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Submission: Bunny!Credence Ficlet

submitted by the talented @granpappy-winchester [THIS SHIT IS LIT, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED OMG THANK U]:

(note: I wrote this quickly so please forgive any mistakes. I am super into the idea, I just love the image of Credence with bunny ears and big hairy wolf Graves)

Graves gently pulled at Credence’s little cottontail, the rabbit squirmed in his lap, looking over his shoulder and away from the flowers he had plucked to decorate Graves’ tail. His small face had gone red, eyes big and brown and flustered under his dark hair.

Graves had brought him to one of the small clearings in the meadow, away from his family burrow and far from the other wolves who would do him harm, especially since it was spring and in spring rabbits like Credence—young and small and fertile in ways they didn’t know—would be more than just a meal for hungry wolves.

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