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uh was it just me or was Dean like turned on when Cas said 'I'm your Huckleberry' and ISN'T THAT SLANG FOR 'I'M THE MAN YOU'RE LOOKING FOR'????


Firstly (everyone’s screamed about this already; I’m still DYING fyi), Dean and Cas watch movies together (or Dean makes Cas watch his favourite Westerns like a cool, cultured hubbie should do). 

God, just look at Dean’s lowkey scandalized face saying “Babe! How dare you suddenly forget the MOVIE Tombstone!”

(Meanwhile I’m laughing at Cas’ casual, vague summary of it because you have no idea how many times my mom talks like this when my dad would ask her if she remembered a certain action movie [he’s an action movie buff]. To my mom, the action genre consists of two things: guns and blown-up cars. That’s it. They’ve been married for 25 years.)

Secondly (of course), Cas watches these movies because Dean wants him to despite not having a fetish/obsession with Westerns and cowboy paraphernalia like Dean does. Happy Dean = Content Cas. 


Yep–popularized by Tombstone, the phrase is 19th century slang for ‘I’m the man you’re looking for’ according to Urban Dictionary (or ‘the man for the job’).

Dean: *fondly confused/flustered* *swallows* *licks lips*

Here, Dean’s voice catches on a gasped inhale as he shakes his head (both in disbelief and amusement) at Cas’ endearing antics.

UGH. Textbook married.

Maybe once I gather my wits I can write proper meta alongside flailing but we’ll see–like I said, there’s barely any sub left in that text, if you ask me  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  1. Dean had a good snore-ful sleep after sleepless grieving nights post-Cas return.
  2. Cas knows Dean sleeps like “an angry bear”. AN “ANGRY SLEEPER…LIKE A BEAR”.
  3. Cas (who “doesn’t sleep”) makes Dean coffee in the mornings.

*What Cas is actually thinking* “Nice job, Jack. Now I must make your father coffee again. I didn’t resurrect myself for this.” 

That pose Luke sometimes does when he takes selfie

which he almost killed me but I survived~

He’s so good looking like that

he looks like a prince, with his hair like that ><

imagine Luke looks into your eyes like that, i’ll blush >///<

this is like one of my favourite selfie 

look at his nose and his lips, I wanna kiss it so bad. Also, his neck~

bless whoever took this photo, look at him, ugh! 

i want more beanie Luke <3

damn, so far this one is the best one~

Things my family has said but with Voltron #3

Lance: ugh, I’m full up of chips.

Shiro: all right. Do you want any more?

Lance: one more please.


*barking in the distance*

Shiro: *walks in* Keith is barking at the post man again.

Allura: so that’s what that was


*Allura and Shiro are sitting on the sofa*

*howling from upstairs*

Shiro: oh my god is that a dog?!

Allura: nope that’s Keith.


Lance: so what’s your favourite song?

Keith: who says by Selena Gomez

Lance: oh. I thought it’d be something, I don’t know, heavier?

Keith: Selena is a goddess

Lance: True





Pidge and Hunk: A L L U R A!


Lance: I am officially dead inside, look I even have a badge! *holds up piece of paper with ‘officially dead inside’ written on it*

Shiro: can I have one?


*Pidge and Lance are playing that game where you have to try not to let the balloon touch the ground*


Lance: *dive-bombs and misses*

Pidge: *looking down on him* you’re a disappointment.


Next one with be Friend Edition (my friends are insane but I love them)

He had Hazel draw a tattoo on his biceps with a marker: HOT STUFF, with a skull and crossbones. “What in the world are you thinking?” She sounded pretty flustered. “I try not to think,” Leo admitted. “It interferes with being nuts”

Favourite Person: *doesn’t talk to me all day*

me: i knew it all along….. truly thou dost not care for i, and i dost not care for thee……. 

fav: sorry i didn’t talk to you tonight i had so much homework ugh. goodnight, i love you

me: it’s ok, i love you too! what a great nice person, the best friend, my perfect darling………….


The Paladins of Voltron ◦ Hunk Garrett
⤿ “I think this thing is getting rid of the excess gas produced from its multiple stomachs… It’s farting!”

( lowkey gift for @bentfire )

Bucky the Jerk, Part 1

Bucky the Jerk, part 1

Hi. So I decided to put my obsession to good use and write a Bucky x Reader thing. If It plops i can always disappear into the night. Please let me know if you like it and just what you think.

I only have two or three, well maximum four chapters left to write, with five done, and I’m itching to share. 

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky is being a dick to you, and you can’t understand why is he the only one from Avengers who doesn’t like you.

Chapter summary: Just premise :) Bucky is a bit of a dick.

Mornings at the Avengers Compound were among your favourite things in the world. Tony sure knew where to build - the enourmous floor-length glass windows at the common area and the adjoining kitchen showcased the vast valley before the Tower. And you, not an early bird by any means, loved to get up before sunrise and munch on something, looking over the hills and trees, as light filled the rooms.

Your friends and colleagues rarely joined you, if only you all had an early mission - sunrise was too much even for superheroes.

That Saturday you sat on the counter, as always, swinging your legs back and forth, a cup of tea in your hand. You didn’t bother dressing up - nobody would be awake anyway. You sat there in the first clothes that were close by, when you hurried out of your room to catch the sun rising. You were also glad that nobody could see you like this - hair in disarray, and only a black tank top and knickers as your outfit. You weren’t the shyest person in the world, but it was no plan of yours to let anyone see your soft, not sporty or trained, like Natasha’s, legs.

You sighed with pleasure, looking out the window. It was so nice to just be yourself every once in awhile, to not have to suck your tummy in near Natasha and Wanda, to look even remotely as good. You leaned back on your elbows, almost lying down on the counter, cup of tea next to you.

Unknown to you, another visitor stepped into the kitchen. He wasn’t expecting to see anyone there, but least of all you. Bucky always wanted to flee when you were left alone with him in a room, but if unnoticed he allowed himself a few glances. He stood in the doorway and slid his eyes over your relaxed form. Your hair always enamored him, but he was still motionless. When his gaze reached your naked legs though, he shifted uncomfortably against the door

When you heard a shuffle behind you, you whipped around, knocking the cup to the floor.

“Godammit, Barnes!” you huffed, your heart jumping violently in your chest, and slid to the floor to pick up the pieces. “You need a freaking bell around your neck!”

Why does it have to be him this early in the day? You thought desperately.

He just stood there in the doorframe, his mouth slightly agape, looking like it was you who scared him.

You didn’t care to care though.

“Ugh,” you collected the pieces and went to throw them out, “It was my favourite cup.”

He moved a bit closer, the same idiotic look plastered across his face.

“What?” You snapped.

“Nothing, Y/N,”  he shifted again and averted his eyes when you kneeled down in front of the puddle “Just… Nice outfit.”

You realised what happened and instantly felt your cheeks flare up. Oh god, why, WHY didn’t you put on a bra and some pants? Lazy little shit… You kept mentally chastising yourself, when you heard him speak.

“What are you doing up so early anyway?” He leaned on the doorframe and you thought he avoided your eyes when you looked up. He looked annoyed still, and this time you felt a pang of anger. Why is he annoyed with you?

“Got up to see the sunrise. What are you even doing up so early?”

You dumped the last glass pieces into the trash and went to mop the floor with paper towels, effectively ignoring his sour gaze.

“Never took you for an early bird.” He said, disregarding your question.

“I’m not,” you said, crossing your arms, mirroring him and staring him down.

“What?” He asked, his eyebrows raised.

“Are you going to apologise?”

“For what? Getting up for some water?”

“You scared me,” you bit out, “And I broke my cup.”

He rolled his eyes, and his expression changed slightly, now to a teasing one. Oh, hell no. You weren’t gonna let him make fun of you again, like he did for the past seven months since you joined.

You pushed past him and went to your room, anticipating a glorious fucking day.


Even superheroes need a breather, and Saturday was that. Tony was out somewhere, but everyone else was lounging around the tower. You were cuddled up in a blanket at the common area, reading, with Nat and Wanda watching a movie on the other couch.

Wanda kept looking over to you though, not really paying attention to the screen. Eventually, she spoke up.

“Ok, Y/N, if you don’t tell us what’s wrong I’m gonna have to breach your privacy.” she tapped her temple.

“What?” You looked up from the book, not even sure you remembered the last words you just read.

“See? I’m telling you she’s distracted.” Wanda told Nat, and she nodded, “Spill it.”

“Oh, it’s been spilt.” You felt an urge to giggle at your own hilarious pun, but the girls just looked at each other.

“Y/N…” Natasha started carefully, “Who got you? We know something happened, it’s like there’s a storm cloud over your head.”

You sighed and closed the book, frowning at your friends.


Natasha smiled ever so slightly, and you even though that maybe you imagined it.

“It’s fucking Barnes.”

“Told you!” Natasha jumped up and laughed, and Wanda rolled her eyes, “You don’t need any psychic powers to know who upset her apple cart!”

“What are you on about?” You asked, kicking off the blanket, suddenly hot.

“We  just…” Wanda coughed and Natasha sat down next to her, changing her tone, “We just know you two don’t really get along. Which remind me, why is that?”

“Don’t ask me, he’s the one who’s got a problem with me. It’s every time, for all these months  he keeps teasing me, and making fun of me, and in the field he always makes sure we’re together, just so that he can ridicule how inadequate I am!”

“You sure that’s the problem, love?” Wanda asked.

“I don’t see any other explanation. You’d think in seven months he’d get used to me. You all did…”

Natasha was trying not to burst out laughing, and you took it as her making fun of your misery. You didn’t care though, Nat was kind to you and you were close, so you couldn’t care less if she found Bucky’s childish behavior hilarious.

“What are you girl gossiping about?” Came Sam’s voice from behind you.

“Hey Sammy,” Natasha stretched her back, “Nothing. Just trying to cheep Y/N up.”

“Aww, what happened baby?” He leaned over the back of your loveseat and lightly pinched your cheeks.

Wanda laughed, and you tried to squirm away.

“Ok, Sam, you know what? I appreciate the sentiment, but when you concentrate on my cheeks, it makes me feel like a hamster - not a baby.”

“Yeah,” he nodded, with all seriosness, “The cutest hamster baby.”

Now Nat couldn’t hold in her laughter any longer, and Sam kept talking to you in a baby voice. You grabbed his shoulders and pulled, and he didn’t keep his balance from all the laughing, falling right in your lap over the top of the couch.

You giggled yourself now, cradling his head.

“You idiot.”

“See? I cheered her up in a flash, and all I had to do was fall over a couch. Amateurs.” He mockingly scoffed at the girls.

“You guys seem to be having fun.”

Yes, you were, right up until you heard that husky voice that meant no good.

You straightened out and refused to look back, to where Barnes stood. You just caressed Sam’s hair, forgetting in your rage momentarily what was even happening.

The plague of your life walked around the loveseat and looked the scene over.

“What… Um, what’s this?” He motioned to you and Sam.

“Nothing!” Wanda replied before you could even come up with a poisonous comment. “We’re just fooling around. Trying to make Y/N feel better - someone’s upset her.”

Wanda held her gaze on Barnes for a few moments, but he just gave you and Sam another glare and walked away.


You couldn’t help yourself, and when you said it, all three of them started laughing.

Bucky walked away to his room, huffing, fuming and trying to come up with a good enough comment for the next time he saw you.

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  • Harry: Did you eat the last biscuit?
  • Draco: What do you mean?
  • Harry: I mean there's an empty box of biscuits in the cupboard. Why would you put the box back when it's empty? That's just mean!
  • Draco: We both know it's a cruel world.
  • Harry: Ugh, Draco! You know these are my favourite!
  • Draco: Is it too late now to say I'm kinda sorry?
  • Harry:
  • Harry: Are you quoting Justin Bieber to me? Incorrectly?

Dark and Warfstache being bffs is my favourite thing
•Dark saying they’re not friends
•Warf elbowing him in the side being all “I knowwwww you love me”
•"hey. Hey, Dark. Dark! Hey!“ “Ugh, what?” “Just thought I’d say hi” *Dark turns away grumbling about murder*
•Dark constantly saying he hates Warf but as soon as anyone else says anything remotely bad about him Dark is like back off bitch
•Them talking shit about the newer egos
•Dark just kinda going “there there” and patting Warf’s back awkwardly when Warf gets upset that another of his shows didn’t work out because the guests /just keep dying why do they always do that/
•Dark reluctantly accepting an invitation from Warf for a “fun buddies sleepover with your bestest pal”
•"Hey Dark?“ "Mm?” “Do you think the sun has feelings?” “Go the fuck to sleep it’s past four”

Heated Relationship

Summary: Y/N is always cold somehow and Richie seems to be her favourite heater

Pairing: Richie x Reader

Warnings: Swears

A/N: This has no sexual content, the title is a bit misleading I know.

“You’re kidding me right?”


“You’re seriously cold.”


“In summer.” 

Y/N huffed at Richie who was staring at her like she was crazy. “I’m not cold all over, it’s only my hands mainly. See?” She grabbed his hand to show him.

“Shit, your hands are really cold!” He exclaimed. 

“I’ve been telling you that for the past- ugh!” Y/N pulled her hand away from Richie’s.

“Hey! You said your hands are cold, my hands are warm, whaddya say Y/N?” Richie gave her a suggestive wink.

“If you wanted to hold hands you could’ve said so.” She rolled her eyes, slipping her and back into his. His hands were warm.

“I bet your hands are cold ‘cause you’re a stone cold bitch.” Richie cackled.

“Asshole. Shut up.” Y/N shoved him with her shoulder as he laughed. He stopped when she let go of his hand and stared at her amusedly.

“What.. what are you doing now?”

“Shhh.” Y/N shushed him, slipping her arms around him, squishing her face against his chest. “How are you so hot?”

Richie smirked. “Oh, I don’t know. Jeez Y/N, if you liked me you could’ve just said so.”

“My face is cold!” Y/N complained, ignoring his typical antics. 

“First your hands and now your face?”

“Yes! Both!”

Snickering, Richie untangled her arms from him and cupped her face in his hands. 

“You know, I think you’re rubbing off on me.” He mused, squishing her cheeks together teasingly.

“How so? And stop that.” She glared at him but didn’t move to swat his hands away. He obliged, but left his hands there.

“I’m feeling a bit cold.”

Y/N barked a laugh. “In summer?” She mocked. “Where?”

“Right here.” Richie tapped his finger against her lips.

For a moment she was silent, before breathing a laugh, slipping his hands away from her face and putting hers in the exact same spot, only now she was cupping his face.

“I think I can help with that.”

So let’s ramble about Ronald Weasley

Today marks 20 years since we got to experience the best fantastic world ever written - Harry Potter books. To celebrate I need to ramble a little about one character that will always be my favourite and since he’s underapreciated so much by the fandom (and by like the whole world ugh) I decided to stop writing my master thesis just to tackle Ron Weasley’s ego.

Where to begin? Since it’s been a while since I reread all of the books my points won’t be chronological but anyway.

1. Do you bloody remember how Ron Weasley didn’t have a thing that belonged fully to him, lived in a shadow of 5 older brothers and didn’t believe that ANYTHING he would achieve would really matter? Remember that? And still he goes on, meets Harry FREAKING Potter and makes him his friend. More than that, he treats him like a normal human being, helps him, explains to him everything about the magical world. And as times goes by he’s known as Potter’s friend and a Weasley and still he’s loyal to the core, defends Harry, sticks to Harry, believes in what he says and in him in general. I mean, 11 year old, f*cking child, sacrifices himself, because a) he thinks it’s Harry who’s the most important and needs the job done b) he’s brave c) he’s selfless, good human being who wants to fight evil d) he’s just the best friend ever, ok?

2. Now, can we discuss the fact that Ron doesn’t have a proper wand till like the third year? Like how can he even pass his classes, do magic and stuff? Yet he does it, so for me he may not be an academic but still a very powerful wizard.

3. He just drives a flying car to the school at age 12. Leaving you at that.

4. Oh no, before that he flies this car with his brothers, cause Harry doesn’t respond to his letters, so there goes a friend to the rescue.

5. Ok. Now. The most emotional point. Started with the sacrifice the first year but then… Ronald Wealey is the most protective person in the whole world. I mean, he’s most passionate when he defends his loved ones. Examples? 

- Second year, tried to hex Malfoy for calling Hermione mudblood

- screaming at Snape when he didn’t see the difference after Hermione grew large teeth after a spell

- standing up alone for Hermione when Snape calls her a know-it-all. I mean, the courage there.

- standing on a broken leg in front of Harry and Hermione and telling then-known-murder Sirius Black that “If you want to kill Harry you’ll have to kill us too”

- beating up Malfoy for insulting his family

- just offering himself as Harry’s second for the duel xD

- defending Harry to students when no one believed him Voldemort is back

- defending Harry on the DA founding meeting

- “NO! Keep me, you can have me!”

- also rescuing Hermione from Malfoy Manor

- pushing Hermione out of the harms way in cafeteria after escaping from the wedding

- rescuing Harry from drowning

- going with Harry to chamber of secrets to rescue Ginny

-also going with Harry after the spiders having arachnophoebia

6. And then remember how funny and easy going Ron is. Without him Harry and Hermione would be straight miserable.

7. Also he gave his shoes to Dobby.

8. And he’s great at chess, good at quidditch and meets every requirement to become an auror after the war.

9. He makes mistakes, but ALWAYS makes up for them. 

10. He’s INTELLIGENT. Most people, especially after only watching the films, assume that he’s dumb. But he’s certainly not. He is the most perceptive out of the trio, has excellent strategic skills, keeps a cool head in highly stressful situations. He also has the deepest knowledge about the insides of the magical world.

JUST RON WEASLEY EVERYBODY! <3 What’s not to love?


Favourite Crowen Scenes

       5x09: “I Think You’re Beautiful”

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Why is nobody talking about the Robert Downey Junior adaptation on Sherlock Holmes? I only saw the first movie from 2009 but it's so good?!? And a bit confusing for me because I'm a massive Iron Man fan which is the reason for me finding Tony FFs in which he dreams of his past life as Sherlock Holmes absolutely hillarious. But. So good! I still have to watch the second movie with Moriarty tho. And I love it that Sherlock clearly has ADHD there. Whatever, sorry for bothering you. Cheers!

Hi Lovely!

OH GOSH I LOVE RITCHIE HOLMES NO BOTHER AT ALL I’M ABOUT TO BOTHER YOU WITH MY MINI FREAKOUT. I mean it has its own faults and problems but I can overlook them because of the way Downey Jr. and Law play their Holmes and Watson! They so OBVIOUSLY love each other so much, and I adore the chemistry. Law even said that it’s a romance movie and BLESS HIS FUCKING HEART FOR THAT because HE KNOWS, and OH GOD RDJ loves Law so much. LIKE LOOK AT THESE FUCKERS:


OMG you’ll love the second one too; it’s a tad sad with the wedding, but Mary, OMG I love her in the Ritchie-verse… she KNOWS how much they love each other, doesn’t try to keep them apart, and she acknowledges how important Sherlock is to John AND AND AND she’s also a bamf too on the sidelines.

OHHHHH it’s so important that the audience is made EXPLICITLY aware of why Holmes goes after Moriarty – because he threatened Watson and Mary – and when *THAT SCENE* happens, the last thing Holmes ensures he sees is Watson, and then GOD the heartwrenching slow mo’ of that, where you see Holmes is at peace with his decision and FUCK it makes me cry thinking about it.

OH!! And Sherlock and John dance, no denials at all, just start dancing with each other, right there on screen… Like… I have no idea why people disllike these movies, honestly, they’re a treasure trove of Johnlock Moments.

OHHHH and Moriarty is genuinely frightening, imho, honestly. This Moriarty is played off as a completely “someone you meet every day” and I find that even scarier. He’s not Mags-levels of creepy, but fucknuggets he just… has an on-off switch and it’s scary. A calm sort of evil with intense levels of intelligence is more terrifying to me. 

AND THE MUSIC OMG And HNNGGG the cinematics of the second one OMG IT’S ORGASMIC THE SLOW MOTION CHASE SCENE HNNG. The action shots are AMAZING and ASDFASFD Seriously WATCH IT. AND AGAIN I WILL MENTION THE SLOW MO SCENE AT THE END. FUCK. Just FUCK, it’s a beautiful bit of cinematography that makes my heart cry EVERY time. It’s one of my favourite movies of all time and I just. GOD RDJ and Law are just so perfect. There is torture in the second one though, so slight TW for that.

Maybe it’s because RDJ was my re-introduction into Holmes and therefore it holds a special place in my heart. And I know that this is sacrilege but RDJ / Law are my Victorian Holmes/Watson, but BBC is MY Sherlock and John, you know what I mean? Like BBC got me in DEEP into the fandom, so I love them for that, and I just really love Johnlock. SO MUCH JOHNLOCK.

ANYWAY I’M RAMBLING. I can’t WAIT until the third movie, it’s been SO LONG, and I am so excited. While I love the first one because of the Garridebs moment in it (not really but John gets hurt and they have A Moment ™) I think I liked the second movie better because the “love interest” was virtually non-existent and it focussed on Holmes/Watson’s relationship and the case at hand and getting to Moriarty. It was fantastic.

And RDJ Holmes is a different kind of smoll and I love it. And Watson is so BAMF, god. Just the deadpan comedy of Law is amazing.


GAHHHHH. It’s such an underrated movie series because **HOLLYWOOD** and that makes me sad, but seriously I love it so much and jump at any chance to watch it. The first one, I could have done without the Adler subplot (bleh), but it’s a great movie too.

Anyway. Sorry for this momentary diversion into Ritchie-verse. Continue on Johnlocking <3

The Help

Fandom: Marvel

Summary: Based on “Imagine the cape knowing how Stephen Strange feels about you so it’s trying hard to get you to notice him or to get Stephen to ask you out” by @harleysarchive


Originally posted by tomhiddlestion-n-spiderman

Working in the library has been a calming experience to you, especially after a particularly rough day. Being a sorcerer wasn’t an easy life, even with all the marvelous possibilities that magic allowed you to create.

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