but ugh you are my favourite

I’m so glad Matthew Lillard is in the new Twin Peaks. I’m not somebody who even has favourite actors, but like. Ugh. Matthew Lillard, man. He’s great.

He has one of those rubber faces that’s practically genetically engineered for comedy acting, and so I absolutely adore seeing him in horror films. There’s just something so incredibly sincere and captivating about his inability to pull off a subtle facial expression in those scenarios.

I sincerely and wholeheartedly think that my entire sense of humor was based off of that scene in Scream where he’s bleeding out on the phone and he’s like, “Did you really call the police? My mom and dad are gonna’ be so mad at me.”

Like, all I did as a kid was watch Thirteen Ghosts over and over again because I simply could not get over watching him try and convince Adrian Monk and Rah Digga not to fuck with a giant glass house full of ghost portal devil magic.

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i am new in the rock acquisition business, why the salt

also which rocks particularly should i avoid

Okay so. Aura quartz. Ugh. I think I also have a Nonny or someone else in my inbox from a while ago… the last time I bitched to the internet about aura quartz? *goes digging*

There it is. Hey nonny nonny.

Disclaimer off the bat: I am not dissing on people who like aura quartz, I mean it’s shiny, it’s pastel, it’s got crystals. Like bunnies, I can see why people like it, even if I don’t get the appeal.

My main gripe is that it is sold as something natural, when it is not? Like, I don’t like when people lie about things and lying about rocks extra bothers me bc… I honestly don’t have a proper reason. It just does. Aura quartz offends me on a personal level and I can’t quite articulate why.

Basically, aura quartz is normal quartz which has been given a very thin coating of metal, which is what gives it the shininess and the colour. Which would be fine. If it was sold and advertised as such. But generally it is not.

Take for instance the picture that I sent to MC. The top right specimen is labelled as “Angel Aura (plated quartz)”. The other three are just noted as “Sunset Aura Quartz”, with no mention of plating. Which, by omission, implies that they are not. But they are. All aura quartz is plated and don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise.

Even worse, another stall I saw today had a piece that was labelled “RARE”. It literally is not. It is just normal quartz. Literally the most common mineral. You’ve just slapped some shiny on there and jacked up the price.

(I love quartz because of/in spite of the fact that it is the most common. It’s the best. But that is a whole other post on its own and I won’t go into it here.)

So uh, yeah. This has got really long and @i-is-a-freak​ is probably laughing at me because I have done exactly what she predicted.

I’m going to make the “which rocks particularly should I avoid” answer a separate post because this is already super long and that answer is probably going to be at least as long as this one.

Basically, the TL;DR version is this: Nav is perpetually salty about aura quartz because it is a charlatan’s stone and anybody who tries to tell you that it is natural is a liar who does not deserve your money.

But buy it if you like. I know kiddos go wild for it and it is kind of pretty, if you’re into that kind of thing. But don’t let anyone tell you that it is super rare or special. It’s literally just painted quartz.


The Paladins of Voltron ◦ Hunk Garrett
⤿ “I think this thing is getting rid of the excess gas produced from its multiple stomachs… It’s farting!”

( lowkey gift for @bentfire )

  • Harry: Did you eat the last biscuit?
  • Draco: What do you mean?
  • Harry: I mean there's an empty box of biscuits in the cupboard. Why would you put the box back when it's empty? That's just mean!
  • Draco: We both know it's a cruel world.
  • Harry: Ugh, Draco! You know these are my favourite!
  • Draco: Is it too late now to say I'm kinda sorry?
  • Harry:
  • Harry: Are you quoting Justin Bieber to me? Incorrectly?

Favourite Person: *doesn’t talk to me all day*

me: i knew it all along….. truly thou dost not care for i, and i dost not care for thee……. 

fav: sorry i didn’t talk to you tonight i had so much homework ugh. goodnight, i love you

me: it’s ok, i love you too! what a great nice person, the best friend, my perfect darling………….

He had Hazel draw a tattoo on his biceps with a marker: HOT STUFF, with a skull and crossbones. “What in the world are you thinking?” She sounded pretty flustered. “I try not to think,” Leo admitted. “It interferes with being nuts”

Month Six

“Killian, I don’t care if you install a revolving wall of sex toys in our bedroom as long as I get to renovate the bathroom.”

Absolute Fluff. Because I have babies on the brain.

Rating: G.

Read on FF.Net here.

Killian lets out a tired sigh as he stands before the scene of the crime. Normally, coming home to find one’s wife in the tub would be a sight for delight. However, coming home to find one’s wife has passed-out in the tub, seemingly in-between bathing rituals, is slightly concerning.

Especially since it’s the third time this month.

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Why, you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!

I love your version of pre-core Gaster! I started to doodle him and it turned into this. Hope you enjoy it :)

shut the front door I love this.

Ah. Look how cute. Look how cute. You’ve captured DSGaster perfectly; his expression and body language are spot on, and his blush is just the right shade of cyan. And your Asgore is so happy and fluffy look at that glorious mane. Happy Asgores are my favourite Asgores. Ah, I love it. ;w;

Thank you for taking the time to draw this and share it with me! This brightened my day. I hope you have a good one too! <3

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'NOW3 jikook' those pictures look so boyfriend 👀 I'm dying 😍😍😍😍😍

uwah yes ^///o///^ i’m surprised some of you don’t know about them actually. they’re definitely some of my favourite jikook shots of all time. i really like the colours and the aesthetic behind them :3333

ofc, the typical black and white photoshoot colours are nice but this was a really nice change. I remember when the photos first came out everyone and their grandmothers were like “tell me this doesn’t look like a wedding photoshoot”. 

And it’s true, because…


…there were some pretty nice shots. 

breaking down house stereotypes

the hp writers net created quite a racket! discourse, as you may call it.

[ 5:43 PM ] paula: #ravenclaw confessions: I don’t always have paint on my hands

[ 5:43 PM ] amber: Reminder to ravenclaws who don’t have blue eyes: you’re still as valid as slytherins with blue eyes uwu

[ 5:43 PM ] eve: slytherin confessions: i have never murdered anyone

[ 5:44 PM ] amber: Not all slytherins poison :/

[ 5:44 PM ] eve: some people?? have blue eyes?? to cope??

[ 5:45 PM ] sophia: Ravenclaw confession: I hate studying

[ 5:45 PM ] paula: You 👏 don’t 👏 have 👏 to 👏 own 👏 a 👏 lion 👏 to 👏 be 👏 in 👏 gryffindor

[ 5:45 PM ] amber: ALL 👏 HOUSES👏CAN 👏 KILL 👏 PEOPLE

[ 5:46 PM ] eve: friendly reminder that not all gryffindors own lions uwu


[ 5:46 PM ] paula: Winged eyeliner is not just for slytherins 😩

[ 5:46 PM ] paula: Guys I’m a ravenclaw and I wear eyeliner ??? Break stereotypes 🙏

[ 5:47 PM ] paula: Sometimes I’m not aesthetic and it’s really hard #that ravenclaw life

[ 5:48 PM ] eve: #notallslytherins murder people


[ 5:50 PM ] eve: Daily reminder you can’t own books if you’re not from ravenclaw

[ 5:50 PM ] sophia: Ravenclaws aren’t always the best or smartest at everything #remember hermione brightest witch of our age

[ 5:50 PM ] amber: I have a lot of friends who follow me on here that do this so I won’t name any names but if 👏 you 👏 aren’t 👏 a 👏 ravenclaw 👏 you 👏 can't👏 own 👏 books


[ 5:52 PM ] eve: youre not a true slytherin if you cant name all their albums, acrylic nails, black lipstick, literal murder and water

[ 5:52 PM ] ray: i only wear black clothes, did the sorting hat got it wrong? should i donate all my clothes to any friendly slytherin?

[ 5:52 PM ] amber: If you actually read the post you would know that slytherins aren’t friendly :/

[ 5:53 PM ] amber: Going on an adventure?? Omg these hufflepuffs are breaking!!! Down!! House stereotypes!!!

[ 5:53 PM ] amber: Friendly house is yellow house

[ 5:54 PM ] amber: What the hell is a hufflepuff

[ 5:54 PM ] amber: Anyway I love jigglypuff house :))

[ 5:54 PM ] eve: oh yes the four houses, gryffindor ravenclaw slytherin and reads smudged writing jigglypuff

[ 5:54 PM ] eve: slytherin confessions: i have never murdered anyone

[ 5:55 PM ] amber: Picking sunflowers to give to your friends #littlehufflepuffthings

[ 5:55 PM ] amber: Going on adventures #allgryffindorsrelate


[ 5:56 PM ] eve: drowning #justslytherinthings

[ 5:56 PM ] paula: Cram 😂 😂 😂? the only thing I’m cramming is my dreams! The grind😩👊👏👏never stops❌❌❌. Only ravenclaws will understand

[ 5:57 PM ] amber: You killed that test?? 😂😂Ravenclaws🙄🙄.The only thing I kill🔪🔪🔪 is my enemies💯💯💯💯 SLYTHERINS 🐍🐍UNITE🖤🖤🖤

[ 6:00 PM ] amber: #yellowhouse

[ 6:00 PM ] amber: #poisondrownings

[ 6:00 PM ] amber: #bookcathedral

[ 6:01 PM ] tayla: #plaidshirtsnredhair

[ 6:01 PM ] eve: #sunflowerhouse

[ 6:01 PM ] tayla: #iceandpretentious

[ 6:02 PM ] tayla: #blueeyesandallthebooks

[ 6:03 PM ] amber: dystopian au

[ 6:04 PM ] amber: “Sunflower house and demon house are never supposed to mingle… But I couldn’t help but fall in love with her and her black acrylic nails from afar. She wasn’t like book house girls, with pretentious quotes and ice cold blue eyes. She was special. If she was a poison, I wanted to drink it all.”


[ 6:05 PM ] sophia: Non-ravenclaws can’t understand this post: the feeling of going into a bookstore

[ 6:09 PM ] paula: Only slytherins will understand

[ 6:09 PM ] paula: Tfw you apply makeup. Only slytherins will get this

[ 6:10 PM ] amber: Me, looking at the blue sky; yes okay we get it you’re a ravenclaw just take your books and go

[ 6:10 PM ] amber: Everyone else wears natural makeup

[ 6:10 PM ] amber: slytherins teaching the dumb other houses how to apply eyeshadow

[ 6:13 PM ] amber: [banging books down on the table] let ravenclaws wear heavy makeup!!!

[ 6:15 PM ] amber: Gryffindor muggleborns showing their friends new places to go on adventures in the muggle world. Ravenclaw muggleborns showing their friends their favourite muggle books. Hufflepuff muggleborns picking flowers with their pureblood friends. Slytherin muggleborns teaching their slytherin friends about new types of poisons

[ 6:15 PM ] amber: Just kidding. Everyone knows there isn’t any muggleborns in death eater house

[ 6:19 PM ] amber: Murdered anyone and used their blood for a face mask lately?

[ 6:20 PM ] eve: ugh no thats servants work, i had one of my house elfs do it for me

[ 6:20 PM ] amber: Just saw a girl with red hair and a black outfit like smh make up your mind  are you in gryffindor or slytherin?

[ 6:25 PM ] yuki: just pick a random house for the next seven years; it’s not like they’re sorting you based on your personality and where you fit best.

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I'm in the middle of finals week (ugh), do you think you could do some lazy day headcanons for McCree and his S/O

I would be honoured!! McCree is my absolute favourite and I’m currently dealing with a tough breakup right now so I needed this as well. Thank you!

  • On days like this, changing out of pyjamas was almost illegal
  • It was probably around 2 PM before both of you decided to roll out of bed, that was of course after the two of you had previously spent 3 hours cuddling and refusing to move even an inch.
  • All American breakfast? Obviously. McCree’s rustic cooking skills never failed to impress you as you tried to learn along the way
  • Whilst he’d finish up n the kitchen, you’d put on your favouite movie and pull out multiple blankets and pillows.
  • Jesse would come in with two plates and sigh as he saw your grinning face as you sat there surrounded by soft things.
        ~ “Darl, you’ve watching this movie three times this week alone!”
        ~ “I know but it’s my favourite
  • You’d curl up against him as you enjoy binge watching old classic movies, laughing when he’d quote the odd line or sing along quietly.
  • Take out later that night seemed to be tradition on days like this
  • However the two of you would groan as you heard the doorbell ring, play fighting to see who’d answer the door
  • Eventually, you’d give in to his puppy eyes and soft smiles
  • The mood changed as you dimmed the lights, turned on the fireplace and cuddled closer to him - he was so warm
  • It was inevitable that you’d fall asleep on him.
  • As the final credits would roll, he’d admire your sleeping figure fondly before scooping you up in his arms and carrying you back to bed.

I learnt this morning a friend of mine irl is moving to a different school, and I know wolves are their favourite animal so I made them this as a leaving gift - do you guys think it’s ok? >.<


buffy summers appreciation week » day five › favourite character strength: her humanity

I find it disturbing how Kpop groups go though years of training and preparation, spend months at a time without their families, miss out on sleeping to improve themselves, only to be criticized or torn down by either their own fans or others because they don’t fit into their category of perfection.

Being a fan doesn’t mean you’re entitled to say whatever you want so stop putting so much pressure on Kpop groups, stop tearing down those who aren’t your favourite and please if you don’t have anything respectful to say then don’t say it

the chamber of secrets

*Harry and Ron are caught by McGonagall in the corridors and Harry lies telling her they were on their were to see Hermione*

Lily: How very much like you, using his sick friend to get out of a tight spot.

James: What? I’m offended

Lily: Oh bite me. How many times you got out of trouble saying you were gonna go see Remus in the hospital wing.

James: It’s maybe like *counting on his fingers* 5– 6– no wait 7– oh that time with Sirius, so 8– aah the Easter prank, Merlin that was g– *Lily stares* Alright alright I get it. I’m a horrible person, are you happy Evans?

Lily: Not very much, but I was right so a little.

*Harry finds the crumpled paper in Hermione’s hand, they learn that the creature hidden in the Chamber of Secrets is a basilisk*

Lily: Oh it’s a basilisk, what a relief

James: Hermione is the Remus of their small gang, she solved the whole thing by herself.

Lily: What’s wrong now?

James: We’ll find out soon enough.

Lily: Isn’t it a bit dramatic to write on walls with blood?

James: *with disgust on his face* Slyhterins. Their minds work different, don’t ask me.

Lily: Oh god, it took someone

James: Not just someone Lils, it’s the red head. Ron’s sister.

Lily: *rubbing her eyes* He’s gonna go after it. I know it. He’s going to die for sure this time. Why did it have to be someone Harry knew?

James: Ugh, that git Lockhart, how do they even trust him with something as important? Do you remember how he used to swoon over Sirius all the time? Remus almost beat the shit out of him.

Lily: *shocked* He did WHAT?

James: I said almost, calm down. *grinning* Peter might have tripped him once but that’s all. No harm done.

*Harry and Ron go up to Lockhart’s class to tell him everything they know about the heir of Slytherin but he’s getting ready to go away*

James: That fucking prat. All those books, they are lies. I never understood why he was in Ravenclaw.

Lily: Well he always wanted fame and he got it. *Lockhart reaches for his wand to put a memory charm on Harry and RonHarry your wand! YES! That’s my baby.

*Lockhart, Harry and Ron go to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom*

James: Ah Myrtle.. she was a lovely ghost.

Lily: What do you mean lovely? She hated my guts and I was always nice to her.

James: She loved us, Sirius was her favourite. *oblivious* Was Sirius that good-looking to attract any type of creature and human in Hogwarts?

Lily: Umm.. Well, he was. I can’t lie. He’s very good-looking, I mean with the high cheekbones and the grey eyes and the whole I’m coo–

James: Alright, I get it. 

Lily: *rolling her eyes* You asked and I replied. Don’t tell me you are jealous of Sirius?

James: *offended* Of course not.

Lily: Good, because we have a problem, they are going to the Chamber of Secrets.

*They go down to Chamber of Secrets and Lockhart takes Ron’s wand and since it’s broken it malfunctions while he tries to do a memory charm on Ron*

James: That son of a bitch. They are children, he could have killed them.

Lily: Forget about Lockhart, Harry’s into the chamber, alone.

James: Why would Salazar Slytherin built a room designed to look like a torture chamber in a school?

Lily: He had his reasons but the basilisk is ridiculous.

James: Who’s that? That boy?

Lily: I have no clue.

James: I hate people who act all mysterious. Get to the point.

Lily: Oh god he has his wand. How can someone preserve himself in a diary for fifty years?

James: I have an idea but it’s too extreme. I saw it in one of the books from Restricted Section while looking for information on animagi.

Lily: How extreme?

James: I think that might be a horcrux.

Lily: A what, now?

James: Something you hide a piece of your soul in so you don’t die, very dark magic and very hard to do.

*Tom Riddle is explaining how he opened the Chamber of Secrets using Ginny. He tells Harry that he’s his new target*

Lily: James? Can that be Voldemort?

James: How can it be? He has a nose.

Lily: *madly* James! This is serious.

James: Technically, yes.

Lily: Well, isn’t that fucking great?

James: It might not be Lils, I’m just making assumptions.

Lily: It’s a very spot on one James, I hate the fact that you’re so smart sometimes.

James: Was that a compliment or an insult?

*Tom Riddle reveals that he’s in fact Voldemort’s sixteen year old version, Fawkes arrives and a while later Basilisk comes out*

James: How’s the sorting hat and a phoenix will help him battle a bloody basilisk and Voldemort?

Lily: Harry turn around!

James: Okay I take my words back that bird is bloody brilliant. It took that thing’s eyes out. Harry, what are you– now is not the time to try the Sorting Hat on buddy.

Lily: He’s trying to do something, wait a second is that– is that a sword?

*Harry fights the basilisk and kills it with the sword but gets a fang to his arm*


Lily: No he’s not.

James: He was bitten by a fucKING BASILISK. How are you so calm?

Lily: For heaven’s sake James, do you know anything about phoenixes?

James: Care of Magical Creatures was not a favourite subject of mine.

Lily: But you got an Outstanding regardless, right?

James: Of course I did.

Lily: Ugh, I hate you. Phoenix tears have healing powers you dumbass.

James: That’s why you are so calm.

Lily: *sarcastically* Well, yes.

James:  Let’s hope Tom Riddle doesn’t kill him now that we got over the basilisk.

Lily: *confused* Is he going to stab the diary?

James: No but that’s genius, assuming that’s a horcrux he can destroy it and kill Voldemort for good.

Lily: Look Ginny is waking up.

James: Harry James Potter saved the day again.

Lily: I don’t think my heart can handle any more of these heroisms.

James: It’s not like they are going to have a problem at Hogwarts each year. 

Lily: I hope you’re right.