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Calum Hood Imagine - Never Be

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Calum Hood Imagine - Never Be 

I need your love to light up this house
Staring into the darkness of the room, a sudden loneliness crept into your heart. Suddenly sleeping in the middle of a bed you both shared would never feel right. Not while Calum isn’t here. It wouldn’t feel right and it’ll never feel right. It’ll never feel like home. While dialing his number, the rings never sounded so empty despite the blasted volume and eagerness to hear his voice. Maybe it was because you felt empty or the fact that you could never feel warm inside unless you were in his arms, the only place that truly felt like home. 

“Y/n?” He whispered tiredly answering the phone. “What’s wrong baby?” Calum asked despite the fact he was clearly sleeping. 

“I’m sorry I woke you up.” You whispered back. 

“I was dreaming about you.” He laughed lightly and the image of his smile melted your heart. The sound of his voice made you feel things no one has made you feel before, and suddenly you panicked thinking about losing him, you need him. More than anyone else.  

“I was sleeping right next to you on our cozy bed,” He continued and it eased your thoughts. “but, I woke up and was scared shitless because I thought you left me.”

“Did I wake up after too?” You asked. 

“You did. I told you what happened. You said that you would never leave because the sun wouldn’t shine anymore." 

"It’s true!” I giggled feeling better already. “What did you say after?" 

"I said that without you everything would just be dark. I told you that nothing I could ever have or be will compare to the feeling I get with you next to me." 

"It is dark here without you.” You whispered knowing you were no longer referring the the lights. 

“You have my love and you always will. It won’t be dark for long.” Calum promised over the phone. 

“My poetic lover.”

“The one and only baby.”

“I love you. Goodnight Cal." 

"Goodnight love. I’ll talk to you tomorrow." 

With the click of a button the call ended and the peak of the sun grazed the sky and soft yellow light entered the room.

I need your love guide me back home. 

bae/loser/cal: miss u 

You: imy2 <3 how’s the tour going? 

bae/loser/cal: its great the fans are fucking awesome. but imy 

bae/loser/cal: wish u were here baby 


You: LOOL send me a picture quickly!!

bae/loser/cal: he’s gone babe you took too long to reply *sigh* 

You: wish i was there to see that ;) 

bae/loser/cal: anD TO SEE ME TOO 

You: that too :)))) 

You: when do u get a break? they’re working my poor baby too hard, come home for a couple days. you’ll work too much then you’ll pull a zayn on us.


bae/loser/cal: okay first of all don’t mention that treacherous time i luv zayn 

bae/loser/cal: second why didn’t u get excited when i followed you on twitter 

bae/loser/cal: third idk when we get a break :(( 

You: HAHAHAHA ur so fckn lame ily but awh you gotta come home soonnn pleaseee!

You: (and wow u can spell treacherous???!!!!) 

bae/loser/cal: soon, patience young grasshopper.  

bae/loser/cal: also i can spell a lot of things like s-e-x

You: ….bruh

You: maybe instead of spelling sex u might be able to get some but too bad huh

You: another reason to come homeee *wink* *wink* *winkkkkkk* *coughs*

bae/loser/cal: LOOL dw baby you know your sweet lovin always brings me home
You: ur so cheesy and lame….i fckn love it! ha ttyl <3

We’ll never be as young as we are now.

There’s something amazing about photographs that you could never really explain. An image capturing an entire memory, something capturing that moment in time which would never happen exactly the way it did ever again. You recently got a series of photographs printed in light of your second anniversary and the longing feeling in your heart waiting for him to come back to you. Sitting on your bed with your laptop open, phone on the table, T.V on, and books scattered on the bed you still felt this weird boredom. Today was not your day clearly, but you always knew who could make you laugh when you didn’t even want to smile. 

"Helloooo y/nnnn,” A distinct voice answered after several rings. Laughing slightly you knew that wasn’t Calum. 

“Give it back Ash you fuc-" 

"Hello Ashton?” You questioned  smiling at the thought of the two boys attacking each other over a cell phone. After some possible wreckage, Ashton replied once again.

“God y/n, your boyfriend is really fast and g-OH MY GOD NOT MY BALLSACK CALUM!" 

"Oh my god." 

"Hello, holy crap jesus, oh god. Hi babe.” He panted out of breath. 

“Umm, should I even ask?" 


"Okay then. Well on a different note I got some pictures of us printed. I sent them all to you already but my favorite is that one selfie we took when me and your sister were kissing your cheek but you were about to sneeze and we all had this funny expression on our face and…oh man that was great." 

"I remember that day! We were home alone and I made you eat Vegemite!” Calum explained with excitement"

“It was gross. And you forgot that your sister and I basically murdered you in Mario Kart every single time.“ 

"I was trying to forget actually, but I still love you." 

"I love photographs man, they’re so special." 

"I know, I think I’ll frame some.”

After some comfortable silence a thought came up to mind. 

“So…this is random but can I ask you something?”

“Yeah…should I be scared?”

“No, I was just thinking…”

“I see…" 

"Do you think we’ll just grow old together?" 

"I’d like to think I’ll always be young when I’m with you." 

"Well you better come visit soon, cause I’m only getting older Mr.Hood.”  

“Ha, will do! A couple weeks left baby so hang tight." 

"I will. Bye Cal, love you." 

"Wait, hold on." 


“Even when you do get old one day, you’ll always be young and beautiful to me." 

"You make me smile, all the time. I love you." 



“Make a bucket list. There are just some things you can’t do when you’re 60.”

“Of course, this is gonna be fun. I’ll see you soon Cal.”
“Wait! I got the message." 

"Oh lord, and?" 

"Why’d you send nudes? Not that I’m complaining." 

"WHAT? I SWEAR TO GO-” He cut you off foolishly laughing, 

“I’m kidding! But I gotta rehearse, bye y/n!”

You hung up the phone with an odd smile and a sense of relief. He was such an idiot. Staring at the picture frames on the wall you realized how blessed you were, how lucky you were, how everything would somehow work out and somehow be for the best. While you started the bucket list, you started to wonder if it was the fact that Calum never planned on leaving you, or the fact that you never actually sent nudes which actually brought you more relief.
Not that you’d taken any naked photos of course…but you can’t exactly say the same for him. 

He’s young and stupid but, you only live once? I guess we’d like to believe we’ll always be forever young.  

I see myself here in your eyes 

“I hate that shade of green, take it off.”  You groaned wondering who even made a shirt that looked like that. 

“You just wanna see me shirtless.” Calum smirked. 

“Watch me hang up this Skype call right now.”

“No! I’ll take it off." 

"I hated the shirt but seeing a shirtless Calum Hood is a bonus." 

"I should be in an art museum." 

"I’d give my life savings to get a hunk like you." 

"You already got me." 

"Not physically. I’ve literally been sleeping on the left side of the bed saving space for you.” He wiped the hair from his face and kissed the webcam,

 "You’re adorable.“ 

"One more day?” You asked. 

“I see myself there right next to you.” He smiled.

“One more day right?” You impatiently asked again.

“Yes darling, one more.”  

“Good. I’ll see very soon." 

"Love you y/n, good night.”

I feel our hands intertwined 

“God I missed you, I missed you so much.”

“Finally. Home at last.”

Daddy 5SOS Preference.

#8: Sick Day.

Ashton: “Sorry, bud. You’re too sick to go to school. You don’t want all of your friends getting sick too, right?” Ashton said, carrying his very ill seven year old son back to his bed. “Daddy I don’t want to go to sleep!” He whined, sniffling his stuffed up nose. “I know, little man. But if you want to get better you have to get some sleep okay?” Ashton said, tucking him in. “Is everything alright? Breakfast is ready.” You said, walking into your sons room. “I think he’s caught a bug. I told him to go back to sleep.” Ashton said, spinning around and facing you. “Okay..but are you hungry babe? He should eat before he sleeps again, Ash. Or take some medicine.” You said, looking up at Ashton. “I’m hungry!” Your son said, weakly. “Then let’s go have some Vegemite toast okay bud?” Ashton suggested, with a positive response from your son, who raced Ashton to the kitchen. “You boys and your gross Vegemite.” You laughed as you handed the two boys a plate of Vegemite toast each. “It’s yummy, mom. Try some!” Your son said, offering a bite of his. “Thanks honey, but I’ll pass.” You said, making a sour face at the smell. “You’re funny, mummy.” Your son said, munching away at his toast. “Today’s going to be a good sick day, huh?” You smiled at Ashton, who nodded. 

Calum: “Daddy I don’t feel good.” Your five year old daughter whispered to Calum at 3am. “Do you want some medicine? Are you going to be sick?” Calum said, sitting up on the bed. You woke up and glanced over to Calum’s side of the bed. “Cal?” You murmured. “Hi babe. It’s okay. Go back to sleep. I’ll take care of the little one.” Calum whispered as he leaned down to kiss your head. “What’s wrong?” You said, quickly. “She doesn’t feel well. It’s okay. The medicine is in the cupboard downstairs right?” Calum said, getting up, while you nodded. “Go lay with mummy while I go get the medicine okay, baby girl?” Calum said, leaving the room as your daughter cuddled up to you. “What’s wrong honey?” You asked her, rubbing circles on her back. “My tummy hurts.” She frowned at you. “Awh baby. Daddy will take care of you.” You whispered as you heard Calum rush up the stairs. “Okay I’ve got some cold medicine and some upset tummy medicine. Which does she need, do you think?” Calum said to you, holding up two different bottles full of pink liquids. “Definitely the upset tummy stuff.” You said, pointing at the bottle in his left hand. “I also brought some of your favourite juice to wash it down.” Calum smiled, holding up a third, but smaller, bottle, which was full of apple juice. Your daughter immediately perked up. “Here you go, baby.” Calum said, handing your daughter the little cup of medicine. She slowly drank it as you looked at Calum, who was starting to calm down. “Now are you going to be able to go back to sleep?” You asked her after a few minutes. “Mmhmm.” She yawned, while Calum climbed out of bed with her. “Come get us if you need us again, okay sweetheart? And tell us if you’re not feeling good tomorrow. Tell mummy goodnight.” Calum said, turning back towards you, while holding your sleepy daughter in his arms. “Night mummy.” Her tiny voice said, while you smiled. “Goodnight honey.” You replied as you watched Calum’s lean figure disappear from the doorway and down the hallway. 

Michael: Of course both of your sons had to get sick at the same time, and while school was going on. Michael enjoyed having the kids at home but you had to remind him that they were missing lots of school. After four days of sickness, they were about to miss a full week. “Boys?” You called upstairs in the morning. “Yes mum?” Your eight year old son called from the top of the stairs. “Where’s dad? And your brother?” You asked, it was almost 9am, which was when school started. “They’re coming.” Your son said, slowly making his way down the stairs. “Are you feeling better today kiddo? You still feel a little warm..” You frowned as you placed a hand on his forehead. “I don’t want to go to school, mummy.” Your youngest son frowned up at you. “I know, and you might not have to. You’re going to be late if we even go.” You said, stressed out more than ever. You had never had your whole family together for this long and it was pretty stressful to take care of two sick kids and a really big kid. “Where is Michael?” You muttered to yourself while you made your son a bowl of his favourite cereal. “Dad’s upstairs cleaning up because my doofus of a brother threw up everywhere.” Your son said, chewing away at his cereal. “Oh my go- is he okay up there? I’m going to go. Stay here, bud.” You said, sighing as you walked all the way up to your ten year old sons room. “Hi.” Michael said as he turned around. “Why didn’t you call me? Where’s the boy?” You asked, panicked. “He’s in the bathroom. It’s fine. I don’t need you to worry any more okay dear? Did you feed the other sicko?” Michael smirked. “I did. Thank you so much. You’re such a good help. I love you.” You said, just staring at Michael. “I love you too. And I guess it’s another sick day?” MIchael said, with a small frown. “I’ll call the school then. I can do this laundry to, if you want.” You offered, as Michael quickly shook his head. “No, no, no. You go take a nap or something. You’ve worked to hard this week. Let me do today.” Michael said, pulling you into a tight hug. “Thanks again, babe.” You smiled up at him before heading back downstairs.

Luke: “Hello Mr. and Mrs.Hemmings. This is your daughters teacher speaking. I hope you are home and just didn’t answer because your daughter is extremely ill and needs to be picked up immediately. Call back if it’s inconvenient or just come pick her up at the school. Thanks.” You stood in shock at the most recent voicemail on your home phone. “LUKE!” You called upstairs, where Luke had just taken a shower. You were vacuuming so you must not have heard the phone ring. “Yes, what’s up?” Luke said, racing down the stairs in only a towel. “Listen.” Was all you said before replaying the voicemail again. “Oh god, she probably caught something from those disgusting kids at school.” Luke said, angry. “Luke, you can’t say that! It was probably the change in warm to cold weather or something. Should I go get her? Well I mean of course I should you’re butt naked.” You said, super fast, and before Luke could react you reached for your keys and shoes. “Babe, calm down.” Luke said, grabbing you by your shoulders, standing you in front of him as you took a deep breath. “Go pick up the girl, take her to the family doctor or the clinic or whatever you want and text or call me if you need to. I love you. Plus teachers make things worse then they actually are. I’m sure she just isn’t feeling well.” Luke reassured you. “See you in a little while. Get dressed, by the way.” You grinned, then left the house for the school. Luke was right, of course, it was just a little bug that had been going around school and everywhere else. Your little girl was bound to catch it, but lucky for her, her adorable dad was waiting at home for cuddles and hot chocolate. 


im currently sick rn and it sucks but imagine daddy 5sos taking care of their sicks little babies oh my im in love. i could use a daddy 5sos to take care of me rn just sayinnggggg