but ugh i love this one

Ok, pulled most of the babies from the snail tank today :)

Final count is holy SHIT 42

17 yellow

18 hybrid spotted (cross of gold spotted and regular yellow)

And 6 yellow spotted who probably won’t be for sale. Might be willing to haggle, but ugh I love them I kinda wanna keep em.

And one empty shell :( Aww. It was a yellow I think, going by the texture. 

On the subject of the yellow spotteds, I got the three parents??? In April??? And they’ve spit out seven children since then?!?!? Like, rabbits are ovoviviparous, they and give birth to 1-2 babies usually several weeks to months apart and don’t self fertilize. These kids got bUsY it’s SCANDALOUS

I’ll have pricing and pics of the actual babies up soon.

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Ugh, i'm so jealous of all your keychains. The closest I've got to McHanzo is a Dragonstrike Keychain and a Route 66 one as well as a Mei Snowflake one.

Ah, you must’ve seen my ita bag! Thank you for being so sweet! :D But don’t be deterred by the amount of keychains you have; even just one keychain is still super cool and worth bragging about. 

Making my McHanzo ita bag has been a bittersweet experience, to be honest. On one hand, I’m really happy that I can sport all that McHanzo merch and I love admiring my bag in my spare time and I’m excited to make an even bigger bag for Blizzcon. On the other hand, my wallet is weeping. I’d say my bag has over $100 worth of keychains and buttons on it, plus I have even more keychains and buttons to add once I buy a bigger bag. That’s why they call them ita bags; they’re “painfully” expensive to cultivate, but it’s definitely worth it when people get excited at cons when they see your bag and go, “Hey, I like that ship too!” or “Oh my god, how cute!”

And if you ever want more keychains and McHanzo merch, we have a tag that has a bunch of fanmade stuff you can sink your teeth into! B) But again, even just one or two keychains is awesome. I only have two Klance keychains (one for Keith, one for Lance) but I still rep them on my backpack ‘cause I love them so much. You just gotta slap those babies on a purse or bag and rep that McHanzo pride, friend!

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I just saw a video where Roger Federer cried because his kids arrived at his game! That's so Lexa haha

Ikr Lexa would scoop Alex in one arm and Jake in the other and just kiss those chubby cheeks so much ugh I love them

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10, 13 and 20 please!

10. Dog gay or cat gay?

Ugh I love both. I have 3 chihuahuas and 1 kitty (at my moms house but still they’re my babies lol)

13. what is a misconception you had about lgb people before you realized you were one?

When I was younger a lot of girls in like grade 8 would say they were bi and a lot of other girls would joke about them and be like “they’re just doing it for attention” so I thought they were doing it for attention. It actually fucked me up because I thought for years that I was subconsciously just seeking attention.

20. Favourite gay ship?

Um I don’t really have one. I don’t really do shipping. Sorry :/

Thanks for asking!!

  • Male Songwriter: *Releases an album full of break-up songs, all of which consist of him whining about his ex, slut-shaming her, vowing to kill himself unless she returns to him, and wishing her a lifetime of pain and regret for dumping him.*
  • Female Songwriter: *Writes one song about how glad she is to be out of a toxic relationship and playfully mentions how karma's going to get him one day.*

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Sabriel? So You Want to Be a Wizard?


will look into it | added to TBR | on my TBR | couldn’t finish it | ugh | it was OK | really enjoyed it | loved it | LIFE RUINER | it killed me with wonder 

This one has been on my radar for a while, but I have yet to pick it up! It seems like a fun premise but I just keep getting distracted by other books. 

So You Want to Be a Wizard

will look into it | added to TBR | on my TBR | couldn’t finish it | ugh | it was OK | really enjoyed it | loved it | LIFE RUINER | it killed me with wonder 

So, I love the title alone, but from goodreads it looks like it’s the kind of children’s fantasy book I’ve read a million versions of, so I don’t actually know if I would enjoy this one. 

11 Questions

Another one! :D Again, since I’ve already done the meme portion of this, I’m just gonna answer the questions. But have at it if you want to tag yourself! Also @dryasiulia - I mean…. if there is a story you are interested in reading, I’m happy to consider writing it :3 :3 :3

1. Is there anything that you consistently try to quit? (Ex smoking, studying at work, pasta)

Ugh. Yes. Dr. Pepper. I love soda. It is horrible for me. I get better, I stop, and then I binge because IT TASTES GOOD.

2- What are one (or a few if you want) of the things you and your SO (or BFF) say ALL THE TIME to each other?

Person 1: 아이고 (aigoo)

Person 2: Where you go?

…really, you had to be there.

3- What movie do you wish you could unsee/get your time and money refunded for?

I don’t go to the movies very often, but I remember being EXTREMELY disappointed in Catwoman.

4- Favorite book as a child?

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses. I still have a copy.

5- The best or worst way you have been asked out/proposed to?

Him: Hey girl. Wanna go back to my place?

Me: I’m married.

Him: He’s not here, is he? :3

Me: :| :| :|

6- How many languages can you read in?

How nice. Reading is where I’m most capable. Four (could probably understand a newspaper in Classical Chinese, too, so 5-ish).

7- What is/are your degree(s) in? (Or will be/would’ve been)

Religion (Asian)

Also working on a grad certificate in Online Teaching (I work at a Uni so this is basically free).

8- Do you think they were worth the money? (FOLLOW UP! +10)

My junior year of undergrad was the most painful financially because I transferred from a JC to a Uni in another state, but the university paid me to attend for grad school, so … Short answer, Yes :3

9- If you had a “heart home” (kind of a place that epitomizes your soul - see Charles de Lint Newford books if you demand references) what would it look like?

I’ve lived A LOT of different places and I can safely say that the place that has felt the most like home has been Hawaii.

10- What is something everyone else seems to love that you just don’t get? (“Minions” are not an acceptable answer as that has its own blog post)

Ummm….. *nervous fidgeting* 

St*r W*rs


EXTRA CREDIT: Why are you so ossim? Training regimen or a self-help book outline are acceptable answer formats.

hahahahahaha… Ummm………. Probably because I’m pretty feisty and I push for what I want.

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Hey Cee Cee I'm trying to get back into reading and was wondering if you had anymore recs? I've already read quite a few of the recs you've given in the past, but also The Chaos Walking trilogy isn't my kind of series, but i read More Than This a few years ago and loved it. I just thought i might enjoy something that one of my fave authors (that's you) also enjoys 😙 *blows you all the kisses and well wishes*

AGHHHHH my god ugh i haven’t read much in forever

these are my usual recs

  • aristotle and dante 
  • discover the secrets of the universe
  • simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda 
  • the song of achilles 
  • the raven cycle series
  • good omens

and like that’s what i’ve read and it’s been a WHILE

if you waddle over to my love’s @alsclightwood‘s blog though?? she reads a lot more than i do so heh she can probably hook you up a lot better. ily!!!!

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i can never thank you enough but thank you so much bb! WE DESERVED TO HAVE THAT like ugh we had to put up w. so much shit from literally everyone. and I KNOOOWW i keep looking at the fifth one like i cant believe how good it turned out??? and them laughing and then staring at each other??? as colleen pointed out it’s an unexpected parallel to comic con 2011 when he over did it laughing at her joke he’s so extra i love it :’)))

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What’s the one thing you especially love about roleplaying your muse?

This is a bit hard. See, there’s a lot of times I get overwhelmed because I love this muse. But fanon for him is so unlikable to me. No matter where you look, both in the series - mangas - fanart - etc, etc. He’s just… there. A prop. People are less likely to view him as an individual. Someone that is his own Pokemon. They attribute everything he does to Satoshi. And there’s also the fact I constantly have to take a breath when I see portrayals making Pikachu hate Raichu, the inevitable art of Pikachu vs Raichu, and more.  There’s so much I hate and sometimes I just wanna scream in frustration as I delete the numerous ketchup asks / comments and being tagged in that stuff when I’m tired of that being the one thing, after Satoshi, that he’s known for. The way fanon laughs, calls him an asshole in the os, but doesn’t say anything or scold Satoshi for throwing that rock – doesn’t call Satoshi out for dragging him to fight Surge – instead making Surge and his Raichu the bullies when it was Satoshi not listening. Setting up this horrible Pikachu vs Raichu when we should’ve had Pikachu more pissed at Satoshi and–

But I think that’s why I sort of like him and portraying him. There’s so many things wrong, so many horrible shit that went on that nobody bats an eye at and makes excuses for because SATOSHI IS THE BEST, when in reality we should be always remembering that… Pikachu is there. He’s not an extension. His personality, his character, his power, his strengths, his weaknesses. They’re HIS own. Not Satoshis.

I like to write him because I like going against those stereotypes. I like being able to point out the fallacies, point out the things that went wrong, and bring Pikachus character to light. Writing what he went through, what he’s like, expressing him as a unique individual. I like being able to point things out and having people gasp and comment or send me messages about how they didn’t notice something I had ! I like getting messages from people who use to hate Pikachu saying they now like him more.

I just like to write him as who he is. Pikachu. Doesn’t matter who he belongs to, who he’s with, he’s his own character. And I like to incorporate those facts / hints the OS gave and really expand on him. Opening up this character and explaining things and being able to diverge from canon. 

I like to write him so he’s not just… basically A PIKACHU THAT ACTS AND AGREES WITH SATOSHI CONSTANTLY WHO ALWAYS IS ON THE BOYS SHOULDER AND ALWAYS RIVALS THE RAICHUS like so many fanon portrays him as.

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I know this is late, but I agree with you and that one anon about calling Suga a mom. While I get irritated by the fandom use, Suga DOES reminds of a mom friend, especially when the 4 idiots (Who I love!) were failing their classes. While you expect a dad friend to get mad at you for doing something bad, it's only when a mom friend sasses you that you know you fucked up (That jacket zip.) Still, even now, it makes me uncomfortable to call him Sugamama sometime because of the fandom use...

UGH YES YOU TOTALLY GET IT!! I’m not saying hes not “the mom friend” but like he’s not just sugamama~~ lul lul ya know??!!

Thank you for understanding, im so happy ;_;


Spacelatinxs Week ✫  
Day One :: Favorite Character

“Does he look like a killer?”
She was watching Cassian and Bodhi descend into the mud when she heard Chirrut’s voice. She turned to look and saw he was speaking to Baze.
“No,” Baze said, after a moment of thought. “He has the face of a friend.”
“Who are you talking about?” she asked.
Baze eyed her appraisingly. “Captain Andor,” he said, flat. 
– Alexander Freed, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story novelization


Get to know me: 5 Male Characters ( 4/5 ) → Zuko

“You’ve always thrown everything you could at me! Well, I can take it, and now I can give it back!”