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Calling My Crush | ONE SHOT ft. Suho & OT12 |

Anonymous asked:

Hello! Im just wondering if you could give a oneshot where EXO are hanging out like regular bros during their free time, and they’re teasing one of their members because he is currently into a girl. Please! It’s up to you who’s who. Thank you!

“Now that our leader’s in love,  does that mean the rest of us will eventually have to sign our selves away in matrimony?”

Suho was the subject of the rest of EXO’s teasing after having admitted that he had indeed found ‘the one’ after encountering her backstage at their latest performance. None the less, the younger lines were having the most fun, picking on their crush stricken hyung.

“I’m pretty sure he has to ask her out before he can marry her” Kyungsoo added, killing Chanyeol’s earlier teasing streak,

It was rare that the whole of EXO was able to simply hang out and have what they assumed was 'deep and meaningful’ conversations (According to Jongdae), as they lazed around their dorm.

“O o oh, o o o oh~” Baekhyun began to sing aloud ’Single Ladies’, heading straight for the chorus, “If you like it then you better put a ringggg on it”

As much as everybody else wanted to cringe and facepalm themselves at the same time, a good number of them couldn’t help but chuckle, with Kris throwing one of the couches cushions towards ’Baekyonce’s’ (as he dubbed himself as) direction.

“You probably won’t even get to see her again though” Sehun stated plainly, “You’re both miles away from each other!”

Suho slumped in his seat, cuddling the last cushion that wasn’t thrown, for comfort.

“I guess…” The sulken Leader sighed, “Ah.. I should’ve asked for her name or something?”

“Why ask for her name…” Tao had a mischievous look plastered on his face, slipping out a crumpled piece of paper, “When you can get her number!”

“This hyung..” Jongin looked inspired but also bemused by Tao’s random act of creepiness,

“Yah! How’d you get that?!” Joonmyeon beamed towards the proud Panda, snatching the slip of paper with a cell phone number scribbled on it,

“This one saw you talking with her in the empty dressing room” Lay nonchalantly explained on behalf of Tao who approved of the recitation, “He didn’t do it for your sake, he thought she was real pretty too”

“Then who gets first dib?” Chanyeol grinned, excited by thought of fellow members fighting over a girl, “Fight Fight Fight!”

“I think Suho gets first choice” Minseok piped in, relatively calm about his decision, 

“And why’s that? Luhan raised an eyebrow to the collecte member besides him who felt it was neccesary to add to the conversation,

"Because he likes her for what’s inside” Xiumin sung, patting Luhan on the knee, “That’s what counts the most!”

The collective sound of sighs and eye’s rolling filled the room,  with Suho quite touched by his hyung’s words,

“Exactly!” Joonmyeon instantly rose up from the couch, seeming to head in the direction of his room further down the hall, leaving the rest of EXO baffled.

“Yah, yah, yah!” Chen called out before Suho could disappear, “What are you doing?”

“Calling her” The Leader grinned, waving the paper before him, “So it’d be appreciated if you didn’t bother me”

“How could you have won when Tao didn’t get a chance to defend himself?” Kris stood up for his fellow EXO-M member, a strange motherly or fatherly side that caught everyone’s attention,

“But isn’t liking someone for their personality just as shallow as liking them for their looks?” Kyungsoo pointed out, “So you’re both even”

Tao didn’t appear to mind the fact that Suho had it in for 'his girl’, seemingly contented with having to been able to get her number in the first place.

Joonmyeon on the other hand began to furrow his eyes at the thought of missing 'the one’, creeping into his mind.

“Aw come on guys” Baekhyun raised his voice, bringing everyone’s attention towards the pouty leader, standing limp in the hallway, “I think we owe it to our leader”

“And the winner is Joonmyeon-hyung!” Chanyeol announced, too rising up to drag the Leader back into the members presence in the lounge room, seating him in the center of the largest couch,

“Now, go on, call her”

Suho rose an eyebrow at the eleven giddy men, well, excluding Lay and Kris, around him, anticipating what would come next. Sighing in defeat, Joonmyeon slipped out his cell from his back pocket, slowly dialing the number scribbled in black pen; hoping that she’d answer.

A few rings into the call, the atmostphere in the humble dorm began to tense, everyone almost at the edge of their seats (or uncomfortable place on the carpet). The ringing coming to an end, all twelve swallowed hard as a melodic voice answered the call.

“Hello?” You answered your phone  that had been ringing on the counter top in the kitchen, the caller ID on hidden.

There was a strange silence on the other end, with suspicious muffling and whispers making it through the line,

'Say something, hyung! Before she hangs up!’

'Ah this guy… a passionate leader on stage, but shy like a baby when it comes to girls’

'If you don’t speak, then I swear I’ll reconsider giving up’

“Anybody there?” You asked, keeping in your giggles at the quick remarks and voices,

“Yes..Uh… This is, ah, do you remember me?” A more distinct and clear voice replied, “I mean, it’s me, Suho…Uh I mean-”

“Joonmyeon?” You finished his sentence, picturing the matching blush on his face as on yours, “What’s up?”

A chorus of 'yes’s’ and cheers were shared in the background of the call, as Suho tried to keep up with the conversation,

“You’re not wondering how I got your number?” He asked non romantically, typical of him, 

“I think I already know” You chuckled, having pity for him, “Did you call for any particular reason, or you just wanted to say hi?”

'Say hi! Don’t make her think your whipped!!’

'That’s ridiculous, ask her out for lunch or something’

'Just hang up! You’ve been caught hyung!’

“Hi and lunch” Suho said plainly, before realising how non sensical he sounded, despite the fact that you understood where he was going with things,

“Hi to you too” You replied, trying your utter best from laughing out loud, “And lunch sounds good. Maybe we should go one day?”

“Yeah, that sounds good” Joonmyeon had a boost of confidence as things progressed, shunning out the advice of the loud and opinionated boys around him, “I haven’t pasta in a while, maybe Italian?”

“One of my favourites” You answered honestly, stomach beginning to rumble, “lt’s a date then”

'Well done! Our hyung has done it!’

'Can I come too? I want real pasta, none of Kyungsoo’s Kimchi spaghetti!“

'Take me as well! I wanna meet her too!’

"A date? Sure” Suho tried not to freak out, overwhelmed by the great leap in the friendly relationship, “Next tuesday?”

“Tuesday it is” You agreed, taking a mental note, “Oh, and bring your friends!”

“My friends?” He asked, not sure if you were literally serious, “You mean, the EXO members?”

“Sounded like they were keen” You added, chuckling at the same time, “It’d be nice to meet the guys that convinced you to call”

“Ahaha” Joonmyeon laughed nervously, scratching the back of his neck,

“Sure… I’ll bring them”

ahahaha omg, this is such a drabble xD but I also liked how this request was fairly relaxed and gave an opportunity to include OT12 woop! + Suho seems like the one to be made fun of the most. I actually wrote this on the train home LOL But I like this one!

Baekyonce is my fave in this oneshot. asdhasdaoheadasijLOL

Thanks for requesting and reading!!

I’m trying to get my writing less wordy though still too wordy. Anyway some Ziam with kids.  Thank you so much to @darkangelzayn for encouraging me. 


The moment they get in the bath, he knows it’s not going to work as Oscar and Olivia start splashing water at each other and some gets on him immediately even though he does his best to keep the arm that’s still in the sling out the way. 

But he’s got no other choice, except…..yeah, no other choice.  

‘I thought you said something about needing to keep that that arm dry, to not let the bandage get wet?’

The jug that he’s got in his hand almost tips up with surprise at the voice behind him, so he almost ends up getting the sling and bandage saturated anyway.

Zayn’s leaning against the door, a half smile on his face.  

‘But you look like you’ve got it covered, well sort of anyway, so I’ll leave you to it’ He turns away and the worst thing is Liam lets him ‘cause Liam’s an idiot who has a horrible habit of turning mute when he’s in Zayn’s company. 

‘MR ZAYN! Come and talk to us ‘bout cartoons and drawin’ again’ 

Thank goodness Oscar has no such inhibitions.   And thank goodness Zayn’s great with kids, or at least his kids cos he turns back to face them, and his face is lit up and he doesn’t hesitate, not till he’s kneeling down and pulled off the red jumper which just leaves the white t-shirt on and then the pair of black skinnies that hug him in all the right places, not that Liam’s looked. 

Zayn’s looking up at him then.  ‘Is this okay?’

Its a reasonable question ‘cause he only moved in last week, though it feels like much longer all for the best reasons and even though Oscar and Olivia have no sense of embarrassment or shyness and this isn’t even the first time he’s joined them to tell them stories at bath time‘ cause they love ‘MR ZAYN WHO DRAWS ALL THE CARTOONS’  Liam appreciates it.

‘Of course it is’ He replies and Zayn smiles. ‘Great’ and then he’s gesturing towards the jug Liam’s holding which he hands to him and Zayn leans over to the tap and fills it with water, though it takes him a few seconds to get the temperature just right.  

And he could kneel next to him, but his arm’s pretty sore now so instead he pulls down the lid of the toilet and sits down.

‘So Mr Zayn, what did you draw today?’

‘What did I draw today…well, what I drew today begins with a B, put your hands over your eyes kids’  he turns round and winks at Liam as he pours the jug over their heads.

‘A Bee?’  Olivia doesn’t remove the hands away from her eyes, though she peers through 2 of her fingers just enough that Liam can see one huge green eye.

‘It’s a Bear’ Oscar doesn’t bother with keeping his hands over his eyes and instead opens them, squinting at Zayn as he says it with complete certainty then folds his arms.

‘Shut ‘em again’ Zayn instructs and then as he pours the jug over their heads again he says ‘You’re both wrong, think of your Dad, something that begins with B and think of Daddy’

There’s an audible huff from Oscar and he can almost hear Olivia’s brain ticking over before she pulls her hands away and beams.


There’s a splash of water that ends up all over Olivia and her face starts to crumple as Oscar starts laughing and then shouts ‘CREEPY CREEPSTER’

It can go one of 2 ways now, full on waterworks from Olivia or….

‘OLIVIA, apologise to Zayn’  He says it as he leaps up from the toilet seat and dashes to the landing where he finds a towel and then he walks back to the bathroom.

Its like a tidal wave or a flood hit their bathroom in the 20 seconds he was gone, as there’s water everywhere and children laughing and Zayn laughing and it’s the best thing he’s ever seen.

‘Daddy, come and join in’ shouts Oscar and Liv claps her hands excitedly and yells ‘YEAH DADDY’

‘Nah, kids, your dad’s got to be careful with that a-oh’

Zayn’s cut off as Liam tears the sling off, empties the bag containing the toilet roll, biting a hole in the other end before he sticks his arm through, then shrugs as he kneels down next to Zayn.

‘I’ll go again and say that I fell in the shower or something’  

Zayn grins. ‘I like this Liam’

Liam finds himself grinning back and Zayn’s eyes rove over him, and he’s sure its something he’s mirroring, but then a splash of water covers them both, and a bored sounding ‘COME ON MR ZAYN AND DADDY’ interrupts them.

‘It was Batman I drew by the way, Zayn says as he fills the shampoo bottle with water and squirts it at Oscar ‘You’re batman Liam’