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Scorpio ♏ × Aquarius ♒ (PART I) :

Even though they’re both very different, still when it comes to friendship; they understand each other very well & always encourage each other, their friendship is unpredictable & can go to the extremes.

First let’s point out their similarities:

- Very stubborn & argumentative.

- Independent, born with their determination/motivation.

- Their intuition is almost never wrong.

- Sarcastic as hell.

- Honest & blunt; tells it as it is.

- Loyal friends.

- Enjoys teasing & getting on people’s nerves.

- Misunderstood by people.

- Stands out for what they believe in.

- Good listeners.

- Loves cuddles.

- Needs to have their ALONE time.


When Mirotic starts playing...

You find yourself not only singing the song but also doing the fanchant.
And when the rap part comes, you assume the ‘smug look with hand under my chin’ position while doing the 'smug sway dance’.

It’s basically an automatic response, at this point.

anonymous asked:

Does Lily know that her dad is out there somewhere? I almost hope she doesn't, so that she doesn't think he left her deliberately... :(

How can one explain to a toddler that their father has disappeared from the face of the Earth? The rest of the family agreed to simply say he died in the accident to the young Lily, and to Miki as well. 

While Sage and Andie are too busy taking care of the two girls, Dina is still trying her hardest to find Ethan but after so many years, there is very little to work with and she’s losing hope to ever find him. Maybe he did die as a John Doe?