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People Have Been Trying To Reduce Their Utility Bills For Millennia

Private access to water in ancient Rome was expensive. Homeowners who could afford running water paid for it based on the diameter of their access pipe. Unsurprisingly, people cheated. They often installed larger pipes than what had been paid for. This scam prompted the invention of the “calix” – a sleeved pipe which was put into the wall not by the homeowners, and which was decorated to prevent forgeries or alterations. Despite the calixes, crafty Romans still found a way to get their water cheaper. Some tried to steal water from the aqueducts directly, siphoning it off themselves or bribing the aquarii (specialized aqueduct workers) to siphon off water for them. All these practices were known as “fraus aquariorum” or plumbing fraud.

really aggressive angry reminder that:

akaashi is the only fukurodani player who will consistently do extra practice with bokuto, so he’s unlikely to run away from him at any point in time.

John sneaks up behind Sherlock a lot to tickle him; he loves the way he has a teeny bit of a lisp as he breathlessly tells him to stop, the way he tries to be serious about it but can’t help unraveling into a mess of giggles.

Sherlock sometimes times his baths just so that he’s in when John gets home but so that the water’s still hot so that when John arrives the bath is ready and he can change out and slip in with him.

John will text Sherlock messages sometimes made up entirely of using only emojis, and will try to get him to deduce what he’s trying to say. Sherlock loves this game. He almost always gets it (by the third try).

Sherlock makes breakfast sometimes (John really does like English breakfast) and he’ll arrange the food into a smiley face sometimes (eggs for the eyes, bacon [vegetarian bacon!!] for the mouth - the rest usually on another plate).

John will try to leave bed at least four times before he finally manages to get out and go to the bathroom in the morning (partially because Sherlock refuses to let go - but also because really, he doesn’t want to leave).

Sherlock’s decided favorite thing ever really is John’s smile. He swears that John is literally his most radiant when he smiles. He knows it’s probably cliche and that people would say he’s biased but he is convinced that it is scientific fact that he can prove that John’s smile is the best smile there is. Because it’s John’s.


Whoniverse: Class - 28/? times there’s more to Miss Quill than meets the eye. (1x08)

pphew! sorry for the late reply to these >.< i figured id just reply to all these in one post with some pics. Below are the watercolors i use and the the gold paints (keep in mind those pics i posted were like first attempts @_@ im still getting used to these…)

The water colors are Mjello Mission Gold Watercolors in the 34 tube set and the gold palette are the FineTec Artist Mica Watercolors in the Pearl set. 

Now I’ll state first– both these sets are kinda pricey. The FineTec palette (about $27) is so worth it though because it comes in different golds and one tube of gold gouache is usually like $9 each or more depending on the amount of mica, so def worth the price and variety.

Below: from lightest to darkest on ivory tinted paper [Silver, Moon Gold, Gold Pearl, Arabic Gold, Tibet Gold, & Inca Gold] they look SUPER outstanding on black paper as well!

my fav is the richest one, the Inca Gold.

They are super nice, but if you plan on getting them, they are super HARD palettes! It’ll take a lot of scrubbing to get them activated and to have that nice gouache-like thickness, so if you don’t want to ruin your nice brushes, I def recommend getting some Ox Gall. Adding a drop or two of this will get them activated in no time, and with a nice opaque thickness. (the brand I have below they dont sell anymore, but other brands still make it)

As for the water colors, ehhh i feel weird cuz those vegetas were like my first attempts with this brand. Ive always used the Sakura Koi 24 color set palette because theyre super nice and super cheap (like $20) and Ive had them for years. I only got these because I wanted higher-grade watercolors in tubes. But they are very expensive, but for good reasons: they have a lot of pigment, which makes them so vibrant and bright and theyre designed to be very close to natural colors, not to mention theyre so SMOOTH when painting and they’ll probs last me forEVER because you get so much color with very little water.

(opera is best color IMHO) here’s a color chart I made (that took FOREVER btw) to give you an idea how beautiful they are and how many nice colors they make

so yea! those are the paints I used for those particular pics. Course if you would like a nice, cheap watercolor recommendation that works pretty well, Sakura Koi’s are a fantastic substitute. …..SORRY IF THIS WAS LONG i just akdfhalkfhd i like talking about traditional media..lol. hope this was at least a little informative >.< if anyone has questions or wants some recommendations (while also saving some money) feel free to ask! I’ll help in any way i can with what i know, cuz despite posting mostly digital art, I am a traditional art supply FANATIC. 

Of course this happens on my last month of working here…
It’s -1 F. We rely on hot water to keep the building warm. After all the snow, an area of the roof that had a leak (we’ve told the owner we needed it fixed) collapsed. All of the snow from the past 3 days (almost 2 feet) and the freezing rain from today (still coming down) is rushing in and caused a large water pipe to burst on top of several thousands of dollars worth of computer supplies that we use for work. We’ve secluded the areas and are keeping the water from seeping out using more supplies, and the building’s owner is saying that he can’t come in for a few hours to help. The company owners are saying that we have to wade through over a foot of water and get the salvageable items while the water is still coming down because we can’t find the main water switch and we’re not allowed to leave until we get the customers’ shit out… you know, nevermind the fact that the majority of my coworkers have suffered from hypothermia in the past and the frigid water can cause massive damage, and I’m practically forbidden by my doctors from being in cold waters while my muscles are healing.

I’ll post an update later, but wish me luck… I’m going in with a two others so the others that have had hypothermia don’t have to


WOAHHH that’s. a lot of people. what are you doing following me you’re ruining my “gremlin who has no followers shouts into the void” aesthetic but actually i’m pleased yes my cult is growing mwahahaha

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so let’s celebrate maybe, if you enjoy my doodles and/or drabbles, throw in some prompts/requests in the ask box? anything you like, and if it happens to be something i like too, i’ll do it, k? i do have other interests than just mp100 and undertale you know, maybe we’ll bond over some new mutual interests.

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“My first day filming ever was with Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey, and a ton of these great actors doing this big scene. It was so daunting with all the cameras around, and I didn’t realise that people would get you what you wanted – I’d ask, ‘Please may I go and get a bottle of water,’ and they’d go, ‘No, I’ll get it for you,’ and that was very strange. It’s normal now– but I still get my own bottles of water!”

  • Story Time; I walk downstairs only to find that as I step off the last stair my socked foot flops into a very cold puddle, (and while, yes, stepping in a puddle while wearing socks is a horrifying experience in itself) this was a bit more horrifying, being that I was /inside/ of my house.
  • Calling out to my brother to go get our (freshly showered) mother I run (grimace as I tip toe through the water) into the bathroom and fix the toilet tank.
  • Now that my mom has seen the wonderful sight she calls all her other children and we run all over the house to get every single towel we own (keep in mind that our washing machine is broken and we have no way to clean these towels. But that's a worry for a later time) The problem with this is that no amount of towels is going to soak up this much water.
  • So, I ask my mom if we still own a shopcac, we do, but we aren't sure if it works. So after retrieving the shopvac, we find that it does indeed work. But only if another person holds the the cord together in a precise possistion, because apparently the dogs had chewed the cord and the wires were frayed. So one of my brothers has now been ordered to hold the cord in that one perfect way that will allow the shopvac to turn on.
  • He was also told to be very careful and not drop said cord in the water because then we would all /die!/ (and while dying might get us out of this situation, it is not the answer...or so I am told)
  • We then proceeded to move the not one, not two, but eight or so book shelves outside so we could get the water from under them.
  • With the downstairs now moved outside, we were finally able to make some headway.
  • This is about the time that my sister came home asked what happened, and then proceeded to ask what was for dinner. (We then took a nice healthy break to kill her)
  • After our break, we got back to work, removed all the towels and are now mopping and cleaning the empty downstairs area.
  • To say this is an odd way to wet ones socks would be an understatement...

The bunnies have been staying in their little burrows during the daytime when it’s hot. It’s noticeably cooler in the burrows, but they still get frozen bottles of water to lay next to. Also I have to include this because it’s funny… My family have been puppy-sitting and one day they came home to find her sitting in the water bowl. 

101 Glow Up: Guys
  1. Drink Water: Drinking at least 500ML of water every hour and a half will leave your skin looking more healthy, and reduce irritation. Figi/Voss Water is great, but It’s still water - only get it for intentions to look dope, the water is the same as the one in your tap.
  2. Name: Don’t have to many characters on your username (e.g Jon745_), keep it small, and if you don’t get your name add ONE OR TWO max (e.g Jon._) 
  3. Don’t Show Off: Don’t show stuff off! It always looks tacky - sh owing off abs isn’t cool either, delete that.
  4. Wash Your Face Twice a Day: A simple way to clear up acne, i usually wash my face in the morning and before i go to sleep.
  5. Exercise: You want that 2016 Summer glow right? Go running on the weekend (if you have time try everyday) for 30 minutes straight, bring water. Do 50 push ups and sit ups when waking up and before sleeping - also cutting down on the junk food will help!
  6. DO NOT: Don’t put stuff like Starbucks, or weird white girl stuff on Instagram - It’s okay to put it once and a while on Snapchat, not all the time though. 
  7. Reduce Swearing: It’s highly downmarket to swear all the time, not just on girls, but guys to! Keep the swearing down in public, It’ll make you look x100 more classy.
  8. Extra Tip: Have more followers than following.
  9. RESPECT: Respecting your lads is key, but respecting girls is everything - most girls these days have to go on with endless disrespect from their boys, be the one that they can talk to.
  10. Have Style: Treat yourself! Having a sense in fashion is a turn on for everybody, looking good is key! ALSO GET A WATCH - It doesn’t have to be a overly expensive watch, but buy one you can show off!
  11. Scent: Use aftershave, deodorant and perfume EVERYDAY, smelling good is everything, will catch attention instantly, but don’t go overboard! 
  12. DO NOT: Don’t wear stinky clothes out, you might think that spray have blessed it out, but trust me you still stink - also don’t wear dirty clothes out, even the tiniest stains. 
  13. Hair: Don’t wash your hair everyday, let those natural oils breath! Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner every 3 days - BUT you should comb/style and nurture your hair EVERYDAY. USE HAIRSPRAY!
  14. Lips: Vaseline your lips (A lot) everyday before you go to sleep and don’t suck on them/lick them all the time - causes immense dryness. Also always use mouth wash after eating/brush those teeth twice a day.
  15. Extra Point: Don’t cheat/disrespect your girl - don’t be a fuckboy. 
  16. Skinny Jeans: Stay in style! Take out the grandpa jeans and get those £30 skinny top-man jeans! If you are on a budget, BooHoo, ASOS and New Look do good skinny jeans for under £25 (some under £20)!
  17. Brands: Wear the following brands: Adidas, Nike, Stussy, Cheap Monday, Topman, Urban Outfitter, American Appeal, ASOS, BooHoo. 
  18. DO NOT: Don’t ask for hugs, you either receive them or don’t - stay cool and trill. Burping/Farting in public (even with your close friends) Is gross! Stay upmarket.
  19. Hairstyle: Unless your hair grows hella quick, don’t grow a man-bun - have a haircut every 2 weeks, and if your growing it make it look decent - no one likes messy hair!
  20. Stay Social: Have social media! The 4 Must Haves are: Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, the rest are extra. Also get Spotify - very cheap monthly and you can show off your bomb playlists.
  21. DO NOT: Don’t be the guy who has a 100 second Snapchat story, keep it classy and only have 3 snaps on their max, and keep those snaps looking bomb AF. (Don’t upload pictures of people of guard on their as well, you look like a follower).
  22. Dress To Impress: At school/college/university wear that expensive watch, wear that branded jacket, show it off, but don’t rub it in people’s faces - you don’t want to look desperate.
  23. Mints: Have mints every single day - keep your breath x10 fresh and minty! 
  24. Be Nice: Being nice and kind to everyone can be hard, but try your best - and if they’re testing all you need to do is be calm and remember to have patience, in the long run, you’ll be the successful one.
  25. Alone Time: It’s okay to be active and go out, but maybe have that one weekend were your alone - watch movies, play games, order food.
  26. DO NOT: Don’t drink or smoke! If you’re having a hard time with any of that you should seek out healthy alternatives - it ages you and gives you higher chances at getting serious illness’.
  27. Don’t Be Afraid: Don’t be afraid to be yourself - in fact you should 100% be yourself, focus on school (because trust me, popularity and being pretty will only last you so long), don’t have a BIG friendship group - i mean yeah, its cool to have a lot of people to talk to, but only really be close with 2 or 3 people, and choose them wisely.
  28. Love Yourself: Ultimately this guide is here to help you out, the best glow up is finding yourself and being true to yourself - this is just ways to go that extra mile!

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