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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

“If there’s no wind blowing, then it’s easy.” 

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I don’t know what I’m doing but this came to me today.
So here’s something I don’t really do much of anymore.

“Will someone ever love me like I’ve loved them?” she had asked. Harry was taken back but he wrapped an arm around her nonetheless. “is there a way of even knowing?” she wondered out loud and at the time, Harry had an answer.

Yes. There was a way.

“Through sincere actions… yes” he replied. And because she still looked confused, tears staining her cheeks, like she didn’t know anyone was capable of showing any sincerity when it came to love, he started to explain.

He started to explain to her how if someone is there for you, and cares for you and speaks the truth, then they have to love you. How actions spoke louder than words and that not everyone was always going to lie to her face. He explained how holding someone’s hand through a tough moment could carry so much more than just a friendly gesture. That sometimes just remembering some small detail that she thought was irrelevant could brighten someone’s day.

He understood her point of view. Just out of a toxic relationship and having had bad luck in love for the past 9 years can certainly drain you of hope. But he tried to put that hope back in her with his speech. He squeezed her hand in his, trying to comfort her as best he could. He ran his pointer finger around her back, remembering when she told him it soothe her.

He said that trying to cheer someone up can be a sign that they love them. That everything had some extra message we just had to learn to decipher. That there was no real explanation as to why someone had to do something or other to show they loved you. That was love; truly inexplicable.

In her eyes, Harry could see the doubt, he could see the pain and how she questioned his words. “then no one has loved me yet…” she whispered resting against his chest. And that was all Harry needed to realise that all he said was bullshit. That he couldn’t answer her question like this when he also wondered if he would be loved the same way he’s loved someone.

He thought of their friendship, and how it had evolved, and he thought of the times he’s seen her cry over someone that treated her wrong over and over. How he’s been there for her and tried to help her not lose hope on love. How somewhere down that path he began aching along with her.

Suddenly Harry didn’t really have an answer to her initial question, because, as he hugged her and sighed and gently wiped her tears with his thumb, he questioned if his actions really spoke as loud as he vouched actions did. He wondered if she’d ever love him like he loved her.

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As @catateme9 was wonderful enough to point out, this is clearly fairy!louis being rocked side to side by human!liam

See, before he met Liam, whenever he’d feel really bad, Louis would just… turn into a hedgehog for a little while. Roll himself into the tightest prickliest ball, hide under dead leaves on the forest floor, or in a hollow tree stump, and ignore everyone and everything for however long it took for him not to feel grumpy or sad or lonely anymore (most of the time that only lasted five minutes, because fairies are usually too small to hold the same feelings for very long, but once Louis stayed balled up for a week) (it’s a bad memory that he doesn’t care to revisit ever).

That’s what he did before he met Liam. And that’s also what he did after he’d met Liam, one rainy afternoon when Liam had been focused on something human and stupid (like money, or cleaning) for hours and hours and had completely neglected Louis, because humans are foolish and forget how powerful and scary fairies can be when you ignore them for too long.

And really Louis could have turned into a fearsome beast and taught Liam a lesson, but turning into a tiny hedgehog and rolling himself into a ball to forget that he was afraid that maybe Liam didn’t love him as much anymore was just easier. So he did just that.

Except Liam’s not good at letting people feel bad, so when he realized what was going on, he gently picked Louis up in those big paws of his and rocked him from side to side until Louis had no choice but to peek out and be delighted (see exhibit A, that is a fairy having the time of its life but trying to act as if it’s known better).

Ever since then, whenever Louis feels furious or melancholy or confused, he’ll turn into a hedgehog and Liam will pick him up and rock him until Louis feels better. Also Liam always gives him a tiny kiss on the nose before putting him down again, and Louis secretly loves it, even though it makes him sneeze every single time.

And well maybe sometimes Louis’s not even feeling a little bit sad but he’ll pretend to be so Liam rocks him, because being rocked when you’re a tiny hedgehog is lovely. He wishes Liam could do it. All Liam can do when he’s feeling bad is curl into a much bigger, much clumsier ball, and hold a pillow to his chest, and let Louis pet his hair and sprinkle kisses all over his face (which usually makes Liam laugh then kiss Louis back so all in all it’s not so bad) (Louis doesn’t like to think about Liam being sad before Louis was there to cheer him up, all alone curled up on that big bed, so he doesn’t).

That’s why when Liam tells him “You look sad,” even though Louis’s feeling just fine, Liam’s the one who looks like he wants to be tiny and safe, Louis just says “Yeah, I am a bit,” and turns into a hedgehog and lets Liam rock him from side to side until Liam’s smiling again.


My darling, don’t be afraid,
things will turn out great.
Remember that I’m always there
and there are other people who will care.
You need a bit of fear
to experience it all, my dear.

i wrote this for @anonymous-hoper and all the other people who are going to university. you can do this!

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