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i cant believe michael mell killed everyone by just existing 

im love him 

I mean, okay, there’s no already laid out plot, but if they put a lot of thought into the events leading up to tfa and the construction of the characters (including but not limited to: main motivations; main inner conflicts; personal baggage), the story… kind of writes itself.

or at least it should in the hands of a talented director who presumably knows how to continue narrative threads organically as well as balance expectations and surprises.

SW’s forte has always been the characters and their conflicts, if those are strong, the story will be strong.


no one broke D.B. Cooper’s fall / iteration(s) / listen

i.a little nightmarish, a little maudlin  ii.every move i make is just a part of my plan / and i do it just because you said i can’t  iii.along crags and sunless cracks i go  iv.lead inside my belly / ‘cause my soul has lost its way  v.i saw something sitting on your bed / i saw something touching your head  vi.no one broke D.B. Cooper’s fall / no one hopes to hear the bag man call  vii.some kind of night into your darkness / colors your eyes with what’s not there  viii.i stare at my reflection to the bone / blurred eyes look back at me  ix.i saw you in my mind when i was younger / and i grew older, and i saw you still  x.still falling / breathless and on again

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I think it would be entertaining to see you do Sarah Jane Smith for the character ask :))

  • First impression: God I can’t remember exactly (this is like 10 and a half years ago lmao) but I’m 99% sure I was completely enamoured from the get go. She was a fierce badass. Uber cool. I admired the fuck out of her. (i’m so sure i wanted to marry her during that wedding episode bc she looked so beautiful??? @ baby me u were gay pal)
  • Impression now: I’m…….. gay. Honestly forreal I was not expecting that surge of lesbianism but lmao when can I resist a fuckin fierce ass older woman?? (hint: i cannot)
  • Favorite moment: That scene at the end of school reunion w/ the Doctor outside the TARDIS. Last time I watched it I wept like a lil babby.
  • Idea for a story: Just… any time when she is happy. Get the gal a cute wife to settle down with. pls. i’m heartbroken.
  • Unpopular opinion: SHE GAY
  • Favorite relationship: All of her squad tbh, but her unconditional and incredible love for Luke keeps me goin’.
  • Favorite headcanon: S H E  G A Y

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Even if you don't like your old fics, they're still really great! You have probably improved so much since then, but they look great to the rest of us. Whatever you decide to do I just wanted to tell how much I love your writing. Even if you don't think its so great your readers think you're an awesome writer and even awesomer person, and I just wanted you to know.

Thank u. This means a lot, and I’m so sorry for taking so long to reply, but I wanted to keep it in my askbox for a while so I could keep looking at it <3 <3 <3

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hey folks, that new one shot is about to be posted! i’m just finishing some final checks, and then i’ll be presenting it for your reading!

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Ok so I've been watching monster factory(it's on the same chanle) and car boys is the next playlist I was going to watch but I decided to just watch it and it's funny and I'm glad I'm watching it but sad that I'm running out of episodes soon

I always have that feeling for every series I watch.

I am so excited for every episode that comes, but the dread of the whole thing ending at some point is always in the back of my mind. Best is to enjoy what you have as long as you can.

BTS FC 170309

Hello this is BTS’ Suga
Haha it is finally my 25th birthday?
I feel kind of weird
I feel like just yesterday I was 20 years old
Since debut, it’s both my 4th Spring and birthday
Me, a person who has always been impatient and constantly worrying about the future
Me, a person who always feels 21 years old performs in front of countless of ARMYs
And now that others call me sunbae (senior), I get to perform at concerts all around the world,
I am constantly living a busy life that gives me the opportunity to meet you all which is a dream and I’m so happy about it.
After debuting, it’s always so exciting to see so many ARMYs take care of me and wish a happy birthday
To be honest, I never cared much for birthdays
Thinking how ARMYs prepare special gifts and are happy doing it make my birthday feel special
Thank you to every single ARMY for making me a special person
I may look like a person who is living just because they were born, but I am trying very hard and my best to become a better person
So please continue to watch over me for a very long time
Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday
As I grow older, I promise to repay you guys with better music and performances

P.S. Now I want to stop growing old… ㅠㅠ

trans: jhope-shi

When you gotta help your cowbae sew up his tattered serape & he be braiding your hair with pretty flowers as thanks.

(or rather he simply has nothing to do & can’t resist them silky black hair) <3

Just me self-indulging in the smol kind o daily things in the Mchanzo’s life. This is how I imagine the ship is like most of the time. heh

  • Ravenclaw (right after they've graduated hogwarts): You know now, as far as society is concerned, we're adults.
  • Hufflepuff: Yes! Isn't it exciting?
  • Ravenclaw: Adults who have to make their own decisions about their lives.
  • Hufflepuff: It's so freeing, isn't it?
  • Ravenclaw: I have no idea what I'm doing and I want to go back to school.
  • Hufflepuff: ...
  • Ravenclaw: I don't want to do classes or anything, I just want someone to cook for me and tell me when meals are so I don't forget and basically be able to ignore life's responsibilities.
  • Me @ 1 AM: I think I'm going to start this new show, seems interesting
  • Me @ 3 AM: This show is the best. I've already finished 5 seasons, scrolled through half of it's Tumblr tag, went through 20 of its popular ships, and read its entire Wikipedia

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“don’t let go of my hand forever, i won’t let go of you again either