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Tumblr makes this look really ugly ew. They look better when you click on the images but then it’s too small to see >:T I really just figure out a better way ugh. Anyway this took me like almost a week to finish and I’m already late to the party lmao. I love how this works perfectly for the events in between Alone at Sea and Beta. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to wipe the tear stains off my tablet now.

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Parting Words from an “Unfit Parent”

Seeing that he was on his last legs, Levi tries to get a few more answers from his former guardian before he can pass on, starting with whether he knew anything about the former King before Rod, and his reason for not wanting mankind to survive by caging them in these walls.

Unfortunately he really wasn’t able to acquire such knowledge from Uri, even though they had a fairly close relationship as friends. However he did know that that reason was the cause of the bad blood between the Royal Family and the Ackermans; which is probably the closest clue that they will have until they manage to find something on their next quest that will give them more introspective answers to the truth.

And before he could let him slip away for good, Levi ((possibly for the first time)) gets into more personal questions with Kenny as he asks what kind of relationship he shared with his mother, Kuchel, and in finding out that he was in fact his Uncle follows this with a doleful and lonely question of why he had abandoned him back then if their blood ties ran that deep between them.

While he may not show it since he knew how to keep a good poker face, I bet Kenny felt sadden at the idea of deserting Levi that day, especially since he was his kid sister’s only child and his last living blood relative that he knew of.
But being filled with the insecurity that he was not worthy of ever being a parent with the kind of life he led, he thought that what he was doing for him was in his best interest so that he could pursue his own life without being burden with the reputation of scum like him.

Yet despite having abandoned him and claiming to be someone unfit to be a parent, when it comes down to it Kenny didn’t completely desert him to a despairing fate when he could have, and even took it upon himself to at least teach him what he knew to survive this brutal and unforgiving world.

And if that wasn’t already enough, he even leaves to him the serum that he had stolen from Rod as a form of both redemption and an inheritance of his will in the hopes that Levi will be able to create the future that he desires for mankind.

He may have lived all his life thinking he was scum, but Kenny ended up dying a real man in the eyes of his nephew. 

favourite books published in 2015 [7/?]

Willful Machines by Tim Floreen
“This stranger who could do handstands and quote Shakespeare from memory, this goof with the huge grin and inappropriately loud but nevertheless charming laugh: how like an angel, how like a god.
Me, a dud of a First Son with a robot obsession, poor social skills, and enough baggage to sink a freighter: how like a loser, how like a freak.”


We’re Quite Alike, You and I

Ugh. I beg of you, AdachiToka. Don’t let them end in suffering. 0 A 0

harry hates conflict 

he was raised by the dursley’s who never fought, instead of yelling or bickering, they would just force a smile and be as passive aggressive as humanly possible.

to harry, fighting= hatred. simple as that. 

that’s why when ron and hermione fought he just got angry with them, because fighting equal hatred. fighting was used to show distaste, and nothing good could ever come from fighting. 

which is why harry seeing his parents fight in SWM was so horrifying to him and so heartbreaking for us. harry never learned proper conflict-resolution skills. he is stunted socially in that department. seeing his parents fight just equaled to hatred to him. his first experience of his parent’s relationship was exactly what he had to deal with regarding ron and hermione. all that anxiety and tension he felt when they fought just got magnetized by a million, because these are his parents. they weren’t supposed to fight. they were supposed to love each other. 

SWM will always and forever break my heart just because of harry’s reaction

Muu Alexius/Kouen Ren || Male!Reader

[M/n] Ren had always looked up to his father and elder brothers. When they had perished, he had looked up to his new elder brothers, Koumei and Kouen Ren, they were the ones who had helped him get rid of the hatred and depression in his heart and over time, he found himself falling for the older of the two.

It was especially hard to suppress these feelings but instead of denying them, he did nearly everything to get his Kouen’s attention on him, he conquered a dungeon and became the master of the djinn named Gamygyn. It was the only djinn he managed to capture seeing as his health declined almost drastically after that and it was also this time that Kouen started noticing him more so he was thankful for it, in a way.

Of course, this didn’t mean he could forgo his duties just because he was sick and it was on one of those duties -he was travelling as a diplomat for foreign affairs at the time- that he had met Muu Alexius and his sister Myron.

The two had saved him from an assassination attempt for whatever reason -he couldn’t place their motive for saving a prince of Kou but after spending an entire month with them in order to get where he intended to go in the first place, he had realised that he enjoyed being in the presence of Muu in the same way he enjoyed being around Kouen. It was a troubling thing to be aware of because he knew, he just knew that the reason he felt those affectionate feelings towards Muu was only because Muu reminded him of Kouen.

“[M/n], you made a mistake here in the tax report. “

[M/n]’s head shoots up from staring at the document in front of him before turning to Koumei in surprise “Huh? Can I see? “

It wasn’t like him to make mistakes on such important documents, that was why he was asked to do this in the first and if he really made a mistake -big or small- then it meant that this entire ordeal was causing him much more grief and stress than he had previously thought.

Koumei nods and hands over said document “That’s the last one for the day so make sure you finish it properly and get some rest. I’ll go to my private study to continue on. “

[M/n] hums in acknowledgement of Koumei’s words and gets straight to fixing his mistake. It’s once he hears the doors open and close that he breathes out a sigh of relief and leans back in his chair. He wouldn’t have been this way if that didn’t happen.


“I think I’ve fallen in love with you. “

[M/n]’s eyes widen and almost immediately a wild blush covers his face all the way to his ears “W-what? “

“I know our time together has been short but it… it was long enough for me to come to see you in this light. “

[M/n] stares at Muu in wonder, for a second there he almost thought this was a dream but all too serious look in Muu’s eyes proved him ultimately wrong. The fact that they were about to go their separate ways now was what relieved and frightened [M/n] the most, if he admitted that he reciprocated those feelings they would be separated for an indefinite amount of time due to them going their separate ways and it would only cause [M/] anxiety but if he denied feeling the same way then at the very least they wouldn’t have to see one another beyond this point “R-really? “

“You don’t have to answer to my feelings right now. I’ll wait as long as I need to in order to receive a satisfactory answer. “


In short, [M/n] wasn’t able to give Muu his answer before he was escorted atop his horse and taken back home by guards sent by Kouen. It’s been a little more than a week since then and [M/n] knew where Muu was and he could go to him at any time but he still wasn’t sure how he felt about it all. Especially since Kouen seemed to be more attentive since then and it messed up both his heart and mind-set. Of course if Kouen wanted to be with him, [M/n] would jump at the chance but that wasn’t the slightest bit possible as he was the eldest and would inherit the throne thus he would need to marry someone who could actually give him children -heirs that could inherit the throne once Kouen’s own time was over.

[M/n] wasn’t that person. He wasn’t a woman and even if he was, Kouen was his cousin so there was no way it would happen.

“Why is love so hard? “ he breathes out, not expecting an answer as there was no one to do so.

“There is no right or wrong answer for that question, every person has a different reason to why love is hard. “

[M/n] jumps up at the voice and almost immediately his heart starts thumping immediately at the site of his brother. “Ah, Kouen. “

“[M/n]. “ Kouen takes a seat opposite of his brother and gestures for him to sit down as well and that’s exactly what [M/n] does “Hearing you ask such questions, did you find yourself a lover? “

[M/n] averts his gaze in embarrassment “Well, not really, someone recently confessed to me and… I’m not entirely sure how to answer. “ he chuckles, realizing the irony of the entire situation “I like him too but I think I might only like him because he reminds me of someone I’ve loved for a very long time now. “

Kouen looks down for a moment before looking back at [M/n] “A person that you’ve loved for a long time? How come I’ve never heard anything of this? “

“A-ah, I guess… I just never felt the need to bring it up because of how impossible it seems to love that person. “ [M/n] leans back in his chair with his hands folded in his lap “What do you think I should do? Should I confess to the person I’ve loved for year and risk being scorned by everyone around me after he rejects me or should I say yes to the person who will return the love I give him? “

Kouen leans forward with an almost intimidating gaze “If someone is stupid enough to reject a person like you then he is too stupid to stay alive. “

Those words alone are more than enough to get [M/n]’s heart aching for the male sitting across him “And what if I told you that person is someone you know? “

“I’ll cut him down all the same. “

“Then… would you kill yourself? “

Kouen’s face shows surprise for a split second then he wears an expression that [M/n] can’t quite make out “If it was me, I wouldn’t need to. “

“What? “ [M/n]’s only response is a look of confusion before a chuckle escapes his throat “What does that mean? “ when Kouen doesn’t answer, he smiles “Well, I guess I’ll find out someday. You’re so cryptic sometimes, it gets really annoying overtime. “

“Hah? Is that anyway to talk to your eldest brother? “ when [M/n]’s response is a snort at his words, Kouen lets himself smile “If you truly want my opinion on your newfound love life then I’d suggest you leave this life behind, accept Muu Alexius’s confession and go live your life fully in a small town where nothing dangerous ever happens. “

“Eh? Are you serious? How’d you even know who I was talking about?! “

“I need to know everything about my younger brothers so that they don’t go off getting themselves killed.  “ he pauses for a moment, staring at [M/n] before continuing “Things are going to change soon. Nothing will be the same as you remembered it and I’d prefer it if you only have fond memories of us… besides, the person that you’ve loved for years now… he doesn’t deserve someone like you. “

“Kouen… “ [M/n] almost feels abandoned, Kouen was telling him to go away and it hurt more than [M/n] could have ever imagined but instead of bursting out bawling like how he wanted to, he took a deep breath in an effort to compose himself “When should I leave? “

“After you’ve said goodbye to everyone who deserves a farewell. “

[M/n] nods and gets up out of his chair, bows to Kouen and walks out the room with as much composure as he can as he tries to hurry to his room so he could cry out his frustrations. Of course, [M/n] didn’t look back but if he did, he would’ve seen the pain and love that filled Kouen’s eyes as well as recognized that this decision hurt Kouen much more than it could [M/n].

I struggled with this one but I might make a sequel because I actually like how it turned out and would love to write about what happens to reader-kun, Kouen and Muu after this.