but until i do


When I was a kid, my family and I would go to the drive-in all the time. We couldn’t afford tickets for everyone, so my sister Jellybean and I would hide in the trunk until we parked. We’d sneak out. It’s like my home.

(I have sketches for the ball ready I do I do aaa)

happy birthday tumblr

i’ve been on this hell site since 2010, and even though this site can be exhausting 90% of the time, and even though the staff is pretty bad (and they don’t know what they’re doing 99% of the time) i don’t regret joining, when i did, bc i’ve met a lot of lovely people (aka all my mutuals) and i think, if i didn’t join this site i would still be ignorant on a lot of things….

I found this beautiful little thing laying in the sand (which turned out to be the most massive bed of sea anemones I’ve ever encountered) last weekend. Somebody forgot to mark their calendar for King Tide.

“don’t look down, just keep your eyes ahead of you”

victuri howl’s moving castle au gives me life….man…..


Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???

im back wit the memes and this time it’s Ritsu as shadow the hedgehog (i mean they look exactly the same how could i not do thsi)