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Anatomy 101 - Anthony Ramos x Reader

Summary: Anthony is an art student who needs someone to model nude. He chooses the reader, who happens to have an unadvisable, annoying crush on the sunshine-y boy. 

Warnings: Swearing!

Word Count: 2,966

A/N: It is officially the first day of the Write-A-Thon! I may have stayed up until 12 just for this, oops. But I’m super excited because I love Anthony Ramos and I love this AU and there is just a LOT of love to give, okay??

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Really, when it came down to it, Anthony Ramos had asked you to be naked for him three times in total.

Let’s get some context in here.

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Stereotypical (6) second date

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: angst, mentions of abuse, swearing, flirting, fluff, Bucky is a hopeless romantic.

A/N: Second date with heartfelt conversations.

“So, you didn’t tell her where you’re taking her? Or should I say, how?” Steve snickers and rolls his eyes when he sees Bucky’s mischievous grin.

How I’m taking her? Really, the mouth on you, Rogers..” Bucky grins triumphantly when Steve’s cheeks turn pink and he rolls his eyes again.

“You know what I mean, jerk”

“Yeah, yeah, punk” Bucky snickers. “No, I haven’t told her that I’m picking her up on my motorcycle. But I told her to not bother with her hair and I texted her earlier to wear pants, just in case she was planning to wear a skirt or somethin’”

Steve snorts when Bucky makes a disappointed sigh.

“What?” he chuckles and takes a sip of his own drink, “I like her in skirts”

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Hello~! I gotta first off say how much I love your writing. It's awesome! Now, I was wondering if you could do a reaction to their significant other having pityriasis rosea on their body?(Give it a google if you don't know what it is) I got it recently, and it's all over my torso, legs and arms and it's just awful trying to find things to wear that will hide them. I'm just feeling pretty low about them being there. They last up to two months so I still have a ways to go yet. Thank you so much! x

Hi there! We’re so sorry you had to wait so long for this! We’re just a tad bit backed up on requests. But anyways, we’re so sorry to hear that and we genuinely hope you get better soon! Until then, we hope this makes you feel a little better! 

We ♡ you!

-❤ Kat & Sar 💖

How Bts Would React To You Having Pityriasis Rosea

Jungkook: He texts you, “How was your day, sweetheart?” As you read his message, you sit there torn. Should you lie to him and say you’re doing okay, like you have been for the past few days? Or should you finally be honest with him and tell him what’s wrong? You pondered. Eventually, you gave in. You felt bad for lying to him for so long. You don’t like lying, especially to your boyfriend. “Eh…I’ve seen better days. But, it’s okay! Don’t worry about me 💕” You pressed send and hoped he would just dismiss it. Moments later he replies, “No it’s not. I have some free time, I’m coming over. You can tell me what happened then, okay? Love you 💕” You start to panic. “No, Kookie! It’s okay, I swear! You don’t have to!” You didn’t want him to worry. He never responded, which meant he was driving already. You sigh to yourself. Guess he was going to have to find out sooner or later. Next thing you knew, you found yourself standing in front of your boyfriend, telling him at rapid fire everything you’ve been feeling. “I hate it, Jungkook! It’s hard for me to look people in the eyes anymore without feeling so self conscious! I don’t feel pretty, I just feel like I need to cover up and hide and I just-” Suddenly you stopped. You found yourself surrounded by the warmth of his embrace. His arms wrapped around you tighter than ever before. He whispers in your ears, “You’ve never been so wrong…” That’s when it all made sense. Jungkook never stopped thinking you were beautiful.

He didn’t care. And although it’s hard, you shouldn’t either.

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Jimin: You would be at home, trying to just get through this like you always have: alone. You texted your boyfriend Jimin, saying that you weren’t feeling well, when you were actually just hiding. What you didn’t know is that Jimin was on his way to your house, arms full of chocolate and flowers in hope of making you feel better. Once he was there, you opened the door, completely forgetting the fact that, since you were home alone, that you had a tank top and shorts on. Jimin tilts his head in confusion. “What’s that baby?” You look down embarrassed and insecure that he’s seeing you this way, saying that you’re sorry he had to see this. Jimin stares at you for a moment before a soft smile crosses his face. “There’s nothing for you to worry about sweetie, just because you may not have the skin you want, it doesn’t change anything about you or anything I feel about you. I’ll love you no matter what, and I hope you never forget that. You’re beautiful.” He pulls you in for a hug before pulling back. “Now let me in so I can make you feel better. I brought chocolates!” He states, giggling, trying to lighten the mood. Shaking your head and smiling, you let him in. Soon you realize that Jimin is right, this doesn’t change anything about you. “Oh and (Y/N)?” You turn towards Jimin, looking at him questioningly. “If you ever feel insecure ever again, just remember that you aren’t defined by how you look, even though you always look adorable. I may have been drawn in by your adorable smile, but I fell in love with who you are inside.”

“You are strong. And you will get through this. Just know that you are never alone.”

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Taehyung: It’s late at night, and you and Taehyung are on the couch, watching a movie. After half an hour of sitting there, you begin to sweat. But you refuse to take off your jacket, knowing that if you did Taehyung would see what’s underneath. You would slowly slide yourself away from him, sitting at the end of the couch in an attempt to cool yourself off. Noticing this, he speaks up. “Hey, why don’t you come closer, I’m in a cuddly mood.” Shaking your head, you give him a small smile. “Actually, um, I’m okay over here.” “Come on baby, I know you love cuddling. And I especially love cuddling you, don’t make me beg.” He says, giving you his big puppy eyed look. “Not right now Tae, I’m just really hot.” He laughs tugging on your jacket. “That’s because you’re wearing this big thing and sweats. Just take your jacket off.” You give in, knowing that Tae would just find out sooner or later. As soon as you slide it off, he smiles and pulls you closer. You furrow your brows in confusion. “You don’t care about the…” You feel him kiss the top of your head before responding. “Of course not, and I never will. Because you are still the girl I love and will always love. You will always be breathtakingly beautiful and adorable no matter what. Now just let me cuddle my favorite person in the world, okay?” You nod your head, feeling a blush spread across your cheeks as you rest your head on Tae’s chest. You’re drifting off as you hear Tae whisper something into your ear.

“You’ll always be beautiful, no matter what. Don’t ever forget that.”

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Hoseok: You and Hoseok are currently at home. He is on the couch, while you are trying on dresses, trying to find the perfect one since you two are going out on a date. “Oh my gosh! Look at you!” You stare at him in confusion. “What? Is something wrong?” He shakes his head in response, his sunshine of a smile spreading across his face. “God no! How can you be so gorgeous! It must be illegal!” You continue to stare at him. “Uh, what-” “Oh my god how did I get so lucky to have a beautiful girlfriend like you!” “ I’m really not that beautiful.” “No shush! My girlfriend is so cute! Aw!” You blush, a small smile crossing your face. You giggle as Hobi continues to shower you in compliments, saying how he is so lucky and how cute you are. And although it may seem like you don’t care a lot on the outside, Hoseok doesn’t know that on the inside, his words mean the entire world to you. “(Y/N) don’t ever try to deny how gorgeous you are.”

“You are perfect just the way you are.”

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Namjoon: He was the first to notice the marks on your skin. “(Y/N), what happened? Did you have an allergic reaction?” You looked down and saw them for the first time as well. “Oh my gosh! Oh no!” You start to worry. What could have caused this? “I think we may need to take a trip to the doctor’s, (Y/N)…”

The two of you walked through the front door of the apartment you shared, returning from the doctor’s office. You slump onto the couch, frazzled by what the doctor has told you and Namjoon. “What am I going to do, Nam?” You say, sighing to yourself. He sits on the couch beside you, “I know, baby. Don’t worry, the doctor said it will go away after a few months.” You shake your head, “I’m stuck with this! I’m going to have to find ways to cover them up. I guess we need to go clothes shopping.” He furrows his brows at you, “What? Don’t do that! You have nothing to be ashamed about.” You look back up at him, “But-” He cuts you off, “(Y/N), this isn’t something you should be embarrassed of. This is a condition that I’m sure many others have to deal with. But nothing about you has changed. You’re beautiful smile still shines brighter than the sun, your eyes still sparkle like stars. You’re still gorgeous, because nothing about who you are has changed.” Your eyes begin to water from his kind words,

“Don’t ever hide yourself, okay?”

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Yoongi: The two of you were dress shopping for an important event you guys were attending. Hand in hand, you and Yoongi wandered the store in search of the perfect dress. However, each rack you approached you frowned. No…no…definitely no… You sighed to yourself as you moved each dress to the other side of the rack. You decided to try looking at different selection. I guess we’re going to be here for a while. You begin to shuffle the opposite direction before your boyfriend jumps in front of you. “Try this one on, baby!” He says, shoving a dress in your face. You take the hanger in your hand, inspecting the dress. But all you could notice was the lack of sleeves. You gulp, “Um…I don’t know Yoongi maybe this dress isn’t for me?” You meet his eyes, but he turns you around and begins to push you towards the dressing room, “Oh shut up. You look good in anything. Just try it!” Before you could object, he shoved you in the room. “H-hey-” “I won’t let you out until you atleast try it, so you might as well get changing.” He says from the other side of the door. You let out a long sigh, looking over at the daunting dress. Let’s just get this over with.

“Yoongi I’m ready, let me out.” You say begrudgingly. “Let me see.” He opens the door, You slowly step out, feeling awkward. You look up to see a giant grin spread across Yoongi’s face. This confused you, “What?” His grin turns into his famous gummy smile. “Wow~! Look at you~!” He says giggling. You furrow your brows. He takes your hand and lifts it, prompting you to do a little turn. “Wow~! My girlfriend is so pretty~!” You shake your head, “But…I don’t really like it…” His smiles fades slightly, “What do you mean? You look great in it! Why don’t you like it?” You start to look down. He then realizes what you’re thinking.

“I don’t see anything wrong, with you or the dress.”

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Seokjin: The two of you were out at dinner. He convinced you to wear something that didn’t cover it all, like usual. At the time, it seemed like a good idea. But now, you couldn’t help but feel as though everyone was staring. Jin was able to sense how uncomfortable you were. He looks at you with pursed lips. Your head was down, focused on your food. You were barely speaking. An idea suddenly pops in his head. “(Y/N).” He says, grabbing your attention. You hum in response, keeping your head low. “You know where we should go for dessert?” You scrunch your eyebrows slightly, “What? I thought we were having dessert here?” You say, looking at him confused. He chuckles slightly, “Come on.” He says, plopping money on the table. “Wait-” He grabs your hand and drags you out the restaurant, thanking the workers for the food.

You now found yourself sitting on the swings at the park you grew up at with him. It was always a place where you could feel safe, besides whenever you were with Jin. You each had your own pint of ice cream in hand, and shoveled spoonfuls into your mouths. “I hope you feel more comfortable now.” He says to you, breaking the silence. “Huh? What do you mean?” He looks at you, “I know you were feeling uncomfortable in the restaurant earlier.” You giggle slightly, “You know me so well.” You say, smiling down. He chuckles, “Yes, I do.” You both sit in comfortable silence once more. You look up at the stars, wondering how they can be so pretty. You stay like this for a while, but you begin to feel a pair of eyes on you. You look to your right and see him staring at you, but with a sad look on his face. “What’s wrong?” you say. He sets his ice cream down and turns towards you, “Listen, (Y/N). I want you to know you’re still beautiful, okay? I know you may not think it, but I do.”

“And one day you’ll be able to stop caring about how it looks and feel happy in your skin again. I promise.”

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LLSHP Ch6 - Calling

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6] [Chapter 7: Unbreakable Vow (TBD)]

[Brief note about School Term] [other LLSHP AU stuff] [YohaMaRuby concept arts] [ChikaYouRiko concept arts] [KanaDiaMari concept arts] [Hogwarts Staff]

A/N: I have no excuses. I’m sorry this chapter is so delayed (눈_눈) anyone still remember this AU? lolool Maa, I would consider this a rest chapter? At least, the plot is moving =A=;;; Anyway, any feedback is very needed greatly appreciated!
Words: 5,594

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Finding Home (2)

Summary: Avengers High School AU. Gender neutral reader-insert. You, the new kid, just want to be left alone. But instead, you get the Avengers gang – and maybe, a new home too.

Warnings: Cursing. Mentions of drinking or alcohol? Some angst. Some Tonfoolery. (Get it? Tony + tomfoolery? Lol.)

Author’s Note: Hello, everyone! OH MY GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE THE REACTION I GOT FROM THE FIRST PART??? I wanted to say thank you to all of you individually, but I couldn’t keep up with it anymore lol. So, I’ll take this opportunity to say THANK YOU SO FRIGGING MUCH OMG!! I’m so glad to see that so many liked and enjoyed this fanfic, thank you!!!

Lol, moving on: sorry, this took a while. I had to do some Marvel research and fix the backgrounds of all the characters in this AU, mixing their MCU with a bit of the comics + reality checks, and lemme tell you, these are some fucked-up pasts. Not good for a supposedly light series of one-shots. But I’ll do my best to incorporate as well as respect that. Let me know if there are any mistakes! Enjoy!

Finding Home: Part #1: beginning. Part #2: accusation. Part #3: restless. Part #4: coin. Part #5: haze.

2: accusation

n. a charge of wrongdoing.

This was a miracle. Arriving early, and to an empty classroom? You gave yourself mental applause as you stepped inside your first period, occupying your usual seat by the window. Looking out and pulling your jacket closer to yourself, you realized the world was quieter in the mornings. It could be that class didn’t start until twenty minutes from now, and most students didn’t arrive until five minutes before, but mostly, it was the gray sky, gloomy and heavy with cotton ball clouds, with winds growing harsh and cold but staying hushed. Others may see it as a darkening world, but for you, it was tranquility.


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OMGF I HAVE JUST READ THE JAMES FRANCO IMAGINE WHERE HE'S A DICK BUT HE HAS FEELINGS FOR THE GIRL OMG OMG OMG IT IS PERFECTION. Could you pls make one about him where the girl is like 18 years younger but he has a crush and he doesn't care about the age thing? you are freakin awesome

AN: ahhh messages like this make me so happy! (ps im in Oregon so i dont have my laptop. i had to steal my moms friends computer to write this lol)

James POV

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, ‘wow… I think I’m in love’? Well if you have, try imagining that the person you love is a whole 18 years younger than you. Yeah, a little problem.

I had met Y/N at a friends party that I hadn’t even wanted to attend. She had been standing by the bar, talking to a blonde girl with a giant ass. Obviously, I walked up to them wanting to talk to the blonde. But when I got up to them, Y/N smiled at me and I instantly forgot about the girl with the rather large butt. Her smile was endearing and beautiful, drawing me in rather quickly. We began talking after I introduced myself, (she replied automatically with a ‘yeah, I know who you are Mr. I’ve been in a million movies Franco). I think thats the moment I knew I was in love with this girl. There was just one tiny problem. She was 18 years younger than myself. I knew I didn’t have much of a chance, guys around her age didn’t seem unattracted to her, quite the opposite actually. Whenever we walked down the street, mens eyes followed her every move. I try to not let it get to me, but being totally honest, it bugs the shit out of me. 

After a year of being friends with Y/N, I had decided to tell her how I felt. All of her friends seemed a bit hesitant around me, probably sensing my feelings towards Y/N. Even my younger brother Dave had smirked and made some dumb joke about going for younger girls. I punched him in the chest. So the day I actually grew a pair and planned on confessing, I texted her a told her to come over to watch a movie. She almost immediately shot a text back confirming that she’d be over in an hour. When she finally arrived, I led her over to the couch and plopped her favorite movie into the dvd player. She smiled and wrapped her self up in a blanket. The movie began and while her eyes were glued to the screen, I couldnt take mine off of her. The way her eyebrows furrowed, or the way her lips moved, reciting the characters lines she had memorized long ago. She was perfect, and I couldn’t wait any longer. I leaned down and paused the movie, turning to see her shocked face.

“Hey! James!” Her voice came out as more of a whine. “What are you doing? We just got to the best part!”

I chuckled and looked down, heat rising to my cheeks. 

“Ya sorry I just uh— I need to tell you something.”

Her eyebrows raised as she suddenly seemed to become more intrigued.

“Im listening.”

“Well, um- Its just…”

She laughed and pushed my shoulder. “Spit it out, James!”

“I’m in love with you! And I have been for this whole time.”

She stared at me, wide eyed. I felt my stomach churn as she seemed to lean away. “Y/N, please say something.”

“James… I um- Its just… 18 years is a lot…”

“Ya but I dont care about the age difference!” I grabbed her hands but she pulled them away.

“Ya but I do.” She stood up and grabbed her bag, making her way to the door. I stood up as well, eyes beginning to burn. “Y/N… Please.”

She looked at me, her knuckles white from gripping her bag so tightly. 

“Im sorry James.” And with that, she left. 

AN: Wow i got super into this. Im not sure if i’m going to do a part two but if I maybe get some requests for it, I’ll write it. 

“We need our best friend time.” (Sammy Wilk Imagine)

Requested by anonymous: “can you please do a Sammy imagine where you’re really good friends with Kian Lawley and Sammy and basically everyone but you knows Kian has a huge crush on you and one day you ditch Sammy to go to Kians and when Sammy finds out you’re there he gets super angry and fed up then fights Kian”


I didn’t know if you wanted Sammy to have a crush on (Y/N) or not, but I wrote it to where they were just friends.


“(Y/N), come on. We haven’t hung out in ages. You really can’t come over?” Sammy text.

“I don’t know. I can try, but I’m not making any promises.” You replied.

“I’ll take that! I really miss you. I miss hanging out with you. Just you and I. It feels like we haven’t been with just each other in so long. It always seems like Kian is hanging out with you all the time and tagging along to all our hangouts.” Sammy said. He and Kian didn’t really get along that well. You and Kian had been hanging out a lot lately, but you didn’t think much of it. You just thought it was just friendly.

“Awe, c’mon. Its just a friendship between he and I. There’s no harm there.” You said.

“Kian will tell a different story. He definitely likes you.” Sammy said.

“No he doesn’t, stop.” You said.

“Whateverrrrr. Anyway, I’ll see you Saturday?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be over.” You said. You put your phone on the charger and got ready for bed.

* * *

It was Saturday afternoon and you were just lounging around when you got a text message. You checked your phone and saw that the text was from Kian.

“Hey, Jc and I are having a party tonight, you should come over.” He said.

“Yes!” You typed. You stared at your phone screen before hitting send. “Shit, I’m supposed to go over to Sammy’s today.” You thought to yourself. 

“Hey Sam, bad news. I can’t come over. My mom just text me saying my aunt is coming over and she needs me to help her clean. Sorry. :(” You text him.

“Awe man. :( Maybe next weekend?” He asked.

“Yes, next weekend sounds good. :)” You replied.

“Yes! I’ll be there.” You replied to Kian.

“Awesome. See you later then. :)” He replied.

You felt bad canceling on Sam, but you really wanted to go out and party. You hadn’t been to a party in months, and you loved hanging out with Kian. You went ahead and started to get ready. It took you about an hour, and just as you finished, Kian text you asking where you were.

“Just about to head over.” You replied. You sprayed on some perfume, slipped on your shoes, threw your phone in your purse, grabbed your keys and headed out. 

Kian and Jc lived only a few neighborhoods away, so it didn’t take very long for you to get there. There were already a bunch of people there, so you parked down the street a bit. You walked down to their house and walked in. You walked around and found Kian in the kitchen, sitting up on the counter.

“Hey! You’re here!” He said as he hugged you.

“I told you I was on the way.” You laughed.

“I was getting impatient waiting for you to get here.” He said. He hopped off the counter and gave you a tighter hug.

You hung out with Kian for most of the night. You and him were just enjoying yourselves. You were dancing, taking pictures, posting snapchats, and just having a good time.


I was so bored sitting at home by myself. I didn’t really have anything planned, but at least if I had (Y/N) here, I could have someone to talk to. Oh well.

I took to snapchat to entertain myself. I scrolled through the recent updates. No one that I really cared to see. Until (Y/N) popped up. I watched her story. Her breakfast this morning. Her “ootd.”

“Really? She gets that dressed up to go help her mom clean?” I asked myself. I watched more of her story and saw that she was at a party. “If she wanted to party, she could’ve just said so. Why didn’t she just tell me instead of lying?” I asked. I saw the next snap, which answered my question.

She was with Kian.

“Fucking hell.” I said. I slipped my shoes on and drove to Kian’s. I was so mad, my hands were shaking, my palms were sweaty. When I got there, I stormed through the house and found her and Kian in the kitchen.

“Sammy, what are you doing here?” (Y/N) asked.

“I’m fucking over this. Can’t you find someone else’s girl to try to steal?” I asked Kian.

“Um, excuse me?” Kian asked.

“Don’t play dumb. I know you like (Y/N). Fucking everyone knows. But she’s mine. Go steal someone else’s girl.” I repeated.

“Look, it’s not my fault she wants to hang out with me more than she does you.” Kian said. And that’s when I swung.

I don’t remember much of the fight, but I do know that Kian and I both got messed up pretty badly. I blacked out once we got good into the fight, and when I finally came to, I was back home in my bed.

“Oh, is sleeping beauty awake?” I heard a voice say. I forced myself to sit up and saw (Y/N) sitting in the chair across the room from me.

“(Y/N)? What are you doing here? I thought you could’ve been mad at me.” I said.

“Well, I am upset with you, but not at the moment. I needed to make sure you were okay.” She said.

“How’s Kian?” I asked.

“He’s okay. A few cuts and bruises on his face, scrapes on his back from the sidewalk. But other than that, he’s okay.” She explained.

“Look, I’m really sorry. For the way I acted.” I said. “I was just upset that you lied to me about where you were going.”

“This is exactly why I didn’t tell you. I knew that you would freak out like this.” She said. “We’re not dating, so I don’t understand the problem with me hanging out with Kian.”

“Because, you’re my best friend. You’re like a sister to me. And it’s my job to protect you from every guy that you cross paths with.” He said.

“Sammy, I can take care of myself. Kian isn’t a bad guy.” She said.

“I know. I was just tired of not being able to see you. We need our best friend time. And I was tired of not getting it.” I said.

“Okay, that I understand. And I apologize for lying to you about where I was. And I promise we will spend more time together.” She said.

“That’s all I want.” I said.

“Glad we can come to a compromise.” She said. “Well, I guess I better get going. It’s been a long night. I’m going home. Good night Sammy.”

“Good night (Y/N).” I said as she walked out of my room.

I was glad that she wasn’t mad at me and I hope that tonight’s festivities wouldn’t make things weird between her and I, or her and Kian.

“Theres no way in hell I’d fall in love with someone like you”-Nate Maloley

Your brother Jack was always throwing parties. You were never able to study or even get stuff done. “Jack please, I have a job interview with the design team for Chanel. I need to get some sleep”,you pleaded. “Look, its Skate’s birthday tonight, and I promised Madison i’d throw one since shes in town”,he said. “Your parties last like 3 or even 4 in the morning Jack. This job interview means alot to me. I worked my ass off to get here in my life”,you said raising your voice. “Look, i’m older okay. I don’t care about a stupid little job interview, you probably wouldn’t get it anyways’,Jack said rolling his eyes. You were on the verge of crying and you ran up to your room. You laid in bed crying yourself to sleep.

Hours later you wokeup to raging music and people yelling. You decided to take the opportunity to have some fun. You put on a sexy dress, did your hair, and put on some makeup. You walked downstairs and caught every eye in the house. Random guys tried to dance with you, but you just pushes them off. “What the hell are you wearing?”,Jack said annoyed. “Look, you’re right. I’m not going to get the job, so i’ve decided to have some fun”,you said taking a shot out of someone’s hand and drinking it. “No, go change. You look like a hooker”,jack said taking your hand and leading you to the stairs. “Last time I checked, you girlfriend is wearing the same thing”,you said yanking your arm back and disappearing into the crowd of people.

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You wandered around your house looking for something to drink. “Hey lil mama, want a drink”,you heard someone say. You turned around and saw Nate, one of your brothers good friends. “What the fuck, (y/n)? Is that you?”,he said shocked. “Hey Skate ,you said hugging him. How’s tour been”. “Amazing”,he said. “Damn its been what 3 years since i’ve seen you?”,he asked. “Yea, I think so. Last time I saw you, it was at my graduation”,you smiled. “Well, you ain’t in highschool no more huh”,Nate said looking you up and down. “Yea, guess your right”,you said smiling.

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You and Nate were hitting it off pretty well. You felt something, although you’d probably never date him, I mean he’s known for using and dropping girl at the blink of an eye. “You know the only reason I’m even at this party is because”- “What you missed me”,Nate interrupted. “Well yea, but I was just trying to have fun for once. Before everyone got here, Jack and I had a fight about something that doesn’t matter anymore”,you said. “What was it, if you don’t mind me asking. Maybe I could help”,he said. “Well, I got a job interview with the designers of Chanel. They saw my sketches and designs and they loved them. But Jack said I’d probabky wouldn’t get the job so why bother”,you said looking down. “Are you fucking kidding me lil mama? You’re amazingly talented. I’ve seen your designs on Insta. Why don’t you go for it?”,Nate asked. “Jack’s parties last till late hours in the night, I’d never get enough sleep”,you said looking at him. “Jswazz went back to Omaha for the week, I’ve got an extra bed back at my apartment”,Nate said. “You wouldn’t mind?”,you asked. “No, not at all. Plus this party is super lame, suckest birthday party ever. Wheres the weed”,Nate said laughing. “Let me go get my bag, thank you Nate. I owe you one”,you said hugging him.

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Once you reached Nate’s apartment, you walked up the three flights of stairs. Nate was getting his keys out to unlock the door. “Hey, thanks again. When I become a fashion designer, I’ll be sure to repay you”,you said smiling. Suddenly Nate dropped his keys and put his hands on either side of your head and kissed you. You kissed back and immediately felt sparks and passion. Nate’s hands started to roam your body. You opened the door without breaking the kiss. He picked you up and went toward the bedroom. The kiss was passionate and full of lust. “Are you sure, I don’t want to take advantage of you”,he said putting your hair behind your ear. You nodded you head and proceeded to kiss him.

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The next morning you wokeup to your alarm on your phone. You looked around and noticed your bra was on the ceiling fan above you. You looked to your side to see Nate sleeping with his arm around you. You got dressed and did your makeup/hair perfectly for the interview. “Goodluck lil mama”,Nate said with a groggy voice. “Oh, um thanks”,you said. “I’ll call you later?”,He said. “It’s okay, you don’t have to”,you said kissing his cheek. “Why not, I really like you”,he said getting up. “No, no you don’t. And thats fine. Lets not tell Jack”,you said kissing his cheek. “I’m serious, I really like you. C’mon after your interview let me take you to lunch”,he said taking your hand. “No Nate!”,You shouted. “Why the hell not!”,he shouted back. “Because theres no way in hell I’d fall in love with someone like you!”,you yelled. You walked out of the room. “What the fuck why? I really like you”,Nate said grabbing your arm making you face him again. “Nate let me go, i’m gonna miss the interview”,you said trying to get out of his grip. “No, what does the mean (y/n)”,he said letting you go. “I know you Nate, I know what you do to girl. In highschool you slept with all my friends and dumped them like trash the next day. The only reason you didn’t sleep with me is because I was gilinsky’s little sister.”,you said. “Look I was a kid then, not anymore. I wanna get to know you, I wanna kiss you and call you mine”,he said putting your hair behind your ear. “Look I need to go, thanks again for letting me stay”,you said kissing his cheek. You gathered your things and headed toward the door. “C’mon let me show you i’ve changed. Let me take you on a date”,he said smiling. You couldn’t help but smile back. I mean look at those dimples. “Okay Nate, One date”,you said smiling. “Awesome lil mama, you won’t regret it”,he said kissing your cheek and slapping your ass on the way out. 

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2 years later, a lot has changed. I mean you’ve become Chanel’s number one designer. You also started your own collection of clothes and makeup. You’ve been dating Nate for about 2 years now. Jack wasn’t the happiest but he came around. And even more exciting new, tonight is the night you tell everyone your engaged and planning on getting married in June.

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Scott- I’m Never Going To Stop

Request- Hi, hope you are doing good. Can you please do an imagine where the reader and Scott are in love with each other but they are unaware of each other’s feelings. Y/n gets kidnapped and Scott searches for her. He also gets kidnapped and they both get tortured tremendously. The reader confesses her love for Scott. They are about to die but the pack comes to the rescue. Reader end up in the hospital and Scott visits her. Lots of fluff in the end please. Thank you for your awesome writing.

Warnings- Kidnapping, torture

A/N- Oh god, this is so long. I never meant for it to be this long, but I hope you like it. Also, sorry if this is a bit late, I just got way more busy than I would like to be. Enjoy guys! 

You shot a glance over at your phone, which was currently resting in the cupholder of your center console as you drove down the highway. This was third time you had heard it ring in the past ten minutes and a quick glance down only confirmed what you had been thinking; Scott wasn’t going to stop texting you.
You sighed and took the next exit off of the highway, your mind flickering back to the night before. You and Scott had been studying for an upcoming biology final, something worth 10% of your semester grade. After everything that had happened with the Dread Doctors and the Beast, it was no surprise that Scott had fallen behind in the material. Now that Kira was gone, she wasn’t there to study with Scott anymore, so he had turned to you, his best friend.

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Janthony - Leave

janthony having to hide their relationship because there’s a really really strict policy in the theatre about dating and jas accidentally blurts out “we can’t keep doing this” and they end it but it hurts a lot seeing each other at work - Fic Prompt™/Very Persuasive™ anon

“do you want me to leave?“ when they get in a fight and jas doesn’t know what to do and anthony doesn’t either and it hurts him a lot when she’s crying - Fic Prompt™/Very Persuasive™ anon

i combined two of these together and this fic isn’t even that bad woo !!

there’s also a little bit of this prompt but sadly no janitor’s closet for janthony: when they first fell in love at the rehearsals when they found out they were paired up for dancing and now they’re somehow in a fucking janitors closet at the Richard Rogers and all Anthony can say is “kiss me" - Fic Prompt™/Very Persuasive™ anon

and this prompt too: protective-dad!lin who goes off on anthony because he doesn’t want jas to get hurt - Fic Prompt™/Very Persuasive™ anon

Word Count: 3,434 Words (it’s long sorry!)
TW: some yelling, screaming, cursing, etc, it’s kinda not fluff? kinda but also not kinda yknow

Note: when i said “candles excluded” i was thinking about light my candle from rent and how i love renee as mimi ok bye

Jasmine remembered in her contract before she signed it (she made sure to read all of the fine print, three times over, then some more), this very specific sentence that caught her eye while scanning the fine print again, “You cannot be in romantic relations with any cast member; having any romantic relations will conclude in consequences.”

Honestly, she thought it was a whole lot of whatever. It was one of the worst and annoying rules ever. Who even made those rules, some heartless person? It seemed as though every place had that same exact rule for some stupid reason. So what if she found love on and off the stage? What was the real harm in that? It would only result in a beautiful relationship, right? Would someone really care if two people got into a relationship, did it really matter?

And so one day, when she was cast (bless that whole day in its entirety), she met the rest of her cast members that she’d be with for seven, eight shows a week. She was the last of the cast members to be on the team and everyone was already with their own friends. Yes, everyone was kind and all, but someone would be talking about previous times, when they did this and when they did that and Jasmine shied away from the group quite quickly. She didn’t feel as welcome as she had expected to. Since Lin was off doing his own thing, she decided to fend for herself in the big sea that was The Public Theatre and its inhabitants.

If that day wasn’t fateful enough, there was one guy who was very welcoming to her, much to her surprise.

“Hello!” He said to her, almost scaring her as he watched her jump in her own skin. He snuck up behind her; one of the things he always found himself doing. He was fond of his so-called talent. Sometimes, it didn’t work too well; he was a tad bit loud, only a tad bit. “I’m Anthony, you must be Jasmine, we heard great things about you!”

“Uh, really?” Jasmine really should have been more used to this by now. She grew up in the theatre, did movies and did an off-Broadway show already. She’s gotten many a callback, many a rejection, yet she was still not used to all of the background checks. “Thank you. I’m sorry, I really should have done some kind of research on my cast members like you had done.”

“Oh, no. Not really research, I guess. Lin just talks a lot about you, since you’re the last one to come. Really awesome things.” Anthony grinned at her. She was hoping she’d be seeing more of that beautiful smile that he had in the future, it was extremely bright and shiny.

“Really? I got to talk to him during the auditions; he’s a really nice guy.” Jasmine commented on the man who has done pretty much all. Lin had brought them all together, even if at first he did not know that. Hamilton brought wonders, to everyone really, not just the cast and crew.

“He is!” Anthony exclaimed. He had a really bright smile, a bright enough smile to light up the whole room, candles excluded. “I’m sorry you didn’t get to really talk to anyone yet. Everyone’s really nice, honestly. We had a party to celebrate everyone’s casting a little while ago; maybe we should have another one.” He suggested.

“Oh, nah. That’s too much for one person. I’m just the last one coming in, that’s alright.” Jasmine did that hand gesture you do to mean whatever. Jasmine didn’t mind being the last one in, it was just whatever happened and it was meant to be that way.

“No, no! I’m sure everyone would want that too! Nobody really got to know you, personality wise, yet. It’s kinda rude, you know?“ Anthony sure knew how to make a woman’s brain tick, and tick well it did. He was absolutely one of the most genuine people she had ever met by far.

“Yeah, I suppose so, it’s no big deal really,” Jasmine softly replied, biting her lip for the briefest second. She didn’t really know what to say; what do you say to a guy who seemed really nice to you and you don’t know if he’s potentially flirting with you? Yeah, me too.

“Hey, um,” Anthony paused to think a little bit. Jasmine could tell he was thinking because a corner of his lips tugged upwards while he looked off into the distance. No, she didn’t know him or his body language well, but she did know that those facial expressions were common when related to thinking, at least that’s what she saw in the movies. Before speaking again, he directed his attention back to Jasmine. “Do…do you think I could have your number?”

“My number?” Jasmine asked, turning her head a little as if to see if he was asking someone behind her. Lo and behold, they were the only ones on stage at this point. “Like, mine?”

“Um, yeah, yours.” Anthony felt a blush creeping onto his freckled cheeks. He made a gesture with his hands to wave it off, like it wasn’t serious at all. “I mean, just for future reference, y'know?” He sheepishly smiled.

“Yeah, okay.” Jasmine then proceeded to swap phones with him. She put in her name as Jasmine, with no emoji next to it, because she really didn’t know what to put. She decided to keep it professionally casual.

“See you tomorrow!” Anthony called out, running off backstage. When she really realized it, everyone had already left when the rehearsal had ended for the day. Jasmine walked off, swiping around to look at Anthony’s contact page. He put “Anthony” with a cute turtle emoji. Wait, did she just call an emoji cute? She never really called emojis cute, especially a turtle emoji. Huh, what was this guy doing to her?

Jasmine felt a buzz in her back pocket as she walked back to her apartment. Sliding her phone out, she saw that there was more than a few texts from Anthony. Yeah, they’ve been texting back and forth quite a bit, between rehearsals and on their days off, whenever they could. It was already three weeks after Jas had her first rehearsal; it seemed so long ago. Time flies when you’re having fun.

From: Anthony 🐢
Can we talk right now?
From: Anthony 🐢
I really wanna ask you something
From: Anthony 🐢
Hey text back it’s important
From: Anthony 🐢
From: Anthony 🐢
For real will you pls frickin respod
From: Anthony 🐢
From: Anthony 🐢

To: Anthony 🐢
What’s up?

From: Anthony 🐢

To: Anthony 🐢
Tell me
To: Anthony 🐢
tell mE NOW

From: Anthony 🐢
From: Anthony 🐢
Can you let me take you out on a date?

To: Anthony 🐢
I don’t know. Can you?
To: Anthony 🐢
And the answer is no

From: Anthony 🐢

To: Anthony 🐢

From: Anthony 🐢

To: Anthony 🐢
it said nobody can have any relationships with anybody

From: Anthony 🐢
Nobody even cares about that tho
From: Anthony 🐢
It’s a whole lot of bullshit I hope you know that
From: Anthony 🐢
Ephraim and Sasha are dating they even told Lin about it too, he was chill
From: Anthony 🐢
What if we did it in secret?

To: Anthony 🐢
A date it is then

From: Anthony 🐢
From: Anthony 🐢

And so they went on their date. It was a fantastic night for the both of them. They went out to dinner then out to a bar. To much surprise for Anthony, Jasmine ordered a beer. He pegged her more as a martini or red wine kind of girl. The classy kind, but a beer was good still. Jasmine sure knew how to get down, both in her alcoholic taste and her dance abilities on the floor. Of course, there were no dirty moves; who actually does those on a first date with a person you’re trying to impress?

They continued to have dates. They had little talks at the theatre in each other’s dressing rooms when nobody was inside and when all their cast members left. They called each other at night occasionally. Good morning and good night texts happened too. They even stole kisses sometimes, in the janitor’s closet, or the bathroom, or anywhere that could be locked. They were perfect in every single way. They complimented each other; one had more of what the other lacked and vice versa. Everything seemed perfect, they were in lovers’ paradise.

Until the “paradise” was instead a bombed island of despair and hopelessness.

It was seven months in. They were seven months in.

They were both so eager to just blurt it out and tell everybody. But, lately, the only interactions were just full blown arguments. About everything.

“Anthony, I can’t keep cleaning the dishes. You’re the one making the mess at my own house!” Jasmine yelled at him, gesturing angrily to the full sink of dishes.

“I would do it, if you even allowed me at your house sometimes! This is the first time you said I could come over, in weeks! Jasmine, in weeks!” Anthony brought as much fire to the table as she did.

“I’m leaving.” Angry tears streamed down her face and she knew too well that her mascara would leave her skin a stained mess. She didn’t care that she was also wearing a plain white shirt that day, but that shirt was also Anthony’s. She couldn’t just rip off the shirt in front of him. She’d return it. Tuesday. The next day.

“You can’t leave your own house!”

“No, I’m leaving you.” Jasmine took her keys and wallet and walked over to the door. She took one last glance at him before opening the door and slamming it behind her, leaving the man who had captured her heart for good, keeping it locked up.

That night, late at night, Jazzy returned to an empty apartment, with an empty sink. She sighed. She hadn’t been expecting something like this to come so soon. There was no way of escaping the pang of guilt and hurt that her chest was feeling constricted by.

Tuesday morning. The exact thing Jas wanted was Tuesday morning. She tossed the now-washed shirt into her bag with disdain. She was not going to be that ex (ex, were they really exes now?) that is going to keep a whole lot of things from the other one. She was going to return it back to him. At least that was her intention.

She walked into the theatre through the stagedoor. She did stop to take a few pictures, sign a few things, but for the most part, she just didn’t feel up to it today. Jasmine just had to fight off the feeling of heartbreak.

When she saw Anthony talking to Daveed as she passed Daveed’s dressing room, she didn’t care if she was disrupting the most important conversation of their lives. Jasmine shoved the white t-shirt to his chest and muttered, “Here,” before walking off angrily to her dressing room.

“Anthony, what the hell is her deal?” Daveed asked him, looking straight into his eyes. Jasmine was like a younger sister to him since she joined the cast.

Anthony had to admit: Daveed was scary as hell when it came to things like this. “We kind of broke up.” He muttered quietly like a small puppy being chastised by its owner. His voice was kept to a low volume, barely inaudible at this point.

Daveed shook his head furiously as he closed and locked the door so nobody would hear. There was still two or three hours to curtain call; Daveed had more than enough time to instigate an intervention. He turned back to Anthony. “You broke up? When did you even get together?”

“Seven months ago.”

How the fuck do you keep this big of a secret from us?”

“I-I don’t know, Daveed!” Anthony became so frustrated with himself and sighed.  “Daveed, help me, please, I’ve messed everything up with her. Please,” He pleaded as if it were life or death. Anthony placed his hand on his face, the bottom edge of his palm vertically on his nose. He was about to start crying, he knew he was about to start crying.

“Man, the best I can do is give you advice!” Daveed exhaled a large breath, running a hand through his hair. His hand rested on his neck before it retreated back to its place by the side of his body. “You know you’re gonna get hella shit for this, you didn’t tell anybody about it! For seven months too!” Daveed rolled his eyes. “I can’t believe you did this to her, Jazzy’s like a sister to me, to all of us.”

“I know, I know. I messed up so badly, I know.” Anthony slumped into a chair with a random Oakland shirt draped onto it. “Just tell me the advice.”

“Why do you look about to cry, Jazzy?” Renée had that look on her face, you know, with the weird eye and the raised eyebrow, yeah, that kind of look. Renée was like a mother figure to Jazzy. Renée took care of her, loved her, Renée was the mom of the show, pretty much.

Jasmine decided cut the crap, put that aside, and not lie. She knew she couldn’t like to Renée, Renée sees right through her. “A-Anthony.”

“Well, what about him?” Renée asked her, walking over to her quickly as she noticed Jazzy breaking down, knees buckling down to the floor, after shutting the dressing room door. Renée gasped softly, going on her knees and wrapping her arms around the younger girl. “Jazzy, what’s wrong?” She whispered, her voice cracked even though it wasn’t her fight to fight.

And Jasmine couldn’t say a word after saying his name. Her body went into a complete automatic cycle of crying and hiccuping and wiping the tears away. She couldn’t say anything. Not a word, not a mumble; her tears spoke louder than everything she could possibly say at that particular moment in time.

And Renée didn’t force her to say anything at all.

Even at her worst point in her life so far, Jasmine still found herself having fun on stage. That’s what she loved about the mesmerizing yet hauntingly beautiful stage, the way she could escape her troubles to be different person other than herself, a character that could potentially be anywhere and any time.

Being playful and childish Peggy had some kind of happy effect on her, for the first act anyway. Just running around the stage, feeling a kid again; it put Jasmine into a much better mood than how she felt earlier as she broke down before Renée.

When it came to act two, she knew her duet with Lin was coming up. As Jasmine applied the smooth, red lipstick to each lip, she felt her breaths becoming shakier and shakier every time she inhaled and exhaled. Why, why was she like this? After all, it was just a stupid showmance that she should have thought would amount to something. It was just a fling and it didn’t matter, she thought now. She should have just followed the contract. She wouldn’t have been heartbroken and upset if she had only followed the rules that have been set for her.

Jasmine waltzed onto the Richard Rodgers stage in all of her Maria Reynolds sultry. She knew, and Lin knew, that something was absolutely wrong. She wasn’t looking at Lin sometimes, she almost missed a cue or two, she completely lost her focus, every last piece of it went down the drain.

“Please don’t go, sir!” Jasmine’s voice suddenly had much more passion and intensity than any performance that she had before. She was revved up in a head-to-head fire and ice combat, and clearly, fire won that battle.

“So was your whole story a setup?” He fired back.

“I don’t know about any letter!” At this point, Jazzy was on her knees, Maria begging Hamilton to stay for her. Jazzy couldn’t help but to fight angry tears from streaming down her face, but it happened anyway.

Now, Lin absolutely knew something was wrong.

After the show, Jasmine was extremely tired. She just wanted to curl up in bed and fall asleep. Again, without Anthony by her side, but she had to get used to it sooner or later.

“Jasmine, we’re staging an intervention.” Lin proclaimed as he pushed open the dressing room door, almost like if he was a SWAT team member, something more gentler, but similar. He even kicked the door open. That’s pretty much Lin in a nutshell.

After Lin walked in, Renée, Daveed, Pippa, Oak, and Anthony walked in one after the other, like CIA agents on an important mission. She looked at every single one of them as they passed by her, except Anthony, she couldn’t bear to look back at him even though she knew that he knew that she knew he was completely staring at her with no shame at all.

“Oh my god, Lin, can I just go home, it’s been a long day.” They all knew she wasn’t lying there. She groaned as she slid herself into a chair, knowing this would be taking some time. Everyone pulled up some chairs and sat as well. “Let’s just get this over with,” Jasmine muttered to nobody in particular because she knew everyone would be questioning her. She also directed her gaze downwards so she couldn’t look at anybody.

“Been a long day for all of us, Jas,” Renée commented softly as Jasmine slowly tilted her head up to look at Renée.

“Now, you and you,” Lin pointed to Jasmine and Anthony. “Tell us what’s going on otherwise we’re gonna pry it from you.”

“You tell it,” she muttered in Anthony’s direction.

“Why do I have to tell it?” Anthony fired back loudly. He stood out of his chair. “You’re the one who ended it!”

Jazzy rolled her eyes. If this was how he wanted to play the game, then so be it, just let him have a head’s up: he’s gonna lose. She stood as well, taking off her jean jacket. “You’re the one who started it! If it weren’t for you, if you hadn’t started anything, we wouldn’t have been in this stupid mess!”

“Wait, you two, you got into a relationship?” Oak asked, placing his thumb and index on his chin and jaw, and Daveed nodded to confirm.

“For how long?” Lin asked, eyeing Anthony. Jazzy was like a daughter to him. They were all this one huge family and Lin could hardly bare to see her with tears falling on her face during the performance.

“Seven months,” he muttered in Lin’s direction. He didn’t want to elaborate further than that. There was no reason or point to.

“How did you keep this a secret from us, for seven whole months?” Pippa asked the two of them. “We’re family. We don’t keep secrets from each other.”

“Okay, so you guys got together and have been together for the past seven months, is that right?” Oak asked. He really felt so out of the loop with this whole thing.

“We broke up.” Anthony breathed out. Instead of Jasmine going off on a tangent as to why he was the one who could say they broke up before she did, she merely nodded in agreement.

“But I don’t want to break up with you, Jazzy.” Anthony looked into her eyes from across the small dressing room. “I really like you. Will you take me back?”

“I do too, Anthony, I really do.” Jasmine sighed. “Which is why it’s so hard that I have to say no.”

Gasps were heard all around the room. “No?!” Lin spit out the water he was drinking. Great, there was water in the carpeted flooring.

Everyone stood with open eyes and mouths as they listened to Jasmine speak. “I can’t let my heart open just to let it be hurt again. It’s happened way too often.”

“But-but Jazzy! We can work this together, I know we can!” Anthony pleaded to her. He got on his knees and clasped his hands together. “Please, please, please!”

“Maybe another day. But that day isn’t today.” Jasmine walked out the door and slammed it.

Like  A Virgin

Summery: with a dragon hunt afoot, the reader needs to confess a secret to the Winchesters, one that might change their view on her.

Sam x Reader

Word count: 1682

Warnings: none, readers a virgin ( although that’s not really a warning)

A/N: anonymous asked: Hi, could you please do a samXreader where they are crushing on eachother and dean just sees y/n as a sister b/c she is young compared to him (but old enough so sam isn’t creepy) and they go on a dragon hunt and she has to say is a virgin. Thanks :)

“What’s up squirt?” Dean said walking into the library and ruffling your hair as he passed causing you to grumble and swat his hands away angrily.

“My god you and Sammy need haircuts!”

“Do not!” you and Sam yelled at the same time, looking across the table at each other with a small blush on your faces. You were both trying to look for cases with, surprisingly, no luck.

“Awh Sammy, look at Y/N blushing! What are you, twelve?”

Your eyes narrowed at the eldest Winchester.

“I’m a year younger than Sam you doorknob!”

“Doorknob? So young, so innocent.” Dean laughed as he ruffled your hair once more.

“I am not innocent, I killed a guy!”

“That’s your job you idiot.” Dean said as he left the library to go scavenge the kitchen.

“Still killed a guy.” you grumbled which caused Sam to laugh.

God did you love that laugh. You couldn’t help but notice how cold the bunker was and rubbed your arms in a poor attempt to warm yourself up. Maybe you should go put some socks on or something-

“You cold?” Sam asked looking up form his book, eyes locked onto your bare arms.

“Just a little-”


You didn’t expect Sam to take off his own sweater and give it to you, but here you were, wrapped in Sam’s warm, oversized sweater, flapping your arms to get comfortable.

“Thanks.” you murmured, breathing in the all too familiar smell that accompanied Sam.

“You should wear my clothes more often.” Sam smirked as he looked back down as the book in hand, watching your from his peripheral as your face turned a deep red.

“Did’ya guys find anything?” Dean questioned as he pulled up a chair to the table, shoving papers and books away much to Sam’s protest.

“Well, we have a major dragon situation-”

“A dragon?” you questioned nervously, fidgeting with your fingernails suddenly.

“Uh- yeah, the town-”

“Are you sure it’s a dragon? I mean, aren’t they pretty rare to run into?”

“Well sure, but seeing as all the women two towns over are going missing, and they were all virgins-”

You let out a soft groan as you nodded.

The boys didn’t know. Why tell them anyways? Dean would just make fun of you and call you ‘innocent’ and Sam? You knew about Sam’s pervious hook-ups, you knew he wasn’t a virgin. But you? Oh boy were you a virgin.

You never thought it was a big deal, besides, you were a little busy hunting monsters and saving people to ever… ‘get it on’, plus you wanted to wait for someone you cared about…. Even if that did sound incredible cheesy and dumb.

“Y/N? Sam said, drawing you out from your train of thought.

‘Uh-p- pardon?”

Sam let out a soft chuckle that made you smile. He was always doing that, making you smile for no reason. But that was love, wasn’t it?

“I said is there a problem?”

“Oh- its… I just-”

What if Sam thought you were too innocent too?


What if he didn’t want to be with someone so inexperienced?

“I’m, you know…”

He didn’t want someone who had no clue what they were doing.

“I’m excited! Yah dragons.” you said letting your voice drop at the end and punching the air.

“Um… alright?” Dean said walking away and giving Sam the ‘she’s crazy’ eyes.

You should’ve told them. You should have told them you were a virgin, you were putting yourself in so much unnecessary danger. But you couldn’t tell them, how awkward would that be?

‘Hey Sam I’m a virgin but I still wanna jump your guns even though I have no clue what I’m doing!’

Awesome, that would totally make him want you then.


Dang it!

“Um, pardon?”

Sam turned around in his seat to look at you, another smile playing on his lips

“Do you ever listen?” he questioned with a laugh.

“Your hair must act as a sound barrier, its too long.”

Sam gasped and recoiled, a hand pressed to his chest in mock offence.

“You’re mean.”

“I’m too cute to be mean.”

“Fair point-”

Sam paused realizing what he said.

“Uh- anyways, I wanted to go over the game plan-”

“We need to find where they’re keeping the virgins, we know they’re sacrificing-”

You started to drown Dean out as your mind wandered.

If Dean and Sam knew how much danger you were putting yourself into…

Let yourself be open to dragon kidnapping, mess up the hunt and/or be sacrificed for some unknown purpose or tell Sam and Dean you’re a virgin….

“Guys… I cant… I cant go, you need to drop me off somewhere.”

You saw Sam and Dean exchanged glances, eyebrows both knit in confusion.

“What wrong? don’t wanna hunt a dragon? You seemed so excited?” Sam questioned.

“No- you don’t understand… Its not that I don’t want to go… I cant go.” 

“Y/N I don’t-” you saw Deans eyes widened, finally catching on.

“No.” He breathed out shocked, like it was this unthinkable, unimaginable thing. “Shut it.” you growled, sinking lower into Sam’s sweater that you were still wearing.

“Wait- you’re… you’re a-”

“Yes!” you yelled cutting Sam off quickly.

You all sat in awkward silence for a few minutes, your embarrassment dragging you down like an anchor as you continued to sink lower and lower into the comforts of Sam’ way to big sweater.


Sam paused, thinking of his choice of words.

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Why didn’t I tell you? You both are so experience with… that. What was I suppose to say?”

“How about ‘hey Sam and Dean this hunts dangerous for me, I’m a virgin’ then we could have kept you a home, you would have been safe at the bunker.” Deans voice was calm, no more evidence of shock. But you could still see it in his eyes.

“Maybe you should drop us off at a motel, you can take care of a dragon, right?” Sam said turning to his brother.

“No! I’m okay, you can go-”

“I haven’t seen a motel for a while, maybe just hang around town?”

“Guys I’m fine-”

“Yeah, just drop us off at a café or something, I’m sure we can keep busy until you finish up.”

“Alright, I’ll text you when I’m done.”

Dean pulled the car over and Sam got out to open your door.

“Come on, we can go for a meal and then, I don’t know, shop or whatever.”

You raised an eyebrow at Sam’s outstretched hand, eventually taking it.

“I’ll be finished up soon.” dean shouted as he drove away, leaving you and Sam on the sidewalk.

“Sam Winchester… wants to go shopping? With me?” your voice was filled with disbelief and doubt.
“What’s wrong with wanting to shop with you?”

“Well first off, you hate shopping and second I made you miss the dragon hunt because I’m a stupid virgin.” you didn’t mean to sound bitter, you didn’t think it was a big deal, being a virgin and all. But you were upset you made Sam miss the hunt.

“I don’t care about the hunt if it means you’re not safe.”

You looked up to Sam as you both walked down the street, confusion drawn into your features.

“Don’t give me that look.”

You continued to give him the look.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“You care if I’m safe or not? I literally go on every hunt with you guys.”

“Yeah, and I worry.”

You gave him another look.

“I do! I don’t know what I’d do if- if I lost you.”

“You’d get over it.”

Sam stopped suddenly.

“You cant believe that.”

“Sam,” you sighed “You’d get over it, its just me-”

“Exactly, its you. Who else would always take my sweaters? Or keep me up all night talking about dumb tv shows? Or bug me to make them breakfast?”


“You should have told us earlier Y/N, why didn’t you?”

You shrugged as the two of you continued walking, occasionally bumping shoulders.

“I was embarrassed.”

“About what? That you’re a vir-”

“Yes!” you said laughing nervously, you lowered your head and started picking at your nails.

“Why would you be embarrassed about that?”

“Are you kidding me! You and Dean have so much experience, I thought you would think-”

You stopped realizing what you were about to say, ‘I thought you would think of me like Dean does, as just a little sister’.

You didn’t want to be Sam’s little sister, or Sam‘s friend, you wanted more.

“You thought I’d think what?”

“Never mind.”

“No, tell me.”

Your heart started pounding, where were you going to go with this? Were you going to tell him the truth? Were you going to brush it off? Crap. Would it be better if he knew your feelings? It couldn’t possibly be worse, he already knew you were a virgin. Here goes nothing.

“I thought you would think of me as just a friend Sam, I thought you’d think of me as your little sister and I don’t want to be your little sister or your friend, I want-” you swallowed roughly, mouth suddenly becoming dry.

“I wanted more-”

“Wanted? Past tense.”

“Well I know you don’t, that’s not how you feel-”

“How do you know how I feel?”

You both stopped once more, each facing one another.

“I don’t- I don’t understand-”

Sam took a step closer to you, chests almost touching.

“I don’t think of you as my sister, that would be awkward.”

“Why would that- oh.”

Sam pressed his lips to yours gently, his gigantic hands cupping your face.

“But I’m a virgin.”

This caused Sam to laugh, a shoulder shaking, hunched over, deep hearted laugh.

“Don’t laugh at me.”

“I’m not laughing at you,” Sam said smiling “I’m laughing because you thought that would matter.”

“But, I’m so… inexperienced.”

A sly smile grew on the Winchesters face as he looked down at you, eyes wandering over your features, lingering on your lips.

“That can be fixed.”

mchaleinski thoughts

For @queerlyalex​ and @sleepy-skittles​, who told me that if I wanted to be cool enough to hang with them, I had to offer mchaleinski… (it’s like headcanons turned not!fic turned real fic, tbh…)


Basically, I’ve been thinking for a while, well, there are a lot of McHaleinski fics that have Scott and Stiles as an established relationship that Derek then comes into. Which totally works because YES TO ALL OF THAT AND I LOVE THAT WITH ALL MY SOUL but-

But the thinking:

What about a McHaleinski where canon has all happened (plus Sterek, obviously) and it’s years later and Scott and Kira have split ways and Stiles and Derek are happy and Scott-

Scott is confused.

Because, sure, maybe he’s always felt a little bit too much for Stiles, a little bit more than what he thought friends were supposed to feel for each other but that’s because Stiles is his best friend and Derek… well, he listened to Stiles wax enough poetic about Derek’s facial hair and forearms and, really, everything that he can’t help but be aware of his attractiveness and he’s never believed in pretending to be blind to the attractiveness of other men but he’s always had someone – Allison and then Kira and so he’s never really thought about it. Not really.

But now he’s single and now when he hangs out with Stiles and Derek, his eyes linger on how Stiles’ flush spreads from his cheek to his neck when Derek gives him a peck (even though it’s been years now and there is no reason for Stiles to still be so affected) and then he starts noticing how Derek’s muscles flex when he wraps an arm around Stiles (usually to keep him from falling over his own feet; sometimes to keep him from wandering off) and suddenly he just- he just wants.

And he feels terrible.

Because these are his best friends and they are happy and Scott is just- Scott is just some lonely, disgusting creep who is so desperate for intimacy that he fantasizes about sticking himself in their relationship instead of just getting his own.

So he tries.

He takes the nice girl from vet school to dinner and smiles at her stories and laughs at her jokes and has a nice time, but doesn’t take her up on her offer to come up to her apartment. So then he agrees to go to a football game with one of the guys he met when taking his car into the shop to get fixed and that goes even worse but there must be a way to do this.

So it’s onto Tinder. And that fails spectacularly because everyone thought Scott would swipe right for everyone because he’s Scott but he- he doesn’t want people he wants-

He wants what’s already right in front of him.

He wants Stiles and Derek.

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Wizard World part 5

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 // Part 6 Epilogue

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Prompt: Inspired by how much I wanted to go to wizard world these last few weeks. Hope you all enjoy!

Warnings: none

Word count: 908

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F/N got back from the gym after another 15 minutes and immediately set upon you with a hundred questions about the text you got from Sebastian. 

“Ok slow down! So I tried to text you after but my phone kinda froze. He tagged me in the picture he posted and the notifications killed my phone. But anyway, I think he asked me out?” You try to add casually at the end, playing it cool but of course your best friend could see right through you.

“Oh right that’s nice I guess.” She played along, pretending to yawn.

“Shut up.” You laugh. “He asked me to lunch. He’s picking me up after the photos tomorrow. I’ll try to get him to put a good word in for you with Mackie, if you let me have the window seat on the flight home that is…”

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Hey can you make an imagine where you don’t realize your bff Robbie likes you and you make jokes with him every now and then on how you’re “forever alone” so he tries to do really romantic things for you but you just convince yourself its nothing because you think its too good to be true, and then one day he just rambles about his feelings for you? **if you want an added challenge, try to make it as fluffy as possible, so much fluff I could knit a sweater with it XD Thanks :) -Anon

The school bell rings and you let out a huge sigh as you walk out of class. You walk to your locker and wait for your best friend Robbie. “Thank gosh it’s friday” you say as you see him. “This week has been so long and awful. Ugh” Robbie laughs and says “well that’s finals week for you. So, im thinking we should celebrate. How about some starbucks?” You roll your eyes and laugh “where else would we go" 

The two of you walk outside to the parking lot and get into Robbie’s car. As he drives to the local starbucks, you guys chat about the finals and what you thought about them. "Okay, seriously, that English final was hell. Like I swear half the stuff was either not on the study guide or we didn’t ever learn it” you say. “I mean, it wasn’t that bad. It was pretty easy to bs that stuff” Robbie says. You narrow your eyes at him. He looks over and says “what!?” “ugh of course it was easy for you.” And then you mimic him as you say in a high pitched voice “im Robbie Kay, Im so smart and everyone else is so stupid. I get all A’s yay!” “hey!” Robbie says “Stop it, my voice does not sound like that" 

The two of you pull into the starbucks parking lot laughing and go inside and order your drinks. You sit down at a table and mention to robbie how empty it is today. "everyone probably went home to get some sleep” he says. The two of you start chatting and lose track of time. When you check your phone, you find that you’ve been sitting there for about an hour and a half now. “geez,” you say. “time just flies by” “tell me about it” Robbie answers. The two of you just kind of sit there quietly for a few moments and you look up to see a couple walking in. You can’t help but stare at them and how they’re holding hands and hugging each other. 

You look at Robbie who’s watching you watch the couples and say “ugh. couples. they keep reminding me how im so forever alone” “aw dont say that” Robbie says. “you’ll find someone one day. and hey, you’ve got me..” “that’s true, if I dont find anyone at least I always have you. If we’re 40 and im still not married, im coming to you.” Robbie smiles and says “deal. Ill always be there for you." 

your mind starts going off. "did he just flirt with me?’ you think. "nah, it cant be” “anyways,” Robbie snaps you out of your conversation with yourself “are you coming to that party with me tonight?” “yea I wouldn’t miss it for a thing" 

later that night as you finish getting ready, you get a text from Robbie which says "im here. you ready?” You quickly look at yourself in the mirror before heading out. You were wearing a little black dress which hugged you in all the right places. You had on your favorite pair of bright pink heels, hair curled, and a some shiny lip gloss. “Maybe ill finally catch a guy tonight” you think. You run outside and Robbie’s eyebrows go way, way up. “Woah” he says. “too much?” you ask with a wince “no, its, um, you look really…hot to be honest” he said hot like it wasn’t in his vocabulary and it made you laugh. “aww thanks Robbie. that was the point. I need to find like a hookeup tonight or something. I done with being a loner" 

As he drives you to the party he says, "you don’t need a hookup when you have me” “i know, i know, but i can’t exactly makeout with you can I?’ Robbie wishpers something that sounds like "yes you can” “what?” you say. “nothing. anyways we’re here lets go” You shake your head and tell yourself you didn’t really hear that. 

You and Robbie go inside and talk to a few friends and then head to the nearest couch. You find yourself losing track of time all over again as you talk to him. But you don’t really mind, you loved to just sit and talk to Robbie. You look away from Robbie’s face and see so many couples making out, grinding, or groping each other. You sign and whisper to yourself, “why don’t I have a guy?” Robbie must’ve heard you because he leans forward and says ‘can I have a dance?“ 

You smile and say "of course” Robbie takes you over to where everyone is dancing and puts his arm around your waist. He’s a pretty good dance, you’ve got to admit. You laugh as he twirls you around and it makes him grin. Someone taps your shoulder and you turn around, getting ready to yell at someone for interrupting your and robbie’s dance. But you couldn’t. because the guy who tapped you is mega hot and you’re dying on the inside. 

“sorry for interrupting, but i was wondering you wanted to dance” you will yourself to form a coherent sentence as you say “uh, sure, of course!” The hot guy smiles and you turn to Robbie and motion that you’ll meet up later. Robbie walks away with a look of hurt on his face. 

The dance with the random hot guy was pretty awesome and the two of you walk over to a random corner. He pulls you closer by the waist and you think “yes its finally going to happen” soon, you start making out, and it was pretty flipping awesome. later that night, you met up with Robbie again and you can’t wait to tell him what happened. “omg Robbie guess what? We made out! That cute guy and I made out! It finally happened!” Robbie scowls and says “yea, yea, that’s great” “robbie, what’s wrong? Why are you acting like this?” “I just, no reason, im sorry, do you want to go home now?” “yea..sure" 

on your way home, you try to think of reasons why Robbie might be acting strange. "could he be jealous?” you ask yourself. No, that can’t be it. Why would robbie be jealous? that would mean he likes you, which he obviously doesn’t. Robbie pulls up to your house and you say thanks and go inside. That night you cant sleep because you have this nagging feeling that Robbie might like you. You think of all the things that Robbie has done. How he set up such a wonderful dinner on your birthday. He gave you a flower and wore such a dashing suit and tie and made you feel so special. How he always brings you your favorite food when you’re sick and lies in bed with you and watches your favorite shows. How he is always taking care of you. is that friendship or something more? Could Robbie really like me? But it cant, it’s all too good to be true. You sigh and turn over, and fall asleep.

The next day you yet again have another party. That night Robbie arrives at your house a little earlier so he comes up to your room as you get ready. “Ugh, im running out of time!” you yell. you fell asleep and woke up half an hour before you had to leave. “relax” Robbie says. “Can I help with anything?” “Can you put on my makeup and straighten my hair?” “well, makeup I can’t, but I can straighten your hair" 

You slowly turn around. "seriously?” “yea, I mean It seems pretty easy. I can try.” “uh yea go for it” Robbie smiles and says “no problem” you turn around and watch in the mirror as he picks up your straightener and starts to straighten your hair. He’s not perfect at it, but pretty good. “seriously, thanks Robbie” “it’s no problem at all. Now hurry and do your makeup” There’s no way this is just friendship you think to yourself. Suddenly, you really want to know the truth. You have to find out. 



“can i ask you a question?”


“why were you acting like that yesterday? you got all sad and kinda mad when I danced with that guy and later when I told you about it you were scowling” you look in the mirror to catch a glimpse of any facial expressions

Robbie freezes up. “uh, no reason really. I was just thinking about something”

“what were you thinking about?”

theres silence for a minute “what the world has come to. and how there’s bad people out there" 

you snort and turn around. "yeah right. Cut the crap Robbie. What were you really thinking about?" 

"i just, i dont want to talk about it" 

you stare him down and give him that look that you know scares the crap out of him. 

"okay, okay fine. Just stop looking at me like that. I just, I felt bad when you were dancing with that guy because i wanted you to keep dancing with me. and…when you came to tell me that you made out with him I wanted to be the one to do that with you. and its so frustrating because you cant even see how much i like you. I like you so much and you’re always going off about how youre going to be forever alone but i tell you no because ill be there for you but you dont seem to get it and I just like you so much. i want to hold your hand and kiss you and hug you and do all these couple-y stuff with you.” Robbie stops and his eyes widen as he realizes everything he just spewed out. 

your eyes are wide to as you realize everything he just said. “you like me?”

he nods

“why didn’t you tell me earlier you idiot?! Then I wouldn’t have made out with that guy and instead made out with you!”

Robbies eyes widen again

“And i actually didn’t realize that you like me until very recently and i always thought of you as a best friend because I thought i would lose you if i thought of you as something more. But, I actually think I like you too" 

Robbie smiles and says "so, tonight at the party, instead of looking for other guys to kiss…" 

"ill already be kissing you” you finish with a laugh. Robbie laughs too and the two of you walk out to his car holding hands.

*geez this was really long. It’s not mega fluffy and im sorry for that but i hope you likee :)*

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Hello! Love your writing pieces, you're so awesome! c: If you're accepting prompts I have one. It would be cool if this could be H2OVanoss or Daithi x Delirious. (Is that weird?) With this text: "Hey CaRtOoNz, I know it's late, but I got a bit high and decided to swim in the river with Delirious and he went down stream and now I don't know what to do"

I decided on H2OVanoss, only because I don’t ship Daithi de Delirious. Hope that’s okay. It’ll still be awesome! I think I’ve seen this before so I hope I do it justice for you darling. I kind of changed it a bit though to fit the story I wanted. I know this is really EXTREMELY out of character for Evan and Jonathan but just go with me here guys.

Luke groaned loudly, aggravated that his phone was ringing at three in the morning and he had only gone to bed an hour before. Genay shifted in her sleep at the noise, and Luke decided to take the call from Evan in the next room.

“This better be fucking important.”

“Luke…Jonathan and I did something stupid…” Evan said.

“That’s nothing new. Why did you have to wake me up to tell me that?” Luke said through a yawn.

“No, this time it was really stupid. And I fucked up. Like really fucked up.” Evan began to get hysterical. “I lost him.”

“Lost him? Evan, what are you talking about?” Luke straightened up. How the fuck did he lose a grown man?

Evan sounded like he was on the verge of tears, “We got high. Too high; really high. We decided to go for a swim in the river behind the house and he went down stream and I can’t find him and now I don’t know what to do. I’ve looked for him and called for him and he won’t answer.”

“Goddammit. That is really fucking stupid!” Luke growled. He ran back into his bedroom and pulled on a sweatshirt and his sneakers. “Where are you now?”

“At the house. I thought maybe if he would’ve gotten out he would’ve come back but he hasn’t. Luke, you have to help me.” Evan cried.

“I’m on my way. Just stay put, Evan. And try to sober up, for fuck’s sake.” Luke hung up and ran to his car. Jonathan’s house was a ten minute drive, five at three in the morning with no traffic and with him speeding in his BMW. He pulled up behind Evan’s car and jumped out. He heard Evan in the back yard, calling Jonathan’s name into the darkness. He headed towards him, and Evan turned quickly, relief quickly turning back into panic at the sight of him.

“I thought…I thought you were him.” He said, his eyes red. Luke wasn’t sure if it was from the weed or from the crying.

“We’ll find him, Vanoss. Have you checked the house?” Luke asked gently, not wanting to upset him more. His hair was wet, as were his clothes, like he threw them on without drying his body first.

“Not really. I just called out his name and he didn’t answer.” Evan responded, turning back to the river.

“Let’s go back inside and look. Maybe he’s in the bathroom drying off. And you should change. It’s freezing out.” Luke reasoned.

“I just want to find my boyfriend, Luke.”

Luke could tell that Evan was still high as he led him back into the house, unsteady on his feet and bobbing his head back and forth.

“You guys don’t even smoke. What the hell got into you?” Luke asked him, sitting him down on the couch.

Evan blushed. “Um…we thought we’d try something new and maybe it would spice up…”

Luke held his hand up. “No, that’s okay. I’m good. I’m gonna go look around, okay?”

Evan nodded and Luke headed towards their bedroom. “Jon?” he called out to the empty room. He heard a small splash from the bathroom. He made his way there cautiously, not entirely sure what he’d find. But when he opened the door, his frustration boiled over into a yell that startled the sleeping man in the bathtub. “What the FUCK?”

“Luke?” Jonathan asked, wiping the water and sleep from his eyes.

Evan came stumbling into the room, eyes wide. “What happened? Is he here?”

“You fucking retards! Did you even leave the fucking house, Evan? Jon is in the fucking bathtub! You guys were in the bathtub and you thought you were in the fucking river? Are you fucking kidding me? I got out of bed for this?” Luke was infuriated.

It was like Evan didn’t even hear him though, because he ran straight to Jonathan’s side and cupped his face. “I was so worried about you. I thought I had lost you forever. We are never smoking again, okay? Our sex life is perfect, babe.”

“I…Evan, why am I in the bathtub?”

Luke stormed out of the bathroom and to his car. He really hated his friends sometimes.

When he woke up the next morning, it was from a text from Jonathan.

From Delirious: Sorry about last night. XD Also, the sex afterwards was great. You should really try it.

Luke threw his phone across the room and went back to bed.

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Omg!! That university au hc is awesome!!! Pls more of that *hands praying emoji* Maybe rfa+v are already friends with mc and are struggling finding out how to invite her on a date? Or being insecure bc they dont know if mc likes them or not

godd707 will answer your prayers!

~female MC


  • okay, okay today was the day
  • he was gonna finally ask MC out on a date
  • him and MC had started talking more and more lately and he really wanted to ask them out but he gets so anxious about these thingS
  • its 40 degrees fahrenheit that morning at the bus stop but Yoosung is sweating
  • why wasnt she at the stop yet??
  • Yoosung wants to text her and make sure she woke up on time but he doesnt want to annoy MC…
  • oh god this is so nerve raking
  • Yoosung takes out his phone and scrolls through instagram to try and distract himself
  • “come here often?”
  • Yoosung almost jumps at the sound of MC’s voice he was so on edge
  • he turns to see them smiling brightly, wrapped up under layers of warm clothes
  • he smiles and giggles, which he does a lot when he’s nervous
  • “i’m at this bus stop everyday of the week at 10:30! unless its saturday or sunday or a school holiday”
  • MC laughs at the way Yoosung answered her question
  • “everything alright, dork? you’re acting kind of jumpy today”
  • Yoosung lifts his hand up to push back his hair, forgetting he had clipped it up that morning
  • his hand gets caught up in the hair clips and moves it out of place, and he tries to fix it
  • oh god, he probably just messed up his hair and looks totally weird now..
  • fffffuuccckK
  • MC’s trying to hold her laughter in
  • he takes the clip out and shoves it into his pocket
  • “everything is fine, totally fine!”
  • “okay, Yoosung…sure…”
  • “i wanted to ask you something, actually”
  • “whats that?”
  • “i was just going to ask if you wanted to maybe do something together this weekend if you have any free time i mean if you have a lot of homework thats fine i know you’re taking hard classes and probably dont have much free time but i figured if you could maybe we can grab a coffee i’ll even pay for yours if you want or-”
  • “Yoosung”
  • “um…yea?”
  • “i’d love to get some coffee this saturday”
  • “r-really?”
  • “yes!”
  • Yoosung jumps up victoriously
  • nailed it


  • Zen had no idea if MC even wanted to do anything he was interested in
  • but MC had been tutoring him lately and he’d kind of developed a liking toward her…
  • okay, think Zen
  • what does MC like
  • math….? she’s like…pretty good at math…
  • do people who like math like going to the football games???
  • everyone likes the football games, right??
  • god why does asking someone out have to be so stressful
  • Zen was sitting in his math class waiting for it to start when MC came in
  • ZEN!! chill. you’re an actor. you can do this
  • “hey, Zen! how’d you do on fridays worksheet? understand everything?”
  • Zen’s eyes widen
  • dammit…the worsheet…he didnt do the worksheet
  • “um, yea! totally understood it. no problems at all”
  • “oh wow, you’re getting good at this class. not even i understood the whole thing. maybe you should tutor me!”
  • nice one, Zen;;;
  • okay enough messing around! a s k  h e r!!
  • “MC, do you want to go out with me?”
  • she tilts her head, looking at Zen
  • “to the football game, i mean! i was wondering if you wanted to go to the football game this saturday. with me.”
  • “oh…well, the football games arent really my thing”
  • Zen!! fix this!!
  • “we dont have to go to the game if you want! we can watch it at my place and order pizza or something”
  • MC smiles at him
  • “yea, okay. that sounds nice, Zen”
  • “awesome. i’ll see you saturday, then!”
  • Zen had to turn around then cause class was starting
  • shit, he cant believe he really pulled that off
  • wow, he really has a date with MC!
  • wow, he really needs to clean up by saturday


  • Jaehee and MC hung out all the time, but it was only so MC could help her with her public speaking skills
  • but after being coached by MC for awhile Jaehee wanted more
  • but she didnt really know if MC did???
  • i mean yea they met up a lot but it was always just for school
  • would MC want to see her if school wasnt involved??
  • ?????
  • maybe Jaehee could ask her out for some ice cream?
  • who doesnt like ice cream?
  • Jaehee decided to text MC, since waiting till class tomorrow would probably kill her
  • “hey, you busy after class tomorrow?”
  • “not really, just have some homework to do. need help with something?”
  • “yea, i do actually”
  • “okay, sure! what do you want to work on?”
  • “well i’ve been craving ice cream like crazy lately but i dont have anyone to go with”
  • Jaehee waits for the text back, growing more nervous with every second that passes
  • “you buying?”
  • “yes!”
  • “alright, i’m in! cant wait for that icecream :D”
  • Jaehee blushes reading the message
  • “me either”
  • phew. hopefully Jaehee wont be too nervous on their date…


  • since Jumin met MC on the first day of school she’s like, all he can think about for some reason??
  • he’s never felt like this about a girl before
  • but he gets so stupid around her for some reason
  • he wants to talk to her when he sees her in class but it always comes out so…weird…
  • like once he wanted to ask her “what did you get for number six” but he said “what did you get for number sex”
  • it was awful and embarrassing and oh my god
  • maybe the classroom is the problem!!!
  • if he spends time with MC outside the classroom he’ll be totally cool
  • ….right?
  • when MC sits down next to him, he feels his face heat up just like it did the first day of class
  • hey, face, stop that
  • Jumin doesnt look at MC, afraid she might see that his face is red
  • “good morning, MC”
  • “good morning? it’s 2 PM, Jumin”
  • dammit
  • “…right. i was wondering if after class you would want to join me for a meal”
  • Jumin’s still staring at his desk
  • “sure! where do you want to go?”
  • “anywhere. i would do anything to for you”
  • Jumin closes his eyes, feeling like an idiot
  • theres no way MC will agree to go anywhere with him now…
  • “anywhere? can we go to my favorite pizza place, then?”
  • Jumin looks up, a slight grin on his face
  • “yes, of course”
  • MC smiles and brushes some hair behind her ear, cheeks pink
  • “c-cool”
  • for the rest of the class period Jumin cant stop thinking about that pizza place
  • he was going to be super cool there, for sure!!!
  • yea, Jumin. you keep telling yourself that


  • Seven cant believe he started going to the computer gaming club meetings again
  • and it was all for that girl…
  • she made it so much fun though
  • she was only of the only people in the club who wasnt actually completely clueless when it came to computers
  • playing games with MC was fun and all that but he wanted more…
  • he wanted to take her out to the park and buy her hot coco and take her to an ice skating rink where he could hold her little hand and pull her along the ice
  • god, even he’s disgusted by how sappy his thoughts are
  • but Seven cant help it
  • the thing is
  • Seven’s never really…..asked anyone out before…
  • the last time he came close to having a girlfriend was when he asked his second grade teacher to marry him
  • and he got shot down pretty hard so,
  • would MC even be into all that stuff??? she seemed so chill and they only ever talked if it was about computers or gaming…
  • Seven goes to the club room
  • MC’s there, just like he thought she would be
  • he greets her by standing to her left and tapping on her right shoulder
  • she turns toward him immediately
  • “as if i would still fall for that, Seven”
  • he rubs the back of his neck
  • “damn…you’re getting too good”
  • “i know”
  • Seven chuckles a little and shoves his hands into the pockets of his hoodie
  • “so….what are you up to?”
  • “i’m playing LOLOL, Seven. that’s kind of what i always do when i’m in here?”
  • “oh, yea. cool…so how’s that going?”
  • MC makes a confused face
  • “it’s going great. everything okay, Seven?”
  • Seven takes a deep breath
  • “MC, do you want to go get some food with me?”
  • he kind of blurted it out, talking really fast
  • “…what?”
  • “i’m hungry so i thought you might be too”
  • MC blushes
  • “um…yea, okay. i’d really like that”
  • “oh. for real?”
  • Seven also starts blushing
  • “yea. it’ll be nice to get away from this computer for a little, i guess”
  • MC tosses her backpack over her shoulder and links arms with Seven
  • “and we’re off! the dynamic duo takes the nearest fast food restaurant by storm!”
  • he feels his face get even more warm than before
  • MC had never touched him before…
  • knsvbksdnvmlxcvjoiwyryshfbkldvf


  • thank god V got that cute girls number he met at the party
  • since then theyve been texting nonstop
  • he even got in trouble with a few of his professors for texting during class
  • she was just so much fun to talk to
  • they talked for a couple weeks but neither of them suggested meeting up or anything
  • V isnt sure if MC is interested in him romantically or anything
  • but she really seems like she is?
  • should he just go for it?
  • girls are scary…
  • it’s like 5 PM on thursday and V cant stop thinking about her
  • before he knows it, he’s dialed MC’s number
  • “hello?”
  • “oh um, hey MC!”
  • “hey, V. whats up?”
  • “nothing, really. i was just thinking about you”
  • wait!! fuCK that was so STUPID
  • “oh? what were you thinking?”
  • i was just thinking that i probably want to date you really badly
  • “i just wanted to make sure you ate something today”
  • nice save, V
  • “now that i think about it, i havent really had time to eat all day…”
  • “want me to come get you? i’ll feed you some dinner if you’d like”
  • ‘feed you some dinner’?!!! what the hell was that??????!?!?
  • “oh, really? that sounds awesome, V!”
  • did he just hear that right?
  • she actually wants to get some food?
  • well shit, he better get ready
  • “great. i’ll head out now. see you soon!”
  • “V, wait!”
  • oh no. is she gonna cancel? tell him she never wants to talk again? tell him she already has a boyfriend?!
  • “you need my address, right?”
  • oh, duh.


Ashley Purdy Imagine: I Can Date Who I Want

Anon asks:

Could you write one where you’re Andy’s little sister (18yrs old btw ) and you fall in love with Ashley but Andy gets mad because he thinks Ashley is using you?


Finally you have turned 18. Your first priority, now that you are a legal adult is to get out of your small home in Ohio. You bought a plane ticket to LA and left a note on the kitchen table that read, “Bye mom and dad. I’m going to LA. I’ll be with Andy. We already planned it out. Don’t try and stop me. I’ll already be on a plane by the time you see this." 

The flight was long but when you finally saw your brother you knew it was all worth it. You ran up to him and wrapped your arms around him. It had been a long time since you had last seen your big brother and you had missed him way to much.

After you released Andy he stepped aside and introduced you to the most attractive man you had ever seen. Andy said, "This is my band mate, Ashley Purdy. Ash this is my baby sister, Y/N. Keep your hands off of her.” You giggled at Andy’s reaction and then waved at Ashley saying, “I would shake your hand but I don’t want Mr. Over Protective here to freak out.” Ashley laughed and Andy rolled his eyes and grabbed you bags before leading you out of the airport. 

*One Month Later"

Tonight it was just you and Ashley. Andy hardly ever left you alone with just one of his band members. There were always at least 2 of them with you when Andy wasn’t. You were shocked when he actually agreed to letting you stay alone with Ashley. Yes, you were 18 and he couldn’t technically stop you from being alone with Ash, but you would rather keep your brother happy.

Ashley plopped down on the couch next to you. A little closer than he would have had Andy been in the room. You smiled to yourself then hit the play button on the movie you were going to watch. The intro to The Nightmare Before Christmas began to play. You decided to just go for it and scooted over so you could curl into Ashley’s side. You felt him tense up, but then quickly relax and put his arm around you. The two of you sat cuddled together watching the movie until you heard the bus door open. You quickly moved to the other side of the couch and stretched out so your feet were on Ashley’s lap.

Andy walked into the living room and swatted your legs off of Ashley and sat down between the two of you. You saw Ashley sneak a few glances at you and he had to notice you looking at him too. The three of you sat and finished the movie before Ashley decided to go home. Andy stood up to walk him out and you mouthed, “text me” at Ashley he nodded his head slightly and then said goodbye before going with Andy out of the house.

*Later that night*

Ashley texted you as soon as he got home and said, “Hey I had a great time tonight. We will have to do this again sometime." 

You smiled as you read it and sent back, "Ya we will, but its so hard to get Andy to leave me alone with you." 

Ashley replied, "Ya I know. Could you tell him you have a date with someone you met a few days ago and then come over here tomorrow?" 

You said, "I hate lying to him, but I’ll see if I can." 

You walked down stairs to see Andy on his phone. "Andy?” you said softly, “Um I kind of have a date tomorrow night? Is that cool?” His head snapped up at your words and said, “And who is this guy you’re going on a date with?” You sighed hating to have to lie and said, “You wouldn’t know him. It’s some guy I met a few weeks ago.” Andy nodded and agreed to let you go. You ran over to him and gave him a tight hug chanting, “Thank you thank you thank you." 

Once you were safely back in your room you grabbed your phone and texted Ashley, "He said I could go! See ya tomorrow!”

Ashley replied, “Awesome can’t wait to see you!”

You laid your phone down and fell asleep dreaming of hanging out with Ashley the next night.

*Next Night*

You took a taxi to Ashley’s house so Andy wouldn’t recognize your car parked there. When you arrived you knocked on the door and heard him shuffling around yelling out a few profanities before opening the door with a smile on his face. He pulled you into the house then closed the door before giving you a hug. Thank god Andy wasn’t around he would’ve gone crazy. 

Ashley led you further into his house and you said, “So what do you have planned for this evening?” He smiled and said, “Well I thought maybe we could watch a movie and cuddle a bit then maybe get to know each other better since we can’t do that with Andy around?” You quickly agreed and he led you to the living room. He put on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and you squealed, “I love Alice in Wonderland!” Ashley laughed at your excitement then sat down on the couch opening his arms for you to join him. You quickly joined him on the couch feeling his toned arms wrap around your body. You smiled at him and he kissed your forehead gently. For everyone thinking he was just a womanizer he was the sweetest person you had ever met. 

Once the movie finished you pulled out your phone and noticed 3 missed calls from Andy. You told Ashley to check his phone. He also had 2 missed calls. You groaned and said, “be quiet I’m going to call him back." 

He picked up on the first ring and said, "Oh my god Y/N I was so worried about you.”

You rolled your eyes and said, “Andy I can look out for myself. I’m an adult. I don’t need to check in every hour. I’m enjoying my date now will you please leave me alone I’ll be home before 3.” After saying that you hung up. 

Ashley typed a quick text to Andy and said, “I’m kind of busy right now.” Then the two of you went back to enjoying each others company.

Ashley began softly tracing patterns into your back as you sighed, content with the world in that small moment. The two of you sat in silence for several minutes before Ashley brought his finger under your chin and gently turned your face to look at him. You stared deeply into his beautiful brown eyes as he whispered, “Y/N.. I think I’m falling in love with you.” You brush his hair out of his face and said, “Ash, I think I am too.” He moved his head closer to you and said, “Can I kiss you?” You moved your hands to the back of his neck and slightly pushed down, signaling him to connect your lips. His lips brushed slightly against yours. You felt yourself smile as you fully closed the gap and connected your lips to his.  He kissed you softly, with no force at all. You felt your smile grow as you slowly pulled back. Only to have him lean forward and press another long kiss to you lips. You rested your head against his chest and said, “Andy is not going to be happy.” Ashley ran his fingers through your hair and said, “Let’s not worry about that for now." 

You looked over at the clock and sighed, "I guess I better get going." 

"You want a ride?” Ashley asked. You replied, “Sure. We should probably tell Andy now before we go any farther…”

Ashley sighed, “Ya, I guess you’re right." 

You got in his car and he rested his hand on your knee as he drove you home. His small gesture slightly calmed you as you awaited Andy’s wrath.

Ashley pulled into your drive way and walked up the path to the door. You stood behind him so Andy wouldn’t see you.

Andy pulled open the door expecting to see you and frowned when he saw his band mate instead. He said, "Ashley, what are you doing here this late?" 

Ashley replied, "I’ve got to talk to you about something.” He reached back and grabbed your hand and pulled you into his side, disconnecting your hands and protectively placing his arm around your waste. You heard Andy inhale sharply before saying, “Is this who you’re date was with.” You nodded your head slightly then buried your head in Ashley’s chest. Andy simply said, “Get inside. Both of you.” You groaned. This was going to be worse than you anticipated. 

Andy looked at you and said, “Y/N look at me.” You looked up at him and said, “You know his reputation. What are you thinking?” Tears started to stream down your face, “He’s treated me better than anyone else I’ve ever been with.” Andy sighed and said, “Ashley I trusted you. I left you alone and now my baby sister is sneaking out to see you?" 

Ashley simply said, "She’s an adult. I love her and she loves me. I understand she’s your little sister and you want to protect her, but at least she’s with me instead of some random creepy guy.” You giggled at Ashley’s response and added, “I know I should’ve told you upfront I was going to see Ashley. But I knew you would’ve reacted this way and I didn’t want you to stop me. I just had the best night of my life and it was only our first date." 

Andy ran his hand through his hair and muttered, "This is so wrong, but I can see I won’t be able to stop you two. Just don’t break her heart Ash.”

Ashley kissed the side of your head and said, “I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that.” You grinned at Ashley. Andy made disgusted noises and said, “Its way past your bed time Y/N. Go to bed. Goodnight Ash. You know where the door is.” After Andy left the room you placed a small kiss on Ashley’s lips and said, “Goodnight. I’ll see you soon.” He smiled and said, “Goodnight beautiful.”


Okay so that was really super long and took like 2 and a half hours to write! But its done and I think it’s probably one of the best I’ve ever done!  Thanks for the request!

Written by Lilly


December is Pierce the Veil month!! Requests open now!

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roxyblade  asked:

Hey! So, I fell over at the weekend and broke my elbow. 27 years old and the first bone I've broken. I was wondering if you could write some sterek to cheer me up so I don't feel like such a twat?

[i hope your elbow feels better and is well on its way to healing! have some high school au + sterek + obliviousness]

Stiles scowls, wincing at the pain and switches hands, grabbing for the box of cereal with his right hand. It feels weird, off balance, but he can do it. The bowl and spoon are balanced precariously in his other hand, somewhat hindered by the cast, but he can manage this. He pours a healthy amount of Froot Loops into his bowl, biting his lip and crooning in satisfaction when he succeeds. Milk is next, and it’s a bit more difficult with the gallon jug in his non-dominant hand. The jug is a new one, too, heavy and full, and Stiles only wants so much–

The jug tips over, spilling milk everywhere, and Stiles curses as he tries to upright it, only to knock his cereal to the floor.


He misses Scott already, and the first week after he broke his elbow his best friend had gallantly been there for him to be awesome and help with all these random things. And it totally wasn’t at all different from any other summer, hanging out with Scott everyday, Stiles didn’t even notice his entire arm was in this huge cast. He could still play video games fine, watch movies with Scott and laugh at his jokes.

But Scott got wrangled into spending a weekend with his dad in San Francisco, and now Stiles has nothing to do except his summer reading for AP English next year.

And he’s going to have a huge mess when his dad gets home, this is the worst.

Stiles kicks at the mess with his foot, and then jumps up when the phone in his pocket buzzes.

He finds a text from an unknown number that reads, did you finish the first part of the reading yet, we need to start planning the analysis section.

Right, someone from his literature group probably. Stiles types back, ITS THE FIRST WEEK OF SUMMER CHILL and then wipes the milk off his phone. Gross.

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losersareforlosers  asked:


You could read this on its own, but it’ll make a lot more sense if you read Clarke’s POV first. :)

Special thanks to dropshipjohn, lushatrocity, bellarmyblake, and orrgasmic who were all lovely enough to express interest in this. :)

(It should be said that I don’t actually look down on Walmart and that I think it’s a wonderful place to get non-overpriced things. But I’m playing on stereotypes a little here.)

Bellamy has acquired a problem in the form of the pretty blonde girl who keeps showing up at his register at 3 am. She’s all disheveled hair and clothes, and makeup that’s definitely not as fresh as it was at one point, and somehow it totally works for him

The more he thinks about it, the more he realizes it’s less of a problem than a pathetic crush.

The second time she’s there she takes him by surprise with an apparent affinity for teasing, and he really does believe, for a split second, that she’s some high-up, pretentious artist. Then he finds out that she’s a doctor, which is really no less intimidating.

(She works with kids and he’s so far gone already.)


It’s stupid, and he feels like an idiot, but the chance that she’ll show up has him actually smiling as he pulls on his godawful blue vest before night shifts.

(He doesn’t hate working there. It pays the bills, and O’s tuition, but he does wish, a little, that he worked somewhere a little nicer. Especially when the girl he’s got a schoolboy crush on is a freaking doctor.)

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To Hear You Play

Summary: Phil ends up at a romantic restaurant all alone, luckily the piano player, Dan, is the perfect eye candy.

Genre: fluff, au

Warnings: minor swearing, implied smut

Words: 3,145

A/N: Wow, this was a long one! I hope you guys enjoy it :)

The soft sound of piano music filled the air, candles flickering on the tables, the whole place screamed ‘romantic’. Unfortunately, Phil was eating alone. There was something depressing about eating alone at a fancy, romantic restaurant, even if you were only there to review the food for your blog.

It was taking too long for his dinner to arrive, and Phil was sick of the atmosphere already, why had he thought this would be a good idea? It was obviously the kind of place you take a date to. He was debating just dashing out, this second, and going out to Starbucks instead, when his wandering eye latched onto the boy playing the piano.

Even in the dimly lit restaurant, it was clear that he was gorgeous – and just Phil’s type. Dark brown fringe cut into a style that mirrored Phil’s own, leather jacket and black skinny jeans that were obviously out of place in this world of dress shirts and ties. Phil didn’t feel the need to leave the restaurant quite so soon.

The piano music was breathtakingly good. It was fluid and emotional and raw. So even after Phil’s long awaited food was gone and he had no reason to be lingering, Phil found himself watching the piano boy.

The restaurant got a good review.


Phil found himself going out to eat much more than his blog demanded, spending more time at the romantic restaurant than he would care to admit. He couldn’t help it; he loved listening to the piano music almost as much as he loved watching the boy’s fingers fly across the keys.

It was a Tuesday night, which meant that Phil was seated at his usual table, which was tucked away into the shadows, but close enough to the small stage that he could study the piano player. He was sipping a coffee, having poured so much sugar into it that it couldn’t really be considered coffee, waiting for the piano to start. The piano player, whoever he was, was late.

Phil’s inner musings were interrupted by the chair across from him scrapping across the floor. Phil though he must be dreaming because piano boy was sitting across from him. He was even cuter up close, with coffee colored eyes and dimples. He was dressed in a black shirt, its long sleeves pushed up to his elbows.

“Can I sit here?” he asked, though he was already sitting.

“Yeah, no one’s sitting there,” Phil said, mentally slapping himself. Piano boy probably thought he was weird for coming to a romantic restaurant all by himself. Why couldn’t Phil just seem like a normal person for once?

“Yeah, I know,” the piano boy said with a grin, his teeth shinning like the keys he played so well, “I see you here all the time.”

Phil knew it was his turn to speak, but his brain had short-circuited. Piano boy noticed him?

“And I know you can’t be here for the food, because, honestly, it’s not that great,” he continued. Phil laughed, his nerves settling. Sure, this guy seemed funny and awesome and perfect, but he was probably just as nervous as Phil.

“No,” Phil said, smiling softly, “it’s not for the food.” He may have been wrong, but he thought that piano boy was blushing.

“I’m Dan,” piano boy said, leaning back in his chair and fixing his hair.

“Phil,” Phil said.

“Why do you come here, Phil?” Dan asked, his tone suggestive.

“To hear you play,” Phil said honestly. Dan didn’t appear to be expecting such a straightforward answer, and he leaned forward again.

“Really?” He asked, sounding excited. Phil found himself nodding.

“Do you want to get out of here?” Phil asked, finding his voice.

Dan grinned again, and god was he attractive, fussing with his hair some more, “Hell yeah, I would kill for some Starbucks right now.”


The two boys found themselves at a small Starbucks just down the road, both ordering the same Carmel drink and joking about good taste. Dan led Phil to a small, leather couch, sitting close enough that their thighs touched.

“Do you go to university here?” Dan asked, sipping his drink.

“Yep,” Phil nodded, “I’m getting my post graduate in Theatre, Film, and Television. What about you?”

“Oh, um, it’s my gap year,” Dan said, clearing his throat awkwardly.

“Gap year?” Phil asked, surprised. Gap year referred to the year after high school, making Dan only eighteen years old. “You look older than eighteen.”

“It that okay?” Dan asked, “That I’m only eighteen?” Phil thought about it for a minute. He really liked Dan, and even if his mother would kill him for it, Phil found himself nodding.

“I don’t have a problem with it,” he said honestly. Dan looked relieved.

“I was really worried you’d say I was too young, or something,” Dan admitted, “Because I knew you were older.”

The topics changed to less serious things, like favorite movie and TV shows and how much they liked the new season of Doctor Who. They had a lot in common. Dan was telling a story, his arms waving, when he was interrupted by a phone’s vibrating.

Dan pulled his phone out of his pocket, glancing to see who it was.

“Shit!” He said, suddenly, “I totally forgot I was supposed to work the late shift tonight.” Dan launched himself off the couch, turning and offering Phil a hand. Phil let the other boy haul him up, his hand tingling where Dan held it. “I’m really sorry I have to leave so soon,” Dan apologized, not moving his hand from Phil’s.  

“Can I come listen to you play?” Phil asked, blue eyes wide.

“You want to come listen to me play?” Dan asked, surprised. Phil nodded and Dan shrugged, “sure, come on.”


“You were amazing,” Phil said as he walked Dan back to his apartment. Dan was blushing, their hands brushing as they walked.

“Thanks,” Dan said, “I’m glad you didn’t leave at the coffee shop.”

Phil felt himself blush, “Me too.” In a sudden rush of confidence, Phil reached over and wrapped his fingers around Dan’s. The younger boy squeezed his hand, but slowed his pace.

“This is my place,” Dan said, gesturing to the small apartment building he had stopped in front of.

“Can I give you my number?” Phil asked.

Dan nodded, handing over his phone. “That was the most fun I’ve ever had,” he admitted.

“Me too,” Phil said with a small smile.

Dan glanced toward his apartment while Phil typed his number into Dan’s contacts. “Do you have to go?” Dan asked, “Or do you want to come inside?”

“I would love to come inside.”

Dan’s apartment was small, but comfortable.

“Sorry for the mess,” Dan apologized as he shoved dirty dishes into the sink.

“Its fine,” Phil said, in fact it was cleaner than Phil’s own place.

“Super Mario Cart?” Dan asked, leading Phil into the lounge.

“Sure,” Phil replied, “you’re going down.”

Some hours later, after Dan had creamed Phil during every race, and Phil knew that it was late and he should have left an hour ago, the two boys lingered in Dan’s doorway.

“I’ll text you,” Dan was saying.

“You better,” Phil said with a grin, trying to muster up the courage to kiss the younger boy. The pair lingered in the hallway, the silence falling around them.

Dan cleared his throat, shifting as if he wasn’t sure what to do or say. “Bye,” he finally settled for, giving Phil a small wave.

“Bye,” Phil repeated, mirroring Dan’s wave as well as his words. Turning, Phil headed down the hallway toward the lift, glancing back just in time to see Dan smack himself in the face.

“I should’ve kissed him,” Phil muttered.


Phil found himself walking the now familiar path to the restaurant. He hadn’t posted on his blog since he saw Dan for the first time, but Phil couldn’t really bring himself to care.

A bell jingled cheerfully as Phil opened the door, breathing in the familiar scent of fruity wines and baking bread. Dan was already seated at the piano, his hands flying with practiced ease.

Earlier that morning Dan had texted Phil, asking if he wanted to join him for dinner after he got off work. Phil had agreed, of course, but showed up an hour before Dan would be done, so he could listen to the now familiar music.

Sitting at his usual table, ordering a cup of hot chocolate, Phil waited for Dan to finish.

“You came,” Dan said with a smile as he dropped into the seat across from Phil forty-five minutes later.

“Of course,” Phil replied, “Where to you want to go to eat?”

Dan scratched the back of his head, “do you want to come back to mine? I can cook.”

His caramel-coffee eyes were wide, and it occurred to Phil that Dan probably didn’t have a lot of money for going out to dinner.

“Sure,” Phil said with a grin, “what are you making?”


It turned out the extent of Dan’s cooking was pancakes.

“You have to flip them,” Phil said, snatching the pan. Holding it out in front of him, Phil tossed the pancake into the air. Catching it in the pan, Phil smiled smugly at Dan.

“Was that a challenge?” Dan asked, smirking.

When the next pancake was ready to be flipped, Dan grabbed the pan. Tossing it in the air, Dan promptly dropped it onto the floor. Covering his mouth, Phil giggled at the look on Dan’s face.

“I win!” Phil declared.

“Whatever,” Dan grumbled.

Even with Dan’s poor pancake flipping skills – he dropped at least two more – they end up with a good amount of pancakes. They are the best pancakes Phil’s ever eaten.

“That was delicious,” Phil said as he lay across Dan’s couch, his long legs dangling over the end. Dan was sitting on the floor, his head level with Phil’s chest. Phil’s hand was itching to tangle itself in Dan’s hair.

“Those were the best pancakes ever,” Dan agreed. “Mario Cart rematch?”

“You’re on!”



It was late; the two boys had abandoned video games in favor of going outside. It was a clear night, thousands of stars twinkling in the sky. There was a park not far from Dan’s flat, and Dan had pulled Phil along on of the paths that Phil could barely see. Now they were laying in a clearing, the soft grass tickling the back of Phil’s neck.

“Hey, Phil,” Dan said, sitting up on one elbow.

“Yeah?” Phil said, sitting up to mirror Dan. Instead of saying anything, Dan leaned forward, pressing his lips to Phil’s. It was gentle and sweet and maybe a little messy because neither had very much experience and over far too soon. Phil’s lips were tingling, kissing Dan was the best thing he’d ever felt.

“Was that okay?” Dan asked, blushing. Instead of answering, Phil captures Dan’s lips with his own. Their mouths moved together, sparks of electric seeming to fill the air. Pulling away, both breathing heavily, Phil rested his forehead against Dan’s.

“That was perfect.” 


It was a Tuesday, which meant that Phil was at his usual table, listening to his boyfriend play the piano. It had been almost a month since Dan had kissed Phil for the first time.

Today was special; today Dan was coming with Phil to meet his parents after Dan got off work. Phil was nervous, he knew his parents would like Dan, of course they would, but they would not like the fact that he was only eighteen.

Both boys were dressed nicer than usual, Phil in a nice dress shirt and black skinny jeans, Dan in a blazer over one of his wacky t-shirts – he even remembered a belt.

As Dan finished, the last of the music hanging in the air, he stepped off the small stage only to be greeted by an arm around his waist and a kiss on the cheek.

“You were great,” Phil said, smiling at his boyfriend.

“Thanks,” Dan said, blushing slightly, “Where are we meeting your parents?”

“At the pizza place down the road,” Phil said, using his arm around Dan’s waist to pull his in the direction of the door.

The pizza place was small, painted red. It was mostly empty, with only a handful of customers. Phil’s parents were sitting at a booth, both nursing a cup of coffee.

Grabbing Dan’s hand, Phil pulled him over to his parents. He could feel Dan’s hand sweating in his own, and gave Dan’s hand a small squeeze.

“Hi Mum, Dad,” Phil greeted, “This is my boyfriend, Dan.”

“Hi,” Dan said, giving a slight wave with the hand he wasn’t clutching Phil’s in.

“Hello, Dan, it’s lovely to meet you,” Phil’s mother said.


Phil had been right; his parents had really liked Dan. When Dan mentioned his age, Phil’s mother had narrowed her eyes, but Phil jumped in that it was almost Dan’s birthday, so really, he was almost nineteen.

“I think that went well,” Dan said as they were lounging in his flat afterwards.

Phil nodded, “I told you they’d like you.”

“I was still nervous,” Dan admitted.

“You spoon!” Phil said with a laugh, “Now it’s my turn, right?”

Dan grinned at him, “yeah, I can’t wait to hear what my family has to say when they find out I’m dating a twenty-two year old.”

“You make me feel so old,” Phil groaned.


It was Dan’s birthday, and Phil had insisted on taking him out to dinner. Now they were making out in the backseat of the taxi, and Phil reminded himself to tip the driver extra for not saying anything. Dan’s hand was fumbling with the buttons on Phil’s dress shirt. Phil had the driver take them back to his place, because it was closer. Dan had never actually been to Phil’s flat, and Phil was trying not to be nervous.

Dan’s lips on his were a great distraction.

The cab slowed to a stop, and Phil all but tossed the driver a handful of pounds, not waiting for change. Pulling Dan with him, into the flat, their lips never separating, Phil pushed Dan’s blazer off, leaving it on the floor where it fell. Dan had finally succeeded with the buttons and Phil’s shirt, and only pulled away from the kiss to pull his t-shirt off. Phil followed his lead, and slipped his own shirt off.

“Bedroom?” Dan asked, breathless. Grabbing Dan’s hand, Phil pulled him further into the flat.


The next morning Phil awoke to the soft sound of breathing. Blinking sleep from his eyes, Phil realized why he felt so warm. His arms were wrapped around Dan’s waist, their legs tangled. Dan’s face was inches from his own, brown eyes still closed as his chest rose and fell with every breath.

Gently climbing out of bed, so as to not wake the younger boy, Phil wandered into the kitchen.

By the time Dan walked out of Phil’s bedroom, rubbing his eyes, Phil was finishing the pancakes he was making.  Dan was still shirtless, and Phil tried not to let his eyes linger on the finger shaped bruises that spotted his boyfriend’s waist.

Dan’s hair was curling at the end; something Phil thought was incredibly adorable.

“Morning,” Phil said, waiting for his coffee to cool.

“Phil?” Dan asked, “Why is your kitchen a mess?”

“What’s wrong with my kitchen?” Phil said, glancing around. Dan’s only response was to raise his eyebrows.

“Why are all of your cupboards open?” Dan asked. Phil just shrugged. “And the sugar all over your counter?”

Stepping forward, Dan closed the distance between them. Bending down, Phil rested his forehead against Dan’s. “At least I don’t have piles of clothes everywhere,” he teased.

“No, but what about all of your socks?” Dan asked, wrinkling his nose.

“Actually shut up!” Phil said, mock glaring at his boyfriend.

“Make me,” Dan shot back, placing his hands on Phil’s waist, pulling him even closer.

Pressing a quick kiss to Dan’s lips, Phil turned back to the breakfast he was making. Dan pouted as Phil pulled away, but smiled when Phil handed him a cup of coffee.

“I could get used to this,” Dan said.


Dan had taken to staying at Phil’s flat more than he was at his own. Phil didn’t mind, he loved having Dan stay with him, loved falling asleep in Dan’s arms. Phil loved everything about Dan. He loved the way Dan made fun of him for not being able to make a cup of coffee without spilling sugar everywhere, loved the way Dan would forget to straighten his hair, loved the way Dan would hog all of the blankets so that they had to cuddle all night if Phil wanted under the duvet.

He just hadn’t told him yet.

Phil was sure that Dan knew how he felt about him. It wasn’t like Dan had said anything, either.

They were once again at the restaurant where they had met. Dan was on stage, about to start playing, and Phil at his usual table. It had been six months since they talked for the first time.

Dan stretched his arms, cracking his fingers. He glanced around the restaurant, and cleared his throat into the microphone. A handful of couple’s heads shot up, snapping toward the stage, Dan had never spoken before he played.

“I would just like to say,” Dan said, clearing his throat awkwardly, “that I wrote this song myself. I actually wrote it for my boyfriend, so, um, Phil this is for you,” then he began to play.

The song was beautiful; it was the most beautiful thing Phil had ever heard. Dan pressed the keys softly, the music filling the air. Usually quite conversation would filter through the restaurant, today the audience was spellbound.

“That was gorgeous,” Phil said, later, as Dan stepped off the stage. Dan blushed, his face glowing bright red.

“Thanks, I was just going to play it for you at home, but…” Dan explained, before Phil cut him off.

“Home?” Phil asked, feeling a grin fix itself onto his face. Dan blushed again, shoving his hands into his pockets.  

“Yeah,” he said, “home.”

It occurred to Phil, then, that maybe he and Dan had been saying ‘I love you’ all along. It was just hidden inside other phrases such as a joking ‘I hate you’ or ‘it’s late, go to sleep’. He didn’t want to hide it anymore.

“I love you,” Phil declared. Dan reached up, pressing their lips together. Pulling away, he grinned shyly.

“I love you, too,” Dan said, chewing on his lip.

Phil held out his hand, wiggling his fingers. Dan wrapped his fingers between Phil’s, smiling at the older boy.

“Let’s go home.”