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harmonious mercury-venus aspects make beautiful writers and speakers. especially with mercury conjunct or sextile venus, these individuals tend to have soothing, soft, and pleasant voices. not particularly loud or aggressive, and may speak with a sort of rhythm. while these aspects don’t guarantee people who enjoy writing, the vocabulary usage usually spins up a lovely tale.


So apparently Jefferson was obsessed with making mac and cheese and would serve it all the time and everyone thought it was gross, so this is what I think about every time I hear The Room Where it Happens.

Well, I arranged the meeting. I arranged the menu, the venue, the seating…”

OK: I forgot to add that Jefferson added a bunch of weird stuff to his macaroni like bourbon and whatnot. So yeah this wasn’t like Kraft or anything, his recipe was just atrocious


Hangin’ from last night!! Sorry I missed the very beginning but I was stoked and not ready to start recording I also cross posted this onto YouTube as well in case vimeo isn’t your jam https://youtu.be/hZ67dvDqC08


make me choose // anonymous asked:

oh my venus or she was pretty

“ It’s important for me to create a world for myself. That’s how I see it. I guess to love is to accept the whole spectrum of life right there, and love is a focal point for humans. From birth to death, it’s what we’re here for in a lot of ways. Sort of, love, and loving other people on earth, and self love, and interaction with others… and getting to a place where you’re not afraid of who you are and kinda… just understanding that love is just um, an ecstatic expression.”

a project i was lucky to be involved in. the message therein stays with me.

anonymous asked:

Im sure these kinda asks must get annoying but what kinda person personality-wise would our jungkookie go for? Ive had numerous astrology websites pin me and his meme ass as super compatible. That fact is intriguing but i dont trust those sites like i trust your insight <3 i need more completely useless maladaptive daydreaming fuel

Anon, it took me so long to get back to you, I’m so sorry! I wanted to write it without being a rush, you know? ‘Cause Jungkook is kinda complicated. lol So here we go:

First of all, it’s important to understand that this guy has many placements in his chart that are working perfectly, at their best capacity. That by itself already means two things: he’s obviously good at many things since he has an easier time than most controlling his mind and body and also that he’s very picky and demanding since he expects a lot of himself and others. That being said, Jungkook is also a perfeccionist when talking about relationships: he’ll analyze everything that is involved in it to be the absolute best at it. As if the world was holding a competition of the best boyfriend alive™. So while that’d be awesome for his partner, to be as spoiled as that person would be, it could also mean some exaggeration. ‘Cause Jungkook needs the person to be as into it as he is, constantly working as hard as he is, you know? 

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moon vs venus desires

in reference to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0lzdLotqk8

our moon placement = the comfort food that fulfills us through a full belly 

our venus placement = the piece of candy to satisfy our sweet tooth but only craves more 

key for houses

fire house (1st, 5th, 9th) earth house (2nd, 6th, 10th) 

air house (3rd, 7th, 11th) water house (4th, 8th, 12th) 

if your moon is….

placed in a fire house: you need a belly-full to add something to who you are/ (1st house), what brings you joy (5th house), or how you experience life/your beliefs (9th house) 

placed in an earth house: you need a belly-full to add something to what you have/your sense of value (2nd house), what you do for others/your routine (6th house), or who you want to be/your reputation (10th house) 

placed in an air house: you need a belly-full to add something to your communications/siblings (3rd house), your one-on-one relationships/perspective on the things you think you lack (7th house), or your aspirations/relationship with diverse groups (11th house) 

placed in a water house: you need a belly-full to add something to your emotional security/sense of tradition (4th house), your intimate being/the taboo/your secrets and debts (8th house), your subconscious/perspective on things you don’t see (12th house) 

moon in aries: a belly that is hardly full due to its rapid processing, the food that fights back lmao, there is never an inactive moment

how they are fulfilled: the autonomy apple pie

moon in taurus: a belly that is filled with a little too much and processes a little too slow, doesn’t like to change course, deeply in-tune with the process

how they are fulfilled: the stability sundae

moon in gemini: a belly that is splattered with an assortment of foods, don’t really know what to expect; one second its grumbling and the next it feels buoyant

how they are fulfilled: the stimulation shake 

moon in cancer: a belly filled with homemade recipes passed down from the mother, a sensitive stomach, may feel a lingering feeling from food

how they are fulfilled: the reassurance ravioli 

moon in leo: a belly filled with an ice cream cone covered in 24k gold shavings, there is swirls writing out their name, it is a grand work of art

how they are fulfilled: the appraisal apricot pie 

moon in virgo: a belly filled with the bare minimum, there is structure to the process, less is more when filled properly, antsy to help 

how they are fulfilled: the needed noodles

moon in libra: a belly filled with a balanced diet, they probably couldn’t tell you everything they’ve eaten but they can tell you whether it was good or not, this belly flutters with butterflies often 

how they are fulfilled: the integrity iced tea 

moon in scorpio: a belly saturated in sustenance, sharp pains from feeling too much of the chaotic process, food can stay in their systems for years 

how they are fulfilled: the in-depth deep fried chicken 

moon in sagittarius: a belly that is covered in all the new foods they’ve tried, a belly that expands often from inhaling the world 

how they are fulfilled: the spread of butter 

moon in capricorn: a belly that takes itself seriously, there are no errors in the process, a restricted belly yet can take on anything 

how they are fulfilled: the durable dumplings 

moon in aquarius: a belly filled with weird mixtures, has a one-of-a-kind digestive process, is always a little ahead of itself 

how they are fulfilled: the progressive pizza

moon in pisces: a belly filled with attempts to escape by over-indulging, easily overwhelmed, processes rhythmically 

how they are fulfilled: the sympathy soup

if your venus is…

placed in a fire house: you crave the candy you embody (1st house), the candy to bring you amusement (5th house), the candy to be exotic (9th house) 

placed in an earth house: you crave the candy to be never ending (2nd house), the candy to go towards helping another (6th house), the candy to be on display (10th house) 

placed in an air house: you crave the candy to have beautiful words written on the wrapper (3rd house), the candy to be split in two (7th house), the candy that you can share with others (11th house) 

placed in a water house: you crave the candy that reminds you of home (4th house), the candy you’re not supposed to have (8th house), the candy that’s buried in the bottom (12th house)

venus in aries: a sweet tooth that craves the anticipation and the retrieval. their ideal piece of candy is placed on the highest shelf, almost of out reach (making it all the more sweeter once they’ve gotten it)

venus in taurus: a sweet tooth that craves the most decadent. their ideal piece of candy is always available, it is rich with flavor, you can eat it as glacially as you’d like

venus in gemini: a sweet tooth that craves variety. their ideal piece of candy has several different flavors, enhances their brain activity, makes them feel youthful

venus in cancer: a sweet tooth that craves encouragement. their ideal piece of candy is childish but comforting, gives them a memory worth remembering 

venus in leo: a sweet tooth that craves the courageous. their ideal piece of candy is gaudy, has a prideful slogan, makes them feel special so they can show it off

venus in virgo: a sweet tooth that craves to support. their ideal piece of candy meets their standards, is practical but kind of messy so they can clean it up 

venus in libra: a sweet tooth that craves the harmonious. their ideal piece of candy is a classic, the candy everyone likes, always proportional so there’s no mess 

venus in scorpio: a sweet tooth that craves the extreme. their ideal piece of candy is packed with potency, addictive, has a mystery flavor included 

venus in sagittarius: a sweet tooth that craves growth. their ideal piece of candy is humorous, teaches them a thing or two, seems to stretch a mile wide

venus in capricorn: a sweet tooth that craves the established. their ideal piece of candy can last them a while, comes from a reputable company, makes them fit a piece of it into their busy schedules 

venus in aquarius: a sweet tooth that craves the innovative. their ideal piece of candy has shock value, futuristic flare, made from the best technology, doesn’t cling to their teeth

venus in pisces: a sweet tooth that craves the impractical. their ideal piece of candy gives them a sense of savior, sends them into a state of euphoria, fills their mind with the dream of more

i’ve never felt love before
but i imagine it’s like jumping out of an airplane or falling off a cliff, unsure of what’s at the bottom but fucking excited to get there

i’ve never felt love before
but i bet it’s like running across a wide open meadow into someones arms or chasing butterflies through a forest that no one remembers

i’ve never felt love before
but i’m sure it’s like looking at the city lights from the top of the highest tower or counting every star in the night sky and making a wish on the brightest

maybe i have felt love before
and it’s not like jumping off a cliff or speeding
love is people asking how your day went and telling you to sleep well
love is someone telling you that a certan song reminded them of you or someones voice sounded just like yours
love is anyone that has ever told you look beautiful or even just asked if you’re okay
love everyone that’s smiled at you on the street or let you cut in front of them on busy roads
love is the librarian letting you keep the book an extra day or use the wifi an extra hour
love is your teacher giving you an extension even though you both know you don’t deserve it
love is your pets rubbing their bodies against their legs and sitting next to you at all times
love is individual, undefined and beautiful


request: can u do one where something happens with the paparazzi and you get hurt an shawn like gets mad and protects you

You laughed as Geoff mentioned something about what Shawn did that morning, to which the singer’s face turned a dark shade of red. He looked at his phone when it lit up, and groaned. “Andrew said we need to be back at the venue soon.”

“Ok, let me just run to the bathroom real quick.” You departed from your boyfriend and walked to the restrooms, glancing at the exit to the place. You felt your stomach drop when you saw the paparazzi waiting outside, and returned back to the table. “Nevermind,” You sat down, anxious.

“What’s wrong, hun?” Shawn asked, sitting up. He saw your eyes go towards the doors, and he put two and two together. “Oh, love,” He took your hand, and looked at Geoff, who shrugged.

“I’m gonna go ask if they have a back exit or something.” Geoff said, excusing himself from the table.

“Wait,” You stopped him, and Shawn looked at you. “It’s ok, I was just surprised. If Andrew needs you back, we should probably go now.” You stood up, and Shawn followed, keeping a tight grip on your hand.

“Don’t let go of my hand, ok? It’s gonna be fine.” Shawn said, pressing a light kiss to your knuckles before Geoff opened the door.

Dozens of flashes went off as soon as the doors opened, and you squinted against the lights. “Shawn! Shawn! Is it true you’re moving to LA?” One man asked, shoving a microphone towards you two.

“No, I’m not moving to LA.” Shawn said, moving towards his Jeep.

“Shawn! Are you and Camila dating? Is this just a publicity stunt?” A woman asked, and you rolled your eyes. You felt a shove from the back and stumbled forward, nearly falling, but you did twist your ankle.

Shawn caught you before you fell, and he spun around. “What the fuck?” He asked, glaring at the paparazzi who had shoved you.

“What? I’m just tryin’ to get my photos, man? Not my fault your girl can’t walk right!” He said, and you saw Shawn’s shoulders stiffen.

“Shawn, stop, he’s just trying to get a reaction. Let’s go,” You said, and Geoff nodded, although he seemed pretty pissed, too.

“No,” the singer stoof his ground. “Don’t you talk about my girlfriend like that again, or anyone like that! Don’t go shoving people over for photos, either, you fucker.” Shawn said, before he and Geoff helped you into the car.

On the way to the studio, Shawn was sitting in the back with you. Geoff mentioned that it would be better if he drove, since Shawn was still ticked off. “Are you ok?” He asked, looking at your ankle.

“I’ll be fine, nothing some painkillers and ice won’t fix.” You shrugged off the minor injury and looked at Shawn. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Shawn nodded, running a hand through his hair. “I just got so mad when I saw you stumble. I saw red, and my- my only priority was making sure that never happens again. To anyone.” Shawn said, growing quiet. He had a habit of becoming shy when he was expressing his feelings.

“Aw, babe, I love you.” You kissed your boyfriend’s cheek, and Geoff cooed at you two from the driver’s seat, turning into the venue’s parking lot.

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