i hope you have a wonderful, amazing day filled with love, chocolate and laughter, i truly wish you all the best! 

i wanted to do something for your birthday, so here we have a short little fluff fest. i hope you enjoy it and again, i hope you have the best birthday <3

Alec used to end his days with training, something to exhaust his body enough so that he would fall asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Now, his days end with Magnus, and Alec smiles at how much things have changed.

They’re sitting on the balcony, a place that unintentionally became their after dinner spot, where they just sit and drink and talk, trading soft kisses and gentle touches before they head to bed. Alec loves the domestic feel of it, how without much thought or planning, they somehow fell into this routine of being together, spending days and nights together, basically living together.

Which, well, as much as his siblings already treat the loft as Alec’s home, he and Magnus hadn’t really talked about it.

Yes, Alec spends basically every night here, he has the majority of his clothes here, and there is even a designated spot for his bow and quiver in the hallway. But neither of them has brought up the conversation about it, they still haven’t called it living together.

Magnus sets his glass of wine down beside Alec’s on the small table and starts playing with his rings, something Alec now recognizes as a nervous habit.

“Hey, what is it?” Alec asks, placing a hand over Magnus’ and looking at his boyfriend.

“Nothing bad, I just want to ask you something,” Magnus tries to reassure, but there’s still a cloud of nervousness in his eyes. He takes a deep breath before speaking again.

“I was wondering how you’d feel about moving in here, officially, I mean, you spend most your nights here already and I could make a bit more roo-”

Alec places a finger to Magnus’ lips, the beginnings of a smile playing at the corners of Magnus’ mouth at the gesture.

“I would love moving in here, with you, officially,” Alec says and Magnus’ smile forms fully, as does Alec’s. They spend the rest of the night talking about everything and anything, and after a few hours, Alec is basically falling asleep on Magnus’ shoulder.

“I think it’s time we head to bed, Alexander,” Magnus whispers and starts getting up, pulling Alec with him. As soon as they reach the bedroom, Alec flops onto the bed and he hears Magnus laugh before magic makes its way to Alec’s body, changing his clothes to pajamas. Alec looks up at Magnus, a grin on his face.

“Thank you, love,” he mumbles out as he snuggles further into the mattress, but then his words register fully in his mind and his head snaps back to look at Magnus. Magnus, who has that loving look in his eyes, the one laced with a bit of surprise and awe, and Alec knows he did something tight.

Magnus moves closer to press a kiss to Alec’s forehead, before whispering: “Any time, Alexander.”

Alec smiles at him and Magnus gives him another quick kiss before heading to the bathroom to get ready for bed. It gives Alec a moment to think about the new pet name he unintentionally gave Magnus.


He smiles at the thought. It’s perfect.

Daddarios live chat honestly made me feel a little better, he took some weight off my chest about the whole thing and hearing that Magnus and Alec will talk and develop even more and hearing him say that they are a healthy relationship which they are. That stupid fucking scene was just cut and edited all wrong. Sigh. But time to move forward and hope for the very best in the last 3 episodes. I think people think we’re complaining just to complain and that is not the case at all. We’re just passionate and protective over both Magnus & Alec separately and together and we want them to be treated fairly. These characters are very personal to A LOT of us. But above anything else though at least we know that we have actors who genuinely care and put their heart into it, and it’s fucking felt.

the cast watching the malec kiss is so important to me like:

-kat literally almost coming out of her seat when alec steps down the stairs and says “it’s happening”

-and then being like it’s about to happen and holding her hands to her chin with the brightest smile

-kat throwing up her arms when they kissed


-them all screaming “enough” and then giggling

-dom talking about all the staring and the piercing eyes

-isaiah being all sweet smiles and happiness

-everyone watching it clapping afterwards

-dom mimicking the pull back from alec and then the part where he goes in for more and laughing and his eyes shining

-dom saying sorry that we wouldn’t enjoy because we were just watching them react (oh dom)

-kat saying we’ve already seen it enough times so it’s okay.


-the people in the back smiling and reacting along with the cast

-a cast commentary would literally be a godsend and make my life

-edit: when alec goes back in for more and dom fucking laughs like its made his life and kat holding her hands to her heart

this cast is incredible and i adore them so much. thank you!

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34% Alec asks Magnus why he originally helped them when he owed them nothing

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It was not their first date, but it was certainly one of their best. Magnus had taken Alec to Venice, and they were sitting on the roof of their hotel, overlooking the gorgeous waters that had all the boats displayed. The moon shined brightly over them, illuminating the water. 

“I don’t want to leave.” Alec sighed. “Can’t we just stay here?”

“We can move here.” Magnus offered him. “Italy has delicious food, music and art.”

“I like the sound of that. Or maybe we can get a summer home here.” Alec looked at him, grinning as Magnus moved in to kiss him. It was soft, gentle, their lips moving over each other easily. They were used to this. 

“You know,” Alec sighed as he pulled back. Magnus’ eyes were shining, his lips wet from Alec’s lips. “As much as Clary annoys me, she did do one good thing for me.”

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  • Me somewhere in the middle of a Leverage rant: Okay but can we talk about how Alec Hardison bought Eliot a brewpub because he knew Eliot would secretly love the challenge, and wanted to give Eliot a reason to stay with him and Parker beyond just their Robin Hood heists?
Clalec is brOTP

I seriously love Alec and Clary, they are my favorite characters to watch in the series, especially together. I so so sooooooooo want them to become super sassy best friends.

Like as the series progresses we see Alec slowly stop seeing her as “the little girl that fucked up his falsely perfect life” and suddenly he’s all like “my little ginger elf who can kick some serious ass but must be protected at all costs”.

Like she dropped into his life out of nowhere and he decided to hate her on principle but she’s never outright said that she doesn’t like him, she just gives back what she gets. And to be honest I think she’s been one of the best people for him, because she has never ever EVER had a problem with him being gay and loving Jace. She’s been totally supportive of him the whole time and she’s never treated him any differently because of it, she only dishes back to him the kind of attitude he gives her. She’s forced him to come out of his comfort zone and examine his life and the choices he’s making. He’s seen from her that it’s okay to let your emotions in and that sometimes it makes you stronger. She knows he’s having a hard time and she’s always tried to be nice and be supportive. She’s been one of the few people that has praised him for his good jobs and has thanked him for helping her. She was genuinely happy that he decided to come and help Magnus save Luke, not because anyone asked him to and not because he felt an obligation but because he wanted to, for him. Sure she was grateful that he had helped save Luke, but she was more happy about the fact that he had finally done something for himself because she knows he deserves that. She’s been SOOOOO good for him, and he’s been so good for her, teaching her that sometimes you have to follow the rules even if you don’t want to and that life is about hard choices.

Plus, Clary is the only one I’ve seen that can rival Alec in a sass-off, and their chemistry is amazing

They are literally brotp, I need them in my life!!!


Alec: You think Lydia is destroying this family? Not the fact that you were in the Circle?
Robert: You know?
Alec: What did you think, I’d never find out? All these years, you never said anything.
Robert: We couldn’t.
Alec: Is that the best you can do? You drilled into me that I was never good enough.
Robert: It wasn’t that. We wanted you to be better than we were.
Alec: You wanted to sweep history under the rug. You wanted us to save you, restore the Lightwood name.
Robert: Alec, you’re making a mistake.
Alec: No, I’m gonna fix what you broke. And I’m gonna do it on my terms.

This scene was so, so good, Matthew and Paulino Nunes were so good. The emotions on Robert’s face, the anger and resentment in Alec’s voice. I was indifferent to Robert in the books, I hated the “a thousand papercuts” feeling he made Alec feel but we never really got more from him other than his own parabatai had feelings for him and Alec being gay was a reminded of that. It wasn’t enough. But look at his face, they way he tries to talk but doesn’t? Robert may be a dick and places too much on his children’s shoulders (or at leasts doesn’t resist when wife does) but it’s clear he loves Alec here. I prefer this Robert to the books and I can’t wait for more, I can’t wait to find out whether I should hate him or be disappointed in him or maybe even like him. A mix of the three? We need more! (Plus, I love love love Paulino Nunes from Bitten!)

Is it just me or are the Shadowhunters exec/writers/… trying everything to please the fans? We already know that we will get a lot more Malec. And Clace. And Sizzy will be happening. They added another MOC, even if he is a recurring character only. And they brought back Lydia–which (correct me if I am wrong) nearly 95% of the Shadowhunters fans wanted. If she will now become Alec’s new best buddy as we all wish/hope for, I think the fandom will explode. There is more to add to that list, I am sure, but … When did a tv show paid so much attention to their fans before? Like…seriously?! I am impressed. And soooo happy.

One shot thing based off of a post from @littleblueeyedshadowhunter

The Mortal Instruments

Length: 2107 words

“Son.” Alec heard his father’s booming voice. He looked up at the large man, wondering if he’d ever be that tall. He smiled widely, trying to ignore his growing sense of unease. He wanted to be just like his father- tall and strong and brave. Isn’t that what all soon-to-be-ten year olds wanted?

“Son.” Robert Lightwood said again. “I think it’s time we talked about hunting.”

Alec’s eyes widened considerably. “You’re taking me hunting?” He whispered, barely able to contain his excitement.

“I went on my first hunt when I was your age.” Robert said dismissively. “I want to take you on one tonight.”

Alec silently mouthed “wow”. “Are you sure?” He asked, bouncing on his toes. He’d been practicing his archery a lot lately- Hodge said he was one of the best he’d ever seen. He couldn’t wait to show his father.

Robert was nodding when Hodge came into the training room, dressed in a crisp black suit, hands clasped behind his back. “And what are you two talking about, might I inquire?” Hodge asked.

“Saving people, hunting things. The family business.” Robert said, patting Alec on the shoulder. His face practically glowed- it could be so hard to do something good enough to receive his father’s affection.

Hodge’s face darkened. “He’s not ready yet, Robert. Maybe in a few more years.”

“Of course he’s ready.” Robert snapped. “He’s a Lightwood.”

Hodge sighed. “Oh, Robert…”

Robert turned his face to Alec, who suddenly didn’t feel very excited. “Alexander, do you think you’re ready?”

“Of course.” He said immediately. He couldn’t let his father down.

Hodge’s eyes filled with pain. “Robert, please. You know he needs more training. He’s only nine!”

“He’ll be ten in a few weeks. And I’ll be there, watching over him. Nothing is going to happen to him.”

Alec smiled. His father was right, of course. Nothing could touch him while Robert was protecting him.

Hodge tried to argue more, but Robert had made his decision. “Tonight, Alexander.”

Robert stalked out. Hodge looked at the young boy with sorrow. “Now, why did you tell him you were ready?”

“I am.” Alec insisted. I’ve got to be. “You said so yourself that I showed a lot of promise with my bow.”

Hodge sighed. “Come along. Let’s get you even more ready for tonight.”

Eleven hours later, Alec was dressed all in dark Shadowhunter gear, with extra witchlight and a stele, even though he hadn’t gotten his first Marks yet. His bow was gripped tight in his hand, a full quiver of arrows at his back. Hodge stood beside him, waiting for Robert to come.

He made a grand entrance. While Alec felt he looked gawky and unthreatening in his gear, much like a puppy in camo, his father made it look impressive. Awe-inspiring. Fear provoking. He carried an extra sword. He scowled at Alec and Alec tried not to whimper. He wanted to disappear. What had he done wrong? He’d tried so hard…

“I thought you would bring that.” His father said gruffly. It took Alec a few seconds to realize he meant his bow. Robert handed him the extra sword. “Have a real weapon.”

“Now you’re just being unreasonable!” Hodge argued.

Alec slowly took the handle of the sword with his free hand. It was heavy. He wasn’t weak- Angel, he’d rather die than be called weak –but he could barely lift the sword. He’d have to use two hands. He gave his bow to Hodge and took off his quiver. “Ready.” He told his father, proud that his voice didn’t tremble. Robert Lightwood simply nodded and out into the dark they went.

Alec tried to stay behind Robert, hoping that no one would notice him. As it happened, they didn’t run into any demons or Downworlders. Only mundies, and the mundies couldn’t see them. Robert turned from side to side before slipping into an alley. They were downtown, and it was very dark. But Alec was a Shadowhunter- Shadowhunters weren’t afraid of the dark.

After a moment of hesitation, he followed Robert.

Robert, back still to Alec, shot out an arm. He must have heard something. Alec peeked his head out from behind his father, trying to see. A demon had emerged from the shadows- a real, proper demon. It was bigger than Robert. Alec couldn’t believe it- he thought his father was the biggest, most powerful thing to exist. The demon had eight long, spindly, hairy legs, and eight bloodthirsty eyes. It hissed at them. Alec didn’t know if he was supposed to be brave, or if it was okay to be scared now.

Robert turned to look at him, sword in hand. “Ready, son?” Alec looked up at him with big blue eyes. He couldn’t disappoint his father. He nodded, and hoped the training Hodge gave him would help him.

They moved as one, circling the demon. It gave an evil hiss, the eight eyes seeming to laugh directly at Alec. Little boy playing soldier? Stick to the plastic guns, or you’ll hurt yourself.

One of the demon’s long legs shot out, striking Alec straight in the chest. He cried out as he was thrown backwards into a wall. He landed with a sickening crunch and slid to the ground, bleeding where the demon hit him. Each leg must have been tipped with some kind of barb. Across the alley, he could see his father’s crumpled figure.

Alec wanted to cry. He wanted to scream. You said you’d protect me! He said in his mind, sounding utterly betrayed to his own ears.

The demon went for the more tender morsel- Alec. He let out a soft sob as the demon stood above him, creating a cage with its legs. The demon hissed, red eyes eight burning points of evil light. It seemed to be grinning. It hissed words in a foul, twisted language that made Alec cry harder. Sickeningly soft spider webs started to wrap around Alec’s body, starting by tying his feet together. Alec’s whole body was numb- there must have been poison in the demon’s barb. His sword was only a few feet away, but it might as well been in Idris for all the good it was doing him.

The webs had trapped him up to his knees when Robert sprang up and with smooth, swift motions Alec despaired he’d never achieve, he stabbed the spider-demon in the back. It howled and collapsed in on itself, signaling demon death.

Alec was shaking, absolutely terrified. He realized there were tears on his cheeks, and he was still crying, and he wanted to stop. He couldn’t look weak in front of his father.

Robert took his terrified son in his arms, holding him close. Alec felt like his whole body was sluggish and his blood felt thick. He kept crying as Robert started to carry him home, back to the Institute. Alec couldn’t even shiver anymore- he was completely immobilized.

Alec lay completely still as Robert opened the door to the Institute. Maryse was there. “What happened?” She shrieked. Despite being cold and poisoned, Alec could still hear every word with perfect clarity. She snatched him out of Robert’s arms and cradled him in her own. “Oh, my baby.” She whispered. “My baby.” She turned back to Robert with a fierce gaze. She yelled at him about going behind her back, and endangering Alec’s life. She used words worse than the language the spider-demon spoke. And all those awful words were directed at Alec’s father.

Alec managed a weak shiver. Maryse gave him her undivided attention. “Oh, Alexander.” She whispered, brushing his charcoal hair out of his face. She was rushing somewhere- her heels clacked against the floor, the sound thundering and echoing in his head. Alec fought against the demon poison, but he was so cold, and it hurt. As he heard Maryse’s fading voice calling for Hodge, he slipped into blackness.

Alec felt like his blood was on fire.

When the poison first entered him, it had been like half melted ice flowing through his veins- sluggish and oh so unbelievably cold. Now the poison was manifesting itself in the form of raging wildfire in his body. Alec wanted to scream out with pain, but Shadowhunters didn’t do that, so he didn’t.

Slowly, he opened his eyes to see a concerned little face above him- his seven year old sister, Izzy. Her eyes were incredibly wide. “Are you better, Alec?” She asked.

“Yeah.” Alec meant for it to come out smooth and unconcerned, but it was more like a gasp of pain, with a wince following shortly after.

He was in the Institute’s infirmary- he recognized the mosaic on the ceiling. Izzy was at his side, her hair in little pigtails, while Hodge stood off to the side, muttering to himself and jotting down things in a notebook. “It’s good to see you awake.” The old tutor said finally. “You’ve been out for three days.”

Alec’s mouth went dry. Three days? Think of all the training I’ve missed…

“Dad.” He managed. “Is Dad okay?”

Hodge gave a thin smile. “Robert is fine. He didn’t get injected with the venom, like you did. You’re lucky to be alive. All the odds were against you. But- and thank Raziel for this –there was a warlock available that night, who your mother brought up to help heal you.”

Alec tried to look around. He wanted to thank this warlock. Hodge laughed. “Oh, he’s long gone by now.”

Alec nodded and tried to relax. He hurt- he felt like his own body had turned against him, burning him from the inside out. “How much longer do I have to stay here?” He asked. “Before I can go back to training.”

“A few weeks, at least.”

Izzy came and sat by his sickbed every day for three weeks. She made him feel so much better- she held his hand, stroked her little fingers through his hair, told him how Max was doing.

His mother came by most days as well. She had things to do- running an Institute was hard work –so she couldn’t stay all day like Izzy, but she was making an effort to be there for him.

His father came by once, on the second day. He said a very curt sorry, and then left. At first, Alec felt hurt. Was he not good enough? Was his father only apologizing for getting him injured because Maryse had yelled at him more, using those awful words? It took Alec a week to realize Robert probably had things to do as well.

Hodge kept giving Alec all sorts of “herbal remedies” that weren’t as good as iratzes (well, he assumed) but seemed to be working.

The warlock who had saved his life did not come back.

Three weeks in the Institute infirmary was boring as heck. Especially at night. Alec had always had problems sleeping, but now it was worse. Every dark shadow could be the demon, come back to finish him off. When he finally fell asleep, he dreamed of glowing red eyes and hissing breaths and spider webs covering him from head to toe. He woke up in a cold sweat every time.

Finally- finally –the three weeks were over. Hodge helped him stand up- Alec’s legs were unused to his own weight after all this time. “Maryse made soup.” He told Alec, smiling but not with his eyes. “Are you hungry?”

Alec nodded. “Hodge…” He looked at his feet.

“Yes, Alec?”

“Does this mean I can’t be a Shadowhunter anymore?”

Hodge froze. His grip tightened on Alec’s hand. “Listen.” He said, more forceful than Alec had ever heard before. “It doesn’t matter if you were scared, or that you got hurt. What matters is that you’re willing to try again.” He looked at Alec. “Though maybe we should wait a while before we do try again. But why would you ever think you couldn’t be a Shadowhunter?”

“Because I was scared.” Alec whispered. “Shadowhunters are supposed to be brave. I wasn’t.” He kept looking at his feet. “My father wasn’t scared.”

“He was, Alec.” Hodge hugged the little boy. “He was scared he would lose you.”

Alec looked up at Hodge. He was smiling with his eyes now. “Let’s get some soup, okay?”


~Eight years later~

Jace was grinning. “Come on, surely you’ve got a phobia or two. What scares you?”

Alec’s heart pounded unevenly in his chest. He thought for a moment.

Red eyes that burned like evil…

Long, hairy legs caging him in…

Sickeningly soft webs…

Poison in his blood…

“Spiders.” He said.


Malec Appreciation Fortnight:
Day 3: Fave Malec Scene/Episode (pt. 1)

1x13: Morning Star

it took me forever to decide which episode i actually liked more. for a while there it was going to be raising hell, but then i thought about morning star, about what we actually GOT. after malec, i was a little bit uncertain; alec had literally done exactly what he said he was going to; throw everything away on the chance that this thing with magnus would work. only he DIDN’T. the best thing about this episode, for me, was them talking about it being fast, about alec being overwhelmed by the choice he’d just made. at to that the fact that magnus was so so happy to have what he wanted; that scene with camille? where she says, “or do you think you already have?” and we’re all screaming internally because for magnus it probably already IS true love. then to see that little spark of wtf!jealousy from alec - and, finally, the immortality issue. it hurts, it’s a kick, but it’s something we know they have to face and it’s awful to have it be their LAST SCENE because now we know what’s to come. we have heartache, we have uncertainty, but we can be safe in the knowledge that they will work it out. they’re so …. bound together at this point, it’s hard not to be hopeful of what is to come

i want to see jealous jace. i want jace and magnus to compete for alec’s attention. i want jace to scream about how “we can’t trust a downworlder we hardly know!!!!” and i want alec to give him the dirtiest glares ever. i want to see jace distressed bc he thinks hes loosing his best friend to some sparkly gay wizard. i want jace to make rude comments the same way alec does to him about clary. because there is no way this is all just alec being in love with him this has to be a thing that comes with their bond. i want jace to show how much he cares about alec, visibly, not by just saying it. i want jace to give magnus the shovel talk as soon as him and alec start to become more. i want alec and jace to have the biggest fucking fight over this. i want that bullshit kiss that happens and i want alec to pull back and show just how much hes moved on from jace. i want jace and alec to be more then just the sad ‘im in love with my bestfriend’ trope. i want jace to be protective and drastic and everything a best friend is supposed to be. i want jace’s character to be more then a mysterious bad boy who falls in love with clary. i want character development.


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