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“I hope I deserve it”

Is what Dany days as Jon “verbally” bends the knee. But why exactly?

Dany is a proud woman, and when she’s not, she puts up a facade of being proud. Her neverending list of titles prove it, but it’s not like it’s not right for her to be or that there’s no reason to be - in the contrary, she both needs it and deserves it. She did endure all that she explained to Jon and she did achieve all that her titles means. The fact that so many - me included, at times - don’t like it, is because it’s a tad repetitive, but it’s completely true, and because it’s often put in comparison with Jon who, on the other hand, is extremely humile, and for whose honour Davos himself had to step in - because he doesn’t care. He came to Dragonstone for a diplomatic purpose and that’s what he’d doing, being the honourable, severe son of his adoptive father Ned Stark. All that he did, he did for others, never for himself, fully knowing he’d gain but hatred but for it. And if he doesn’t bend the knee all the times Dany asks him is because he and his men and women in the north have now different matters to take care of, much less “trivial” than a war in the south. Let alone “brag”, he doesn’t even state what he’s done exactly. David has to, in his place. And that’s when he says

“He took a knife in the heart for his people…!”

But Jon sends him a stare and stops him. Why? Because it’s already difficult to believe in dead armies and White Walkers, let alone resurrections.

But Dany is still a tad curious. This man is the North is a ruler of about her age, humile, mysterious. He’s here for a very specific purpose and doesn’t seem to be afraid of her, nor of her dragons. If she wants to kill him, so be it, he’s come simply to serve his people. And that’s how she starting to see him as very similar to her, unengaged in day-to-day personal matters. Because Dany too, for as proud as she is, wants to serve the people.

So she asks Tyrion about it, and he doesn’t give the matter importance. She then asks Jon in person, but they are interrupted.

Then he leaves for the mission beyond the wall. She can see again just how much of a leader. Just like she took Drogon and met the Lannister army in open field personally, so he wouldn’t let his men do something so stupid dangerous without taking part in it himself. He’s again honourable, severe, uninterested. When she arrives to save them, he’s about the take her hand and get away

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But he doesn’t. He lets the other go first while fighting off the wights. Selfless to a fault, so much that he almost loses his life for it, but he manages to return. And she sees his scars. At this point I guess she asks Davos for clarifications and this time, he gives them to her, explanaining that the King in The North did take a knife in the heart for his people.

At this point, to her, he’s the most honourable leader she’s ever met. He’s nothing like the lords and ladies she’s fighting, not even like her now deceased allies. He’s merciful and self-sacrifical. And after weeks spent together she should understand better the situation in the North and what exactly it implied for him to do what he did.

That’s where the “I hope I deserve it” lies. He’s a man she admires, not one of those sheep she either has the win over or threaten. What he did for his people, the kind of things he did, is what she’s like to do when she sits on the iron throne.

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Jon, at the same time, understood her better. What she did, at the cost of one of her children, to save them, is in the same way something he has profound respect for. The North doesn’t like southern rulers because they are not understood by them, it’s two completely different worlds. But this one dared to go north as see with her own two eyes what it is. Jon respects her now. He never had much love for power anyway, he doesn’t want it: if he didn’t bend the knee it’s because of his people most and foremost.

Whether you ship them or not, I think this relationship is beautiful because in this season we slowly see two people come together from opposite sides, backgrounds, experiences, even geographic places, united only by the so hard to find willingness to always put others before themselves. That they love each other is a consequence of this, because they both see this beauty of character in each other, which is indeed firstly in themselves.

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Tom Holland x Reader: Smut...Inspired by Tom’s new haircut.

Hi. Yes, I love Tom’s hair. This inspired me. Dedicated to @sarsmusings and @tomsh0lland because I love you both. I don’t have an editor. All mistakes are mine. xoxoxoxox

When Tom finally posted the picture of his new hair, you were beyond thrilled. He had you thinking the worst, but really it was incredibly…sexy. They weren’t his curls, but this new hair…it was driving you crazy. Also, the picture he posted showed just how hard he’s been working in the gym. You let out a frustrated groan.

There’s no way you are going to make it through the weekend without seeing his hair in person. You about Harrison a quick text, letting him know you’ll be surprising Tom with an impromptu visit to Montreal. He agrees to pick you up from the airport, and you quickly start packing.

As soon as you land Tom texts you a goofy selfie. I miss you. He added with the picture. You can’t wait to see his shocked face when you surprise him. When you get back to Tom’s hotel he’s not there, which fits into your perfectly. Quickly, you undress from your travel clothes and slip into Tom’s bed. Hopefully, he won’t be gone too long.

About a half hour passes before hear him outside. “Where are you going?” he asks Harrison. “Okay, well I’ll meet up with you later. I just need to shower.”

The door opens…slowly.


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What do you think about occupyvenus (sorry if there's something about about using they whole name) theory about Jon playing with Dany, I mean is totally out of character, but what do you think are the reason for people to actually believe this? Like I'm really interested.

These “theories” are crafted by people who ship Jon with a different woman and who are doing anything and everything possible to try and shut down the idea that Jonerys could actually be a legitimate ship because it gets in the way of what they want to see happen. 

You’re right–it is totally out of character. Jon is canonically the sweetest, most honest, most genuine, and most honorable man in the series. The idea that he would fake attraction to Dany, manipulate her emotionally, and even have sex with her when she is sensitive and grieving, all as part of a ruse to get her power on his side, is so wildly off base that it’s offensive. 

Jon isn’t someone who takes sex and love lightly. He wouldn’t sleep with Melisandre even after she asserted that it was only “flesh.” If he sleeps with Dany, it means something. It matters. 

And our most recent evidence of Jon’s feelings for Dany comes at a time when it doesn’t make sense for Jon to be working as some sort of agent against her. When Jon is with Dany on the boat, he has just woken up from being unconscious, presumably for days, after nearly dying. He just had a near-death experience. He is tired and shaken and vulnerable and his instincts in that moment are to be kind and grateful to Dany. He is the one who reaches for her hand. He is the one who holds it tightly and doesn’t let go the first time she tries to leave the room. This is raw, honest Jon showing what he really feels and wants. 

What I find interesting is that there was an argument going around recently among the antis that Dany was going to “rape” Jon. People thought the boatsex was going to take place right after the wight hunt when Jon is woozy and tired, so antis latched onto this and claimed that for them to have sex in this moment would have been rape. 

So I’m just curious. Which is it? Is Jon a cunning master manipulator on par with early seasons Littlefinger, who is so on top of his game that he is playing Dany for a fool moments after coming out of something akin to a coma? OR is Jon so damned out of it in that scene that any advances Dany might have made are rape?

The whole thing is absurd anyway. Dany willingly gave Jon what he wanted in the scene without him having to show any affection or “play” her to get his way. Dany, shaken by the sight of the WW and grieving Viserion’s loss, freely and willingly offers her aid to Jon and the North. It is only AFTER that that Jon pledges himself to Dany and tenderly calls her “his queen,” insisting she deserves it. 

So why on earth would he even need to play her when he’s gotten what he wants without any romantic attachment in place AND without him swearing fealty? 

Everything that happens between Jon and Dany from this point on happens when Jon has already gotten her help and allegiance. So none of it is him “playing” her to get his way. Anything else that takes place between them is Jon willingly taking their relationship beyond the political alliance he initially sought because of his feelings for her.

The whole idea of this is so disgusting and ridiculous to me. Why would anyone want this? Even if I didn’t ship Jonerys, I would be so repulsed by a sudden 180 in Jon’s character in which all of his strongly held beliefs and morals go out the window. I would hate a Jon who uses, lies to, and manipulates a grieving woman, a woman who he knows has survived rape and abuse, a woman who saved his life and that of his friends. Why would anyone want to see Jon treat someone this way, all in the name of Northern independence and keeping him unattached so that another ship could take place? To me, if I believed Jon’s character capable of something so monstrous, I wouldn’t ship him with anyone. He would be vile. 

So I have a really hard time giving you a good answer about why anyone would think this way. I can’t really relate to this line of thinking. 

TRR Book 2

To be perfectly honest, I want something like “The Italian Job.” I want a book where all these people that don’t always like one another are suddenly drawn together and decide that it’s worth putting their petty differences aside to save Liam and Cordonia and take down EvilQueen and EvilQueenInTraining. 

MC won’t take this lying down, no matter who her LI is. She won’t stand to be humiliated and she won’t want Liam to marry a crappy person, even if she doesn’t love him.

Drake won’t let Liam do this and he’ll fight for his friend. If he’s your MC’s LI, he’s going to want to avenge you too. He’ll also want to stick it to the royals and nobles for treating her like crap. But, he’s going to be conflicted too because he doesn’t want to risk her being hurt any more.

Bertrand will have NOTHING to lose. With the family ruined and no fortune, he’ll become a dangerous man with hidden depths.  I’m excited to see what sort of things he’d do to clear the Beaumont name.

Maxwell’s going to come out the woodwork and show himself to be a really capable friend.  He’s going to go for broke to protect Bertrand and MC, as well as Liam.  And, since that last scene was soooo flirty, I’m really hoping he’ll finally become an LI.

Hana’s going to want a way to assert her independence so she’ll stick around to help them instead of going home.  If she’s your LI, I want her and MC to finally be able to be together as they work to A) clear her name and B) Help Hana break free of her parents.

And OLIVIA.  I want all of them shacked up at her Chateau, plotting and planning together.  I want her to realize what an asset Drake is and I want her to make friends with Hana.  I love how dedicated she is to Liam, and I know she’s going to go for broke to protect him.

Hell, I even want Tariq to show up.  You know he won’t be allowed at court anymore once those pictures come out.  He’s going to miss being a fixture there and I think he’d be willing to help them out if it meant clearing his name as well.

So yeah… if anyone has mad photoshop skills and wants to make a “The Cordonian Job” poster I would pretty much lose my mind.  :-)

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Remus Lupin x Reader

Prompt: “I said you couldn’t fall in love with me, but I didn’t say I couldn’t fall in love with you.”

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Y/N runs her hand over the clothes hanging neatly in her closet. Nothing seems right for the occasion - a date (dare she call it that?) with her best friend. “Lils, I need your help,” she shouts, and the girl immediately materializes at her side.

“You’re overthinking this. He’ll like you in anything. Even if it’s nothing. Especially if it’s noth-” Y/N scoffs at that and pushes a laughing Lily away, finally grabbing something to wear.

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Question! (again)

But this time a bit different because I’m just curious:

What would you like to see me draw (in the near future)? Any special ideas or wishes?

anonymous asked:

you don't have to do this prompt if it makes you uncomfortable: imagine an alien walking in on a human masturbating and the following conversation.

oh god you bet your ass I’m answering this (but under the cut for obvious reasons)

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Blood VS. Water l Peter Parker

Summary: After the incident, Peter Parker finds himself struggling to live life without the reader. Superheroes save people so why couldn’t he save you…

Warning: Death, swearing, hallucinations, etc.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested: anonymously 


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My experience with creating without music or noise. It didn’t go well…

I like to listen to artists or people speak in the background while I’m drawing. It’s something I’ve always done. Never knew why, but it just felt right.

An artist I was listening to gave a piece of advice: draw without music. They sited at least two studies where the results favored people who drew in silence, saying they could focus on their artwork instead of being distracted by their music.

And so, I thought I’d give it a try. It didn’t last long.

Don’t get me wrong, my art was pretty nice looking, but it didn’t look any different than what I usually draw. There were still flaws, messy lines, and wonky anatomy. 

And worse yet, I got bored after 10 minutes and wanted to do something else.

Of course, you can’t base a hypothesis off of one experiment, right? You gotta have fun, get messy, make mistakes and all that jazz. So I tried it at different points of the day.

Same result. Each time, I got bored 10 minutes in.

Finally frustrated the last time, I turned on music that fit what I was trying to draw. Man oh man, did I whip out a nice piece of art. There were still errors, but I sat down and finished what I was working on. I drew for an hour straight.

So hey, maybe some advice from other artists doesn’t fit your needs. Maybe all they can do is tell you what works for them. It’s up to you to figure out what works for you. Remember when you’re frustrated no artist works in the same conditions that you do, and that’s okay. 

Art tips are as subjective as the art itself.

Why I Include a Plagiarism Note on Fics

I received an interesting “review: on FanFiction.net this afternoon where an anonymous guest left one of the rudest notes I’ve ever received on a fic, so I would like to clear something up. 

As you may have noticed, I include the following message in the notes section of each fic: 

“Do not copy, re-post, or plagiarize any portion of this work.” 

The user–anonymous, of course–said that my fic was not considered a real work because it was short and that I was full of myself for making this note. 

I don’t care about cowardly anonymous posters, but I do care about how this message itself comes across, so I would like to explain myself. 

There was a period of a few months where sections of longer fics I’ve written were being copied and pasted into other writers’ “original” works. There would be entire lines and paragraphs, word for word, that would show up in one or two users’ fics. I understand that the characters in fics are not my own property, however, to steal chunks of someone else’s writing and claim it’s your own is disgraceful and dishonest. It’s no different to steal writing than it is to steal fan art, comics, or anything of the sort. You are stealing someone else’s work, something they put countless hours and a lot of energy into. 

However, that’s not the angle I want to take with this. Emotional appeals are useless against people who have no qualms against stealing, and I do not include this message because I am at all full of myself. I include this message because of past experiences I’ve had of my own in the fan fiction world and working both an author and editor for fiction magazines. Stolen works or concepts are unfortunately not uncommon to receive among submissions, especially among younger writers. They are not always caught, though many such as myself are making strides in order to correct this and protect writers who do submit original works. 

I understand that leaving a message on my fics will not prevent this. However, I want the note to be on every fic I post so that people will be aware of the problem. Before parts of my works were stolen and reused in other fics, I did not post this message. Unfortunately, I now feel the need to do so because of dishonest writers, both in the fan fiction world and in real life. 

When I post this message, I’m not claiming that my works are the best in the world. I am simply asking readers to be honest and respect that the works are my own creation, despite using existing characters. 

Fics are for fun. They are a way for writers to explore new concepts with characters they love, and they do it all for free. They are for practice, and they are non-profit. The least readers can do in return is respect that the work belongs to those writers. The message is to raise awareness and to make plagiarists think twice before attempting to steal a work.  

I encourage every fic writer to put a message of a similar sort in the notes section of their fics. 

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What do you think Ethan and Grayson would be like in bed, like in detail?????

I did bullet points for this (something different) so enjoy :)

* we all know gray is a lowkey kinky ass lil bitch
* He loooovesss to torture you
* I’m talkin deep slow thrusts
* Pulling all the way out just to barely stick the tip in
* Toying with your breasts
* Asking you to scratch him (like I said he freaky, he loves that shit)
* “Scratch me baby, I want everyone to know where I got these marks from”
* He tries to be quiet with you
* Only BC he loves the way your moans sound
* Making you cum multiples times
* You whining about being so sensitive
* “Gray, baby, stop. I’m too sensitive”
* “I just wanna watch your face as you cum one more time”
* ‘One more time’ turning into 2, and then 3, and so on
* Gray would instantly fall asleep after you guys are finished
* Waking up in the morning to find notices and noise complaints from your apartment building on your front door.
* “They’re just jealous they can’t fuck someone as good as I fuck you”
* His stupid hot smirk
* Hitting him with your pillow
* Going back to sleep BC he wore you tf out

* we can all agree that lil eteeweetee is A MAJOR FREAAAAKKK
* he lives for you riding him
* All he ever wants to do is fuck
* Literally doesn’t matter where
* In public
* At his moms
* The back of Grayson’s truck
* He does not care!
* He’s super into dirty talk
* He wants a play by play of how he makes you feel
* Daddy kink (like duh)
* Totally into foreplay
* He likes to break out the whipped cream, ice cubes, candles, etc.
* Basically anything that gets you hot and bothered
* LOTS of hair pulling
* home boy is not a quiet man in bed
* He’s an animal with you and wants to devour you
* Overstimulation to the max yall
* Fucking for hours
* Getting shit from Grayson about how “yall fuck like rabbits”
* Not caring and fucking louder each time

Feel free to request lovelies :)


Pairing: Older! Damian x Reader

Warning: NSFW

Words: 1293

A/N: so anonymous asked for 49 (“Do you want to make a baby?”) with Damian. Here it is. This is my first time writing something like this But I hope you enjoy it.

You take a deep breath while telling yourself that there’s nothing to be afraid of, but on the inside you’re a mess. You can’t stop thinking about the different outcomes this could have. Finally, with all the courage you can find in yourself you enter the room.

 Inside the room your husband is sitting in the couch playing with Asha, a cute little puppy that was abandoned on the cold streets of Gotham.

It’s not as bad as you expected but you don’t know what to expect from Damian anymore. After four years of marriage he still manages to surprise you. It was his smile that first attracted you to him with only a look you could tell that he was the one. It doesn’t matter what people think about your relationship or how many animals he has bring to your home, as long as you have him you would be happy and in love.

 Damian’s voice interrupts your thoughts “Beloved, are you alright”

 Without you noticing he has stop playing with Asha and he’s now staring at you. His eyes are set with worry.

You just nod and take a sit beside him

 He circles you with his strong arms bringing your head to his chest.

 “Beloved, tell me what is wrong?”

 “Damian….. I…” you are hesitating. Damn it! You think. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Be Brave Y/N, Be brave. Maybe if you repeat it long enough you’ll believe it

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hi im very new to this, this is probably a stupid or weird question, but like do you dress punk whenever you want (for example also when you go to school or something) or only in your spare time?

i personally dress punk whenever i feel like it! i have a lot of different styles i like and i’ve learned to stop boxing myself in to just one because it’s not as fun for me. But, you can dress punk p much wherever

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Curious, do you think Cumberbatch fits the role of Strange? Like does he do the role justice in your opinion, or would you have preferred a different casting?

considering i was reading strange before the casting even started. when rumours started that Benedict was being considered for the role. I was more than happy, I really wanted it to be him. Because there was just something about him that just felt right..you know?

 But when things got complicated with the scheduling and they started looking at other actors, i.e Joaquin Phoenix, to take the role. I knew they wanted an actor who could tap into the emotional complexity and bizarre, ethereal and regal stature that came with the character but also to make him very believable. 

I was open to the idea of others but I felt there was something they’d fail to enact while in such a role, something would be missing.

Benedict was my first choice. And to this day I am happy that Kevin, Scott and the rest of the studio team tried to make things work with Benedict’s busy schedule and achieved it. 

It’s weird seeing a 60s psychedelic character going from barely being known to the mainstream audience, to being a house hold name in the 21st century. 

Honestly the doctor strange tag was very, very quite before the film came along.

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hi! I have a question for an og bts stan like you. Do you know how bts started getting so much international attention? Even early in their career? Bc as a newer stan I thought that had come later, after they had already blown up a bit in Korea but today I found out that they were having fanmeetings in Brazil all the way back in 2014?? I was so shocked tbh. I know it's kinda hard to explain something like that but do you know how that happened?

i personally saw their fame blow up after the ‘i need u’ comeback bc the few bts fans that were around took to all the social media and compiled all the times bts had said they wanted to win once on a music show and had never been able to and even though fans were few we were really emotional and determined to make the next comeback a hit…,,,our goal was to make i need u hit 1mil views in 24 hours…,,,i streamed i need u from 4 different laptops on a 24 hour loop to add views jkhkjfdhk we still didnt make it but the huge effort gained bts a lot of interest from people who had never heard of them before and then the theories and thing started up and people kept getting sucked in either by the huge effort by fans or the theories and that was the starting of their ramp up to fame, at least from where i sat.

Guys. Heres something that is new and amazing, you all should try it…

Its called doing what you want with YOUR MUSE. You dont like the fact that theyre.. oh no.. different than what you wanted them to be… rp them off canon, hasn’t stopped you all before. Why let it now?

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Wait, I thought no more recommendations?

Ah yes, I presume you are referring to this post? I should clarify, I don’t mind offering up recommendations when I have something I’ve been reading and want to share. What I don’t want to do is create lists. There is a difference between “hey guys this was great and I enjoyed reading it, so you should too” recommendations and “hey guys heres a list of every manga that fits this sub-genre / topic that you asked about” lists. 

Recommendations are fun, and generate conversation. Lists are not… at least not for me. Sorry, and hope that helps. 

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Hello. I was wondering if there is a difference between an ESTJ and an ENTJ when it comes to confrontation? It seems to me that an ENTJ is more comfortable with it than an ESTJ would be? Does this have something to do with tertiary Se aggressiveness? Is there a tendency for Ne/Si to be more passive-aggressive? I am more interested in about more charged-up situations, where deep feelings may be involved. Thanks!

ENTJs tend to have (sometimes blind) faith via Ni-Se that they are right and want to prove it, sometimes aggressively. ESTJs are risk averse because of Si-Ne, they are less willing to rock the boat if they cannot envision a positive outcome from doing so and low Ne makes them prone to envisioning more negative than positive outcomes, so they are likely to choose more backhanded ways to make their point heard, to mitigate the risks they see.