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He had Hazel draw a tattoo on his biceps with a marker: HOT STUFF, with a skull and crossbones. “What in the world are you thinking?” She sounded pretty flustered. “I try not to think,” Leo admitted. “It interferes with being nuts”


Why, you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!

Favourite Person: *doesn’t talk to me all day*

me: i knew it all along….. truly thou dost not care for i, and i dost not care for thee……. 

fav: sorry i didn’t talk to you tonight i had so much homework ugh. goodnight, i love you

me: it’s ok, i love you too! what a great nice person, the best friend, my perfect darling………….

My Ten Year Old Brother Watches Teen Wolf 2x01 – “Omega”

Ever since my little brother sat down to watch the last episode of season one on Christmas Day, he’s been very eager to watch season two. (Note: He covers his eyes during sex/gory scenes, which I tell him to do, I also mute the tv)

My brother does not know who I ship; all he knows is who my favourite character is -Stiles.

Quotes from my brother about tonight’s episode:

“Why is Stiles at the hospital? Lydia doesn’t even like him, where’s Jackson?”

“Ha, Stiles broke the vending machine!!” *turns to me* “That’s something you’d do.”

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“Ugh, why is Lydia’s bath water dirty? Ah..There’s hair in it!!!” *covers his eyes* “I’m never taking a bath again!!!” *looks* “Oh, she was imaging it, but now she’s gone outside naked…weird.”

“Why does Stiles know all these things about Lydia? It’s creepy…he doesn’t even know her.” (Ha my brother is ten and he’s already hating on Strdia…hehehe)

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“Are Allison and Scott together, like boy and girlfriend?” *I nod* “Good, they are really cute….they don’t die do they?” *I shield my face, so he doesn’t find out Allison’s death*

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“Jackson is a werewolf!!! Wait, no he isn’t? He’s dying!!!! Derek, stop being a weirdo!!!”

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“Why does Stiles care about Lydia so much??? I thought Jackson was her boyfriend” *I explain that they broke up and Stiles went to prom with Lydia* “Well, I like Jackson and Lydia, like Allison and Scott.

Guys my brother ships Scallison and Jydia!!!

“Who do like together?” *I don’t mention seasons past the ones he has watched*

My answer: I like Allison and Scott, I like Stiles and Derek.

“Stiles and Derek…..interesting, they talk more than Lydia and Stiles, I like it too!!”


“Allison’s Grandpa is strange….if it hurts Scott, I’ll kill him” - he’s protective over his favourite character

“I loved this episode, but WHY WAS THERE NO LACROSSE???

Part 2 is up now!!!

Remember those lazy afternoons when we’d just sit around and watch the sun set? We’d sit there for hours, until the red disappeared from the sky. Sometimes, you’d fall asleep, but it was okay, I never minded the silence.

That might sound boring, but the boring days are the days I remember the most.


KC AU Week: Day 4 || All Human.

↳Assassin/Scientist AU

Caroline Forbes, professional assassin and con-artist is hired by one of the government secret agencies to seduce Klaus Mikaelson, aspiring and successful scientist who has uncovered a series of discoveries that will change the whole world, and steal his progress.

Now, if only he wasn’t so sweet and adorable, then maybe she would have been able to get it over with and finish this task.

But of course, he had to have dimples and an accent. In short, her own custom made recipe for disaster.

eat yr fucking brussels sprouts

im so sorry to everyone whos ever been made to eat greyish soggy and completely tasteless brussels sprouts bc they are capable of so much more okay holy shit so im abt to set yall straight

first, do not boil them. literally dont boil vegetables unless its potatoes bc it tends to sap everything of flavor okay. you can cook veggies in the oven or steam them in a pot, or like a million other things. sauteed is my favourite though bc you can cook them in like less than five minutes.

first, cut off like a centimeter of whats left of the stem, bc thats old and will taste weird. then wash them they can be pretty dirty, though the dirt is only on the outside (unlike leeks ugh). 

after you’ve washed them and have them on your cutting board, get a pan (small is good if you’re just making a snack!), put it on the stove and turn it to medium heat if u have an electric stove, or like 6-7 if u have propane. pour approximately ½ tablespoon of olive oil (you might want to add more but thats fine to start with).

back to the brussels sprouts: cut them in half width-wise (theres pictures below for reference) then take each half and cut that into four pieces. if they’re super big, you might want to cut each piece in half again, if theyre super small then just cut the whole thing into quarters. it’s okay if the size varies a little!

the oil should be hot by that point (if you pick up the pan and tilt it, the oil should run kind of quickly, instead of super slow like cold oil does). dump the cut brussels sprouts into the pan (gently and with love !!).

put some black pepper over it–this is to taste, so if you dont really like black pepper then only do a little, or skip it entirely. i put probably ¼ teaspoon because i love black pepper. start small, though.

stir it a little, then put some salt on–also to taste. it’s gonna need more than you’d think, i promise, but also you dont want to overdo it, so sprinkle a little salt over it to start with, and once they’re cooked, you can taste them and add more if it needs it. remember, when it comes to salt, its best to put a little, and then taste, and then a little more, and then taste, and then more, etc. 

stir them again and then cut a lemon or a lime (lemon is best but use what you have) in half, and squeeze some into the pan–it will start steaming and making popping noises, which is good. this is to taste as well. i love sour things, so for me maybe half the juice of half a lemon for every 5 normal sized brussels sprouts. thats a lot, though, so if you dont like things too sour, just squeeze the half a little. you can always add more later if it’s not enough!

if they start to stick to the pan that means theres not enough oil, so pour a little more olive oil in and stir.

stir them often! they cook pretty fast when theyre cut small, like 2 minutes maybe depending on how hot the pan is. when they lose their sharp cut edges and the white gets a little yellow and green is darker, they’re probably done! pull one out to taste it and make sure its cooked, and add more flavor if you want.

when they are cooked, they should still be crunchy, but there shouldnt be any harder part in the middle. crunchy all the way through. you’ll be able to tell when you try one.

here’s the pictures so you can see what i did (sorry they are bad pictures my hands shake hella):

brussels sprouts are great because they’re usually incredibly cheap, they keep a long time (i store them in a brown paper bag in the fridge, and they dont go bad for 2 weeks or so, if they last that long), you can cook as many or as few at a time as you want (instead of having to use one whole big vegetable, u no?), and they are good for side dishes if you are someone who does like full meals or whatever.

you can cook them a million different ways, this one is just my favourite! they’re also really good with potatoes or sausage (presumably, i only eat soy meat really but theyre really good with Tofurkey sausage so idk), with or without lemon juice, etc.

anyway please eat them they are vegetables which are high in vitamins or something presumably and they taste really good i promise!

The Perfect Plan

PAIRING: Reader x Steve Rogers 


WARNINGS: slight swearing and lots of fluff and a frustrated Steve! 

Request from Anon: Hi if you wouldn’t mind, I have an idea. Tony hosts some kind of fundraiser ball or formal event, and the reader is kinda like date but platonically, and Steve gets really jealous bc he thinks reader and Tony are together? But then they have a cute dance and get close at the after party? If you want to make it fluffy or smutty it’s up to you. Btw your work is amazing it’s honestly my favourite x

This was such a cute request, I leaned more to the fluffy side as it’s been too hot today for my brain to try and write anything smutty as that has been the last thing I’ve wanted to think/do today! (lowkey Australian weather can kiss my ass ugh) Anyway I hope you enjoy this! Also Happy Birthday Stan Lee !! 

GIF NOT MINE (good lord it took me so long to find this gif holy shit) 

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“(Y/N), I need your help” the sudden loud and brash voice of Tony nearly made you jump nine feet into the air. If it wasn’t for you working alongside Tony Stark for a number of years now you were sure that your heart would be beating a mile a minute. But fortunately for your nerves you had grown accustomed to Tony sudden and sometimes volatile behavior.

“What is it now Tony, please tell me there isn’t some PR mess you’ve created for me” You signed your fingers still tapped rhythmically on the keyboard.

“Nope I only make those on the last Thursdays of the month” you gave Tony a dry look over your computer screen as he flopped down on the chair opposite your desk.

“Seriously what do you want Tony?” the annoyance in your voice went unnoticed by the billionaire.

“I’m throwing a party” he shrugged.

“When aren’t you throwing a party” you rolled your eyes.

“This one is actually for a reason”

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so someone by the name of @cccvenus tagged my reply with

so here ya go this is what we’re doing now. I present to you a few of my personal favourites straight from my comp

there are these three

which are just some quality™ gifs of joey titled “is kaiba wet yet”

these two of kaiba laughing

which are part of the “kaiba go to therapy” series of my photos/gifs

and the gif of joey knocking on kaiba’s door in BC

which i’ve named “joey pounding kaiba”

and then an image of joey in DK 

appropriately titled “joey getting fucked” (because i swear to god tell me that’s not what it looks like go ahead i dare you)

thank you for coming with me on this journey

if you ever think i don’t read your tags about me

you’re wrong


Sorry guys I’m not a Shawol nor a fan of Do Jihan (the actor of Banryu) BUT I’M SO GONE FOR THESE TWO OMG I think i’m a sucker for rivalry and that these two are so competitive whenever they see each other for no apparent reason UGH (they have qualities of a good ship is what I’m sayin~) 

HERE ARE SOME GIFS, COME SHIP THEM WITH ME (special thanks to people who make these gifs ily <3)

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BAAHAHAHA hands down my favourite moment for this ship XD simplifies their overall relationship~~ 

the best thing in this ship is that both Banryu and Suho are equally masculine so that there wouldn’t be much stereotypical seme/uke gender roles placed on them, but then that’s just my preference in a ship 😌I just hope that people are writing this ship… MAYBE I SHOULD WRITE THIS SHIP OMG SHOULD I???

But it’s kinda sad that the official canon made Banryu crush on Suho’s sister… :( but hey come on this girl CUTE AS FUCK I’D LIKE HER TOO (and OMG DID SHE MAKE A SNEAKY HEART WITH HER HANDS OMG)

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in short I’m IN LOVE with hwarang and CAN’T WAIT for more episodes!!! hehehe

  • me: bts are actually really inspirational omg
  • suga: i just want to be a rock and be still
  • jungkook: grapes before girls
  • jin: i rap just like jay-z
  • rapmon: jimin you got no jams
  • jimin: language isn't a barrier when you're as cute as me
  • jhope: ugh dirty dirty water on my faceu
  • v: i think there are rabbits on the moon
  • friend: ...
A-Z Tag!

I was tagged by @our-dazed-sims & @anelaxsims!! 💕 ily

a / age: 18! 
b / biggest fear: either the ocean or dying alone, honestly 😱
c / current time: 12:24AM ⏰
d / drink you had last: Wine (currently) 🍷
e / everyday starts with: sleeping in, checking tumblr, not eating breakfast, THEN finding out I have to de-ice my car !!! then getting super mad because I’m gonna be even more late 🚗
f / favourite song: ugh no I have too many !!  🎵
g / ghosts are real? *sweats* ummmmm, IDK?? maybe 👻
h / hometown: Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK (geordie ayyye, my accent isn’t that thick tho) >ACCENT< 🌃
i / in love with: *sweats again* ummm my geography professor?? Audrey Hepburn?? & seth rogan <3 also tom felton gahhh 💕
j / jealous of: people who have their lives figured out & know what they want to do 💚
k / killed someone: ???? lol  🔫
l / last time you cried: oml I’m a cry baby, probably yesterday knowing me 😢
n / number of siblings: non! just 3 dogs 🐶
o / one wish: graduate, get a job, don’t screw up basically is that three? 
p / person you last called/texted: My gd pal Lydia!! 📱
q / questions you’re always asked: “can I see some ID?” & “will #jandy ever happen??” lolo  💕
s / song last sang: Zorbing - Stornoway 🎤
u / underwear colour: omg !! I’m not wearing any (I just got out the bath=dressing gown life)  👙
v / vacation destination: always Canada! 🍁
w / worst habit: procrastination or self deprication lol ❌
x / xrays you have had: a whole bunch! But the last was a MRI about a year ago for a knee operation!! 💀
y / your favourite food: sushi or steak lol !! 🍣 (I used to be a vegitarian D:)
z / zodiac sign: capricorn! ♑

I tag @simsomedia, @aandidas, @momobunniisims, @obisims, @loniden, @sim-bubble, @moushie, @paragon-polygon@nicotinc, @dank-owski & @banana-sims  💕 (and ofc anyone else who wants to do it! say I tagged u!)

Glitter is for Warlocks, not Shadowhunters.

Fandom - The Mortal Instruments

Characters - Magnus, Alec

Summary - Alec is not happy with Magnus; glitter is not a Shadowhunter thing. Magnus needs a punishment, surely?


‘Yes, Alexander?’ Magnus smiled, poking his head round the bedroom door.

‘What. Did. You. DO?’ Alec was staring at himself in disbelief in Magnus’s wardrobe mirror. His hair was doused in silver and neon pink glitter, as were his shirt and shorts. He looked like a human disco ball, in his opinion. ‘You dumped glitter on me while I was sleeping? Seriously?’

Magnus just smirked, slowly backing out of the room.

‘MAGNUS BANE. GET BACK HERE, NOW!’ Alec yelled, running after his boyfriend.

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my top albums of 2016

1. A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead (aka my favourite album of 2016 absolutely fucking beautiful there is a reason they’re my favourite band nothing can beat this)

2. Life of Pablo - Kanye West (he nailed it. what a year he’s had…controversial i know, not a fan of him as such, more his music)

3. Lemonade - Beyonce (this floored me. i wasn’t a huge bey fan before, but ugh the song with jack white was stunning and the kendrick collab maaaan i love her)

4. i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it - The 1975 (this band basically became one of my top three favourites this year)

5. Starboy - The Weeknd (bloody love this guy. he is killlling it and this album is one huge hit after another)

(honorable mentions to kendrick lamar, lady gaga, panic! at the disco and the hamilton mixtape for also being incredibly good!) 

So I’ve seen a lot of stuff about Lance speaking Spanish, usually in the context of saying dirty things to Keith or using it as sex appeal, but you know my favourite thing about people who speak more than one language? When they misuse foreign words that have a similar-sounding equivalent in their mother tongue but mean COMPLETELY different things. My favourite one of these for Spanish is the verb molestar

Molestar means ‘to annoy’ but it sounds a hell of a lot like the English ‘to molest’. My Spanish teacher once mixed these up while speaking English (under the best circumstances, good god) and I imagine that if Spanish was Lance’s first language he might do the same because when you’re flustered it’s easier to make mistakes. Something like:

Lance: Ugh, you really piss me off!

Keith: I don’t understand why you’re always yelling at me


Just as Shiro walks into the room… Bonus points if Lance has just lost a training spar and Keith has Lance pinned to the ground…

In 2017 can nerds and fandoms stop using “kid’s show”, “kid’s book”, and “kid’s movie” as insults and negative and derogatory things?

Whether that’s in the context of “ugh, why do you like it, it’s just a kid’s show”, or “my favourite show isn’t a kid’s show, it’s exciting and deals with dark themes and serious issues so it’s not for kids!”

Both are equally bad, imply there’s something negative about children’s media and that children’s fiction never contains anything meaningful or of substance, and are insulting both to the writers and creators of kids shows/books/films/etc and to children themselves.


(special shoutout goes to the doctor who fandom, the harry potter fandom, and the star wars fandom, hi, pls stop this)