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Helloooo Darling :) I hope I can send in a request. Something with bucky barnes where you're dating and when you work at home sometimes you're wearing glasses and bucky thinks this is totally hot. So he makes compliments and stuff all the time and then he also starts kissing you, trying you get you to have some "alone" time with him and after a while you give in and you have passionate Sex ? :) That would be lovely :) Thank you soooo much <3 *hug*

This is the last one! Smut, 18+. Bucky being a needy little shit, insulting your boss and being a huge distraction. 

Working from home when Bucky was staying over was challenging. He was a distraction, going around wearing only sweatpants, no shirt, the band of his Calvins visible over the waist of his sweats. Challenging.

There was, also, the obvious fact that Bucky had a thing for you wearing glasses, so he’d be doing everything in his power to make you pay attention to him instead of your work, complimenting you, planting lingering kisses on every patch of exposed skin he could reach. He was distracting and you needed to get those reports done.

“C’mon Doll… You need a break” He was sitting beside you on the bed, kissing your neck, his stubble tickling your skin.

You giggled at his words “Well, unlike you, James” You swatted his hand away from between your tighs “I have a regular job and a boss who is a pain in the ass and doesn’t care that my boyfriend is Captain America’s best friend”

“Your boss is an asshole” He bit your earlobe and you shudered.

“I can’t fight you on that one” You moaned when he sucked a mark on your neck “Bucky!” You tried to sound scolding but, instead, it sounded like a moan “I have work”

“Doll, can you blame me?” He had, already, placed your laptop on the floor beside the bed “I know you’re not really wearing much under this” He pulled the collar of his shirt away from your chest and took a peak down it “See? Not much. That gives me ideas”

“Ugh” You groaned in fake exasperation “Let’s do it quick and you can’t distract me anymore until I’m done, got it?”

“Got it, Doll” In a flash of movement he made you straddle his lap and kissed you, all tongue and teeth, his hands on your hips grinding you down against the very prominent bulge in his pants, a soft mewl scaping your lips. You tugged his shirt over your head  and he lifted his hips, with you still over him, and pushed his sweatpants and boxers down enough so his cock could sprang free.

You pulled your panties aside and grinded your bare pussy against his lenght, coating it in your juices and then sinking down on him, slowly and waiting for a few seconds before you started to rock your hips on top of him, arms around his neck “Fuck, Doll… You feel so good” Bucky practically growled on your ear.

You were bouncing up and down his cock, by now. Moaning his name and cursing lowly every time you slammed down on him.

Then his arms came around your waist and he moved you once again, laying you down on the bed and entering you at once, starting a punishing pace that had you on edge in so little time it was almost embarrasing, when Bucky placed your right leg over his left shoulder and started to circle your clit with his metallic fingers you were a goner, screaming his name and triggering his own realese. Hard breathing and panting were the only noises in the room until you pushed him aside and started to make your way to the bathroom on wobbly legs, his come already dripping down your leg.

“Where are you going?” Bucky asked from the bed,

“Shower and don’t you even think about coming after me” You closed the door behind you for emphasis and jeard him laugh.

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16 32 46 grayson please

I loved writing this one! If anyone has any feedback, please feel free to message me! 

16. “Just talk to me.”

32. “You’re blushing.”

46. “What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since we were kids.”

Growing up, Ethan, Grayson and I had been complete opposites. They were always causing some kind of trouble, raising hell, and just being overall bad kids. I, on the other hand, was a textbook perfect child. I got perfect grades, never talked back to my parents, and my idea of fun was reading books and writing stories in the tree house my dad had built for me. Most parents steered their children in the complete opposite direction of the twins, but not mine. Apparently, they thought I was a weirdo, and that I needed some new friends to bring me out of my shell. When I was six years old, my mom invited the twins over, forced the three of us into my tree house, and insisted we “have fun.”

“You really have no toys in here?” Ethan asked, pouting.

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. I hadn’t played with toys in years. Grayson looked at the huge stack of books that sat on your desk, and his jaw dropped.

“Do you ever like, watch TV?” he asked.

I shook my head again.

“Play in the mud?”

“Ew, no!”

“Climb trees?”

“Only this one, with the ladder.”

It was his turn to shake his head. “C’mon, Y/N. We’re gonna show you how to actually have fun,” Grayson said, taking my small hand in his and leading me out of the treehouse. From that moment on, the twins had been my best friends.

When Grayson and Ethan eventually decided to move to Los Angeles, they promised to keep in touch. At first, they called everyday. However as time went on, they got busier and busier and we talked less and less frequently. But no matter what, each time the twins flew home, we picked up right where we left off, and it felt like they had never left.

The first time I visited them in LA, I hadn’t been sure what to expect. Would they act the same as they did back in Jersey? Were they going to be embarrassed of bringing me around their social media friends? Much to my surprise, the twins acted the exact same way that they did back home. They showed me all of their favorite spots in California, taught me how to surf, and even forced me into going with them to an event. However, my favorite moment was between Grayson and I, on the top of a mountain at his favorite lookout over the city.

We had been talking about something stupid, like always. Something I said sent him into a hysterical fit of laughter. As we all know, Grayson’s laugh is the most contagious thing in the world, and I couldn’t help myself. We sat there laughing until tears poured out of our eyes, and our stomachs ached. When we finally calmed down, I could feel his gaze on me. I looked over to find him lightly smirking. We made eye contact and I could feel my cheeks start to burn.

He let out another laugh and said, “You’re blushing.”

“Because you’re looking at me like that, you pervert!” I giggled and shook my head. This comment triggered another ten minute laughing session. When the laughter came to an end again, neither of us said anything. The atmosphere was so serene and peaceful. We spent a few minutes basking in the silence. Soon, I felt his eyes on me again. I turned to face him.

“Can I tell you something?” Grayson asked, smiling. I felt my heart skip a beat, the way it sometimes did when I got a good look at the beautiful boy sitting across from me.

“Grayson, if you tell me you pissed your pants again, I’m going to have to disown you.”

He laughed and shook his head.

“Then what is it?”

“Uhhh….” he giggled nervously, “Nevermind, I forgot.”

“Bullshit!” I exclaimed, lightly punching his arm. “C’mon Gray, just talk to me.”

“Ugh!” He sighed, and put his head in his hands.

“Now you’re the one blushing!”

He looked over at me, still smiling. He swallowed and cleared his throat. In all of the years I’d known him, I’d never seen him this nervous. Anxiety started to build, and it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest.

“What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since we were kids?” he finally asked.

“What if I told you I feel the same way?” I shook my head, I couldn’t believe I was actually admitting it.

“Wait, really?” I could hear the excitement in his voice, “Why didn’t you ever tell me! Well, I guess I never told you either, but-”

I cut him off, leaning over the center console of the car, grabbed his face, and pressed my lips against his. The lights of the entire city surrounded us, and yet, it felt like it was just us. The whole world stopped around us. After what seemed like hours, we pulled away.

“Wow.” We said at the same time, triggering another fit of giggles.

“Can I tell you something now?” I asked, grabbing his hand. He nodded his head in response. “Remember when we were seven, and Ethan pushed me off of the swingset, so you beat him up?” He nodded again, laughing. “I went home and told my mom I was gonna marry you one day.” He laughed, and pressed a small kiss to my lips.

“I think we could make that happen.” he smiled. We sat there for a few minutes, holding hands, feeling high on life.

“I love you,” Grayson pressed his lips to my forehead, “like for real.”

“I love you too,” I pulled his arm over my shoulder, “like for real.”


SpeakEasy Series

Bartender!Jimin x Reader

5.7k of who knows what Angst, Smut?, and Fluff?

Warnings: Use and Mention of Date-Rape Drugs, thigh riding, teasing

Ok… so… i tried… I have listened to Greedy over 100 times trying to write this… The song annoys me now. oh and do’t worry, jimin doesn’t use the date-rape drug on reader. So, Yea! Enjoy!

Originally posted by mewchim

The intoxicating smell of liquid confidence filled the room. Or should it be called depressant? The freshly poured round of shots was picked up by hands in your peripheral vision. A clink resounded through the air, as the grieving souls tried to forget the misery they were drowning in. Thankfully you were not included in that group of those, who needed to drink their minds to oblivion.

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Another (Chapter Four)

Ugh these two are killing me. The adorableness is killing me. Steve is finally relaxing a little, and Bucky finds out about them! Background WinterIron because they are the cutest.


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Enjoy :)

Didn’t think my jaw could stretch that far. Steve thought as he pulled his pants back up over his hips and glanced over at Thor.

The demi-god was leaning against the wall, blue eyes closed, breathing hard, his pants still open and loose around his hips and Steve watched as he slid down the wall to sit.

“Steven.” Thor chuckled. “If I known you could use your mouth that well, we might have done this ages ago.”

“I could barely take you.” Steve argued, dropping onto the floor next to the giant. He had only been able to get half of Thors cock in his mouth, and even that had been a struggle. Bucky had told him once (in an entirely embarrassing conversation), that Tony could take all of him without gagging and Steve hadn’t appreciated how much of a feat that was until right now.

“Nonsense.” Thor waved his hand non committedly. “'Twas excellent. Besides, what is it you say? Practice makes perfect? I foresee much practice in our future.”

Steve chuckled, and Thor shifted so their shoulders were touching, so he could rest his hand on Steve’s knee.

Another clandestine meeting in another random room, the third time in so many days, simply because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. After their night together, Steve hadn’t been able to stay away and Thor had had the same ideas, and after sparring or practice or whatever the last few days they had disappeared into whichever room was closest to kiss and grope at each other, trying to get off as quickly and quietly as possible.

There had been no excuse this time. Thor had simply been walking to his room, carrying a chair over his shoulders to put in front of his fire.

Steve had stepped out of the elevator at that exact moment and stared.

He could lift a recliner without breaking a sweat as well. He could also carry it down the hall over his shoulder as if it weighed no more than a small child. But to see Thor doing it, golden muscles shifting, the way his eyes lit up seeing Steve, the way his deep voice nearly vibrated when he spoke– Steve couldn’t help staring. Thor had quietly informed him that he shouldn’t look like that when a man’s hands were too full to properly do anything about it.

The very next minute Thor had dropped the chair and Steve had opened a door in the hallway, yanking Thor through it and onto the floor with him.

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Let Me Love You - Part 1

Summary: The reader has not heard from Jensen in over two years, he randomly calls one day and it completely turns her world upside down.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,019

What the fuck? Gorgeous green eyes are all you can focus on as they flash across your iPhone. You haven’t heard from this dumb ass in over two goddamn years. Why is Jensen calling you? What the hell do you say?!

Fortunately your panicked state distracts you from answering the call and it allows a huge sigh of relief to leave your lips. At least he had the good sense to not ramble on a voicemail, it was probably just a butt dial anyways. There’s absolutely no reason for this man to be contacting you. 

You need to get a grip. It’s the middle of the work day and you can’t afford to have an emotional breakdown right now. Your cheeks burn like they’re on fire and your hands tremble as you wobbly stand up from your desk. The stress that you’re experiencing needs to dissipate quickly, you refuse to walk around looking like a friggin tomato.

A few deep breaths make you lightheaded and you silently yell at your yoga instructor for promoting such a shitty calming technique. Deciding to rely on something that always makes you feel better, you sprint out of your office towards a big box of chocolate chip cookies.

It’s gonna be a long fucking day.

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Every Me And Every You - Twenty Three

Shutting his bedroom door you leant against the wall, your breathing ragged and your ass on fire.

You felt damp between your thighs. You slipped your hand up your skirt feeling yourself.


So fucking much of it.

How was it possible that being bent over and spanked turned you on this much? You just couldn’t understand how the whole scenario that had just played out for the last…. You checked the time, 2 hours…. What the hell? How was it possible that it had got you so worked up?

You wondered how much time you had before he came in to see you, your hand starting to rub over your centre feeling it slick and warm with your arousal.

Hearing the dragging of furniture through the door you decided you had a few minutes and allowed your hand to drift over your clit, a moan escaping your lips.

You rucked your skirt up higher, the burning skin of your buttocks pressed against his bedroom wall as you started to rub. This wouldn’t take long at all.

Eyes closed and your head against the wall, you popped the buttons on your shirt, using your spare hand to cup and massage your breast, your nipples already hard.

“Fuuuck… ” you whispered quietly as you pleasured yourself.

The bedroom door suddenly swung open and there stood Spencer. He’d discarded his suit jacket and loosened his tie, undoing his top button in the process.

You didn’t still your motions, not caring. You just looked over at him, seeing his eyes rake over you and his tongue swipe out across his plump lower lip.

Spencer moved the few feet towards you and placed his hands either side of your body so that you were trapped by him, against the wall.

“Did I tell you that you could do that to yourself?” he asked quietly.

“No… Oh fuck…” you gasped.

“So why are you doing it?”

“I need to…. ”

“I could make you stop, you know.” Spencer placed his hand on your wrist, his fingers encircling it but not applying any pressure.

“Please don’t make me stop. I’m nearly there.”

“Tell me why I shouldn’t stop you.”

He slid his hand so that it was over yours, his fingers rubbing over the tops of yours.

“Because…. Can’t you feel how turned on you’ve made me? Shit… Ugh.”

Please please please don’t make me stop, you begged silently.

“I can. I can feel it on your fingers already. I could see it glistening between your legs when you were bent over my desk. Did you like that little scene Snow?” He pushed with his hand, making you apply more pressure to your clit as you worked it.

“Yes…. ” you breathed out, your eyes fluttering shut as you started to tremble.

“Open your eyes. I want you to look at me,” he told you. You forced your eyes open again, resting them on his.

“You liked feeling the wooden paddle against your firm cheeks? You enjoyed being punished for your mistakes….?” He lowered his head pressing his forehead to yours and looking down between your bodies.

“Yes….oh fuck yes…..”

“You should have seen how red your buttocks were Snow. I bet they still are. Did it hurt?”

“Yes….. ”

His hand was still pressed to yours, now moving your fingers against yourself.

“Oh god….Oh god…ah…. Fuck…. Ugh… Spencer…. ”

You came, pressed against his wall, his hand over yours and his forehead pressed to you, his eyes filled with desire as he watched your hands moving together.

When your gasps subsided he released his hand and you fell forward leaning against his chest and panting.

“I will watch you do that properly one day Y/N. Your legs spread wide so I can see you touching yourself. And you will follow any instructions I give you when you do it.”

“Whatever you want…..” Seriously, whatever he wanted.

He chuckled softly and reached up to your hair, pulling out the clip that had been digging into your scalp slightly, your hair tumbling loose.

“Seriously though, scene completely over now. How are you feeling?” He ran his fingers through your hair softly, combing it out.

“I’m good. A little stingy but good. The paddle actually hurts less than your hand.”

“Most people find that. Bear in mind,l if I’m using my hand I also feel some of the sting. So to go for longer periods of time, I tend to alternate. But you definitely took more than the ten hits you pulled out of the bag last night. You want to lie down and I’ll put some aloe on for you?”

“Please.” You moved towards his bed and shimmied out of the skirt entirely, kicking your heels off and pulling the stockings down. Gingerly you lay on your front and felt the cooling sensation of the aloe gel on your butt, Spencer carefully rubbing it in. It didn’t take away the heat entirely but it helped.

“If you put something loose on, like pajama pants or something and then come through to the kitchen then I can make us a snack. We have a few hours to kill until we need to go out. You DID bring something nice to wear didn’t you?”

You had and you nodded. “Where are we going exactly?”

“Well, when I overheard your little chat with Emily it gave me an idea. I’ve got us two tickets for a performance of Chicago that’s playing in the city.”

You were surprised, not really taking Spencer to be a fan of musicals. You figured opera was more his thing.

“Chicago, really? I love that show.”

“I know. I remember you saying how you saw it six times on Broadway. There’s no big names in this one, it’s just a touring theatre company that are playing DC for the next two weeks, but I thought you might like it, and I’ve never seen it.”

“It sounds great Spencer. Thank you.”

“No problem. Now get changed and I’ll make us some sandwiches. I can just about manage those.”

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18 nurseydex

18.  “I think you’re beautiful.”

So I’m going to try to keep these short (try being the operative word–I’ve never been great at brevity when it comes to writing fic)

“Derek, have you seen my tie?” Will shouts out as he steps out of the bedroom and into the hallway.

“I thought you draped it over the baseboard?” Derek replies, his voice coming from one of the kids bedrooms–he can’t tell which.

“I did, but now it’s not there,” Will says, walking toward the sound of his voice, peeking into each room as he passes it.

Derek grunts.  “Walter, would you please–I just need to get this shirt on,” he says, sounding wholly exasperated.  But then again, a morning spent trying to wrangle four kids under the age of eight into appropriate clothes for a wedding–and then keeping them on–would do that to you.

Will steps into Walter and Greg’s shared room.  Greg is seven, and he’s sitting on his bed, glaring at Derek (Greg made his displeasure at being forced to attend very clear several days ago).  Walter is five, and currently only has underwear on as he tries to squirm away from Derek, who looks calm, but Will can see the strain in his eyes.

Will smiles, and takes pity on his husband.  “Derek, why don’t you go finish getting ready.  I’ll deal with this,” he says, placing a kiss on his cheek (which earns a snort of disgust from Greg).

“But you’re not finished getting ready,” Derek protests, stumbling slightly as Walter makes another attempt at escaping his arms.

Will raises an eyebrow.  “At least I’m in nice pants and a dress shirt.  You’re still wearing sweats.”


“Yeah, oh,” Will mimics teasingly.  “Not to say that you don’t look good even in sweatpants.  I think you’re beautiful no matter what you’re wearing.”

“Ugh, gross!  Daddy stop it!” Greg groans, flopping backward onto his bed.

“Your dad isn’t being gross, he’s being very sweet,” Derek says, leaning over and pecking Will on the lips.

“Why are you guys like this?” Greg complains.

“It’s what people who love each other do,” Will shrugs.  “You see it with your uncles all the time.”

“I’m never going to be like that,” Greg replies insistently.

“Give it time buddy,” Will says, chuckling to himself as he walks over to pat Greg’s head.

“Um–” Derek utters and Will turns around and sighs.  Walter has escaped his grip, and across the hall, he can see that Maria has managed to pull her dress most of the way over her head.

“I’ll get Walter, you handle Maria,” Will says.

“We’re going to be late,” Derek responds.

“I doubt Ransom and Holster are going to mind much,” Will says.  “In fact, they might even be late to their own wedding.  I’m sure Christian is giving them hell–you remember what two year olds are like.”

“Please don’t.  I’m trying to block that out of my memory.”

“I’m just saying they’ll understand,” Will says as they both step out into the hallway.  “At least now half of our kids we can trust to stay dressed while we chase the other half around.”

“Yeah, well, let’s try not to give Greg any ideas,” Derek replies, and they both laugh.

Lams Smut?

John Laurens hadn’t even thought about why Alex’s bedroom door was closed. It was never closed, unless he was sleeping, so John just assumed he was trying to take a nap. Snuggling with Alex after a long day definitely sounded like a good idea.

What he hadn’t expected was seeing Alex taking his shirt off with a confident smirk on his lips.

John knew seeing Alex half-naked was going to happen eventually. Whether because they were roommates or boyfriends of a few weeks, he expected it, just not this soon.

John was absolutely captivated by the boy. The way his arms moved to pull the shirt off, the way his hair fell on his bare shoulders. Even his boney body was so beautiful to John. John found himself staring at the way that Alex’s oversized underwear slipped off his ass a bit…

“John!” Alex gasped.

“I-I’m so sorry, Alex!” John stuttered and closed the door.

“John,” Alex opened the door to see his flustered boyfriend. “John, it’s alright.”

“I didn’t mean to invade on your privacy!” John held his hands up. “Babe, I’m so sorry!”

“Shhh. I don’t mind.” Alex grinned. He delicately placed his hands on John’s chest and leaned his head against him.

“W-would you like to watch a movie or something?” John swallowed in nervousness.

“Yeah, John. That sounds nice.” Alex smiled.

John decided to put on The Avengers for the millionth time. It was their “I don’t really care enough about the movie to pay attention to it, but I want something playing in the background” movie. It had been even before Alex confessed his feelings to John. Alex just sat on the couch and watched John put the CD in.

Alex decided not to put pants, or even a shirt, back on. John wanted to protest, but seeing his boyfriend shirtless wasn’t something he could exactly complain about.

He sat back down next to Alexander, but knew from the moment that Alex laid his hand on John’s thigh, he wasn’t going to be caring much about The Avengers.

John tried to lay a blanket across their laps to hide the erection that was steadily growing in his pants, but Alex said that it was a bit warm in the apartment and he’d rather not.

John knew what Alex was doing.

Soon Alex’s hand drifted to his inner thigh. John felt his face heat up terribly and turned away a bit.

“Is this alright, John?” Alex asked, a bit concerned.

“Y-yeah, I’m just…” John smiled weakly. “I’m just a bit nervous. I’m sure you could tell that already, though.”

“Oh, definitely.” Alex smirked. He ran his pointer finger across the inside of John’s thigh and suddenly John wished he wasn’t wearing his constricting jeans.

Alex got off the couch and kneeled in front of John.

“A-are you sure?” John stuttered. “You don’t have too…”

“I want to, John.” Alex said firmly. His face relaxed a bit as he sat his head on one of John’s clothed thighs. He kissed the erected jean tent lazily and John sucked in a sharp breath.

“I want to make you feel good. I want to make you happy.” He continued. “You’re so good to me, I love you so much, and I’ve never even sucked you off before. What’s that about?”

John shivered from the compassionate dirty talk and the thought of Alex sucking him off.

“P-please do…” John said in a breathy voice.

Alex’s face lit up. His hands quickly found the button and zipper of John’s pants. John lifted his hips as Alex slid the pants off of him.

John couldn’t help but notice the heavy blush that covered Alex’s face.

“Babe, your body is so nice.” Alex said in awe. “Take your shirt off for me?”

“Y-yeah, ‘course.” John slipped his shirt off and threw is to the floor where his jeans lay.

Alex practically gasped. John worked out about once a week, nothing much, but the muscles were there, and Alex loved them.

John was beyond embarrassed and painfully turned on. After only a moment of Alex’s staring, his body took over and bucked up. He didn’t touch Alex with his needy maneuver, but he felt terrible for it anyway.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean… Ugh. I’m stupid horny.” He groaned.

“No, I think it’s kinda sexy.” Alex laughed. “But obviously you want me to get on with it.”

Alex hooked a finger around the elastic of John’s boxers and snapped them against his tan skin. John gasped and chills ran across his body.

“A-Alex, you’re such a t-tease…” John was almost panting at this point.

Alex brought his head down to John’s still clothed penis. He mouthed at it for a moment before lifting his head to smirk at John.

“A-Alex, please.” John whimpered.

“But, John!” Alex made a pouty face. “I like hearing you beg and whine.”

“Alex, c'mon, babe…” He started to push his own boxers off. Alex helped him get them down past his knees.

John almost cried when Alex’s lips finally wrapped around the head of his dick. Alex’s mouth slowly moved down his shaft, tantalizing slow. Before John could stop himself, he was grabbing at Alex’s hair and thrusting into his mouth. Alex didn’t seem to mind at all.

In John’s sloppy movement’s and horny haze, he didn’t even realize when he tugged hard on Alex’s hair. When he did, though, Alex moaned very loudly around John’s dick.

It sent John right over the edge, and he was barely able to warn Alex besides a loud moan from his own mouth.

Alex pulled back and smirked, wiping some cum off his lips with John’s discarded underwear.

“Alex!” John groaned. “Now we have to do a load of laundry.”

“We would’ve already had to do a load of laundry.” Alex smiled sheepishly.

“D-did you…?”

“I came in my underwear like a teenager, yes.” Alex blushed.

“Oh my god.” John laughed.

“Don’t laugh at me! I have a hair pulling kink!”

“So, that moan was you jizzing in your pants?!” John laughed a bit more.

“Don’t call it jizzing!” Alex lightly punched John.

“Well, I guess I’ll do the laundry.” John stood up and held his hand out expectantly.

“You want my underwear?” Alex asked.

“You’ve seen my dick. There’s no reason to be ashamed of yours.”

“Good point.” Alex slipped his underwear off with a quick “Ewwww.” and handed them to John.

“I’m gonna go get a damn glass of water to wash the taste of JIZZ out of my mouth.” Alex said accusingly.

“Love you too!” John yelled.

Sorry to humanity

desk. [imagine five]

A/N:   almost pure smut, rated NC17, and actually can’t believe I wrote this, lmao. it is my first time writing smut so take it easy on me :)

Sex isn’t everything in a relationship. But ever since I started dating him, I had become insatiable. I couldn’t get enough of him. It was like we had months and months of an emotional relationship and we were making up for the loss time with physical stuff.

When we weren’t having sex, I was thinking about having sex. With him. I couldn’t keep him off of me either.

“What’s up?” My friend next to me whispered, as I had zoned out in class thinking about sex… again.

“Nothing much,” I whispered back, getting back to reality. We had only a week and a half of high school left and then I could have sex with him anytime I want.

“No, I know that look on your face,” she accused, narrowing her eyes. “You’re horny!”

“Keep it down,” I hissed, but the blush on my face already gave me away. I am horny. And I want him now.

“Who has you this hot and bothered?” She questioned. “It is Mystery Man?”

I couldn’t tell my closest friends about him – although they wouldn’t be surprised we finally linked up. So to explain for my sudden occupation of time, I deemed my teacher boyfriend as Mystery Man. I told them they would find out soon enough.

The only people that know about him is my parents – but only because I warned them earlier this year that I was ready to lock down on my crush that I had on him for years. At the time, I was joking… never did I actually think this was going to happen. They were as supportive as they could be having their eighteen year old daughter in a relationship with her twenty-seven year old teacher. It’s been three months now and they’re used to hosting dinners or me going to sleep over at his place. With being an adult and at the end of my high school education, they realize there isn’t much they could do to stop me and would rather know what I was doing than sneaking around.

“Can I help you with something?” A voice said from behind me. His voice. There were hints of amusement, he probably picked up on the last few bits of the conversation with my friend.

“Yeah,” I breathed out, trying to not make it sound like a moan. I squeezed my thighs together and gulped, “but it can wait until after class. I really want to be prepared for this final.”

He quirked an eyebrow, picking up on my neediness. “Understandable. I have no doubt in my mind you’ll do very well on the final, but we can go over the study guide together.”

“Ugh,” my friend groaned when he walked away to check on other’s progress. “I have already accepted my fate in this class. I’m going to graduate anyway with or without an ‘A’.”

We continued to talk about our weekend plans, since it was Friday, and the bell finally rang. Most people shot out of that classroom like the building was on fire: seniors + the end of the year + last class on a Friday = everyone is out of the building in two minutes.

When the last student scampered out, he rolled up his sleeves of his dress shirt – ugh his arms – and locked the door. “What can I do for you, Miss?”

“Shut up,” I moaned, grabbing him by the back of his head to get his lips on mine.

He moaned as well and walked us back to his desk, where I sat on the edge of it. My thigh accidentally brushed against his straining erection and I knew that he was just as horny for me as I was for him.

“You have to be quiet,” he said against my lips. “We’re so close to the end of the year…”

“I know,” I agreed quickly, tugging at his belt loops. “I know this is a bad idea but I can’t help it.”

“Neither can I,” he said, kissing down my neck as he parts my legs. “Especially when you wear these skirts.”

I smirked and pushed him closer to me so he was right against my center, the friction hitting me just right. “Makes it a tad bit easier, doesn’t it?”

He ground harder to me and I had to put my mouth against his shoulder to muffle whatever sound I was making. I clawed at his back, wanting to get skin to skin contact but both of our shirts were in the way. He shook his head slightly, denying my want, and I knew that this was going to be a quick session.

“Staff meeting,” he explained as he pushed my panties to the side. I was already dripping for him as he pressed his thumb against my clit firmly. I struggled to keep down my moans and had to bite his shoulder again.

“You’re already ready for me,” he said amazed, he had inserted two fingers inside, making a swirly motion. My favorite motion.

“Have been all day,” I replied, having a hard time with my breathing. “How much time do we have?”

“Fifteen minutes,” he said, unbuckling his belt pulling down his pants in one swift motion. I shimmied out of my underwear, and spread my legs wider for him. He stared down at me, “Okay maybe twenty.”

I grabbed his dick and spread the pre-cum from the top with my fingers, him growing a little more in my hand. I then led him into my opening, and he pushed in assertively with one quick thrust.

A moan escaped my mouth before I could control it, I could feel myself stretching to accommodate his size. His girth was enough to hit all the important things, so him just being inside of me was enough to make me on the verge of cumming.

His breath of relief when he had slid in all the way made me gaze up at him. His eyes were filled with wonder, like it was the first time all over again. “There is nothing I like more than being in you,” he said, as he kissed my forehead.

My heart melted at his declaration, he was honestly so sweet. But while on a time crunch and me being as horny as I was, I was ready to get things moving. I swiveled my hips a little, trying to gain some friction.

“Sorry, got caught in the moment,” he breathed, as he started to thrust evenly inside of me.

I met each thrust, my arms started to struggle holding me up under such circumstances. “Don’t be sorry,” I panted. “I love you.”

He squeezed his eyes shut, I know he was concentrating to not end this prematurely. “I love you, too.”

His pace picked up rapidly while his thrusts got deeper. Each time he slid in, his pubic bone hit my clitoris just right and I started to become undone.

“That’s it baby,” he encouraged. “Let go for me.”

I clenched around him, my legs were shaky, and my breath became wild. I had to pull him down and kiss him on the mouth so he could swallow my moans I so badly wanted to voice. He followed after me, still kissing me.

I leaned back on the desk, out of breath. We’ve never had desk sex before, much less in his place of work. It was erotic and hot. Although I’d be glad to have to hide anymore, I’d miss the thrill our relationship had – the stakes being so high. This was a nice finale to our forbidden tale, right before I graduated.

I finally collected my bearings and sat up, still breathing deeply. “Wow.”

“Wow is correct,” he said, pulling up his pants and rebuckling them. “We probably shouldn’t have done that.”

“But I’m glad we did,” I smiled, hopping down from his desk. My legs still felt a teensy wobbly and I had to use him to right myself. My lower back ached from being pressed into the desk during the sex and I wondered briefly if I’d have a bruise there.

“Me too,” he agreed. “Ugh I still have to go to that meeting.”

“I’ll be at your apartment waiting,” I smiled, swinging the backpack over my shoulder.

“Christ, you really are insatiable,” he ran his fingers through his hair, trying to look presentable.

His attempts were pathetic and I took pity, helping him tame his “just fucked” hair. “Yeah, I don’t really know why I’ve been like this lately,” I shrugged.

“Well, I’m not complaining,” he pecked my lips and grabbed his laptop. “See you at home then.”

“Wait!” I called out, noticing a lack of something. “My panties!”

His grin couldn’t be any wider as I saw the slight bulge in his back pocket. “I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

His World, Collapsed

Summary: Dan and Phil living in NYC during 2001 and the unthinkable happens, or so Dan seems to think.

Warning: In detail account of 9/11 attack of World Trade Center, mentions of death, implied thoughts of suicide

Genre: Angst, slight fluff

Words: 2.7K

A/N: Unless you live under a rock and/or not American and don’t know what happened, here is the Wikipedia article on the 9/11 attacks. This was suppose to be a little piece for me to be able to write the angst coming up in Secret Service, but it when slightly out of control

To emejig16 who has listen to me talk about this fic for the past week and has read it at least five times before I reached this version of it. 

To frannij for being the greatest beta ever

To dannihowell who let ask her the most random questions and still gave me thoughtful answers.

Dan let out a loud groan when he heard the alarm clock go off. He let another, quieter groan when he felt the man next to him get up. “Get back in bed,” he moaned, rolling over to hide his face into the pillow.

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One Week - (j.j.)

Warning(s): smut, cursing

[BTW: I wrote this same imagine/smut for Derek in my book, I didn’t steal it. Just reworded it to fit it for Johnson]

your pov

“Dude, you females can’t even go fifteen minutes without running your hands all over us,“ my best friend Jack Gilinsky laughs, his head leaning back from laughing so hard.

“True that, they practically eye-fuck us every time they look in our direction,” Johnson chimes in, joining G in his fit of laughter. My face turns as red as my manicured nails, but Madison just hides her face in her hands.

“I bet you two couldn’t last one week without sex,” Gilinsky says, raising his brow at me and Mads.

“I mean, I totally could go without it. Y/N too, I mean, we women are strong as hell,” Madison begins, but Gilinksy’s laughter interrupts her.

“Yeah, Y/N can’t last a damn week. She practically begs me to bend that ass over over and fu–,” Johnson begins, but my hand slaps over his mouth.

“Jack Edward Johnson, stop! Jesus Christ,” I say loudly, my hand slowly leaving from his mouth.

“Chill, baby girl. I’m only fucking around,” he chuckles.

“Fine! Since we’re just ‘messing around’, why don’t I just tell them how I found you master–,” I said, but his hand covers my mouth.

“Okay, enough! I’m sorry,” he says, his cheeks going red. “We can totally go without your guys’ touch for a full week,” I say matter-of-factly, Madison nodding her head.

“You’re on, bitches,” the boys shoot back, Johnson biting his bottom lip. Holy shit, is this going to be hard.

“So,” Madison says, “What are the winners gonna get, hmm?” “I was thinking, maybe breakfast in bed for a whole week?” I ask, but laughter interrupts me.

“Y/N, you guys don’t even get up until like 12 in the afternoon. So how about head, everyday?” Gilinsky smirks. Jack, nods his head and high fives G.

“Okay then, what do me and Y/N get if we wins?” Madison says.

“Key word ‘if’. But, the same exact thing for you guys?” G says. Mads grins at me and high fives me.

“Sounds perfect for me guys,” I say, winking at Johnson, knowing it drives him crazy. “Let the game begin girls,” he laughs mischievously. Right then, Stassie and Sammy appear and sit down with us.

“What are we talking about, guys?” Stassie asks, curiously.

“We are having a contest to see which gender can last a whole week without sex.” G says coolly, not even embarrassed.

“Winner gets head for a full week,” Johnson comments. Stassie looks at us disgusted, while Sammy just laughs engaging into deep conversation with the other boys.

It’s been five days since we started this damn contest and so far, me and Madison are still going strong. I woke up this morning from a steamy dream about Jack. My panties were soaked and I was ready to drive over to Jack’s apartment and fuck him.

We’re at In-N-Out sitting in a booth with Madison and G. Gilinsky was being very fidgety and Madison kept her hands in her lap. I guess they were both really struggling with this bet.

I slowly reached my hand onto Jack’s thigh, something I do all the time at diners. I looked up at his face, his jaw clenching every time I moved my hand higher. I slowly reached my hand farther up his thigh, his jaw clenched for a minute but then he regained his composer. I gently placed my hand on top of his crotch. Jack bit his lip and let his eyes glare into mine. I slowly palmed him through his sweats, feeling him growing hard beneath me.

“Well how have you been so long without sex, Y/N?” Madison asks, her face was flushed. I’m sure G was doing something beneath the table to her. I picked up the pace of my movements on Jack’s dick.

“I’m doing just fine, you Mads?” I say, plastering a fake smile on my face. I look up, glancing at Jack who looks like he’s about to release just then. He keeps biting his lip and his eyes are closed tightly and his head leans back onto the booth. He’s breathing heavily and I know he’s ready to let go.

“Great. Oh, ah! J-Jack, baby what about you,” she stutters out.

He smiles widely, looking innocent as ever. “Yeah, amazing actually,” he smirks at Madison.

I feel Jack’s abdomen tense up, a muffled groan leaves his soft lips as he releases.

“Woah, you aight, man?” G asks, chuckling. The booth goes quiet and our eyes are on Jack’s slouched over body.

“Y-yeah I’m g-good,” he stutters out, his face flushed and sweat droplets oh his forehead. I lace my hands into his hair, and place a quick kiss to his lips. He glares at me when we part, he leans in close to me, so close that his lips graze my earlobe.

“You’re gonna pay for that later, baby girl,“ he says and kisses down my neck.

*next day*

We all decided to meet back up today to hang out at the Jack’s apartment. We had on Scream III, but we were talking over it. I had my legs over Jack’s and was laying across the couch. There was a break in the conversation , because of a high pitched scream and everyone’s focus was on the movie, everyone but Jack’s. His hand crept up to my thigh, then to my stomach. I sucked in a sharp breath in to keep from moaning. Madison and G were laying on the floor right below us, they both turned around. Jack’s hand toyed with the hem of my panties.

“You okay, darling?” Madison asked concerned.

“Yeah, Y/N. Are you feeling alright, babe?” Jack asked biting his perfect lip, his hand was slowly circling my clit.

“I’m-” I groaned lowly, “I’m fine, I have a small h-headache, that’s a-all.” I doubt Madison bought it but I didn’t feel like being asked more questions, so I turned back to the movie. I sat up on the couch and cuddled up close to Jack’s body. I could see the smirk on his face, from the corner of my eye.

“Meet me in the kitchen, baby,” he demanded.

“Does anyone want popcorn or anything?” I ask, getting up from my spot on the couch. G and Mads said their ‘no's’ and I head to the kitchen. I turn around to see Jack quickly following behind me.

We immediately smash our lips together, hungrily. I run my hand through his soft blonde locks as he lifts my legs around his waist. I harshly grind into him, making him growl into my mouth. He lifts me up and places me on the kitchen counter, he pulls his sweatshirt off and I pull his shirt I was wearing off. His hands immediately cup my bare breasts as he leaves hickeys down my neck. His hands massage my breasts, rolling the nipples between his fingers and pressing wet kisses around them.

“I’ve missed this.” He groans out.

“You should have gave in yesterday at In-N-Out, then we could have had lots of fun, without Mads and G here.” I chuckle as I trace over his tattoos.

“I know, but I wanted to win. But, by the way I hope you know I won,” Jack deeply chuckles, placing a few kisses over my neck as he reaches my lips. He smiles and ghosts his pink lips over mine. I run my fingertips from his biceps down to his v-line. “Are we gonna keep waiting playing or…?” Jack mumbles into my neck. He drops his sweats and I can see his prominent bulge through his black Calvin Klein boxers. I lick my lips and moan at the sight. A week is too long to go without sex, when you’re dating someone so handsome. I pulled down Nike Pros and Jack pulls my matching Calvin Klein panties down. They’re something we bought together, he lets out a low groan at the sight. I smirk up at him as he grinds his clothed crotch against me. I hungrily reach my hand down to his boxers, pulling them down quickly.

His shaft springs up and hits abdomen, my mouth watering at the sight. He presses kisses on my lips as he starts to line himself up at my entrance. I bite my lip to keep from moaning, remembering that G and Mads are in the other room. He pushes in and I squeal into his neck. My nails take down his shoulder blades as I adjust to his large size. “F-fuck, Jack.” I whimper as he starts to thrust at a slow pace. He slams right into my G-spot after a few hard thrusts, making me moan again. I dig my nails deeper into his shoulders, surely leaving red marks.

“God, Y/N. I missed you, I missed this body,” he mumbles into my hair as his thrusts continue. I throw my head back and let out a loud moan as he continues. He removes himself completely, running his tip over my clit. I lean my head forward and bury my face into his neck. I feel a knot forming in the pit of my stomach. I sloppily press kisses from his neck to his jaw. His fingers are digging into my hips they’re going to leave bruises. He starts to thrust into me faster and harder than ever. I try to hold in my moans so Mads and G don’t take notice but it’s impossible, with the speed he’s going at.

“C'mon baby girl. Scream my name, princess,” Jack groaned out.

I finally let go, “ugh! Jack! I-I’m gonna cum!” I felt the waves of euphoria wash over my body harshly. I pulled myself close to Jack’s chest as I came. I clenched around him and threw my head back with a loud scream. He thrusted into me as he reached his climax, letting out profanities and my name as he came. He leaned over, panting on top of my naked body, still inside of me.

Just then we heard loud moans coming from the guest bedroom. We both immediately burst into a fit of laughter. “Well, I see they couldn’t keep their hand to themselves either?” I chuckle. Jack laughed along with me, he placed a soft kiss onto my swollen lips.

“Well, I won!” G says, bursts out of the room, shorts hanging low on his hips.

“Yo, me too,” Jack says, bro hugging G. “They just can’t handle no sex,“ he says laughing.

“It’s not our fault that you guys are so sexually talented.” Madison says. “Guess that means oral everyday for a week, honey,” Jack says grinning at me. Who could say no to such a beautiful smile?

Behind The Scenes 3 (15/???)

Author’s note: One day I will figure out how many parts there are… But for now, there are only like 3 or 4 cities till the end. I know I said I would do longer scenes, but for the sake of dramatic effect and my habit of procrastination, I need to buy myself more time to finish the last of BTS 3. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Let’s say fluff for now (Jungkook)

Word Count: 2675

City: Manila (Day 3)

Summary: Y/n and Jungkook spend almost the whole day together.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

You opened your eyes to see that Jungkook had already woken up. He was sitting next to you as he watched TV.

He smiled down at you as you stretched awake. “Good afternoon sleepy head.”

In your groggy state, you stared up at him until the details of who he was, where you were and what year it was finally came back to you. “… Afternoon?” you mumbled.

“It’s 3pm on the dot!”

“Oh damn!” you muttered as you rubbed your eyes. “What did you do while I was asleep?”

“I washed up, ate, watched TV, took a nap with you, then Jimin and Tae showed up. I’m surprised you didn’t wake up, we were kinda loud as we ate lunch. Then they left when Tae had to go to the deal with Namjoon, so now I’m back to watching TV.

You sat up next to him. “It sounds like you had a long day.”

“Eh, it was kinda boring with you asleep… Go wash up and let’s go eat down stairs! Then we can come back and be lazy again.”

“Ok” you smiled.

It wasn’t long before you both were dressed in matching button down shirt and were enjoying a meal at the restaurant. For once, you and Jungkook had a fun and drama free time. The late lunch date was filled with laughter from making bad puns and having a staring contest while you were waiting for the food to arrive.

After the meal, you and Jungkook took a walk around the hotel grounds. Most of your time was spent walking in the hotel garden.

Jungkook being Jungkook convinced you to take the “most thug” pictures possible with all the flowers. At this point, you were having so much fun with him, you didn’t care how stupid either of you looked to the people around you.

Once it got dark, you and Jungkook headed back to the room.

Jungkook let you in the room first, but quickly pulled you into a hug after he closed the door. When he pulled you into a kiss, you pulled back, but kept your arms wrapped around him. “What was that for?”

He shrugged. “Nothing really. I just realized that I didn’t get a kiss from you today.” He said as he attempted to kiss you again. “Ya! You told me we get to be lazy when we got back.”

“Fine, fine. You get in bed and I’ll get my laptop ready.”

“Laptop?” you asked walking to the bed. “Why don’t we just watch TV?”

“TV? What TV?” He asked as he pretended to not see the large TV mounted on the dresser where he was typing in his password.

“Oh, you know, the huge ass one right in front of you!”

“Oh, that TV! Yeah, that doesn’t work.” He said, crawling next to you.

“It doesn’t work?”

“Not at all!” He kept his eyes glued on the computer as he typed in the website.

“Then how were you watching TV when I woke up?” you laughed because you knew you caught him.

“… That’s not important right now jagi. That was then this is now, stop living in the past.” He grinned.

You rolled your eyes at him and let out a small chuckle. It was probably just best to play along with whatever he was doing right now. You decided to just rest your head on his shoulder. “What are we going to watch?” you asked as you looked at what he was scrolling through on the screen.

“I’m not too sure. I just clicked whatever. I think it’s an anime.”

“Yeah sure, you “randomly” chose an anime.”

He smiled at you but only responded by pressing play and starting the episode.

The episode wasn’t even halfway through the intro when Jungkook paused it. “Let’s lay down. My neck hurts.” He laid back and rested the laptop on his chest.

You lay down and scooted a bit closer to him to see the screen.

Once again, the episode didn’t play for long before it was paused again. “Wait, my back hurts. I have a better idea.” He moved onto his side to face you and supported himself on his elbow. Then he moved the laptop over to the empty space next to you and played the video again. “This is better.” He mumbled as he left his arm draped over your waist.

You held back a laugh as you looked up at him. He was staring intensely at the screen trying to hold back his own laughter because he knew you were staring at him.

You rolled onto your side, taking his arm and wrapping it around your shoulders.

A small chuckle escaped him and he held you tighter.

The rest of the episode was constantly interrupted by Jungkook’s cute antics. He took whiffs of your hair, commenting how good you smelled despite having used the exact same shampoo as well. You proceeded to have trouble keeping track of the plot and the characters because Jungkook began playing with your hair. His attempts to braid it always resulted in knots and tangles.

Well into the second episode, you felt his stray kisses landing on your ear, your neck, and your jaw.  At one point, his kiss on your cheek made his hair flop forward and he covered your view of the screen.

That was the last straw and you paused the show. “Hey!” you whined. “I missed what happened! I thought we were supposed to be watching the anime you chose.”

“Aw, I just want a kiss.” He pouted.

You pulled him down for a small kiss and tried to turn back to the computer.

“Ok, wait! Another one! Please~!”

You gave him another one so he would behave, however, that kiss lead to another and another and soon it was much more than just a kiss.

It wasn’t long before he was on top of you with your fingers gripping into his hair. He had learned his lesson from the last time and his hands didn’t dare move from your hips. From the way, his mouth and tongue moved with yours, it was obvious how bad he wanted you. You found yourself wanting to take things further and you knew it was wasn’t going to happen unless you said something.

As if he could read your mind, he went after your weakness. His mouth moved down your jaw and was sucking the sweet spot on your neck. Again, you let out a small moan and you knew you wanted to take things further.

You unraveled your arms from around him and brought them to your chest. Jungkook took it as a sign to stop and swiftly pulled himself back. “Jagi, what is it? Did I do something wrong?”

“Huh? No… It’s just…” your fingers played with the top button of your shirt. “… I feel like you want a bit more… I kinda do too… so then maybe we could…”

His eyes focused on your fingers “… Well, baby only if you want to.” But the look in his eyes begged you otherwise.

You very slowly unbuttoned the first button. The second you pulled back the collar to open your shirt a bit, his lips attacked your newly exposed skin. He kissed all he possibly could before he reached the fabric once again. You undid the next button and his lips moved further down, not letting a single spot go untouched.

You had just unbuttoned the third button, giving him access to your chest, when a stupid loud laser sound went off. You both knew that meant Jungkook just got a text from V. However, the sound itself was so unexpected, it practically scared the shit out of you.

The annoying ringtone didn’t stop and it was getting you out of the mood. The incessant ringing didn’t bother Jungkook though. “Just ignore it baby.” he said in between kisses. He had already finished unbuttoning your shirt and his hands were under your back, unclasping your bra. You let everything just slip off your upper body and Jungkook threw them across the room. The texts still didn’t stop. His phone became frantic with incoming messages and it was hard to ignore.

Jungkook unbuckled his pants and his hands moved fast to the waistband of yours, but you stopped him. “Jungkook, just see want he wants then turn off the phone or something. It’s so annoying.”

“Ugh, fine.” Jungkook stretched over you and grabbed his phone from the nightstand.

As he scrolled through the messages,ou unbuttoned his shirt, letting your hands roam his body.

“Fuck!” He cursed through his teeth.

You stopped at his seriousness. “What happened?”

“Fucking Tae says he needs to fucking talk to me about some stupid shit.” He huffed.

“I thought he was out with Namjoon still.”

Jungkook sat up to catch his breath. “Well apparently they are back now.” he looked down at you disappointed that the moment was ruined.


He sent back a few texts before he got up and walked across the room to pick up your shirt and bra. “While I go to Tae’s room, you have to stay with Jimin.”

Your inside flipped around from guilt instantly. “Why?!?”

“Well according to Tae, what he needs to talk about is something he needs to tell just me… and its best you not be alone…” he said as he handed you your clothes.

You quickly put them on, avoiding his eyes. “Oh…  well, yeah. I get that…” you mumbled.

Jungkook sat at the edge of the bed now. “Yeah?”


You felt the urge to cover yourself up as much as possible at the thought of being stuck in a room with Jimin, so much so that you even got up from the bed to get your shoes on, but Jungkook grabbed your wrist and pulled you between his legs. “It’s nothing personal jagi. We can’t leave you alone in general.”

“Yeah I get it, but why Jimin?” The last thing you wanted to do was face Jimin. There was already so much guilt and anxiety growing inside you.

“Well, you aren’t talking to Yoongi or Hoseok. You most definitely are not going with Hiro, Namjoon or Jin. Minho is your only other option, but he isn’t the easiest person to be around. He’s pretty weird sometimes and I don’t completely trust him all the time.”

You let out a sigh. “Ok, yeah, I get why it’s to Jimin’s room I go.” You gulped.

He grabbed your hips and pulled you close to him. “But when I get done talking with Tae, you and I can go back to what we were doing.”


Jungkook knocked on Jimin’s door and waited for him to open it. “Don’t worry baby, it shouldn’t take me long.”

“Don’t call me that!” you whispered harshly.

“What? It’s not like he’s gonna hear us through the-“

The door slowly opened and Jimin appeared. “What does Tae have to talk to you about anyway? I texted him about it but he didn’t really tell me anything.” He said to Jungkook.

You could feel your face on fire. You couldn’t even get yourself to look directly at Jimin because you felt he could read your mind or something.

“Oh, uh, I don’t know either.” Jungkook shrugged. “He just insisted that I go to his room and talk with him. It’s probably some crap with Namjoon and the deals or something.”

“That’s weird. It’s kinda late to be talking right now, but then again if they barely got back from a deal then I guess I get it… But it’s whatever. As long as I don’t get dragged into all the dealing drama, I’m good.” Jimin’s phone buzzed and he pulled it out to read his message. “Jungkook get your ass over there. He’s still waiting and I want these messages to stop.” He said as he typed away.

“Fine, you and y/n have fun.” Jungkook said as he walked off to V’s room.

Jimin gave you a smile and moved back to let you in. You very awkwardly smiled back and ducked your head as you entered the room.

“It nice to see you finally up.” he laughed. “How did your free afternoon go?”

“Ha-ha” you laughed nervously. “Uh, I was alright I guess.” You could feel your forehead sweating. “We- I mean- I didn’t really do anything different! Nope just ate and watched TV as usual…”

Jimin definitely noticed your behavior. “Y/n are you okay? You’re acting a bit weird.”

“Shit!” you thought. You tried to think of a lie to tell him. “Oh, uh, I’m fine! I just uh, I uh, I drank some espresso in my room cuz I wanted to see what it would taste like… I probably got a bit too carried away trying it. Ha!” you let your nervous jitters out and prayed that he believed you.

“Well then you must have been having some fun then.” He smiled again.

“I need to change the subject fast!” you thought. “So how do you like having your own room?!?” you blurted out. “I feel a bit weird not sharing a room with you anymore.”

Jimin smile grew. “Well, don’t take this the wrong way, buuut… I like having my own room again.” He blushed.

You dropped your jaw dramatically. “I take full offense!” you laughed.


Lailani stood in front of the standing mirror, doing one last check of her dress before he got to the room. She grabbed the cellphone from the top of the dresser and sent a text to Jimin. *Jk says y/n will be with you. send her to my room in 15*. She then went to the door to idly wait for the young idol’s arrival.

Finally, she heard someone knocking and she rushed to get it open.

She could see his face turned sour as he looked down at her. He was quick to shift his gaze on anything else but her and cleared his throat before he spoke. “Lailani… Just came to talk to Tae.” Jungkook said awkwardly.

She smiled up at him and stepped to the side to let him walk in. She closed the door, but made sure it didn’t click shut, as Jungkook went about the room in search of V.

“Um, so, uh, where is Tae?” Jungkook asked nervously.

His awkwardness was a bit off putting, yet completely adorable. Lailani had a feeling that was going to make things a bit more fun. “He’s not here.” She said blankly.

Jungkook looked confused and it only made her want to laugh. She held herself back and stayed as serious as possible.

“Then why did he text me?” He asked more to himself than to her.

“Oh, he didn’t text you, I did!” She smirked as she held up V’s cellphone that she swiped from his coat pocket before he left.

Jungkook rolled his eyes at her. His jaw clenched a bit. It made him look so much manlier than a few moments ago. “Ok! What is this about?”

She took a few steps up to him, just close enough to brush her chest up against his. “Nothing much, I just wanted to talk about old times.”

He scoffed at her. “You gotta be kidding me. I don’t have time for this.”

He tried to walk out of the room, but she dashed in front of him. “What’s the rush? Aw, you look tense.” She said as she slid her hands up his strong shoulders. “Why don’t I give you one of my massages. You used to love those, remember?”

He brushed her hand off him. “No thanks.” Again he headed towards the door.

In a panic she went straight to her last resort. “How do you think Y/n will react when I tell her about us?!? Better yet, how do you think the tabloids will handle the news?” Those words stopped him in his tracks. “If only there was a to keep me quiet.” She said tauntingly.

First of all, I want to thank you all for all the activity I got over the last scene. You all literally made my day. I had the BIGGEST smile on my face every time I saw how you guys reacted to my question and who you guys were choosing y/n to be with. Even on the stuff I got from some of you today, almost a week later (let’s be honest here, I couldn’t wait anymore to post this part up) , just made me feel so good. The activity and the reactions/comments I got from you all made me so happy.

Second, I didn’t think this would happen, but I kinda like writing now… so idk, I was thinking of starting a side blog for scenarios or something. I am not too sure yet. I have many idea for other scenarios/drabbles, but I don’t want to congest this blog with any more stuff. If I do make another one, the BTS series will still be post on this blog (I don’t want to deal with moving links and changing the watermark on the GIFs). I am still debating it though.

As a pre-antidote to all the angst I’m working on at the moment, here’s some nice fluff. Azriel + Lucien brotp, with Mor and Vivianne being friends, plus some Cazriel and Elucien mentions. Also knitting.

Inspired by this post, and found here on AO3 with my other drabbles. Warning: completely unedited.


“Vivianne!” Mor squealed and launched herself into her friend’s arms. “Finally! Love your dress. Very chic.”

Vivianne laughed merrily, hugging Mor back. “Yours, too! Shall we leave the boys to their antics?”

“Antics?” Azriel said, raising an eyebrow. “Somehow, I think that your activities will be more antic-like than ours. Where’s Kallias, anyways?”

“Somewhere,” Vivianne said, waving an airy hand. “I haven’t seen him all morning. Good thing we made me High Lady, or nothing would ever get done around here.”

“I’ll find him. See you two later. Don’t destroy anything irreparably,” Azriel said, waving.


After looking all over the Winter Court ice palace – bedrooms, kitchen, ballroom – Az finally walked into the stables and grinned.

“Caspian – Cauldron – ugh – if you would just hold still –”

Az knocked lightly on the wall. “Kal?”

Kallias sat back, panting, and pushed his silvery hair out of his face. “Caspian’s vest won’t fit,” he complained. Next to him sat an arctic fox with a round tummy and an embroidered vest, fur messy and ears pressed to his head.

Az laughed, pushing the gate open and sitting down on a nearby pile of straw. “He looks like he’s gotten into the fish barrels a time or two too many, if you ask me.”

Kallias looked dispirited and disheveled. “I spent ages embroidering it,” he said, gesturing at the tiny vest. “I put little herrings on it.”

“Don’t be glum,” Az told him, setting his bag down. “I brought you some more silk thread. Imported from the continent.”

“The scarlet kind?”

“The very same.” Az dug in his bag and handed the thread over. “Perfect for embroidering tiny rubies and poppies and whatever else you like to embroider that’s red.”

“Tomatoes, maybe,” Kallias said absently, rubbing a thumb over the thread. “Did you finish your scarf?”

“Yep.” Azriel pulled a soft, emerald-green scarf from his bag and draped it around his friend’s neck. “Feel better?”

Kallias relaxed, let out a soft sigh, and nodded. “Thanks, Az. You always know how to cheer me up. Vivianne never likes wearing my vests. She says she feels like one of my foxes.”

“I don’t know why that should bother her,” Az said, pulling out a half-finished navy blue sweater and starting to count stitches. “They’re adorable.” He laughed as Caspian trotted over and nuzzled his nose against his hand. He paused in his knitting to stroke the fox’s silky ears.

“Oh, you know her, she likes lace and silks,” Kallias said, threading his needle with yellow. “She and Mor are probably providing a half-year’s worth of business for all the tailors in the city.”

“It’s nice that she loves the Court so much,” Az said, resuming his work on a navy-blue sleeve. “How long has she been High Lady now?”

“Two years last month,” Kallias said with a smile. “Honestly, she’s much more suited to it than I am. I never thought I was going to have this job. And then Amarantha happened, and the rebellion, and here we are.” He brandished his needle. “So here I am. How’s everything in the Night Court?”

“Fine, actually,” Azriel admitted. “Not much for me to do. Quiet. So I’ve been traveling a bit. Visiting you, visiting Helion. Lucien keeps lending me books to read.”

“Any burgeoning romance?” Kallias said slyly.

Azriel’s brown cheeks reddened slightly. “Maybe.”

“Not Mor?”

Azriel burst into laughter in spite of himself. “Definitely not. No. Um – Cassian.”

Kallias’s pale eyebrows tipped up into slashes of astonishment. “Really? The cute one with all the muscles and the hair?”

“That’s the one.” Azriel held his knitting needles up. “He’s who the sweater’s for, actually. He’s been in the Steppes for the past month, helping Nesta make sure the Illyrian war-lords are letting the females train. He should be back soon – he says she’s been doing a fantastic job of keeping them in line. And may be taking interest in one of the trainees, though he can’t prove it.”

“Well, congratulations to all concerned, then,” Kallias said warmly. As he started embroidering a yellow sun on the collar of yet another tiny vest, Caspian yawned with his little pink mouth, then climbed into Kallias’s lap, turned around three times, and flopped down, eyes closed in happiness. “And you’re training Elain?”

Azriel nodded. “When she’s not hiding in various dark corners and pulling Lucien into them so she can make out with him.”

“Sounds like between her and Nesta, you and Cassian have less to do. More free time.”

“It’s true,” he admitted. “I haven’t… I’ve never…”

“Had time to sit in a stable in the Night Court and knit a sweater for your boyfriend?” Kallias filled in.

“Exactly.” Azriel smiled. “It’s nice.”

“We’ve earned a little peace,” Kallias said softly. “You especially, my friend. You deserve a little softness after all those years in the shadows.”

“Yes,” Azriel responded, and for once, he meant it. “I do.”


For: Anon

Imagine: Peter being rude to you and you sass him back; he actually begins to fall for you.

You bend over, placing your hands on your knees, panting, you just finished running for a mile. There were still a few more initiates who had yet to finish, you chug down half a bottle of water before Peter walks up to you. Ugh, he’s so attractive, too bad he’s an asshole.

“Hey, Y/N!” He says cheerily, you can tell it’s an act, he’s constantly teasing you and making rude remarks.

“What do you want Peter?” You now have the attention of Four, Eric, and a few of the other initiates.

“Oh nothing, I was just surprised that you survived running that mile, I mean you know, because of your,” He looks you up and down, “Your weight, I didn’t think a fat girl would actually be able to run.”

You roll your eyes, you were used to this, and honestly, you didn’t really care what anybody said about you, you knew you’re beautiful. You shoot Peter a sympathetic look, “Aww, you think that would hurt me, honestly, if I really wanted, I could change, I could lose weight, but it sucks for you because you can’t really fix ugliness.”

You hear Four and a few of the initiates chuckle, and Eric smirks at you in approval. Peter raises his eyebrows at you, “Your mouth is almost as big as you Y/N.”

“My extra inches make up for your tiny dick honey,” You give him a fake smile before turning to walk away.

Peter’s POV

Huh? I watch Y/N as she walks away, maybe she’s not all that bad, she really is my type, her sassy, carefree attitude, and even though bug her all the fucking time about her weight, I actually think she’s quite attractive.

I don’t know why, but I can’t stop being such an asshole to her. I really like her, but every time I see her, I can’t bring myself to be nice to her, I always end up throwing insults at her.

Your POV
After training I sit in the dorm room along with a few other initiates, and then I see Peter walk in. For once he doesn’t glare at me, he seems kind of different. Suddenly he smiles at you and winks, for the first time, he doesn’t look like he’s being sarcastic, his smile actually seems genuine.

You are struck with confusion, but you decide to not let this pass, and you quickly smile back at him, and he gives you a small wave before going to lie down on his cot.

Well this is new. Maybe Peter won’t be all that bad.

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“Okay, so. I would like for you to remind me, just for the record, why we’re going camping. And I think I’m going to be recording this so when one of us gets bitten by a snake or eaten by something larger than us there will be proof that I was completely and totally against this disaster of an idea. Do any of you have any idea of what you’re doing? Are any of you experienced in the area of camping? Because if I die out here in the woods, I’m going to come back and haunt all of you.”

Kiseok rolled his eyes at your antics. “Babe,” he began as he reached over to place a soothing hand on your thigh, “you’re not going to die in the woods. This will be fun. It’s a nice bonding experience for all of us.”

“How much is Jay paying you to spill that bullshit?”

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Katya and the Space Barbie 2 (Trixya)- Squeaky
External image

Katya lands on Mother Ship to find that all hell has broken loose. Who’s going to kill her first- the space zombies or her girlfriends?

(AN: I wasn’t planning to make this a series but y’all liked the last one so….expect a couple more chapters of space shenanigans.)

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Club Confusion Pt. 20

Part 19 

A/N: I am so sorry about the wait on this, I’ve has a lot of family issues to deal with, and I just didn’t feel like writing I’m sorry.

Word Count: 1,786

Tags: @wrestlingnoob @laziestgirlintheworld @thegenericluchadora @reigns420 @kingslayers-angel @villainsqueendom @alexahood21 @sheaxdevitt @bolieve-that @phenomenal-forearm @vipervenomisgoodforyou @i-ship-it-okay @karleedaniels27 @rebelfleur22 @g0lden-sunset @originalbish98 @libby-rose-2016  @spotofimagines

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What a lot of fans miss about Sun Wukong is that he is Blake’s friend.

Yes, he’s head-over-heels in love with her, but even taking out the romantic context Sun still cares about and relates to Blake as a good friend.

That’s why he’s concerned for her safety and comes with her to Menagerie. That’s why he wants to help her reclaim the White Fang and warn her about any impending danger. Not because he’s an entitled nice guy trying to win her over or expecting Blake to owe him anything, but because he’s a friend looking out for someone he cares about.

Whether you ship BlackSun or not, Sun is Blake’s friend, and this is what people need to bear in mind.

s i l l a g e | pt. six

Pairing: Reader / Jeon Jeongguk.

Genre: Soulmate!AU where soulmates are drawn to one another by the infliction of physical touch, whether it be pain or pleasure. But it is only initiated once the two people somewhat interact.

Count: 7,802 words.

Warnings: So much fluff I am seriously cringing. Pain and puking warning. Foreplay smut. All with a sprinkle of angst. Dinner is served.

Jeongguk is not used to waking up in his own bed with another laying beside him, but he certainly thinks he can get used to it.

She is already awake, sitting up with crossed legs, bent over her phone that she balances in one hand, her other used to prop her chin up on her knee. He wonders how she can appear so effortlessly gorgeous doing something that simple, his sweater swallowing her smaller frame, pooled in a sea of black cotton in her lap. Jeongguk stretches with his eyes screwed tightly shut, making a pleasant groan that cracks into something a little higher as a bone in his spine pops satisfyingly, and she perks up at the movement just in time for him to loop an arm around her waist and pull her back down into the duvet with a squeak. He presses his face into her hair, moaning while nuzzling deep into the strands, inhaling her delicious lavender shampoo.

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Shadows of Hellfire (Chapter 1)



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Prologue <<   >> Chapter 2

Prince Roman awoke, as he did every day. The beating of the bright sun pulling his eyes open as his butler pulled open the rouge curtains that surrounded his bed, tying the curtains to his bedposts in the same intricate way he always tied the golden tassels.

“Good morning, Prince Roman.” His butler’s voice was calm as Roman groaned and yawned, pushing himself up against the padded headboard of his bed.
His butler nodded silently, salt and pepper hair tied into a neat ponytail. Roman took this moment to note, in an odd sort of awe, how much older George had grown to look.
Of course, having taken care of any prince as rowdy adventurous for his seventeen years of life would cause a few grey hairs, but Roman had never quite noticed the crows feet at the edges of his eyes or the crease between his brows from furrowing, in stress and confusion.

“Mmm,” Roman yawned again, pulling himself to the end of his bed as his butler produced a suitable set of clothes from his wardrobe. He began to change as his butler moved to a tea set on a sterling silver platter and mixed the sugar into the tea.

“This morning we have a lovely rose bud tea,” the aroma was soothing as it was powerful. The small glowing flowers coloring the now sweetened, steaming water.
Roman nodded with lethargic movement as he took the teacup and saucer, each porcelain, lined with golden floral trim, and took a long, gentle sip.
“And you also have yet to dictate a letter of acknowledgment for sir Alaric’s request for your hand,” George stated as if he were reading from a clipboard.
He never looked up from where he was stirring the tea-pot with a far to small silver spoon. He knew the royal well enough that any reaction he gave to such a heavy statement as getting married, especially to a man twice is age, was not going to be the calmest thing.

“And I- wait, what?!” Roman nearly spilt his tea all over his snow white dress-pants.
“Ugh, haven’t I already posted that I am not interested in his advances? Nor others of any such kind??” Roman spat, and if he hadn’t been blinded by a cocktail of disgust and outrage, he may have noticed how George’s shoulders tensed. He only took a deep breath, and nodded, blue eyes cold and something close to belligerent, still pending the right emotion.

“That you have, sire, but as you know, your parents wed when they were a year younger than you. The court is worried, after all, nigh you nor your brother have taken-” Thankfully, Roman had already set down his tea, as how fairly he was flailing his arms, he surely would’ve broken the priceless dishes.
Instead, his expensive suit only became slightly rumpled at the extensive movement.

“We are barely seventeen, George! And I care not to think of what pressures my mothers had to go under at the poor age of fourteen. Married to complete strangers.” He sighed.
“Luckily, they found each other. Luckily, they had to be wed only four times before they found each other.”
“I do not wish to think of how many royals, in today’s social climate, are being wed to those twice and thrice their age. Then told to produce an heir.” He sighed, and George took a moment to take in the young prince, how he had changed from the bright eyed boy of their youth.

“I-I apologize for pressuring you, m’lord.” George bowed, Roman ran a frantic hand through his hair.

“No, no, it’s alright. You were just speaking from what mother told you to, correct?” Roman’s brown eyes softened at his companion’s nod.
“Then it is an issue I will have to bring up with her.”
And with that, Roman took his leave.

It wasn’t hard to find his mothers, both queens of the busy, prosperous kingdom of Aurulia.
You only really had to follow the frantic yelling of the press.

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