but watch her mess up everything


But that’s just it, isn’t it? The build-up. He’s waited for this for years. He watched her have her first crush in elementary school (and, no surprise, it was not on him.) He watched her flirting with boys at middle school dances. He watched her making out with Jackson in the hallways in high school. He watched her grow up, grow into herself, grow through all the pain of being alive. And all that time, all he had wanted was exactly what he has now. And he feels frozen. He feels stuck in his own incompetence. 

Based on Be My Last by @rongasm.


At the CatCo. holiday party, Cat pays the price for losing her annual bet with Lois (even having Supergirl in your pocket can’t solve everything) and Kara gets one hell of a show and has absolutely zero chill about it.

Girlfriend Sana

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She would be such an extra girlfriend. She would hold your hand while walking on the street and even if sitting on the couch watching something on tv. Sometimes she would try to cook for you but it would end up in a really big mess and you having to order food.

She would be so full of aegyo and would be constantly bugging you to do her shyshyshy thing. And she would almost die every time you did it because she found it the cutest thing on earth.

She would buy you two so many couple things. You could expect everything. From matching shirts to matching random accessories.

Your fights would be mostly over things you don’t agree with each other but wouldn’t be so serious. But if it was, some time after you two had argued Sana would come for you to apologize and try to make things right with you just because she couldn’t stand being without you.

If you like super cute guys and badass girls with swords then honestly go and see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies okay please it’s so good. 

Also I honestly consider it a feminist film like Matt Smith plays Mr Collins and he’s the only one that’s kinda sexist and he’s the most ridiculous character so you can’t take anything he says seriously which is amazing. It passes every single test I know of. 

Also Mr Darcy in leather, like all the way through, like even at his fucking wedding. He’s a gruff little cutie pie that turns into an absolute mess around Elizabeth. 

AND ELIZABETH. What a gal. Defending her sisters. Sticking up for herself. Refusing to relinquish her sword even if it means she won’t marry well. LITERALLY kicking the shit out of Darcy when she finds he’s messed with Jane and Mr Bingley. 

Just… Just watch it okay. It’s everything to me. 



  • Ryoma - His hand is on Raijinto before Corrin even begins to speak. He’s asking Corrin what’s wrong, who dared to hurt them this way, ordering some stationed guards to begin searching the nearby area for any suspicious activity as he bends down to continue asking Corrin questions, unsheathing his sword, prompting more tears to pour out of the already sobbing Corrin. 
  • Hinoka - She’s running up to Corrin before they’ve entered the building, wiping their tears and holding their face. Hinoka is reassuring Corrin that everything would be okay, stroking their face and hair, and calling Azama and Setsuna to help her by getting some of Corrin’s favorite foods. She’s watching Corrin with a look of deep concern the whole time.
  • Takumi - He’s rushing to Corrin’s side as soon as he sees his sibling coming into his quarters a blubbering mess. He hands them a handkerchief before seating them down on a chair, calmly waiting for Corrin to calm down and tell him what happened. He’s nothing but ears when Corrin begins to talk about what happened, and pats their head when Corrin is finished talking, that he’d take care of things. 
  • Sakura - She is so sweet, Sakura begins to ask Corrin if they’re alright, forgetting her shyness as concern for her older sibling overrides anything else her brain had been following. She’s pampering Corrin, petting their hair, bringing them sweets and making them feel as comfortable as possible, before just sitting down next to them, ready to listen when they’re ready to talk. 


  • Xander - He’s running around barking orders at guards and servants to begin closing off the castle, ensuring no one attempts to get in or out, and then he just envelops Corrin in a hug, holding them tight and shooting daggers with his eyes whenever someone thinks it’s wise to get any closer. He just lets Corrin bawl into his shirt, patting their back, letting them know it’s okay to cry. 
  • Camilla - Ooooohhhh shiiiittt, someone is about to find themselves dead dead dead. She sends Beruka off to find whoever hurt her dear Corrin as she runs to her baby sibling’s side, stroking their hair, telling them how much they matter, how much she loves them. And when Beruka is back with that shitstain, she has Corrin plan the punishment for them, which may just entail letting them go. 
  • Leo - Leo is surprisingly shaken by the whole thing. He’s not used to caring for Corrin outside of their studies, and to see his elder sibling stumbling into the castle a crying mess, he’s more than taken aback. Leo is slowly approaching Corrin, awkwardly patting their back, before finally just pulling out a book and reading them a happy story to cheer them up. 
  • Elise - She’s just a ball of “NOPE”. Nope, you’re not being upset alone. I’m staying with you here. Nope, you’re not being upset cold. Here’s a blanket. Nope, you’re not being upset hungry and thirsty. Here’s some coffee and biscuits. Nope, you’re not going to sit there with tears and snot on your pretty royal face. I’m wiping all of that away with this tissue. 

Happy ending story here.
For work experience we had to work three days at some job and as someone with many mental health issues I was stressing, tagging and sorting clothes were okay, I mostly worked with old.ladies and men die to it being a second hand shop. But the time came for the register. As someone who is so rubbish at math they can barely remember the times table I was freaking out. First time I tried I explained that I have trouble with everything with the nice lady, I messed up the counting and gave her $5 extra, when I went to the bathroom to cry and panic the lady gave back the $5 to the dude who was watching over me and asked if I will be okay.

The K2 Review: Episode 16

Most of the time when I finish a drama, I’m just like “okay, let’s move on to the next one” or “wtf was that, give me a better ending” (*ahem* Moon Lovers). However, I was actually really happy with how they ended this drama. They closed up major loose ends, tied everything together, and had our favorite couple have their happy ending. In my opinion, this was an action-packed drama that found the balance between comedy, action, and drama. It wasn’t without its faults, but it was worth watching and I’m sad to let it go.

Choi Yoo Jin: You know, going into this episode, I didn’t want her to die; I thought it would be a waste for such a well developed character. I figured once they got out of that mess, she’d regain control JSS and JB Group, be the First Lady and all that, but her ending was truly fitting. I’m glad that she and Anna had their talk and she admitted to what happened that night. She may not have been the one to directly kill her mother, but she didn’t attempt to save her either. Like she said, that was her tipping point. I was also really happy with the fact that Assemblyman Jang decided to stay and die with her. Their hug in their final moments was a nice touch; she died with a smile on her face at least and with someone she once loved. When I started watching this show, I was determined to hate her because she, of course, was the supposed villain. The “evil stepmother.” But the one thing the writers did well was give depth to her character; once we learned more about her, it was easy to sympathize and empathize with her. She in the end even told Je Ha to save Anna, probably to make up for the fact she didn’t save Anna’s mother. She may have deserved better, but I think her ending was fitting. Major props to Song Yoon Ah for a fantastic performance!

Assemblyman Jang: The only decent thing he did this entire show was saving Anna and staying with Yoo Jin in the end. I never gave him much thought, but his death was also fitting. He certainly wouldn’t have survived the Blue House without Yoo Jin.

Chairman Choi: The little bastard got what he deserved, it was actually really satisfying to see Chief Kim be the one to deliver the final blow. She’d never let her precious Madam go unavenged lol. Speaking of her, I thought that there would be more to her, especially with the attempts at killing K2 and Anna, but the writers seemed to have conveniently closed the door on that. I would’ve thought that it would be interesting if they had gone that route, but the time-constraints are understandable.

Kim Je Ha/Anna: MY BABIES ARE FINALLY TOGETHER AND HAPPY and I was so excited ya’ll. After everything they went through, they deserved a happy ending. The writers tied up all the loose ends regarding them well. Je Ha testified against Blackstone and cleared his name and was finally a free man while Anna released the Kumar-gate information to be done with it all. (Their scene in which she pressed the button before he was ready was absolutely adorable, I grinned so hard.) I found it interesting that Je Ha didn’t kill PKS himself and simply had him kill himself. It was a good way to keep his hands clean of unnecessary blood. And I was happy with Anna giving up on restoring her mother’s reputation. It was kinda impossible with Yoo Jin dead and she knows how her mother actually was so it was nice to see that she let the past stay in the past. Tbh, I’m just happy that they got their happy ending and are frolicking around free in Spain. <33

Mi Ran/K1/housekeeper/JSS Team: I adored K2’s bromance with the JSS Team, I thought how they have started to look out for each other was really cute and their bonding moments were some of the best funny scenes in the drama. (I’m still not over the facemask scene. Lol) Mi Ran and K1’s relationship is equally adorable and I loved that scene with how annoyed the housekeeper got with him. That was amusing.

Final Thoughts:

I honestly truly enjoyed this drama; this is one of my top pics for this year. Like I said above, it wasn’t without faults, but that was mostly due to the directing and writing. The whole Yoo Jin’s apparent “no-so-platonic” feelings for Je Ha were just weird and that could’ve been more properly done. I think the cast was perfectly chosen, everyone did an excellent job and I will sing praises for the lead three. Song Yoon Ah’s acting was amazing, I hope she gets all the accolades for this performance. Ji Chang Wook is a fantastic actor, he is made to do action dramas; I love that he does his own stunts and I hope the awards season recognizes his work. (I’m gonna miss him a lot when he leaves for his military service next year. :( ) And people may have hated on Anna, but I think that Yoona did well with the character she was given. Honorable mention to Lee Jing-Jin, he had a stellar performance as Chairman Choi. They wrapped everything up nicely so while I’ll miss this drama, it was all mostly well executed and I’m satisfied with how it ended. :)


What the hell is going on?

Episode 14 didn’t really help in giving us more clues about the royal family background and about Sun Woo. I had 1,654 questions before this episode and now I have 13,786. 

Going back to my previous thoughts about Ah Ro, I still think they are destroying her character. Finally her wit and her funny story telling showed up again, but they ruined everything in 0.08 seconds. We can pretty much say the whole conflict that happened at the end of ep 14 is because of Ah Ro and I hate that because the only main female character is the one again who messes up the whole situation and watching this makes me feel ashamed that yet again this is how they portray women. The Princess and Ah Ro as the two main leads (+ the Queen) all they do is making bad decisions, cry, look weak, and end up being victims. I honestly dislike this so much but I often see this pattern in K-Dramas (especially where there are love triangles) and I think it truly pulls down women in general. But that’s another discussion…

At the beginning of Hwarang I was more on Sun Woo’s side. He was a humble young man who hated the Bone rank system, who had a difficult life, and who slowly fell in love with Ah Ro without being aggressive. This seemed attractive to me, however, in the last episodes I feel like he is losing that side of him more and more. Obviously he still stands strong beside the morals he had at the beginning, but his character is getting more and more annoying. It took an interesting turn because now I’m rather more interested about what is going to happen to Sam Maekjong. It’s not that I wasn’t interested in his side at all, but whenever I see Sun Woo’s grumpy face (no offense for handsome Park Seo Joon, I know it’s just what he has to act), it just makes me frown, because I’m getting disappointed by his actions and now I start to feel more sorry for the Faceless King. 

Sam Maekjong at the beginning was an arrogant, pushy, royal born guy who I didn’t necessarily like that much. I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for Hyungsik portraying him, I would have even felt hate towards him, despite my interest in his story line. But recently he is changing as well to me, but more towards the positive side. And I feel so so so bad for him. Especially because he might not be the king.

Which leads up to, who is the real faceless (even nameless) king?

So we all know what Sun Woo did at the end of episode 14 and we all (probs) disagree with his action and we wanted Ji Dwi to stand up for his true title. However, this might not be too much of a mistake. I think from the beginning we noticed that there is just something mysterious about Sun Woo’s true background and about the relationships and conflicts in the royal family. And now we get more and more hints. Maybe it is a choice from the writer and the production team (though sometimes I doubt the writer would be that smart). The fact that even after 14 episodes Sam Maekjong is still not revealed as the king even when he had his god damn chance not once, that maybe tells us something. Also the fact that in the Hwarang house most of the guys think that Sun Woo is the king, the officials think he is the king, and now he announced himself as the king. Yes we don’t know it for a fact that he is the true king, but I feel like all these lead up to that he will turn out to be the one. I also read many theories how he is the son of a concubine (who the Queen made her to be gone(?)) and the late king of Silla, while Sam Maekjong is only the nephew of the king, therefore cousin of Sun Woo. This is an interesting theory, slightly confusing as well, but it might be true, though that follows up to some more problems… or one problem, Sam Maekjong

If Sun Woo turns out to be the king, I think Sam Maekjong’s life will be over pretty much. All his life he was preparing to be the king, that’s the only thing he knows and had as a goal. He is also going to lose Ah Ro because we know she doesn’t love him. He never had a real family. The only family figure for him was his bodyguard (who is honestly such a sweet human bean, like when he was crying in ep 13, I was crying with him and my heart was so warm), but he probably wanted his mother’s care instead. The only thing that might stay with him is friendship. Because I’m sure at the end Sun Woo and Sam Maekjong will make up for this whole revenge and Ah Ro love triangle, but I don’t know if it’s going to be enough for Sam Maekjong to not give up on life. I also have a feeling that he might die towards the end, and I’m not ready to see Hyungsik die on my screen. (guys if it’s really going to happen I’m going to cry a Han River 2.0, watch me). So this is why I think at this point I rather want to see justice happen for Sam Maekjong. And I want him to be the king. Even if he is not the legitimate one to the throne, he has to be the king. He knows how Silla works, he knows how to deal with the officials, he prepared for this all his life, and he wants to be the king (at least on the days when he doesn’t doubt himself). Even if Sun Woo could be a good king too, he never really prepared for it and it would just ruin his relationship with Ah Ro, which I think is the most important for him. So maybe if he turns out to be the king, he might end up giving the throne to Sam Maekjong (if they can do that). 

Now for the fate of King Jinheung, I doubt that they will focus a lot on how this king in real history was so great and how he expanded Silla’s territory and the unification of the three kingdoms. However, I do think that would be a good thing to focus on if time lets them, because (as I read it in some sources) Hwarang played a big role in the unification and this drama is about Hwarangs. So we get back to this argument again, that this drama focused WAY TOO MUCH on the love triangle and Ah Ro, whereas there are lot more important and main points in the history of Silla, King Jinheung, and especially the Hwarangs. I know this drama is not here for a Historical documentary, but they didn’t do as much for the potential of the Hwarang story line, as it was promised.

So I don’t know guys. I still like Hwarang obviously, but to be honest, if I wouldn’t have gotten attached to the cast and the cute bromance and Ban Ryu love story line, then I think I would have stopped watching this. It just really bothers me how there was so many potential with this, especially with the great actors and actresses that we have here, but they didn’t make great decisions plot wise and story unfolding wise. We still have six episodes left, and many interesting things can happen in basically six hours. But I feel like it’s going to be the same like with Moon Lovers. Towards the end it might get worse because they might rush the end and even kill some loved characters. (Also I’m going to be sad when it will be over because I’m going to miss this cast, and while many of them will have upcoming dramas, for our lovely Taehyung it’s not going to be soon to seen him in a role again as he is always so busy :(  ) 

This became extremely long, I’m so sorry. So if you read this I’m really thankful and I really appreciate it. ^^

[SUMMARY: Negan is rough and brute with his men but only gentle when it comes to his wife Genevine. She discovers she’s pregnant but it doesnt settle well for Negan causing him to hurt her with his words and feel guilt.]


Negan and Genevine.

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Star and Marco sitting on the grass in the park.

Marco: *eyes widened* You have a crush on me?

Star: *smiles wearily, shrugging* Mmm, yeah.

Marco: *feeling mixed emotions* How come…How come you never told me?

Star: *one hand on a knee, the other still shrugging* What was I supposed to say, Marco? You’re with Jackie and you’re happy.

Marco: *opens his mouth to say something, but Star cuts him off by standing up*

Star: Besides…*brushes the dirt off her dress, then looks down at Marco*…you’re my Best Friend. I wouldn’t want anything to mess that up.

*Car horn catches their attention*

Oskar pulls up in the Park’s parking lot. Tom, Janna, and Ponyhead are also in the car.

Marco: What are they doing here?

Star: *waves to them* They’ve been helping me deal with everything. *she jogs over to them without saying goodbye*

Marco: *watches her leave, clutches his heart with his fist*

Ponyhead: Isn’t Marco coming, too?

Star: *gets into the car, seatbelting herself* Nah, he has Jackie things to do.

The car and its passengers are out of sight

Marco: *stands up silently, sticking his hands in his jean pockets. A cold wind blows his vest collar as he kicks a can all the way home, his brown hair covering his face*

Back home Marco’s cellphones rings, Jackie’s face shows up on the screen.

Marco: *sits on the couch and throws the phone to the other side of the couch. He clutches his knees to his chest and falls on his side, heaving a heavy sigh*

Sometimes things happen and I just want to grab my phone and dial your 7 digits and tell you everything. You were my best friend, and I shared every single inch of myself with you but at times I felt like you didn’t know me at all. The real me, you just knew the person that I wanted you to know. Maybe that’s why it didn’t work between us because the real Me would have never let you go, she would have never stopped appreciating you. She would have never messed everything up by pushing you away. But now the real Me is here and it’s too late, you’ve found your soulmate and I have to watch you fall madly in love with her as I hope and pray that my soulmate will come back. I’m ready now, I promise.
—  S.L // Excerpt From a Book I’ll Never Write // #32

35 Characters of 2015

11. Luisa Alver (Jane the Virgin)

Luisa Alver is my favorite lovable, complete mess of a character. She’s an incredibly intelligent lesbian and alcoholic with a heart of gold who knows how to have fun and screw up on a colossal scale. Her dysfunctional love affair with Rose, a criminal mastermind and her father’s ex-wife, is always entertaining to watch, and it’s hard not to root for them despite everything you know that is logically wrong with that relationship. Luisa is adorable, hilarious, sympathetic, and one of the highlights of the show.

really quick sketchy comic thingy (what are backgrounds?) if the events of the next ep don’t go well I’m scared for everyone - especially if that terribad desperation plan goes through.

White wants her bro back she’s been doing everything to set him free from this burden even try to seriously mess up one of her own friends (and she doesn’t seem to have a lot)

Black just wakes up in the middle of the church and sees Leo lying there unresponsive and is terrified - he’s probably had nightmares about this happening, the thing inside him hurting someone when he isn’t in control. And it’s someone he knows about, someone he’s starting to care about and he doesn’t think to question what actually happened.

Worst part i think would be that he’s sitting there blaming himself and White has to watch her work backfire because he won’t believe her when she says she’s the one at fault.

too bad I can’t draw comics well yet! oh well! Here’s to getting in good practice!

This show is killing me I love it.

EXO react to coming home to find their child and spouse asleep and the house a mess

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Xiumin: Unable to fully enjoy the adorable moment surrounded by mess, he quietly cleans everything up so when you and your child wake up, the house is clean again. After that, he just sits down and watches you both lovingly.

Luhan: Since he came home early from work, he’s a little disappointed, but the scene is so cute, he leans over the side of the couch and gently brushes his little girl’s hair out of her face and lets you sleep as he picks up a little.

Kris: Seeing that you’re both sleeping comfortably, he’d cover the two of you with a couch throw and dim the lights so you can keep sleeping. He watches you gently for a moment before picking up RouRou so he doesn’t bark.

Suho: He starts cleaning up, trying to be quiet, but the clatter of dishes makes his son wake up with a little whimper. Hearing him, Suho lights up and goes over to pick up his little boy, who hugs him and yells happily, “Apba!”

Lay: The two of you are the only thing he sees when he comes in and he silently lies down on the bed next to you with your child between you. He has to cover his mouth to keep from aw-ing out loud as he watches you together.

Baekhyun: Knowing he’ll be awake all night if his son oversleeps, he gently picks him up and softly wakes him. “Looks like my little Godzilla destroyed Seoul today, huh?” They both laugh when the little boy roars playfully.

Chen: He kisses his wife’s forehead and then gently wakes up their daughter, grinning when she jumps up to hug him. “Did you miss me, angel?” He brings her into the kitchen so she can have a snack and tell him about her day.

Chanyeol: Tired from work, he lies down with you, holding you in his arms as you have your arms wrapped around the twins. He sleeps until they wake up and jump on him and it turns into a wrestling match, everyone laughing.

D.O: His son opens his wide eyes after Kyungsoo comes in, bringing his older sister home from school, so they both help clean up with mess, after Soo gets a big hug from his little boy. “Your mom is going to be so surprised!”

Tao: First, he has to take several pictures of his perfect family, then he picks up his daughter and watches her adorable sleeping face as he carries her to her room and tucks her into bed. The mess wouldn’t even register.

Kai: His toddler isn’t a deep sleeper yet, so when Kai comes in, he wakes up and smiles sweetly at his father and clings to him sleepily, unwilling to let go of him, falling asleep again listening to Kai’s voice vibrating through his chest.

Sehun: He’s still in that new father phase, so he gets distracted from the mess just watching his baby girl sleeping and sucking on her thumb, thinking she’s the most amazing thing. Sleep-deprived new dad, he’d also drift off.

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Unexpected (Daryl Dixon imagine)

imagine: Daryl’s been distant with you ever since the night he asked you to stay and you’re determined to find out why. (1,321 words)

part two to this imagine

an: i couldn’t find the message so i’m not sure if it was an anonymous request or not, but some one definitely requested a part two to stay!!! so here it is, hope you like it :) sorry it’s kinda short - georgia

gif credit to @reedusgif check out her blog, it’s great :)

Taking the early morning shift at the watch tower didn’t have many benefits. I had to tear myself out of bed at an entirely unreasonable hour, my sleeping pattern was completely messed up and I was often alone. However, one highly rewarding benefit was getting to see the sun rise into the sky and cover everything with its weak golden glow.

Unfortunately, the beauty of the sunrise was tainted by the sadness which I felt. Over a week had passed since Daryl and I had last communicated and although I knew I should’ve seen it coming, it didn’t hurt any less. I’d awoken early the morning after Daryl had asked me to stay with him to find myself alone and cold in his room. After searching the house and concluding he’d gone out on one of his walks, I’d headed home to get some more sleep.

However, as the days passed I learned that Daryl was in fact avoiding me. I barely saw him and when I did, any effort I made to speak to him was ruined by a warning glare. Our mutual friends had told me not to worry and that he’d come round eventually, but the distance was killing me, especially after we’d turned an unexpected corner in our relationship.

As I observed how all of my surroundings were tinged with the coruscating glow of the morning sun, a sudden noise and movement caught my attention. Weapon raised, I turned abruptly and spotted Daryl tugging the gates open with his crossbow slung over his shoulder. I scowled at him as he very purposefully avoided my gaze and left, stalking towards the nearby woods. My conscience was torn in two; part of me wanted desperately to follow Daryl and take the opportunity to corner him into a confession, but I knew Rick would kill me if he found out I’d abandoned my post.

Luckily, before I had the chance to do the latter, I spotted Sasha patrolling the fence nearby. I ran down the stairs of the tower and briefly begged her to cover me for a moment, to which she quickly obliged. I shouted a rushed thank you over my shoulder as I darted out of the gates and in the direction Daryl had disappeared in.

Ten minutes later and the only thing I’d found in the way of company was a particularly unpleasant-looking walker. Regrettably, I wasn’t as good as tracking as Daryl was and I was fairly certain he’d cover his tracks if I was. Knowing he couldn’t have gone far in the time that had passed, I continued searching the areas I knew were his favourite to hunt in.

“Y/N?” a gruff voice whispered from behind me. I spun round quickly in surprise, despite being perfectly aware of who the voice belonged to. I found myself growing even more furious at the fact he’d been the one to find me rather than vice versa.

“There you are,” I spat venomously. 

“What’re you doin’ out here?” he asked, eyes casting frantic looks everywhere other than towards me.

“Looking for you. I wanna talk.”

“’Bout what?”

“You know what! Daryl, why the hell are you ignoring me? Avoiding me? It’s so unfair,” I exclaimed, my anger getting the better of me. After a week of holding myself back, I could no longer control my emotions.

“’M not,” Daryl responded feebly, rubbing a filthy hand over his eyes.

“Don’t bullshit me,” I sighed. “You asked me to stay that night. What, you changed your mind? Don’t like me like… that?”

“’S’not that.”

“Then what is it?” I demanded, arms folded defensively across my chest.

“It’s nothin’. Go back, ain’t you got a job to do?” he snapped. Finally, his eyes met mine and reflected the frustration I felt. I stared at him for a moment before laughing dryly with a shake of my head and walking away, enraged.

“Fuck you,” I muttered as I passed Daryl, not hanging around for a reply. 

I woke up hours later to the sound of banging coming from downstairs. Looking over to see my watch reading 3PM, I groaned at the realisation that my nap had run over the hour limit I’d set myself. Sighing deeply, I headed downstairs to see who had come to tear me out of my slumber. Shocked to see Daryl’s figure silhouetted against the glass of my front door, I hastily smoothed my hair and adjusted my top before cursing myself for being so ridiculous.

“Hey,” I mumbled as I opened the door and immediately returned inside, expecting Daryl to follow, which he did. We stood awkwardly facing each other in my kitchen, neither wanting to initiate the conversation. By the bashful look his face, he wanted to apologise as much as I did.

“Look -” I begun, but unfortunately Daryl and I had broken the silence simultaneously and ended up talking over each other. “Oh, go ahead.”

“Nah, you go.”

“I’m not going first, just carry on!”

“You carry on.”

I threw my head backwards in frustration and leaned against the kitchen counter. Knowing that I was being just as pathetic as Daryl made the situation even worse, but I was feeling too stubborn to break again.

“Fine,” Daryl sighed and I looked at him eagerly. “I’m sorry, okay? I was a jerk.”

“A big jerk,” I corrected sulkily. Daryl exhaled in brief laughter before nodding.

“Whatever. I was a big jerk, and ‘m sorry.”

Ignoring my internal elation at getting Daryl to refer to himself as a “big jerk”, I focused on my more important queries. “Why’d you ignore me, anyway?” He shrugged moodily before sighing again and meeting my eyes for the first time since our encounter in the woods. It almost made me smile.

“Dunno. Guess I was freaked out. I ain’t good at all that soppy shit.”

“I gathered,” I laughed.

“And I… don’t wanna lose ya. Dumb, I know,” he muttered, looking down at his intertwined hands and cracking his knuckles. Normally I’d have scolded him for such an annoying habit, but considering how he’d just put himself out there I opted to let it slide.

“It’s not dumb,” I said, receiving an incredulous look from Daryl. “Well, it is, but only because you won’t lose me. I’m not going anywhere.” A deep blush rose to my cheeks as I spoke, knowing I was inadvertently telling Daryl how I felt.

“Ya sure? What if you change your mind?”

“Then I’ll let you down gently,” I joked, earning a glare from Daryl that soon turned into a small grin. “So…”

“So?” Daryl repeated, taking a nervous step towards me.

“Are you gonna kiss me, or what?” I blurted out suddenly, the thought that had been racing around my mind for weeks finally being voiced. I examined Daryl’s reaction; expressions of shock, amusement and desire crossed his face before he laughed and moving closer yet again.

“Maybe,” he mumbled in a raspy tone, his face now inches from mine. I was constructing my next sarcastic comment in my mind when his lips met my own, more confident than I ever could’ve imagined. One of Daryl’s hands went to the counter by my hip, restricting my movement, whilst his other hand weaved its way into my hair. Barely able to move, I placed my hands gently on his chest.

Minutes passed before Daryl and I pulled apart breathlessly, though I remained pushed against the kitchen counter with his body barely an inch away from mine. I forced myself to look into his eyes and not seem as flustered as I felt, though judging by the smirk on his face he knew exactly what my thoughts were. He blew his hair out of his eyes as I ran a finger down his arm absent-mindedly, still completely shocked by the unexpected turn of events.

“So…” Daryl muttered.


“You gonna ask me to stay, or what?”

I would like to state for the record that I will never not even in a million years ever be over the whole beth childs look with the suit and the sunglasses and the bun

Blurb on coming home to seeing sleeping Justin with your kids sleeping on him even your teen plz?!

You would go out with your friends one night and Justin would be at home taking care of the kids. You just had another baby but your oldest kid is thirteen. So Justin usually doesn’t watch them all at them same time so he’d have a hard time trying to keep everything together. Your almost one year old would be crawling around everywhere and he would lose her around the house a few times. Your teen would be laughing the whole time because Justin would be struggling. He would eventually get your three kids to lay down and watch some Disney movie. Knowing Justin he would fall asleep and the kids would run around the house for an hour or so until they get tired. They’d probably mess up just about everything then start to get tired. Once they get tired they would just go back in the room you and Justin share and lay on the bed with him. When you get home you would be so confused as to why there was stuff all over the floor. You would start yelling Justin’s name to see where they all were then wander into your room to see them all asleep on your bed. You would smile and not even worry about the mess and crash next to them. In the morning you would scold Justin for not watching them and he would kind of laugh at all the mess but promise you that it won’t happen again.

Jo Wilson is blaming herself for everything that happened, when she -like Meredith said it- isn’t the bad in this and yet people keep blaming her and her only. DeLuca gets sympathy, Alex gets sympathy when he really messed up, but Jo of course gets none. It had to be traumatizing to watch the man she loves beat up an innocent guy, especially for a DV victim, but nope, let’s blame her for everything that happened. She’s our new scapegoat like Alex used to be in the earlier seasons.

So done with this fandom.

Request: Epic Saga

Request: can you do one where it’s back when Sam lost his soul? he was dating the reader before and then obviously when he came back he couldn’t love her and didn’t really care what happened to her because he had no emotion but she still hunted with him and Dean and something happens and she messes up behind and he like screams at her and it gives her a panic attack then he finally gets his soul back and she’s kind of still scared of him but he does everything to make it up to her and it’s all fluffy? :)

Word Count: 2,366 (oops?)

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

“Sam?” You whisper, staring at the man in front of you. He’s stood by Dean, which in any other case would have you believing that it was him, but… he died. He was dead. You watched him fall into the gaping hole with his eyes locked on yours and the memory has haunted you every time you’ve closed your eyes for the past year.

A small smile spreads over his face and he nods, his hazel eyes seeming to peer into your soul. You launch yourself at him, throwing your arms unabashedly around his neck and forcing yourself not to cry into his shoulder. Sam merely chuckles (somehow, it seems forced, and you figure he’s just trying to make sure you’re not about to burst into tears) and returns your hug, wrapping you up in an embrace that is so undeniably him that you begin to wonder if you’ve died and gone to heaven.

However, this bliss is not to last – over the next few weeks, everything turns on its head. Sam is cold and distant – you at first put it down to trauma and memories, but you quickly realise he’s entirely emotionless. Then, you realise that he isn’t sleeping – at all. After some investigation and some angelic expertise courtesy of Castiel, you realise that he doesn’t have a soul.

Of all the things you’ve heard, this is the wildest.

It does explain everything, though, and so you and Dean set your minds to finding a way to retrieve Sam’s soul from the cage. You spend hours on end poring through useless, mind-numbing lore, all the while with Sam protesting in your ears that he’s okay, that he doesn’t need his soul and is in fact better off without it. You both ignore him religiously, trying again and again to find a remedy that’ll work.

In between times, you find yourselves hunting again – rarely anything big, but rather just short, simpler hunts. For example, at the beginning of winter, right before the first snow of the year, you find yourselves in Michigan, hunting down a particularly violent spirit.


“Come on, quickly!” You hiss, leaping out of the car and bounding into the graveyard. You don’t have long until you have to go – both the spirit and the police will be here soon, and you need to find the plot, dig it up, and burn the remains before you can go. Sam and Dean quickly follow with the equipment, while you, being faster than they are, start running the rows of the older section of the cemetery to find the right grave. It doesn’t take you long and you beckon them over.

“It’s this one!” You call, watching as they run over. You all take a shovel and in perfect harmony, just as always, you get to digging. It took you a while to work out a rhythm that worked with the three of you, but at this point it’s become muscle memory and you could do it in your sleep.

You’ve just hit the coffin when a freakishly cold air blows over the three of you, even colder than the frosty winter air. You breathe out slowly, reaching for the shotgun shoved in your belt.

“I got it,” You say, hopping out of the grave and throwing your shovel to the side, “You guys get it going.”

You straighten up, looking around quickly with your gun level to your shoulder, ready to shoot whatever spirit makes an appearance. Within a few seconds, you’re faced with a spirit – a woman, with claw-like hands stretched towards you, emaciated face twisted into a horrific laugh. You pause – the spirit you thought you were hunting was a man.

“Shit!” You exclaim, stumbling backwards and falling on your ass. The gravestone reads Philip – not the Philipa you were looking for. You aim a shot at the spirit, but she disappears and your salt-filled shell goes straight through the air.

“Guys! Wrong grave!” You hiss, scrambling back to your feet, “We need to go!”

They stare at you incredulously, two wide pairs of eyes boring into your soul. Your stomach turns and you let out a yelp of fear as the spirit appears behind them – you send a bullet into her stomach and she explodes in a shower of glowing embers, but you all know she isn’t gone for long.

“Let’s go! We can come back later for her!” Dean yells, and the two guys dart out of the grave. The three of you begin running – you have no idea who this woman is and where her grave will be, and seeing as dawn is licking at the sky, you’re not going to have the time to find out tonight.

This is all your fault, you realise. You’d been doing the research and must have royally mixed up the names, causing this monumental mix-up. The spirit – who you’d never had the pleasure of seeing before tonight – had been killing everyone it saw, which could be up to five people a night. God only knows how many she’ll get tonight.

You’re silent on the ride back to the motel, Dean with his pedal to the metal and you and Sam poised with rock-salt loaded shotguns, ready to shoot if necessary. You make it back in one piece, and while Dean goes to have a shower, you pull up your computer and try to figure out who the woman was and, more importantly, where she was buried.

“So?” Sam asks from behind you, making you jump. You glance up at him, before going back to reading through the list of dead.

“So, what?” You ask in return. Sam’s expression twists and he shoots you a glare that would make many people wither.

“You’re not going to apologise?” He asks coldly, “People are going to die tonight.”

“I know.”

“And it’s your fault.”

“I know.” You reply shortly, scrolling on. Sam sits down on the chair across from you and shoves the laptop screen down, forcing you to look at him. He’s busy staring at you expectantly.

“It’s not like you to screw up like that, Y/N.” He says, rather like an irritable, disappointed teacher. You shrug, not knowing what to say – it was an honest mistake. Sam rarely, if ever, brings up mistakes, preferring to get down to fixing them.

“I’m sorry.” You say softly, not wanting to aggravate him further. His expression only steels further, however, causing your stomach to twist uncomfortably.

“You’re sorry?!” He all but screams, his sudden outburst causing you to jump a mile, “You’re sorry? Tell that to the families of people who’ll die tonight, because of you! There isn’t room for that much error in this job, Y/N, and if you can’t keep up the right standard maybe you should consider getting the hell out of here. Let’s face it, you’ve never been as good as Dean and I have, anyway!”

You realise there are tears running down your cheeks and you stand up, shaking like a leaf. Sam’s eyes don’t leave yours, cold and empty, as you pick up your computer and step back, shoving it into your bag.

“I’ll just go, then.” You whisper, voice threatening to break. Sam merely shrugs, and you grab your jacket, hoist the bag onto your back, and walk out of there.

You barely notice the white flakes beginning to drift down around you as you all but run down the street. What you do notice is the cold, causing you to pull up your hood.  Your head swirls with memories of Sam from the past few months – his quietly snide remarks and emotionlessness, his cruelty towards anything he didn’t see worthy and the overall lack of humanity within him – the loss of all the things you’d loved him so much for before all of this.

You don’t realise you’re curled against a wall, your fingers freezing to blueness and your heavy, fast breathing escaping as white clouds before you. You’re entirely terrified, feeling like Sam is going to come after you and launch another tirade and hurt you more than he already has. In fact, when someone comes running down the path and leans down beside you, you flinch away, begging for them to leave you alone.

“Y/N! Y/N, hey, it’s me.” Dean says, pulling you up into a sitting position, “C’mon, Y/N, talk to me.”

“D-Dean?” You tremble, staring at him with wide, tearful, terrified eyes, “What just- I-?” You manage, flexing your frozen fingers. Dean sighs and wraps his arms around you, shielding you from the cold.

“You’re gonna get hypothermia out here, Y/N.” He says, encouraging you to your feet, “Come on.”

“I can’t go-“

“Sam isn’t here. I made him sleep in the car.” Dean says softly, picking your bag up for you, “He was out of order. I didn’t hear everything, but what I did hear was ridiculous. C’mon.” He insists. You don’t have the willpower to resist him as he leads you back towards the motel and gets you sat on a bed. He thrusts a Styrofoam cup of hot chocolate into your hands, easing your soaked coat off and making sure you’re not about to freeze to death as the snow falls thick and fast outside.

From that night on, you have next to no contact with Sam. You sit as far away from him as possible in the car and place yourself beside Dean when you go out to eat. You talk only when absolutely necessary, and he seems fine with that – you, on the other hand, feel like you’re slowly dying inside.


You stand outside the panic room, arms wrapped tight around yourself as you listen to Sam’s futile begging. He really doesn’t want to have his soul back, and you’re forever grateful that Death isn’t the bargaining sort.

You hear his screams and see the bright light of a soul emanating from the doorway. You shudder, closing your eyes tightly – and then, everything goes quiet.

“Y/N, go grab some water.” Dean instructs, sensing your need to have something to do. You nod gratefully as he heads back into the room, while you run up the stairs and go grab a glass from the cupboard. You fil it with water and on second thought, grab a jug and fill that, too. By the time you make it back to the panic room, Sam is sat up on the cot, rubbing his wrists anxiously.

“Y/N!” He exclaims as soon as he sees you, and you almost pass out right there – you haven’t heard such concern and love in the intonation of your voice on his lips since… well, it feels like forever.

“Hey.” You say softly, chewing on your lower lip as you place the jug on the floor and hand him the water. Sam frowns, before almost throwing the water at Dean and standing up on unsteady legs, trying to get closer to you. You’re reluctant, your panic and hurt from that night coming back to you, all those months of emptiness leaving a dark stain on your soul, and he recognises that quickly.

“Oh, Y/N…” He pauses, “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.” He whispers, reaching out and placing a hand on your shoulder – you flinch slightly, but he doesn’t give in, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not- not your fault.” You choke out, your eyes filling with tears once more. Sam shakes his head.

“It is. I- I hurt you. I did what I swore I never would.” He says miserably, eyes filling with tears, “God, Y/N…”

“Leave it, okay?” You say, “Rest, Sam. The last thing we need is you…” You pause, “Hurting yourself.”

You offer a rueful smile and Dean nods silently, ushering Sam back onto the cot. You get out of there as soon as possible, heading outside and sitting on the bonnet of one of Bobby’s old wreckages. You draw your knees up to your chin and hug them tightly, letting yourself breathe and think and work through all of the fear and resentment in your mind – you need to come to terms with it if you want to learn to cope and, in turn, move past it.

You don’t realise how long you’ve been out there until the sky begins to turn dark. You’re yanked from your reverie by footsteps on the gravel behind you – you’d know those footsteps anywhere.

“Hey, Y/N?” Sam whispers, “Room for a little one?”

You smile slightly, shuffling up to let him sit beside you. He offers you an arm, which you hesitantly accept, leaning into his shoulder. There’s something familiar about it, something infinitely relaxing and pleasant.

“I’m surprised Dean let you out,” You comment, “I thought he’d be in full on mother-hen-mode.”

“He is.” Sam chuckles, “He’s watching from the window.”

You laugh slightly, a smile creeping onto your face, “So he is.” You send him a jaunty wave, to which the elder Winchester laughs and waves back.

“Y/N…” Sam pauses, trying to word his next words right, “I need you to know how sorry I was. I don’t know what the hell I thought I was doing but… “

“I get it.” You say softly, “Don’t worry.”

“That doesn’t stop you being scared of me,” He says, and when you s tart to protest, he buts you off, “I’m not offended. I just really, really don’t want you to be.”

“Neither do I.” You admit, to which Sam smiles, pressing a kiss so light that it could be mistaken for a breath of air to your forehead.

“In that case,” He says softly, “I haven’t slept in eighteen months and to be quite frank, I’m pooped.”

“There’s a bed up there just screaming my name,” You agree, “How’s about, you and I head up and just relax for a while? Like old times.”

“I’d like that a lot.” Sam grins, squeezing you against his side for a moment. After a few seconds, he releases you and hops down from the bonnet, offering you a hand. You take it happily, your feet landing on the gravel steadily – Sam’s arm snakes around your waist and the two of you make your way back towards the light of Bobby’s house.