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PSA for victims of sexual assault re-entering into relationships:

It is absolutely your responsibility to co-establish healthy lines of communication and to speak up when you are unhappy with something.

You are not owed sex. Your partner doesn’t owe you anything just as YOU don’t owe them anything either. Sex is about uniting as a couple, not demanding goods for your pleasure/convenience.


“Hey honey, I’m horny. Sex later?”

“No thanks sweetie, I’m tired.”


see also:

*during sex* “Ow! This way hurts.”

“Sorry! Let’s do try something else then. ;)”

or even:

“I am not sure why, but doing this reminds me of my assault.”

“It’s okay, you can talk it out if you want or do something different.”

If you feel that you are unable to do these things, then you should NOT be entering into a relationship until you can. (Or if you feel unsafe doing this with someone, you may be in a toxic/abusive relationship and should get out of it). Seek therapy, find a support group, read a book: whatever you do, learn about how to establish and maintain healthy relationships. Sexual assault can seriously damage how we view sexuality, so do NOT take this lightly

As fellow victims, @emeraldboreas and I are happily married with loving husbands who communicate with us about everything. But we only got here because we learned about how to care for a relationship and protect our integrity and that of our spouses. Being raped or assaulted doesn’t give us a free pass to avoid healing or to practice unhealthy relationships.

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I'm 15 and i'm afraid to say my age online cause i feel like people would treat me differently for being so young. I want people to treat me the way they do now like i'm an older person. I hate it when people won't show something to you cause i'm too young but i really don't care. And i feel like people will judge me for my age........

Hi there, sweetheart.

I can see why you’d be nervous; revealing your age is always kind of nerve-wracking thing, but I don’t think people would treat you all that different. There are loads of people who are years younger than you on Tumblr! If it’s, say, your friends or even people you don’t talk to on a regular basis, I don’t think they’d care how old you are!

I don’t think anyone would judge you, either. Ultimately though, it is your decision! <3

To my future daughter,

I won’t hesitate to tell you that i am not always right, that i’ve done mistakes in my life but i want you to know that i learned, i learned a lot from everything. Life will always throw you challenges that will test your faith, your patience and your capabilty to handle on your own, but please don’t ever give up. You have to learn how to stand on your own without the help of other people. People will come in your life and eventually without any warn, they’ll leave and that’s okay. Never blame yourself for not making them stay, never beg for them not to leave, it is something that you shouldn’t do. It’s their choice, and you just have to let them leave and always open the door if ever they want to come back but don’t stop living your life. I know that the scars will imprint all over your body but those scars are different, it’s something that they can’t see, scars that reminds everyone that you’ve faced different battles. Please do not ever apologize for your existence, i don’t want you to waste your time apologizing to people who doesn’t like you. You are not a disappointment, you’re not a failure, you are God’s daughter, you are my princess, you exists and you matter. I want you to value the life that you have, never let anyone bring you down. You’re going to fall in love with someone who doesn’t care, to someone who can’t love you back, to someone who let the world meet you but never meant to be, to someone who will make you feel special but leave you behind, you’ll get hurt and get your heart broken but please don’t ever forget the meaning of love. Sweetheart, no matter what happens to your heart, try to not fear leaving it open. And finally, when you are weak, look at me, i’ll always be by your side guiding you to all your decision. Even if the world has turned its back on you, i want you to know that i won’t. I will never leave you. I will be your shelter, your source of strenght. I may not be the best but i will be your greatest mother. Please be strong, i am always here for you.

—  From your future mother

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bulletpoints , you're adopted and you finally tell Shawn or like he sees pictures of you and your parents and notices they are different looking then you.

I’ve decided to do bullets of things Shawn might say in relation to this

  • “I think I want to adopt, you know, in the future.”
  • “Your parents chose you, mine got stuck with me.”
  • “Your laugh is so much like your moms.”
  • “Do you ever wonder? About your real parents?”
  • “Sorry, was that too personal?”
  • “Your little sister is just as bad as you at dancing.”
  • “It might not be genetic, but it’s something.”
  • “I’m so glad your parents chose you because it led to me meeting you.”
  • “Do you ever think about how the tiniest thing could change everything?”
  • “I want to know more about your culture.”
  • “Yeah, I know you’re Canadian, but you get to have two cultures.”
  • “I want to know about them both because they’re both a part of you.”

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I've been wondering for way too long just what it is that I want to be doing with my time. I know everyone is different and has different experiences, but I'd like to know: At what point did you decide to focus on drawing, and how did you choose art over everything else (were you just better at art than other things, or did you just love it enough to push through)? How long would you estimate it took in practice to get to the point where you thought "This is something I can do for real!" ?

Well I’ve been into art pretty much all my life. I fricken loved animals when I was a child so I often drew comics of my dog going on adventures with my friends or other family’s dogs, I even wrote stories about them for writing parts of class too (i remember having the longest stories in grade 4, lel). At first I was like “I wanna be a vet!” that quickly changed though once I got more into gaming and wanted to be a video game designer, which is actually something I still want to do someday. I never really had anything else that I was interested in? I was never really good at maths or sciences and stuff, I also didn’t really have anyone forcing me to choose something right away either cause my moms pretty chill. I graded, still didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life (even tho I knew in the back of my mind it was gonna be art anyway) so I ended up working at walmart for awhile and then finally decided to go to art school cause I didn’t want to work the retail life anymore.

I don’t know if there was any real point where I was like “Art is something I can do!” because I knew it was always something I could do so I just did it cause that’s when I enjoy and am capable of. If you’re confused with what it is you want to do just take some time to explore, there’s no rush. You’ve got all your life after all, just make sure it’s something that you’re happy with. No one wants to work a 8 - 5 job they’re miserable with for the rest of their life.

I’ve just beat Solstice a few days ago and omg. I’ve played a lot of rpg’s in the past but.. OneShot it’s just wow. The characters, the interaction between Niko and us it’s something that I feel so different from other games… So unique… So real! The music it’s just wow. There’s a lot of feelings in the music. It’s just magical!♥ I’ve really really loved this game. It’s my favorite rpg game from far & I wanna say thank you to the creator for making this game. Thank you! I’ve really enjoyed it and cried a lot♥ And if the creator want to do new games in the future, I’m definitely gonna play them! ♥♥

Btw, I’m sorry for my bad english </3

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For the opinion thing (not sure if this counts) I would kind of like to hear more about what you think of Manon having learning disabilities and maybe how it affects her relationship with Alain or her own journey? In my opinion it might be a big reason of why she's so stubborn. Maybe it makes her want to be able to do things herself and prove she doesn't need others to help her, so she doesn't listen when Alain tells her something won't work or she should do something differently? Long ask oops

Ah I love answering these things! 

“what (do) you think of Manon having learning disabilities?” 

I’m not 100% sure what exactly you mean with this question because I have already told you that I headcanon Mairin having learning disabilities and concentration problems, and I’m not sure how much I can add (edit: apparently a lot) but I’m trying my best. 

So, she has dyslexia, which obviously makes reading really hard for her, and she can’t understand why the letters and words keep changing places, and why she often notices that she has accidentally skipped a word or even a full sentence when she’s reading. She was never officially diagnosed with dyslexia (nor did she know what it is), until she met Alain; I liked your fic about Mairin having problems with reading so much that I totally took that headcanon to myself, and I imagine that Alain encourages Mairin to talk about her learning disabilities with professionals. 

At first she’s a bit on denial, not wanting to accept that she has a disability, and she might even be a bit angry at Alain for suggesting such a thing, but eventually she does talk about it with someone, and after learning more about dyslexia she starts reading books with bigger fonts, and if available, uses audiobooks too. With Alain they practice reading out loud every now and then, but Alain tries to make her as comfortable as possible; letting Mairin for example pet Chespie while reading, and telling her to stop if she starts feeling anxious (if she slams the book on the wall, Alain knows it’s definitely time to stop). Professor Sycamore also lets them use some picture cards and games he uses with his younger students (I’m sure that as a professor he has to do some teaching every now and then too) to help those who aren’t that good at reading. 

(rest under the cut because this is 1k words long)

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inquisitor drawing meme ! 9,11 and 16 please ? :)

Ahh, thanks so much! :D

I tried to do these fast and somewhat nice, but I kinda failed at both :’D *isn’t happy at all at how they turned out*

 Still need to figure out a drawing style that’s fast but looks alright. Anyway though: I did 9 and 11 but left out 16, because Tamlen’s Halamshiral outfit is the red uniform from in game (and I like it xD). He does have a different uniform in Trespasser later in my headcanon, but I want to do something proper for that later and actually properly develop the details ^^’ Sorry!

But here’s 9 and 11: him as a 6 year old and his parents, Velya and Ferian ^^

(I never seem to get Velya right :’D She doesn’t really look like herself here. I like this version where I drew her and Ferian better)

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Can you further explain what you mean by the differing opinion post? xx

Sure! I’ll probably lose followers for it, but what the hell…

It’s just…we’re allowed to think different things. Some of us like Harry with long hair, some of us like Harry with short hair. Some of us like Harry’s new tattoo and some of us don’t like Harry’s new tattoo. Some of us think he looks good with facial hair and some of us wish he would be clean-shaven. Harry is going to do what Harry wants to do, and none of our opinions are going to change that.

With that being said, people are allowed to not like something. If you’re genuinely offended by someone not preferring what you prefer, there’s no need to make a post about it and call people out for it. It’s unnecessary. Demanding that people follow your opinion or they have to leave isn’t very conducive to the structure of this website. If you don’t like what someone has to say, unfollow them and move on. We don’t have to get into an hour-long discourse about it.

And, once again, if you don’t like what I have to say, it’s free to unfollow. $0.00. And I will do the same to those who are saying things I don’t like!

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1 Hello! I'm the anon whom tumblr ate first ask :(. Thank you for your quick reply! My question was basically that if ace means no sexual attraction then why many ppl or in general ace is understand like lack of sex drive. Bc I've read many explanations where they said that being an ace doesn't mean u hate sex but u don't have the urge to do it. Which I'd understand but if ace means u ""only just"" don't experience sex attraction I don't get why it's that big deal?

2 I feel like many ppl around me don’t want to have sex with someone bc of their appearance and they never think about it. They just think that for them sex is very personal and they need to know that person I guess? I mean I’ve never think about it like something different or idk for me it’s absolutely wild concept to want to have sex with someone only bc of their appearence. I probably am absolutely wrong and I read it all bad so please don’t think like I’m not respecting someone

3 or smth like that. Bc I was thinking if there is a word for when u don’t feel like having sex. Or does it mean that if I don’t need sex in general and don’t want to hook up with ppl bc of their appearence I’m just somewhere deeper on the spectrum? Sorry for bothering u again and Thank you if you’ll botther yourself to answer my ask again

Here we go, got it all this time! Sorry about the technical difficulties. 

Ah OK I think I understand what you’re asking now. 

I mean the easy explanation for why a lot of asexuals feel the need for a label is that a lot of us our sex repulsed and/or aromantic too. (And while not all asexual people are sex repulsed, sex repulsion is a part of your orientation and not something related to sex drive. You can be sex repulsed and still have a sex drive for example.)

So for us (I happen to be both), labelling our orientation makes sense since it has a lot more implications for our lives than someone who might experience little-to-no sexual attraction but is still sex favourable and alloromantic.

Of course there are people who are both sex favourable and alloromantic for whom the asexual label is still a really important part of their identity, and people who aren’t one or either where it’s not, and that’s where things get a bit more complicated. But I’d say we’re moving into an area where it comes down more to individual personality and life experiences and whether or not you feel like the label would be useful to you or not.

It’s a bit hard for me to answer why someone who likes sex but doesn’t feel sexual attraction might still prefer to ID as asexual since I don’t fit into that demographic, but I think it’s similar to most people who identify as asexual. They could tell that attraction for them didn’t work the same way it does for non-asexual people and the asexual label gave them peace of mind that they are normal and healthy, but just happened to have a different sexual orientation. (Any sex favourable aces who want to correct this or have more to add please feel free!)

As to the very last part of your ask, it’s harder to answer because asexuals will vary a lot on how they actually feel about sex. Not needing sex is common for asexual people, but can be true for people who aren’t asexual too. Not wanting to hook with people because of their appearance could also be a sign you’re ace-spectrum. You can be sexually attracted to people based on more than just how they look too, so I think it would depend if that was the case or not. At the end of the day it comes down to figuring out if you’re experiencing sexual attraction or not.

Though if it’s not an issue for you, you don’t have to sweat it either. It’s all up to you!

Hope that helps!

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With the whole "plagiarism" thing I don't think she plagiarized the lines are very different and only a few are similar

they’re pretty much ALL the same, or at least the topics of the lines are. like when u copy n paste something from wikipedia for ur homework and just reword it. a lot of the phrases were exactly the same, and the way it was written was similar too. even the last line was the exact same last line from the video.
could do a complete comparison post but also that’s kinda mean. i just wanted to point it out because i noticed it.

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Hey Hollie do you have any ideas what i can do for my 18th birthday? I'm gonna invite my 3 closest friends none of us drinks and we're not really into going clubbing or anything like that but I want to do something a bit unusual not like going out for a meal or cinema or bowling. Ya know something a bit different? It's in 2 weeks btw. Any ideas? xxx

Just go on a shopping trip to your nearest biggest city! Then go for some dinner or lunch 💗

I saw @flamingmirror do this and wanted to see if I could do this with the letter J

rules: enter your answers then tag 10 people! Use the first letter of your name to answer each question. If the person who tagged you has the same initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use the same word twice.

Name: Jennifer

Four letter word: Jams

Boy’s name: Jonathan [ my brother’s name :) ]

Occupation: Janitor 

Something you can wear: Jeans

A food: Jerky

Something you find in a bathroom: Jewelry

A place: Jersey

A reason for being late: Jerking off [ I’m sorry. I couldn’t think of anything else lol ]

Something you shout: Just stop!

A movie title: Jumanji

Something you drink: Juice

An animal: Jaguar 

A type of car: Jeep

Title of a song: Just the two of us

“Can you explain how a Game Designer can get by without programming knowledge? I’m just starting to look at Unity and Unreal, but it seems like you can’t really do anything without coding skills. Am I missing something?”

Game designers are usually not writing code. That’s the job of a programmer / engineer. There are places where someone might do both (especially smaller studios), but they are different roles.

Knowing a little code can help because then you can converse with the engineers intelligently. Knowing good coding practices can help, because designers do frequently work in some kind of scripting system (like lua) to get the game to do what they want. But if what you’re trying to do is too fancy, you’ll probably end up just getting an engineer to add new code anyway.

Riot and other studios have a title called “technical designer” which is a designer who is doing design work, but has a computer science background or perhaps a degree. These are very versatile designers and we love to hire them. A technical designer may not be writing much code, but they might be able to fix a simple bug or improve the tools or development pipeline. Some of our most technically complex champions (like Bard) were designed by tech designers.

Experience with Unity or Unreal is useful for getting an entry level job. But you probably don’t qualify for a programming job unless you are fluent in something like C++. It’s a lot easier to get an entry-level job as a programmer than as a designer for a couple of reasons. First, companies usually need more programmers than designers. Second, you are pretty much confining yourself to the gaming industry if you are a designer, while a coder could get a job in any number of industries. Because of this, there is more competition to hire programmers as well and every studio never seems to have enough. Starting pay tends to be a little higher as well.



90.04.08. happy birthday to our beloved jonghyun, hope your day is full of joy and happiness 

It’s rare to find people who succeed in one shot. also, you don’t necessarily need to succeed in your first try. you will learn something from your failures


i just wanted to draw lil vanessa and nina in cute outfits but whoops they look sad,, what happened??? how do we cheer them up????? this is probably an emergency situation