but uh....it looks a little too crazy


“The French are a little more chic, very classic. I think it can be boring too, because they don’t take any risks. They don’t wear too many colors. Like when you walk the streets in Paris you don’t see too many colors. When you are in London or New York it’s all crazy styles. When you’re a girl, you can’t really wear very sexy things, because you will have trouble. If you wear a skirt all the guys will be like, ‘uh-huh!’ For example this morning, I went out in my pajamas, and people were looking at me funny, but I feel like in New York or LA people wouldn’t even notice.”

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hey i love your writing! it's really amazing! could you write something about archie seeing betty and jughead together through his window and going over there to confront them and being really confused and a little mad?

Thanks so much! Here you go, hope you like it! 

A/N: Part 2 to the fic I wrote about Betty’s friends finding out about her relationship with Jughead. Part 1 can be found here. Also, I left it kind of open-ended in case anyone wanted a part 3 lol. Just let me know. 

“Archie!” Kevin sprinted across the Cooper’s front lawn, nearly toppling into a bush as he tripped over a crack in the pavement leading up to the front porch. “You can’t just barge in there like the angsty teenage police brigade, Mrs. Cooper will slice you up into a million little pieces and serve your for dinner. It’ll be her own homegrown version of Delicatessen and she’ll love every freakin’ second of it!”

“She’s not even here, Kevin,” Archie pointed out, turning on his heel and gesturing towards the empty driveway.“Her car’s gone. And do you really think Betty would risk having a boy in her room while her mother’s around? She’s too smart for that.”

“Well what are you going to do, Archie?” Kevin sighed, stepping in front of him to block his path to the door. “March into her room like the macho man jealous ex-boyfriend? Well newsflash my friend, but you and Betty aren’t together. You never were. So why are you acting like this?”

“I don’t know, I just…” Archie furrowed his brow in frustration, bringing his fingers up to massage his temples as if to get rid of a headache. “I just need to talk to them, okay?”

“Fair enough,” Kevin muttered, stepping back to gesture towards the door with one hand. “But would you at least knock like a civilized human being, please, and take the testosterone level down like fifty notches?”

“I can do that,” Archie agreed, the corner of his mouth twitching up into a faint smile.

“Thank you,” Kevin breathed a sigh of relief, crossing his arms in front of his chest as he waited for Archie to make his move. “Now, go on, I haven’t had a chance to binge watch Gossip Girl today and could really use my daily dose of teenage drama.”

Archie exhaled a nervous breath as he lifted his fist to pound loudly on the wooden door. He and Kevin exchanged a curious look as they heard padded footsteps making their way through the house and into the foyer. A second later the door swung open to reveal a sock-footed Betty wearing a mixed look of shock and horror to go with her classic slicked back ponytail.

“Uh, hi, Arch!” Betty stammered, her eyes wide with panic as she met her long-time friend’s gaze with a look of confusion. “And Kevin, you’re here too! What a surprise! What are you, um, what are you doing here?”

“We saw your little, Fifty Shades of Pillow Fights make-out sesh with our snarky, yet surprisingly lovable pal Jughead Jones III, from Archie’s window,” Kevin explained, narrowing his eyes at Betty and pointing a stern finger in her face. “You’ve been found out, Betty Cooper.”

“What? Um, that’s crazy, I don’t know what you’re…” Betty’s words came out rushed and jumbled before she realized she was doing little to convince her friends that she had not been participating in the acts she was accused of. “I’m really sorry we didn’t say anything earlier. We were going to, I swear, it just never seemed like the right time.”

“We had a deal, remember?” Kevin reminded her, his face contorting into a look of faux-hurt and anger. “Never leave Kevin out of the good gossip. And this, I mean come on, this is better than that time Cheryl got that football coach from Greendale arrested for-”

“Well, well,” A familiar voice coming from the doorway stopped Kevin in his tracks and they all turned to find Cheryl Blossom, accompanied by the unlikely pairing of Veronica Lodge standing by her side. “Isn’t this cozy. Looks like we missed the invitation for this little powwow you all seem to be having. It’s like the live-action version of Scooby-Doo, but instead of Sarah Michelle Gellar we get Betty Cooper. What a downgrade.”

“Hey, B, hope you don’t mind us stopping by,” Veronica greeted her friends as she stepped into the house, ignoring Cheryl’s snide comment and turning to smile at Betty. “Cheryl and I were thinking about this new cheer routine that we thought the vixens would totally rock and-”

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but Betty, I really have to talk to you,” Archie chimed in from behind the group, taking a step forward to place a hand on Betty’s arm. “Can we go somewhere a little less… Crowded?”

“Sure, let’s go into the kitchen,” Betty suggested, smiling politely at her unexpected guests and turning in the opposite direction to lead Archie into the kitchen.  

“Can I get you anything?” Betty asked, gesturing to the refrigerator stocked full of the finest foods that Riverdale had to offer. “Soda, juice, those disgusting cheese-flavored corn chips that you love-”

“Betty, how could you keep your relationship with Jughead a secret from me?” Archie’s voice rose above Betty’s, causing her to turn to him with with wide eyes. Having known him since they were kids, she had very rarely heard this sort of tone from her friend.

“We weren’t keeping it a secret, Archie, we just decided not to tell anyone yet,” Betty explained, coming around the counter to face Archie.

“I thought I was your best friend,” Archie reasoned, his voice dropping to a much softer tone. “There was a time when we could tell each other anything. What happened?”

“We grew up, Arch,” Betty shrugged, leaning her arm against the counter’s surface to meet Archie’s gaze with a leveled expression. “And I’m sorry, but this didn’t really have anything to do with you, okay? You’re right, you’re my best friend, but my relationship, whomever it might be with, is none of your business until I’m ready to share it with you.”

“I just want you to be happy, Betty,” Archie breathed, his brows knitting together in concern.

“Okay, well, I am happy,” Betty assured him. “Jughead makes me happier than I’ve been in a long time. He’s the one who’s been there for me through everything happening with Polly and the baby and my parents. He was here with me, while you’ve been working on your music and football and dealing with the whole Grundy situation.”

“I know,” Archie mumbled, his eyes dropping to the tiled floor. “I know I haven’t been around much, but-”

“But nothing,” Betty finished for him. “We’re growing up, Archie, and we’ve moved on to doing our own thing. So if you really believe what you just told me, and you want me to be happy, then I want you to let this go and accept that Jughead and I are together.”

“Okay,” Archie said after a moment, his voice barely making it above a whisper. “You’re right. I didn’t have any right to get upset about you not telling me about this. I just… I really miss the way things used to be, you know? Now everything’s changing and I don’t really know how to deal with it.”

“I’m still here for you, Arch,” Betty assured him, reaching up to pull him into a hug. “Always.”

Once they pulled back from the hug, Betty and Archie turned to see the rest of their friends emerging from the living room to make their way into the kitchen.

“Okay, now that all of that is settled,” Kevin breathed a sigh of relief, weaving his way through the group to stand in front of Betty. “Can you please tell poor Jughead that it’s safe to come out of hiding and join us? I’m just picturing him crouched in your closet with his little beanie, wondering when his next meal is gonna be.”

“Jughead, get down here!” Betty called up to her room, smiling at all the faces looking at her with curious expressions. “We’re going to Pop’s!”

A moment later, they heard hurried footsteps coming down the stairs before a disgruntled Jughead stood before them in the doorway leading into the kitchen.

Jughead turned to his friends, shoving his hands into his jacket pockets as he leaned against the doorframe. “Just so I’m caught up, everyone here knows that we’re-”

“Yes!” The group shouted in unison, rolling their eyes as if hearing that Betty and Jughead were now an item was old news.

“Alright, well who’s buying?” Jughead asked. “Because I was stuck in Betty’s closet for a good twenty minutes and I’m completely famished.”

“Told ya,” Kevin mumbled as he passed Betty, leading the way out of the kitchen. Betty let the rest of her friends pass, pulling on Jughead’s sleeve to hold him back before they joined the rest of their friends.

“So is everything…” Jughead trailed off, turning to place either hand on Betty’s shoulders.

“Everything’s great,” she finished for him. “We’re together, our friends are happy for us, and now we get to go eat celebratory burgers. What more could you ask for?”

“This.” Without another word, Jughead took Betty’s face in his hands and met her lips with a soft kiss.

“I could get used to that,” Betty whispered into his ear, reaching up to let her hands slide gently across his cheek.

As Betty laced her arms around his neck and pulled him into a tight embrace, Jughead lifted his head to see the boy who he once called his best friend staring at the couple as if they were complete strangers. And although it was faint, almost undetectable from a faraway glance, Jughead could see that Archie was looking at them with a look of something he had never seen from him before. Archie Andrews was jealous, and the fact that Jughead was with Betty Cooper and Archie wasn’t, was the reason for it. 

  • Beast Boy: So, here we are... officially on a date. Romantical date…
  • Raven: Yes, we are. No longer just colleagues... Dating. [pause] You got a haircut. It looks nice.
  • Beast Boy: Oh, thanks. You also got a haircut... At some point in your life, I’m sure, that’s not your baby hair. That would be crazy. But, uh, you look very nice.
  • Raven: Domo Arigato.
  • Beast Boy: Do you speak Japanese?
  • Raven: No.
  • Beast Boy: Oh. Uh... Sorry. I think I’m feeling a little awkward.
  • Raven: Yeah, me too.
  • Beast Boy: How do we make it not weird?
  • Raven: I know - let’s just get super drunk.
  • Beast Boy: Yes! Great idea! [to the waitress] Ma'am, could you please bring us four kamikaze shots?
  • Raven: And four for me as well.
  • Beast Boy: Ah, I like your style. See, we can do this. We’re back on track. We’re keeping it light and breezy!
  • [cut to them in bed together]
  • Beast Boy: So, we broke a rule.
  • Raven: Yeah. I hope it wasn’t a mistake.
  • Beast Boy: Is “I hope it wasn’t a mistake,” the title of your sex tape? [gasps] Title of our sex tape!
It’s All Fun & Games (pt. 2)

( ‘till somebody loses their mind )

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Drabbles

Summary: In which you and Jungkook attempt to fake a relationship for revenge and end up with a lot more than either of you expected.
Genre: Angst/Fluff, Fake Dating!AU
Word Count: 5,643


The following week after you and Jungkook have agreed to fake a relationship is met with complete radio silence, neither one of you reaching out to the other. Or necessarily feeling the need to.

You try not to think too deeply about this. After all, the unspoken terms you and Jungkook have settled upon in the formation of this unlikely partnership have been to fake romantic feelings and adoration for each other when (and only when) it was needed. Only when friends needed to see and hear the pair of you interacting. Given that Hoseok hasn’t been bothering you much about the relationship, you hadn’t felt the need to send a text over to Jungkook. And since he hasn’t texted you, you can only assume that Taehyung isn’t giving him much of a hard time about this either.

For now.

It isn’t until the second week after the ‘first date’ that Hoseok finally decides to bring him up over Saturday breakfast, where he is participating in his early morning video game routine and you have just started to eat your freshly prepared breakfast sandwich.

“So how’s Jungkook doing?”

You choke on the egg of your meal. “What?”

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Armin’s Nudes

Eren lost it.

“Oh my God, Armin!”

Armin rushed back into the living room, from the kitchen. “What, Eren? What is it?”

Eren bolted up from his lying position on the couch. “Turns out I don’t know you at all.”

Armin sighed, exasperated, wiping his hands on his cooking apron. “Eren, what the hell are you talking about?”

Eren was still staring at his friend’s phone. “You have dirty pictures.”

Armin’s eyes widened. “What? I deleted those!”

He tried to grab his phone from Eren.

“Well, your recently deleted file is full of fun stuff,” Eren chuckled, evading Armin’s attempts to get his phone back. “Armin, this is some pretty… unexpected stuff…”

Armin was so red in the face. “Eren, stop! Give it back! Those photos are from when I was dating Jean!”

Eren just held the phone high in the air and looked at his friend. “You look pretty hot in these photos, Armin… I think we can put them to good use.”

Eren smiled slyly and turned around, typing on Armin’s phone furiously.

Armin froze, “Eren, what are you doing?”

Eren turned back to face his best friend, showing him the screen. He had opened up a conversation with Erwin Smith, a senior that Armin had had a crush on since the start of the year, and had the illict photos ready to be sent.

Armin freaked. “Eren! Don’t you fucking dare? Eren! Don’t!”

Eren, enjoying riling his friend up so hard, hovered his finger over the send button. “Hahaha, but Armin, I’m telling you. These photos would definitely get you a date with the hot senior.”

Armin jumped on him, which Eren was not expecting. Armin didn’t realise but Eren felt the accidental contact on his finger to the screen. And pressed send.

The both of them hit the ground, Armin’s phone skidding across the floor. Armin scrambled off Eren’s body and to his phone. And what was on the screen was his worst nightmare.

They had sent.

“Holy fucking shit, Erwin!” Levi growled. “Have you been soliciting dirty pictures from freshmen?”

Erwin stared at his phone, the picture on his screen of Armin Arlert. He was a freshman, head of his year and leader of several academic clubs already. He is certainly not the kind of kid that would send… this kind of picture. He was naked in the picture, sitting on the lush carpet. The camera was behind him, you could see the curve of his back, and his ass, which was rather pleasing to look at in Erwin’s opinion. Armin was looking over his shoulder, his blue eyes looking through his thick lashes at the camera. There were three other pictures. They were like the first, tasteful yet sexy.

“No, Levi, I haven’t been. I’ve never even spoken to him before…”

All excelling students were given a list of mobile numbers of excelling seniors for potential tutors.

Levi looked at the picture again. “Shit, that’s Eren’s friend.”

Eren was, for all intents and purposes, Levi’s boytoy. “Eren’s friend? Maybe you can ask him about it?”

Levi snickered, “Fuck no. I’m not risking my booty call for you.”

Erwin glared at him. “So what the fuck am I supposed to do?”

Levi grabbed his notebook off the bedroom floor and shrugged, slinging his bag over his should and standing up. “I dunno. Jerk off?”

Erwin threw a pillow at him, Levi hit it away. “Careful, eyebrows. I can, maybe put in a good word for you, since I’m heading over to Armin’s now to pick Eren up.”

Erwin sat up. “Really? I’ll come with.”

Levi’s eyebrows raised. “Oh?”

“I cannot believe that this is happening,” Armin said, panicking.

Eren heard his phone go off, he glanced at it. “Uh, Armin… things just got worse.”

Armin whirled around to face Eren. “How can things possibly get worse?” he hissed through his teeth.

“Levi just texted me to open the door. He’s outside. With Erwin.”

Armin laughed, his crazy eyes starting to worry Eren a little. “Wait, like, outside this house?”

Eren started to run to the front door.

“Eren, don’t you dare open that door!” Armin yelled, chasing after him. But it was too late.

Erwin and Levi stood at the open door staring at Armin. Armin didn’t look bad by any means. He had his makeup on from that day; dark smudged eyeliner that made his blue eyes just that more striking. His lips were supple with lip gloss and his face was flawless bar a bit of flour smudged across his face, his cheeks slightly flushed. Of course that was natural.

He had changed though, wearing short shorts and a tank top with his mother’s pink, frilly cooking apron over the top.

Erwin just stared at the boy. He looked adorable, yet sexy and the same time and it was confusing Erwin’s libido.

Armin then adopted a very angry look on his face that was almost comical to Erwin. “Okay! All three of you! Out!”

He ushered Eren out of the house into the two senior boys and slammed the door, locking it.

Eren pouted before shouting to his best friend. “Aw, you’re no fun!”

Armin flipped him off, even if he couldn’t see it. With a sigh, he heard them leave and he walked back to the kitchen to continue making his cookies.

Just as he put them in the oven, his phone dinged.

Armin sighed and checked his texts. Armin almost dropped his phone.

‘Erwin: Can I take you out to dinner tonight?’

He’s a Myth {Michael Mell x Reader}

request:  anonymous: Sneezes Mer!Mell x Reader,,,,,
Oh my god, yes????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sweet boy?!?!!?!??!!! All perfect and mer-mazing?????
There’s gonna be a part two, based on how this first part is received.

warnings: some swearing, but mostly cute stuff. 

word count: 3k

Mermaids don’t exist.
Silly fairy tales aren’t real, animals don’t talk, and happy endings? You could die laughing.


Once upon a time, your parents were happy. You’d lived in Connecticut, near the water, and every day, you’d sit out and just watch the way it moved and rippled, and you dreamed about what might be out there. Fish, for sure, of course, but what if there was more? What if those mythical creatures were out there, just looking at you the way you hoped you were looking at them? Magic was such a big part of your mind, and you just wanted to believe in them.

You were young and stupid.

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“Don’t judge me, but I may have murdered someone.”

Super late, silly and dumb but yooloooo ~ 

I missed writing quick fluffy Shance drabbles!!! 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

“Don’t judge me, but I may have murdered someone.”

Shiro pouts when he hears the sarcastic snort on the other side of the phone.

“Matt, I’m serious, he’s literally not moving and I keep poking him on the side with my foot.”

“With your foot? Jeez, Shiro, at least find a wooden stick, it’s more polite.”

“Matt, help me!” Shiro whines, dragging his flesh hand over his face as he side eyes the body on the floor.

The guy lays face down on one of the gym’s mats. Shiro wants to believe he’s breathing, somewhat, as much as he can in his position.

“Shiro, it’s not even eight am yet and you are telling me you managed to kill someone at gym when you haven’t been able to kill a cockroach in your life?”

“Why do you make that sound so insulting, though?” Shiro mumbles, low-key offended before he shakes his head and regains focus on the matter at hand, “Look, the staff is nowhere in sight and I can’t really leave this guy out here unconscious!”

“What the heck did you do anyways?” Matt asks, almost bored.

“So, uh…you know how I’m trying out boxing? You know, to ease up on my new prosthetic movement and bla bla bla?” Shiro doesn’t wait for Matt to answer before he continues, “Well, so, you also know how I usually try to come early in the morning because no one is here at the gym at this hour which mean less looks and it helps me to get in the zone, right?”

Again, he doesn’t wait. “Turns out that there is actually another crazy person like me that comes super early to the gym and I didn’t saw him coming and then he was passing right behind the punching bean bag and uh…see, the guy is pretty lanky and lean, like, he literally was hiding behind the bag and I might…have punched the bag…as he was walking by with a little too much force and uh….yeah.”

Shiro scowls when he can only hear laughter on the other side of the phone.

“Matt…” he tries, exasperation dripping from his voice, “Matt, come on, what do I do?”

“I dunno, man? Just shake him up? Wake him up? Tap that ass?”

“Jesus, Matt!” Shiro shouts, a hard blush covering his face but still stealing a curious glance towards the backside of the stranger on the floor, blush growing.

“Okay so, the last option might not be such a bad idea, he does have a good butt.” Shiro shrugs, scratching the back of his head.

“Jee, can I at least get an apology before you tap my ass?” Someone slurs tiredly, voice muffled and weak but it still makes Shiro to yelp in surprise, eyes quickly falling back to the stranger on the floor.

“Never mind, Matt, he’s alive, okay, bye.” Shiro is quick to hang up, ignoring his friend’s complains and then he’s kneeling down, hand hovering over the stranger as the brunet tries to push himself off the floor.

“Look, man, I’m really, really, sorry about what happened,” Shiro winces when he sees the red spot in the middle of the guy’s forehead, “I honest to God didn’t’ see you before it was too late. Let me make it up to you? Maybe?”

The brunet pouts as he pokes his forehead and winces in pain, finger barely touching the skin. He narrows his eyes as he glance at Shiro, eyeing him from head to toe before he nods pleased.

“How about you get me a Voltron themed band aid and we get some pancakes?” The brunet smiles and holds out his hand, not even flinching when Shiro shakes it with his prosthetic.

Shiro smiles as he nods and pulls the brunet up to his feet.

“You got yourself a deal…”

“Lance,” the brunet supplies casually, beaming brightly at the older man and it only makes Shiro to smile wider, “Lance McClain, nice to meet you.”

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You bastard leave them alone!

@lunarthewolfcreations:  Cuphead!!!!! Bekkah!!! Kids In Danger!!!!



@cindythecat204:  Bekkah!!!!! CUPHEAD!!!! HAZEL AND CONNOR ARE IN DANGER!

@rainbow-blossom247: CUP, OUTSIDE NOW!!!!! YOU TOO BEKKAH

@thedrawingglitch:  CUPHEAD GET YOUR A** OUTSIDE!!! RIGHT NOW!!!


@kawaiibendylover:  F*CK HIM UP HAZEL OR I WILL AND HE’S GONNA HAVE MORE THAN A SCAR WHEN I’M DONE (sorry I’m a little heated right now)

@violetlovesart:  Uh Hazel might want to run…

@stormyrae1987:  Dominic don’t you fucking dare hurt them!

@aliviajohnson:  Oh noooo I hope that he does not kidnap them!

Anonymous:  Hazel, be careful! Don’t go too crazy, just use your powers to defend yourself; but more importantly protect your little brother!

@kittycatmeda978:  Cuphead what the hell you doing look outside your kids are in trouble save them!!!


Anonymous:  hazel nooooo

@emma-thehedragon:  CUPHEAD YOUR DAUGHTER AND SON ARE IN DANGER!!! That bastard is back!!!!! >0<


@therandomroleplayer23:  To cups, i recomoned you save your daughter from the crazy ex boyfriend outside!

@erikaclaire:  Cuphead Dominic is outside where the kids are!!! Hurry!!!


Anonymous:  Cuphead I just saw Dominic outside! I think either he hurt your wife or your kids!

@i-love-babtqftim:  PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE HAZEL

@rosie64:  Don’t you dare kill Hazel and Conner

Anonymous:  Hazel must TURN INTO A WOLF NOOW!!

@katewolflombax:  If Dominic hurts hazel I will lose my mother f**king mind and kill the b*****d!!!

@lollipopwa112:  Oh my god! CUPHEAD!!


@miraclousalicia12:  Cuphead,bekka (is that right never mind) look outside and see who by your kids NOW!!

Nice timing, Bekkah

How Could You Love Me

The next chapter of the Everyone Needs Some Love series that I hijacked from @justwritingscibbles

Originally posted by treblegirl

You looked around the room, trying to understand what was happening. Four men and one floating head with a pink moustache were in the room with you, all with the same face, and you were wearing nothing but a towel under your blanket.
Honestly, the situation looked like the beginning of one those movies children weren’t allowed to watch.

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memory // peter parker

summary: best friends till the end…or rather, best friends until two months ago. what happened to you, and why did you suddenly disappear? an arcane letter with a single date on it is all peter has left of you as he ponders a love that could’ve been.

word count: about 2.8k

a/n: so comic was very light-hearted, so i took some time to write something a little more on the angsty side. i stayed up last night for this, because i just love it so much!! do i even need to say it’s unedited anymore? also thank you so much for all the notes comic got (about 150 in 2 days !!!!!) and have fun reading this one, i hope you love this as much as i do!! <333



On the floor sits the Spider-Man suit in a small pile. A few feet away are the remnants of what appears to be a LEGO Death Star. The shelves are stocked with books, and the desk has some kind of mechanical parts scattered about. On the wall hangs an Iron Man poster. Looks like that poster’s been there a while.

And finally, sitting on the bed is Peter Parker. His earbuds hang in his ears, but he’s not listening to anything. His eyes are faintly bloodshot from crying just a few minutes ago. The phone in his hand shows that he was looking at a picture. The girl in the photo is you, grinning and holding up a peace sign next to him. You’re both in black pants and a red polo, the uniform of an old job.

In his mind, he remembers a long forgotten memory. When that picture was taken, he’d just made a lame pun about popcorn (“Here’s a bad joke about popcorn. Wait, never mind, it’s too corny!”) Of course, you thought it was the funniest thing ever and got caught mid-laughter while Peter tried very hard to not laugh with you. He remembers how contagious your laughter was, and how it sparked up something something very pure inside of him. He wishes for what could’ve been.

Peter stands up and walks over to his desk, moving aside the mechanical parts and digging up a piece of paper. He takes a seat and a deep breath before he starts writing.

You looked up just as Peter walked in. Well, not really walked so much as awkwardly shuffled. His pants looked like they could slide off his waist at any given moment, and his shirt was definitely three sizes too big. You burst out laughing, to which he looked a little miffed.

“Oh my god, who gave you that uniform?” You quickly told someone to cover you for a few minutes as you grabbed Peter by the arm and dragged him into the back room.

“Uh, there was this guy, I think his name was, like, Josh -”

“Josh! Here, if you’re going to work at this honorable movie theater, you can’t look like that.” You shut the door behind you and tossed him a new polo and pants.

“Wh - Josh told me these” - he motioned to his ill fitting attire - “were all you guys had!” Peter gaped at the clothes you gave him, sliding his hand into his pocket to retrieve his name tag.

“Yeah, well, you’ll learn quickly that he’s notorious for messing with people.” You grab his name tag, which reads, ‘Parker Peter’. “I thought Peter was a first name, but cool. Parker Peter.”

“Yeah, I’m Park - wait, no, I’m Peter Parker! What the hell?” He grabbed it back and looked at it before groaning. “Did Josh do this too?”

“Uh…he didn’t. He just kinda gave me the idea to do it.” You gave him a mischievous smirk and winked. “Sorry, Parker Peter. See you ‘round.”

Peter could only stare in utter shock as you clicked the door shut behind you to let him change. It was in that moment that he realized that he was crazy for you, and he smiled.

Or at least, tries to start writing. His hand starts shaking, just a little at first. But it gradually becomes so bad that he can hardly hold the pen anymore. Peter sets the pen down and runs his hands through his hair.

When he met you, it was like he was alive again. As though he hadn’t been breathing right this whole time and he had just figured it out. He knew you were going to be one of his closest friends that summer.

Peter sets his head in his hands, wondering how this ended up the way it did. He writes a few lines about how you never pick up when he calls you, or how you never text back anymore. He crumples up the paper into a ball and throws it into a random corner of his room. It bounces off of the wall and, coincidentally, into the trash can.

“Yeah! Come on, maybe you have a hidden talent here. See if you can beat my record!” You encouraged Peter, giving him that grin that he can’t say no to.

“Ugh, fine. I’m only doing this ‘cause you want me to, Y/N.” Peter reluctantly stepped up, taking the crumpled up Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice mini movie poster and aimlessly throwing it. Miraculously, it landed in the trash fifteen feet away.

Cheers erupted from the crowd of teen workers, and suddenly everyone was high-fiving and fist-bumping Peter. You went on about how you just knew he could do it and how proud you were and how far he had come. You threw your arms around Peter in a big hug. He hugged you back, smiling wider than he thought was possible until he spotted a dark gaze from someone standing nearby. Josh.

“Peter! If you want dinner, there’s pasta in the fridge for you!” A faint voice from downstairs briefly jolted him back to reality.

“O-Okay! Thanks, May!” Peter called back before returning to his thoughts.

Maybe if he’d written you sooner rather than waiting so long, or if he’d taken his chance when he could, something would’ve been different. Maybe if you hadn’t moved away.

Peter stood nervously in front of the theater. It was about mid-July and he decided he wanted to do something about his massive crush on you. So, courageously, he’d asked if you wanted to hang out sometime. In his hand was a single white rose. Earlier, one of its thorns had pricked his thumb, so now a Captain America themed band-aid was wrapped around it.

He stood there, watching as the sun shining above started to make him sweat. He smiled awkwardly to people going in and out, but paused when he heard something. He turned the corner to see something he wished he’d never seen.

You were entangled in Josh’s arms, and you were kissing him. You laughed your beautiful laugh, the one Peter had imagined hearing when you saw him with the rose. “No, babe, I have to go. I can’t leave Peter waiting. He’s my best friend.” You chuckled and gave Josh a tight hug. Over your shoulder, he looked at Peter. Slowly, his face contorted into a smug smile. It was the same one Peter had been given when Josh played his first prank on him.

Unable to do anything else, Peter fled the scene. He tossed the rose into the first trash can he could find and ran. He ran as fast as he could until he got home. May looked confused.

“Back already? Where’s Y/N? And the rose?”

Peter gave no response as he stood there for a moment, panting. Finally, he went upstairs and locked himself in his room.

He brings his hand to his face, inspecting the scar on his thumb. Peter thinks the scar is just a reminder of why he doesn’t need to contact you anymore. You’re fine. You probably found yourself another Peter and another Josh.

Peter wonders how he was so oblivious to Josh that whole time. It’s only in retrospection that he remembers how much you talked about Josh to him. Or how you sneaked glances at him while making batches of popcorn and giggled.

He vividly remembers the last letter you wrote him, nearly two months ago. The only thing on the entire sheet of paper was a date. That date is today. Your signature, a cute collection of squiggles ending in a few hearts, was absent. But there’s no mistaking that handwriting for anyone else’s.

Peter nearly drove himself crazy trying to figure out what it meant. Is the date a memory of something that happened last year today? Is it a warning? There’s no way that it’s a threat. Or, to be optimistic, is it the day that you’re coming back? His stomach had taken a sick turn when he wondered if it was a suicide note.

Now? Well, it’s almost nine PM. And nothing happened. Is this some kind of joke? Is it supposed to be funny, but Peter just took it too seriously?

“Peter, are you okay?” You asked gently. Peter quickly wiped away a tear, but he gave himself away with his flushed cheeks. “I’m sorry, I really am.”

“I-It’s okay,” he said, trying to muster up a smile. It wasn’t okay. He didn’t get the joke. He didn’t know why it was so funny for him to get popcorn butter dumped on his head. As a prank.

“No, it’s not,” you shook your head. “I told Josh to use popcorn, not the butter. Maybe he didn’t hear me right or something…” You sat down next to him on the floor of the back room.

Peter wanted so badly to tell you. He wanted to tell you about the cruel smile Josh had on his face as he dumped the bucket of butter on him. He wanted to tell you everything. But he didn’t, because he knew how heartbroken you would be. He couldn’t bear to see you stop smiling.

“It’s okay, Y/N, it really is,” Peter reassured you instead.

“Here, I’ll cover you for the rest of your shift. You go home and wash up, okay? And then we can hang out,” you grinned. It worked instantly, and soon, Peter was smiling too.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Yeah, same here, Parker Peter.”

You were the light of his life. You always made him so happy, except for now. This whole day, Peter has been anxious and worried that something bad will happen. Maybe it is just another old prank. But he can’t help but think something was supposed to happen that didn’t. There’s a strange feeling in his gut telling him there’s something he’s missing.

Or maybe the only thing he’s missing is you.

The back room had become Y/N and Peter’s spot. No one really hung around in there, so they occupied the space when they had nothing better to do. They would just sit in silence on their phones, only disrupting the quiet to show each other memes. Other days, they’d talk about everything there was to talk about. It was a place that harbored good memories. The tiny back room with nothing more than shelves with extra uniforms and a table.

It was good until Y/N dragged him back there to talk about something important. There was a worried look in your eyes, and you were more energetic than usual. But this time, it was nervous energy.

“I need to tell you something, Pete,” you said quietly, jaw set.

Peter was worried, to say the least. The only other time he’d seen you like that was when you were talking about how stressed you were recently. You were trying to juggle your job, family, friends, and your boyfriend all at once. Things were getting difficult.

“I’m moving.” You finally blurted out. Peter’s heart sank as soon as you said this.

“W-What d’you mean you’re moving?” He couldn’t believe what you’d just said. He felt himself going numb with shock.

“I mean moving. Out of the city. Far away.” Peter felt the soul-crushing weight of what was going to happen. No more hours spent in the back room, laughing and chatting away. He wouldn’t get to hear your laugh ever again. He wouldn’t be able to be near your positive energy. And he would get to see you up close anymore. You’d become a distant memory, and maybe one day he’d even forget what you looked like.

You didn’t cry. You weren’t that kind of person. But Peter knew you felt it too. A claw wrapped around your hearts, squeezing as hard as it could. It was heartache.

“Does anyone else know?” Peter asked solemnly.

Your face fell at this. “Uh…yeah. I told Josh. H-He said he didn’t ‘do’ long distance relationships and dumped me. I just, uh. Thought I meant a little more to him.” You swallowed and looked at Peter.

He hugged you, arms tight around you. He wished he’d never have to let go. “Oh, Y/N,” was all he said. He thought about telling you the truth about Josh now, but he didn’t. The words never came out. He kept his mouth shut.

Peter grabs his phone and opens Instagram. He goes to your account. The last picture posted was also two months ago. It’s a picture of you sitting at the edge of a pool with a grey pitbull in your arms. You’re grinning as wide as you can. The picture is captioned, ‘The only guy worth keeping around!’

What happened? Why did you go AWOL on the world? Or did you do it on purpose?

“I didn’t do it on purpose!” You exclaimed as he rubbed his arm.

“So you’re telling me it was a total accident that you punched me.” It didn’t hurt that bad anymore, but he knew it was going to ache later.

“Uh…yeah…?” You gave him a sheepish smile. “Here, I’ll kiss it to make it better.” You slid up the sleeve of his t-shirt and placed a kiss on the warm skin by his shoulder.

Peter stared at you, unable to form words for a few seconds. “Man, my cheek really hurts,” he finally joked, turning his cheek towards you.

You looked confused for a moment before you started laughing. You pecked his cheek and grinned. “Better?”

“Much, much better,” Peter laughed with you. He felt like he could run ten miles, he was so happy.

Peter recalls May’s reaction to you leaving. She was sad that you wouldn’t get to have dinner with her and Peter again, or sit and play board games all day. You ruled at Monopoly.

He glances back at his phone to look at the picture of you. You look a little older, and you grew your hair out. You’re just as beautiful as he remembers, if not more.

There were days spent staying on the phone for hours and hours, sometimes even falling asleep with his phone in hand. You told him everything about your new life, and he told you everything about his life. Well, almost everything. He didn’t tell you about Spider-Man.

And then, one day, you stopped picking up. For the first few days, Peter just thought you were busy. For you, especially, life had a habit of tripping you up. But weeks went by with no response. Just one cryptic letter with a mysterious date written in black ink, which you never write in. That’s all he has left of you.

“You have to call me at least every weekend. I want to know everything! And text me all the time,” you reminded Peter.

He didn’t need a reminder, but he nodded anyway, a sad smile on his face.

“I have an idea. Let’s write each other letters.”

“What do you mean? Like in the mail?”

“Exactly! It’s so old-fashioned and cool. Like sending messages to each other by carrier pigeon, hand-written and signed and all.”

“The last passenger pigeon died in 1914.”

“I did not sign up for your nerdy ass to ridicule me like this, Parker Peter!” You make a face at him but laugh anyway.

“It was in the fine print,” Peter winked.

You threw your arms around him for the last time. “God, Pete, I’m gonna miss you so much,” you mumbled into his shoulder, the one you punched only a few weeks before.

“I’ll miss you more, Y/N,” he whispered into your hair. You didn’t let go for the longest time, but when you did, a smile was on your face.

“Write me in case I don’t make any friends, okay?” You said as you slid your sunglasses onto your face.

“Please. You’ll make friends. But I will anyway.”

You turned to leave but stopped. You quickly ran back and gave Peter a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t forget about me. I’ll be back one day.”

“I couldn’t forget you if I tried.”

Peter sighs. Who is he kidding? He’s foolish to think something would really happen. Two months and no word from you. Why would some enigmatic date on a piece of paper mean anything?

He loosens the tie around his neck, feeling stupid. He should just focus on what’s happening in his life. But Peter just can’t let go of you, because you told him to remember.

Maybe that’s all you’re supposed to be. A memory.





Somewhere nearby, but not close enough for Peter to notice, sits a shadowed figure in a crouching position. Her suit keeps her blended into the night. She’s watching him pace around his room. His phone is still opened to a picture of a girl. She feels something inside of her, like she’s supposed to remember something but doesn’t. A long gone memory begins to resurface.


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The Violinist

* Lin-Manuel x Reader
* Modern rpf
* Orchestra Reader

    A/N: Here it is! my idea made a real thing! So, the beginning is kinda slow…but it’s important for the rest of the story so yeah. But enjoy!

    Word Count: 3,747


    You had first met Lin when you played in the orchestra for In The Heights. At the time you were playing saxophone. Saxophone wasn’t your main or original instrument, it was actually violin, however you had learned saxophone a long while ago. It came in handy. In the beginning of In The Heights, Lin was in the room while orchestra was rehearsing. You had caught him looking at you with a strange look on his face. Still, you didn’t get much of a chance to meet him until a cast party. You knew many of the cast members so they insisted that you come along.

    However, it got late and you got slightly tipsy. You sat down during the party, you buried your face in your hands. It wasn’t crazy or anything, it was a relatively calm bar, but you were tired and a little drunk. “Y/N?” A voice asked. You glanced up and saw Lin looking at you in concern. He still had a Usnavi type hat on over his hair. “Are you alright?”

    “Uh, yeah sure.” You shrugged.

    “Uh huh.” Lin said, unconvinced. “You just look completely miserable.”

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    anonymous asked:

    Headcanons Being the Joker's sister but being completely sane.

    Being the Joker’s sister but being completely sane:

    • So you keep your life very separate from Joker’s. You’re not involved in any crime (although it’s very hard to do this) and you try and lead your own life.
    • You’re probably the only one he’ll listen to.
    • “And I’m going to set the building on fire… too crazy?” “A little.” 
    • Visits you every now and then, probably to tempt you to do some crazy shit.
    • He is very very protective of you. If someone even looks at you the wrong way, he’ll do something to that person (behind your back, of course. He knows you don’t wanna know about that kind of stuff)
    • Always introduces you very dramatically when you do have to meet people he does business with.
    • “And this is my counterpart, my blood, my sister, y/n!” “Uh, yeah. Nice to meet you.” 
    • People are always perplexed when they meet you. They don’t believe you’re actually related, or think you’re just really good at masking your true personality.
    • Sometimes people come after you to use you against Joker, but your calm demeanour hides someone who’s not easily threatened. 
    • You’ve probably tried to change Joker before, try to change him to his old self. But you’ve long since accepted that this is who he is now.
    • But although he doesn’t like to admit it, he does feel as close to normal as he can get when he’s with you.


    Aladdin  {Sentence Starters}

    • “I’m in trouble.“
    • “He’s got a sword!“
    • “Oh, I feel sheepish.“
    • “You’re just… trapped.”
    • “I wish for your freedom.“
    • “All this for a loaf of bread?“
    • “Who disturbs my slumber?“
    • “Tell. Her. The. TRUUUUUTH!”
    • “Uh, rule #1: I can’t kill anybody.“
    • “I’ve been looking all over for you!“
    • “Tragic, isn’t it? But, no harm done.“
    • “I can’t believe it. I’m losing to a rug.“
    • “Quick, wish for something outrageous!”
    • “I can’t bring people back from the dead.“
    • “It’s not a pretty picture. I don’t like doing it!“
    • “All right, you bad boy. But no more freebies.”
    • “You’re too kind. I’m embarrassed. I’m blushing.”
    • “Sadly, yes. She is my sister. She’s a little crazy.“
    • “You’re speechless, I see. A fine quality in a wife.“
    • “Getting into trouble a little early today, aren’t we?”
    • “Look at me from the side. Do I look different to you?“
    • “Looks like we’re gonna have to find a way outta here.”
    • “You’re gonna grant me any three wishes I want, right?“
    • “No, really. On a scale of one to ten, you are an eleven.“
    • “Trouble? No way. You’re only in trouble if you get caught.“
    • “Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck.“
    • “You’ve certainly proven your worth as far as I’m concerned.“
    • “No matter what anybody says, you’ll always be a prince to me.“
    • “Rick ‘em, rack 'em, rock 'em, rake! Stick that sword into that snake!“
    • “But, what am I talking about? Let’s get real here, it’s not gonna happen.”
    • “Like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts.“
    • “If you wanna court the little lady, you gotta be a straight shooter. Do ya got it?”
    • “And all of a sudden you’re walking out on me? I don’t think so… Not right now!“
    • “Such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world!”
    A Cinderella Story (Ethan Dolan)

    Part two. Read part one here: https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/163310914487/a-cinderella-story-ethan-dolan

    song used in this chapter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ullaTrrryA

    Originally posted by dailydolantwins

    Ethan’s Point of View

    I couldn’t get her voice out of my head. It was so unique and different from anything I’d ever heard before.

    “still thinking about that singing girl?” Gray asked coming in my room.

    “Is it bad that I am? I mean her voice just sounded so familiar. I need to find her Grayson.” I said looking at my hands.

    “what if you can’t find her? I mean you do have another girl who likes you and I think you like her too so why not focus on that?” Grayson said fixing his hair.

    “who?” I asked really confused.

    “y/n the girl from earlier. I can tell when a girl likes a guy and bro she’s got heart eyes for you. I also know you really well and your not the kind of guy to spend hours talking to a girl you just met unless you wanted to pursue it further.” Grayson said smirking at me.

    I thought about what he said. Did I like y/n? Did she like me? I mean I enjoy talking with her and being around her.

    “why don’t you invite her to the party tonight, and you never know maybe the mystery girl will make an appearance.” Grayson said clapping me on the shoulder.

    There was a big party tonight to kick off the convention and there would be an open mic tonight for anyone who wanted to come up.

    “yeah maybe your right.” I said not fully believing myself. 

    I was silently praying that she showed up tonight. I don’t know why but I needed to hear her voice again.

    Reader Point of View

    “what about this outfit.” Ellis asked holding out an outfit for Ava.

    “uh how about no.” Ava said rolling her eyes.

    Ellis looked at me ready to kill Ava for being so difficult.

    “I’ll just pick out my own outfit.” Ava grumbled walking in her room making sure to slam the door shut.

    “I can’t do this anymore!” Ellis said plopping down on the couch.

    “at least you have a choice.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

    “are you going to the party tonight.” Ellis said smirking at me.

    “I’m not allowed. Ever since Ethan Dolan showed interest in me the evil witch has me on lockdown.” I said rolling my eyes.

    “wait hold up Ethan Dolan like thee Ethan Dolan? He’s so cute!” Ellis gushed.

    “speaking of.” I said holding my phone up showing her a new message from Ethan.

    Ethan: Hey! You coming to the party tonight? 

    Y/n: I wish ): I’m not allowed to go because my step mother is evil.

    Ethan: oh, I’m sorry. Well I’ll miss you tonight

    Ethan: well I mean we’ll miss you

    Ethan: like me and Gray both

    I laughed at how awkward Ethan was sometimes.

    Y/n: well you tell Grayson that I’ll miss him too.

    Y/n: oh and I guess you too (;

    “you like him don’t you?” Ellis said looking over my shoulder.

    Did I like Ethan? Did he like me? I mean I enjoy talking to him and being around him.

    “Maybe, kind of, I don’t know.” I said throwing my head back against the couch.

    “He was going to ask you out you know.” Ellis said smirking at me.

    “what? no way!” I said not really believing her.

    “listen a boy wouldn’t ask if you were going to a party unless he was planning on asking you to attend that party with him.” Ellis said matter of factly.

    I couldn’t help the smile that spread on my face.

    “What are you so happy about?” Anna asked coming from the room.

    “nothing.” I said looking at my toes.

    Ava and Alice came out soon as well.

    “Now remember y/n you are not to leave this hotel room.” Alice said glaring at me.

    I shook my head watching them walk out of the room. It was quite until Ellis jumped off the couch.

    “come on.” She said grabbing my arm.

    “where are we going?” I asked getting up as well.

    “to the party duh?” She said dragging me to my room.

    “Ellis I can’t you heard what she said” I said crossing my arms across my chest.

    “Yeah I heard what she said. She said Y/n you are not to leave this room.” Ellis said grabbing her makeup bag.

    “exactly my point” I said confused.

    “You are not leaving this room, because tonight you’re not going to be Y/n.” Ellis said holding up her styling tools.

    “Ellis this isn’t going to work.” I said rolling my eyes.

    “Do not doubt my skills young lady! Now sit, I have work to do. Ethan Dolan won’t know what hit him!” She said pushing me in the chair.

    After applying a lot of makeup and curling my hair, Ellis picked out a beautiful white and blue dress with a white fuzzy jacket.

    “okay you can look now.” She said turning the mirror around.

    “wow.” I said looking at my reflection.

    I didn’t even recognize myself in a good way of course.

    “I look beautiful.” I said touching my face.

    Ellis quickly slapped my hand away.

    “there is one last final touch.” Ellis said handing me a white masquerade mask.

    “A mask, really?” I asked looking at it.  

    Originally posted by dcomgifs

    “you don’t want to get recognized do you?” Ellis said cleaning up her stuff.

    I took the mask putting it on. 

    “thanks Ellis.” I said giving her a hug.

    “Knock them dead girl.” She said squeezing me back.

    I gave her a smile before exiting the room. I walked quickly down to the ballroom earning strange glances from some people. I could hear the music blaring through the closed doors. I opened them admiring the scene before me. There were a lot of people scattered in the ball room just socializing.

     I walked in a little further earning some glares from the girls. I spotted Anna and Ave talking to Jake Paul and the team 10 guys. They all looked terrified, I mean I would be. Suddenly someone bumped in to me causing me to fall backwards on my butt.

    “I’m so sorry.” The voice said helping me off the ground.

    I looked up to meet the eyes of Ethan Dolan of course. I was silently hoping he didn’t recognize me or else I’d be toast! Thankfully he didn’t.

    “It’s okay I’m fine.” I said brushing some dust off my dress.

    “a mask? Don’t want anyone to know who you are?” He asked smiling at me.

    “something like that.” I shrugged.

    “well mystery girl, I’m Ethan Dolan.” He said extending his hand.

    I placed my hand in his shaking it.

    “you headed out already?” I asked sort of disappointed.

    “Uh well I was honestly.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

    “party too boring for you huh?” I asked smirking at him.

    “It’s not that it’s just that I wanted to bring this girl tonight but she couldn’t come.” He said looking down at his shoes.

    I felt my heart flutter a little bit. He wanted to bring me to this party.

    “oh I’m sorry, I’m sure she really wanted to.” I said giving him a smile.

    “you think so?” Ethan asked.

    “She’d be crazy not too.” I said patting him on the shoulder.

    Ethan was about to respond when the mic sounded. The director of the convention walked up on stage smiling at the crowd.

    “Welcome everyone to our convention. We are so happy to have you here. It’s going to be a great week with all of you and I’m glad were all here tonight enjoying this party. So how about we kick off the open mic night? Any volunteers?” The director said.

    Nobody raised their hands.

    “you look like someone who wants to come on stage.” the director said pointing at me.

    I went wide eyed as everyone turned around to look at me. There was a spotlight now just on me.

    “you got this.” Ethan said giving me a side ways hug.

    I slowly walked up to the stage feeling everyone’s eyes on me. I’ve never performed in front of other people before. There was a piano on stage. I walked over to it running my fingers over the keys. I sat down taking a deep breath. You got this.

    Ethan’s point of view

    I was having a terrible time at this party. Y/n wasn’t allowed to come and Grayson ditched me to flirt with some girl. The only thing keeping me here was the thought of my mystery girl showing up.

    “you look miserable.” Grayson said coming over to me with his arm around a girl.

    “yeah I am thanks for ditching me.” I snapped rolling my eyes at my twin.

    “sorry bro duty calls, but hey your mystery girl still might show.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

    I got up walking to the door. This party was stupid anyways. As I was huffing away I collided with another body. I looked down to see a girl wearing a mask on the floor.

    “I’m so sorry.” I said helping her off the floor.

    “it’s okay I’m fine.” She said brushing some dust off her dress.

    I couldn’t help but smile at the girl. She reminded me of y/n, how we literally ran in to each other. She was beautiful from what I could see but a mask hid most of her face.

    “a mask? Don’t want anyone to know who you are?” I asked smiling at her.

    “something like that.” She said shrugging her shoulders.

    I studied her carefully. She could be the mystery girl I’ve been searching for.

    “well mystery girl, I’m Ethan Dolan.” I said extending my hand for her to shake.

    She placed her small hand in my larger one.

    “you headed out already?” She asked me.

    “Uh well I was honestly.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

    However I wasn’t about to leave now.

    “party too boring for you huh?” She asked smirking at me.

    “It’s not that it’s just that I wanted to bring this girl tonight but she couldn’t come.” I admitted looking at my shoes.

    I really did want y/n to come tonight, like I said I enjoyed being around her but this could possibly be my mystery singing girl and I wasn’t about to let her go until I found out.

    “oh I’m sorry, I’m sure she really wanted too.” She said giving me a smile.

    “you think so?” I asked not really sure.

    “she’d be crazy not too.” She said patting my shoulder.

    I could feel a blush spread to my cheeks. This was a weird feeling for me. I was about to respond when the sound of a mic cut me off. The director of the convention walked up on stage smiling at the crowd.

    “Welcome everyone to our convention. We are so happy to have you here. It’s going to be a great week with all of you and I’m glad were all here tonight enjoying this party. So how about we kick off the open mic night? Any volunteers?” The director said.

    I looked around the room but nobody raised their hands.

    “you look like someone that wants to come on stage.” the director said pointing at the mystery girl.

    Everyone turned to look at her causing her to go wide eyed. Suddenly there was a spotlight on her.

    “you got this.” I said giving her a side ways hug.

    She walked up on stage and straight to the piano. I could feel my heart racing as she ran her fingers along the keys. I was sure this was my mystery singing girl. She sat down taking a deep breath. And then she started to sing.

    I can hold my breath
    I can bite my tongue
    I can stay awake for days
    If that’s what you want
    Be your number one
    I can fake a smile
    I can force a laugh
    I can dance and play the part
    If that’s what you ask
    Give you all I am

    I can do it
    I can do it
    I can do it

    But I’m only human
    And I bleed when I fall down
    I’m only human
    And I crash and I break down
    Your words in my head, knives in my heart
    You build me up and then I fall apart
    ‘Cause I’m only human, yeah

    I couldn’t fight the smile that spread to my cheeks it was her, it was really her. Her voice was just as beautiful and unique as I remembered it and she played the piano flawlessly. Her lyrics had meaning, deep meaning and that was what I admired most about her.  

    I can turn it on
    Be a good machine
    I can hold the weight of worlds
    If that’s what you need
    Be your everything

    I can do it
    I can do it
    I’ll get through it

    But I’m only human
    And I bleed when I fall down
    I’m only human
    And I crash and I break down
    Your words in my head, knives in my heart
    You build me up and then I fall apart
    'Cause I’m only human, yeah

    She looked at me while she sung, It was like she knew somehow that I’d been looking for her.

    I’m only human
    I’m only human
    Just a little human

    I can take so much
    Until I’ve had enough

    ‘Cause I’m only human
    And I bleed when I fall down
    I’m only human
    And I crash and I break down
    Your words in my head, knives in my heart
    You build me up and then I fall apart
    ‘Cause I’m only human, yeah

    Everyone went wild clapping as soon as she was finished. She smiled at the crowd waving at them. She got off stage and someone else went up. I ran up quickly so I could find her but she was already surrounded with people telling her how great of a job she did. I frowned a little before turning away.

    “Ethan.” She called making me turn back around.

    She pushed through the people stopping in front of me. 

    “well how’d I do?” she asked smiling at me.

    “you were amazing.” I said smiling back at her.

    “thanks for the encouragement.” She said grabbing my hand and squeezing it.

    “can I be honest with you?” I asked lacing our fingers together.

    “sure.” She said her voice shaking a little as she looked at our hands.

    “I uh heard you singing before, you were singing a different song but it was you. Your voice is different from anything I have ever heard before and I was intrigued. I wanted to hear that voice again. I’ve been looking for you since I heard you sing.” I admitted rubbing the back of my neck nervously.

    “well you found me, what are you going to do now?” She asked smirking.

    I was shocked by her answer at first. What was I going to do now? I brought my hand up cupping her cheek. I ran my thumb on her exposed cheek under the mask. I slowly brought my other hand up grabbing the mask. I was about to lift it off when she stopped me.

    “I have to go.” She said quickly looking behind me.

    She started running towards the exit with me following her.

    “wait can’t I at least know your name?” I called.

    She stopped running. She quickly turned around, running back to where I was standing.

    “Hopefully sometime soon.” She said before kissing my cheek.

    She turned back around disappearing from sight. I held my cheek while her words replayed in my head. hopefully sometime soon. That meant I would be seeing her again soon and that was good for me cause I was slowly but surely falling in love with my mystery girl.

    part three coming soon xoxoxo

    TOM: Holy shit, guys.
    TOM: Suck his dick a little harder, why don’t you?

    EDD: Holy cow, Matt.
    EDD: You got tons of fan mail!

    MATT: I…
    MATT: I have fans?!?!?!

    MATT: Oh!
    MATT: I just like to tie my hair up when I sleep!
    MATT: It keeps it from getting too crazy, y’know?

    MATT: Oh, haha, um…
    MATT: Unfortunately not.
    MATT: I wish though! It’s, uh…
    MATT: It’s been a little while since I was in a real relationship!

    TOM: Why are you people so obsessed with our love lives?

    EDD: What are you talking about, Tom?
    EDD: This is the first time any of them have asked about that stuff.

    TOM: Oh, uh…
    TOM: Yeah, guess you’re right.
    TOM: My bad.
    TOM: Haha.
    TOM: Ha.
    TOM: …

    EDD: Look, I had to choose someone to kill, and it wasn’t gonna be Matt or Tom.
    EDD: Plus, we’ve been through a lot, too!
    EDD: You don’t have to guilt trip me for playing a dumb game.

    MATT: Hmm…
    MATT: Well, to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t really know how to feel about Tord, yet.
    MATT: Heck, I barely knew the guy to begin with, and then he punched me in the face!
    MATT: My pretty, pretty face!!
    MATT: (Though he did apologize for that when he came back…)
    MATT: …
    MATT: Wait, did you say he’s not come out of his room yet?
    MATT: It’s nearly noon! He’s usually up by six!
    MATT: Have either of you checked on him?

    TOM: Not once in my life.

    EDD: I figured he was just having a lazy day or something.

    MATT: That’s most unlike him…

    MATT: Well I’m going to see how he’s doing if no one else will.

    EDD: Yeah, alright… let us know if he needs anything, okay?

    TOM: Or totally don’t.


    Rafael Casal x Reader

    Drabble- 830 words

    A/N- A product of being hella blocked on everything I’m working on right now and spending way too much time on Rafael’s youtube channel…

    Quick reminder that I wrote this in a few hours at like one AM so if you’re new to my blog, please don’t judge my writing skills off of this one. Also, hi!

    Another quick reminder: I love receiving feedback. Constructive, positive, both. I love hearing from you guys so, yeah… :)

    “C’mon Rafa,” You said through laughter, “Focus.” As much as you wanted to spend the entire afternoon laughing at his jokes, you had work to do.

    “Alright, alright,” Rafael held up his hands in surrender. “I honestly just think you need to step away for a while.”

    You shook your head, “I have a deadline, Raf, I-”

    “I know. Give it… One hour… okay, three hours tops. Completely detached. I promise your writer’s block will be gone like that.” He snapped his fingers.

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    anonymous asked:

    Could you do 26. “I didn’t intend to kiss you.” With Hamburr please ?

    Alex can’t sleep.

    Not that it’s anything newsworthy; he usually doesn’t sleep anyway. But this time he wants to, no, needs to sleep. He has a huge exam in the morning and Alex knows it won’t go well if he can barely keep his eyes open during it.

    But all the forces of the universe seem to be against him tonight, hell-bent on keeping him wide awake.

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    Bathe you?

    Requested: By an Anon who’s into bad boys

    Loki x Plus size!reader

    Word Count: 747

    Warnings: none

         Summary: Reader is a Marvel fangirl and when Loki comes down to Midgard, he hides out with her


    You woke up like every other day, pulled your iron man hoodie over your head and made your cup of coffee. You walked through your apartment like every other day and swung your front door open expecting to see your newspaper but finding a man instead. “Um hello” You say carefully, keeping your hand on the door incase he tried to murder you. The man swung around and you had to take in a breath, he was very good-looking.

    “A Midgardian? uh you will have to do” he says with an eye roll before walking past you into your apartment. “Excuse me, what do you think you’re doing?” You ask, watching in disbelief as he sat down on your couch “Do you not know who I am?” He asks and you shake your head, his shaggy black hair not giving anything away. “I am Loki, the God of Mischief” he says, and you smile a bit at that.

    If this crazy guy was gonna come into your house and play God, you were gonna have a little fun too. “Finally, the great God Loki, I’ve been waiting for your return” You say, dropping to your knees and bowing to him, putting on your most posh accent “Have you now, strange, mortals usually await my brother” he hums, moving to stand over you “I like when you bow” He smirks, but slowly offers you a hand before pulling you to your feet.

    You couldn’t help but laugh at his odd behavior “Oh my-you’re serious” You say, and as if you were the crazy one, Loki nods. “Well, do you need anything, a shower?” You propose, honestly hoping he would accept “All I will be requiring is your undying loyalty” he says and you sigh, honestly having a hard time understanding how he was here. “Alright, well you go get cleaned up and I’ll get you some clothes” You suggest but it sounds more like an order. You can tell Loki wants to talk back or reject your words but he closes his mouth before he can voice it.

    You thought that maybe you had some clothes left in your closet from old boyfriend’s or some male friends of yours that have trouble holding onto their belongings. You found some black jeans along with an old v-neck that you figured would have to suit the God. You tried knocking on the bathroom door but it opened with the slightest of pressure so you guessed the man wasn’t accustomed to locking his own doors “Loki? I found some clothes” You yell and it only takes a second for him to respond “Well bring them in” he orders, in any other circumstance you would have a ton of choice words for him but something about this situation didn’t warrant it. You very slowly opened the door and were surprised to see a very naked Loki standing in the center of the floor. “What are you doing!?” You yell, covering your eyes quickly.

    “You meant to bathe me, did you not?” He asks and you shake your head, your face turning up at the thought “Bathe you? No, have you never used a shower?” You question and he stands now “I have not, normally I am bathed by the servants” He comments and suddenly it all makes sense, he didn’t do anything by himself. “Alright, come on” you usher, holding the clothes out to him “We can deal with the hygiene thing later, put these on” You order, once again closing the door.

    “You know, I was under the impression that Midguardian women were thin” You hear Loki call from the direction of your bathroom and you stop what you’re doing immediately “Although, I never understood the fad, if I wanted a thin women I would get one” He calls in addition making his original statement sound more like a compliment. “Are you sure this is how this is meant to look?” Loki asks finally coming into view and the sight was enough to make you release a breath you didn’t realize you were holding. “You look…good” you finally say taking in his tossed hair and lean chest “So do you” He says the words carrying more meaning than either of you realized.

    Put Your Money On Me (pt. 5)

    Character: Jason Crouse (The Good Wife)

    Word Count: 4,286

    Summary: Jen talks with Alicia about her feelings; Jason picks Jen up for dinner, but they run into an unexpected problem before getting there.

    Warnings: None.

    Note: Okay, so, I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now and I’ve been so hyped to write it. Didn’t come out as amazingly as it was in my head, BUT it is still incredibly corny and fluffy. You’ve been warned, lol.

    As always, a huge, huge thank you to @naughtyneganjdm for being my beta and leaving me the BEST feedback that always puts a huge smile on my face! <333

    Previous Chapters: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4

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    EVEN MORE Awkward 80′s Dating Video Sentence Starters

    Taken from here and here. Adjust wording/pronouns as necessary.

    “I thought I told you never to call me here.”
    “Some of the things I love are photography, travel, and cuddling.”
    “The type of girl that I’m looking for is…really attractive to me!”
    “I have a very strong sense of humor.”
    “My friends agree I do.”
    “I’m kind of semi-crazy.”
    “Let me take pictures of you with my camera.”
    “I want somebody that maybe, uh, gets rough once in awhile y'know…”
    “I’m a ham. I’ve been on Jeopardy.”
    “I’ve decided I’m lonely.”
    “Are you a little crazy?”
    “I have extremely high verbal skills.”
    “‘Co-ed bubble bath sounds like a fun idea I want to try out…”
    “You’d better like it too or you’re going to go nuts! 'Cause I’ll drive you nuts.”
    “Maybe a person who is child-like…”
    “Somebody that’ll embarrass you by ordering too much food.”
    “I’m a nice fellow, I dunno.”
    “Basically that’s what I’m looking for.”
    “Fire-breathing dragons.”
    “If you want a girl like me, I’m here to serve you!”
    “My turn-offs are liars, cheaters, anyone with access to my bank account…”
    “I’m a great motivational speaker.”
    “Get out there! Go! You got it…!”
    “My favorite part of the man’s body is the nipples. I like that part very much.”
    “My pet peeves include tapping. I don’t like that at all. And I don’t want you to do it around me.”
    “Most people say that I’m the life of the party.”
    “Hey boys if you’re ever looking for a girl that can make your dreams come true… and everybody would like her a lot and say 'you did it’, uh, I’m your girl.”