but watch this show


before this party a poc on this campus couldn’t even think the word “racism” without being accused of crying wolf. but just like it took a SANDRA BLAND, a TRAYVON MARTIN, and a PHILANDO CASTILE to wake some folks up, this party is what it took to wake this campus up. look. i sent the invite. i wrote it, broke into pastiche’s account, and sent it. it was fascinating to see what was lurking beneath the surface when you were given an excuse to suspend your polite, passive liberalism. i considered it a sociological experiment. and guess what. you proved my point. WINCHESTER, WE GOT A PROBLEM.

tfw you have so many current otps in your mind and you wanna draw all of them at the same time.

i just watched the johnny’s birthday mission when they were still sm rookies and ohmygod i’m gonna cry

one of the reasons i love leslie knope so much is because she’s never had anyone prioritize her first before and parks and rec is literally a show that illustrates how her constant love & perseverance eventually does get her the appreciation she misses

now listen. u all know that i’d die for giles/jenny. but ben and leslie are so phenomenally written and acted and their romance is so painfully slow burn and it literally is us watching them fall in love and i don’t think anything at all can compare to that for me